88 Energy - grim Alaska news ahead of placing - you were warned!

Published 298 days ago

How the Bulletin Board Morons laughed at me as I warned in the strongest possible terms that 88 Energy (88E) shares were a slam dunk sell and that drilling of the Icewine well was not going well. Please form an orderly queue morons I guess you did know better than a trained oil analyst after all. The shares have slumped by 0.75p to 1.25p but a market cap of £56.9 million is still way too high. There is worse to come.

88 Energy: A Case Study in the Risk Tolerance of Private Investors

Published 688 days ago

For my sins, I took some time to read through 88 Energy’s Interim Report released last Monday. While continuing to believe that the attractiveness of a stock is inversely related to the number of other investors who are analysing it, I decided nevertheless to see what all the fuss was about.

88 Energy isn't worth £78 million now!

Published 881 days ago

88 Energy (88E) has had a tremendous run over the past week or so, but given the level it has now reached I’d definitely be looking to cash in.

Time to punt on 88 Energy?

Published 963 days ago

88 Energy (88E) was spawned from Tangiers Petroleum. As with many remakes they are often arguably never as good the second time around however 88 Energy appears to present some classic market mechanic traits of a firm about to do exceptionally well. 

88Energy – private investors acting like lambs to the slaughter

Published 969 days ago

Will private investors on AIM ever learn? This morning 88 Energy (88E) raised A$3million at 0.47p, a mere 24% discount to where the stock opened on Monday. The company also announced a first come first serve Share Purchase Plan (SPP) to raise up to €4,999,999 from existing eligible shareholders. Under the terms of this, retail holders of 88 Energy are allowed to purchase parcels of up to A$15,000 worth of stock on the same terms as the placement participants. No doubt people will fall over themselves to take up this deal, but if the company has such great prospects why the steep discount?

Tangiers Petroleum; laughable RNS, but might soon be a speculative buy

Published 1274 days ago

Sometimes we are lucky enough to come across an RNS, which is so outrageous it is just plain funny. This morning, the soon to be renamed Tangiers Petroleum (TPET) issued a corker. According to its “recently completed Independent Resource Report”, the company’s Icewine Project, in Alaska, could contain a potential gross mean unrisked 8billion barrels of oil in place. Better yet, Icewine has an estimated 41% “probability of geologic success”. For little old Tangiers, up 45.8% to 0.88p and valued at £4million, this sounds too good to be true. The reason for this is quite simple. It is because it almost certainly is.


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