Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Minoan, be careful what you wish for

Published 29 days ago

In today's bearcast I look at Minoan (MIN) as Richard Jennings of Align threatens to call an EGM, at RockRose Energy (RRE) and Independent Oil & Gas (IOG), RedT Energy (RED), SpaceandPeople (SAL), Majestic Wine (WINE) and at Motif Bio (MTFB).  If you enjoyed this, almost 100% profanity free, bearcast, follow a bloke from the Grim North who donated enough to buy a whole house in the welfare safari and support the Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks HERE.

BREAKING - PCG Entertainment in advanced RTO talks with Vox Markets & Align Research

Published 34 days ago

We have now confirmed with two sources that cash shell PCG Entertainment (PCGE) is in advanced talks about a reverse takeover which will see it buy paid-for research provider Align and IR platform Vox Markets...

Pathfinder Minerals – Countdown to license restoration begins in earnest, I'm confused, Richard Jennings is not

Published 71 days ago

I am a bit confused. As I understood it the new management team at Pathfinder Minerals (PFP) had great contacts out in Bongo Bongo land and were going to sort out the mess whereby the company's main asset had gone AWOL in Mozambique with locals claiming ownership. Today we are told that Pathfinder will pay some johnnies in South Africa £1 million (which it does not have) to sort this out. So what is the board doing for its money? Whatever... I am confused. Richard Jennings of Align says he is not and that the shares - which Align owns - are cheap. Here is his reasoning...

Minoan – some good news

Published 113 days ago

AIM-listed Minoan (MIN) has offered up some good news to its investors in that 11.325 million options due to expire today and which are not expected to be exercised will not be extended. Of course, the news I would like to see is the monetisation of the Cavo Sidero asset but given that the future dilution has come down (for a change!) this is a small piece of good news.

Richard Jennings wants to sue Mayan Energy's Charlie Wood & Eddie Gonzalez and useless Nomad Beaumont Cornish - will you join him?

Published 145 days ago

Richard Jennings of Align Research has lost money on Mayan Energy (MYN) as have many others and he believes he has a strong case to try to reclaim that from ex CEO Eddie Gonzalez, director Charlie Wood and London's worst Nomad, Beaumont Cornish. He has today penned an open letter inviting other shareholders to join him. The, ever understated, Jennings writes:

Were you a Milestone Group shareholder between September & December 2016? Want your money back?

Published 156 days ago

This is not a story about Milestone (MSG) now known as Catenae (CTAE) or even its former CEO Deborah White who should have been sent to prison for what she did there. Instead it is about a corrupt City broker which deserves to be brought to task.

Charlie Wood survives Mayan GM but only on a technicality and bent vote claims Align's Jennings

Published 190 days ago

Charlie Wood the interim CEO at Mayan Energy (MYN) managed to cling onto his role at last Thursday's GM despite the very serious evidence of a massive COI over the Deloro deal which saw his wife get almost free shares in Deloro while Mayan provided most of its funding. So how on earth did Wood win the vote. Richard Jennings of Align, Wood's bete noire, makes some observations:

5 Questions for Charlie Wood at the Mayan GM tomorrow

Published 195 days ago

Richard Jennings of Align is not letting go and has posted 5 questions for long suffering Mayan Energy (MYN) shareholders to put to Charlie Wood at the GM tomorrow before booting him off the board. He has raised these matters with Nomad Roland "Fatty" Cornish but London's most useless adviser thinks that it is not his job to keep companies in order. His job is to bank fat retainers from companies, let them do what they want and then to head out for a five course lunch every day. Great! More spotted dick with lashings of custard waiter!  Anyhow, over to Jennings who writes:

Richard Jennings - call on Mayan shareholders to sack Charlie Wood at Thursday GM - part 1

Published 196 days ago

I gather that the new interim CEO Charlie Wood may not survive the Mayan (MYN) GM vote on Thursday. It looks tight and anyone reading the incendiary note by Zac Phillips earlier today is unlikely to be shouting Je Suis Charlie. Now Richard Jennings of Align Research has weighed in with a no holds barred letter to shareholders calling on them to oust Wood. As they say...more to follow but the Jennings letter is below:

Richard Jennings of Align sticks it to another corporate client - open (and damning) letter to Charlie Wood of Mayan

Published 201 days ago

This is an interesting business model. Write to your client, for whom you have published bullish paid for research notes, open letters slagging them off. I wonder what the renewal rate is at Align Research? Anyhow the latest target of Align boss Richard Jennings is Charlie Wood of Mayan Energy (MYN) who received the stinging missive below today. Ouch.

Richard Jennings of Align, sticks knife into his own client, Widecells, wants EGM to oust the board

Published 208 days ago

Let's be clear here. Widecells (WDC) was a client of Align Research run by Richard Jennings. That is to say it paid Align to publish research. It is thus all the more remarkable that Jennings is prepared to stock the knife in, attack recent actions by the company and is now buying shares in the market to call an EGM to fire the board. Get your beer and popcorn ready, for what it is worth I agree with Jennings on this matter and urge all shareholders to contact him to offer their support. He writes:

Bluejay Mining - The lessons

Published 249 days ago

I had not realised that shamed tipster Mike Walters of Minmet, Polly Peck, 3DM (and the rest) infamy was promoting Bluejay (JAY) but the kiss of death from Old Mother Walters is just another massive red flag. With disgraced Nomad SP Angel of MySquar infamy still refusing to say whether it dumped millions of shares while urging clients to buy, this stock is uninvestable. In that light I bring you a piece out yesterday from Richard Jennings which adds to the growing bear case. Over to the boss of Align Research... 

Alba Minerals – Bluejay Conundrum 3 – Jorc light about to be shone on material disjoint in value

Published 253 days ago

There is one aspect of the latest commentary from Align Research regarding Alba (ALBA) and BlueJay (JAY) with which I disagree strongly. Align argues that Alba must be cheap becuase it has similar assets to Bluejay and the Horse Hill stocks yet trades on a fraction of the ratings of Bluejay and the HH stocks. Surely it could just be that "the field" are grossly overvalued? Of Course I have very real issues with Bluejay and its shamed Nomad and broker SP Angel of MySquar infamy. But over to Align which opines:

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - that Richard Jennings is a good man, Tony Baldry is not

Published 294 days ago

Say what you like about Richard Jennings of Align Research but, though he has his faults, he has made a very generous donation to the Woodlarks walk campaign and we are now 53% of the way to target. See just how generous and perhaps spare a tenner, as you consider my training walk in today's stifling heat, HERE. In the podcast I look at Great Western Mining (GWMO), Andalas (DOG), MySquar (FRAUD), IQE (IQE), Westminster Group (WSG) - run by loathsome slug and ex Tory MP Tony Baldry - and TrakM8 (TRAK).

Looks like it isn’t just Lyin’ Larry Cummins prone to a few Black Cactus porkies

Published 345 days ago

Comedy from across the pond where things have taken a turn for the worse for ex-Milestone favourite Lyin' Larry Cummins and his latest ex-employer, Black Cactus Global (OTC: BLGI), which has been forced to put out a hilarious mea culpa. Wonder who’s been ramping wildly?

Exclusive: Pathfinder Minerals - white knight appears - will Sir Henry Bellend MP do the decent thing and walk?

Published 358 days ago

As Richard Jennings at Align prepares to respond to the woeful EGM defence of Pathfinder Minerals (PFP) incumbents serial trougher Sir Henry Bellingham MP of 3DM infamy and Nick "Not for the many but for the" Trew, a new player has emerged.

Open Letter to Nick "Not for the Many but the " Trew, useless boss of Pathfinder Minerals

Published 393 days ago

I do not agree with many things said by Richard Jennings of Align Research. But he is bang on the money on the merits of emigrating to Greece, on cats and on the desirability of removing hapless Nick Trew and Tory Toff Sir Henry Bellingham MP of 3DM infamy as directors of Pathfinder Minerals (PFP). Jennings has written to Trewly useless today and opines:

Align to call board-ousting EGM within days - warns its placing ahoy to support fat cat salaries at Pathfinder

Published 405 days ago

As you know I do not always agree with Richard Jennings of Align Research but on the matter of Pathfinder Minerals (PFP) he is spot on and I support his efforts to oust CEO Nick Trew and toff Tory MP Sir Henry Bellingham, of 3DM infamy, 100%. Jennings has published a new letter with a dire warning to anyone prepared to back Trew & Sir Hal. Perhaps the campaign slogon for comrade Jennings should be "For the many not the Trew." Maybe that needs work?  Jennings writes:

Time is up for Nick Trew and trougher Sir Henry Bellingham MP at Pathfinder - are they misleading investors?

Published 421 days ago

I first encountered Sir Henry Bellingham MP when he rented out his good name to the wholesale AIM fraud that was 3DM (now in administration). Did he care that there was massive evidence of fraud? Well not enough to resign for many years while taking his fees. He is the sort of A Grade troughing shite that gives Tory MPs such a bad name. He is now a director of Pathfinder Minerals (PFP), but for how long. Richard Jennings of Align Research owns 4% of the stock and is now calling for Sir Hal and CEO Nick Trew to go at once. I support that call. Jennings has published a very strong letter indeed today making damning accusations.  Over to Richard:

Sack Nick Trew CEO of Pathfinder Minerals

Published 435 days ago

Richard Jennings of Align Research is, to his credit, a great Hellenophile and an even greater ailurophile. He also have some views which are pretty nutso. But his stern words on Nick Trew the CEO of Pathfinder Minerals (PFP) are ones that I have real sympathy with. Jennings reckons that it is black bag time for Trew and is prepared to call an EGM to get his way. I support his call to oust Trew and would urge all shareholders to contact him on the address below to set the wheels in motion. Over to the cat lover who writes:

Festive Break 2017: The view from ShareProphets' readers' windows - South Africa

Published 480 days ago

ShareProphets subscriber, and Align Research director, Richard Jennings sends this cheerful photo from South Africa. I have always thought that more people in the City should end up behind bars. I hope this marks the start of a trend.

Open letter to Mark Steward (Head of Enforcments) at the FCA from Richard Jennings

Published 482 days ago

I do not always agree with Richard Jennings of Align Research. He is 100% right about cats, 100% wrong about Israel and on all other matters he sits on the spectrum between those two extremes. But his latest missive to the FCA is bang on. I share his frustration. 

Milestone shareholder & supporter Align demands statement on Larry Cummins CV - be careful guys

Published 498 days ago

Yesterday we accused key Milestone Group (MSG) player Larry Cummins of lying about his educational achievements. Cummins has told Align Research, a supporter and shareholder, that our article was not true. He has "denied" it. Align has thus urged Milestone to make a statement and has again urged it to comment on today's article about Adrian Towning. You can see the tweet from Align below. We urge Milestone to proceed with extreme caution on this matter...

Align says buy Wishbone Gold at a 0.7p offer - target 1.97p

Published 572 days ago

Okay the researcher is paid so is not impartial, but Align shows it believes by using its fees to buy shares which it holds. So as paid for researchers go it is more credible than most. It has initiated coverage of Wishbone Gold (WSBN). We see these shares as a buy at up to 0.85p with a 1.3p target to sell. Align is more bullish. It notes, in precis,

Sack Tony O'Reilly Junior from Providence Resources - a long suffering shareholder pleads with the chairman

Published 598 days ago

Richard Jennings of Align Research is, as you know, not always right. But then again, who other than the posters on the LSE Asylum are right all the time? On the matter of Providence Resources (PVR), Jennings was, history shows, wrong to have bought in the first place but he is right to again demand that CEO Tony O'Reilly Junior be fired. ToR Jnr has failed monumentally and will carry on failing, in my view. Jennings has written to chairman Pat Plunkett.

If all else fails - buy a lithium licence! The "business plan" for AIM joke Arian Silver

Published 653 days ago

When a tiny AIM company suddenly becomes popular all over Twitter and the bulletin boards, and without any real news to justify that sudden attention, then you have to question why it is happening.

Open letter to Tony O’Reilly Jnr ahead of Providence Resources AGM

Published 702 days ago

I do not always agree with Richard Jennings of Align Research. As you know he has some crazy views. But on the subject orf Tony O Reilly Jnr and Providence Resources (PVR), Jennings is bang on the money. Ahead of the AGM he has written to O'Relly. The letter follows: 

Has Tony O'Reilly Jnr created a false market in Providence Resources?

Published 803 days ago

ShareProphets readers will know that I disagree violently with what Richard Jennings of Align Research says. But on Providence Resources (PVR) he is bang on the money - and he has just unleashed another broadside against its useless CEO Tony O'Reilly Jnr. Over to Jennings:

Management Resource Solutions - Richard Jennings says sack the shamed board at GM & we agree

Published 810 days ago

If Management Resource Solutions (MRS) chairman Murray d'Almeida was not a prize shit clinging onto a £1250 per day package and viewing shareholders with an undeserved contempt he would have quit on Tuesday this week after shocking Winnileaks revelations HERE. But he has not as he is a turd. And Nomad Northland appears to be staffed by gutless, morally bankrupt mothers so it will not force him out. However, there is a GM on its way. I do not always agree with Richard Jennings of Align Research ( except on being a Hellenophile and an ailurophile) but on this matter he is bang on. Jennings explains clearly how to vote and I urge all shareholders to do just that. He writes:

Providence Resources and the Tony O'Reilly Jnrs 'Heads I win, Tails you lose' historic rap sheet

Published 821 days ago

I do not always agree with Richard Jennings of Align Research but on the matter of Providence Resources (PVR) and the lamentable performance of its CEO Tony O'Reilly jnr, Jennings is bang on the money. He lets rip once again.

Providence Resources - surely Tony O'Reilly Junior must walk the plank as he fails yet again to deliver as promised

Published 842 days ago

As you know, I do not always see exactly eye to eye with Richard Jennings of Align Research. I give you that line as an example of subtle understatement. But on the subject of Providence Resources (PVR), Mr Jennings is bang on the money. Tony O'Reilly junior has promised much but quite simply not delivered. It is time that he walked the plank. Jennings sent a letter to the hapless O'Reilly just before Christmas which I am delighted to publish in full:

Finnaust forced by The Sheriff of AIM to fess up - placing is underway

Published 882 days ago

Earlier today I broke the news that Finnaust (FAM) was trying to get a £7 million placing away at 7p HERE. The company has now fessed up that a placing is underway but it says that it is only trying to raise £5 million. I guess that the roadshow is not going so well then. Maybe broker SP Angel should have put out a 68 page ramptastic buy note ahead of passing round the begging bowl not just a 34 page one?

Open Letter to Pat Plunkett Chairman Providence Resources

Published 885 days ago

I cannot say that I agree with all that is said or written by Richard Jennings of Align Research but a letter he has sent to the boss of Providence Resources (PVR) is bang on the money. The time has come to fire Tony O'Reilly junior.

Management Resource Solutions - another nightmare for AIM emerges

Published 906 days ago

Management Resource Solutions (MRS) has been a stock much ramped by the usual suspects and its shares have flown until last Thursday when they were suspended pending clarification of its financial position. The next day the CEO and founder was fired. But we can reveal that the CEO Paul Morffew claims this is a stitch up and, as a 20% shareholder is prepared to fight back. This has the potential to be another major AIM scandal given that it was less than two months ago that £2.8 million was raised at 10.5p. Nomad and co broker Northland is refusing to answer calls and its position now looks untenable.

FinnAust - a dose of reality? Bearish note

Published 925 days ago

FinnAust (FAM) has been one of the soaraway success stories of the AIM casino in 2016 but the market cap is now c£50 million. Is that a tad ahead of events? Align Research normally pens bullish note on stocks where it has a, fully declared stake, and where it is compensated by the company. I doubt FinnAust paid for this note which is very bearish indeed. 

An Open Letter to Tony O'Reilly of Providence: your greed is not acceptable

Published 976 days ago

Richard Jennings of Align Research has written an open letter to Tony O'Reilly of Providence Resources (PVR). Mr Jennings and myself may not see eye to eye on many things (that is a diplomatic understatement of the year entry) but on this issue he is bang on the money. O'Reilly's behaviour is shocking and needs to be curbed. I'd urge other shareholders in Providence to drop Tony a note too. The open letter is below.


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