Nyota – no-one is watching o’clock update: no Nomad, Peterhouse back in the frame and placing at a “substantial discount” if a Nomad can be found

Published 3 days ago

AIM-listed Nyota Minerals (NYO) announced a company update last night at no-one-is-watching o’clock. The good news is that we were watching, the bad news for anyone left holding the stock is that Peterhouse is planning to “unresign” itself if the company can attract a Nomad before it is kicked off AIM altogether, with a potential placing at a “substantial discount” to last night’s closing price.

i3 Energy - Going down like Christmas lights in January

Published 22 days ago

i3 Energy (13E) floated at 55p earlier this week. Its shares now trade at just 34.5p to sell. Even by the standards of the AIM Casino this has been a god-awful IPO. But it is going to get an awful lot worse. 

Glenwick - the whole farce unravels so let the recriminations begin....

Published 25 days ago

Oh dear, this really is a clusterfuck even by the lowly standards of the AIM Casino. You will remember that AIM listed Glenwick (GWIK), linked via Peterhouse Corporate Finance and Amanda Van Dyke to fellow AIM dog Paternoster Resources (PRS) in a related party snakefest, has had its shares suspended an RTO but there have been a few problemos. Oh dear. Oh dear.

i3 Energy - a $50m fund raise becomes zero fund raise and £14m market cap (oops make that £11m) - disastrous IPO

Published 25 days ago

It was only a couple of months ago, on May 10 - 6 months behind schedule - when wannabee North Sea oil developer i3 Energy (I3E) announced it was to raise up to $50 million as it joined AIM. Since then, as we have noted before, there have been numerous false starts and it was obvious to all concerned - bar Amanda Van Dyke's related party snakefest Glenwick (GWIK) - that the fundraise was in deep merde. Oh yes. Party on bear dudes. This IPO has bombed and the business model is mega-fucked.

Paternoster - at a c50% discount to NAV surely the shares are cheap?

Published 41 days ago

My attention is  drawn to the curious way that Paternoster Resources (PRS) communicates information to its long suffering shareholders and prompted to ask if the shares are as cheap as they look. Of course they are not. 

When will Amanda van Dyke fess up to the bloody mess at Glenwick? 7 Questions

Published 41 days ago

Booted off the AIM Casino in March for failing to do an RTO on time, Amanda Van Dyke's Glenwick (GWIK) is nothing if consistent: it keeps missing deadlines. Cash is almost certainly zero, or near as damn it, by now but how about an update? So far no news is bad news for this related party infested failed ramp.

Update: Glenwick - now is this a California crook I see with a stake? No!

Published 376 days ago

Welcome to your new job as a NED at soon to be suspended AIM casino dog Glenwick (GWIK), Amanda Van Dyke would you care to discuss your new 6% shareholder? Er why not? A tad embarrassing per chance?

Glenwick - AIM cronyism that stinks as suspension looms

Published 376 days ago

I am afraid that this involves Amanda Van Dyke, formerly of this parish, but the news from piece of Turkish Glenwick (GWIK) stinks of AIM cronyism and it is bad news all round for shareholders as suspension looms.

Gold might go Ballistic says Peter Schiff

Published 377 days ago

There are several reasons the world economy is unsustainable within the current systems according to my hero, the libertarian Gold bug Peter Schiff. We have featured Peter several times here in recent weeks - see HERE. He believes the biggest factor is countries like the US which have huge deficits. They have low production rates requiring mass imports of goods in exchange for pieces of paper that are losing their value. This forms imbalances which destabilize the global economy. There are also enormous amounts of bonds and unfunded liabilities which creates vulnerability to a backup in interest rates. If rates go up, they can’t afford to pay.

Negative Rates to Take Gold to Heights Never Before Seen in History of Mankind

Published 383 days ago

As a historian, Don Coxe is cautious in saying there is something new under the sun. He didn’t think he would live long enough to see the creation of an entirely new asset class, which is negative and seemingly endless in scope. Negative yields were first created by the self-financing Swiss to get the euro-zone moving again. Don likens them to the multiplying of bad germs, and finds it likely that there will be painful corrections in the economy, the stock market, or both.

Gold to head to $10,000 an oz?

Published 386 days ago

As societal and political structures continue to breakdown worldwide, survival instincts are heightening. This inspires self-organizing communities and a decreasing confidence in central banking and other key infrastructures. Precious metals as a medium of exchange has thousands of years of tried-and-true history, so people run to these safe havens. Precious metals guru David Morgan thinks gold and silver have already hit bottom, and because of the unique situation in the world today, he wouldn’t rule out gold lifting to $10,000 oz! Oh I do hope so!

Hang Your Hat on Small Cap Private Placements In Gold Stocks

Published 392 days ago

It often takes one year of gains for the typical investor to get interested in something in the stock market, which is where we are approaching with gold right now claims gold guru Mike Swanson. Investing in the first year of this bull market is a great strategy. The bull market for precious metals and mining stocks will likely last 3-5 years so Mike reckons you should be 20% invested in gold stocks and thinks this might be the biggest bull market we will see in our lifetime.

Eric Sprott: As the Fed Loses Control Gold Prices Will Soar

Published 392 days ago

2016 has been exciting so far for gold investors. In the opinion of the world's best known precious metals investor Eric Sprott, what is happening to gold and gold shares is stunning. The average gold stock is up 160% in less than 6 months, and Eric thinks gold will easily go to $2,000.

All In On Precious Metals – Most Obvious Trade On the Planet! Shares to fall by 80%

Published 400 days ago

Fund manager Etai Friedman says he has never seen a bigger green light in his life. It is literally the most obvious trade on the planet. The trade is so good that Etai just rebalanced his portfolio from a very small gold and silver allocation to 75%! And he’s not done yet. He expects to go 100% towards precious metals within the next couple of months. In this week's podcast with Amanda van Dyke's colleagues at Palisade Capital he explains why.

Gold Is Good; Uranium Is Great - Rick Rule

Published 405 days ago

Rick Rule started his career in the 1970’s bull market, which had a spectacular shift towards resources after a 50 year lull. He is preparing for what he believes may be the greatest shift in natural resource markets that he will witness for the rest of his career. He says that the next 5 years will be more generous for the junior resource space than most give credit for. The junior precious metals market is already up about 100% in a short period of time

Fireworks Erupting in the Junior Gold stocks

Published 410 days ago

In gold bull cycles, the junior mining companies represent the highest possible returns, especially for investors positioned early in a cycle. Commentator David Skarica believes that the next 6 to 12 months is a great time to position yourself. Historically, moves in the junior miner move between 3-5 years, and we are only 6 months into the current move! If you enter these cheap stocks right now, and invest in 20 or 30 companies, 5 or 6 of them will probably blast off, providing exceptional returns.

Currency Debasement as the Real Driver Behind Gold & Brexit good news

Published 418 days ago

We have had the deepest and longest decline in the history of commodity equity markets. Just recently we have confirmed a breakout in the space and there is much more room to run. The pattern is similar to 2002 where the mining stocks doubled and everybody thought they had missed the boat, when in reality there were years of powerful gains ahead.

No Major Pullbacks In Sight for Gold Stocks Until 2017

Published 425 days ago

Oh Goodie Goodie I hope Amanda van Dyke's colleague Jordan Roy Byrne is correct as we own a stack of gold shares. He argues that: Gold performed well last week but there is resistance at the $1300 mark. There are many factors in play causing volatility in the gold price but this has not effected the stocks which have performed well without any significant corrections.

A Sinner Repenteth: Ex Greenpeace boss Patrick Moore puts the case for nuclear power & GM crops

Published 427 days ago

It's not our own mad star gazing Patrick Moore who, apart from anything else, died four years ago, but the ex boss of Greenpeace who has seen the light. Praise the Lord! In this week's podcast with the colleagues of Amanda Van Dyke at Palisade Capital, a sinner repenteth. 

Opportunity in Uranium is the Best in Decades

Published 434 days ago

We own shares in Berkeley Energia (BKY) which we think is a cracking investment whatever happens to the uranium price. But there are some folks who are mega sector bullish. Uranium is the ultimate contrarian investment and the most hated commodity because of it’s use in nuclear power, but recently environmental groups have gotten behind nuclear power. Nuclear power is 20% of US power overall. The constant power generation and the ability to store power make nuclear the backbone of the electricity grid.

In Gold We Trust 2016 – Gold Headed for $2,300

Published 440 days ago

Is the current pull back a correction in a new bull market or is this a fake rally? Will price inflation keep rising? Will we see stagflation going forward? What effect will Federal Reserve interventions have on the markets? Are we moving to a cashless society? What is gold’s role in the permanent portfolio?

Uranium is set to go boom ..the next big thing

Published 449 days ago

I am not sure about that although I am a shareholder in, still cheap, Berkeley Energia (BKY) so hope this is the case. Anyhow, this week's podcast from Amanda Van Dyke's colleagues at Palisade Capital is with George Glasier who argues that increasing worldwide demand for uranium cannot be met by existing supply. Taking a new project into production is a tedious process meaning supply crunches are inevitable. The current price is so low that mines have been shutting down. This comes at a time when nuclear power plants are being built at incredible speed. That is the bull case...enjoy.

This Gold Bull Market Could Be the Longest and Strongest in History

Published 454 days ago

I am not sure that I believe it but I jolly well hope it is the case as we have a stack of gold shares in our portfolio. Anyhow that is the view of fund manager Al Housego, a cheery fellow who also claims that  the general markets are overbought and in a prime spot for a major crash.

Rick Rule warns gold equities might see a pull back

Published 455 days ago

Rick Rule of Sprott is still a long term gold bull but he has warned that after a good run some of the gold equities could see some consolidation or pull back unless gold itself moves ahead again. On the upside he notes in this week's podcast with Amanda van Dyke's colleagues at Palisade Capital he discuses what happens if there is a major exploration success somewhere

Now is the time to buy the small mining stocks?

Published 458 days ago

Sentiment is changing which means that shares in smaller mining companies are now set to have a run. Many smaller prime companies have been ‘gobbled up’ leaving room for smaller explorers to come in.

Video: Amanda Van Dyke, Peter Hambro et al - the Mining Session at UK Investor

Published 459 days ago

The afternoon at UK investor Show kicked off with the mining session chaired by Amanda van Dyke. Gold was the main focus and on stage with Amanda were Dominic Frisby, John McGloin of Amara (AMA), Peter Hambro of Petropavlovsk (POG), Tony Manini of Asiamet (ARS) and Ross Norman, the very sharp boss of bullion dealer Sharps Pixley

Randgold Brings Riches Out of Africa. Worth a Tickle, if You Agree the Gold Rush Is Growing.

Published 465 days ago

Hello Share Squeezers. Many writers on this stunning website continue to support gold. This is not surprising as nearly all my fellow writers are very bearish on stocks at the mo, even more growly than normal.You could spread bet the price of gold. Or you can buy one of the miners.

UK Investor Show video: Amanda Van Dyke why to back small gold shares & how to value them

Published 468 days ago

This was - not surprisingly - a well attended breakout session at UK Investor. My friend Amanda Van Dyke explains why you should invest in gold shares and how to value them. Enjoy.

Video of Greg Kuenzel from Noricum Gold at UK Investor Show

Published 470 days ago

Tipped here by Amanda Van Dyke a few days ago, shares more than doubling so far this year,  does Greg Kuenzel of Noricum Gold (NMG) really have the Midas touch? Find out what all the fuss is about in this video of his presentation at UK Investor Show

Baby Bear, Graham Neary - Welcome aboard the good ship ShareProphets

Published 471 days ago

I rather think that the lineup of main writers is now complete. Joining myself, Malcolm Stacey, Amanda Van Dyke, Lucian Miers, Steve Moore, Nigel Somerville, Gary Newman, Chris Bailey, Thierry Laduguie, Evil Banksta and Cynical Bear we now - as of today - have Baby Bear, aka Graham Neary on board.

With the Oil Price Possibly Ready to Spurt, You Might Want to Grease Your Portfolio Again.

Published 473 days ago

Hello Share Chancers. It wasn’t so long ago that my colleague Amanda Van Dyke was getting it in the neck on this beloved website for commending us all to buy gold. Now those detractors have had to admit they were wrong. We heard at the UK  Investor Show more than one expert say that gold was the thing to buy, still. But though I’m holding onto my gold miners, I am now switching my main hopes to a rally in the next business which is likely to hit back. after a very bad time.

Notes from Underground - Colour Me Interested

Published 475 days ago

You will all be pleased to know that nobody escorted me out of yesterday's UK Investor Show, but then again, Tom was pretty occupied.

My top three gold shares to buy - Amanda Van Goddess

Published 478 days ago

In anticipation of the UK Investor Show this Saturday, where I am speaking on both the main stage and in a breakout session, Tom has asked me what is my all-time favourite UK gold stock is, and I have to admit I was a bit pressed for choice so I have decided to cheat a little and give you my top 3. 

FINAL CHANCE - Dont forget to hear the Real master investors on Saturday April 30 in London

Published 482 days ago

This weekend is all about the London Marathon but in just SIX DAYS time a galaxy of legendary investors will be speaking at UK Investor Show. This is not a platform for share rampers based in dodgy offshore tax havens but a chance to hear men and woman who are simply the best. Make sure you have the date in your diary - Saturday April 30 and this is the LAST CHANCE to grab a complimentary ticket.

BlueBird Merchant Ventures - first mining IPO for 8 months - we have a small flutter

Published 493 days ago

I really hate backing IPOs. Many companies just struggle to adjust to life as a public company, it is like those cricketers who are great at proper cricket but just can't make the adjustment to the pyjama game. Whatever. We have had a small exposure (well not that small actually) today in Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) - Bluebird Mining as was -  which is the first mining stock to make it to the London market in eight months.

Video: Amanda van Dyke's Gold Panel at Gold & Bears

Published 605 days ago

On the gold panel at Gold & Bears chaired by my friend the Van Goddess, Amanda van Dyke are Peter Hambro of Petropavlovsk (POG), John McGloin of Amara (AMA), Dominic Frisby and Angelos Demaskos. Enjoy.

Video: Amanda van Dyke Commodity Panel at Gold & Bears 2015

Published 608 days ago

And now another main stage presentation from Gold & Bears with the Van Goddess, Amanda Van Dyke leading a resources panel including Chris Bailey, Willem Middlekoop,Chris Berry and the CEOs of Bacanora Minerals (BCN), Jubilee Platinum (JLP) and Asiamet (ARS). There is also a main stage stoming by myself, Tom Winnifrith, as I put the Dutch chappy in his place.

Video: Amanda van Dyke: How to Make Money from Mining shares, Gold & Bears - November 28 2015

Published 615 days ago

And now for the Van Goddess. My friend Amanda Van Dyke explains how to make money from mining shares. By going short? Only kidding. Over to Amanda.

15 More tickets for Gold & Bears on Offer for Saturday as new SuperBear stocks to zero session takes shape

Published 632 days ago

We have now had a few last minute return tickets become available for Gold & Bears on Saturday and you can get your hands on them today. We will email them out tonight. And with speakers from across the world lined up Saturday looks set to be explosive. The SuperBears 7 big name stocks to go to zero session with myself, Lucian Miers, Graham Neary and the Dark Destroyer Matt Earl is set to really get the lawyers excited!

Gold Is Cheap. Gold Stocks Are Cheaper!

Published 643 days ago

Heck I am a gold bug what can I say. But the argument for getting exposure to gold and on how to do it is really compelling. 

BREAKING: Gabriel Grego the Globo Destroyer – new speaker at Gold & Bears – get 1 of 25 free tickets today

Published 662 days ago

Breaking news: We have a new speaker at Gold & Bears, Gabriel Grego the author of the report that exposed the Globo fraud is flying in from New York as a new headliner. This guy is good.

Out now - October UK Investor Magazine - 4 buy tips, 3 sells, George Osborne chases the dragon and more

Published 674 days ago

A slightly delayed October edition of UK Investor magazine is now live featuring 4 buy share tips, 3 sells (from TW), company profiles on Universe and Northcote, Amanda van Dyke on why now is the time to buy mining stocks or is Tesco a better recovery play? Darren Winters takes over the normal Rob Terry slot while George Osborne Chases the Dragon as our cover story. You can download your free copy below

Why Rob Terry should & will go to prison, 7 share tips & 6 shares to bet the ranch on

Published 719 days ago

The August Edition of UK Investor Show Magazine is now live and the cover story explains why the fraudster Rob Terry of Quindell (QPP) infamy should, and will, go to prison. There are seven share tips from Tom Winnifrith, Zak Mir and Steve Moore and the ShareProphets writers answer the question "if you had to what stock would you bet the ranch on". Amanda van Dyke explains why she is still a gold bull and there's more..

7 gold shares tipped by Amanda, Ben, Gary, Zak and others order your free copy now

Published 759 days ago

ShareProphets Press' fourth book of 2015 is by the writers of ShareProphets. Why now is the right time to buy gold and the seven stocks you should buy. With tips from Amanda Van Dyke, Gary Newman, Ben Turney, Zak Mir and other ShareProphets writers order your free copy TODAY

Stockmarket crash in September? Gold and silver prices manipulated?

Published 762 days ago

Is the stockmarket over-valued? Yes of course it is. Will it correct? Yes. In September? I don't know. But that is the thesis of David Morgan who was interviewed this week by my colleagues at Palisade Radio. David also has some interesting thoughts on gold & silver price manipulation. Incidentally some of those valuation themes are very well articulated in Tom's valedictory bearcast today HERE

Video of the Mining guru Amanda van Dyke with Sith Lord Zak Mir

Published 767 days ago

Among the speakers at Zak Mir's event at Free Speech & Liberty Pizza last night (13 July 2015) was the mining guru Amanda Van Skye discussing mining shares. Her conversation with the Sith Lord was recorded on video and can be seen below. To ensure you get priority free booking for Zak's future events register HERE

Book free tickets for Zak Mir’s Summer party TONIGHT: Sangria, pizza, Amanda van Dyke, Andrew Bell & more

Published 768 days ago

Before taking a seminar vacation for two months, ZaksTraderscafe has its summer party in Clerkenwell on Monday 13th July from 6 PM. Sponsored by Shard, you can enjoy Sangria and pizza with Zak, a Q&A on small cap trading and a special presentation on mining stocks by the guru goddess Amanda Van Dyke. And there is more.

Tom Winnifrith: I'm on sabbatical - "flip Flop" Ben Turney is in charge

Published 811 days ago

As of midnight "flip flop" Ben "pitchfork" Turney will be editing this website as I am on leave for the next six to nine months. Let me explain.

Video from UK Investor Show - how to value Mining Shares by Amanda Van Dyke

Published 830 days ago

Again another session that I regret missing from UK Investor Show 2015 - from the analysts floor mining guru Amanda Van Dyke (with guests) on how to value mining stocks.

Video of mining guru Amanda Van Dyke at UK Investor Show

Published 835 days ago

The latest bloggers cafe video interview from the UK Investor Show 2015 to go live is with the mining guru Amanda Van Dyke

Video: Amanda Van Dyke Interview with Vassilios Carellas of Ortac Resources froim UK Investor Show

Published 837 days ago

The second video interview by mining guru Amanda Van Dyke from UK Investor Show is now live. In the hot seat this time is Vasilios Carellas - a good chap - and the CEO of AIM listed Ortac Resources (OTC).

Video: Amanda Van Dyke Interviews Peter Hambro of Petropavlovsk at UK Investor Show

Published 837 days ago

And now for something a little different from UK Investor Show, a video of a face to face interview by mining guru Amanda Van Dyke with Peter Hambro of Petropavlovsk (POG)

Video from UK Investor: The Sheriff of AIM on death threats, Rivington, Quindell, fraud and more

Published 847 days ago

This was the session at UK Investor Show I enjoyed the most: Tom Winnifrith as the Sheriff of AIM interviewed by Amanda van Dyke, Nigel Somerville and Malcolm Stacey. Very straight talking on mistakes, on Rivington, on Jim Mellon, on the death threats, on fraud on Quindell and on much more.

Video of the Mining Session at UK Investor starring Amanda Van Dyke, Poulden, McGloin & Bell

Published 848 days ago

Once again this main stage panel at UK Investor Show 2015 was chaired by scruffbum Ben Turney. On the panel were Amanda Van Dyke, John McGloin of Amara Mining, Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources and Richard Poulden of Wishbone Gold.

Is This the Greatest Share Show in the World?

Published 855 days ago

Hello Share Swillers. Well, it's almost time. The zappy UK Investor Show 2015 is only one day away.La st year's event was a really happy affair. And yet shares were not doing that well at the time, as I recall (though the old memory is starting to go).

Ask Tom Winnifrith any question and win a special prize in one week's time

Published 860 days ago

One of the main stage talks at the UK Investor show on 18th April ( yes one week away) is an “ask Tom Winnifrith” session where the Sheriff will be interviewed on the main stage by Malcolm Stacey, Nigel Somerville and Amanda Van Dyke The topics will be wide ranging: Quindell (with new material), frauds past and what Tom is looking at next to “go after”, coping with death threats, what changes AIM must make to stop investors getting screwed, his ancestor the pirate, where he sees value, free speech and a bit of personal stuff from three years ago to set the record straight. Do you have a question for Tom?

Where's Malcolm at #UKInvestorShow & do you want to tweet from the show?

Published 860 days ago

You want to know where at the UK Investor Show, you'll find Malcolm Stacey? We know he is one of our most read columnists and - unlike some of our writers - he seems almost universally liked. Well for most of the day, Malcolm is "mein host" at The Punters Return, that is to say the Bloggers Cafe. Most but not all.

UK Investor Show: New Speaker – Peter Hambro of Petropavlovsk head to head with TW

Published 865 days ago

I have given Peter Hambro and Petropavlovsk (POG) some almighty stick over the years and been proved right. Now Peter reckons it is time to hit back so he and I will debate on the main stage at UK Investor show in a quick fire 10 minute Vinnik vs Santos head to head.

Fewer than 100 seats left (of 2000) for UK Investor on April 18 – book now

Published 870 days ago

News of new speakers at the UK Investor Show including legendary fund manager Mark Slater has seen a surge in demand for seats for the show of the year on April 18. There are now fewer than 100 of the 2000 seats left for grabs so if you want to attend book your seat now at

April 18, Westminster, The Investor show of the year 75% sold out – book your seats today!

Published 897 days ago

The final gold tickets went last week. There are now fewer than 500 of the 2000 £12 investor class seats left for the show of the year and at current rates they will be gone within weeks so book your seats TODAY for UK Investor Show 2015 and here are 5 reasons why – you can book HERE.

Book Now for the UK’s top Investor show – 50 speakers, 110 companies – one day, April 18

Published 924 days ago

The UK Investor Show is the UK’s top investor show and takes place on April 18th in Westminster. To grab your ticket you can book now HERE. The keynote talks include:

Rules7 & 8 of the 49 Golden Rules of making Money from oil, gas and mining shares

Published 972 days ago

Today we bring you rules 7 and 8 from The 49 Golden rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas and Mining shares by Tom Winnifrith. To get your free copy of the whole ebook sent to you by Christmas just fill in the form HERE

Amanda van Dyke: The Mining Goddess explains Mining stocks - new video

Published 981 days ago

The mining goddess, oops I mean guru, was on flying form at the last ShareProphets seminar as she explained how to value mining stocks and whether one should be investing in gold or other metals juniors right now. Amanda will be among the roster of speakers at our Spring seminars which start on Febuary 2, to get priority booking and alerts of them register HERE - the video is below

What a Quindell Moron does in his spare time…blackmail and lie

Published 989 days ago

When will these thick bastards realise that what happens to my business will not alter the fate of Quenron (QPP)? I keep accusing it of fraud and lying and although it blusters it will not actually sue me for libel because it is a fraud run by liars. And it will go bust. So as the Morons watch their life savings disappear here are a couple of things that they do.

Video of Mirada Presentation at ShareProphets seminar 24th November

Published 991 days ago

Mirada (MIRA) was among the three companies presenting at the ShareProphets seminar. The video of CEO Jose Vasquez can be found below.

Video of Plastics Capital Presentation at ShareProphets seminar 24th November

Published 991 days ago

Plastics Capital (PLA) was among the three companies presenting at the last ShareProphets seminar. The video of Executive Chairman Faisal Rahmatallah can be found below.

Rob Terry is a fraud says Evil Knievil – Video of ShareProphets seminar 24th November

Published 992 days ago

Infamous bear raider Evil Knievil was the guest speaker at the ShareProphets seminar on 24 November and did not hold back with his views on the market, a stock that he views as a slam dunk short and Quindell whose boss Rob Terry was described as a fraud. The video of Evil can be viewed below.

Video of San Leon Energy Presentation at ShareProphets seminar 24th November

Published 992 days ago

San Leon Energy (SLE) was among the three companies presenting at the last ShareProphets seminar. The video of CEO Oisin Fanning – who faced one or two tough questions - can be found below.

Hear Tom Winnifrith on Quindell in a Red Flags MasterClass at UK Investor Show

Published 1004 days ago

In light of recent events we have scheduled in a new session at the UK Investor Show on April 18 2015 – Tom Winnifrith, Quindell, being the Sheriff & a Red Flags Master Class and Tom will be joined on stage by a celebrity guest. More on that later but if you book seats for the show now using the promotional code SP25 you can get a discount of 25% - this offer ends on December 1st – book HERE

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast (with a sore head) - 28 October

Published 1025 days ago

I blame Amanda van Dyke and Real Man manager Maribelle for leading me badly astray last night and I am not at my sharpest. Struggling on, today's bearcast covers Concha, Castleton, Verdes Asset management, Quenron, AIM Regulaton and the FCA.

The truth about the Federal Reserve & how it destroys sound money

Published 1035 days ago

And now for something a bit different. As you might have guessed I am an Austrian economist – that is to say that I regard the printing of paper money and pointless and wicked. It creates wealth for the few without boosting the economy. It is fair to say that I am not the greatest fan of the Federal Reserve. And as such I heartily recommend this podcast from my colleagues at Palisade Capital with Mr. G. Edward Griffin. Mr. Griffin is the author of the widely popular book, The Creature From Jekyll Island, published in 1994. The topic of the book is The Federal Reserve, and it tells the story of how The Fed was created, for what purpose it was created, and by whom it was created. For all those who believe in sound money…enjoy.

Westminster Group Video Presentation at ShareProphets Seminars

Published 1036 days ago

The first presentation on Monday in Clerkenwell at the ShareProphets seminar was by Ian Selby of security group Westminster (WSG). This is not just a story about the temporary impact of ebola. Ian put the case well enough but there is clearly a sentiment issue right now.

Stellar Diamonds Video of Presentation at ShareProphets Seminar

Published 1036 days ago

The second presentaytion on Monday was from Stellar Diamonds (STEL) and the video is below. To ensure that you get priority booking for future seminars (the next one is on 27 October )  and features myself, Amanda van Dyke of Bluebird Merchant Ventures, Rob Proctor of Audioboo and Cathal Friel of Fastnet Oil & Gas register HERE.

Optibiotix – Video of Presentation at ShareProphets Seminar

Published 1036 days ago

Heck, I am biased, we own these shares, but I thought that the presentation by Steve O'Hara and Adam Reynolds of Optiobiotix (OPTI) at the second ShareProphets seminar was pretty compelling. I certainly view the shares as cheap on the basis of what I heard. To ensure that you get priority booking for future seminars (the next one is on 27 October )  and features myself, Amanda van Dyke of Bluebird Merchant Ventures, Rob Proctor of Audioboo and Cathal Friel of Fastnet Oil & Gas register HERE.

There is no such thing as a triple bottom for precious metals including gold

Published 1037 days ago

Our pals at Palisade Capital, employer of the mining guru Amanda Van Dyke, serve up a weekly podcast on gold with Jordan Roy-Byrne. He argues that gold should higher still after this week. This has clear implications for share prices across the mining sector. Okay he is a chartist but still it is an interesting call.

Sanctions against Russia will backfire and the impact on oil companies

Published 1041 days ago

I regard the sanctions the West is imposing on Russia as wrong and our policy as both misguided and likely to backfire. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the world of oil and gas. My colleagues at Palisade Capital this week recorded an interview with Marin Katusa, the Head Energy Strategist for Casey Research, who explains this far better than can I.

Exclusive: Amanda Van Dyke to Float on AIM as Chairwoman

Published 1042 days ago

Mining guru, and chair of Women in Mining, Amanda van Dyke is to float a company of which she is Chairwoman on AIM, I can exclusively reveal.

There's Likely to be a Super-Bubble in These Crappy Little Mining Stocks

Published 1048 days ago

You know that I am a bull of gold. I am also, like your esteemed site editor, a libertarian. Which is why I really enjoyed this week’s interview by my colleagues at Palisade Capital this week which is with Doug Casey, the founder of Casey Research who is – like the best of us – profoundly influenced by Ayn Rand. Dough also makes a call on mining toddlers which is a very interesting

How bearish can we be on mining stocks – the world’s No 1 analyst Roger Bade warns things will get worse

Published 1052 days ago

The world’s No 1 mining analyst Roger Bade of Whitman Howard has produced his quarterly review and while there are a few new buy ideas, such as Amara (AMA), on the whole his tone is as bearish as ever. Anyone who says how some mining juniors should be “viewed with contempt” is a top man. Although Mr Bade’s less than complimentary words about the quite excellent Women in Mining organisation run by mining guru Amanda Van Dyke (pictured left since she is a tad more photogenic than Mr Bade) have “been noted”.  Naughty. The review makes for sobering reading for anyone still investing in this sector. Mr Bade writes: 

Follow the super rich out of the money bubble and into physical assets and gold...

Published 1055 days ago

You know that I am a bull of gold. Put simply I am an Austrian economist so I view the unprecedented printing of money that as QE as having only one outcome and that has to be bullish for gold. James Turk, the founder of Goldmoney explains what a money bubble is why we are in one already in an interview recorded with my colleagues at Palisade Capital this week. 

Jordan Roy-Byrne calling a big upside rally in physical gold & silver and mining stocks

Published 1056 days ago

Our pals at Palisade Capital, employer of the mining guru Amanda Van Dyke, serve up a weekly podcast on gold with Jordan Roy-Byrne. This week he made a big call – he is calling abig turn upwards in physical gold and silver. This has clear implications for share prices across the mining sector. Okay he is a chartist but still it is an interesting call.

Low interest rates have created the biggest stockmarket bubble in history

Published 1063 days ago

You know that I am an equities bear. So too is Gerald Celente, the well-known precious metals investor. His view is that we are heading for stockmarket disaster as we pump up the biggest bubble in history. This view was clearly explained in an interview he gave to my colleagues at Palisade Capital this week.

Gold Juniors leading the gold price - a sign that recovery underway? The TA perspective

Published 1064 days ago

Our pals at Palisade Capital, employer of the mining guru Amanda Van Dyke, serve up a weekly podcast with Jordan Roy-Byrne. Since he is a chartist we ignore him normally but his podcast this week looking at gold juniors vs physical gold, both now and back in 2010 and 2011 is fascinating stuff for we gold bugs. As such we are happy to give it a wider airing.

I am a mining bull but Rick Rule is a mega mining bull and explains why

Published 1069 days ago

You know that I am bullish on gold. I explained why the other week HERE. But wait till you hear whet legendary investor Rick Rule – who has called mining stocks correctly – says is going to happen in the next bull market to start soon. The other day my colleagues from Palisade Capital interviewed Rick and he is not holding back.

The case for buying marginal gold producers greedily

Published 1070 days ago

You know that I am bearish on equities. I explained why the other week HERE. But I am bullish on gold although accepting that you have to be ultra-selective in which gold stocks you buy. The other day my colleagues from Palisade Capital interviewed Ravi Sood, the CEO of Galane Gold who explains why as a gold buy you need to play the game cleverly by buying marginal producers - its a high risk, high reward strategy.

Gold is the place to be, I agree with Frank Holmes!

Published 1076 days ago

You know that I am bearish on equities. I explained why last week HERE. But I am bullish on gold although accepting that you have to be ultra-selective in which gold stocks you buy. This week my colleagues from Palisade Capital interviewed Frank Holmes, the CEO of US Global Investors who explains, perhaps more clearly than I can, the bull case for gold.

Autumn Free Seminars with Pizza Season – Register now as 15 speakers now confirmed

Published 1086 days ago

The ShareProphets free evening seminars with pizza season kicks off on September 29th and will run every other Monday until December 8th. We now have more than a dozen PLC speakers confirmed for the Autumn season and we will take first bookings for the September event next week for those who have registered HERE. Among the blogger talks already agreed are Tom Winnifrith on “Why Quindell is worth 1p or less” – to make sure you get to pre-book for that register HERE.

What to do about the looming stockmarket bubble popping

Published 1089 days ago

Yesterday I explained HERE why the stockmarket is in bubble phase. Now I explain what as investors you should do about it. 

The Political Black swans that could spark a major rally in commodity & metals prices

Published 1090 days ago

You know that I am a bear of equities and a bull of commodities on fundamentals. But you do not need to be glued to CNN to know that there are a few things kicking off in Iraq and the Ukraine and elsewhere that could be game changers. Jeb Handwerger, the editor of Gold Stock review, was interviewed this week on this theme by my colleagues at Palisade Capital on which black swan events could spark the great commodity rally.

The reasons to be bullish about bombed out Uranium and Uranium stocks

Published 1097 days ago

Uranium stocks are bombed out. Survival is seen as the name of the game but I remain a big bull of yellowcake as do my colleagues at Palisade Capital. Hence we bring you Dr. Keith Barron, an exploration geologist with over 30 years’ experience in the mining sector. In 2001 he privately co-founded Ecuadorean gold explorer Aurelian Resources Inc., which made the colossal Fruta del Norte gold discovery in 2006. He is also the founder of U3O8 Corp, a uranium exploration company. Enjoy.

A bear market in equities is coming soon and will be bullish for gold and silver

Published 1098 days ago

I am pretty negative on equity markets but bullish on gold. On gold equities I am a bull of the quality plays only. As I chat to Tom Winnifrith you become ever more aware of how awful some of the dross at the bottom end of AIM and the TSX is. It is simply not investment grade whatever the gold price. Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT is a Chartered Market Technician and member of the Market Technicians Association. He is the publisher and editor of and he has an interesting take on what will trigger the new bull market in gold and a bear market elsewhere…he looks back at history. My colleagues at Palisade Capital thus recorded a detailed interview with him in which he explains all.

Uber-Bearish on equities, bullish on gold and selectively gold stocks - David Skarica

Published 1099 days ago

On balance I am cautious/bearish on equity markets but bullish on gold. On gold equities I am a bull of the quality plays but concede there is a lot of dross out there. David Skarica takes a more extreme but well thought out view on both equities and gold. David has been around the markets for a long time, and has seen many cycles come and go during his career. David's newest book, Collapse, explains why the current stock market rally is not supported by fundamentals, and will subsequently fail. What David is bullish on, is precious metals and the junior miners, which he believes are deeply undervalued at this point, and will see great gains in the coming years. My colleagues at Palisade Capital thus recorded a detailed interview with him in which he explains all.

Why gold will move sharply higher and which mining stocks will gain the most - the Adrian Day interview

Published 1100 days ago

Adrian Day, from Adrian Day Asset Management, is a major bull of gold and puts the case well Hence my colleagues at Palisade Capital interviewed him on his controversial but coherent thoughts the other day. His views on mining stocks are equally forthright and entertaining.

Gold Stocks are Like a Fuelled up Rocket, Very Soon Someone Will Press the Ignition Switch – Mike Swanson

Published 1104 days ago

Mike Swanson is the founder and chief editor of WallStreetWindow and author of the book Strategic Stock Trading. Mike ran a hedge fund from 2003 to 2006 that generated a return of over 78% for its investors. Hence my colleagues at Palisade Capital interviewed him on his controversial thoughts on gold stocks. He is a bull.

25 UK Investor Show Tickets – 40% Discount Offer

Published 1124 days ago

We have 25 tickets for the UK’s top one day investor show on offer at a 40% discount  for ShareProphets readers – that is either gold (normally £60) or investor class (normally £12) tickets. The show is of course UK Investor Show 2015 on April 18 in Westminster. And you need to book TODAY.

Valuing Mining stocks Explained by An Expert - Amanda van Dyke: Yes Ref REM

Published 1128 days ago

Gosh I am bored of the Rare Earth Minerals (REM) valuation debate. How about you listen to a real expert on mining stocks explain how to value them and make up your own mind. Here is Amanda Van Dyke at the UK Investor Show 2014. She is not just a pretty face she knows her stuff.

Vin Murria leads the tech stars on video – watch her sparkle!

Published 1146 days ago

Vin Murria of Advanced Computer Software (ASW) is rightly regarded as the Queen of UK Tech and headed up the all star panel in our tech session at UK Investor 2014. Listen to her sage words before you consider investing in the next loss making, high flying, tech IPO. She is on blistering form in this video.

Watch Evil Knievil, Matt Earl and Lucian Miers on video at the UK Investor Show 2014 – how right they were

Published 1146 days ago

You may not like short sellers but the bear raider panel at the UK Investor Show 2014 called things right on a range of stocks from blinkx (BLNX), to Globo (GBO), to Quindell (QPP) as you can see in the video below. Evil Knievil, Lucian Miers and Matt Earl (The Dark Destroyer) have all promised to return for another main stage masterclass at UK Investor Show 2015 on April 18.

Mining Guru & City Goddess Amanda Van Dyke in Video Action – Less than 72 hours to get cheap tickets to see her in 2015

Published 1148 days ago

Mining guru Amanda Van Dyke is one of the 35 BIG name speakers already signed up for the 2015 UK Investor Show on April 18 in Westminster – if you have forgotten her 2014 tour de force appearance it can be found below. Among the other 50 investment superstars speaking are Ed Croft of Stockopedia, Nigel Wray, Vin Murria, Mark Slater, Ben Edelman, Tom Winnifrith, Brokerman Dan, Matt Earl, Lucian Miers, Evil Knievil and Dominic Frisby. Buy your ticket before midnight on Monday and you can do so at a 50% discount.

Adam Reynolds, the Company Rescuer, Speaker No. 28 at UK Investor Show 2015

Published 1183 days ago

Following the mammoth success of UK Investor Show 2014 we are moving into overdrive for the 2015 show on April 18 and one new feature will be a series of 14 one hour masterclasses with an audience limited to 80 – we are taking on an additional floor in Westminster.

UK Investor Show 2014 video - Gold gurus Frisby, Van Dyke, Poulden et al session

Published 1219 days ago

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation featuring Dominic Frisby, Amanda van Dyke, Richard Polden, Matt Sutcliffe, Andrew Bell and John McGloin

Mining expert Amanda van Dyke explains how to value and analyse mining stocks

Published 1549 days ago

The video of her standing-room-only session at the UK Investor Show 2013


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