Photo Article: The veteran rogue bloggers complete the walk to Woodlarks

Published 3 hours ago

From the Farnham golf club two and a half miles out the young folks (plus Jonathan Price, minus Steve Moore) were sent ahead to finish as promised at 8.30. Andrew Bell's knee collapsed and he had to complete the walk by taxi and the old men slogged on.

Photo Article: Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks 2019 photos: Through the woods

Published 1 day ago

The Rogue Bloggers have left the roadside and are now marching through the woodland.

Tom Winnifrith: less than 24 hours to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks, £46,000 now raised a final appeal for £4,000 more

Published 2 days ago

God willing, on Saturday at around 7.30 – 8 PM, 14 Rogue Bloggers & a trainer will complete the 33 miles from Horse Hill to Woodlarks. So in less than 24 hours time I shall be walking, somewhere along the Pilgrim’s Way.

Our first female Rogue Blogger signs up - now we are 13

Published 5 days ago

Health Nazi Andrew Monk has pulled a muscle. He says he will still do the 33 mile walk on Saturday but will struggle. He will certainly struggle to keep up with our latest recruit. Now we are 13.

Thomas Cook: bad News for Andrew Monk and Chris Bailey, this is going to 0p

Published 6 days ago

I did warn my pal Andrew Monk, as he greedily filled his boots with Thomas Cook (TCG) shares and for a time he looked smart. Now the stock has collapsed to just 10p but that still values the company at c£150 million. The bad news for Monkey and Chris “three brains “ Bailey, a fellow bull, is that this is likely to be a zero.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Advice for Andrew Monk on how to be a spiv

Published 9 days ago

I start with a comment on the amazing generosity of one person donating more than £11,000 to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks yesterday. It was not Neil Woodford though I did ask. Anyhow: to the 75% of you yet to donate think of me this weekend on a) my last training walk ahead of 33 miles next weekend and b) entertaining a visiting mother in law. As you think of my weekend, please donate HERE. In the podcast I discuss Woodford's latest bad news, Maistro (MAIS), Blur as was, UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) and Staffline (STAF). I also offer advice to Andrew Monk on which 1 AIM stock he should buy today for his mother's IHT Portfolio.

Are we at peak coffee?

Published 11 days ago

Hat tip to Andrew Monk for this really very interesting piece on coffee. I pay £2.45 for a take-away here in the Grim North so I must be flushing away a good bit. Is this sustainable? Monk asks "Has the Era of coffee shops peaked and are we now going to see a gradual decline?"

Now there are now 12 rogue bloggers – a total non walker signs up - will you please sponsor us for Woodlarks?

Published 13 days ago

Woodlarks is an amazing but incredibly unfashionable charity. If you give £10,000 to an organisation like Guide Dogs for the Blind or the RSPCA it makes no difference. Give £100 to Woodlarks and it will help change a life. And that is why, in less than three weeks I shall be walking the 33 miles from Horse Hill to the Woodlarks camp site.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast – Leon Hogan takes a Marechale bath: Rejoice! Rejoice!

Published 25 days ago

In today’s bearcast I start with missing cat news (there is some hope) and end with news of the ultimate cruel an unusual torture for Andrew Monk. Think of the poor man and donate to rogue bloggers for Woodlarks HERE. I cover Marechale Capital (MAC) and AIM bad boy Leon Hogan, Maestrano (MNO), Redhall (RHL), Management Resource Solutions (MRS), Bould Opportunities (BOU) and Octagonal (OCT). Go on think again of poor Monkey and get the (now) eleven rogue bloggers over the £15,000 mark HERE

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Scoop central - the heroin dealer, the pot play & the blockchain company & Big Sofa and Levis

Published 55 days ago

There is a real spring in my step as I consider a new business idea and as the scoops just flow in. I start with Argo Blockchain (ARB), the pot plan and  the convicted heroin dealer. Then I out Big Sofa's (BST) new customer. I look at Cabot Energy (CAB) as it dissembles again. I pick a fight with the man Gary Newman thinks is a genius, Andrew Monk, over RedT Energy (RED) and then look at the shock placing by Independent Oil & Gas (IOG) and where that leaves Rock Rose (RRE). If you enjoyed this bearcast please follow uber generous Rob and make a small donation to Rogue Bloggers for Wodlarks HERE

AIQ – a one year anniversary of shame

Published 136 days ago

It has now been exactly a year and two days since VSA completed its “due diligence” on AIQ (AIQ) and brought this cash shell to the Standard List. And what a year of shame it has been.

The 20 most read articles of 2018, plus the 20 most listened-to Bearcasts

Published 145 days ago

After 365 days of cracking financial journalism, here are the top 20 stories that ShareProphets readers were obsessed by. 

What do you think of Andrew Monk's IHT dodging AIM portfolio?

Published 158 days ago

Inheritance tax is a wicked double dip tax on the prudent which a real conservative Government would scrap. But until Pritti Patel MP sweeps to power we must try our best to minimize its impact. One way to do this is by investing in certain AIM stocks which are IHT exempt, for reasons I fail to comprehend. You want shares that will, at least, hold their value and Robert is your Mother's Brother. VSA boss Andrew Monk and his fund manager brother have devised such a portfolio for their mum. 

Notes from Underground - Mainlining it

Published 169 days ago

Last week, ShareProphets member Phil suggested that in the comments that we'd sell more subscriptions if we covered more main market companies.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Andrew Monk you are just naive, go on and be a spiv!

Published 172 days ago

In today's bearcast I start with an explanation about how the share price of FinnCrap (FCAP) is just articifial. I then look at ImageScan (IGE) which is not a bad company but why is it on AIM? Then onto Thomas Cook (TCG) and also Audioboom (BUST). In the case of the former my old pal Andrew Monk of VSA is just naive. I suggest he should be a spiv and sell.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Boom Julie Meyer parts company with ANOTHER lawyer in Gewanter case as Andrew Bell tries to communicate in Ancient Greek

Published 178 days ago

The olive harvest starts tomorrow and I will be assisted by a Shareprophets reader from Eire and by Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources (RRR) who is trying to communicate with the natives in his best Ancient Greek. I expliain why today's output from me is limited and then break the latest news from Julie "lingerie on expenses" Meyer MBE. Then I look at Independent Oil & Gas (IOG), Optibiotix (OPTI), Dignity (DTY) and the scam that is the funeral industry and BCA marketplace (BCA) which may have hoodwinked Andrew Monk but whose interims today are shoking. They could have been written by wretched Theresa May and are alarmingly bad. I also comment on  the Project Fear Brexit uber bollocks spouted by the not fit for purpose Bank of England Governor Mark Carney yesterday.

Is the Finncrap IPO a sign that AIM is doomed

Published 214 days ago

Today brings news that FinnCap, Finncrap to its friends, the biggest AIM Nomad and broker is to buy Cavendish Corporate Finance, the corporate advisory firm run by pompous Tory Lord Leigh, who claims to speak for ordinary shareholders but is actually a City fat cat like the rest of them, and that the combined business will itself list on the casino in December. Is this a sign that AIM is headed into irreversible decline?

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: MX - if Brokerman Dan knew who didn't?

Published 216 days ago

Today's bearcast comes from the Corinth Canal and covers MX Oil (MX), Versarien (VRS), Pantheon Resources (PANR) and Andrew Monk's poor old mum being bullied by her stockbroker son about her will and tax planning. Actually I make a serious point on this issue for poor old Mrs Monk

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - blocked by the whore blogger

Published 243 days ago

I am bored bored bored but have a hot tip for you if you like gambling HERE. I report a rumour on Asiamet (ARS) and then discuss how I have been twitter blocked by the whore blogger Malcolm Graham Wood. Anyhow the fat old bastard is today ramping Sound Energy (SOU) and Savannah Petroleum (SAVP) so I discuss both stocks. My second hot tip is to follow @AMonkMonkey (Andrew Monk) on twitter and I explain why.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - equity markets tell you Andrew Monk & Malcolm Stacey are complacent and wrong and residential property is facing a big sell-off

Published 272 days ago

I note Chris Bailey's excellent article earlier, HERE, and have to say he is bang on the money and those who advise buying housebuilding shares such as Andrew Monk and our own Malcolm Stacey are very wrong. The equity markets are telling you there is a stack of trouble ahead.

Leading bear raider Marc Cohodes accused of market abuse by Canadian regulator – a stick to beat ALL bears?

Published 289 days ago

Leading short seller Marc Cohodes has been banned by the regulator in Alberta, Canada, from trading in shares in Badger Daylighting Ltd and has also been prohibited from disseminating to the public any statements relating to Badger that he knows or reasonably ought to know are misleading or untrue.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - picking up Andrew Monk on a couple of things

Published 367 days ago

Forgive the late bearcast. Blame it on Greek Hovel business. In today's podcast I look at Folli Follie, shares in which are slumping again as I warned you the other day HERE - tomorrow might be D (for Death) Day. I then take up Andrew Monk on AIQ (AIQ), Petra Diamonds (PDL) and the idea of consolidating brokers and Nomads via M&A. It makes no sense Andrew. Then I look at the GoTech (GOT) shambles - its now a dope play but frankly you must be a dope to own this stock. Then I cover Optibiotix (OPTI) again with a point folks like Cynical Bear have missed. Finally its i3 Energy (I3E). Thanks to those who have sponsored me as I suffer the dual agonies of walking 30 miles and having to listen to Brokerman Dan drone on all day, but 99% of bearcast listeners have not yet donated a tenner. Please do so HERE

UK Investor Show 2018 Video - Making Money in Africa

Published 381 days ago

This session was chaired by our own Chris Bailey  and featured Andrew Bell of Red Rock (RRR), Rob Scott of Anglo African Agriculture (AAAP - where we own shares - Ahmet Dik of Victoria Oil & Gas (VOG) and Colin Bird of numerous companies, including Jubilee Metals (JLP) tipped by Andrew Monk this morning.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Should I walk from Wormwood Scrubs with Brokerman Dan?

Published 383 days ago

I start with two discussion held this morning, one with Lucy Wray and the other with Brokerman Dan. I end with a discussion with Lucian Miers. In between I discuss Faron Pharma (FARN), Wey Education (WEY) which - sorry Andrew Monk - is talking A grade bollocks, Inspirit (INSP) , Pathfinder Minerals (PFP), Challenger Acquistions (CHAL) and Frontera Resources (FRR). 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Malcolm with respect you are talking complete bollocks on IQE

Published 430 days ago

Two days, two bull articles on IQE (IQE). It has worked and I have been goaded here is is why Malcolm Stacey is talking bollocks. I also reference the fraud Eden Research (EDEN) in this discussion on profit being a matter of opinion and that is why cash matters. I discuss why being a liar is bad news as a CEO ref Mkango Resources (MKA) then tease Andrew Monk and Richard Jennings about Gulfsands Petroleum (GPX) - their oil analysis as bad as their Syria analysis on this occasion. Then it is onto Flybe (FLYB) and a detailed discussion of the looming cash crisis and joke valuation at Sound Energy (SOU). I suggest SalvaRx (SALV) run by my good friend Jim Mellon faces a bit of a cash issue. Then I explain why I have cut my UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) target price to just 0.25p making it, at 1.125p, still a slam dunk sell.  If you like bearcasts then remember that at UK Investor on April 21 one of many highlights will be a live bearcast with myself and Paul Scott. Make sure you book a free ticket HERE using the promotional code WINNIFRITH

73 Mind-Blowing Implications of Driverless Cars and Trucks - car crash ahead for the AA, BCA and others?

Published 458 days ago

Hat tip to Andrew Monk of VSA for spotting this paper from Hult Business School. It does give you food for thought. Certainly why would anyone invested in a heavily indebted business with bigg exposure to the carrying value of cars as we known them ( Northgate or BCA Marketplace for example) or the AA? Maybe Neil Woodford should read this and ponder before he buys any more shares in the AA or BCA? 

AIQ – Credit where credit is due

Published 492 days ago

Andrew Monk of VSA Capital has answered the questions raised in my previous two articles covering Standard-listed (but still suspended) AIQ (AIQ). He has to be credited for following up on the issues presented, and being open with his answers.

Andrew Monk of VSA - formal Response to ShareProphets on our AIQ revelations

Published 493 days ago

Nigel Somerville penned two articles on AIQ (AIQ) which, I thought were pretty damning as you can see HERE and HERE. The valuation is clearly bonkers and I say that as a shareholder (by accident not design). Andrew Monk of VSA floated AIQ and has penned this response which I am happy to publish in full as it all seems very comprehensive and reassuring. I really don't know what to think other than that the valuation at the suspension price is bonkers on steroids.

AIQ: “It was the very model of an Initial Public Offering”

Published 496 days ago

Clearly, the whole AIQ (AIQ) IPO was a farce the way it has been handled and having also been digging around, there is more to come but I will leave it in the excellent hands of Nigel to report further on the dodginess here. I will just turn my hand to a bit of poetry inspired by Monk’s defence this morning and by recent Twitter hilarity.

CORRECTION: Andrew Monk leaps to the defence of AIQ -the er...wonder stock

Published 496 days ago

Andrew Monk's VSA floated AIQ on the Standard List last week. Its shares soared 1000% and were suspended. As Andrew notes, through the passive investment vehicle RRR I own shares in AIQ (about £10 worth - CORRECTION I am told it is £1841 worth!). I will try to sell the lot as the valuation is insane. But Monk wants to defend his corner so before our writers really go to town - and I am on their side - here is Monkey in his private email to clients today...

The stocks to buy in the world of batteries and alternative energy according to Andrew Monk

Published 501 days ago

Belatedly back at his desk after a long Christmas and New Year break, Andrew Monk of VSA Resources continues his sector reviews with a look at what he calls Batteries and Energy but, as he notes, it covers a multitude of sins really as there aren’t that many stocks that really fit this. Over to Monkey 

Andrew Monk's call on commodity prices and SIX small miners to buy

Published 501 days ago

After his (belated) return to his desk Andrew Monk of VSA Resources has sent out another big report today to those lucky enough to be on his private email list. This time it is mining stocks. Over to the Monkey... 

Andrew Monk says where oil is heading and lists the 5 oil juniors to buy for 2018

Published 502 days ago

Andrew Monk of VSA is (belatedly) starting his 2018 this week with a seroes of sector reviews. In this one he looks at where oil is heading, at the majors and then concludes with the five oil juniors to buy. Over to the Monkey...

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: having a rant at Andrew Monk, City brokers, Bushveld & Conroy

Published 543 days ago

I start with a few comments on the thoughts of top broker Andrew Monk who is normally bang on the money but on a couple of recent points wrong. Then it is onto Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR), Karelian Diamonds (KDR), Fishing Republic (DOG), Bushveld Minerals (RAMP) and ITM Power (ITM).

Your Christmas share tip from Andrew Monk to pay for all your presents

Published 553 days ago

Top broker Andrew Monk is such a n ice guy that he wants to pay for your Christmas. Not actually pay - be serious he is a broker after all. But he has a share tip which he reckons is a slam dunk cert to race ahead in the next five weeks and pay for Christmas. Just call him Father Christmas.

Buy Columbus Energy as a ten bagger says Andrew Monk (with charts)... and ANO Total loon

Published 619 days ago

In his private email to clients this morning Andrew Monk of VSA, broker to Columbus (CERP) brings charts from yesterday's AGM presentation and uses them to explain why he sees the shares, he first tipped at sub 2p,  roofing it. He is not the only fan...but first to Monkey who gushes: 

Columbus Renegotiates Convertible Loan Notes - this is important and very good news

Published 622 days ago

Columbus (CERP) has renegotiated the terms of its $8.9 million Convertible Security Funding Agreement with Lind Partners, LLC , announced by the old regime on 7 December 2016. This is big news and it is good news. 

Columbus boardroom clearout continues, D day September 13 - BUY

Published 660 days ago

Columbus Energy (CERP), formerly LGO, has continued the new broom change process. It has announced that Fergus Jenkins has stepped down from the Board and from his role as Chief Operating Officer, with immediate effect. He will remain with the Company and act as an advisor to the Board until 31 January 2018 but that is just a face save for Fergus. That is the last of the "ancien regime" cronies kicked into touch.

Anglo African Agriculture - is this the craziest plea in history to be fired?

Published 665 days ago

It may be off your radar but Anglo African Agriculture (AAAP) is a standard list company originally floated by Andrew Monk of VSA Resources but where big Dave Lenigas took over as chairman last Autumn. I should declare that we are shareholders and for what it is worth I am relaxed about the progress Big Dave is making, something that is not evident in legacy interims out today. VSA Resources still acts as financial adviser and broker and Monk is on the board. But I suspect not for long.

Andrew Monk on the great oil exploration triangle

Published 670 days ago

Andrew Monk of VSA Resources has a geography lesson for those following oil explorers. Believe it or not the hot spot is not somewhere close to Gatwick Airport but somewhere a bit more exotic.

Is the City of London Corporation bent and why won't the press investigate?

Published 671 days ago

The City of London Corporation is unlike any other local authority. It is democratic in the loosest sense of the word. It is hugely rich and very powerful and, as such,  it is rare that anyone in the Square Mile is stupid enough to stick his or her head above the parapet and ask what is going on. But today Andrew Monk of VSA Resources aks for trouble and writes...

EasyJet 2 big takeaways and one is SELL

Published 672 days ago

Before he became a resource guru, Andrew Monk of VSA Resources was a transport analyst for many years. As such his comments today about Easyjet (EZJ). The point about executive greed, oops I meant incentivisation, is a very valid general one. The other point is ...SELL. Over to the Monkey who writes...  

Terry Smith vs Andrew Monk - will it be different this time?

Published 697 days ago

Base rates are going to stay low forever so current (inflated) equity market valuations are justifiable. In other words "it will be different this time". I don't believe that and neither does Andrew Monk of VSA. But the great Terry Smith argues it might be...who are we to argue with Terry? 

Andrew Monk of VSA on LGO - it is going to be another good week

Published 721 days ago

Over the weekend this site explained 4 reasons why LGO shares were set to move sharply higher and soon. They are up by 9% so far today but there is a lot more to come. One thing we missed is that the new boss Leo is doing more City meetings later this week. This is flagged up in an email sent today by Andrew Monk, boss of house broker VSA. He really believes that the shares could be 20p. we shall see. Monk's email follows:

Why did we tip LGO Energy? Let me explain and here is that tip

Published 807 days ago

Certain folks wonder why we, on HotStockRockets, we tipped shares in LGO Energy (LGO) as a buy? Well the reason of course is that we thought they were going to go up and we want our readers to make money. On 28 February when we tipped the shares they were 0.115p offer ( that is 2.3p in today's post consolidation money). They are now 3.35p bid so our readers are very much in the money after just 11 days!  But why tip this stock. The best expanation is the original tip which is below. Remember the 20 for 1 consolidation when reading it.

China Debt Timebomb or Red Herring, the Monkey explains

Published 815 days ago

I reckon China is a debt time-bomb waiting to go off and burst the bubble. Andrew Monk of VSA Resources is a China bull but he addresses this issue in a fascinating note emailed to his clients this morning. Over to the Monkey...

The Sula Principal or How I Bought a Mining Share Without Checking All the Facts

Published 830 days ago

Hello Share Trimmers. Though I usually research stocks very carefully, I am one of those idiots that, once in a blue moon, invests in a company I know little about. You get a gut feeling sometimes and somehow don’t want to spoil it by too detailed an examination. One such share for me is Sula (SULA), the gold and iron miner. I saw a glowing piece on this magnificent website not so long back on this stock.

Andrew Monk of VSA reckons that LGO Energy is a buy

Published 832 days ago

It takes two to tango or, rather, two to make a market. I am not exactly a great fan of LGO Energy (LGO) having called this as a teddy to perfection. But Andrew Monk of VSA reckons it is time to bottom fish and since I believe in free speech I am happy to publish his reasoning from his morning email.

Comeback Video: Big Dave Lenigas is back on the promote - its Anglo African Agriculture

Published 844 days ago

This used to be the old Andrew Monk vehicle but Big dave Lenigas is now in charge. I should say we have some shares in Anglo African (AAAP) and as such I am delighted to see Dave tell us that he will grow sales 4-5 times this year and that Anglo is already profitable and that he will grow the company ten times. Understatement is Dave's middle name! This interview with a less than probing himbo from Proactive is Dave at his best. Go AAAP!

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: If it looks like a (Peking) Duck, walks like a (Peking) Duck, etc, etc

Published 851 days ago

Joshua is off at PC Nursery Ryhme class so I am free to record. In this webcast I look at Fitbug (FITB), Cloudtag (CTAG) - Waseem is just wrong! - Challenger Acquisitions (CHAL), Ascent Resources (AST), Aquatic Foods (AFG), China frauds in general and in detail - to help Andrew Monk - Haike Chemicals (HAIK). 

Notes from Underground: May and Trump be with us

Published 855 days ago

Well, this is awkward.. Prime Minister Theresa May will be visiting newly minted US President Donald Trump next week and hopes to initiate some sort of trade deal, a mere 48 hours after Trump told the world of his plans: “From this day forward, it’s going to be only America first. America first.” But I am sure that he'll make an exception for us. TW Note - Does Darren actually bother to check what Trump says on Trade deals? More fake news from remoaning liberal losers...

Andrew Monk's third share tip of the year - the best lottery ticket you will ever buy

Published 861 days ago

Top stockbroker Andrew Monk of VSA has today served up his third share tip of the year (following from his win with Sula HERE) and it is a real "hell or glory play". it is right now TSX.V listed but there is an AIM listed way to play it. Over to the Monkey...

And now for Sula - why am I tipping it as a potential ten bagger: Andrew Monk

Published 871 days ago

Andrew Monk of VSA Resources was today explaining in his private daily email why Sula Iron & Gold (SULA) was his second nap share tip of the year. Now bear in mind VSA acts for Sula but Monk is a principled sort of fellow and if he says he believes in something he really does.  As such it is over to the Monkey who writes:

Buy RedT Energy says Andrew Monk - one of his 3 share tips of the year

Published 872 days ago

Andrew Monk of VSA Resources was today explaining in his private daily email why RedT Energy (RED) was his nap share tip of the year. Now bear in mind VSA acts for Red T but Monk is a principled sort of fellow and if he says he believes in something he really does.  As such it is over to the Monkey who writes:

Watch where you are buying - the placing frenzy on AIM is stunning & tells you two things

Published 919 days ago

I was struck by a number of conversations I enjoyed during my trip to London this week with brokers on the sell side and also bucket shop investors - they are rushed off their feet. This is confirmed by the comment below from Andrew Monk of VSA and it tells you two things very clearly. Take heed, you have been warned.

International Consolidated Airlines (British Airways) Results - a broker who understands travel warns you

Published 941 days ago

Andrew Monk does understand travel. Most brokers only understand it in that they collect air miles flying 1st class on expenses on Corporate jollies. Monk did actually run an airline as well as being a top City travel guru in days gone by. Thus his comment today on results from International Consolidated Airlines (IAG), the son of British Airways, are worth heeding.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Happy Anniversary Mr Monk but you are 100% WRONG on Aquatic it is a Norfolk

Published 970 days ago

I wish Andrew Monk a happy wedding anniversary today but surely his fragrant wife should have got time off for good behaviour. But Monk is wrong on Aquatic Foods (AFG) it is a Norfolk, its interims out today make that 100% clear and I explain why. I note the suspension of Asian Citrus (ACHL) and I pose a new challenge to LGO Energy (LGO) about output and sales numbers which really do not add up. I look at RapidCloud (RCI) whose interims suggest a terminal conclusion and Zincox (ZOX) where a pompous chairman seems in denial about the grim outcome that lies ahead.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: £2 for a fecking Guardian "Newspaper" for my Dad, I feel dirty & violated

Published 1039 days ago

I had to buy another Guardian for my Dad today. Two fecking quid of my money has gone to Polly fecking Toynbee to pay for the upkeep of her fecking Tuscan castle as she lectures me about all sorts of shite. I feel dirty for buying this rag and violated by the transfer of wealth from me to Toynbee. Moving on I cover Gulf Keystone (GKP), FairFX (FFX), Osirium Technologies (OSI) which I do not get at all and contrast with Falanx (FLX) which I do very much get and whose shares we own. I also look at WH Ireland (WHI), Servision (SEV) and Easyjet (EZJ) which gives me a chance to be rude to Andrew Monk at VSA Resources.

How to play the China recovery mining stocks to buy says the Monkey

Published 1137 days ago

I do not think that China is recovering. Andrew Monk of VSA does. Whatever. In the interests of balance here are a few words from the broker today:

Why has Bacanora underperformed so badly?

Published 1139 days ago

This is the question posed by top broker Andrew Monk today. I put it down to associated Lenigas stink and the fact that its assets are just not that great. But over to the VSA expert who writes. 

Andrew's Monkey Puzzle ..losing his marbles once and for all

Published 1188 days ago

The Andrew Monk marble challenge HERE seems to have excited you all. But having had a range of folks (Brian Kinane, Nigel Somerville, etc ,etc) try to explain it to me I sat down and thought about and agree that Mr Monk is correct this time. The answer is two thirds. As Monkey himself explains...

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 22 Feb: A dying cat, a moronic follower of Lenigas & Gavin Burnell's kiss of death

Published 1189 days ago

A lot of references today to yesterday's podcast covering cats and Andrew Monk's puzzles (see HERE). Today I answer the money puzzles and I am afraid there is very bad cat news indeed. So I really dont care about shares and it was not a good day for a moronic disciple of David Lenigas with 9 followers to have a go at me on twitter. As it happens I have a few things to say about Jabba who I will be nailing for good within six weeks. I also look at Nomad resignations, Auhua (ACE), DQ Entertainment (DQE), Milestone (MSG), Litebulb (LBB) and then at Magnolia (MAGP) and the wider career of Gavin Burnell.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 21 Feb - a very ill cat, Andrew Monk's bloody puzzles & balance or lack of it

Published 1190 days ago

Sorry for the delay with this podcast. First up I am still not smoking, second I am delayed as one of my cats seems very ill indeed. Then bloody Andrew Monk of VSA has my mind in torment with a puzzle I cannot do and another where as a chemist - and a boring boatie from Oriel - he just cannot see that there are 2 correct answers.  He should have done PPE. Finally a reader demands we show balance, i.e. parrot his unbalanced view. No can do compadre. Puzzle answers in comments section below please.

Next Job for Bush, Ritson, Carroll, Piggy Austin - oil worth less than shit chicken graphic

Published 1215 days ago

As the summer wears on folks like little Keith Bush at Northern Petroleum (NOP), Andy Carroll of POS Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN), halpess Neil Ritson of LGO Energy (TOAST) and Andrew "Piggy" Austin will be looking for new jobs as their company's go tits up. The graphic below suggests that next time they might want to try serving up something customers want to pay for?

David Lenigas inspired Bulletin Board Moron of the day - ADVFN Asylum

Published 1260 days ago

It seems that the repeated claims by Jabba The Hutt about my drug use (none for 25 years as it happens) are influencing one of his peasant followers into a flurry of racist slurs and wild accusations. Apparently I am now a drug producer as well as a drug user now. I leave you to marvel at rwauu from the ADVFN Afriag (AFRI) asylum but also let you know, underneath, what the City professionals think.

Top broker sticks knife into IGAS ( and praises ShareProphets)

Published 1274 days ago

Yesterday Nigel Somerville quite correctly flagged up why IGAS (IGAS) is a slam dunk sell. It seems that at least one City broker has picked up on this and joins the attack today. Over to Andrew Monk of VSA who writes:

Top broker slams David Lenigas - takes REM & Bacanora off buy list because of Big Dave

Published 1287 days ago

It seems to be open season on David "Green Hair Services" Lenigas (pictured left). Today top broker Andrew Monk of VSA Resources who is a mega bull of lithium has taken Rare Earth Minerals (REM) and Bacanora Minerals (BCN) off his buy list just because of the Lenigas factor. And he has also stuck the knife into jabba the hutt, notably on UK Oil & Gas (UKOG). Mr Monk writes:

Thursday Odd one out competition: hint Big David Lenigas

Published 1298 days ago

This is really very easy, I present to you the share price charts for four AIM casino stocks. All you have to do is say which is the odd one out and why? It could not be easier could it? Entries in the comments section below please.

David Lenigas – not just a Nobel Mathematician but a Nobel Scientist as well – Andrew Monk explains

Published 1300 days ago

On what is becoming kick the fat Aussie share ramper day, leading broker Andrew Monk of VSA Resources has also stepped up to the plate. You may remember how John Meyer of SP Angel revealed Leni-Maths and nominated Big Dave “I just love the smell of newly issued confetti in the morning” Lenigas for the Nobel Prize for maths. Now Monkey is nominating Big Dave for the Nobel Prize for science as well. Over to the broker:

UK Oil & Gas pumps out more Horse Hill Bollocks but no one believes the Lenigas bullshit any more

Published 1314 days ago

Almost a year since the first drilling “discovery” at Horse Hill and the companies involved, led by David Lenigas ramp UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) still decline to drill again, instead pumping out more and more meaningless reports on the prospect. Today there is another but almost no-one believes the Lenigas blather any more.

CIC Gold another mad & bad Stuart Bromley Red Flag

Published 1417 days ago

I have noted on a number of occasions that fully listed CIC Gold (CICG) where the largest shareholder is Stuart Bromley’s CIC Capital is a complete and utter bargepole stock and that VSA Capital should be thoroughly ashamed for bringing this POS to the market. And now for more evidence of why this is just not investment grade material – it’s the Bromley factor.

Video of Presentation by Andrew Monk of Anglo-African Agriculture at UK Investor Show

Published 1486 days ago

Okay, Mr Monk is a stockbroker but he is not a bad fellow and he can present well. Here he is at the UK Investor Show talking about Anglo Africa Agriculture (AAA).

Bunfight at the London Stock Exchange at High Noon today – top broker backs the peasants!

Published 1489 days ago

It is a 12 O’clock kick off in West Smithfield for the AGM of the London Stock Exchange and myself, Lucian Miers and various co-conspirators will be there to lick up a fuss about the joke that is regulation of the AIM Casino. We thought this was a peasant’s revolt but in his morning email to clients, top broker Andrew Monk, a respected member of the establishment has come out in our support! Well I never. Mr Monk ( who will not now be getting a knighthood) writes:

Explosive Uk Investor Seminar - Horse Hill or Horse Shit

Published 1498 days ago

This was a last minute special for UK Investor but it contained some pretty explosive stuff. On the panel were Andrew Bell, Derek Musgrove, Andrew Monk of VSA and Ben Turney. All four men have a special unique angle and insight on this project and it is explosive stuff at times. Watchthe video and enjoy.

Madagascar Oil Rock n' Roll - here we go!

Published 1501 days ago

Madagascar Oil (MOIL) has announced “the award of the Development Mining Title for the Block 3104 Tsimiroro Production Sharing Contract by the President of Madagascar” – this representing the first production sharing contract to enter into the development phase in Madagascar.

Andrew Monk of VSA Resources promises to emigrate if Labour wins...Reasons to back Red Ed No 1

Published 1505 days ago

I see that Andrew Monk of VSA Resources is today saying that he will emigrate if Labour wins the General Election. Normally Jim Davidson makes a similar pledge. That almost makes me tempted to back the People’s Party. Just wondering who else has promised to leave the Country if the Reds triumph on May 7? If any one of:

Andrew Monk – a reminder of my top 5 resource stocks for 2015

Published 1524 days ago

The CEO of resource specialist broker VSA is enjoying a rally in resource stocks and so reminds his clients today of his top 5 small cap and mid-cap plays in the sector:  Andrew Monk writes:

Report from PDAC – the world’s largest mining conference

Published 1546 days ago

The PDAC Conference in Toronto is the world’s largest mining convention and our man on the spot is Andrew Monk of VSA Resources. His report back does not make for entirely pleasant reading, not least in what the world thinks of the AIM casino. Over to Monkey…

Igas ALREADY in bond default? And Ineos bid – broker Andrew Monk overeggs on both counts methinks

Published 1588 days ago

Andrew Monk, the CEO of broker VSA Resources has this morning suggested that Igas (IGAS) is both a potential bid target but also already in default on its bonds, methinks he overeggs a bit on both counts.

Andrew Monk of VSA Resources final tip of the year and on Travel Operators, Agri Investment and back to oil

Published 1597 days ago

OK so today I’ll give you my thoughts on other areas – so Airlines and Tour Operators, which Are my hobby sectors, and also a little bit on Energy as that is also an area we are looking to get more involved in and Agri 

Andrew Monk of VSA Resources serves up 3 Mining stocks to buy in 2015 and a macro sector view

Published 1601 days ago

So second day back at school and today I will give you my thoughts on the Mining sector which really has had a torrid time for about 3 years now and you have to start thinking it cant keep falling forever..............but that also doesn't mean it is ready to be invested in.

Andrew Monk: Bearish on oil but serving up 2 oil shares to buy in 2015

Published 1603 days ago

So we start the year with the oil price still at the front of our minds and falling and I have to say I'm not sure what stops it going quite a lot lower and $40 seems to be the next low point possibly. Now I don't want to spoil what we are writing in the next VSA Quarterly as I know you are all looking forward to reading it - such an important release - haa haaa, well we put a lot of effort into to it so I'm not giving it all away just yet but do look at this chart of the oil price since 1861 in real terms and tell me if you think oil might go lower and stay low.

Andrew Monk of Anglo African Agriculture Video Presentation at ShareProphets Seminars

Published 1692 days ago

On Monday 29th September the first ShareProphets evening seminar was held. 4 talks, free pizza and booze. A great time was had by all. To ensure that you get priority booking for future seminars (the next one on 13 October is now booked out but we wil start taking bookings for 27 October  next week) register HERE. The second talker was Andrew Monk of Anglo African Agriculture who spoke very well and also commented on Madagascar Oil (MOIL).

Report Back on ShareProphets Seminar: Premaitha, Fox Marble, AAA and myself on Quindell

Published 1698 days ago

Contrary to suggestions made here and elsewhere by some of my greatest admirers, the first ShareProphets seminar was packed out with just over 50 folks gathering in Clerkenwell on Monday and – I think – having a good time. The next seminar is on Monday October 13 and you can ensure you get priority booking by registering HERE.

The London Stock Exchange fiddles while AIM Burns, top broker Andrew Monk weighs in

Published 1707 days ago

There is so much wrong with AIM. China frauds seem to list at will. Companies can lie without censure. Folks like Sean Nutley at Silverdell and Rob Terry at The Innovation Group (where is he now BTW?) just “get away with it. Investors have completely lost trust in the Casino. It is a joke. The LSE could change it simply by getting the hapless bunch of complete cretins at the AIM Regulation Team to enforce rules, to kick off piss poor Nomads who float crap (Daniel Stewart) and to publicly name and shame. But instead it tinkers with the rule book. Top broker Andrew Monk of VSA weighed in this morning with this comment: 

Free pizza and drinks, Tom Winnifrith on AIM accounting fiddles and 3 CEO presewntations 29th September SOLD OUT - ensure you get priority booking for 13 October

Published 1708 days ago

If you want to hear me discuss ten ways that AIM companies overstate profits with real examples ( including Quenron) I will be doing a presentation on this on 29th September in Clerkenwell London – that is on a Monday evening starting at 6 PM.There will also be presentations by the CEOs of: K3 Business Technology – a stock that I have tipped and HAS delivered, Premaitha – a stock I own and am VERY excited about and Anglo African Agriculture – I know nothing but CEO Andrew Monk is a very sharp cookie. And there will be free pizza and drinks until 9 PM that evening.

10 ways that AIM Companies fool investors by reporting “fake” profits

Published 1722 days ago

Only 10 ways you say? Perhaps I should expand the list to 12 or fifteen and maybe I shall do so! But anyone following AIM must by now be aware that companies are routinely reporting profits that are not real profits in order to push the share price up ahead of the next placing.

Thomas Cook - The Profits warning next week says airline guru Andrew Monk

Published 1767 days ago

Andrew Monk heads up broker VSA Resources but in a former life was an airlines expert. He even set up one. It went tits up. But he knows how this industry operates and his views on THomas Cook (TCG) are clear. He noted this morning. 

Alkane, Genel, Hunting, New Britain Palm Oil, Sierra Rutile – The 5 key resource picks from VSA

Published 2231 days ago

VSA Capital has published its quarterly resource review today. It is a good read with the introduction by CEO Andrew Monk a crisp précis of the woes, value and self-inflicted wounds of the sector. One stat he plucks out is that 22% of the companies that presented at the recent PDAC conference in Toronto had less than $200,000 cash left. I sense toast ahead. That is a good read. VSA also highlights its five key stock picks for the quarter. Over to VSA:


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