Renold – another profit warning, house broker right to ‘remain positive’?

Published 13 days ago

Writing on industrial chains and related power transmission products supplier Renold (RNO) in October it was Again “Trading Update” = Profit Warning. Now another “Trading Update” announcement…

Empresaria – profit warning, legislation changes & macro weakness bite

Published 121 days ago

Previously writing on recruitment group Empresaria (EMR) in the summer, I concluded it one of the more attractive plays in the sector but prevailing uncertainties meant wariness of the industry. A trading update today is headlined “reduced performance in Germany and the Middle East”. Uh oh…

The Mercantile Ports & Logistics fraud - Arden partners now on the record

Published 244 days ago

Over the past few weeks we have published a string of letters sent by a significant shareholder in AIM listed Norfolk Mercantile Ports & Logistics (MPL) to its Nomad Cenkos so that when Mercantile runs out of other people's money as it surely will, the shamed former adviser on the Quindell (QPP) fraud cannot say that "it did not know." Its role is on the record as you can see in our full coverage HERE. Now that same shareholder has written to Daniel Slater, the analyst at co broker Arden Partners responsible for - arguably - the worst research note of 2017.

Why a research note from a house broker is just so much shite - possibly the worst note of 2017, Arden on the Mercantile Norfolk

Published 249 days ago

The house broker on AIM earns its money not from investors but from corporates. It banks £2-4,000 a month as a retainer and then makes 5% commission on any funds it raises. Lovely jubbly, coke and hookers all round. Of course that makes its research less than impartial. Prostitutes do not tell their clients that they have a small dick and so you would not expect Arden Partners to conclude that shares in Mercantile Ports & Logistics (MPL) are worthless crap, which they are. Welcome to a strong contender for the worst research note of the year to date.

Mercantile Ports & Logistics - and a few more things about the shysters

Published 334 days ago

I understand that just as I was publishing yesterday's bombshell on Mercantile Ports & Logistics (MPL) the company was having a phone conference call with the mugs who are invested in an attempt to drum up more support with promises of jam tomorrow. Sorry to rain on your parade chaps. Yesterday's expose should make any sane person run for the hills, but here are a few other matters to consider.

Renold plc – review of post-profit warning AGM & “Directorate Change” announcements

Published 610 days ago

Having warned on profit in February – as reviewed HERE, today there is an AGM update and a “Directorate Change” announcement from industrial chains and related power transmission products company Renold (RNO). Let’s take a look…

Renold plc - another case of “Trading Update” = Profit Warning

Published 771 days ago

“Trading Update” from manufacturer of industrial chains and related power transmission products used in a variety of industries including manufacturing, transportation, energy, steel and mining, Renold plc (RNO) sees the shares currently down more than 25% to 32p. Another case of “Trading Update” = Profit Warning then…

Misleading RNS of the day - Greka Drilling change of Adviser

Published 834 days ago

We've covered AIM-listed Greka Drilling (GDL) before for spinning news (see HERE) and today we have a masterpiece in the dark arts of PR. Whilst what is stated in today's RNS is not untrue, it hardly tells the whole story.

Quindell dumps shares in NARS – market source

Published 1114 days ago

On 20th November Quindell (QPP) denied that it was actively seeking to sell its 24% stake in Nationwide Accident Repair (NARS). Market sources tell me that Arden Partners has today placed out the stock.

Audioboom Group – a far from booming current financial performance, will this change?

Published 1122 days ago

Audioboom Group (BOOM) – which describes itself as “the leading spoken-word audio on-demand mobile platform” - has announced results for an 11 month period ended 30th November 2014. Does “a period of continued growth in its active userbase and content partners” suggest long-term investment promise or is this another over-hyped social media play?

ShareProphets Tip of the Week – Mirada at 13.75p offer – target 24p

Published 1285 days ago

This is the second time we have made this or tip of the week. First time around was at 15.75p but the sods round at Arden then organised a placing which rather kyboshed sentiment, However…

Redhall – another AIM Cesspit zombie: what is the point?

Published 1329 days ago

Another day and yet another profits warning from AIM listed specialist engineering group Redhall (RHL). This is a zombie company in that from an investor’s point of view it is just dead money. But it supports an army of crony capitalists, directors and various City parasites.

Mirada Placing - Buy but we are angry

Published 1353 days ago

Mirada (MIRA) has announced 28 million new shares have been conditionally placed at 12.5p each to raise a gross £3.5 million (net £3.3 million). We are angry about certain matters but the shares are cheap.


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