Ashtead's awesome strategy and numbers... so what to do now with the shares?

Published 64 days ago

I last mused about industrial plant and tool hire company Ashtead (AHT) fourteen months ago, since when the shares have basically doubled. Happy days...but no resting on the laurels because correctly you should be asking the question of 'so what do we do right here and right now?' Fortunately, the company puckered up its full year results today so all the latest information is to hand.

Stay Alert - if Your Shares Have Links Back in the USA

Published 205 days ago

Hello Share Tickers. The big change of presidents in the USA has frightened some investors into thinking that any stocks with links to America are to be avoided. At least until we become a bit clearer as to what’s what.

So Long Ashtead. Your Last Share Hike Led Me to Take Hefty Profits

Published 211 days ago

Hello Share Movers. After a long and happy relationship, I’ve dumped all this family’s shares in the tool and plant hire company Ashtead (AHT). There are fair reasons, I feel. Though they are nothing to do with the company itself.

Do You Hold Shares with an American Connection? Watch Out for a Possible Donald Effect.

Published 231 days ago

Hello Share Tremblers.  As I hold many shares in British companies which do a lot of business in the USA, perhaps I should be getting cautious. Maybe I should beware the Trump effect in the New Year.

In the 12 Days to Xmas, Review Your Shares A-Leaping

Published 243 days ago

Hello Share Pickers. I'm in the middle of one of those interminable train journeys where you pass loads of familiar town names everybody knows, but where nobody ever stops. In this case Wilmslow, Hereford, Leominster, Ludlow, Crewe, Craven Arms etc. Well, have you ever been there?


Why Galloping Ashtead is More than Another Brick in the Wall

Published 258 days ago

Hello Share Pickers. Perhaps my favourite Footsie share is Ashtead (AHT). It was only recently that I brought it to your attention again. But I've thought of a few more encouraging vibes that you might like to hear about.

Donald and Mexico. Will It Strike a Sour Note with Sugary Giant Tate and Lyle?

Published 278 days ago

Hello Share Crashers. It seems to me that there is a headwind against the over-consumption of sugar. The Government warns against eating too much and so do all sorts of health writers. And when what you sell is under scrutiny, then you have to be concerned about future profits.

The Great Wall of Mexico and the Big Jump in Ashtead shares

Published 279 days ago

Hello Share Scotchers. Well, that was unexpected! I don’t mean that Donald is the next president. But the fact that one of my all time favourites, Ashtead (AHT) leapt ahead on the news.

Wonderful Ashtead Builds on Share Soaring Success and Deserves a Look

Published 350 days ago

Hello Share Toilers. One of the best shares to hold at the mo, in my humble opinion, is Ashtead (AHT). It has burst through yet another all-time new high as I write. And there’s still more to go I fancy. After all, the P/E ratio I have is still less than 16.

Travis Perkins Could Build Fast After its Big Brexit Bash

Published 365 days ago

Hello Share Tillers. There can be little doubt now that the Footsie will burst through the all-important 7,000 mark this week. But we still have the problem of what shares to pick, even in a tangible bull market like this. I almost said a 'healthy' bull market, but we all have to be cautious in these uncertain days.

The Share Price Keeps Building - But this Beauty Is Tooled Up for Even Bigger Profits.

Published 384 days ago

Hello Share Screechers. It’s possibly time we looked at a share in the fabulous ‘slow, steady riser’ category. In some ways Ashtead Group (AHT) is a rather odd company to put our trust in.

Travis Perkins Could Perk Up with a Perkier Share Price.

Published 477 days ago

Hello Share Bunnies. Travis Perkins (TPK) the building materials supplier has come onto my radar as a possible worthy punt. We need a lot of building work in this country . We badly need new houses, flats, loft conversions, roads, new railways, new houses and anything which can improve our tired building programmes, which lag so many other countries in Europe

Ashtead: taking advantage of shabby peers

Published 480 days ago

What characteristics do you like to see in an equity?  How about revenue and profit growth, free cash flow generation, relatively modest debt levels, an experienced and sensible management team, taking market share against peers and a good capability this could continue over the next few years?  And how about for the icing on the cake: a low valuation and increasing dividend capability?

Coming Down Santa Claus Lane - a Few Shares I Hope St Nick Will Put in My Stocking.

Published 603 days ago

Hello Share Helpers. Not long to go now before Santa calls. But I’m not sure it will as sumptuous a Yule celebration as normal in Stacey Towers. It’s not really been a good year and that applies to most of us, I fear.

Build on America's Building Revival by Eyeing Up Ashtead the Mighty.

Published 662 days ago

Hello Share Pushers. Firms with a strong connection to America are doing well at the moment. Signet (SIG), the sparkling jeweler keeps on putting on value. Which is quite understandable, as I sold all my holding last month.

Plunge Into Ashtead Before Its Results Next Week.

Published 799 days ago

Hi Share Sorters. A firm I’m often promoting to your attention is Ashtead (AHT). It’s a very big outfit -on both sides of the Big Pond. It hires out tools and plant, mostly to the building trade.

A list of the Very Few Firms Who Passed My Toughest Test.

Published 845 days ago

Hello Share Shockers. I’ve regaled you in this modest column before with some of the best advice you could ever pick up. That is: to track down and invest in those star companies which grow their profits every year that comes round.

The Importance of Identifying Shares Too Slow to Rise and Too Quick to Fall.

Published 889 days ago

Hello Share Swingers. When it comes to larger companies, their share prices often seem to be on a pair of kitchen scales.

Ashtead... United Rentals downgrades appear ominous

Published 910 days ago

Pursuant to a series of downgrades over recent months to United Rentals (URI US, market cap $8.7 billion), I shorted a little Ashtead (AHT) - with a market cap of £5.5 billion. After all, one would imagine that those closer to home know the score.

Is This the Most Reliable Share-Picking Method Ever?

Published 930 days ago

Hello Share Plinkers. What is the most reliable way of telling if a company will keep on piling on share value and doling out ever fatter dividends? Wouldn't you like to know? Well, we all would.

Shun Europe and Hit the American Connection.

Published 947 days ago

Hello Share Poppers. I am steering clear of all shares with heavy business links to the rest of Europe.

Support the Tool Hire Firm that Knows the Drill.

Published 953 days ago

Hello Share Funsters. At the risk of boring you so early in 2015, I'm returning to my drum banging for Ashtead (AHT).

Ashtead Share Price Keeps On Building

Published 994 days ago

Hello Share Shufflers. Let's take another peek at one of my all-time great shares. The company hires out building and industrial tools and gear and, though it's a British firm, it does a lot of business in the currently buoyant USA.

How Those Wily Americans Are Proving Me Wrong.

Published 1052 days ago

Hello Share Dabblers. I think I may have spoken too soon when a said not that long ago that the USA was losing its grip on the world economy.

Why our American Dream Might Sour.

Published 1071 days ago

Hello Share Shiners. It is exceptionally galling to me that my wife’s portfolio is doing better than mine. I would like to report that this is a temporary situation, but it ain’t really. She’s been ahead for about a year.

Ashtead Shares Keep Building – and the Party Is Just Beginning.

Published 1084 days ago

Hello Share Grinders: Ashtead (AHT) is a go-ahead company which hires out tools and bigger gear to the building industry.What they supply will always be in demand because this kind of thing is pricey and builders, who often can only keep going by taking big loans, like to keep their costs down. Hiring the heavy stuff is a good way of doing it.


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