Tom Winnifrith: a reader dares me to publish his explanation of why I'm talking bollocks

Published 172 days ago

I wonder if this reader is Malcolm Stacey in disguise? He seems a terribly optimistic fellow dismissing all my bear points made in today's bonus bearcast. Calling himself "KeepingTWhonest" he opines:

Buying ahead of the crowd is generally a good idea

Published 433 days ago

Citing the law of diminishing returns, Dr Lacy Hunt has demonstrated how more and more debt is being required to boost global output and stop economies shuddering to a halt due to all the strains tearing then in two. In 2007, global debt was 276% of global GDP. Today, global debt is 327% of global GDP. In 2007, a dollar in debt generated 37 cents in GDP growth. In 2017, a dollar in debt created only 31 cents in GDP. The reason is clearly, every increasing amount of debt is not sustainable in the long term, but 2008 appears to have been forgotten in the hedonistic rush of money for free printing, which enables the party to continue and for the ever-ballooning consequences to be kicked down the road, for now.

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast - Happy Birthday Bearfacts: The next banking crisis looms

Published 1201 days ago

A bonus bearcast and a birthday request answered - how big will the next banking crisis be and are we about to suffer it? I offer up a few thoughts in this additional podcast.

Pond Life: Robert Sutherland Smith shares his innermost thoughts!

Published 1838 days ago

The weather is very much like the markets – unsettled. In the great outdoors, there is sometime blue sky, with floating islands of contrasting white and grey cloud. Sometimes, sunshine; and then sometimes, skies so black, that it might be midnight. And all of that can happen in an hour let alone a day. It’s what you might call stock jobbers’ weather!


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