Tom Winnifrith bonus Bearcast - 8 Events that could really whack UK equities in 2019

Published 172 days ago

Of course none of the eight might come to pass but I explian why I am bearish anyway and then list eight events each of which could happen and each of which could really tonk UK equities and it is just possible that all eight may come to pass. Enjoy.

Big Sofa Technologies: Trading update – the cash is all fine, honest!

Published 479 days ago

My Woodford piece earlier today highlighted the challenges of taking too much notice of what you hear from the company itself. I think the same can be said in connection with Big Sofa Technologies (BST) following its poor trading update yesterday.

IQE plc Bullish Trading statement but hang on

Published 522 days ago

IQE (IQE) has today stated that it is "on track to exceed full year expectations". But hang on Henry. Sales are vanity, profit is a matter of opinion, cash is reality. And so we read that:

Lombard Risk Management – AGM Statement commences ‘positive market for products’, so why are the shares leading fallers?

Published 676 days ago

An AGM Statement from Lombard Risk Management (LRM) commences that “the company continues to see a positive market for its products with the landscape largely unchanged since we announced our 2017 full year results in May”. Yet the shares are leading fallers, currently down circa 15% at around 11p…

Video: Bearish on markets, short term mega bearish on uranium - Rick Rule

Published 701 days ago

In the latest video podcast from Palisade Capital, perhaps the world's best known resource fund manager, Rick Rule of Sprott, discusses the surprising lack of volatility in the markets and with the various worldwide challenges one would expect it to be much higher. He is not optimistic when one looks at the collective balance sheets of governments with their underfunded pension plans and is acting on the assumption that the markets will get more volatile.

Flowgroup – from “actively pursuing” sale to that business being the “primary focus” of the company in just a few months

Published 705 days ago

Flowgroup (FLOW) has updated following a “successful re-capitalisation of the company”. Hmmm – having commenced 2017 at comfortably above 8p and been above 3p prior to a financing announcement last month, the shares have this month fallen below 1p...

DP Poland – placing as ‘insufficient confidence’ of expansion going to plan

Published 719 days ago

Having fallen by approaching 7% to close at 42.625p, a 5:23pm “Proposed Placing” announcement from AIM-listed DP Poland (DPP) - and announcement this morning including that the placing is at 43p per share. Any regulator out there?

Flowgroup – shares crash on announced “potential alternative” to proposed Flow Energy business disposal

Published 745 days ago

Writing previously in March on Flowgroup (FLOW), with the shares then at 5p, I concluded that there looked to remain both funding and jam-tomorrow uncertainty and to continue to avoid. Presently, the shares are approaching 40% lower on the day, at sub 2p, on the back of news that the company “is in the advanced stages of preparing a significant capital fundraising as a potential alternative to the proposed disposal of the Flow Energy business”

For the ill prepared, a tsunami of financial misfortune lies ahead

Published 832 days ago

An unexpectedly bearish BlackRock CEO Larry Fink in the week joined the likes of Bill Gross, Jeffrey Gundlach and Ray Dalio who have all similarly turned downbeat in recent weeks. All have cautioned that the U.S. economy is in the midst of a slowdown and financial markets could see a significant setback, for the same reason, that the Trumpflation trade has burnt out in recent months due to uncertainty over global trade and the Trump administration's plan to cut taxes. "I see a lot of dark shadows," Fink said adding that. "The markets are probably ahead of themselves." 

Why I'm Not Getting Busy with the Fizzy

Published 901 days ago

Hello Share Casters. Being rather proud of my stick-like figure, I’ve entered the habit of avoiding fizzy drinks. This was hard as I have a passion for dandelion and burdock and ginger beer. It’s the government’s attitude to sugary drinks that has put me off an old favourite share of mine, Britvic (BVIC). Normally I would commend this share to your attention.

I am getting Bullish – on the Bearish.

Published 937 days ago

These times are getting interesting and disjointed times. The FTSE 100 share index is now up 30% over five years, yet earnings have fallen by 80% over the same period and with U.S. unemployment at 5% and the core CPI rising 2.2% over the last year, it is difficult for the “data dependent” Fed to further rationalise emergency rates based on its official dual mandate. In addition we are living in an age when a CEO of two US public companies can give a talk about colonising Mars and shareholders don’t see it as a warning signal. 

Scary Chart Time: China and what might happen or might not

Published 1111 days ago

Now there are some definite bearish thoughts and views running around at the moment so I feel this morning we should explore a little bit. The first big worry is Chinese debt – has it got out of control or can the Party control it ?There is an article in the Economist last week discussing this which gives a very good summary and you should all read it,

Audioboom 2015 results & Q1 2016 update, it reckons ‘obvious delight’, I (& the market) again disagree…

Published 1174 days ago

Rob Proctor, CEO of spoken-word audio platform, Audioboom (BOOM) states “I and the team are obviously delighted with our progress during Q1. With the appointment of commercial directors in the USA, UK and India, combined with increased activity of the Cumulus media sales team, I believe that Audioboom is now acutely focussed on the key elements of its business, allowing it to target revenue growth and long-term profitability for shareholders”. The shares though are currently down more than 10%, at 3.125p. Hmm…

Tungsten Corp – is post ‘Capital Markets Day’ share price rise justified?

Published 1184 days ago

Having fallen from heights touching 400p in 2014 to commence 2016 at sub 40p, shares in Tungsten Corp (TUNG) are now back to nearly 70p, to capitalise the company at £87.6 million. Post a recent ‘Capital Markets Day’, is this justified? …

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 20 December 1 - Why I am uber bearish going into 2016

Published 1253 days ago

In the first bearcast of the day I explain why going into 2016 I am far more bearish than I was going into 2015 ( and I was fairly bearish then) and how that shapes my investment decisions - what to avoid and what to do with existing positions and how too many investors really must be smoking up the Death List update (and boy am I doing well see HERE)

FTSE 100 starting to look oversold

Published 1356 days ago

The FTSE 100 closed up yesterday without any help from Wall Street as the US markets were closed for a holiday. When the S&P 500 is closed the FTSE struggles to find direction. So today the action should resume. Surprisingly the index is up after some disappointing economic news.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 13 June: Greece and Interest rates

Published 1443 days ago

Greece is getting interesting again and in this podcast I explore who will be the big losers from Grexit and it won't be Greece. The fallout threatens many aspects of the Western financial markets but the bigger threat is interest rates which are going to rise sooner than you think. Warning: this podcast contains extreme bearishness

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 14 May - Part 1 Reasons to be uber bearish & bubbles

Published 1473 days ago

The travel plans of pizza hardman Darren Atwater and my own travel & family plans for the day mean this is a double bearcast day. We start with an edition looking at the various bubbles` in the world today and why I am becoming really very bearish indeed about equities.

ASOS plc – the recent management share buying in context

Published 1669 days ago

Having fallen to sub 2000p before a 21st October results announcement, shares in ASOS plc (ASC) have rebounded to around the 2500p level currently. The following reviews with some management share buying having occurred at the start of this rebound.

Steve Moore is Right – The Mighty ASOS Has Work to Do

Published 1712 days ago

Hello Share Spinners. ASOS stands for As Seen on the Screen. This was a great monicker for a company when internet shopping was just getting into swing. But it sounds a bit dated now, which is probably why the initials are used these days.

It’s….Groundhog Day for the FTSE100

Published 1738 days ago

I would hope that most of you have had the opportunity to watch Groundhog Day one of the greatest films, in my view, of the last generation.  Fortunately I am not about to go into a reverie about twenty plus year old films but talk about a couple of stock market related Groundhog Days. Bring up a chart of the FTSE-100 over the last couple of years…  

10 Reasons to be bearish about shares & why Malcolm Stacey is wrong

Published 1758 days ago

Malcolm Stacey is a great man and one of the nicest guys in shares. But his bullishness about equity markets is wrong. And here is your 10 point checklist as to why it is right to be bearish.


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