‘Kin ‘ell, Steve, you missed a trick or two, what are you playing at? Where’s the warm welcome back for L1 Capital?

Published 246 days ago

I’ve been away for a few days so just catching up on matters and first things first, I need to pick up my normally excellent colleague, Steve Moore, on a couple of glaring ommissions in his piece on Kin Group (KIN) and its funding announcement earlier this week. It was rather rude after all to not give a warm welcome to an old friend.

African Potash shares crash - next stop 0.3p as exercised warrants are dumped, then onto 0p

Published 572 days ago

Death spiral providers Bergen are vultures. They are not nice folks. They are not long term investors. But they are not dumb either. They know that shares in African Potash (AFPO) are set to crash and so today Bergen has exercised 63.7 million warrants at 0.3p under some old deal it had. Oh dear. The shares will be admitted to trading on Wednesday but Bergen won't be waiting for then. Oh no.

Motive Television – Now guess what’s happened?…

Published 780 days ago

On 20th November Motive Television (MTV) announced a further confetti issue to Bergen Global Opportunity Fund, LP, though including that “Bergen has agreed to certain, substantial, limitations on its ability to dispose of the shares”. My review included that this looked a case of attempting to close the barn door after the horse has already bolted – see HERE. However, anyone reassured by the ‘substantial share disposal limitations’ would have had something of a shock today…

TXO – Tim Baldwin’s 2015 AIM train wreck?

Published 1091 days ago

I asked in my last article  “What are the chances of TXO beating the hex of publishing results on the final day possible meaning you are bust before you get to publish the next set?” the answer that has been given over the past few days seems to be: two hopes and one of them is called Bob, the other is called No!

A very happy New Year for TXO shareholders – not!

Published 1105 days ago

First they get the news that Smart Win has appealed against the rejection of its summary judgement motion; totally immaterial of course, regardless of what happens, because as explained here  “the chances are better of winning the jackpot in the national lottery just buying 1 line for 1 week than they are of TXO (TXO) actually seeing any money.. [because]… Smart Win is a shell set up by two major Chinese companies and has no assets”

Savannah expands exploration range

Published 1155 days ago

Copper and mineral sands hopeful Savannah Resources (SAV) has agreed to take a big chunk of another copper project in Oman, while raising £1.3 million from investors at a discounted 4.45p to spend both on Oman and on its Jangamo heavy mineral sands project in Mozambique.


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