Bluebird Merchant Ventures – response to Gubong application, swift progress being made: BUY

Published 6 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) “is pleased to announce that it has received a positive response to the application for the 'permit to develop' the Gubong Mine”

Bluebird Merchant Ventures – placing… but also further progress towards potential gold pour this year

Published 30 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) has announced a £0.4365 million placing at 2.25p per share - with £0.1865 million of that from directors Colin Patterson, Charles Barclay and Aidan Bishop - to further progress its South Korean gold projects towards targeted first gold pour in the fourth quarter of this year…

Bluebird Merchant Ventures – Kochang permit application now also submitted, looks set to be news soon…

Published 37 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) has announced that the application for the 'permit to develop' the Kochang Mine has been submitted and updated on other timescales…

Bluebird Merchant Ventures – Kochang update and interims; this to be THE year

Published 44 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) says that it “is pleased to announce its Interim Report and Accounts for the half year ended 31 December 2018… and to provide an operational update on the Kochang Mine”...

Bluebird Merchant Ventures – Kochang data comparison reinforces mine re-opening potential

Published 66 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) “is pleased to see strong correlation in the results of the underground sampling programme carried out by KORES, with that conducted by the company in the same area in the first half of 2018”

Bluebird Merchant Ventures – potential government drilling grant and more: BUY

Published 69 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) “is pleased to announce the application for a grant for an assisted drilling programme at Kochang from KORES, the submission of the report on the feasibility of re-opening the mine to Southern Gold and the application for the permit to develop Gubong from the South Korean Government”

Bluebird Merchant Ventures – strategy update, rapid progress to positive cash flow?

Published 86 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) has updated on its 2019 strategy, including “gold production to commence by the end of 2019”

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Luke Johnson is THE acceptable face of capitalism, Frontera (which is not), 1 day to go

Published 88 days ago

How I suffer for you dear listeners. All is explained. Then there is a long discussion on the administration of Patisserie Holdings (CAKE). I move on with a few more words on The Escape Group (ESC) which I covered HERE and then look at Eve Sleep (EVE) and the folly of Neil Woodford, Scancell (SCLP), Anglesey Mining (AYM), Ariana (AAU), Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV), Chesterfield (CHF) and Metro Bank (MTRO). Finally it is one day to ouzo time (again) on Frontera Resources (FRR).

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: does the BCA RNS mean Neil Woodford's funds are at death's door

Published 122 days ago

I start with a report back on my torture of last night. Then I look at a day of woe for Neil Woodford, commenting on the Kier (KIE) debacle which has shown him at his arrogant and reckless worst. Then I ask questions about share trades announced late yesterday in BCA marketplace (BCA), I look at Sosandar (SOS), Optibiotix (OPTI), Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV), Yu (YU.) and at Avanti Comunications (AVN).

Bluebird Merchant Ventures – emphasises “excellent” initial metallurgical results from Kochang, remains a buy

Published 131 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) “is pleased to announce excellent results relating to initial metallurgical test work conducted on a composite ore sample from Kochang Mine”

Bluebird Merchant Ventures – progress at Kochang, more to come

Published 145 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) “has completed a review of all data to date, related to the Kochang gold and silver mine. As a result it has derived an initial estimate of the mineral potential available for the redevelopment of the mine”

Bluebird Merchant Ventures – placing at a premium reinforces confidence, Buy

Published 155 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) is “pleased to have completed a premium private placement given the current market conditions. This demonstrates the confidence in our South Korean projects and in the progress that has been made as we continue to move towards our goal of reopening the mines”. So, what’s the detail?...

Bluebird Merchant Ventures – positive operational and financial Kochang update, still a buy

Published 168 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) has updated that it “has completed required Kochang expenditure for JV” and “locates and finds accessible open mining areas at the Kochang silver mine adjoining the gold workings which were in a good condition”

Bluebird Merchant Ventures – updates on projects, remains a buy

Published 206 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) has updated on both of its South Korean mining projects, Gubong and Kochang - and on expected upcoming developments…

Bluebird Merchant Ventures – more progress at Kochang; strong buy

Published 229 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) has announced a progress update from Kochang in South Korea. It is …getting there...

Bluebird Merchant – last time it was look at the numbers on Kochang, now positive news on Gubong

Published 261 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) has updated that it has delivered “the final deliverable needed for the formation of the 50:50 joint venture with Southern Gold” and that the work “supports its previously stated view that the establishment of a low capital cost mine at Gubong is achievable”

Bluebird Merchant – look at the numbers on Kochang, is this the cheapest London junior gold play? Big upgrade

Published 306 days ago

Before you consider the latest news from Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) just consider that, at 2.8p-3p, the market cap is a paltry £5.36 million. Bluebird has more than one asset but focus on just one for now: Kochang, where it has now formalised a 50/50 JV with Aussie based Southern Gold.

Bluebird Merchant Ventures - Kochang sampling results “further encouraging” - BUY

Published 332 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) has announced further results from underground channel sampling at Kochang on in-situ ore left behind by the original miners – including emphasising “the samples show positive indications of high average gold and silver grades” and “orogenic deposits typically extend over 1 kilometre in depth and Kochang has only been developed to a depth of 150 metres”

Bluebird Merchant Ventures – Kochang “higher than expected grades”, still a buy

Published 340 days ago

Previously writing on Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) last week, we noted there looks news flow aplenty to potentially spark the shares – and now there’s an announcement of Kochang Underground Grab Sample Results

Bluebird Merchant Ventures - “excellent” Gubong metallurgical work results & more news to come - BUY

Published 346 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) “is pleased to announce excellent results relating to the initial metallurgical test work conducted on ore from Adit 4 at the Gubong mine”

Bluebird Merchant Ventures – further progress at Gubong

Published 352 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) has announced from the Gubong project “results from the water discharge have been certified to show no heavy metals proving the effectiveness of our water treatment plant”, reinforcing strong community and government support for the reopening”

UK Investor Show 2018 Video: Charles Barclay of Bluebird Merchant Ventures

Published 358 days ago

We own shares in Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) and have done since its IPO. It has been a bumpy ride but things are now going very much the right way and at c3p they are very cheap. Here is Charles Barclay to explain why.

Bluebird Merchant Ventures – updates on progress at Gubong and Kochang, all good news

Published 369 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) has updated on ongoing progress at the Gubong and Kochang gold/silver projects – featuring water treatment and metallurgical test work for the former and assays for the latter…

Bluebird Merchant Ventures – further Gubong progress, still more to come

Published 381 days ago

In tandem to completion of the required farm-in expenditure of $500,000 at the Gubong mine, Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) has announced signing of the joint venture agreement.

Buy Bluebird Merchant Ventures at 3.8p - target 12.8p or higher

Published 403 days ago

Okay, Bluebird (BMV) is a corporate client of broker SP Angel so take this report with a pinch of salt but analyst John Meyer is no fool - although he sometimes lacks a sense of humour. And the 24 page report is very detailed. And of course we own the shares and I do think they are cheap at 3.8p although I'm not sure that i am as optimistic as Meyer. Anyhow, he is the expert and writes: 

Bluebird Merchant Ventures - more good news, stance upgrade

Published 408 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV), has served up more good news from the land of the dog eaters, that is to say South Korea.

Bluebird Merchant Ventures – interims and good news from Gubong and (particularly) Kochang

Published 412 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) has updated including “there is little doubt that the programme for Kochang has been accelerated in the past week and that the potential to complete the transition to a Joint Venture could be completed within the next six months resulting in a decision to move into construction of the mine. This also allows the company to expand its programme on the far larger project at Gubong which still has the potential for a company maker.

Yet more good news from Bluebird Merchant Ventures - Upgrade & Buy

Published 429 days ago

Bluebird (BMV) really is on a roll in the land of the dog eaters, now announcing that it has signed a deal to develop and reopen a second gold and silver mine. The deal is that once Bluebird has spent $500,000 it can a 50% stake in the Kochang mine currently owned 100% by Southern Gold Ltd. There are some preconditions like South completing a A$250,000 placing but assuming the deal goes ahead it looks interesting...

Bluebird Merchant Ventures – Gubong grab sample results, ‘very encouraged’ (so are we)

Published 464 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) has announced results of 'grab samples' after engineers gained entry into the old workings at Adit 4 and from spillage in Decline Shaft 2 at the Gubong gold mine - the results “indicating that a significant amount of gold remains unmined at Gubong”...

Bluebird Merchant Ventures – further funding committed & company is ‘very encouraged’

Published 485 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) has updated emphasising “CEO, Colin Patterson, has committed to personally fund the Gubong project through to completion of the Report on Feasibility to re-open the Gubong mine”“‘soft loans’ of USD 500,000 made to the company by management and key associates have been extended” and “assay results from underground and surface sampling are expected in early January”

Bluebird Merchant Ventures: Give it a rest with the “public holidays” BS, please!

Published 518 days ago

I thought I would give Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) a couple of weeks’ grace to come clean before getting stuck into what I perceived to be a classic piece of BS in its recent RNS relating to the delay in getting its results out leading to a “temporary” suspension. Time's up.

Bluebird Merchant good news from the land of the dog eaters: buy

Published 608 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) has announced that work is now underway to open up three entrances to the mine at Gubong in South Korea. The target entrances were found using Ground Penetrating Radar, chatting to the locals and from historical information on what was once the country's second biggest gold mine.

Buy Bluebird Merchant Ventures at up to 2.5p

Published 625 days ago

*Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) is a former unsuccessful share tip  of ours – though our 3.5p July sell advice has proven correct, with the shares presently at a 2.5p offer price. However, there is now a new CEO and a new focus which leaves the shares materially undervalued at the current sub £5 million market cap and we are expecting more news soon...

Video: Dragon's Den #1, featuring Sula, Symphony Environmental, Asiamet, Bluebird Merchant Ventures with Nigel Wray, at UK Investor Show 2017

Published 739 days ago

In this video from the storming success that was the 2017 UK Investor Show, in the 'Dragon's Den' companies have a 60 second pitch to Britain's Buffett Nigel Wray, Tom Winnifrith and Steve Moore for three £1,000 investments. Up first are Sula Gold (SULA), Symphony Environmental (SYM), Asiamet (ARS), Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) and (sort of) Interquest (ITQ)...

Video: Charles Barclay, COO of Bluebird Merchant Ventures, speaks at UK Investor Show 2017

Published 740 days ago

In this video from the storming success that was the 2017 UK Investor Show, Charles Barclay, COO of Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV), is at the podium. And make sure that you keep April 21 2018 free for next year's UK Investor Show.

Bluebird Merchant Ventures: What are you hiding in the interims? Oh…..oh dear!

Published 753 days ago

This week’s strategy update from Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) reminded me that I meant to go searching for its interims as it had done that really annoying thing that rubbish companies do in not actually putting the interims in the RNS, but merely putting a link to the website and then it isn’t actually on the website till later. Having finally tracked them down, I now realise why the company wanted to hide them away as they make horrific reading.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Bastards, the lawyers are always the only winners

Published 999 days ago

In this podcast I start by clarifying exacty where I stand on Nostra Terra (NTOG) then I move onto Lead All (LEAL), Blenheim Natural (BNR) and China New Energy (CNEL). Then I look at Strat Aero (AERO) where there is news from Texas ( not good). Finally a stock we own, Bluebird Merchant (BMV) and I assist you with the maths on today's cracking news.

Sub-Standard Shockers XI Euros review – hmmm, more England then Portugal

Published 1013 days ago

With the Euros coming to a close, it’s appropriate to assess the performance of the Sub-Standard Shockers XI over the last month or so. Well, you know it hasn’t gone well when the best performers are those that have been in suspension for the period.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - the curse of the tipster, commercial suicide

Published 1015 days ago

In this podcast I discuss pruning here in Bristol, an update on the Gooseberry crumble and then the lessons about how folks behave as investors or rather gamblers we can learn from the Worthington (WRN) fraud which must now be brown bread as explained HERE earlier today following news on Friday. That section also mentions Cloudtag (CTAG) and tech stocks. Then I look at commercial suicide, the curse of the tipster and Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV).

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Gooseberry Crumble, Avanti crumbles

Published 1017 days ago

I have spent the morning getting twitter grief for this article but the one polite twitter enquiry concerns BoxHill (BOX) and I answer that in this podcast as well as explaining why shares are both up and down since Brexit - it all depends how you look at it. I also cover Gulf Keystone (GKP), Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV), Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) and Avanti Communications (AVN), I meant to talk about Bovis (BVS) but forgot. I shall try to remember tomorrow when I am down to make a gooseberry crumble. I shall report back on that over the weekend.

Bluebird Merchant Ventures - now trading arm is working and we can reveal it is dealing with Glencore - Buy!

Published 1021 days ago

Earlier last week there was cracking news on the Batangas gold mine which - on its own justifies a multiple of the current share price. But now we have confirmation that Bluebird's (BMV) copper concentrate trading operation has banked its first cheque. More will flow and quickly.

Bluebird Merchant Ventures - its ready to race ahead: buy

Published 1026 days ago

We have had nothing but good news from Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) since its IPO yet the shares have fallen. But we know why and we tell you now you must buy.

Bluebird Merchant Ventures - update on Batangas: shares very cheap: BUY

Published 1064 days ago

We now have evidence that some of those who invested in Bluebird (BMV) at the IPO are ignoring lock-ins. That is seeing the shares slip when they should be racing on more good news. We expect this matter to be resolved very shortly indeed and the re-rate to then start and to be dramatic. That makes the shares a buy now.

Buy BlueBird Merchant Ventures - shares could easily double from here

Published 1073 days ago

BlueBird Merchant Ventures (BMV) is a stock that has not flourished since gaining a Standard Listing on the LSE on April 20th. Listed at 5.75p the shares now trade at 3.5p - 4p but that makes them look very cheap. They could double from here, easily.

Video: Clive Sinclair-Poulton of Bluebird Merchant Ventures

Published 1078 days ago

No offence intended but I would rather that Aidan Bishop who is the man behind Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) had presented at UK Investor Show not Clive Sinclair-Poulton. Aidan is a class act and next year I hope he is around. We own these shares and are excited aboout what will happen. Enjoy

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 2nd May - why I like gold & why we own what we own

Published 1084 days ago

is this is a bullcast? We have 15% of our portfolio in gold becuase we are bearish about shares. Does that make sense? I discuss why you should own some physical gold and then why we own the shares we do, notably Petropavlovsk (POG), Ariana (AAU) and Wishbone (WSBN) but also much smaller amounts of Eurasia (EUA), Bluebird (BMV) and Armadale Capital (ACP)

BlueBird Merchant Ventures - first mining IPO for 8 months - we have a small flutter

Published 1103 days ago

I really hate backing IPOs. Many companies just struggle to adjust to life as a public company, it is like those cricketers who are great at proper cricket but just can't make the adjustment to the pyjama game. Whatever. We have had a small exposure (well not that small actually) today in Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) - Bluebird Mining as was -  which is the first mining stock to make it to the London market in eight months.


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