Optibiotix: Slimbiome deal with Boots on the cards?

Published 786 days ago

Critics of Obtibiotix (OPTI) reckon that it is all jam tomorrow and it needs to announce big name deals which see real rollout of its products and commercialisation. Well how would a deal with Boots for its Slimbiome weight-loss drinks and snack bars do for starters?

Zak Mir's Bull Call of the Day No. 2: Tyratech: Gap Top Target Above 50 Day Line

Published 1177 days ago

It takes a lot of skill to keep a natural, 100% effective treatment for head lice quiet, even though its Vamousse is sold in Walmart and Boots, but so far Tyratech seem to have managed it...

Buy TyraTech at 8.625p

Published 1711 days ago

My friends in private equity all tell me the same story - the key is management, management and management. AIM listed TyraTech (TYR) has this in spades.  In fact a number of the team came from very big jobs in very big companies to run a very small company.  Last year, I said to Bruno Jactel the CEO that I could see the shares at 25p or higher.  His answer was that he was not there to build a company valued in £10s of millions, but in £100s of millions.


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