Bowleven – ShareProphets RNS Translation Service reviews Termination of Strategic Review

Published 137 days ago

AIM-listed Bowleven (BLVN) has announced the termination of the strategic review initiated by the previously hung board in the wake of the sack-the-board EGM requisitioned by Crown Ocean, before former Chairman Billy Allan departed the scene. The ShareProphets RNS Translation Service has been taking a look (original in bold).

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - sitting in Shipston it is Cloudtag day! Where is the ouzo Dad?

Published 146 days ago

It seems as if  my father has drunk all the ouzo. Who can blame him? But how will I celebrate if the fraud Cloudtag (CTAG) is booted off AIM today? Join in the fun with our Cloudtag termination clock HERE. Elsewhere I look at Bowleven (BLVN), gosh I loathe its management team, Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO), also run by tossers, and Strategic Equity Capital (SEC).

Crown Ocean slams the management of Bowleven - makes very serious allegations

Published 147 days ago

I have just noted that my old pal "thirsty" David Bick is doing the PR for hedge fund Crown Ocean in its battle to oust the shamed, discredited and unwanted board and management at Bowleven (BLVN). If you are in a scrap with utter scumbags having Bick on your side is no bad thing as he is the king of this form of trench warfare, gutter warfare. Team Crown issued a statement on Friday which is damning. You will remember that the management of Bowleven is still in place despite shareholders voting most of the bastards off the board and now they are trying to flog the company. Crown - quite correctly - smells a monstrous rat. It states:

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Terror attack on London Edition

Published 150 days ago

Clearly this is the story of the day. I reflect on this from various angles. I then move onto Franchise Brands (FRAN) shares in which surged 16% forcing a suspension. No insider dealing here guv, walk on, walk on. Then it is onto Bowleven (BLVN),  Yolo (YOLO), Starcom (STAR) which I may have called Starvest but I meant Starcom, Van Elle (VANL), Nyota (NYO) and finally the uber dog Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) which is in freefall. Hah! Death spiral shylocks Bracknor your spoof is not working is it! On the subject of terror I mention that evil bastard Martin McGuinness.You should not speak ill of the dead but for this unapologetic murderer  and for those in the media who praise him as a good man I make an exception HERE.  Mr McGuinness was a wicked man who sought no salvation in apology and repentance and, if there is a hell, his soul is right now burning at the heart of it. 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Theresa May forgets the wise words of Ronald Reagan at her peril

Published 153 days ago

In today's podcast I look at Peak Club - the mad debt binge at Soho House and what it tells us about asset bubbles and more. Then I cover Theresa May's misguided proposals on executive pay before finally covering the latest boardroom antics at Bowleven (BLVN) , putting it up for sale.

Crown Ocean calls second GM at Bowleven to change the board - again: chairman Allan MUST GO NOW!

Published 156 days ago

This is not the fault of Crown Ocean but of the bastards who have been grossly overpaid for destroying value at Bowleven (BLVN) - the team let by piggy in chief Kevin Hart. As I reported yesterday, disgraced CEO Hart may have been booted off the board by shareholders but he remains as CEO and is still running the company on full ( unjustifiable) pay. This is because Crown has 2 directors but the old regime still has two men on the board and the casting vote with chairman Mr Allan. Thus there is no change of personnel at Bowleven or of strategy. This really is a disgraceful way for directors to treat the folks who own the company - shareholders.

Kevin Hart - you thought he had gone from Bowleven: think again

Published 157 days ago

You and I had thought that Kevin Hart the grossly overpaid and underperforming CEO of Bowleven (BLVN) had cleaned his desk and gone after Tuesday's GM vote to sack the useless pig. Think again. He is still CEO and still on full pay and still running the company. This is like debating the Brexit referendum with that silly cow Gina Miller. A company is owned by its shareholders. The shareholders have voted to get rid, like we voted to quit the EU...but the bastard hangs on and Gina tries to subvert democracy.

Corporate Governance Tossers PIRC suffers a double beating - after Bowleven its Mike Ashley and a fake news attack

Published 157 days ago

The staff of Corporate Governance tossers PIRC are a parasite sucking the lifeblood from the capitalist system and so it is delightful to see them doubly humiliated today. First up they backed the despised board at Bowleven (BLVN) who were ousted by shareholders. Now they appear to have done the impossible: make loathsome lardball Mike Ashley look like a hard done by victim by publishing some very fake news...

Most of Bowleven board ousted at GM - the bastards depart with no grace at all

Published 158 days ago

The GM of Bowleven (BLVN) took place at 11 AM yesterday. It could not have taken long to count the votes yet the board sat on the result until this morning. Treating shareholders with contempt, for the second time in 48 hours and the zillionth time since taking office,Kevin Hart et al served up a sour and graceless statement as they acknowledged defeat. But it was not a complete victory for the rebels.

Even at the bitter end Bowleven's scumbag boss Kevin Hart treats shareholders with contempt as he falls on his sword

Published 160 days ago

It is not just Hart, the CEO for a few hours more at Bowleven (BLVN), but also the overpaid, inbred, upper class fuckwits at PR spinners Brunswick who view ordinary investors with unmitigated contempt. Someone leaked it to the Times this morning that Hart was to resign as boss of Bowleven after years of being paid a fortune while destroying shareholder value. If that is correct he is jumping before he is pushed at the GM, called by Crown Ocean.

Bowleven – did Artemis plunge the knife before bailing out to Crown and if so where is the TR-1?

Published 164 days ago

A brief line in an announcement by Crown Ocean has caught my eye in the latest twist in the battle to remove the useless board of AIM-listed Bowleven (BLVN). The board’s supposedly flagship farm-out transaction, with which CEO Kevin Hart expressed pleasure, seems to me have placed a maximum valuation of around $25 million on the company’s $100 million spent on Bomono. But I wonder whether major institution Artemis has sold out of the 14 million shares the market was told it held on Monday. If so, where is the TR-1, and did Artemis vote the shares against the board ahead of selling them to Crown Ocean? 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: an attractive 29 year old woman dreams about Concepta - Dr Freud & Mr Winnifrith comment

Published 166 days ago

We start with myself and Dr Freud trying to offer helpful advice to an attractive young lady. The the podcast meanders on to Thor Mining (THOR) and I digress to an old pal whose uncle was apparently a war criminal. Then I move on to Bowleven (BLVN), 88 Energy (88E), Rose Petroleum (ROSE), Electronic Data Processing (EDP), Worthington (WRN) and pension deficits.

BowLeven – CEO Hart claims ‘delight’ with “farm-out agreement”, who does he think he’s kidding?

Published 166 days ago

Kick-the-board-out requisition-pressured BowLeven (BLVN) CEO Kevin Hart is “delighted to be working together with Victoria Oil & Gas to unlock the potential of Bomono… gaining access to Victoria Oil & Gas’s extensive infrastructure and gas marketing experience”. Hmmm, the market doesn’t seem to share ‘delight’ in the deal from your side though Kevin – shares in BowLeven currently more than 7% lower, whilst those in Victoria Oil & Gas (VOG) more than 12% higher…

Bowleven - Corporate Governance Fucktards ISS & PIRC show themselves up in backing discredited board

Published 172 days ago

In reality corporate governance bodies such as PIRC and ISS are, these days, part of the establishment so when it comes to crony capitalist companies on AIM they are part of the problem not the solution. This is demonstrated in spades today by events at Bowleven (BLVN)

Waseem Shakoor - Grab your one and only chance to kick out Bowleven's useless board

Published 185 days ago

The great Northern bear Waseem Shakoor owns just over 1% of Bowleven (BLVN) and has been a long term critic of its useless board led by the grossly overpaid Kevin Hart. He has written an open letter to his fellow shareholders urging them to back Crown Ocean Capital and oust the board. I agree - as I usually do - with Waseem. Over to the great bear and professional Northerner:

ShareProphets RNS Translation Service – Bowleven names the day

Published 186 days ago

And so finally, this morning, AIM-listed Bowleven (BLVN) has named the day for the requisitioned sack-the-board EGM. The company first announced receipt of the EGM requisition from Crown Ocean on 24 Jan and three weeks on it has finally got around to calling it – for 14 March. Hurried this is not. The ShareProphets RNS Translation Service explains all…..(original in bold)

Bowleven – ill-considered statement as Crown Ocean ups stake again

Published 192 days ago

AIM-listed Bowleven (BLVN), in the sights of activist investor Crown Ocean which has already requisitioned a sack-the-board EGM, has released a “provisional response” to the proposals. It looks pretty desperate from a board too used to sitting on its hands and overpaying itself and which looks slam-dunk for the tickety-tack when it finally gets around to calling the requisitioned EGM.

Bowleven – sack-the-board requisitioner Crown Ocean ups the ante, increases stake

Published 194 days ago

This morning came a TR-1 announcement from AIM-listed Bowleven (BLVN): Crown Ocean, which has requisitioned a sack-the-board EGM upped its stake by about 5 million shares to 47.6 million shares, or 14.87% of the company, last Wednesday...

With Barbarians at the Gate Bowleven's useless board blathers about jam tomorrow (again)

Published 205 days ago

Facing a shareholder revolt which will - as explained HERE - see a grossly overpaid and under-achieving board kicked into the long grass and new directors put in charge to realise shareholder value, the old directors of Bowleven (BLVN)have issued a statement which is covered in jam tomorrow. Plus ca change.

Bowleven: What value Etinde?

Published 206 days ago

Yesterday morning Crown Ocean launched its requisition for an EGM at Bowleven (BLVN). I explained why the coup is a “no-brainer” here. Bowleven’s management is surely toast. Having taken tens of millions in remuneration over the years, and spent hundreds of millions on failed projects, this company has been a classic value trap. But could that all be about to change?

Bowleven - The palace coup is underway & the management is doomed

Published 207 days ago

Hedge fund Crown Ocean Capital P1 Ltd has called an EGM to oust six utterly useless and grossly overpaid board members (the dirty half dozen) at Bowleven (BLVN) and replace them with Christopher Ashworth and Eli Chahin. We can reveal that the coup is a nil brainer - management is toast. Here is why...

Buy Bowleven ahead of palace coup

Published 209 days ago

Oil and gas company Bowleven (BLVN) is the latest in the sights of shareholder activist ‘flip flop’ Ben Turney – who, is organising small shareholders. But Flip Flop is the Monkey, the Organ grinder - we believe - is an activist hedge fund and this will unlock value. With the shares at a current 24.5p offer price, there is cash, asset (and currently wider industry sentiment) support, whilst we reckon success for the hedge fund in ousting a hated management would see the shares rise smartly in short order.

EXCLUSIVE: Flip Flop Ben Turney forms Bowleven action Group - sack the board

Published 223 days ago

He is at it again, flip flop Ben Turney has another company in his sights and this time it is rather larger than before. It is Bowleven (BLVN). And in his attenpts to push for management change, we can reveal that Turney has the support of bear raider Waseem Shakoor who is not part of Turney's group but has a material stake.

Why is Bowleven my favourite small oil company for the long term?

Published 555 days ago

Bowleven (BLVN) like so many other AIM oil companies has been a big disappointment to anyone who has invested longer term – including myself in the past! But if you’re looking to buy into any smaller oil companies at a time when the oil price is down around the $30 area that we are currently seeing, then it would be high on my list, and probably right at the top.

Table of shorted AIM shares - 27/11/2015

Published 625 days ago

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details the shorted AIM shares (by net short position %) and if this position has increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since a previous analysis HERE

Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Bowleven, Edenville Energy, Reneuron

Published 636 days ago

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at [email protected] - Today I look at shares in Bowleven (BLVN), Edenville Energy (EDL) and Reneuron (RENE), setting share price targets for all three stocks.

What’s wrong with Bowleven?

Published 648 days ago

This morning Bowleven (BLVN) announced its full year results. The company has made excellent operational progress and its balance sheet remains strong. On 30 June Bowleven was debt free, had a cash balance of $145.3million (£96million) and the expectation of the equivalent of up to a further $80million investment under the terms of the Etinde farm out ($40million free carry in two appraisal wells and $40million in cash payments, subject to certain milestones). Although the cash balance will have been eaten into over the last 4 months, during which two exploration wells were drilled at Bomono, Bowleven is in rude financial health. So why does the market continue to punish its share price?

Not Jeremy Paxman interviews the self-proclaimed Britain’s Buffett – kiss of death portfolio

Published 656 days ago

Following on from his disasters at Sefton Resources (SER) – suspended – MX Oil (MXO) – halved mummy’s cash and Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) another 50% hit,  what other shares have the kiss of death blessing of market abuser Chris Oil, the man who says he is Britain’s Buffett. I bring you a video of him being interviewed by a hapless Sith Lord, Zak Mir. Sometimes the Sith Lord makes even Justin the Clown over at ADVFN seem probing.

Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Bowleven, Daniel Stewart, Halosource

Published 692 days ago

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at [email protected] - Today I look at shares of Bowleven (BLVN), Daniel Stewart (DAN), Halosource (HALO) and offer some share price targets.

Bowleven; more positive news, market remains unmoved

Published 758 days ago

This morning, Bowleven (BLVN) delivered its latest in a string of positive RNSs and yet again the company’s share price has barely moved. Today’s encouraging news came from the oil encountered in the targeted reservoirs at the Zingana exploration well, in the Bomono exploration permit. Although Bowleven still needs to complete its evaluation of the wireline logs, the fact that it has suspended Zingana “pending further re-entry” is suggestive it is happy with what it has seen so far. Of course, this being Bowleven a degree of circumspection is definitely required, but how much more does the company have to do to prove its worth? Oh, how the market must hate this stock.

Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Bowleven, Feedback, Union Jack Oil

Published 775 days ago

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at [email protected] - Today I look at Bowleven (BLVN), Feedback (FDBK), Union Jack Oil (UJO)

Buy Bowleven at 30p; FREE sneak peak at one of six tips in our latest guide

Published 775 days ago

Has the oil market genuinely bottomed? This is the crucial question facing investors in the oil & gas sector, this summer. The Saudi-led price war on the United States’ “Fracking Boom” has been most disruptive. The collapse in the price of oil has played havoc across the industry. Globally, billions of dollars worth of projects and planned capital expenditure have been shelved or pulled entirely. Sentiment has been badly affected and worries persist about the long-term structural challenges still facing oil & gas companies. This is especially true for those listed on AIM, but if I had to pick one from the bunch my choice would be Bowleven (BLVN).

The most shorted AIM shares - 05/06/2015

Published 801 days ago

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details the shorted AIM shares (by net short position %) and if this position has increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since a previous analysis HERE

Table of shorted AIM shares - 27/03/2015

Published 864 days ago

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details the shorted AIM shares (by net short position %) and if this position has increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since a previous analysis HERE

Changes in disclosable net short positions - week to 27/03/2015

Published 871 days ago

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details changes to net short positions in the last week (red if short increased, green if reduced)...

Bowleven; paying a heavy price for the “Hart Discount”

Published 886 days ago

This morning, Bowleven (BLVN) announced completion of its Etinde farm-out. The company has received the initial $165million cash payment and expects to receive a further $5million for working capital. It is free carried for up to $40million of the costs of two appraisal wells at Etinde, on completion of which it is set to receive $15million cash. Beyond this there is the prospect of another $25million cash, contingent upon the Etinde Final Investment Decision. This all sounds great, so why isn’t the market rejoicing at this news?

Last chance to buy Bowleven before deal completion

Published 891 days ago

Bowleven (BLVN) hasn’t exactly got a reputation for delivering news on schedule, but this really could be your last chance to get in before the next news.

Bowleven Directors Taking the Piss (again)

Published 970 days ago

I have history with Bowleven (BLVN). I invested heavily in the company back in 2009, during the depths of the market crisis when its shares could be bought for less than the cash on their balance sheet. 2009 was a very good year for crisis investors, although it didn't feel very good at the time. 

Bargains galore in oil stocks? Asks Paul Curtis

Published 993 days ago

Oil and gas companies have suffered a three year bear market resulting from concern that US Shale Oil production growth would lead to oversupply. This has now come to pass, oil has plummeted from $115 a few months ago to $72. Oil companies have suffered a further sharp mark down and most trading at large discount to tangible assets.

The AIM shares investors are short of - 20/11/2014

Published 999 days ago

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details the AIM shares investors are short of (linked to recent ShareProphets coverage of them).

Three oil calls revisited; Gulf Keystone, Bowleven & President Energy Part 2

Published 1019 days ago

In Part 1 of this pair of articles I took a look at Gulf Keystone (GKP). In Part 2 I revisit two more of my picks from the summer, Bowleven (BLVN) and President Energy (PPC). With the outlook for oil prices as bearish as it is, is there much to be positive about for either stock?

Buy Bowleven as farm-out deadline looms

Published 1046 days ago

Bowleven (BLVN) has been a great share to trade in recent months but now it is time to decide if you’re in or out. The share price has tended to settle into fairly defined ranges and myself, and others, have done very well trading these swings for 10% or so each time – far more profitable than just holding long term and too good an opportunity to miss as I know this share well. 

Bowleven – patience should bring rewards

Published 1089 days ago

Resource companies are notoriously bad at meeting deadlines. When a delay is announced it is often a signal to ditch the stock. Judging by the response to Bowleven’s (BLVN) announcement this morning it seems the market is behaving true to form. Bowleven is down 1.25p to 33.75p, last seen. However, having spoken with the company’s PR representative, this drop could be a buying opportunity. But then again, I’ve been saying that since 38.25p!

Bowleven; time for Kevin Hart to go

Published 1111 days ago

When a stock persistently refuses to respond positively to good news this can suggest something is wrong behind the scenes. It is true that as the resource market on AIM continues its slow recovery there have been examples of delayed reactions. In some instances, a wary investing public has taken its time to accept and digest upbeat reports, before eventually pushing deserving share prices higher. However, in the case of Bowleven (BLVN), it’s been nearly six weeks since the company announced its Etinde farm-out with LUKOIL and NewAge and the stock continues to trade below the notional value of the deal. The Etinde farm-out is still to complete, but since it was first announced Bowleven has taken steps to resolve the outstanding issues, including today’s announcement that the long awaited Exploitation Authorisation has been formally awarded. So is the market telling CEO Kevin Hart that his end should be nigh?

Bowleven at 39p worth 108p?

Published 1123 days ago

Paid for researcher Edison has initiated its coverage of Bowleven (i.e. accepted a cheque to write a detailed 12 page report) with a claim that the shares, now 39p, are worth 108p.

Bowleven; getting ready to bounce?

Published 1128 days ago

So my dastardly plan worked! About a month ago, when Bowleven (BLVN) announced its proposed Etinde farm-out, I penned a piece suggesting the stock had run into headwinds at 45p and it looked a good spot to take profits. Knowing how much influence I hold over markets, I instructed my cabal of skulking shorters to sell Bowleven’s stock aggressively, as this was a guaranteed opportunity to make a quick killing. Our goal always was to make a heap of money, as we beat up poor old Bowleven’s stock to such an extent that our corrupt little group of pals would gain a much better entry price to go long. We are so amazing at what we do, we profit all the way up and all the way down. Now, I’m back to ramp this stock to high heaven with one article, which is bound to send the share price to 100p. While I continue to pull the strings of Bowleven’s share price at will, I only have one question running through the back of my mind – do some of you really have no idea how ridiculous your comments sound?!

Bowleven and the art of taking profits

Published 1152 days ago

If you’ve ever played poker you will know the worst thing that can happen to a bad player, who doesn’t understand the mechanics or maths of the game, is to win a reasonably large amount early in his or her playing days. Invariably such people convince themselves they have unlocked the secrets of the game and are invincible, rather than recognise the luck of the draw. Our lucky winner invariably ends up giving back his or her winnings to the table and a whole load more to boot. Bust and demoralised, such people often have trouble understanding what’s gone wrong, having made such a profitable start. They remain obstinately unaware of the importance of playing the long term odds, certain in the knowledge they must be right, even though they’ve lost all their money. Exactly the same principle applies to gamblers on AIM stocks, especially those in the resource sector.

This week’s Most Ramped stocks on AIM

Published 1549 days ago

I offer no comment on this weekly feature it is a simple matter of observation. The two tables below show the most active discussions on the ADVFN and iii Bulletin Boards as of a Thursday morning.

Buy Bowleven - Gap Fill Rebound Targets 110p

Published 1583 days ago

I have to admit that I am rather biased in favour of Bowleven (BLVN) shares, largely because in the recent past they have obeyed technical analysis rules, or at least my own interpretation of them to the letter.


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