Crack Open Shell and go Beep Beep for BP as the Divis are High and Profits Grow

Published 34 days ago

Hello, Share Twirlers. Having just reminded myself that the p/e I have for Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA and RDSB) is a mere 11, I think it may be time to look at this giant company again. It was at least two years ago that at least one big bank was opining the B shares worth 2800p, yet, after posting much bigger profits since then, the price still languishes at around 2400p...

I've Explained Why Big Oilers are a Sensible Punt, but which Company Seems Best to Me?

Published 71 days ago

Hello Share Scratchers. On the heels of my last piece, in which I commended the fortunes of giant oilers, a few readers have asked me which jumbo firm do I prefer. I suppose the choice for British investors is between Shell (RDSA) and BP (BP.) I have big holdings in both outfits, but I lean towards one of them.

Notes from Underground: To the spivs on AIM, they probably date the world BS / AS (before ShareProphets and after ShareProphets)

Published 72 days ago

I just realised that we are coming up on our sixth year of publishing ShareProphets. (The actual date is in April).

This Week: BP Beats Estimates & an Unfortunate Week for Ocado

Published 73 days ago

BP (BP.) and Ocado (OCDO) released annual results on Tuesday this week and the market initially responded well to both: BP finished the day up +5.2%, with Ocado +4.2%. Things have taken a turn for the worse for Ocado following news of a fire at one of its fulfilment centres in Andover. Shares in the online supermarket are -14.4% since Tuesday’s close. In this week’s article we take a look at whether these events have altered broker and tipster opinion about the future of both firms.

Is the Renewable Energy Brigade Set to Knock Oil Giants Off their Profitable Perches?

Published 73 days ago

Hello Share Riddlers. Many of us still invest in oil giants. This is often because of the juicy dividends they pay, while staying fairly secure as reliable cash earners. I think most of us expect that Brent crude will keep rising in value. Yes, there was a nasty fall a few months ago, but the price is making what appears to be a sustained rally now. It’s the oil price which has brought the main oilers fatter profits lately.

Unless you are 85 years can do so much better than BP

Published 77 days ago

BP (BP.)’s numbers have excited the market with the shares up 3% and change today. Full year profits have doubled versus 2017 thanks predominately to higher energy prices, whilst the dividend (currently equivalent to a 6% yield) was edged up by 2.5%. What is there not to like for growth or income biased investors? After all with a gearing ratio of just over 30%, a bunch of oil reserves, chat about buybacks and an experienced management team, it is not as if the company is going to go bust or anything. All of this is very true - after all these are the reasons why nearly every single corporate pension fund holds BP or its dogged UK-listed sector peer Royal Dutch Shell (RDSB). However as a private investor…

How to Take Advantage of the Brexit Blues.

Published 80 days ago

Hello, Share Bunnies. As the Brexit mess becomes even messier, we need to continue careful consideration of what will happen to our shares. These are the choices. If we *crash out of Europe, the pound will take a hard knock. If we have a soft Brexit, it will shoot up. * TW Note, incorrect word used by those who want to stay in Europe but do not dare admit it like Malcolm.

Will the Gods smile on Pantheon?

Published 81 days ago

TW Note: Evil was a bull of this shite at 130p at which point I called him out. The shares are now 24p, Cawky has been long and wrong for far too long. Back to Tim...

The Only Fund manager worse than Neil Woodford - the BBC doubles up on Tesla

Published 82 days ago

In the old days ( i.e only three years ago) the BBC pension fund was invested, as it should have been in safe dividend plays like BP, Shell and BAT Industries. But that sort of portfolio played badly with the uber politically correct state funded broadcaster. So its all change. The new top 20 holdings as at 31 March 2018 are below.

The Frontera Resources emails that reveal so much and its all bad

Published 121 days ago

The following trove of emails were filed by Frontera Resources (FRR) in the case against Outrider which could well bring it down. But the emails themselves are quite stunning as you can see below, demonstrating that this company is uninvestable.

The Most Frequently Tipped Companies by Professional Tipsters in November

Published 157 days ago

What blue chips do the "professional" share tipsters like and should we care?

Why Oil Shares Could Hit New Highs as Ordinary Iranians Suffer

Published 167 days ago

Hello, Share Sparers. Over a year or two now, I’ve extolled the arguments for investing in oil giants. That argument, especially for Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) is becoming more compelling. Here's the reason...

BP or Not BP? The Answer Is Looking Much More Like the Former

Published 173 days ago

Hello, Share Scramblers. One of my biggest holdings which I mainly maintain for the juicy dividend is BP (BP.). The results are now out for the third quarter of this year and, as expected, are sizzling. With the oil price still perky, despite recent falls, I would expect even better next time.

Frontera shareholders you have been raped – "discussions with majors" exposed as meaningless MOU

Published 175 days ago

Oh dear. Oh dear.  With the disgraced and widely reviled dirty tricks specialist Tim Thompson running its PR Frontera (FRR) was always going to play fast and loose with the rules of the AIM casino as it tried to ramp its shares ahead of yet another bailout placing. Today it announces a MOU which is really nothing of the sort and exposes this promote for the crock of shit that it is. Even the dullards on the LSE Asylum must now start to realise that they have been had.

BP - a buy for income

Published 181 days ago

Shares in BP (BP.) approached 600p as summer dawned and again earlier this month. They’ve been hit in the recent sell-off though, despite - already offering a hefty dividend - the second quarter results having emphasised “momentum and the strength of our financial frame… we are increasing our dividend for the first time in almost four years. This reflects not just our commitment to growing distributions to shareholders but our confidence in the future”

In a Scary Market, Protecting Yourself and Grabbing the Opportunities Hold Equal Sway. Here's How I'm Playing It.

Published 192 days ago

Hello, Share Scrapers. Who among us isn't a bit spooked by issues affecting the global economy? But what should we do to protect ourselves - and make the most of any opportunities? Well, after doing the research and basing predictions on it, this is what I think.

Back From Russia to Check the Cat - and Find All Is Tickety Boo in Shareland

Published 208 days ago

Hello, Share Comrades. Having only just arrived home from my Northern offensive of Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Russia, I haven't time to research an individual share for you to consider. So allow me to explain instead that once again the quantum physics of Schrodinger's Cat has worked in my favour.

Shares Have Taken a Tumble, but Here's Why There Could Be a Big Bounce Back.

Published 227 days ago

Hello Share Carpeters. The Footsie led a disappointing dance downwards last week. But will the slide continue? I don’t think so. There is still a lot of unjustified fear over Brexit. There is still overdone anxiety over trade wars. And while the City is worried stiff over these issues, the bulls among us are cheerfully listing the market’s plus points.

Oil in Oil BP, the Gushing Profit-Grower, Looks Set to Slither Ahead

Published 257 days ago

Hello, Share Seekers. Having just filled my tank at huge cost, I rather think that the BP (BP.) balance sheet is having a jolly old time. The price of Brent Crude has been dithering lately, due to a surfeit of the black stuff in America. And yet the price at the pumps has soared.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: In praise of Ed Croft, Martin Sorrell's hookers on expenses, & John Meyer must man up and take responsibility

Published 314 days ago

I start by praising Ed Croft who despite all that I have said about him has donated £30 to my charity walk for Woodlarks. To those 90% of you listening who I have not insulted at all surely you can spare a tenner. We have now raised £6,263.16 (before gift aid), surely you can donate £10 HERE. Then I look at Martin Sorrell (ex WPP) and the hookers on expenses, Lord Browne of BP and the rent boy on expenses and natch I mention someone who put a sex toy and batteries and lots of lingerie on her expenses. Their crime is nothing to do with sex it is theft and I discuss that. Then it is onto Connect (CNCT) where I ponder its banking covenants and to Haydale Graphene (HAYD) where I wonder if the cash position is enough. Finally I explain to another J Meyer ( this time John not Julie, no relation) of SP Angel why the MySquar (MYSQ) fraud is HIS responsibility and what he needs to do ASAP

Have You Seen the Price at the Pumps? A Rosy Outlook for Shell and BP

Published 314 days ago

Hello Share Trackers. I’ve heard on Radio Four just now that petrol stations are being urged to cut prices by two pence a litre. According to the BBC, this is because the price of Brent Crude has fallen. Talk about an exaggeration! The price has only dropped a few points after skyrocketing in the last six months.

Why that Bubbling Oil Price Makes Both Big and Small Producers Even more Attractive

Published 342 days ago

Hello Share Scrollers. I think I recall saying way back in 2017 that the oil price could soar to reach $80 a barrel in the Spring. And we’re only a dollar away from that forecast now. Of course, I did not know that troubles in the Middle East would get so horribly worse.

Time to think about banking a 1,100% profit on Serica Energy

Published 345 days ago

Serica Energy (SQZ) has been one of my best performing share tips ever, but following recent developments now would seem to be a good time to bank some profit, if you haven’t already done so.

Tip of the year update: John Wood Group

Published 346 days ago

Did you see Friday's AGM trading update from oil services company John Wood Group (WG.)?  Obviously I was all over it like a rash given it was one of my two tips of the year in late December and - as I noted here - a couple of months ago or so, it had a slightly sluggish start.  The better news is that after Friday's move the stock is now back to where it started the year - and I think we go higher from here.  

The Rise and Rise of BP Makes Buying More Shares Tempting, Don't You Think, Gang?

Published 354 days ago

Hello, Share Screamers. What do you do when you learn a company has driven up its profits by 71% since last time? You consider buying the shares, of course. You might climb down after studying the numbers, but in the case of BP (BP.) I don’t think you’ll find much to worry about.

Soaring Oil Price Could Mean Big British Oil Shares are Now Undervalued

Published 377 days ago

Hello, Share Cakers. As troubles in the Middle East mount, it’s natural that oil prices will rise. And as I write, the cost of Brent crude has hit a new high. Not a record of course, as the price was once twice what it is now.

Will Oil Shares Continue to Skid as the Price of Brent Crude Gushes? Well, Not Really!

Published 392 days ago

Hello, Share Dazzlers. With all the hoo-hah about trade wars, world debt and high PE’s, one positive signal is creeping up on the rails. I refer to the galloping price of oil. Brent Crude is breaking recent records. As I write, Brent is nearly $71 a barrel. Last July I recall, it was around $40.

Most Shares Fall with the Thermometer, So Buy Stocks that Rise as the Snow Falls

Published 417 days ago

Hello Share Shiverers. At the risk of over-simplifying matters, it’s time to winkle out companies who’ll benefit from the icy weather. Some of the choices are obvious, but that’s no reason not to remind you of a few opportunities. And you’ll be surprised how very temporary events - like the current cold snap - can influence share prices. Though the effect is usually confined to a week at the most.

Buy the dips on Cairn Energy

Published 428 days ago

Cairn Energy (CNE) is one of a number of oil producers which look to be unloved by the market currently, but I would expect that to change in the future. In recent years the company has had impressive amounts of reserves on its book, but has now moved to the stage where it is producing from several of those fields, and with more to come in the near future.

Market “crashing”: a few thoughts and 30 interesting yields for dividend munchers

Published 433 days ago

Warren Buffett always tells us that his intended investment holding period is forever, that he buys stocks he would be happy to hold if the market closed down for five years. I guess, then, if you’re  Warren Buffett then the market travails of the last few days won’t bother you. If you’re not Mr Buffett I offer a few thoughts.

BP Isn't the Fastest Share Alive, But Its Steady Plod Upwards Should Resume Soon

Published 438 days ago

Hello, Share Seekers. I have a bigger holding than is safe with BP (BP.), but I don't think I’m going to sell any for some time. Which is a bit of a silly statement to make as, just like any other company, the story could change at any time. But BP has ridden out the storm of compensation. And though the fight isn’t over yet, I think share shifters like us need not worry too much. This is a huge company which can absorb most shocks.

There May Still Be Time to Take Advantage of that Soaraway Oil Price

Published 452 days ago

Hello, Share Trekkies. The oil price still forges ahead. It’s around $71 for a barrel of Brent crude. And yet the big oil companies are not really reflecting the boom. However, they’ll probably catch up soon.

Choose the Right Sector, Hector and Your Shares Should Soar in 2018

Published 458 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. We’re still in a bull phase. And as I’ve argued recently, we could stay in this happy state for most of this year. But even when most sectors are rising, there are some that won’t fare so well. Here then is my idea of sectors which might scintillate and others that may fail.

Though the Oil Price Spurts, Shell and BP Aren't Keeping Pace. A Buying Opportunity, Mayhap?

Published 474 days ago

Hello Share Twangers. After a phoney war start, this winter is turning out to be quite chilly. Most of us saw snow over the Christmas period and though things have warmed up a bit now, there’s still an icy wind blowing. And it's even colder in many parts of the world, including the USA which is seeing temperatures plunge to record lows. Europe has also been unnaturally cold. All this has the effect of using up oil reserves.

Deal with BP is exactly what Serica investors had been hoping for - BUY

Published 515 days ago

Given that I have closely followed the Serica Energy (SQZ) story here closely over the last few years, and in light of the news this week, I felt that I should give my current thoughts on it.

Rising Cost of Crude Oils the Runners of the Santa Rally Sleigh

Published 519 days ago

Hello, Share Pingers. This kind of prediction can be doomed to failure, but I rather think the Santa Rally will kick in, at last, this week. There has been a slight retrench due to a faltering oil price. But at the end of last week, the cost of Brent crude had risen again - to $62.72 a barrel.

Why You Can't Ignore the Magnificent Maths of Penny Shares.

Published 528 days ago

Hello, Share Purloiners. Some of you’ve been kind enough to thank me for penny share selections which have shot ahead this year. Like IQE (IQE) Creightons (CRL) and Communisis (CMS). This weekend, I thought I should explain why Penny shares can reward so well, if only because the maths is so enticing.

Headwinds of Debt, Inflation, Over-Valuations et al Could Be Cancelled Out by this Big Factor.

Published 535 days ago

Hello, Share Smashers. At the mo, there are some nasty threats to our shares prices. High consumer, corporate and national debt. Comparatively high PE ratios. Over-cooked company valuations, low wages, higher inflation and a bull market, past its sell-by date. But all those perils can be offset by the following massive factor…

BP Is Gushing - But the Rising Oil Price Should Push the Shares Up Even Higher

Published 538 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. It’s not long ago that I commended BP (BP.) to you. And it’s been rising ever since. The quarterly results are out and show the tip was justified. Normally, shares dip even on good news on reporting days, but for BP the shares rose again.

Two Big Oilers You Thought Would Skid May Now Gush

Published 550 days ago

Hello, Share Scoopers. Sometimes, gang, it makes sense to include advice from a different source when bringing shares before you for a possible punt. Especially when the other analysts agree with me. The boys and girls at Barclays have repeated an ‘overweight’ commendation for two big oil giants, and I’m glad to say I have chunky holdings in both of them.

Four Little Belters You May Want to Buy Before the Santa Rally

Published 564 days ago

Hello Share Pals. The Footsie is creeping awfully near its all-time high and the Santa Rally is still to come yet. So I thought it might be a jolly wheeze to mention four more shares in my current bag which I have the highest hopes for. And here they are.

Serica Energy is on the verge of restarting production - worth a nibble?

Published 575 days ago

When it comes to the AIM resources sector, any sort of delay or news which is perceived to be negative can have a negative effect on the share price which is far from justified. Of course there is a lot of junk on the market and when bad news comes and it inevitably crashes, it is of no real surprise, but there are other companies where a temporary hit to the share price can present a great buying opportunity.

Why You Should Maybe Hang Onto Your Oil Shares, After All.

Published 577 days ago

Hello, Share Collectors. Many of us, I know, are still awash in oil stocks, both the producers and riskier explorers. I’ve been advising that we cut down, as the competition from wind, sun, waves and biomass, threatens to grow. But I think I may have been too hard on ebony nectar and here are a few reasons why.

A man loses half a million quid on shares now wants to bet his last £280,000 on 1 stock to double or treble

Published 602 days ago

I got an email this morning from a man who I shall not name, for obvious reasons. It is heart breaking material. So here is his email and my reply.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Special - the culture of corporate lying as I say GOTCHA to Telit

Published 618 days ago

Following today's bombshell there can be no doubt that Telit Communications (TCM) is toast. Companies that lie and deceive so industrially in the way I demonstrated earlier HERE will always end in tears.  In this podcast I look at the culture of corporate lying and wrongdoing and what it means for you as an investor. I look at rent boys at BP then at Quindell (QPP), Globo (GBO) and of course, in the main, at Telit

Columbus Energy - we tip this a 3rd time - a buy worth 3.5p

Published 653 days ago

We tipped these shares a couple of weeks ago for a third time. The shares are now 2.7p in the middle and so even at the bid we are up on this one. But our target to sell at 3.5p+ so there is more to go for. Our original share tip reads:

That Old Question, BP or Not BP, Could Now Be Answered with a Yes

Published 657 days ago

Hello Share Swiggers. I had a lot of money invested in BP (BP.)  shares and was happy as a pig in muck with a galloping share price and juicy dividends. But that was before the big leak in the Gulf of Mexico, followed by a crash in the oil price.

LGO becomes Columbus Energy but is new boss Leo Koot the champion corporate wankspeak talker?

Published 677 days ago

This evening new LEGO Energy (LGO) boss Leo Koot will host an analysts briefing in the City on the day the company changed its name to Columbus Energy (CERP). The company has upgraded its FD and a statement issued is exceedingly upbeat. For that, as a loyal shareholder, I am glad. But the statement also contains aboslute A grade corporate gibberish/bullshit. Who is responsible for what follows? Please do not say it is Leo.

4 Reasons why we have increased our target price for LGO Energy

Published 689 days ago

Shares in LGO Energy (LGO) have started to tick higher and closed last night at 2.5p mid - well up on our 1.8p offer price share tip of just over three weeks ago. Four things are happening and we are increasing our target price to sell from 2.7p to 3p and even that may have to be increased again. So whaat are the 4 reasons?

Should We Sell Oilers as Short-Sighted OPEC Makes Our Holdings Skid?

Published 696 days ago

Hello Share Smashers. OPEC, the cartel of 12 big oil producers led by Saudi Arabia, has let us down.

All Eyes On OPEC. Will It Come Up with Goods or Will our Oil Shares Slide Down a Greasy Pole?

Published 700 days ago

One of the most fascinating scenes I’ve seen for some time is the sight of Big Donald jigging around with some sort of weird entertainment put on by the Saudi’s for the President's visit. It almost made me forget the big benefit of this amiable state visit on share shifters like us. And that of course is that the President’s friendly reception sent the oil price up.

Here's What You Might Do, as the Price of Ebony Nectar Wobbles Down

Published 717 days ago

Hello Share Grinders. Unusually for me, I’m a little pessimistic this weekend. And the cause - a very weak oil price. This is a big disappointment, as the signs a few months ago were that the price of the ebony nectar was on the rise.

A Few Jolly Good Reasons to Return to BP

Published 736 days ago

Hello Share Rattlers. On checking the number of BP shares I hold, I was rather shocked. It’s one of those shares I’ve been gradually building up, whenever I find myself with a bit of share cash and no clear company currently worthy of investment.

Oil Shares and that Tomahawk Strike

Published 745 days ago

Hello Share Chirpers. Once again, hostilities threaten the world. The Americans have launched a missile strike on a Syrian airfield. The Russians and the Iranians don’t like it. The Middle East is in even more turmoil.

Four Whiz Bang Shares I'm Topping Up to Benefit from my ISA Allowance

Published 767 days ago

Hello Share Thumpers. I’ve been spending a lot on shares in recent days. The reason is that I’ve not topped up my ISA and, as the financial year is fast disappearing towards a new horizon, I have been selling a few turkeys in my ordinary trading accounts to fund my tax-protected ISA.

BP or Not BP? That is Exxon's Question. Meanwhile, I'm in a Quandary

Published 771 days ago

Hello Share Shakers. A bit of a dilemma faces me. I have some BP (BP.) shares in my ordinary trading account. I want to switch them to my ISA. When I do that, there’ll be an interim few days when I no longer hold the stock. For BP at the moment, this is a bit dangerous.

As Inflation Rises, Here Are the Shares to Avoid and Those to Buy

Published 797 days ago

Hello Share Toppers. Allow me to take a tiny break from recommending stocks which could soar to another figure which is on the increase. And that’s inflation, which has risen for the fourth month in a row. How will this trend affect our shares?

Want a Spanking Dividend? Here's the Choice

Published 804 days ago

Hello Share Poppers. I am doing rather well financially at the mo. And it’s my guess you are, too. So let’s stop moaning and try to enjoy life a bit more. I’ve pushed across some of the spare dough with my brokers into my current account as I intend to spend a little more on myself.

Profits Down, But Prospects Up as Rising Oil Price Should Benefit Shell

Published 809 days ago

Hello Share Pagers. The results of Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) were not too clever. Profits down by another 37% on last time. But remember how lousy the price of Brent Crude is at the moment.

Serica remains a buy despite recent strong gains

Published 828 days ago

Usually when shares in a small AIM company has risen by nearly 300% from the level where I recommended it as a buy, I would be advising to take your profits before the almost inevitable retrace that so many suffer from.

Oil's Well that Ends Well - Stand By for A Rising Price

Published 959 days ago

Hello Share Scuffers. As I write the price of Brent crude is $47.62 dollars a barrel. That is lower than recent days when the price crawled back above $50. However, the trend is up and after reaching a nadir of $38 dollars a year or so ago, well the current oil price is a lot better now than it was.

Metering May Be Boring - But There's an Electrifying Market Out There for SMS

Published 978 days ago

Hello Share Pitchers. Some interesting plays can be in the field of new technology which tends to take a back seat. I’m not talking about high profile improvements in mobile phones and computers, but the grey areas, like helping firms do their admin work, such as billing, more efficiently. A company which really has a big market to go at here is Smart Metering Systems (SMS). It owns and supplies new-fangled, money-saving electricity and gas meters. A million of them, to be exact.

As Brent Crude Rallies, It Could Be Time to Grease Your Portfolio with More Oilers

Published 979 days ago

Hello Share Swiggers. If you have shares in producing oil firms you might want to consider hanging onto them. And if you have spare cash you might research a few likely companies with a view to a bit more investment. The reason is that the price of Brent crude oil is going up again. It is tickling $50 a barrel as I write. It was there a few months ago when the price level caused some excitement. Quite a few oil companies nudged up on the news, including Shell (RDSA) and BP (BP.).

Lloyds Boss Antonio Horta-Osorio: it is not about illicit sex it is about money

Published 981 days ago

Lloyds Bank (LLOY) boss Antonio Horta-Osorio stands accused of having illicit relations with Dr Wendy Platt, Director General of the Russell Group of Universities, whilst at a conference in Singapore. Moralists howl for his sacking for playing away with Dr Wendy. They have it all wrong.

Serica Energy should be back in production soon

Published 1013 days ago

I am often left struggling to find smaller oil companies that actually look a good investment, as opposed to just a gamble on a single big drill, or where all of the potential future value is in the ground with no actual plan or finance in place to get it out!

Oil Together Now - as We Roll Out the $50 Barrel of Fun.

Published 1061 days ago

Hello Share Changers. What gave me the arrogance to say that the oil price would rally quite nicely this year was experience. Though I am no longer an energetic young trader, I have been plying our golden game since I first dated Bodicea. So I know that when the price of a commodity falls, it always bounces back. Always. So the recovery of oil was never the world’s greatest prediction.

To Be Crude, Oil Looks Perkier, which Is Why I Stick with High Dividend BP

Published 1063 days ago

Hello Share Chippers. I rate my large number of oil stocks in the same bracket I consider banks - a real solid gold let down. As I mainly invested in oil and banks because I once thought the sectors were relatively safe, I am even more disappointed. Banks of course have been a drain on our pockets ever since the big crunch of 2007. Whereas oil has only recently taken a nasty dive.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 15 April - In poor Phorm after lunch with Lucian

Published 1102 days ago

I woke up last night panicking that after staggering home from a boozy lunch with Lucian I had written a drunken piece laughing at all sorts of folks after Phorm admitted it was bust but that I had just written it becuase I felt like it not because it was true. Imagine my relief to discover that it was in fact true and with hindsight I think I write jolly well when drunk. Perhaps we should have a writing contest myself & Paul Scott both drunk vs two boring sober bastards. I digress. I look at BP and executive pay and unable to resist poking some fun at the ghastly Nicola Horlick and dreadful Channel 4 News. I look at 21st Century Technology ( C21), Gulf Keystone (GKP), Strat Aero (AERO), Grand Group (GIPO)) and 88 Energy (88E) where Lucian is short. In a sort of flashback I recall our discussion yesterday on 88 and recount it. 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 10 April - hang FTSE fat cats from BP & elsewhere up with piano wire

Published 1107 days ago

FTSE 100 fat cats are in the news. They should be strung up with piano wire. I say this as a capitalist my father, a deluded lefty, nods in agreement in the background as I record. I should record that the old lefty was a managerial fat cat this morning as I dug his garden as an exploited worker. Referencing BP in particular I explain who is failing us and why it cannot go on like this.

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week (9/16) Contest - Ascent Resources board the place to look

Published 1114 days ago

Ascent (AST) admitted to a bid approach on Thursday and we own the shares (pro tem). I really do not wish to discourage morons from ramping this to high heaven but feel obliged to point out that those who could make us better off are, in fact, morons (HERE). Do you understand what I am saying? All I suggest is that Ascent boards will be happy hunting grounds if you wish to nominate for this Bulletin Board Moron contest. For instance, with the shares at 1.05p having doubled on Thursday, can you beat this tweet?

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 31 March - Gable, Asian Citrus & LGO - going down the pan edition

Published 1118 days ago

A short bearcast as I am set to fly back to the UK soon. Shame, shame. I start with earnings visibility looking at Gable (GAH) and Asian Citrus (ACHL). One is a shite investment the other is going down the pan completely. Then it is onto LGO Energy (LGO) which, with the curse of Lenigas, is in the latter category. I explain why BP rumours are just bollocks.

Bulletin Board Moron OR Project Fear anti Brexit lunatic contest of the week - can you beat rentboy loving Lord Browne?

Published 1121 days ago

Let's widen the scope of the Bulletin Board Moron of the week contest this time to include the most ludicrous claims made by those in Project Fear, the campaign against Brexit. Yesterday Lord Browne of BP infamy claimed that leaving the EU meant that we might see another Auschwitz (see HERE) - can you trump that for scaremongering? Or do you just want to settle for nominating a common or garden Bulletin Board Moron who did not stiff shareholders with a bill for his rentboy? Whatever..please post all entries in the comments section below. Last week's contest...

Even the Oil Price has to Bottom Out One Day - While BP Still Pays its Monster Divi.

Published 1161 days ago

Hello Share Shafters. I keep stressing, to the point of boredom I expect, that these days, it’s best to choose companies which pay richer dividends. We cannot rely on share prices rising, but even in the choppiest waters, some firms manage to award a decent divi two to four times a year.

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: BP is an investment LGO is a crap gambling chip

Published 1164 days ago

LGO Energy (LGO) owning lunatic Wildes responds to yesterday's damning indictment of the David Lenigas created value destroying machine by saying that it was all down to the oil price and BP (BP.) was no better. In this podcasts I give the hard facts that show that Wildes is just wrong and explain why BP is an investment and is good news for all concerned while LGO is just a crap gambling chip which gains no-one other than the man exposed HERE, Jabba The Hutt.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 2 Feb - why we are buying BP today at 335p

Published 1175 days ago

I have won £5 from Shipston's Buffett for tracking down a long lost cousin to whom he has not spoken in 50 years. That is my main achievment today. I shall comment on InternetQ (INTQ) and MX Oil (MXO) elsewhere. I start with a look at BP (BP.) and explain why we have bought the shares today. Then I look at Corero (CNS) in detail and at Condor Gold (CNR), Nighthawk (HAWK), Petroceltic (PCI), Mosman (MSMN) and Aureus (AUE) before a detailed look at the dog Blur (BLUR).

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 31 January - Is it time to buy oil shares aggressively?

Published 1178 days ago

The weekend press is full of stories of doom and gloom and dividend cuts for BP (BP.) and Shell and clearly there are a stack of smaller companies that are totally screwed and where shareholders are likely to face total wipeout. In that vein I discuss Magnolia (MAGP), Igas (IGAS), Gulf Keystone (GKP), XCite (XEL) and, of course, LGO Energy (TOAST).  But is there a case for buying oil shares as a long term invester. I look at a few cases from BP down to Union Jack Oil (UJO). Perhaps there is no rush but the time will come.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 5 December - Six oil stocks heading to zero (and there are more) post OPEC

Published 1234 days ago

In this podcast I discuss OPEC and the oil price. I think you should have some oil exposure via BP (BP.A) and I am intyerested in a couple of gas plays, notably Ascent (AST). But I remain uber bearish on oil juniors as I have been (correctly) for four years. Among those heading for zero which I discuss are Gulf Keystone (GKP), Xcite Energy (XEL), IGAS (IGAS), Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN), Northern Petroleum (NOP) and LGO Energy (LGO). And there are others take may not hit zero within a year but which still face share price decimation such as Solo (SOLO) and the Horse Shite/ Horse Hill Gatwick Gusher plays.

Malcolm Launches Wonderful and Brilliant New Investment Fund

Published 1239 days ago

Hello Share Trudgers. Having met some successful fund managers at the fabled Gold & Bears show, I’ve decided to start my own investment fund. After all, they just seem like ordinary blokes and lasses to me.nBut my venture will be based on an almost sure recipe for big money success. While its risks will be almost non existent.

Notes from Underground - Happy Samhainn

Published 1269 days ago

As we celebrate the Celtic New Year, ShareProphets asks the old gods to bestow a special blessing upon Globo, who allowed ShareProphets to have a record-breaking week. Manannán mac Lir is probably none too happy about being asked to give a thumbs up to a big fraud like Globo, but I imagine that work is hard to come by as a Celtic deity these days.

BP's dividend maintenance dance - one to add to the pension

Published 1274 days ago

The global mega cap energy sector reporting period kicked off today with BP (BP/) reporting 'underlying profit of US$1.8bn for the third quarter of 2015, up US$500m on the previous quarter, along with plans to rebalance its financial framework and grow value long term'.   Well that sounds like something for everyone then: profits sequentially up and more than a hint or two about the importance of remunerating it shareholders. 

Market abuser Chris Oil: Watch out BP and Shell - Sefton's coming for you

Published 1275 days ago

The man who claims that his family discovered the North Sea, who modestly describes himself as Britain's Buffett, the market abuser Chris Oil has today issued a stark warning to BP and Shell - their position is under threat...from Sefton Resources (SER) - net cash £300,000, no assets and set to be booted off AIM in less than a month. Well you heard it here first. Did his PR genius Steffi sign off on this tweet:

Let’s Get Ethical. You Know It’s the Only Moral Thing to Do.

Published 1278 days ago

Hello Share Chumeroonis. Wasn’t that another marvellous victory for the grumpy crusader? Uncle Tom did really well (again) by fending off a court case threatened by another aggrieved businessman?

The Ebony Nectar Rides Again. Recent Share Rallies Point to More.

Published 1291 days ago

In my humble opinion - and I know this will bring a deluge of detractions - oil prices will now recover. And with this happy circumstance, of course, so will the very depressed share prices of some of our old favourites.

Serica Energy looks comparatively cheap

Published 1322 days ago

Looking around at the AIM oil and gas shares there are plenty that still appear overvalued in light of the recent oil price crash. But there are a handful that stand out as looking cheap and offering value, and I believe that Serica Energy (SQZ) falls into this bracket.

Top 5 FTSE100 Dividend Payers, which closed within 1% of a 52 week low

Published 1331 days ago

Following yesterday's table of the top dividend payers among resource stocks in the FTSE100, below are the top five dividend paying shares whose share prices closed within 1% of a 52-week low on Friday. Qualifying stocks have a yield of >5%.

The best top dividend payers in mining and oil & gas

Published 1332 days ago

The recent pullback in stocks has created some attractive fundamental plays among the largest resource stocks. Although commodity prices remain in the doldrums and the medium term outlook is bearish, share prices of the stocks below make the expected dividend yields look extremely generous.

Amec Foster Wheeler looks set for recovery

Published 1333 days ago

Amec Foster Wheeler (AMFW) has seen its share price hammered in recent months, but that could present a good buying opportunity. AMEC (as it was formerly known) took over Foster Wheeler in November 2014 to form the new combined entity, and at the time the new shares were trading around the 1100p area, but since then it has had lots of ups and downs and has failed to regain those highs.

Steve Brown argues why 2014 was not 1985, so 2015 will not be 1986 ref. the oil price

Published 1337 days ago

Back in February 2015, Bob Dudley, BP's CEO, said in a Bloomberg TV interview that the fundamental supply and demand picture reminded him of 1986, and he feared we could go into a period of lower oil prices perhaps staying in a range below $60/bbl for as long as three years. He added "It will be a long time before we see $100/bbl again."

If Not For You, LTO & SAGD, We'd Be Sad and Blue

Published 1342 days ago

Last week I spotted a very interesting chart that Gregor MacDonald tweeted which showed world oil production over recent years excluding the USA. The chart was pretty flat and that got me wondering about the extent to which the world has come to depend upon Light Tight Oil in the USA and, for that matter, Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage projects in Canada.

My hot oil shares tip – avoid the sector like the plague

Published 1342 days ago

I see that Gary Newman was tipping MX Oil (MXO) here yesterday. I admit that he knows far more about the company than I do. But I just think he is wrong. The problem is not the MX but the oil. This sector should be avoided like the plague.

Three Share Trading Dilemmas for the Long Hot Summer of Share Stagnation.

Published 1345 days ago

There are quite a few share dilemmas to be resolved as the long hot summer of not very much happening draws on. The first is what do we do about oil shares. I certainly am not going to invest any money in those companies, which put all their hopes on finding more of the black stuff. I’ve been let down too often.

The North Sea isn't dead, it is just resting, says Steve Brown

Published 1349 days ago

I wrote before about my calculations of the breakeven point for some recent and some upcoming North Sea projects, but time marches on and cost estimates and reserve estimates change so I thought it worth updating the picture.

The Footsie Versus Penny Shares? - Sit on the Fence.

Published 1358 days ago

Hello Share Sloggers. There’s a lot to be said gang for only investing in Footsie giants. Or at least companies which are big, rock solid and constant cash earners.

Buy Oilers as Low Amber Nectar Prices Can’t Last Long.

Published 1369 days ago

Hello Share Cats. Nobody talks about oil shares much anymore. It seems the low price of crude has taken its toll on those of us who have invested big time in oil companies, both big and small.

What's all this appraisal business then?

Published 1456 days ago

Everyone knows the oil and gas value chain, I have drawn it for countless investor and strategy presentations, from my days in short trousers in BP's Corporate Planning Department to yet another roadshow presentation for investors. Here is one I had prepared earlier, no need to draw the picture yet again.

I've Been Feeling a Bit of a Fraud – ref BG Group.

Published 1475 days ago

Hello Share Chippers. For the last few months, I've felt a bit of a fraud. I've been telling you about some companies I thought were good investments. Some have gone onto to new all-time highs. Inmarsat (ISAT). Legal and General (LGEN) Compass (CPG) Arm Holdings (ARM) have all done really well.

Don't Worry Gang, Oil Will Be Well.

Published 1482 days ago

Hello share sharpers. I don't think I will be alone in saying that my share portfolio has been decimated by the falling oil price. This is because the Footsie is dominated by big oil shares – BP (BP.) BG (BG.) Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) et al.

Time for Another Sip of the Panic-Ravaged Ebony Nectar - BP

Published 1533 days ago

Hello Share Munchers. If you look at any old graph in Shareland, you will see that sudden massive dips are almost always followed by a recovery.

Royal Dutch Shell - a hard one to read at this stage.

Published 1537 days ago

We have now had the 2014 prelims for both BP (BP.A) and Shell (RDSA) which gives us the opportunity to do a bit of comparing and contrasting of these two giant, integrated, international oil and gas businesses. Basically and very simply, they have much in common as investments at this time.

Why Diageo and Wetherspoon Might be Right for Your Portfolio – Despite what Tom Thinks.

Published 1538 days ago

Hello Share Changers. My recent support for a couple of big British firms has been criticised by Uncle Tom this week

Buy BP at 448p

Published 1539 days ago

The New Year’s rapid increase in the BP (BP.) share price has been testimony to some old market truths; buy for book value and buy when the last man has heard the bad news.

Andrew Monk of VSA Resources final tip of the year and on Travel Operators, Agri Investment and back to oil

Published 1564 days ago

OK so today I’ll give you my thoughts on other areas – so Airlines and Tour Operators, which Are my hobby sectors, and also a little bit on Energy as that is also an area we are looking to get more involved in and Agri 

Oil Collapse Leads to Market Plunge

Published 1566 days ago

It’s not been a pretty period for the oil price. On Monday (Monday 5 January) ICE Brent Crude Oil fell by a whopping 5.95% to just over 53 dollars a barrel. On Tuesday (Tuesday 6 January) it was down a further 1.05% to 52.50 dollars a barrel. The slide continued yesterday.

Tom Winnifrith's Bearcast - 6 January

Published 1568 days ago

Why am I in a good mood? The promise of dinner with Ms Argyle next week perhaps? I do not know but it all flowed out today in this podcast. So on the agenda: BP, Tern (target price 2p because I am a generous nice guy - but don't let on as I have a reputation to protect), Asia Resource, Nanoco, LGO Energy and oil stocks again.

Robert Sutherland Smith’s share tips of the year 2015 No 2 – Buy Rolls Royce

Published 1574 days ago

My second choice for the traditional Christmas share consideration and selection game has the following merits. It is a share that has performed well over the long term but having underperformed the market this year. It looks attractive on a technical interpretation of the share price chart and is well supported by fundamentals on low estimated measures of value. It is of course, Rolls Royce (RR.) which I last visited in October when the shares were 800p and looking, I thought, particularly bombed out. 

Robert Sutherland Smith’s shares tips for 2015, No 1 – BP at 416p

Published 1576 days ago

I tipped BP (BP.) last year at 484p on the basis that the shares looked good value and without the foresight of knowing that the price of crude oil would fall so far and so fast, particularly given the recovery of the US economy and the eternal problems of the Middle East. Not a good call in hindsight. 

Gloom Lifts as FTSE 100 Has Record Performance!

Published 1584 days ago

Shares can be a real rollercoaster ride. ‘Mr Market’ can perform such gyrations for no logical reason, but this can still have a serious effect on our wealth. This week £62 billion was added to the value of the FTSE 100, as the index enjoyed its best week in three years.

Try BT, and BP - Or Keep Your Christmas Cash Till January 15th.

Published 1587 days ago

Hello Share Moochers. There's little guidance I can offer at the moment in the great game of share dealing

Why the Time Might Be Ripe to Bite Into Oily Giants like BP and Shell

Published 1588 days ago

Hello Share Pushers. I know for a fact that you are probably stuck with a load of oil shares. I know I am. Like banks in the olden days, we were under the illusion that we are safe with oil. This was for one overriding reason – that so many things depend on it.

Market Meltdown Throws Up Massive Bargains

Published 1592 days ago

I’ve already mentioned how the FTSE dropped a whopping 2.49% on Friday. I’ll be directly honest with you now, it was quite painful to watch. Sometimes owning shares is like living in a surreal dream, sometimes it’s like experiencing a nightmare. It’s hard to comprehend how you can be worth so much less at the end of the day... for doing nothing.

Oil Prices Can’t Remain This Low Forever!

Published 1592 days ago

It’s been a shocking week for the FTSE and oil shares. The FTSE was down 2.49% on Friday alone. BP (BP.) has taken a battering too, with a fall of 3.3% and a fall of 6.1% over the previous four days. For some share writers, this might be a quirky thing to write about. But for me I actually put quite a lot of my own money into BP, so it’s more serious and real. However I certainly will not be selling any BP shares, and here’s the main reason why.

BP Loses Supreme Court Appeal. What now for the Oil Giant?

Published 1595 days ago

The US Supreme Court has piled more misery on BP (BP.) by rejecting its legal challenge to the compensation package over the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

GlaxoSmithKline Fails to Sell Its Established Products Portfolio. What does this say about the Shares?

Published 1595 days ago

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has recently announced that it has failed to sell its established products portfolio. This is basically a bunch of North American and European drugs that have recently lost their patent protection.

Hang onto Fastnet Oil and Gas

Published 1600 days ago

Today I take a look at one of the tips that has not gone so well to say the least. With the crude oil price cratering, so too has the share price of Fastnet (FAST), but it did not shed the majority on the back of the oil fall. Instead it decided to tank on the back of a comment by Chairman Cathal Friel to the press where he said that a return of cash and move into the medical sector could happen because of the oil price. The share price slumped 40% on that announcement which is an over-reaction and here is why. 

How A ‘Warren Buffet Attitude’ Will Make you into a Better Investor

Published 1606 days ago

It was nice to see the stockmarket rally somewhat towards the end of the day on Friday. It made me think a lot of what I do now is just save up money to buy more shares. I was tempted to buy some more BP (BP.) shares when they fell to around 409p, and by the end of the day I felt that I have enough to purchase some more of any type of shares. Now obviously I am not Warren Buffet, but I think I try to emulate some of his characteristics  - at least more than most people of my age. Let’s look through some of them.

Invest in Shares and Experience Living in a Surreal Dream

Published 1612 days ago

I’m writing this article mainly for people who haven’t invested in shares yet, or those who haven’t put much of their wealth into equities. This year has been quite a buying spree for me... as of now over two thirds of my total worth is in shares, and around 75% of my quickly accessible wealth.

FTSE-100 leadership is shifting to Billiton and BP

Published 1634 days ago

As regular readers of my financial research output will attest I am not a skilled technical analyst but the current level of the FTSE-100 index strikes me as interesting.  The reason why is sourced in an article I published on this site a couple of months ago where I noted that back then the UK’s leading index was kicking around that 6,800 level.  Now I know one correspondent found it to be ‘pointless’ but in the interim selling a few FTSE-100 futures short (as I did) was a sensible way to help protect the value of your portfolio over the last month or two. 

BP Results Better Than Expected

Published 1636 days ago

BP (BP.) posted results which exceeded expectations yesterday. At the time of writing, the share price has been boosted to 440.1p. It wasn’t long ago that the shares dipped below 410p.

Presenting A Brace of Alternatives Till Shares Pick Up Again.

Published 1657 days ago

Hello Share Shovers. There are alternatives to the old-fashioned trading of shares when it comes to making a bit of money. Some of these ways become a bit more enticing when the old stock markets are a bit soft, as they are now.

Investing is a Life Long Pursuit – ref GlaxoSmithKline and BP

Published 1657 days ago

The FTSE took quite a hit yesterday. It closed down by 1.04% at 6495.58. Yet there is good news- I believe there are a number of buying opportunities around at the moment! For the long term investor a general market sell off should be viewed as an opportunity not a cause for alarm. So here are two stocks that I am nowlooking to add to thanks to the market wobble.

Practical Tips you can take From One Up on Wall Street Part Four

Published 1666 days ago

Peter Lynch makes an obvious but interesting point about the PE ratio of shares in his classic One Up on Wall Street. “If you buy back shares in a company selling at two times earnings (a p/e of 2), you will earn back your initial investment in two years, but in a company selling at 40 times earnings (a p/e of 40) it would take forty years to accomplish the same thing. Cher might be a great-grandmother by then. With all the low p/e opportunities around, why would anybody buy a stock with a high p/e?”

Oil May Not Be Well In Shareland.

Published 1669 days ago

Hello Share Mates. I’m beginning to regret holding so many shares in the big oil companies – like BP (BP.) Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) BG (BG.) Tullow Oil (TLW) et al

Gallumping Giants Can Be Just as Shaky.

Published 1672 days ago

Just when I thought it was safe to get back into the Tesco  (TSCO) water, another big whammy hits the supermarket chain. The latest is, of course, a massive set-back.

The Practical Process of Buying a Share Part One

Published 1682 days ago

I’ve been buying a lot of shares lately. I’ve bought some every day this week- and in 2012 I only bought once, some BP (BP.) being the selection. I have a plan to get around 80% of my money into shares, possibly 90%. I am close to 80% at the moment, depending on how you define it.

Can Shell Boost Your Portfolio?

Published 1684 days ago

Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) shares are trading at 2530p on a PE of 15.53 and offering a yield of 4.43%. So should you buy, sell or hold shares in the largest company in the FTSE 100?

BP 457p; the law's delay - to say nothing of the insolence of office.

Published 1690 days ago

The more than 5% drop in the share price yesterday of BP (BP) was clear proof that the market was not expecting a US district judge to come to the conclusion that the company had been “grossly negligent” in the Gulf of Mexico. Falling into the hands of the US judicial system, so far as BP is concerned at any rate, has the fantastic aspect that Lewis Carroll brought to Alice in the court of the Red Queen. Can it be real!

There's Oil Still To Play For with BP

Published 1691 days ago

Hello Share Totters. So BP (BP) runs against a US judge who says it has been negligent in that nasty oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. The shares dropped nearly 6% on the news. Great – as I have a big holding in this British set-up! I don't know, the whole Footsie is rising like a lolly pop stick in a cloudburst – and I am still down today because of one American judge.

Hurricane Energy is a strong buy with news imminent

Published 1699 days ago

The referendum on Scottish independence has been causing a fair amount of uncertainty in UK offshore oil and gas companies. Hurricane Energy (HUR) is amongst them and I see the recent dip in the share price as a great opportunity for new investors to get in or for existing ones to add to their holdings before news comes.

British Shares Overvalued? Do Me a Favour.

Published 1700 days ago

Hello Share Pickers: The bears among us outnumber the bulls. Everyone, it seems, expects shares to fall in value. One of the growling grizzlies' most pressing arguments is that American shares are over-valued. Well, so what? Don't buy them. And sell any that you have.

Is BP Worth a Place in Your Portfolio?

Published 1704 days ago

BP (BP.) shares are trading at 481p on a PE ratio just 6.6 and a dividend yield of 4.8%. The quarterly dividend has recently risen by more than 8% to 9.75 cents per share. BP is my largest holding, and the one I have held for one of the longest time. I am not selling.

Sell Genel until the ISIS threat is dealt with

Published 1720 days ago

As a shareholder in Genel (GENL), the oil exploration company run by ex BP boss Tony Haywood with its main asset in the Kurdish region of Iraq I had a rather sleepless night on Sunday.

As Bing Crosby Sang: ‘We're Going Well, We're Going Shell.’

Published 1726 days ago

Hello Share Snafflers: The latest trading update by Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) has well exceeded what City analysts had predicted. Such reports often do these days, as the 'experts' continue to under-estimate the effect of increasing growth on world economies.

Support Big Boys from the Black Stuff

Published 1751 days ago

Hello Share Chompers: I'm awash in oil. Not literally, you understand, but still investing big time in oil companies. I hold far too many shares for my own good.

Be Careful with Private IPO's - It's Your Money They're After.

Published 1757 days ago

Hello Share Fans: I'm a great fan of government-led initial public offerings. This is when a Whitehall set-up like the Royal Mail (RMG) decides to sell shares to the public for the first time. Obviously, the Royal Mail offering was a success. They pitched the price of the shares too low. But wouldn't you, if you wanted to grab some money from the man and woman in the street to shore up the Treasury?

Shares Slide – But Not for Long as Growth Won't be Denied.

Published 1763 days ago

Hello Shares Peekers: I'm beginning to wonder if that old cliché about 'Going away in May and coming back on Leger day' is true, after all. For the last few months, we've been given a few false dawns in the long awaited bid to blast the old record of 6,900 or thereabouts. Now it seems shares are really retreating.

Hurricane Energy AGM Report – a buy at 28p

Published 1764 days ago

Following my article on (HUR) Hurricane Energy, HERE, I hot footed it down to the AGM on Monday Morning in my city and private investor capacity. I was lucky enough to sit near to a BP official I knew. Of course, he told me he was there as a private investor but we had a decent chat about North Sea fields in the West Shetlands and how interesting a development would be in shallow waters in the Greater Lancaster project area. 

Unrest in Iraq and Ukraine Will Affect UK Oil Giants.

Published 1769 days ago

Hello Share Shakers: I am heavily invested in oil companies. This is partly due to laziness. They are fairly easy to research. I check how much they hold in reserve first.

Buy Hurricane Energy at 27.5p

Published 1770 days ago

For my first article on ShareProphets I highlight as a buy Hurricane Energy (HUR) where the upside is massive and risks less than almost any other oil exploration and production company listed on AIM

A Few Good Reasons to Choose BP

Published 1802 days ago

Hello Share Turners: It's always prudent to inspect some of your biggest holdings every few weeks or so to see if the story has changed.


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