Alba Mineral Resources – Horse Hill furthers news flow potential?

Published 34 days ago

Alba Mineral Resources (ALBA) has updated that “we are pleased to see continued stable production reported from the Portland Sandstone and look forward to further updates from the operator as the programme continues” (Alba: 11.765%)…

I've Explained Why Big Oilers are a Sensible Punt, but which Company Seems Best to Me?

Published 71 days ago

Hello Share Scratchers. On the heels of my last piece, in which I commended the fortunes of giant oilers, a few readers have asked me which jumbo firm do I prefer. I suppose the choice for British investors is between Shell (RDSA) and BP (BP.) I have big holdings in both outfits, but I lean towards one of them.

Is the Renewable Energy Brigade Set to Knock Oil Giants Off their Profitable Perches?

Published 73 days ago

Hello Share Riddlers. Many of us still invest in oil giants. This is often because of the juicy dividends they pay, while staying fairly secure as reliable cash earners. I think most of us expect that Brent crude will keep rising in value. Yes, there was a nasty fall a few months ago, but the price is making what appears to be a sustained rally now. It’s the oil price which has brought the main oilers fatter profits lately.

The Big Story of the Week Encourages Me to Think the Next Bear Market is Still Some Way Off

Published 221 days ago

Hello, Share Markers. The big story of the week has not had much publicity. It’s the fact that Brent Crude reached a new high of $80 a barrel. Not an all-time record, of course, as it has traded at $140. But it could reach $100 in my view before it begins to fall again.

Oil in Oil BP, the Gushing Profit-Grower, Looks Set to Slither Ahead

Published 257 days ago

Hello, Share Seekers. Having just filled my tank at huge cost, I rather think that the BP (BP.) balance sheet is having a jolly old time. The price of Brent Crude has been dithering lately, due to a surfeit of the black stuff in America. And yet the price at the pumps has soared.

You Might Want to Follow the Fellow Who Follows Tullow, Again

Published 295 days ago

Hello, Share Sorters. One of the big British oilers whose share price I expect to see escalate, once the penny of rising oil prices finally drops, is Tullow (TLW).

Why I Hope to Get Back All My Fallen Investment in Tullow Oil

Published 337 days ago

Hello Share Strikers. In recent weeks, nay months, I’ve advocated buying shares in the big oilers, like Shell (RDSA) and BP (BP.). I was very lucky here. And I still think there’s some way to go, with the price of Brent Crude once again at the top of the tree.

Will Oil Shares Continue to Skid as the Price of Brent Crude Gushes? Well, Not Really!

Published 392 days ago

Hello, Share Dazzlers. With all the hoo-hah about trade wars, world debt and high PE’s, one positive signal is creeping up on the rails. I refer to the galloping price of oil. Brent Crude is breaking recent records. As I write, Brent is nearly $71 a barrel. Last July I recall, it was around $40.

BP Isn't the Fastest Share Alive, But Its Steady Plod Upwards Should Resume Soon

Published 438 days ago

Hello, Share Seekers. I have a bigger holding than is safe with BP (BP.), but I don't think I’m going to sell any for some time. Which is a bit of a silly statement to make as, just like any other company, the story could change at any time. But BP has ridden out the storm of compensation. And though the fight isn’t over yet, I think share shifters like us need not worry too much. This is a huge company which can absorb most shocks.

This Big Oiler's Slippery Slope Skids into a Buying Chance in the Wake of the Black Recovery

Published 447 days ago

Hello, Share Chillers. We have two reasons the Footsie is flat at the mo. One is the usual January post-Christmas party hang-over. Shares rose fast just before the 25th in a rosy cloud of Yuletide optimism. But, as nearly always happens, January produces a headache.

There May Still Be Time to Take Advantage of that Soaraway Oil Price

Published 452 days ago

Hello, Share Trekkies. The oil price still forges ahead. It’s around $71 for a barrel of Brent crude. And yet the big oil companies are not really reflecting the boom. However, they’ll probably catch up soon.

Three Topical Tips Not Based on the Balance Sheet

Published 491 days ago

Hello Share Blasters. On the road in the grim north, I don't have access to the usual research channels. So allow me to review a trio of shares I've scanned in more detail recently, but which I believe have not so far taken full advantage of the current Santa Rally.

A Word in Your Shell-Like - The Shares May Go Up on World Crises

Published 589 days ago

Hello, Share Splurgers. This seems a good moment to review Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA), that huge Footsie company upon which so many pensions, insurance giants and hedge funds rely. It also happens to represent my biggest shareholding. And that, silly me, is far in excess of my usual 10% of my bag allowed to any company. Holding more than a tenth of your assets in one firm is not a safe thing to do.

Follow the Fellow Who Follows Tullow

Published 683 days ago

Hello Share Swabbers. I’ve held Tullow Oil (TLW) shares for as long as I can remember. At one stage they were up 120%. Nowadays I’m down by 50%. Like all the other big oil producers the share price has been attacked by the falling value of Brent crude. But Tullow seems to have suffered more than most.

Should We Sell Oilers as Short-Sighted OPEC Makes Our Holdings Skid?

Published 696 days ago

Hello Share Smashers. OPEC, the cartel of 12 big oil producers led by Saudi Arabia, has let us down.

There's Value in Valves, as This Vital Venture's Shares Re-Vitalise

Published 698 days ago

Hello Share Ticklers. The old memory doesn’t get any better as I motor towards the end of life’s great highway, but I don’t think I've looked at IMI (IMI) here before.

Gushing On Two Fronts, this Scottish Oil Giant Is Rocking Through the Rye

Published 699 days ago

Hello Share Crunchers. I hold stock in an awful lot of oil producers, perhaps too many. But one company which has never lit my fire is Cairn Energy (CNE). Maybe I should dip in, though.

Here's What You Might Do, as the Price of Ebony Nectar Wobbles Down

Published 717 days ago

Hello Share Grinders. Unusually for me, I’m a little pessimistic this weekend. And the cause - a very weak oil price. This is a big disappointment, as the signs a few months ago were that the price of the ebony nectar was on the rise.

I'd Like to Be In Amerisur. Well, Actually I Already Am

Published 729 days ago

Hello Share Snappers. It’s a bit disconcerting when you elect a share to bring to your notice and then find it appears on the list of most shorted shares on this stupendous website.

$75/bbl for Brent by June... or not, one of the two

Published 1451 days ago

Predicting the future is hard, particularly if you attach a date to your prediction as then observers can pretty easily work out if you were right or wrong. No one likes being wrong, so most soothsayers try to avoid this trap by being wooly about the timing. In my very first post about the oil price I was just as cautious, with a vague prediction that in the long run prices would oscillate around about $80/bbl.

BP Loses Supreme Court Appeal. What now for the Oil Giant?

Published 1595 days ago

The US Supreme Court has piled more misery on BP (BP.) by rejecting its legal challenge to the compensation package over the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Is BP Worth a Place in Your Portfolio?

Published 1705 days ago

BP (BP.) shares are trading at 481p on a PE ratio just 6.6 and a dividend yield of 4.8%. The quarterly dividend has recently risen by more than 8% to 9.75 cents per share. BP is my largest holding, and the one I have held for one of the longest time. I am not selling.


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