Impellam – full-year results argue “our strategy is working”. Is it?

Published 11 days ago

Recruitment and managed services group Impellam (IPEL) has announced full-year results, including emphasising “Our strategy is working with revenues increasing by 4.9% (5.7% at constant exchange rates)”… The shares have responded currently to 460p – 16% lower!...

Why Our Shares May See a Sharp Rally Soon

Published 119 days ago

Hello, Share Smashers. Our shares should not be falling at the moment. The current slough of despond is not merited. I’ll give my reasons in a moment. But when shares are undervalued, we can usually predict that a sharp rise is on its way. Therefore I’m not selling any shares unless there are circumstances appertaining to individual companies. Why are shares falling?...

And a Nightingale Sang In Berkeley's Share

Published 467 days ago

Hello, Share Crunchers. As my mum and dad told me to be a modest chap, I rarely blow my own trumpet on this hallowed website. However, when my critics derided a previous tip, it has to be recorded when said recommendation goes on to rise like a rocket.


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