As the Man from the Pru Knocks on Your Portfolio, You Might Want to Let Him in

Published 8 days ago

Hello, Share Twiggers. Let’s have another look at the Man from the Pru. Prudential (PRU) has just announced that six month operating profits are up by 5%. Not brilliant, but, never mind, an increasing profit usually means a climbing share price.

IQE Has Become My Riddle of the Sands. Help!

Published 10 days ago

Hello Share Japers. The riddle over quite why IQE shares keep on rising is no nearer to being solved. Given the lack of news and lack of confirmation of swirling rumours about a big deal with Apple, you would expect the recently-rocketed share price to level off. If not degenerate into the usual ‘lack of news slide’. But each day I log on I am delighted, though at the same time rather alarmed, to see the share price scale new heights.

Randgold - undoubtedly the best large cap gold company in the world

Published 11 days ago

I know, I know...I do have a bit of a perma love-up with Randgold Resources (RRS), London's largest listed gold company but as it is a year since I wrote my latest paean I felt an update was overdue following last Thursday's numbers.

Next remains cautious but the shares romp...and remain on sale

Published 16 days ago

Such is the current pessimism about anything to do with UK retailers that despite confirming that this financial year will see a fall in profitability of between 6.9% and 13.4%, it is perfectly logical that Next (NXT) shares should be up handsomely today.

Frontier Smart Technologies: Strong trading update – happy to hold

Published 23 days ago

Following my rare buy tip on Frontier Smart Technologies (FST) back in May (HERE), I am happy to update my views following the anticipated strong first half trading update issued today. All looking good so far.

BT Group - WIFI debacles, scandals and u-turns: got to be time to buy!

Published 81 days ago

As the part of rural Wales I was staying in during a good chunk of the Bank Holiday weekend apparently is intermittently covered by the leading mobile network recently purchased by BT Group (BT.A), I had to return to England to surprisingly wax lyrical about the telecoms giant, as the dearth of WIFI forced me to buy an antiquated media device called a newspaper. Within its grubby pages I read that shock-style headline that 'BT threatens fatal blow to final salary pensions'.

Alliance Pharma - once again a buy

Published 121 days ago

Specialty pharmaceutical company, Alliance Pharma (APH) is a previous successful share tip for us - recommended at 31p, with gains banked at 43p in 2015. However, there has since been positive development which looks inadequately reflected in a current sub 50p offer price and, noting also the continued presence of famed investors Nigel Wray and Slater Investments as major shareholders…

Ariana – tip update: production, rising gold, shares down. What?

Published 125 days ago

I suggested that AIM-listed gold (then) explorer and now producer was a buy a couple of months back as we awaited the commencement of production. At the time the spread was 1.7-1.85p per share and they duly headed north as the final bits of paper arrived and the first pour was announced, only for the shares to fall away again. Meanwhile the gold price has been a one-way ticket north. I’m very puzzled - what is going on? With humble apologies for the performance thus far…I still reckon it is a buy and here is why.

Red Leopard Holdings – if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em

Published 168 days ago

My second punt for the weekend is even more rash than my first, but having seen Chris Akers pull off a bit of magic at EVR Holdings (EVRH), I’m struggling to resist a little dabble at Red Leopard Holdings (RLH) which he rescued this week with a £250,000 investment.

Webis Holdings - worth a gamble at the bookies

Published 168 days ago

With Cheltenham Festival around the corner, I thought I’d throw caution to the wind this weekend, cast my cynical nature to one side, and come up with a couple of cheeky punts that I think may pay off. What could be more fitting for my first than the gambling business, Webis Holdings (WEB).

Buy, Sell or Hold? Here's How to Make Those Awful Decisions.

Published 175 days ago

Hello Share Swingers. The most arduous element of share-shifting is having to make big decisions, knowing that the wrong choice can cost you thousands of pounds. But which is the correct way to make a choice? As the markets are not open at the weekend, this is a good time to examine the ensible way to make a your decisions in future.

Lighthouse Group – ahead of expectations 2016 results, still good value?

Published 179 days ago

Having previously concluded on shares in Lighthouse Group (LGT) at 11.75p that they could prove good value, I note that they are currently higher today on the back of a results announcement for the 2016 calendar year…

Goldplat – half-year results, still a gold recovery buy?

Published 179 days ago

Previously writing on Goldplat (GDP), I concluded that I continued to expect more to come as the shares rose back above 6p. The following updates with they currently up to 6.625p on the back of results for the six months ended 31st December 2016…

Ariana – good news: construction complete. Now for paperwork….

Published 186 days ago

Great stuff this morning from AIM-listed Ariana (AAU). The last bits of work to get the mining plant at Kiziltepe were indeed completed during the 10-day window of improved weather as previously indicated by the company, and as I had speculated at the weekend. Red Rabbit is ready to roll - now it is down to the final paperwork trail and then it is all systems go. The transition from pie-in-the-sky explorer to gold/silver production and cash-flow is almost complete.

Ariana – a buy as we await that production RNS

Published 188 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) is on the cusp of announcing the commencement of gold and silver production from its Kiziltepe mine, part of the Red Rabbit project in Turkey. But for recent extreme weather conditions it would be there already, but the signs are that the big news of final completion and the move to production are imminent and I expect the shares to react positively when the RNS is finally released containing the word “production”.

Whitbread: don’t freak at geek metrics

Published 205 days ago

First trading update of my (long) tip of the year for 2017 and the shares are down 4%. Worried? Of course not…the Whitbread (WTB) share price is still nicely above where I recommended it…and frankly we are not even a month into the year. The magnitude of the move today reflects the (to use a wonderful phrase poached from a fellow market observer) wildebeest financial market backdrop we have at the moment…

Goldplat – Q1 2017 operational update, still a gold recovery buy?

Published 296 days ago

Goldplat (GDP) has announced an “Operational Update” for the three months ended 30th September, with CEO Gerard Kisbey-Green “very pleased with the progress made on all areas of strategic focus as we continue to improve our operational efficiencies, increase processing capacity and ultimately build our profitability”

Gattaca – update as shares in the former Matchtech Group continue to slide

Published 327 days ago

Having, last writing on Matchtech Group, suggested a small, speculative buy with the shares then recovering to above 350p (see HERE), I now update following a few subsequent announcements from the company and the shares falling from above 387p less than a week ago to currently sub 340p…

Goldplat – full-year results, a gold recovery buy?

Published 327 days ago

Outgoing Goldplat (GDP) Chairman Brian Moritz considers it “a pleasure to be able to report an improvement in both the production and profitability of Goldplat, led by the recovery operations”, though the shares are currently unchanged on the day at 5.75p…

Midday cage fight: Randgold versus the Bank of England

Published 380 days ago

Too many years ago to remember I recall one of my University lecturers observing that ‘life is a trade-off problem’. He was highlighting some tedious point about microeconomics, but I have a bit of a personal quandary at midday: should I review the latest interest rate and inflation information dump from the Bank of England (‘Super Thursday’) or listen to the Randgold Resources (RRS) quarterly conference call?

Aggreko: supping at the temporary power share opportunity trough again

Published 381 days ago

You would have thought I had learnt my lesson on the temporary power market following the disastrous APR Energy ‘excitements’ of a year plus ago. Perhaps I feel emboldened because the ultimate takeover of the company by a do-gooding consortium bailed me out on the name and added a touch of profit to boot. Alternatively I feel a touch of unfinished business on Aggreko (AGK) after calling the stock interesting when it exited the FTSE-100 fifteen months ago and it has quietly been one of the stars of my portfolio year-to-date. At least until today.

An unfortunate hiccup at Metals Exploration

Published 399 days ago

You can never discount the possibility of a slip twixt cup and lip when dealing with bankers, particularly in these troubled times. Hence the extraordinary announcement from Metals Exploration (MTL) about an emergency requirement for cash just 48 hours after reporting progress at the mine head in bringing gold on stream.

The Gym Group - Limbering Up and Rolling Out

Published 410 days ago

The Gym Group (GYM), the low-cost gym operator currently rolling out across the UK, has issued a strong trading update this morning which shows forward momentum continuing and providing further fuel for the growth thesis here.

InterQuest & Avesco – share tip of the year updates

Published 427 days ago

Since I last updated, there has not been much share price cheer from my two tips of the year for 2016, but has this been in contrast to the news flow? …

Scancell – Placing, Open Offer, future plans: a buy?

Published 517 days ago

It has been too long since I revisited AIM-listed biotech Scancell (SCLP). Much has happened since I picked it as a share for 2015 but it is egg-on-face as the shares have more than halved, with (so far) no value-enhancing corporate deal on the table. The clinical trial on the company’s lead product, SCIB-1, is done but there have been funding questions – correctly called by Tom Winnifrith. Now we have an EIS-qualifying open offer on the table alongside a placing, with some detail of plans going forward. Still holding my shares, the question is what to do?

Gold output fall for Polymetal but the shares are a long term buy

Published 574 days ago

Russian gold, silver and copper producer Polymetal International (POLY) says it expects gold equivalent production to fall from an a flat 1.4 million oz. of gold equivalent in 2015 to 1.23 million this year, with likely all-in costs of $700 (£500) to $750 an ounce, against today's depressed market price of $1,095.64c an ounce. The fully-listed company, which is domiciled in Jersey and also quoted in Moscow and New York, has reported a 9% fall in gold output last year to 861,000 oz., along with a 12% increase in silver production to 32 million oz. and a 49% drop in copper extracted to 827 tonnes.

ServicePower - at 4p, this stock has great short and medium term potential

Published 635 days ago

In his debut article for ShareProphets, Robert Corden explains why he is so bullish on Service Power (SVR) and believes the shares are a strong buy at 4p.

A Word in Your Shell-like. I’m Sticking with BG.

Published 654 days ago

Hello share Mates. Those of us who have big holdings, or even small ones, in BG (BG.) have been on pins for most of a year now. That’s since Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) announced it was to merge with the big oil and natural gas giant. The $70billion offer was in cash and shares and made BG shares worth about £13.

BP's dividend maintenance dance - one to add to the pension

Published 662 days ago

The global mega cap energy sector reporting period kicked off today with BP (BP/) reporting 'underlying profit of US$1.8bn for the third quarter of 2015, up US$500m on the previous quarter, along with plans to rebalance its financial framework and grow value long term'.   Well that sounds like something for everyone then: profits sequentially up and more than a hint or two about the importance of remunerating it shareholders. 

Globo - another cracking tip from the fraud loving Chronic Investor

Published 663 days ago

Hat-tip to Alcira, straight from the organ that advised buying shares in the China Frauds, we find that the dear old Investor's Chronicle has hit on yet another winner. For on 30 September of this year - just four weeks ago -  it reiterated its advice that readers buy Globo at 38.3 pence. Whoops!

You can read the sage advice HERE

Burberry’s China crisis…and why the shares are a buy

Published 674 days ago

Six weeks ago when I wrote an article for ShareProphets’ e-book The Magnificent Seven I wrote about a business with…

‘…real heritage and was founded a mere 159 years ago in 1856.  It is a large business and nestles happily in the FTSE-100 supported by brands that have a growing global appeal with net cash on its balance sheet, good free cash flow generation and a progressive dividend yield of currently just below 3%. The company used to just sell its wares from an expensive shop location but today interacts with its fans and followers digitally to such an extent that a couple of years ago its previous CEO was poached by a small technology company you may have heard of called Apple to assist with their digital brand positioning’

Well more fool me.  Burberry (BRBY) may have risen pleasantly in the month or so immediately after the e-book publication but today’s shocker statement and share price moves puts me at a loss today versus my tip level. 

GlaxoSmithKline is a strong buy at these levels

Published 698 days ago

The recent big drops in many leading stock market indices, including the FTSE100, is giving an opportunity to pick some stocks up at a bargain price. I think that GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) definitely falls into that category and its current share price of around 1285p – the lowest levels since mid-2011 – offers a great long term buying opportunity for this FTSE100 listed pharmaceutical company.

Fishing Republic; targeting future growth - one to buy and hold

Published 716 days ago

Fishing Republic (FISH) is a company that I’ve been following with interest, and yesterday it announced its maiden half yearly results since listing on AIM on June 4 this year.

Amec Foster Wheeler looks set for recovery

Published 721 days ago

Amec Foster Wheeler (AMFW) has seen its share price hammered in recent months, but that could present a good buying opportunity. AMEC (as it was formerly known) took over Foster Wheeler in November 2014 to form the new combined entity, and at the time the new shares were trading around the 1100p area, but since then it has had lots of ups and downs and has failed to regain those highs.

Why the Most Obvious Trading Lesson of All is Always Totally Ignored.

Published 722 days ago

Hello Share Smashers. Uncle Tom has already alluded to my lesson for today. And that is that we should buy when the market has been weakened by topical events. Yes, I know the advice is pretty self-evident. So why does everyone do the opposite?

Rolls Royce offers long term value and is a buy

Published 749 days ago

Rolls Royce (RR.) has had a real roller-coaster of a year so far, including profit warnings and disappointing financial results. The FTSE100 listed aerospace and defense company had just about recovered the losses to its share price from the profit warning that it issued last October, when it announced in mid-May that it was reducing its marine business and set-off on another downwards trajectory.

Domino’s Pizza Group – Q3 update enough to suggest the shares a buy?

Published 1052 days ago

Domino's Pizza Group (DOM) has announced a fourth successive quarter of double-digit like-for-like sales growth in the UK, a best quarter of the year so far in Ireland and progress towards profitability in Switzerland, though “progress in Germany is slower than we would have liked, but we are committed to the execution of our strategy”. What does this all suggest for the shares at a current 570p?

Is the dire situation in Iraq a chance to average into Kurdish oil stocks?

Published 1103 days ago

I’ve spent a little time this morning wondering how I could write about events in Kurdistan. It is horrible hoping to profit out of human suffering, but I’ve had to remind myself the market is amoral. It simply reflects the good and the bad of our society, for better or worse. I’ve chosen to be a market commentator and it is more than probable that if you are reading this piece you’ve chosen to buy stocks. However we might feel about what is happening in the world, in this aspect of our lives our goal is simply to grow our wealth by as much as we can. Fear often leads to the best buying opportunities. It is generally a costly mistake to ignore this. The precipitous drop in the value of the various companies with Kurdish oil ventures could prove to be a significant opportunity for anyone who believes in the long term viability of these operations.

Summit Corporation – Follow Jim Mellon and buy at 115p

Published 1108 days ago

In August’s edition of an obscure online publication, Jim Mellon tipped Summit PLC (SUMM) to do great things. Mr Mellon’s track record and judgement in picking winners on AIM is second to none. Summit is a company Ben used to follow quite closely. The science it is developing is truly marvellous, even if its path has been a horribly bumpy ride lower for long term shareholders. No one is going to pretend that this has been a good stock hold over a long period of time, but that is in the past. Now priced at 115p (last seen) this could be a good opportunity to buy into a business, which has previously offered so much incredible potential.

Cenkos ups target price for Empyrean from 25p to 31p says shares offer 100% upside

Published 1187 days ago

In the wake of today’s reserves upgrade from AIM listed Empyrean Energy (EME), house broker Cenkos has increased its estimate of fair value from 25p to 31p and is thus telling clients that the shares should double from 15.5p.

A Brokers BUY stance means sweet FA – a shocking table for you to consider

Published 1188 days ago

Some folks get terribly excited about broker research reports. Henry at JP Morgan upgrades his stance from overweight to buy, Goldman’s removes a stock from its Conviction List but still rates it as buy. You know it all means sweet FA. Sorry to market reporters who fill column inches with this stuff but it is meaningless.


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