Gambling Neil Woodford doubles down on sliding Card Factory

Published 12 days ago

Last time Neil Woodford piled in for shares in Card Factory (CARD), back in October 2017 at c. 315p, the shares were hit by a profit warning and slid to 232p in January 2018. With 5.02% of the company, Neil Woodford was sitting on a loss (of other people’s money) of some £54 million and Tom Winnifrith was scathing. Well, the shares are now around 186.5p and the market (including Tom Winnifrith) is wrong, natch. We know this because Neil has been buying again, taking his holding to 10.06% last Friday. Heck: only 40% down – this is a winner, let’s buy some more!

Why Card Factory Doesn't Get My First Class Stamp of Approval

Published 235 days ago

Hello, Share Turners. Though sending cards is a necessary ritual of life, I have my doubts about investing in firms which make or sell them - or do both. Technology and high postal charges are a growing problem. And younger people look more to Facebook and the like to confer their birthday and other greetings.

Why Card Factory May Struggle Against Changing Trends

Published 282 days ago

Hello, Share Graspers. Back in the mists of time when just a few birthday cards were first sent online, I opined that the traditional postal card might become threatened. I don't know if this view still affects the performance of the Card Factory (CARD). But it's not a share that attracts me at the moment, anyway.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - why employing the whore blogger Malcolm Graham Wood is a straight sell signal

Published 290 days ago

In today's podcast I look at fat bastard and those PLCs that employ him, at Amur Minerals (AMC), Mirada (MIRA), FastJet (FJET), Spire Healthcare (SPI) and Card factory (CARD).

Card Factory now 232p after profits warning - guess who filled his boots in October at c315p?

Published 500 days ago

Well which fund manager do you think always knows far better than than the market? After dismal interims in September, only those who always know better than the market would have snapped up 5.02% of the company in early October...

Tom Winnifrith bearcast - knock me down with a feather

Published 500 days ago

I discuss the slew of retail trading statements. At a company level this podcast covers Card Factory (CARD), Lombard Risk Management (LRM) and Fishing Republic (FISH) where today's RNS is very er...fishy.

Card Factory – review as CEO argues “a solid set of interim results”… and the shares respond 15% lower

Published 607 days ago

Shares in retailer Card Factory (CARD) are currently down approaching 15% on the back of results for its half year ended 31st July despite CEO Karen Hubbard arguing “we have delivered a solid set of interim results with strong growth in like-for-like sales and total revenue, despite the decline in footfall seen across the high street”. Hmmm…

Is Card Factory Growing Too Fast to Support Rising Profits?

Published 746 days ago

Hello Share Hikers. It’s been my view for yonks that companies which make and sell greetings cards are possibly cruising for a bruising.

Card Factory – trading statement sees return of like-for-like’s, wonder why they went away?

Published 850 days ago

Having previously noted on Card Factory (CARD) slowed sales growth & where are like-for-likes?, I now note “Trading Statement” and “Directorate Change” announcements from the cards and gifts retailer...

Card Factory – emphasises “sales growth”, but it's slowed & where are like-for-likes?

Published 922 days ago

I wrote on Card Factory (CARD) in August with the shares then at around 300p – concluding I could understand the share price decline and to avoid. The following updates with the shares currently at 260p on the back of a third quarter trading update…

Card Factory – “as convinced as ever of the strong growth prospects”, but recent performance “lower than our normal levels”. Hmmm…

Published 1018 days ago

A trading update for the six months ended 31st July 2016 from Card Factory (CARD) notes “we remain as convinced as ever of the strong growth prospects for the business”, though describes a trading performance “lower than our normal levels”. Hmmm...

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - the 3 Xs who blow apart most AIM scams and frauds

Published 1018 days ago

Firstly I have a problem with my box set of "The Omen" and ask for your help. I then discuss in light of today's three legal scoops with documents falling into my paws ( Strat Aero - HERE, Iofina - HERE and Golden Saint Resources - HERE) the 3Xs who help investigative journalists do their job and my encounters with all three on Quindell and other cases. At a company level I look at: Card factory (CARD), Iofina (IOF), Noricum Gold (NMG), Avanti Communications (AVN) and xCite Energy (XEL) and i also discuss why Cloudtag (CTAG) shareholders are like a swarm of wasps and what that means.  

Zak Mir's Bull Call of the Day No. 1: Card Factory: December Resistance Target At 380p Plus

Published 1225 days ago

On the daily chart of Card Factory it can be seen how one can draw a rising trend channel from as long ago as the this time last year.

Zak Mir's Bull Call Of The Day No. 2: Card Factory: Broadening Triangle Target To 450p

Published 1337 days ago

Anyone looking for what seems to be a high quality up trending situation would apparently not need to venture further than the daily chart of Card Factory at the moment. 

Zak Mir's Bear Call Of The Day: Card Factory: Retreat Towards 300p Expected

Published 1430 days ago

Shareholders of Card Factory )CARD) have been fortunate in recent months in being backed by a relatively consistent bull run for the shares, one which has dominated the daily chart timeframe over the post summer 2014 period.


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