Eagle Eye Solutions – interim results & Europe partnership, balance sheet “sufficient”?

Published 312 days ago

Having previously emphasised caution on digital promotions technology company Eagle Eye (EYE), I note the shares currently circa 6% higher today at 145p on the back of results for its half year ended 31st December 2016 and a partnership to deliver digital loyalty solutions in Europe with retail marketing company TCC Global…

Utilitywise – half year results, same old problems currently remain

Published 640 days ago

Utilitywise (UTW), which seeks to leverage relationships it has with energy suppliers to business customers, has announced results for the six months to 31st January 2016, emphasising “continued strong performance… delivering another period of revenue and profit growth”. What about the all-important cash generation and balance sheet though?

Telecom Plus – more numbers in the inbox, and a few more worries

Published 698 days ago

Since raising a few questions over a new £150 million loan facility which fully-listed Telecom Plus (TEP) has not yet announced but is filed at Companies House (see HERE), I had a Broker note and some comments from an analyst (see HERE) drop into my inbox. But some more numbers arrived the other day.

Utilitywise plc – first half trading update, still red flags ahoy?

Published 701 days ago

Having previously highlighted areas of particular interest in the accounts of Utilitywise plc (UTW) HERE, a recent “Trading Update” notes that “the group has performed in line with management expectations”. But what does this mean for the areas I highlighted?...

Globo: FFS Speak Real English as you announce total non news – smell the panic

Published 1320 days ago

I have noted before, in relation to Globo (GBO ) as it happens (HERE) how companies that are starting to panic about a dismal share price or about investors are asking pesky awkward questions about profits to cash conversion and other investment fundamentals react by issuing total non-news. Today’s effort from Globo (GBO) is a stormer in that respect. It is prize winning non news with a dose of unintelligible corporate bullshit thrown in. In fact it is such classic MBA style bullshit that I will run a competition on the back of it.


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