Equities First – the £18 million question over IQE

Published 8 days ago

It is almost three years since the Equities First Holdings story hit the headlines with the deal signed up with by Rob Terry et al at what was then called Quindell – now Watchstone (WTG) – whereby the sale of shares via a non-recourse sell and buyback deal was dressed up as a director share purchase.

ASA Resources – oh dear: shares suspended pending financial clarification, more wholesale theft and fraud on AIM

Published 18 days ago

AIM-listed ASA Resources (ASA), formerly Mwana Africa, has been getting into a right mess of late, with significant funds having been remitted from operating subsidiaries in Zimbabwe and not properly accounted for. Funds remitted to group entities in Hong Kong have not been accounted for and it seems  that the bank accounts in Hong Kong appear to remain under the control of two recently sacked directors, Mr Yat Hoi Ning (CEO) and Mr Yim Kwan (FD). It is an all too familiar story for followers of the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty: directors walk off with the cash, get sacked but can’t be reached. Now ASA tells us that it’s shares are suspended pending financial clarification – and a third director, Mr “Brian” Ching Fung Hung having gone AWOL has now also been removed from the board.

Boxhill Technologies: Happy anniversary, M’Lud – shocking performance, mind

Published 85 days ago

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? It’s now been a year since Boxhill Technologies’ (BOX) CEO stepped down and Lord Razzall stepped into the role of Executive Chairman while looking for a replacement. Worth having a look how the boss has done – not good is the short answer, so doubt shareholders have been having too much fun. Read on for the longer answer.

Filthy Forty Taihua – at last that pesky buy-back is announced, but where has Daniel Stewart popped up from?

Published 190 days ago

ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Taihua (TAIH) has finally announced the long-awaited buy-back first announced way back last August when launching an Open Offer to pay for it. Hurrah! So it wasn’t a massive spoof to get a fundraising away after all, although the net result of the exercise appears to be a lot more shares in issue and a net inflow of well over half the funds raised. 

Boxhill Technologies: Um, M’Lord, just wondered, if you don’t mind….WHERE’S THE CEO?

Published 222 days ago

I surprised myself to note that I haven’t commented on the quality outfit, Boxhill Technologies (BOX), in over two months so thought I should start the New Year by asking the question that must be on every investor’s lips: when is the new CEO going to start and who the hell is it? Surely the company's not struggling to find a suitable mug / candidate?

Doctor, Doctor, What's the Best Way to Get a Modern Surgery?

Published 244 days ago

Hello Share Tootlers. It's quite a bit since I last suggested you might do some further research on Assura (AGR). Since then the company has found another £300 million from investors.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Speaking at length about AIM fraud to a bird from Bloomberg

Published 258 days ago

She was horrified. I am not sure she agreed with my line that the mainstream press were part of the problem not the solution but she agreed that AIM had its issues. On the bearcast today I look at Red Leopard (RLH), Formation Group (FRM), Mobile Streams (MOS) and its charming CEO - Andalas (ADL) - whose CEO is a tosser - Strat Aero (AERO), Finnaust (FAM), Inspirit (INSP), Plus 500 (PLUS), Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO)), TrakM8 (TRAK) and Cloudtag (CTAG) plus one way of looking at it which sees 300 companies on AIM as a sort of fraud.

CloudTag – a well deserved bonus?

Published 260 days ago

Given what we now know about the guaranteed sales order from Second Chance and the binding heads of terms deal with Cities, I just had to have a chuckle at the content of an RNS released by AIM-listed jam-tomorrow (and product some time thereafter) CloudTag (CTAG).

Cloudtag Inc –Amit Ben Haim a part time CEO? Just how good is he?

Published 261 days ago

Cloudtag (CTAG) shareholders might expect that Amit Ben Haim, the supposedly superstar CEO, would be wholly focused on building Cloudtag’s business but based on filings at Companies House he has a number of other directorships. Let's look at how a few other businesses led by the great man are doing....

Open Letter to Pat Plunkett Chairman Providence Resources

Published 270 days ago

I cannot say that I agree with all that is said or written by Richard Jennings of Align Research but a letter he has sent to the boss of Providence Resources (PVR) is bang on the money. The time has come to fire Tony O'Reilly junior.

SCANDAL - Milestone Group buries delayed bad news: placing cash not arrived, what about solvency?

Published 279 days ago

Talk about a good day to bury bad news: every media commentator is trying to come to terms with the election of Donald Trump (with the notable exception of our own Tom Winnifrith, who is off to get his new Poll Sheriff’s badge) and so at 3.41pm yesterday AIM-listed Milestone Group (MSG) slipped out a “miscellaneous” RNS. It may have won two big contracts recently but in terms of this RNS, there was nothing miscellaneous about it: this company is in serious trouble.

TrendIT – a shocking indictment of the Standard List: part two

Published 304 days ago

Yesterday saw a shocking litany of scandal regarding Iraeli tech play TrendIT (TRIT) of the LSE’s Standard List on the main market. We saw how it managed to gain admission claiming to be raising £4m which didn’t arrive, how its accounts suggest that it was not solvent either before or after the IPO, lost its Broker (Peterhouse) which is yet to be replaced, confusion over which firm was acting for it in its IPO and admission placing, a boardroom merry-go-round, a going concern warning from its auditor and suspension from trading “pending an announcement” we’ve all been awaiting for almost three months  – and it only listed in January! Today we bring you, courtesy of the Global Shorting Conspiracy, a translation of an article published by Israeli newspaper Calcalist.

Trendit – a shocking indictment of the Standard List

Published 305 days ago

If you thought that AIM was badly regulated then the Standard List seems to be making great strides to demonstrate how much worse it could all get. We already have Cynical Bear’s Sub-Standard Shockers XI but in the form of Trendit (TRIT) an extraordinary set of events suggests a real scandal is brewing. Will anyone step up to the plate and take action?

Profits Up, Divi Up. Could Be Worth Shopping for Dunelm Shares

Published 335 days ago

Hello Share Pippers. The chain store firm of Dunelm Group (DNLM) has produced some jolly good figures. They are in line with other reports that consumer spending is actually up since the Brexit vote. So all those gloomy folk who predicted hard times ahead after our decision to divorce from Europe are wrong.

AIM SHOCKER: Galasys - AIM’s day of sickening shame as Chairman points the finger

Published 342 days ago

In a quite astonishing statement released yesterday, the non-exec Chairman of AIM death-row inhabitant Galasys (GLS), Mr Kim Seng Teh, has given his account of an unbelievable systemic failure on the AIM Casino to control the behaviour of the board of a member of the world’s most successful growth market. WH Ireland, as the Nomad responsible for this train-wreck until a few days ago, has a number of serious questions to answer, as does AIM Regulation – which, I hope, will be asking a good few questions of its own. I wouldn’t like to second-guess who is the villain in the boardroom and who is the innocent party, but I am sure of one thing: heads must roll in the oversight department.

Filthy 40 MoneySwap – death postponed (again)

Published 343 days ago

It was announced on Monday afternoon that stricken ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play MoneySwap (SWAP) has drawn down another additional £147,000 under a keep-the-lights-on bridging facility whilst it tries to get a refinancing together. It has now borrowed $395,000 of a $200,000 facility, plus three extensions. Oh, and its CEO walked last week, with (apparently) non-Exec Chairman Craig Niven stepping in as interim CEO. Except on Monday he was still being noted as non-Exec in the RNS.

Galasys – EGM called… oh dear, is it chairman versus CEO? And a correction….

Published 349 days ago

We have already noted that AIM-listed Galasys (GLS) appears to be minus a company secretary, minus a registered office, minus a Nomad, minus a Broker and minus a NED or two since the board declared war upon itself last year. Now it seems that two disgruntled shareholders have decided enough is enough, but the implications as to what has been going on are dreadful.

Utilitywise - Flattery from the company for Brendan, but will he be able to rectify the red flags ahoy?

Published 372 days ago

With a business model which has seen red flags ahoy noted and recent performance “weaker… than we would have liked” (sorry, in order to help the company ‘realise its considerable potential’), Utilitywise (UTW) has announced the appointment of Brendan Flattery as CEO, effective 1st October 2016…

Exclusive: ECR Minerals – did Nomad Cairn force out CEO Stephen Clayson for serial porkies?

Published 377 days ago

On Tuesday AIM-listed ECR Minerals (ECR) put out a stinker of an RNS which crashed the share price. Yesterday we learned that the CEO is stepping down, effective at the end of this month. Did he jump, or was he pushed? And was Tuesday’s RNS completely truthful, and where does that leave the Nomad, Cairn?

Bogus CEO of the Year could not make this up

Published 394 days ago

Who is the best CEO out there? In the world of financial services maybe we should go to the Wealth & Finance International Magazine as it hands out its gongs. It leaves nothing to chance stating:

E-Therapeutics: having bagged shares from sale of Searchbolt, CEO quits

Published 399 days ago

Tom Winnifrith described the deal under which AIM-listed E-Therapeutics (ETX) repurchased a company called Searchbolt (having spun it off some while back) as stinking like a pile of rotting kippers at the height of summer. In the event, two directors of E-Therapeutics ended up with (between them) almost 3.4 million shares in the company from the transaction. Now the CEO (who accounted for 3,350,228 of those shares – plus a cash sum to cover capital gains tax) has quit with immediate effect.

Newmark Security - Not so safe after all. A mea culpa

Published 406 days ago

Steve Moore has already ably covered the Newmark Security (NWT) profit warning this morning, which see the shares marked down to 1.75p and makes my Buy rating as published here in May look rather foolish. Indulge me and I’ll see if I can offer some insights as to what investors ought to think about.

Pssst! Ssshhhh!! Don’t mention the Fastjet EGM

Published 438 days ago

ShareProphets likes to bring you the news that companies don’t want you to see. In that vein we bring you yesterday’s RNS from the AIM-listed mile-high croc of **** with no CEO and which is running out of cash otherwise known as Fastjet (FJET) which was entitled Notice of AGM. To make things look really kosher it came out at 3.36pm on a Friday: no-one-is-watching o’clock. Whilst some in the square mile may already have been off lining up the Friday night coke and hookers, we were still watching. Blow me down with a feather, it wasn’t just a notice of AGM.

Crossrider – “Board Changes including appointment of CEO”, but what else?

Published 441 days ago

Recent profit-warning issuing creator of digital advertising platforms, Crossrider (CROS) has now made an announcement entitled “Board Changes including appointment of CEO”. The new CEO also follows the March departure of Koby Menachemi “to pursue other opportunities”, but who is it and what are the other board changes?

Filthy 40 MoneySwap – loan drawdown and a nasty read-across from PCG Entertainment which needs a full Steward’s

Published 442 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear. I have the utmost respect for Richard Poulden who had the grim task of overseeing today’s awful trading update from AIM-China play PCG Entertainment (PCGE) and like Tom Winnifrith I had hoped that his outfit might prove to be a rare winner on the Filthy Forty. My experience of him has been one of immense integrity a very sharp mind so it is with considerable sadness that I am writing this. But a bit more digging later, it looks just awful – although, I must stress, not on Mr Poulden - and there is a worrying implication on fellow Filthy Forty play MoneySwap which is already is considerable trouble. Sadly, I fear that AIM Regulation needs to do a full steward’s here.

They Give Senior Service - and the Soaring Airline Business Needs Them.

Published 476 days ago

Hello Share Samplers. Investing in airlines has produced nice gains of late, thanks largely to the cut in fuel prices. But it may be that this little line of money-making is dropping off, now that the oil cost has been factored in for most air operators. But there may still be some benefit in investing in companies which supply airlines. One which comes to mind is Senior (SNR). It is a top-flight engineer which operates in 14 countries. It makes parts for aeroplane engines, including gear that helps air circulate.

Goldenport – delisting leaves shareholders dead in the water

Published 481 days ago

It will come as no surprise to readers of ShareProphets that main market listed Goldenport Holdings (GPRT) is to leave the LSE, as announced this morning. Shareholders are set to lose everything just as predicted (see HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE) but amazingly the shares are still trading pro tem. You can still get your bad of crisps….or perhaps just a couple of penny chews, for the shares have collapsed (so far) by 70% today, to 1.5p mid. So there is another 1.5p to go….

China fraud GTS Chemical – clarification required: has the CEO been offloading shares?

Published 516 days ago

This morning saw a most interesting “Holding(s) in Company” RNS from Red Flag strewn ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play GTS Chemical. Now perhaps all is completely above board and we are looking at an unfortunate coincidence. Or perhaps the company has just announced that its CEO has been offloading shares. A clarification is surely needed.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 6 March: Crook Rob Terry, Neil Woodford & the pig Richard Chase

Published 528 days ago

This podcast looks at three men. First is the criminal fraudster and expenses thief Rob Terry and I discuss what sort of trial and what sort of punishment needs to take place and be imposed. Then it is fund manager Neil Woodford and I look at his growing biotech headaches. Finally the greedy pig Richard Chase of Nyota. If you have not yet listened to yesterday's special on this failure of a CEO please do so and send the email I request.

Avanti Communications - WTF is it up to now in Bongo Bongo Land? Sell - target price 0p

Published 535 days ago

With a hat tip to a reader who is clearly as much of an anorak as I am, I trek over to Companies House and discover that on 9 February, shortly after its piss poor interims, folks behind Avanti Communications (AVN) established three new Companies. Hang on Henry, what on earth is David Williams, the most bombastic CEO on AIM up to?

An AIM CEO comments on seems not everyone likes us!

Published 548 days ago

It seems that amongst the crony capitalists coining it in from the coke & hookers subsidy machine that is the AIM Casino this website is not terribly popular. I think we can take that as a vindication of what a good job we are doing. An AIM CEO emailed me to say - and I take this as praise indeed:

Imagination Technologies – Dreadful profits alert, CEO walks - Bargepole stock

Published 555 days ago

Last commenting on processor and communications technology group Imagination (IMG), I noted vindication in the face of some bulletin board derision but that the shares were now on the watchlist as a buy - see HERE. Does an announcement today of “CEO change, trading update and restructuring” change this?

DQ Entertainment – the Red Flags pile up. Writing, wall.....this stinks!

Published 557 days ago

Following the appearance of AIM-listed DQ Entertainment (DQE) in our Red Flags at Night series regarding the resignation of its Nomad and other matters, slipped out at no-one-is-watching o’clock on 3 Feb, we had a Director Shareholding RNS yesterday afternoon. It is a complex announcement, but it stinks. Certainly it did not give any reason to question the wisdom of the Nomad, Allenby, to step down on 22 Feb. The shares remain a big sell even after the collapse of last week.

Rurelec - CEO walks: is the fat lady warming up in the wings?

Published 610 days ago

It was announced yesterday at 11.32am that the CEO of AIM-listed Rurelec (RUR), Mr Mark Keegan, had walked with immediate effect. Having only been on the board since late July this year, and with the first RNS released which bore his name as CEO having been on 13 October this year this looks to be an ominous development - not to mention the well-chronicled tale of financial and other woes besetting the company.

Red Flags at Night: Rightster CEO share dealings raise questions

Published 640 days ago

On Thursday at no-one-is-watching o’clock (5.54pm) AIM-listed Rightster (RSTR) issued a very odd RNS detailing peculiar dealings in the company’s shares by its CEO, Mr Patrick Walker.  From the text of the RNS it would appear that his director shareholding is – as I understand it – under the control of a third party. Who might that be, and why? Then there is the reporting of a transaction dating back to 7 August – is that delay a breach of AIM Rules? 

ShareProphets Filthy Forty: Asia Ceramics and its bizarre lending arrangements with the boss

Published 719 days ago

ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty member and Jersey-registered Asia Ceramics Holdings (ACHP) recently featured HERE in the wake of its after-hours (and Red Flag riddled) full year 2014 results. What emerged was a large market capitalisation relative to (almost) non-existent earnings. But there was also a long string of related party transactions, and a CEO who appeared to be running businesses in China doing the same thing as Asia Ceramics does…in China. But what catches the eye now is an RNS on Tuesday of this week which describes a very peculiar set of loan agreements between CEO Dr Pu and the company.

Quindell – why will it not answer questions about sleeping arrangements at the management away day?

Published 973 days ago

Via his PR I have asked Robert Fielding, the CEO of Quindell (QPP) questions about the sleeping arrangements at the recent Quenron management away day at a luxury hotel in the Lake District. No comment is the response. So I tried a different tack

Crime of the Century? Aussie Typo ref David Lenigas

Published 1034 days ago

I’d like to remind certain people who’ve attacked the mercurial David Lenigas, in recent weeks, that this is the man who a couple of months ago was being praised by the vast majority for making them collectively, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pounds. (Where are they all now David?) Fast forward to the present day and Mr Lenigas is now being demonised on financial web sites, bulletin boards, comments sections & twitter.

Two of the 71 tips of the share trading game from Tom & Robert Sutherland Smith

Published 1071 days ago

Together Robert Sutherland Smith and Tom Winnifrith have now been working in finance for 71 years - the last ten or so together. Tom wishes to stress that RSS accounts for most of that, the great value investor starting his City career at the Unilever Pension Fund the year before Tom was born. In their NEW book they outline 71 tricks of the trade for making money from shares. Here are rules seven and nine. 

Telecity: changing the CEO is not a disaster

Published 1086 days ago

The post bank holiday cobwebs were well and truly blown away by this morning’s Telecity (TCY) regulatory statement innocuously titled ‘Board Change’.  No third level non-executive director shuffling his range of fee paying obligations…no, this was a big one: the resignation of the CEO. 

CEO Fraud and Investment Decisions – Reader Poll Results

Published 1093 days ago

At the weekend we asked our readers for their view on CEOs who commit fraud. And yes this does refer explicitly to Rob Terry at Quindell (QPP) who really must answer the simple question posed in today’s article HERE as well as numerous others as a matter of urgency. We asked how you viewed fraud in investment terms. You said:

Balfour Beatty & Carillion – the merger saga over or further to go?

Published 1108 days ago

Having announced “preliminary discussions in relation to a possible merger” with Carillion PLC (CLLN) on 25th July, Balfour Beatty (BBY) has now announced that it has terminated the discussions after “Carillion's wholly unexpected decision to only progress the possible merger in the event that (US-headquartered engineering consultancy business) Parsons Brinckerhoff remained part of the potential combined entity”. Below I analyse this strange twist of events, after the prospective merger was originally described by the companies as having “the potential to create a market leading services, investments, and construction business of considerable depth and scale”

Hyder Consulting – recommended offer provides useful lessons

Published 1110 days ago

Shares in design and engineering consultancy Hyder (HYC) fell more than 38%, to below 400p, in the aftermath of a February warning that “results for the financial year are expected to be materially below current market expectations due to delays in new contract awards in Australia following the election, and project delays in the Middle East”. However, a recommended 650p per share cash offer for the company has now been announced. Are there lessons to be learned here?

Astar Minerals signs Another Agreement to Dilute Shareholders

Published 1153 days ago

I penned a piece on Astar Minerals (ASTA) a few days ago talking about why the market is acting irrationally and why the stock was worth a fraction of its price.


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