Portmeirion – after less than 2 months ago “we look forward into 2019 with confidence”, a “Trading Update”…

Published 12 days ago

PortmeirionSpodeWax LyricalRoyal Worcester and Pimpernel ceramics and home fragrances group Portmeirion (PMP) has updated on trading. With 21st March-announced results having included “we look forward into 2019 with confidence”, should be ok…

Xaar shows resilience in changed macro conditions

Published 1005 days ago

Alphabet-busting inkjet technology company Xaar (XAR) released interim results this morning. The shares might be worth a look as the company continues to show good signs of resilience.

Churchill China - The shares are warm, but this could be a great buy at the right price

Published 1052 days ago

I’ve said before that there are plenty of good statistical and theoretical reasons to buy into old companies. Churchill China (CHH) may be a record-breaker for longevity: it traces its origins back to 1795, as it proudly includes in its URL, But investors are kept well up-to-date, and today receive a trading update for the six months to the end of June.


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