AO World – AO, Oh no! (again)… full-year results see CEO argue “great progress”, but detail suggests otherwise

Published 231 days ago

Results for its year ended 31st March 2017 from UK and Europe online electrical retailer AO World (AO.) see its CEO Steve Caunce emphasising “it's been another year of great progress for AO”. Hmmm, why a significant share price decline then, Steve?...

Safestyle UK – AGM update, bank profits recommendation justified?

Published 251 days ago

PVCu replacement windows and doors company, Safestyle UK (SFE) was a January 2016, 245p offer price recommendation on the Nifty Fifty – on which we suggesting banking profits at approaching 300p in March. The shares reached a more than 320p close yesterday, but are currently heading back towards 290p on the back of an AGM trading update…

STM Group – following July profit warning, pricing model update…

Published 456 days ago

I commented on cross border financial services provider STM Group (STM) following a profit warning in July and a trading & strategy update in August, concluding the latter - with the shares then at 38.5p - that for those looking for a small speculation, I reckon you could do a lot worse. The following updates with the shares at 48.5p on the back of a pricing model update…


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