Ouzo time as Interserve’s shareholders vote down D4E: it is the end of the road for them!

Published 66 days ago

I first warned about Interserve at about £1 back in October 2016, warned about it all the way down ever since and made it my sell tip for 2019. Today at an EGM, shareholders – as I had expected – voted down a debt-for-equity swap in which they would have retained 5% of the company. The shares were suspended immediately and at 2pm it was announced that the board will apply to the High Court for the company to be put into administration. In short, it is a 100% wipe-out for shareholders – and time for an Ouzo at Deputy Sheriff Towers.

Interserve – down to the wire as shareholders vote tomorrow: still a sell

Published 67 days ago

I make no apology for saying sell and keep away from fully-listed Interserve (IRV) as we run up to tomorrow’s make-or-break shareholder vote. With rebel investor Coltrane holding just under 28% and planning to vote against, the risk to other shareholders is an immediate pre-pack administration which hands the whole outfit to lenders and shareholders get nothing.

Interserve – crunch day approaches, still a sell.

Published 72 days ago

Next Friday shareholders in fully-listed Interserve (IRV) will vote on the proposed financial restructuring which will see them reduced to 5% of the resulting equity, with creditors getting new shares at 15.3p in return for £435 million of debt. Interserve’s largest shareholder, Coltrane Asset Management with 27%, opposes the deal and if it is not passed a pre-pack administration beckons whereby shareholders will get nothing. The stakes are high.

Interserve – I’m still steering well clear

Published 76 days ago

Last night Coltrane Asset Management, the biggest shareholder of fully-listed Interserve (IRV) came back with a revised rescue offer in reply to the revised debt-for-equity offer already on the table as the battle between Interserve’s lenders and shareholders intensified further. Coltrane says its deal is better but Interserve says the D4E on the table is the only deal or bust. Should I change my mind that Interserve is a sell?

I still see no reason to change my SELL view on Interserve

Published 78 days ago

One has to take one’s hat off to Coltrane Asset Management, the holder of about 28% of fully-listed Interserve (IRV). Seemingly from a stunningly weak hand, concessions have been forced out of the management and lenders to offer a doubled interest of 5% to current equity holders in the event that the proposed restructuring goes through. But it seems that Coltrane still wants more, even though the company has now published its full proposals and called the general meeting.

Interserve – Coltrane puts alternative rescue forward. Still a sell!

Published 86 days ago

Fully-listed Interserve (IRV) saw gyrations in its share price yesterday as news leaked out on several fronts in the battle to restructure the company’s finances. The shares started at 10.26p, fell as low as 9.5p and then rallied hard to close at 15.6p, having been up to 16.6p. So what was going on and have shareholder prospects changed from 8p or 0p?

Interserve – now Goldman dumps. Follow the masters (of the universe)

Published 89 days ago

A little RNS popped up from fully-listed Interserve (IRV) at 9.56am today telling us that Goldman Sachs has been dumping stock like there is no tomorrow. In this case of course there may indeed be no tomorrow (as discussed HERE), as Coltrane Asset Management tries to block the D4E deal and risk a pre-pack insolvency which would wipe out all shareholders. But who bought the Goldman stake?


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