I've Explained Why Big Oilers are a Sensible Punt, but which Company Seems Best to Me?

Published 71 days ago

Hello Share Scratchers. On the heels of my last piece, in which I commended the fortunes of giant oilers, a few readers have asked me which jumbo firm do I prefer. I suppose the choice for British investors is between Shell (RDSA) and BP (BP.) I have big holdings in both outfits, but I lean towards one of them.

Interserve – FCA investigation misses the target

Published 345 days ago

It wasn’t a great week, last week, for shareholders of companies starting with Inter. Whilst Interquest (ITQ) served up an after-hours notice of an EGM with proposals to delist the company and a derisory offer at 24p on Friday (at 5.22pm!), Interserve (IRV) announced at 7am that is was the subject of an FCA investigation regarding its market disclosures between 15 July 2016 and 20 February 2017 in relation to its (now) exited Energy-from-Waste business. I’m completely with Tom Winnifrith on the former. On the latter, however, the FCA seems to be missing its target completely on this issue.

Why You Need Shareprophets More than Ever, If You Hope to Make Big Money in Shareland.

Published 353 days ago

Hello Share Trippers. At the grand opening of that great Global Group Uk Investor Show just passed, Nigel Wray, perhaps Britain’s sagest investor, our own Warren Buffet, observed that the private investor gets a poor deal all round. How very true. The gathering of 3,000 of you at Westminster really did give PIs a voice, it is a start.

Bless the New Financial Year by Paying Peanuts for the Red Flags Which Could Save You a Packet

Published 388 days ago

Hello, Share Scribblers. As the markets ain’t open for a bit, we have one of those windows where we can make general reflections on our share trading, rather than concentrating on individual stocks. So allow me to observe that risking money on shares is a very serious business. In fact, investment comes second only to health and love in the pursuit of a perfect life.

Why It Might Be a No-Brainer to Subscribe Here before the End of the Financial Year

Published 402 days ago

Hello, Share Walkers. Anyone not subscribing the measly £5.99 a month to reap all the trading advantages of this beautiful website is probably taking an unacceptable risk. Especially at this time of year, when you still have a chance to sell your losers to cut your capital gains bill.

Be Like Fred Astaire – and Do the Continental

Published 1720 days ago

Hello Share Curdlers: If you have been avoiding shares in other European countries you have made a big mistake. A lot of Continental companies are doing rather well. How do I know? Well, take a look at how some of the big funds which invest in only European shares have been doing for their clients.


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