Tern – how truly open is its planned conference call will it answer Nigel’s questions?

Published 158 days ago

I see that ShareSoc is praising Tern (TERN) for holding a conference call to which anyone can dial into and at which Al Sisto will answer pre-submitted questions. I wonder..

New World Oil & Gas: useless tossers continue to piss shareholder funds away - Chris Oil is their ONLY friend

Published 1257 days ago

What the bloody hell do those useless tossers at New World Oil & Gas (NEW) think they are playing at? Last night the feckless twats confirmed they are going to waste shareholders’ money in a pointless conference call on Thursday. The bare minimum this will cost is £5,000 and is a total waste of everyone’s time and of shareholders money. These directors know they are done for, so why don’t they just have the common decency to take glasses of whiskey and a revolver into the corporate study and do the decent thing?

New World Oil & Gas – board fulfils first commitment to shareholders

Published 1271 days ago

This morning, New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) board of directors was true to its word and published the company’s unaudited interim figures nearly a month early. The numbers are encouraging. The company had £2.9million cash on Friday, the executive directors have been offsetting all fees since March against their outstanding loans and the board continues not to draw salary or accrue benefits. The company is not yet out of the woods, but today represents a tangible step forward. Next up is the AGM…

Randgold: the world’s best gold company (and reiterating my tip of the year)

Published 1294 days ago

“Toast”.  I nearly spat out my breakfast when I heard the CEO of Randgold Resources (RRS) use that word to describe the majority of his competitors in the gold mining space at prevailing commodity prices. 

Range Resources; dire conference call - avoid like the plague

Published 1746 days ago

To cap a month of PR disasters off, Range Resources’ (RRL) conference call this morning, to try and restore faith in the company’s alleged new direction, was the icing on the cake. New-CEO, Rory Scott Russell, did not sound at all confident that he has what it takes to turn this company around. If you are a Range shareholder and were hoping for at least some small crumbs of comfort then I imagine you were sorely disappointed.

Is it time for Peter Landau to step down from Range Resources?

Published 1748 days ago

On February 3rd this year, Peter Landau stepped down as Chief Executive of Range Resources (RRL) and became a non-executive director. On Wednesday morning, Range will host a live web conference call with its beleaguered investors. Whether or not this call will be a white wash remains to be seen, but I’m fairly certain that the directors will not deal with arguably the most important question facing the company. Is it time for Mr Landau to step down from Range Resources?


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