Atalaya remains a buy after recent updates

Published 33 days ago

If you want exposure to copper and are looking to invest in an earlier stage outfit that is already in production, then your choice of UK listed companies is actually fairly limited. The majority are either still at the exploration/development phase, or are large FTSE listed miners, and in many cases copper is just one of many metals that are being produced, with the odd exception...

Central Asia Metals produces another good set of results and remains a buy

Published 39 days ago

I’ve been a fan of Central Asia Metals (CAML) for some time now, and although the share price isn’t much higher currently, I still see it ultimately growing into a bigger company.

Podcast: a much higher gold price is coming

Published 52 days ago

Copper has always been a favourite metal for geologist turned broker Barry Dawes, being the third largest metal in terms of consumption and continues its historical pattern of long term growth. China and Asia use an enormous amount of copper and shortages are developing. This should result in a boom in copper prices and then new exploration.

Podcast: Junior Mining Stocks have bottomed out

Published 59 days ago

Geologist and analyst Mickey Fulp feels the gold market has bottomed and that a new bull market is developing albeit slowly. Once the rally begins, he argues, it will quickly move the mining equities. They are positive on the price of gold, due to global economic outlook being weak, geopolitical risks like Brexit and Venezuela, as well as U.S. and China trade talks. Central banks continue to buy, and a dovish Federal Reserve will likely have one interest rate hike in 2019 are all bullish factors for gold.

Anglo Asian Mining looks to have the potential to grow into a mid-tier producer - long term buy and hold

Published 64 days ago

Gold, silver and copper are all metals that I am bullish on at the moment, so Azerbaijani miner Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) fits the bill perfectly in covering all three of those.

Red Rock Resources – “stepped up the pace in Congo”, Buy to almost double

Published 74 days ago

“Cobalt/Copper Joint Venture - Congo” announcement from Red Rock Resources (RRR) – with Chairman Andrew Bell stating “with the elections there having passed peacefully, we have again stepped up the pace in Congo and put in place the final documents allowing us to pursue the JV project”

Strategic Minerals copper mine is due to come online soon - speculative buy

Published 88 days ago

I’m always very wary of investing in small mining companies, as even when the management team and the assets look decent, it is still a bit of a lottery as to whether the company will actually make it to a stage where it is making a profit and returning money to shareholders via dividends.

Red Rock – update…getting there: BUY ( to double)

Published 107 days ago

Red Rock Resources (RRR) has updated us on progress on its African operations.

KAZ Minerals has the potential to become a copper mining giant in the future

Published 118 days ago

After a strong performance during the first half of 2018, copper has been weak and is currently trading at close to its lowest levels since mid-2017. Having hit peaks of more than $7,200/t last June it is now around the $6,000/t area, and although an improvement on the $5,800/t level it started the year at, I would hardly call this slight resurgence a proper bounce just yet. But I do think that is going to come as the metal is too important to stay at these levels for long, especially in light of the fact that many analysts are forecasting a supply deficit in the coming years due to the increasing use of the metal – as I’ve mentioned in the past, electric vehicles will be a factor and use far more wiring than the cars that are currently in common use...

Asiamet Resources is a long term speculative buy with large upside potential

Published 140 days ago

Asiamet Resources (ARS) is one that I have been wrong about in the past, as I wasn’t expecting the share price to drop as low as it has done, but that has been part of a more general trend amongst the AIM resource stocks that aren’t currently generating any revenue.

Glencore looks too cheap - I can see why a share buyback is ongoing

Published 189 days ago

A lot of AIM investors seem to view main market larger companies as being boring as you aren’t ever likely to multiply your capital overnight, but conversely it is unlikely that you will ever lose the lot either. By ignoring the larger companies, especially in the mining and oil sectors, you are potentially missing out on some very good gains, and with relatively low risk to your capital as these businesses tend to be so well diversified that any single event is unlikely to cause a complete share price collapse.

Will the fat lady soon be singing for Mowana - Cradle Arc looks screwed!

Published 193 days ago

On the face of it I can see why some investors have been drawn to Cradle Arc (CRA), as it is actually producing copper and has a market cap of just £2.5 million, but there could well be good reason for its shares appearing to be cheap.

Anglo Asian Mining - a golden buy?

Published 210 days ago

Shares in Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) had recently risen materially, to approaching 75p. They then though slipped back – but recent news looked to have justified the earlier move and more and with gold now starting to motor thanks to stockmarket and bond market jitters...

Video: Expect Gold & Gold Stocks to Go Up While stockmarket falls

Published 210 days ago

Gold guru Brien Lundin feels that we are likely to be on the verge of an upswing in metals. Brien has been warning people that if we have a liquidity crisis gold will likely get hit if investors need to raise cash. This is what happened in 2008. However, during the recent drop in the market’s gold instead moved up, likely because investors didn’t own it. It’s evident that investors are now finding reasons to buy gold instead of looking for reasons to sell it.

To Guard Against the Prospect of a Falling Footsie, Try this Gold and Silver Outfit

Published 234 days ago

Hello Share Swiggers. If the market hits the rocks, as so many writers on this website and other top analysts predict, then one way of avoiding some pain is to have invested in gold. The most practical way of doing that is to buy shares in gold mining firms.

Atalya offers good exposure to copper plus has plenty of growth potential

Published 246 days ago

Spanish copper miner Atalya Mining (ATYM) has seen its share price drop back recently, but then the situation has been similar on most producers in this sector and has come as a result of weakness in the commodity price rather than anything company specific.

Keep buying Central Asia Metals for long term rewards

Published 267 days ago

When you find a resources company that has plenty of growth potential and you like both the fundamentals and the management team behind it, then it often makes sense to build up a long term position in it over a period of time.

The first bubble was crypto, now its cannabis, next up commodities

Published 320 days ago

James West has made money from the Canadian cannabis bubble, but...

Glencore Agreement Should Put More Shine into Shares

Published 337 days ago

Hello, Share Shiners. My investment in Glencore (GLEN) has not exactly sparkled. But I have better hopes for the future. Glencore does a lot in the copper world. And as that great Shareprophets contributor, WildRides correctly says, the copper market is promising at the moment. But I’m also encouraged by the developments in a wrangle Glencore has with its ex-partner Dan Gertler. This disagreement is over royalty rights for copper mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Avoid Jangada Mines, at least until after the next fundraise

Published 339 days ago

Jangada Mines (JAN) suddenly seems to have become very popular and has seen a significant share price rise in the past few weeks, but I am left wondering if that is just a coincidence or just another pre-placing spike which we see on so many of these small resource outfits.

Buy the dip on Central Asia Metals

Published 345 days ago

Central Asia Metals (CAML) has been a favourite of mine for some time now and with this company I think it is very much a case of letting your winners run, as I can still see plenty of upside in the coming months and years.

The warning signs were there for Weatherly International

Published 352 days ago

When news came on Friday that trading in the shares of Weatherly International (WTI) had been suspended and that the company was being placed into administration, unfortunately it didn’t really come as much surprise to me.

Crazy rise on Weatherly International as investors fail to understand the RNS!

Published 383 days ago

The lack of research by many private investors never ceases to amaze me, especially as they are often putting their hard-earned money into these companies!

Asiamet Resources continues to make good progress and remains a long-term hold

Published 420 days ago

When it comes to AIM mining companies, the majority of them will fail dismally and won’t even come close to producing anything or selling on their ‘assets’, but occasionally one does come through which looks like it could really make it. Contrary to popular belief, there are actually a few decent mining outfits listed on AIM – including an old favourite of mine which I have covered here a few times in the past, Central Asia Metals (CAML) – and I believe that if it carries on delivering as it has done up until now, then Asiamet Resources (ARS) could soon join that select club.

Hard to see how Weatherly will escape drowning in a sea of debt

Published 427 days ago

One of ShareProphets regular readers, Wildrides, has asked me to take a look at Weatherly International (WTI), and as I do follow the mining sector quite closely, I am happy to give my thoughts on the company.

As the Big Cheese of a Swiss Giant Says Its Future is Tasty, We should Believe Him

Published 488 days ago

Hello, Share Schemers. The old memory’s not what it was, but I think I recently commended the mighty Glencore (GLEN) to your further attention quite recently. And just lately I have strengthened my faith in the commodities giant even more.

Buy Metal Tiger

Published 590 days ago

Natural resource investor Metal Tiger (MTR) has been a disappointing share tip so far this year – the shares have been comfortably above 3p earlier in the year and last month falling back below 2p. They are though presently bouncing back around the latter level following an update on the company’s 30% interest joint venture in Botswana, including “very excitingly, 50m wide zones of visible copper mineralisation have been logged in core from four holes drilled along strike from the current T3 Mineral Resource .

Debt financing would give Vast Resources a boost - speculative buy

Published 590 days ago

The hardest thing for many of the smaller miners is actually making it to the production stage, and there are many that never get that far.

Why I'm happy with the Central Asia Metals acquisition

Published 601 days ago

If I’m being completely honest then I have to admit that I was somewhat annoyed when an RNS from Central Asia Metals (CAML) initially landed to say that trading in the shares had been temporarily suspended pending the acquisition of a large asset. That annoyance though was largely driven by a shorter term view, as shares in the company had been doing very well and the price was increasing steadily in the run up to the financial results, which were expected to be good and with yet another high yielding dividend to be paid. Alongside that copper was flying and had just topped the $3.10/lb level.

Copper Prices Are In Bull Market Territory And Will Continue to Climb

Published 607 days ago

Veteran miner Cameron McCrae thinks the recent run-up in the copper price has been long overdue. He thinks the copper price will go higher and stay there for longer and that demand will continue to be robust. The demand-supply balance is finely tuned, and the sector has been spoiled for some years with no supply disruptions. He says there is unpredictability with mining in Indonesia right now.

Bitcoin is Going to Drive Gold & Silver to All Time Highs

Published 612 days ago

I still really do not understant bitcoin but it seems to grip fellow libertarians like Dominic Frisby and, in this case, resource guru Doug Casey. In this Palisade Capital podcast, Doug discusses the commodity markets and why the most important thing is what they do cyclically. Most commodities are down 50% since 2011 and the dollar has lost 20%. Commodities remain quite cheap, particularly gold, silver, and copper. He discusses Junior miners and why now is a good time to get into these markets.

Why I'm happy to be holding shares in suspended Central Asia Metals

Published 622 days ago

Although you can’t currently trade shares in Central Asia Metals (CAML), given my bullishness on the company I felt that I should take a look at the current situation following news of a suspension in trading at the start of the week.

Billiton gets religion...with a little help from its activist hedge fund 'friend'

Published 636 days ago

It was around a year ago that I wrote an article about one of my then tips of the year BHP Billiton (BLT) observing that the world's largest mining company had just made billions of dollars of losses...but correctly the share price was going up. Billiton was a nice solid pick for 2016 but so far this year the share has been more volatile than remunerative.

Political Uncertainty Will Drive Precious Metals to New Heights

Published 637 days ago

Gold guru Byron King notes recent US domestic news surrounding the media and those trying to control the narrative. The media’s recent interest in Confederate statues and how this is an ongoing massive political battle and distraction being waged between the deep state and those trying to be free of big government. King argues that if Donald Trump can’t push through tax cuts and infrastructure improvements, then everything that was supporting the rising stock market will begin to crumble. Capital will flow into the under appreciated precious metals sector if there is any loss of confidence in the larger financial markets.

Central Asia Metals is probably the most under-valued commodity play on the market!

Published 640 days ago

There are times when a large background seller can present a good buying opportunity, and an institutional investor offloading shares isn’t always a sign that the company is failing to perform.

Kaz Minerals offers a buying opportunity on this dip

Published 646 days ago

Kaz Minerals (KAZ) is a great example of the extent that commodity prices can effect larger miners, and the recovery in copper prices has seen the share price trading at multiples of where it was just 18 months ago.

Asiamet is well placed to benefit from future copper shortages

Published 659 days ago

Copper prices have remained volatile but continue to push higher, and if this continues it will be a very bullish signal for both producers and those looking to bring new projects online.

Metal Tiger – “exciting possibilities” from Botswanan electromagnetic survey

Published 667 days ago

Metal Tiger (MTR) has updated on a preliminary interpretation of airborne electromagnetic geophysics data collected along 50km of the T3 Dome – a largely unexplored structure, where the company’s Botswana joint venture discovered the copper-silver deposit ‘T3’ last year.

Central Asia Metals looks a great longer term investment in copper

Published 669 days ago

On the AIM market these days it seems as though many would far rather buy into the latest pump and dump on a piece of junk, than invest in a company that is actually running its business properly and making money. The problem with putting your money into junk is that at some point true value normally shines through and the resultant share price crashes can be spectacular.

Fancy Supporting the Iron Lady of Switzerland? Have a Look at Glencore

Published 756 days ago

Hello Share Gallumpers. One of my longtime shares is Glencore (GLEN). Hitherto, it’s been a disaster for me. Though a boost in mining share in recent times is turning the corner for me.

Atalaya Mining offers a speculative play on copper prices rising further

Published 766 days ago

Copper has remained volatile in recent weeks, but is still showing far more strength than we’ve seen in the last couple of years, and I think the upward trend will continue. There are still some concerns about a potential drop in demand, but at the same time we’re not seeing many new copper projects reaching production and I can see further shortages in supply going forwards, barring a worldwide economic meltdown.

Central Asia Metals - the best value mining stock on the market?

Published 775 days ago

A few weeks back I wrote a piece here suggesting that Central Asia Metals (CAML) was one of the best value mining shares around, and following the release of its final results I believe that to be even more the case now.

You'll struggle to find a better copper play than Central Asia Metals

Published 803 days ago

Copper has been showing some signs of weakness in the past week or so following an unstoppable rise from around $2/lb during the early part of 2016, and despite the pullback it is still trading much higher, at around $2.62/lb, as I write this piece.

Lithium isn't actually all that rare!

Published 831 days ago

Private investors seem to be going mad for shares in anything involving lithium at the moment, in the same way as they were for oil and gas a few years back.

Why on earth are people still buying Amur after a £66 million rise in market cap!

Published 895 days ago

When a small mining company sees its market cap increase by over £66 million in the space of a month without any corresponding news to support such a rise, you have to wonder at the sanity of private investors who are still piling into the share.

Atalaya Mining at 139p worth 175p?

Published 907 days ago

Atalaya Mining (ATYM) the company once known as EMED has served up its Q3 results today and broker Mirabaud is quick off the blocks with a buy note. I know many of our readers are invested here. Though I have no strong view for what it is worth Mirabaud writes:

Anglo American May Lead the March of the Miners

Published 914 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. I’ve not looked at the giant miner Anglo American (AAL) for some years now. In general, mining companies have not inspired optimists like me over the last few years. The carnage has been terrible. But I’m getting the feeling that all the over-selling has come to an end now, to be replaced by the opposite activity.

More Support Rolls in for a Coppery Rally

Published 915 days ago

Hello Share Splodgers. My last modest piece reflected the view of smarter investor Wildrides that two copper miners might be worth a look. He bases that view on the rising price of copper which had been depressed for a long time.

Wild Rides Rides Again with Two Coppery Commendations which Are Not At All Wild

Published 916 days ago

Hello Share Jumpers. When I suggested we take another look at the four British banks this week, I got a rather predictable comment from one of Shareprophets' most entertaining members, Wild Rides. You may have discovered from some of his other posts that Wilders dislikes the UK banks after burning his fingers on Lloyds Group (LLOY). 

Savannah Resources has the potential to make it

Published 922 days ago

There aren’t many of the small AIM mining companies that I’d consider as an actual investment, but I believe that Savannah Resources (SAV) is one that potentially falls into that category.

Time to sell Glencore (and other big miners) before the markets take a tumble

Published 957 days ago

I have been very pleased with the way that Glencore (GLEN) has performed since I covered it here a few months back, but I now feel that it is time to cash in, at least for the time being.

BHP Billiton: make billions in losses… and the shares correctly go up

Published 1007 days ago

You cannot complain when one of your tips of the year has put on over 35% in the last eight-and-a-bit months, but it would be fair to say a month or two into the year even I wondered what I had let myself in for with BHP Billiton (BLT).

Blenheim - more ramptastic horseshit news: when is the placing?

Published 1015 days ago

Wow! Blenheim Natural Resources (BNR) just got an option to buy 7.5% of a great company for just £1. And the company has an amazing gold and copper asset in Bongo Bongo land. It sounds almost too good to be true...precisely. Caveat emptor this looks like a pre placing ramptastic load of horseshit. So lets investigate and "fiske" the news.
Blenheim says that it:

Bluebird Merchant Ventures - now trading arm is working and we can reveal it is dealing with Glencore - Buy!

Published 1050 days ago

Earlier last week there was cracking news on the Batangas gold mine which - on its own justifies a multiple of the current share price. But now we have confirmation that Bluebird's (BMV) copper concentrate trading operation has banked its first cheque. More will flow and quickly.

Alexander Mining has more dilution to come

Published 1051 days ago

Alexander Mining (AXM) seems to be popular amongst PIs at the moment, but I wonder how much of that actually relates to the performance of the company rather than being linked to the recent placing and warrants!

Buy Glencore on any short term weakness

Published 1069 days ago

A couple of months ago I covered Glencore (GLEN) as a short, but I now think it is time to consider closing and looking to go long on the shares, especially on any dips.

Buy BlueBird Merchant Ventures - shares could easily double from here

Published 1103 days ago

BlueBird Merchant Ventures (BMV) is a stock that has not flourished since gaining a Standard Listing on the LSE on April 20th. Listed at 5.75p the shares now trade at 3.5p - 4p but that makes them look very cheap. They could double from here, easily.

BlueBird Merchant Ventures - first mining IPO for 8 months - we have a small flutter

Published 1132 days ago

I really hate backing IPOs. Many companies just struggle to adjust to life as a public company, it is like those cricketers who are great at proper cricket but just can't make the adjustment to the pyjama game. Whatever. We have had a small exposure (well not that small actually) today in Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) - Bluebird Mining as was -  which is the first mining stock to make it to the London market in eight months.

Metal Tiger has reached a crazy market cap - sell!

Published 1139 days ago

If there was an award for issuing the most RNSs in the space of a few months, then Metal Tiger (MTR) would be well up there as one of the main contenders!

Sell Glencore - too much future value now priced in!

Published 1148 days ago

Like shares in many larger miners Glencore (GLEN) has enjoyed something of a recovery in recent months, and at times has been trading as high as 150% or so above the lows of 66p that it hit back in September.

KAZ Minerals has risen too much too quickly - bank profits!

Published 1153 days ago

KAZ Minerals (KAZ) has made a fantastic comeback in recent months, but has now reached a level where I think that the risk versus reward has swung in the other direction, and I’d be more inclined to be selling the shares rather than looking to buy.

Q&A with Charles Barclay of Bluebird Merchant Ventures

Published 1155 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures is set to list on the Standard List of the main market this week. We have a few shares in this company, let us be upfront about that. The CEO of Bluebird is Charles Barclay and I asked him a few questions ahead of the IPO

A Big Increase in the Number of Electric Cars Means Big Demand for Key Commodities such as Copper

Published 1158 days ago

Gianni Kovacevic is driving a Tesla across the US and promoting his book, ‘My Electrician Drives a Porche’. Contrary to popular belief the car only takes 30 minutes to charge, on long term trips the Tesla takes no more time than a conventional car. The age of the electric car is finally upon us.

Savannah Resources is a speculative longterm buy

Published 1172 days ago

If you’re looking for a small miner with long term potential that is currently trading cheaply, then I would definitely consider adding Savannah Resources (SAV) to the list.

Noricum Gold moves towards production - share price excitement ahead?

Published 1206 days ago

Flushed with raising £1 million in a lowly 0.8p placing, AIM listed Noricum Gold (NMG) says it could start production at its Bolnisi copper and gold project in the Caucasian republic of Georgia 'potentially as early as the third quarter of 2016'.

SolGold continues to burn through cash - sell

Published 1210 days ago

There seem to be so many mining companies on AIM that burn through cash without looking any closer to actually producing anything! Some of them catch my eye as they’ve been around for a few years and often were previous ‘darlings of AIM’ amongst private investors, and SolGold (SOLG) definitely falls into that category.

Gold output fall for Polymetal but the shares are a long term buy

Published 1213 days ago

Russian gold, silver and copper producer Polymetal International (POLY) says it expects gold equivalent production to fall from an a flat 1.4 million oz. of gold equivalent in 2015 to 1.23 million this year, with likely all-in costs of $700 (£500) to $750 an ounce, against today's depressed market price of $1,095.64c an ounce. The fully-listed company, which is domiciled in Jersey and also quoted in Moscow and New York, has reported a 9% fall in gold output last year to 861,000 oz., along with a 12% increase in silver production to 32 million oz. and a 49% drop in copper extracted to 827 tonnes.

Anglo Asian to meet targets, says boss: speculative buy

Published 1218 days ago

Long-term AIM loser Anglo Asian Minng (AAZ) has 'delivered on its turnaround strategy this year to return to profitability,' declares chief executive officer and 29% shareholder Reza Vaziri.

Atalaya poised for production - speculative buy

Published 1220 days ago

Alberto Lavandeiro, chief executive officer of unfashionable copper hopeful Atalaya Mining (ATYM), says the company is on schedule to begin commercial production on 1 February from Riotinto, its historic Spanish mine near Seville boasting a potential resource of 940,000 tonnes at a modest copper grade of nearly 0.5%.

Permit cheer for Great Western but still speculative at best

Published 1221 days ago

US-focused AIM dog Great Western Mining (GWMO) has finally secured a reclamation permit enabling it to start drilling at Target 4 of its Black Mountain copper and gold projects in south-west Nevada's Excelsior mountain range. After an 18-month application process, the company, whose shares have halved since autumn in falling copper and gold markets to 0.33p, 97% down from their 11p float price in 2011, has secured the permit from the Nevada Bureau of Mining Regulation and says it can now drill on two of its prime objectives in the area, M2 and M4. 

Xtract Resources – the promises just do not add up – an apology (I should have said more)

Published 1224 days ago

As a new boy to this site I feel I should apologise. A couple of people commented on the fact that my article on Sunday on Xtract Resources (XTR) was only focussed on one relatively small part of the future value of this business, namely Chepica, and that it would have been more balanced if I had mentioned other parts of the business. 

BHP Billiton could be nearing the bottom

Published 1258 days ago

BHP Billiton (BLT) certainly hasn’t had much luck recently, with an environmental disaster adding to its low commodity price woes.

Noricum hails copper find as game changer

Published 1276 days ago

AIM dog Noricum Gold (NMG) is trumpeting the discovery of new ‘high-grade copper targets’ at its Bolnisi copper and gold project in the Caucasian republic of Georgia. Investors as yet remain unimpressed, with the shares down from a 12-month high of 0.37p to a new low of 0.12p, having lost 97% of their 2010 4p float price, but managing director Greg Kuenzel characteristically describes it as ‘a fantastic opportunity’.

Asiamet ups resource - speculative buy

Published 1304 days ago

Indonesian copper play Asiamet Resources (ARS) has increased its estimated resource at the Beruang Kanan Main (BKM) deposit in central Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) 43% to 403,000 tonnes or 888 million lbs of copper. The company, previously called Kalimantan Gold and quoted on AIM and the Toronto Venture Exchange, cites average grades of 0.7% for the 105,000 tonnes in the hitherto unoccupied ‘indicated’ category and 0.6% for the larger though more tentative 298,000-tonne ‘inferred’ component.

Noricum goes for growth

Published 1309 days ago

Unloved Noricum Gold  (NMG) is planning to establish a hefty increase in resources at its Bolnisi copper and gold project in the Caucasian republic of Georgia. Chief executive officer Greg Kuenzel, who has steered the hitherto Austria-focused AIM enterprise into this new region, declares the company, whose shares have dropped from 2010’s float price of 4p to a new low of 0.14p, is on track to prove a formal resource there of 200,000 tonnes of copper and 1.5 million oz. of gold, with scope to go for much larger targets, compared with unofficial, Soviet-era estimates of 980,000 tonnes of copper and 6.6 million oz. of gold.

Anglo Asian poised for profits return

Published 1333 days ago

After cutting interim losses 30% to $4.1 million (£2.7 million), AIM dog Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) expects to return to profits thanks to a new $4.5 million flotation plant now being commissioned to hoist recoveries and copper output from the company’s flagship open-pit Gedabek gold and copper mine in the Caucasian republic of Azerbaijan. At 6.13p, shares in the company, which increased gold production from Gedabek 33% to 35,938 oz. in the six months to June with copper concentrate production 6% ahead to 689 dry metric tonnes, have fallen 92% since its 77p AIM float 10 years ago, but directors now insist Anglo Asian has begun a new chapter.

Savannah buoyed by positive copper data

Published 1334 days ago

Out-of-favour Savannah Resources (SAV) says historical data from Block 4 of the Semail Ophiolite Belt in Oman indicate high-grade copper mineralisation below previous workings at Block 4’s Aarja pit, while trenching by the company suggests the pit could be expanded to the south. The company, whose AIM-quoted shares have fallen from a 6p 12-month high to 2.03p in a sagging commodity market, reports collating historic data from the copper and gold project, which was mined in the 1980s, has revealed some impressive results, including 15.58 metres with 4.7% copper in the AarjaMain deposit, 5.05 metres with 8.49% copper in the Dog’s Bone deposit and 9.8 metres with 3.86% copper at Aarja South.   

Weatherly seeks to defy copper blues - recovery buy

Published 1339 days ago

Craig Thomas is celebrating two months as chief executive officer of heavily--indebted southern African copper play Weatherly International (WTI) by tapping into funding facility from 25% shareholder Orion Mine Finance, boosting production from the company’s flagship open-pit Tschudi copper mine in Namibia and studying how to revamp its presently uneconomic underground projects in the same country. AIM-quoted Weatherly, whose shares have plunged from its 8p float price 15 years ago and a more recent 3.88p 12-month high to a mere 0.68p now, has drawn $4 million from an $80 million-plus facility provided by Orion to help ramp up production at Tschudi and apply what Thomas calls ‘real detail and rigour’ to Otjihase and Matchless, the underground projects now grouped in the company’s ‘central operations’ division.

Name change and growth for EMED - shares could well be very cheap

Published 1340 days ago

Spanish copper producer EMED Mining (EMED) plans to change its name to Atalaya Mining and to implement a one-for-30 share consolidation, as the AIM-quoted company prepares to boost annual production 50% to 7.5 million tonnes a year from the historic Rio Tinto mine near Seville. EMED, whose shares have fallen from a 12-month high of7.98p to 3.875p with copper in retreat, intends to reach that output level by the end of next June and lift it further to 9.5 million tonnes a year six months later  -- with expected extraction costs significantly below even today’s depressed copper price.

Rambler, a gamble for the bold

Published 1350 days ago

Unloved Canadian copper producer Rambler Metals & Mining (RMM) is to take over Thundermin, its 50-50 joint venture partner in the Little Deer and Whaleback copper projects straddling northern Newfoundland and Labrador on the Atlantic coast. This all-share deal follows hard on the heels of a new C$5 million (£2.5 million) offtake agreement for its flagship Ming copper and gold operation in the same region, for whose proposed expansion it hopes to have finance in place this autumn.

Asiamet Interims - buy

Published 1352 days ago

Asiamet Resources (ARS), the former Kalimantan Gold, has announced results for the first half of 2015 emphasising that “the near surface nature of the copper mineralization at the Beruang Kanan Main deposit, coupled together with a recently discovered high grade zone and positive results from initial copper leaching test work demonstrate excellent potential for the development of a low strip ratio open pit, heap leach copper mine on the property”.

Asiamet Resources great drilling news

Published 1359 days ago

Asiamet Resources (ARS) has announced that recent drilling has identified a high grade copper zone “that has the potential to significantly enhance project economics” of its flagship Beruang Kanan copper project .

Asiamet; a high risk play on copper recovery

Published 1362 days ago

Indonesia can sometimes present awkward problems for foreign mining companies, but Tony Manini, chief executive officer of Asiamet Resources (ARS), extols the ’excellent opportunities’ now beckoning the AIM-quoted company following encouraging drilling results at its key Beruang Kanan project in Central Kalimantan. Also traded on the Toronto Venture Exchange, Asiamet, which recently changed its name from Kalimantan Gold, says it is targeting an increased resource estimate by the end of the year for Beruang Karang, whose main zone now boasts an inferred resource of 4.7 million tonnes at 0.6% for 621.7 million lbs. of copper.

Portugal drill cheer for W Resources

Published 1378 days ago

Tungsten, copper and gold play W Resources (WRES) claims to have discovered a high-grade open-pit prospect and a ‘significant’ north-west extension to its Regua project in northern Portugal. The unloved AIM company, whose shares have fallen from a 12-month high of 0.83p to a share price of 0.27p now in a dismal tungsten market, cites drilling results for north-easterly holes including 3.07metres with 0.56% WO3 tungsten trioxide and 2.2 metres with 0.36% WO3, as well as encouraging indications from the centre of the project’s orebody showing 4.3 metres with 0.836% WO3 and 6.74 metres with 0-75% WP3.

Galileo Resources pins its faith on Nevada prospects

Published 1381 days ago

Having newly raised £375,000 at a depressed 1.2p to pay licence fees on its gold and copper projects in the south of the US state of Nevada, AIM dog Galileo Resources (GLR) still feels unloved by the investment community. Yet the company, whose shares have fallen from more than 30p four years ago to a 12-month low of 1.25p in dire gold and copper markets , could be sitting on ‘a new Carlin Trend’, declares Colin Bird, executive chairman and 35% shareholder.

Herencia in Chilean Joint Venture to get ready for copper revival

Published 1385 days ago

Out-of-favour Herencia Resources (HER) has signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MOU) with local Chilean mining group Erazzuriz to combine two copper projects in the north of the South American country. The proposals envisage creating a new company to process ore from Erazzuriz’s two underground mines at Tambillos in the same area and from Herencia’s proposed open-pit operation at nearby Picachos, which holds an estimated 10.7 million tonnes with 0.61% copper and silver at a modest 5.6 grammes per tonne, measured and indicated.

Metminco - can it find the funding to finance Peruvian copper venture?

Published 1391 days ago

Institutionally unloved copper and molybdenum developer Metminco (MNC) is talking to potential backers and would-be partners about raising at least $10 million (£6.6 million) towards funding pre-feasibility and feasibility studies on its flagship Los Calatos copper and molybdenum project in southern Peru, holding an estimated mineable resource of 94 million tonnes with 0.88% copper and 0.05% molybdenum.

Weatherly; increasing copper output, but is it a buy?

Published 1392 days ago

Copper may have been testing six-year lows of late, with prices down from $4.5 (£2.9) a lb. in 2011 to around $2.42a lb. now, but south-west Africa-focused Weatherly International (WTI) continues to trumpet its dramatic ramp-up of coper production at Tschudi in Namibia. The AIM-quoted company, whose shares have crumbled from their 8p float price 15 years ago to 1.08p now, against a 12-month high of 3.88p, says the fourth quarter of its financial year to last month, Tschudi’s first full three months of operation, saw production of 2,257 tonnes of London Metal Exchange-grade copper cathode, 50% of the project’s design capacity and comments it has set a monthly target of 1,400 tonnes, 100% of design capacity, by December.

Rambler: a recovery buy if it raises necessary funds

Published 1397 days ago

As Canadian copper and gold miner Rambler Metals & Mining (RMM) returns to profits at its Ming mine holding an estimated potential of 1.1 billion lbs. of copper and 365,000 oz. of gold on the Atlantic seaboard, chief executive officer Norman Williams says he is ‘pretty confident’ talks now under way about financing a significant increase in production and grades there will be successful. The company, which is listed on AIM and the Toronto Venture Exchange, wants to secure up to C$25 million (£12.5 million) in the wake of a pre-feasibility engineering study and economic assessment of how to blend ore from Ming’s key lower footwall zone hoist the daily quantity of ore from the mine, on the Baie Verte peninsula straddling Newfoundland and Labrador from 650 tonnes to 1,250 tonnes by 2018.

New direction for Noricum Gold

Published 1402 days ago

Long-term AIM loser Noricum Gold (NMG) has decided to seek its fortunes far away from the Alpine Austrian projects which have preoccupied it, as yet fruitlessly, since joining AIM in 2010. The British Virgin Islands-based company, whose shares have lost 95% since floating at 4p to 0.18p now, is transforming itself by buying 50% and operational control of the Bolnisi copper and gold project in the former Soviet republic of Georgia (home of Joseph Stalin), which Soviet-era estimates suggested might hold a potential 980,000 tonnes of copper, 6.6 million oz. of gold and 22 million oz. of silver.

Buy AIM dog Anglo Asian Mining!

Published 1403 days ago

AIM dog Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) says it is on track to meet its target of lifting gold production from its Gedabek gold, copper and silver mine in the central Asian republic of Azerbaijan from 60,285 oz. in 2014 to between 70,000 and 75,000 oz. this year after achieving record output of 35,938 oz. in the first six months. The company, steered by chief executive officer and 29.9% shareholder Reza Vaziri, a former foreign office chief under the Shah of Iran, increased copper output at Gedabek 12.3 % in the first half year to 418 tonnes and plans to grow the copper side significantly with the installation of a new flotation plant, which it expects to be up and running by the end of September at a direct cost of $2.5 million (£1.6 million), plus $1 million or more of ancillary expenses.

FinnAust a speculative recovery punt

Published 1417 days ago

A recovery in copper and nickel prices could find AIM-quoted FinnAust Mining (FAM) well placed, as the tightly-held company studies data recently gleaned from its Outokumpu and Hammaslahti projects in Finland. FinnAust, which was floated on AIM two years ago by Aussie-quoted nickel miner Western Areas and is believed by analysts to have held informal talks with a major regional mining concern, hopes to have geophysical survey results identifying possible drilling targets from Outokumpu by the end of August.

Kaz Minerals could offer a decent shorting opportunity

Published 1443 days ago

KAZ Minerals (KAZ) has been a great share for trading in recent times, and it is starting to look weak again in my opinion. If I was holding shares bought anywhere near the 170p area that it hit at the start of the year then I’d be looking to cash in, and it is also one that I’d consider shorting from the current share price of around 250p, or ideally a bit higher.

First copper output in sight for EMED

Published 1448 days ago

EMED Mining (EMED) hopes to produce the first concentrate from its re-launched 203 million-tonne Rio Tinto copper project in Spain during July or August, having raised £64.9 million with a financing package that brings in a substantial new shareholder in the shape of Boston-based Liberty Metals and Mining, part of US insurance giant Liberty Mutual. That is the word from chief executive officer Alberto Lavandeira, who says the project should move into commercial production later on.

Zambian copper excites Ortac

Published 1454 days ago

Ortac Resources (OTC) may not be current flavour of the month with investors, but chief executive officer Vassilios Carellas says the AIM-quoted company is nevertheless poised to negotiate majority control of the Kabala project in north-west Zambia, which he suggests could become a major copper and cobalt mine in the heart of the central African copperbelt. Old estimates implied Kabala could hold more than 150 million tonnes and, though Carellas is somewhat more circumspect, he notes the project is 40 km. ‘on the other side of the dome’ from the Sentinel mine, which produced some 1.2 billion tonnes at 0.5% copper, where the First Quantum group has invested $2 billion, and is in the same area as the major Kanshansi and Lomwana mines. 

Rambler heading back to the black

Published 1455 days ago

Canadian copper and gold miner Rambler Metals & Mining (RMM) has indicated its financial third quarter to April will show a return to overall profitability thanks to the implementation of January’s new mine plan for its Ming copper and gold mine on the Baie Verte peninsula straddling Newfoundland and Labrador on the Atlantic seabord. 

Amur leaps on licence grant

Published 1457 days ago

Shares in Amur Minerals Corporation (AMC) have doubled in a morning on news that Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has approved the grant of a ‘detailed exploration and mine production licence’ for the company’s 830,000-tonne Kun-Manie nickel and copper project in Russia’s Far East. Highlighted here last August at a depressed 2.98p, Amur shares surged 10.5p to 20.5p on this development, which entrepreneurial chief executive Robin Young says could lead to initial production in four years.

Kalimantan Gold hails ‘positive’ drill start

Published 1469 days ago

Shares in volatile AIM loser Kalimantan Gold (KLG) have been showing flickering signs of life as the company reports ‘visual copper mineralisation’ in the first four holes drilled at its Beruang Karang Main (BKM) deposit in the Indonesian portion of Borneo. Based in British Columbia and also quoted on the Toronto Ventures Exchange, the company received its key permit to proceed only a matter of days ago and says it hopes to take BKM to the scoping study stage during 2015, having so far established an inferred resource estimate there of 47 million tonnes with 0.6% copper, for 621.7 million lbs of the metal.

Savannah poised for Oman copper data

Published 1472 days ago

David Archer, chief executive officer and 10% shareholder of unloved Savannah Resources (SAV), is keenly awaiting detailed results of airborne electromagnetic surveying of part of the company’s potentially high-grade copper and gold prospects in the Gulf sultanate of Oman. AIM-quoted Savannah, whose shares have fallen during the past 12 months from a high of 6.13p to 1.95p, says it expects results from this VTEM (Virtual Time Domain Electromagnetic) survey later this month and will use the data to identify copper anomalies and drill targets in Block 4 of its prospects in the region’s historically copper-rich Semail Ophiolite (oceanic) belt, as part of its drive to become ‘a mid-sized producer in late 2017’.

Another copper move by Xtract

Published 1487 days ago

Xtract Resources (XTR), the recently volatile AIM performer chaired by entrepreneurial veteran Colin Bird (also head of out-of-favour Jubilee Platinum) and boasting disparate copper and gold interests in South Africa and Chile, has moved to add to its African projects. The company has signed heads of agreement with a local copper explorer to investigate 182,000 tonnes of surface oxide material with a copper grade of 0.54% at the Concordia project in South Africa’s Northern Cape.

Ortac Resources Dash for Cash in Latest Zambia Copper Deal

Published 1510 days ago

Ortac Resources (OTC) the AIM listed gold and copper mine developer announced today that it had struck a deal with Zamsort, a Zambian based company that holds the 100% rights to the Kalaba project, a large scale copper and cobalt polymetalic asset, located in the heart of Zambia’s proven copper production belt.

EMED Mining looks for project funds

Published 1511 days ago

Having successfully secured a three-month extension of a $30 million (£20 million) loan facility and convertible loan notes, unloved EMED Mining (EMED) now needs to assemble a financing package of E70 million (£51 million) and E90 million’ to re-launch copper production from Spain’s historic Rio Tinto mine by this autumn. So says Alberto Lavandeiro, AIM-quoted EMED’s chief executive officer, in the wake of an agreement by three key shareholders, lenders and potential customers to extend the loan repayment deadline and the maturity of the convertible by three months to the end of June.

Noricum goes for Austrian project

Published 1516 days ago

Austria-focused AIM dog Noricum Gold (NMG) is seeking for a partner for its flagship Rotgulden gold and copper project, after clinching a deal to buy another prospect in the country, the Walchen polymetallic VMS (volcanogenic massive sulphide) project, for £360,000. The company, whose shares have dropped 95% to 0.21p since floating at 4p five years ago, has raised £478,000 at 0.2p to cover the purchase and meet other expenses, and will spend the coming months mapping, sampling and drilling Walchen.

Savannah strikes gold

Published 1521 days ago

David Archer, boss of unloved Savannah Resources (SAV), says it could split off its heavy mineral sands operations in Mozambique after finding ‘encouraging’ gold and copper mineralisation in the Gulf sultanate of Oman. The AIM-quoted company, whose shares have tumbled from a 12-month high of 8.25p to 1.85p now, says reconnaissance mapping and rock chip sampling have identified gold and copper in Block 4 of Oman’s Semail ophiolitic (oceanic crust) belt, including one sample with 3.7 grammes of gold per tonne of ore and copper at a high grade of 5.7%.

Grade cheer at Mariana

Published 1551 days ago

Mariana Resources (MARL) expects a ‘positive 2015’ after ‘exceptional’ drilling results at its Hot Maden gold and copper joint venture in eastern Turkey, while it prepares for fresh drilling late next month at its flagship Soledad copper, gold and silver project in central Peru. So says chief executive officer Glen Parsons in the wake of results from two step-out drill holes at Hot Maden showing one intercept of 82 metres with 20.4 grammes of gold per tonne of ore and 1.94% copper, including one bonanza finding of 13 metres with gold at 88 grammes a tonne and 2.5% copper.

Vast pursuing big production drive

Published 1558 days ago

Roy Pitchford, seasoned chief executive officer of bombed-out Vast Resources (VAST), says the company should later this year be producing gold from the Pickstone Peerless mine in Zimbabwe and a range of metals from gold to copper and zinc from Baita Bihor in Rumania, an incongruous and opportunistic mixture explained by the company’s tortuous history. Vast, which changed its name from African Consolidated Resources in December when it raised nearly £1.6 million at 0.5p to gain potential control of Baita Bihor in Transylvania’s Apuseni mountains, tapped the market again for another £900,000 the other day at 0.6p and, though Pitchford argues it is ‘funded to take Baita Bihor into production’, he adds ‘but we would like to raise a bit more in two months.’

Green light for EMED Mining

Published 1572 days ago

EMED Mining (EMED) is seeking to assemble a financing package worth at least $150 million (£100 million) to restart the historic Rio Tinto copper mine near Seville in Spain after winning final approval for its mining and restoration plan there. The AIM-quoted company is discussing funding alternatives with several groups including its three key backers, the $82 billion Dutch commodity group Trafigura Beheer, US-based Orion Mining Finance and China’s Xianguang Copper, following the favourable decision by the government of the Province of Andalusia

The Euro mess is not played out yet – great news for gold

Published 1583 days ago

As a hardline Austrian economist, who makes Tom Winnifrith seem like a Big State Keynsian, it will not surprise you to hear that I think that the Euro mess is far from played out and that the effects on oil, copper and other commodities will be profound. Of course the big winner will be gold.

New Kalimantan boss sets out production targets

Published 1592 days ago

Tony Manini, the Australian mining entrepreneur who has become chief executive of Indonesia-focused Kalimantan Gold (KLG), says he intends to take the volatile AIM-quoted company’s 622 million-lb. Beruang Kanan copper project into production at an annual rate of 20,000 tonnes within two and a half years before taking another copper venture, Kalimantan’s newly-acquired Beutong project in Sumatra, to the stage where it can deliver 80,000 tonnes of copper a year.

Andrew Monk of VSA Resources serves up 3 Mining stocks to buy in 2015 and a macro sector view

Published 1595 days ago

So second day back at school and today I will give you my thoughts on the Mining sector which really has had a torrid time for about 3 years now and you have to start thinking it cant keep falling forever..............but that also doesn't mean it is ready to be invested in.

New era and name for EMED Mining

Published 1600 days ago

Alberto Lavendeira, new chief executive officer at copper hopeful EMED Mining (EMED), sounds confident the AIM-quoted company will receive permission ‘in the first or second week of January’ to restore copper production at the historic Rio Tinto mine in the Spanish province of Andalusia, after a series of corporate upheavals and the departure of most of the AIM-quoted company’s previous board.

Gary Newman’s share tips of the year 2015, No 2 – BHP Billiton

Published 1600 days ago

Miners have had a very bad time of late, but that can also lead to some long term bargains like BHP Billiton (BLT) cropping up. 

Savannah Resources Update

Published 1639 days ago

I was slaughtered on the Bulletin Boards and on twitter when I advised you to sell Savannah Resources (SAV) at 6.125p HERE. Lo and behold, the share price is down by 25% in just six days. This has been an obviously correct call.

Savannah expands exploration range

Published 1640 days ago

Copper and mineral sands hopeful Savannah Resources (SAV) has agreed to take a big chunk of another copper project in Oman, while raising £1.3 million from investors at a discounted 4.45p to spend both on Oman and on its Jangamo heavy mineral sands project in Mozambique.

Pace quickens for Stratex

Published 1651 days ago

Stratex International (STI) expects to end 2014 on a strong note. The London-based AIM company, with gold, copper and molybdenum interests in Turkey and East and West Africa, is taking control of fellow AIM counter, the West African gold play Goldstone Resources (GRL), as it waits for a feasibility study before the end of the year on its porphyry copper, gold and molybdenum joint venture at Muratdere in Turkey’s Bilecik province.

Great Western toasts maiden US resource

Published 1657 days ago

Copper may be testing new lows and shares in unloved Irish copper and gold explorer Great Western Mining (GWMO) may have lost 92% of their value since being floated in 2011 at 11p. But the Dublin-based company thinks it has something to cheer about with the first independently-confirmed formal Joint Ore Reserve Committee (JORC)-standard resource estimate for its M8-Smith copper project on the Marietta District of ‘Mineral County’ in south-west Nevada.

‘Potentially huge’ target tempts Papua Mining

Published 1679 days ago

Ambitious explorer Papua Mining (PML) could soon find itself playing for big stakes at Tripela, its copper and gold porphyry prospect in Papua New Guinea (PNG) in the south-west Pacific, north of Australia. The AIM-quoted company, which is embarked upon a £1 million-plus 4,000-metre drilling programme at Tripela on the island of New Britain in PNG’s Bismarck Archipelago, says it has already encountered copper mineralisation of up to 29% in surface outcrops there and chief executive officer Hugh McCullough argues ‘the size of the target is potentially huge.’

Zinc cliffhanger for Alexander Mining

Published 1683 days ago

Before Christmas, Alexander Mining (AXM), AIM-quoted South America-focused copper and gold play-turned ore treatment innovator, could well know whether it has pulled off a deal with a £1 billion mining group to commercialise proprietary technology which, it claims, could transform the economics of mining zinc, cobalt, copper and other minerals. Last month, Alexander, co-founded and chaired by abrasive former mining financier Matt Sutcliffe and backed by commodity hedge fund Ebullio among other groups, granted an option to this unnamed ‘mid-tier’ mining concern to make use of its Ammleach technology in the treatment of oxide, near-surface zinc ore.

New era looms for Weatherly

Published 1684 days ago

Loss-making Namibian copper miner Weatherly International (WTI) is set to change its game from a marginal underground producer of a few thousand tonnes a year to a half open-pit extractor of nearly 20,000 tonnes annually generating potential cash flow of $40 million (£25 million) a year. This is the claim made by chief executive officer Rod Webster, an Australian mining veteran, as he anticipates the planned opening next year of the London-based company’s 50 million-tonne Tschudi copper mine, after a hefty increase in losses from $425,000 to $5.7 million in the year to June.

Kalimantan – and the Placing they didn’t tell you about: More shite from a POS on the AIM casino

Published 1691 days ago

Kalimantan Gold (KLG) has been a perennial jam tomorrow POS stock on the AIM Casino. Directors fees all round. Advisors fees all round. Placing after placing after frigging placing as it hypes up one target, raises cash, moves the goalposts and them raises cash again. All the time it is private investors who get screwed. Let me tell you about the placing it failed to do earlier this week.

Kalimantan hails maiden resource

Published 1693 days ago

Faldi Ismael, chief executive officer of Kalimantan Gold (KLG) says the company can now give prospective ‘partners and shareholders confirmation of the potential’ of its Beruang Kanan (BKM) project in the centre of the Indonesian island of Kalimantan (formerly Borneo) following delivery of a maiden inferred resource for the project. This suggests BKM’s main mineralised zone could hold some 4.7 million tonnes with an average of 0.6 per cent copper, for a potential resource of nearly 622 million lbs of copper.

Mariana persists with expansion

Published 1698 days ago

Glen Parsons, chief executive officer of AIM-quoted Mariana Resources (MARL), suggests the South America-focused gold, copper and silver explorer is entering a potentially transformative phase following a series of deals and discoveries.

Maiden resource soon from Great Western Mining: recovery punt?

Published 1724 days ago

US-focused Great Western Mining (GWMO) has completed the second phase of drilling at its M2-Smith copper project in Mineral County, Nevada, and expects to announce a formal maiden Joint Ore Reserve Committee (JORC)-standard resource estimate for the project by mid-October, with luck.

EMED – Buy after placing

Published 1735 days ago

Having worked to have key permits granted towards the re-starting of production from the Rio Tinto copper project in Spain,  EMED Mining (EMED) has announced a €6.80 million net cash outflow in the six months ended 30th June 2014. Together with that negotiations “in respect of an equity financing to support an altered debt and equity structure… have taken considerably longer to conclude than originally anticipated”, this put its balance sheet in a troubling position and has seen it conditionally raise a further £13.1 million at 7.25p per share “to fund its activities up to the end of 2014, and thus enable the company to finalise its plans for the full financing of the Rio Tinto copper project”

Rambler seeks to boost resource

Published 1748 days ago

Canadian copper and gold producer Rambler Metals and Mining (RMM) is expected shortly to please followers with production figures for the year to July close to the top of its guidance range of 200,000 to 220,000 dry metric tonnes of copper from its Ming mine in the north-eastern province of Newfoundland and Labrador. That would represent a 16.4 per cent increase on the previous year, with grades in the region of a decidedly respectable 3.85 per cent. This performance would lend encouragement to the company, listed on AIM and the Toronto Venture Exchange, as it works to expand the formal resource and reserve at Ming and extend its anticipated mine life to 10 years.

Anglo Asian Mining – Q2 2014 update shows improvement, but a buy?

Published 1767 days ago

Shares in Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) currently trade 13.5% higher today at 15.75p on the back of an announcement of increased gold and copper production, reduced net debt and confidence, “with our cost saving initiatives such as reductions in cyanide costs and increased processing capacity at Gedabek that our H2 2014 performance will be much stronger”. With the shares having been above 25p earlier this year, is there further recovery potential here?

Mwana to survey payout prospects

Published 1774 days ago

Kalaa Mpinga, the Congolese founder and chief executive officer of AIM-quoted Mwana Africa (MWA), says the company will consider starting to pay dividends this time next year, following a turnaround in the year to March from annual losses of $32 million (£19 million) to $44 million profits. This figure was swollen by a $27 million past impairment loss write-back and turnover 30.5 per cent ahead to $142.5 million. Mwana, which is involved in nickel, gold, diamonds and copper and is primarily focused on Zimbabwe though also with interests in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and South Africa, has scored from a full year’s resumption of production and sales from Zimbabwe’s Trojan nickel mine. This happened to coincide with major producer Indonesia’s price-boosting export ban on the metal.

EMED Mining; a punt for copper bulls

Published 1825 days ago

Some may question the prospects for copper. Concerns about a Chinese economic slowdown and potential oversupply in 2014 abound. However, these negatives compete with the lowest stock levels in London Metal Exchange warehouses since 2008 and cheerful City forecasts. Isaac Querub and Alberto Lavandeira, respectively newly installed chief executive officer and chief operating officer EMED Mining (EMED), entertain no doubts as they prepare to bring Spain’s historic Rio Tinto copper mine in Andalusia back into production towards the end of next year.

EMED Quarterlies - Buy

Published 1831 days ago

EMED Mining (EMED) has announced results from a “transformational” quarter – in which it received the Unified Environmental Authorisation for the Rio Tinto copper project in Spain , and shortly after was granted ‘Administrative Standing’. So are the shares cheap? Yes.

EMED – down but far from out – Long Chat with CEO: Buy

Published 2419 days ago

AIM listed EMED (LSE:EMED) has been on the point of starting to build a huge copper mine in Spain for ages. But getting the consents needed seems harder than finding a 17 year old virgin in Romford. And EMED is still not there.


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