Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Audioboom's placing tomorrow, 6 reasons why it is a bargepole stock, the corruption of the deadwood press & silly Kelly Tolhurst MP

Published 91 days ago

In today's podcast I look at Audioboom (BOOM) in light of today's placing "scoop" in the M ail on Sunday and also what it says about the corruption of the deadwood press. I also comment on the virtue signalling by silly business minister Kelly Tollhurst re diversity on FTSE 100 boards. Suffice to say she, scores a gamma double minus for data analysis.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The Corruption of the Mainstream Financial Press

Published 168 days ago

I start with news of a washing panic at the Greek Hovel. Then I look at why the mainstream financial press are part of the problem not the solution to stockmarket over-promotes and indeed outright criminality. In the podcast I look specifically at The Times on Neil Woodford and at The Sunday Times on Hollywood Bowl (BOWL) and Midas in the Mail on Sunday on the IPO of AJ Bell (AJB)

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I just love it when my father in law and I talk about his birth in Madras, it so annoys the Mrs

Published 426 days ago

The Mrs thinks her dad was born in Chennai. I explain the relevance of this as I discuss Mercantile Ports & Logistics (MPL) and more evidence that has fallen into my hands suggesting that it is doomed. Elsewhere I look at Purplebricks (PURP), Angle (AGL) and the corruption of Fleet Street, Brokerman Dan again showing that he did not train as a journalist but as er..something else as he looks at Big Dish a stock where I have no knowledge or financial interest  I also look at the disgraceful news today from Nick "not for the many but the" Trew at Pathfinder Minerals (PFP) and at ITM Power (ITM)

African Potash Accounts - A question for Lord Peter Hain of Sleaze

Published 873 days ago

I am sorry if I sound a bit one track minded today but you will remember that African Potash (AFPO) sent me a fascist lawyers letter ( c/o now three time losers against me Memery Crystal) demanding I pay it £2,000, unpublish my articles on it, never write on it again and pay it damages on top back in September 2016. Natch I declined the offer and the fraud that is Potash has been in freefall to insolvency ever since. Moral of the story: don't mess with The Sheriff of AIM. Now, I have a question for Lord Peter Hain of sleaze who chairs the company's remuneration committee.

The Corruption of the financial media part 3 - The Telegraph AGAIN and this time its Collagen

Published 1048 days ago

In the past week I have flagged up two prime examples of why the established financial media is part of the problem of AIM corruption not the solution HERE and HERE. Today the same paper, the Torygraph, serves up a third. I refer you to the market report written by pouting Tara Cunningham ( see below).

Phil Edmonds business partner Andrew Groves denies he's been bribing & corrupt in Bongo Bongo land but..

Published 1077 days ago

Sable Mining (SBLM), the AIM listed piece of Turkish run by Andrew Groves - the long time business partner of ex cricketer Phil Edmonds has been forced to deny that he has been indicted for trial on charges of bribery and corruption in Liberia. Okay Andy whatever you say....

Insetco - goes bust, you were warned...

Published 1262 days ago

I believed in Insetco (INC) briefly but then warned folks to sell quite explicitly as new information came up. I labelled it a bargepole stock HERE - you cannot say that you were not warned. I can only hope that the BB Morons who say they buy everything I say sell did just that. The moral here...

ShareProphets Exclusive: AIM CEOs speak out on City placement corruption and market abuse – Part 2

Published 1375 days ago

Yesterday I reported the story of an AIM CEO, who shared his first hand experience of the City corruption that enables the illegal forward selling of placements. Today I publish a second account, from a separate CEO, who also spoke on the condition of anonymity. Over the years, a number of companies on AIM have suffered illicit coordinated market attacks against their share prices. There has long been a suspicion of direct City complicity in these abusive assaults, involving regulated brokerage firms and market makers. Thanks to the vagaries of libel law and the City’s conspiracy of silence this is a story nearly impossible to report on, but the comments of CEO 2 serve as a warning to private investors in this utterly bent market.   

ShareProphets Exclusive: AIM CEOs speak out on City placement corruption and market abuse – Part 1

Published 1376 days ago

AIM Regulation and the FCA’s inability or unwillingness to tackle rampant market abuse involving the illegal forward selling of placements on AIM has cost companies and shareholders hundreds of millions of pounds. The problem has become so widespread that it is widely seen as the cost of doing business in the lower reaches of the market. This is unacceptable and two current CEOs of AIM-listed businesses have spoken out about the parlous state of play.  Below I share the first testimonial, given on the condition of anonymity.

AIM drops to lowest number of companies in over a decade. This market is dying.

Published 1382 days ago

What can the London Stock Exchange do to restore confidence to AIM? The “world’s most successful growth market” is ailing and no amount of spin can cover up its decay. According to the latest statistics, at the end of July AIM hosted 1,066 companies, the lowest number since the end of 2004. There have been a mere thirty-seven new issues so far this year, of which one was a transfer from the main market and eight were re-admissions. Having failed so miserably to police its market, the London Stock Exchange now faces an immense challenge proving to the investment community that it has the wherewithal to arrest AIM’s increasingly terminal decline.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - seeking distraction - I am disgusted with the stockmarket

Published 1386 days ago

Two bad things today. West Ham kick off what is bound to be another season of Premiership disaster and more importantly my cat Tara seems to be very sick. Seeking distraction I read the Sunday financial press and feel disgusted, a sense of being made nauseous by the stench of corruption everywhere. Afren, Quindell, the financial press, it is tempting just to give up on shares. Is not the whole game rigged by the crony capitalists? It is not. But a lot of it is as I explain in this podcast. I end by explaining why my emails will go unanswered for days and twitter ignored almost completely for the next seven weeks. I have an urgent deadline.

New World Oil & Gas; embezzlement arrest warrant for director’s wife

Published 1486 days ago

New World Oil & Gas (NEW) has not issued an RNS to confirm whether or not Bill Kelleher has repaid the several hundred thousand dollars he owes the company or if he has left his role as a well-paid technical advisor. Frankly, New World should have done, but we’ve now been passed some other interesting information concerning one of the directors’ wives. It appears that the Kazakh Department of the Agency for Public Service and Anti-Corruption is seeking the arrest of Peter Sztyk’s wife for “misappropriation or embezzlement of entrusted property”.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast the Quindell fallout - Fleet Street is part of the problem not the solution

Published 1650 days ago

I am not in a fit state to write much today so I shall communicate via BearCasts. There will be a regular podcast later but ahead of that I shall run a series of Quindell fallout specials. I start with the role of the dying industry that is Fleet Street and the deadwood press. It is part of the problem of crony capitalism and corruption on the AIM casino not the solution as I try to explian here.

Afren at a bargain basement price

Published 1755 days ago

Afren (AFR) has taken a massive hit following the suspension of two of its directors, and it could well have further to drop. Last week’s news that the CEO and Chief Operating Officer had received unauthorised payments benefitting them personally has already knocked more than £500 million off the market cap of this oil and gas producer.

I swear in articles so cannot be a journalist, right? Ffing well wrong.

Published 1840 days ago

I note that some people have started objecting to my language here. Fuck you. You are not paying to read me and no-one is forcing you to. But using naughty words does not stop this being journalism. And I note the objections only started recently…


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