‘Kin ‘ell, Steve, you missed a trick or two, what are you playing at? Where’s the warm welcome back for L1 Capital?

Published 70 days ago

I’ve been away for a few days so just catching up on matters and first things first, I need to pick up my normally excellent colleague, Steve Moore, on a couple of glaring ommissions in his piece on Kin Group (KIN) and its funding announcement earlier this week. It was rather rude after all to not give a warm welcome to an old friend.

Eurasia Mining – Shocking loan deal: worse than Wonga

Published 360 days ago

I’ve been following the antics of Sanderson Capital Partners for a while now and yesterday’s latest shocking funding deal with Eurasia Mining (EUA) has tipped me over the edge and forced me to write.

Amur Minerals – yet another sucker has fallen for the Crede “death spiral on steroids”

Published 490 days ago

Having written yesterday in amazement about the fact that Roy Pitchford, CEO, at Vast Resources (VAST) could have done such a shocking funding deal with Crede Capital (HERE), I immediately then realised that Amur Minerals (AMC) have done an almost identical deal with Crede but has somehow managed to be even more misleading about it.

Vast Resources – an absolute shocker of a funding deal (unless you’re Crede!)

Published 491 days ago

I am part disgusted and part amused by the shocking mess that the Vast Resources (VAST) management team has got itself into recently, all courtesy of a ridiculous funding arrangement that they agreed to in January this year with Crede Capital.


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