After London & Capital Finance, another mini-bond I'm nervous about - promoted by West Ham

Published 54 days ago

After the collapse of the London & Capital Finance ponzi, I wonder about some of the other high yield mini bonds being pushed to investors. And thus my attention is drawn to Basset & Gold PLC whose products are being promoted by my beloved West Ham United and some of its players.

Optibiotix - not blockbuster news, but good…patience my friends

Published 172 days ago

Optibiotix (OPTI) boss Steve O’Hara has dusted down his Adam Reynolds keyboard for another RNS which the market seems, unwisely to ignore. But we, the faithful shareholders, will be rewarded for our patience with something far more stirring and we shouldn’t be waiting very long at all...

ShareProphets Share Tips of the year Number 22 - sell Plus 500 says Lucian Miers

Published 874 days ago

Lucian is still on his grand tour of Eastern Europe but before he left he told me his two sell tips of the year for 2017. The first, natch, was Cloudtag (CTAG) HERE. The second, at 384.5p, is Plus 500 (PLUS).

CFD firms whacked as Britain's FCA follows European lead and clamps down

Published 901 days ago

I do not use CFD's. They seem like a mugs game and indeed research by the FCA shows that 82% of clients of the big providers lose money. But then most folks lose on the horses or on betting on football so why target CFDs? It is all driven by MiFD2. We saw this take shape in Cyprus last week although Plus500 denied that it would be affected in a pathetic rebuttal to my scoop. That rebuttal was bollocks and Plus shares are among the big fallers today as the FCA has weighed in with a series of measures.

UPDATED: Plus500 - problems ahead in Cyprus? A compelling short

Published 906 days ago

I am back in the Hellenic Republic once again and it appears that there may be a few problems ahead for AIM listed Plus 500 (PLUS) in the Greek speaking world. A contact flags up developments in Cyprus where - as you can see in the attached document - Plus does much of its business.

Plus 500 : Storm Clouds on the Horizon

Published 1156 days ago

The weakness in Plus 500’s (PLUS) share price in the last couple of days which has seen it fall a pound from 666p is probably explained by the excellent Times of Israel investigative piece on binary options which appeared on Thursday.


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