Tern: Is this going to be the worst ever example of the death spiral?

Published 48 days ago

I must admit to having a slightly morbid fascination with the various death spiral variants. They all look so similar on the face of it but the devil is in the detail and although the one announced by Tern (TERN) on Thursday looks harmless enough, it could easily crucify the share price, much more so than has been seen already.

BOS Global: Meet Michael Travia – the world’s worst death spiral funder!

Published 76 days ago

I last covered BOS Global (BOS) in early September when the CEO and founder, Michael Travia, quit suddenly (HERE) and I warned about the future. At the time the share price was over 7p; it’s now 3p. For the avoidance of doubt, I don’t think it’s a bargain now but I thought it worth commenting on the continued role of Mr Travia in this ongoing decline as he is currently playing an idiotic, poor-man’s version of Darwin or Yorkville.

Highlands Natural Resources: Some funding (not death spiral, honest) but a hugely risky punt even at 14p, sorry I mean 12p

Published 197 days ago

Two weeks ago, following the results of Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) I advised getting out at 23.75p as the bubble appeared to be bursting (see HERE). Well done if you did as you could have got back in at 12p last night as part of the announced funding via PrimaryBid but the question is: should you have done? Hmm, I’m not quite as tempted as Tom sounded HERE but let’s take a look at the details.

‘Kin ‘ell, Steve, you missed a trick or two, what are you playing at? Where’s the warm welcome back for L1 Capital?

Published 246 days ago

I’ve been away for a few days so just catching up on matters and first things first, I need to pick up my normally excellent colleague, Steve Moore, on a couple of glaring ommissions in his piece on Kin Group (KIN) and its funding announcement earlier this week. It was rather rude after all to not give a warm welcome to an old friend.

VAST after-hours comedy warrants ShareProphets RNS Translation Service

Published 425 days ago

At 6.15pm on Friday – truly no-one-is-watching o’clock – AIM-listed Vast Resources (VAST) released an RNS detailing the exercise of warrants and consequent issue of equity. It is comedy central. Perhaps readers can explain the 10% commission part…..

Forte Energy – mea culpa, my valuation was wrong..…it was far too high!

Published 529 days ago

Two weeks ago, following the release of its admission document I wrote about the valuation of Forte Energy (FTE) HERE. It was at 0.006p at the time and I thought 0.002p was a better reflection of the value. Well the share price has dropped to 0.0035p in the meantime but the bad news for those that have stuck it out so far is that my valuation should have been lower.

Vast Resources: Crexit achieved, an incredible effort from the activist shareholders

Published 567 days ago

It’s been a fantastic week for democracy on AIM first with the ousting of the Teathers Financial (TEA) Board early in the week and then, yesterday, even more impressively was the show of strength by the shareholders of Vast Resources (VAST) at the general meeting ousting the greedy financiers, Crede, in the process.

Vast Resources – a litany of excuses and extraordinary dilution ahead – the perfect RNS

Published 582 days ago

I first commented on the shocking funding deal between Vast Resources (VAST) and Crede HERE in March with the share price around 0.3p and although Vast managed to get out of the second tranche of funding (and got into bed with Darwin instead), yesterday’s RNS gave a disastrous update on all funding and operational matters – what a doozy!

Bushveld Minerals – placing ahoy?

Published 651 days ago

AIM-listed Bushveld Minerals (BMN) this afternoon announced the appointment of Beaufort as joint Broker to the company. As fine fellows as they are at Beaufort, and I’m sure they’ll do a jolly good job for the company it does rather look to be a slam-dunk certainty that there is a placing on the way. Back in September 2015 Mirabaud was appointed as joint broker. One wonders how many brokers the company needs!

Red Flags at Night: Independent Oil and Gas funding failure

Published 894 days ago

Released at 6pm on Friday night, this is a devastating RNS from Independent Oil and Gas plc (IOG). For anyone invested here, simply read the RNS which is reproduced below. It says it all: the long promised funding package which was supposed to see the company through has failed because the investor has walked from the deal. Independent has funding thought to just 4 September, at which point there is a £358,000 loan from Darwin to pay back.

Bulletin Board Moron of the week (9) Competition in honour of

Published 1091 days ago

Mr Rhys Griffiths of law firm Field Fisher would have to be a prime contender for this award. He reckons that I have invented a time machine and also made up a quote for me to support his mad thesis. Sadly he did not post his ramblings on a Bulletin Board but sent them in a joke lawyer’s letter to me on behalf of the asylum known as so he is ineligible. But in honour of the buffoons who paid him £500 an hour to produce such piffle the competition is back.

Falkland Oil & Gas – I am still bullish

Published 1104 days ago

I have been asked several times why Falkland Oil & Gas (FOGL) was not one of my two share tips for 2015. Well it just missed out. It would have been the third had I been allowed three.

Falklands Oil Companies in Focus – Part 1

Published 1167 days ago

It has been some time since I reviewed the prospects of the two main companies on the Falklands Oil scene, Rockhopper Exploration (RKH), and Falkland Oil & Gas (FOGL) where, in both cases, the future looks bright. And so I revisit the two stars but also the two dogs of this stable, Borders & Southern Petroleum (BOR) and Argos Resources (ARG). 

Borders & Southern: More Falklands Hysteria?

Published 1247 days ago

After the excellent article by Gary Newman the other day on Borders & Southern’s (BOR) farm in deal, I became concerned about these rumours. I tried to phone the managers of the key Falklands plays but most are on holiday. Does this mean a farm in is imminent? No. Are there farm in discussions? Yes. But that is as per the last annual report.

Avoid Kea Petroleum - it's heading lower

Published 1249 days ago

Investors in Kea Petroleum (KEA) awoke yesterday to the shock news that its appraisal drill in New Zealand had been a failure. This caused the share price to tumble by over 60 per cent to a little over 1.1p, but even after such a drop I think it still looks over-valued at a £10 million market cap and certainly wouldn’t be rushing to buy in.

Buy Falklands Oil & Gas at 26.75p – target 75p – interview with CEO Tim Bushell

Published 1252 days ago

Falkland Oil & Gas (FOGL) has acreage in the North and South Basin of the Falklands, will by 2015 be drilling more fully funded wells than any other Falkland oil company come 2015 – as highlighted by Red Evans HERE – and its shares could treble. Here’s why. 

Quindell Bulletin Board Morons of the Day – Surely if Darwin was correct these folk wouldn’t exist?

Published 1279 days ago

As I wait for a new video to be sent back to London I check out the abuse I am getting from Quindell (QPP) shareholders on twitter and on this website. I am struck by just how stupid some of our fellow human beings are. You really wouldn’t want many Quindell shareholders on your pub quiz team would you? 


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