Tom Winnifrith bonus bearcast: not all Death Spirals are the same - the L1 Cloudtag warrant catastrophe explained

Published 377 days ago

I know I have slammed death spirals but they can actually be a "cheaper" source of equity funding for some PLCs. But not all spirals are the same and the L1 facility is a disaster for Cloudtag (CTAG). I explain in this podcast how the warrant kicker will crush the Cloudtag share price and when. Perhaps after listening you want to enter the Cloudtag share price guessing contest HERE

Motive TV appoints administrators - the great journey of value destruction is over

Published 699 days ago

The only shock is that this took so long but today Motive TV (MTV) has announced that it is all over. It has appointed administrators. It is tits up time. Of course the day Motive shares were suspended on the AIM Casino this was bound to happen. This was a farce...whereby crony capitalists and City parasites screwed stupid private investors. Bring out the piano wire for the crony capitalists and neuter anyone who bought shares in Motive TV so "stupid genes" are eradicated from the population.

PeerTV - shares suspended, Weitzman quits, please may this be game over?

Published 725 days ago

The CEO Avi Vermus walked a few days ago and now the only credible player left at PeerTV (PTV), Ossie Weitzman has also stood down as a director. Nomad ZAI Finance is begging him to stay but unless he changes his mind it says that it will quit so the shares have been suspended. Great news.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 13 November: David Lenigas jokes, DCD IS a joke and other dross

Published 801 days ago

A few folks seem to take exception to my exception to state sponsored extra judicial execution. Big Big brother really loves folks like flip flop Turney. Away from that I discuss the pros and cons of death spirals ( a reader request) and there are a few jokes at the expense of fat Aussie share ramper David Lenigas. I look at DCD Media (DCD), Caza Oil & Gas (TOAST), Nu-Oil & Gas (NUOG), Stanley Gibbons (SGI), Rurelec (RUR) and Oilex (OEX) and a few other bits and bobs

Not all Death Spirals are death spirals - Yorkville video from UK Investor Show

Published 979 days ago

Not all death spirals are death spirals - that was the theme by the presentation of my pal Brian Kinane of Yorkville at the UK Investor Show 2015.

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast 24 October

Published 1186 days ago

Have I mentioned Quindell (QPP) yet today? You want more? Okay it gets a mention in the podcast as does Forte Energy and the whole issue of death spirals. The Horse Hill stocks are all mentioned as is Omega  Diagnostics, the nature of bear markets and the importance of earnings visibility.


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