The Prospects of this Profitable Animal Looker-Afterer Could Be More Understandable than its Name

Published 3 days ago

Hello, Share Carriers. Despite having one of the most tautological names on the stock market, Pets at Home (PETS) seems to be on the right track for a higher share price (tautology, of course, is saying the same thing twice and where else would you have your pets, but at home?)...

As Spirax-Sarco Steams Ahead, It Looks Like Time for Me to Climb Back on Board

Published 6 days ago

Hello, Share Crumblers. Three or four years ago, I sold all this family’s shares in the big engineer Spirax-Sarco (SPX). The reason was that the company had such a long good run, improving year after year, that I thought that all good things come to an end. However, the outfit has since gone from strength to strength. Typical!...

Genel Energy has great growth potential

Published 9 days ago

As long as you are prepared to accept a degree of geo-political risk, then I find it very hard not to like Genel Energy (GENL) at the current share price.

Compass Heads North Yet Again as Interim Results Move in the Right Direction

Published 10 days ago

Hello Share Chargers. There’s one stable contributor to my portfolio which I will probably stick with through thick and thin. However its interim results incline me to think that ‘thick’ will reign for some time yet. Compass Group (CPG) is one of the biggest caterers in the world...

Portmeirion – after less than 2 months ago “we look forward into 2019 with confidence”, a “Trading Update”…

Published 11 days ago

PortmeirionSpodeWax LyricalRoyal Worcester and Pimpernel ceramics and home fragrances group Portmeirion (PMP) has updated on trading. With 21st March-announced results having included “we look forward into 2019 with confidence”, should be ok…

Sunday is not a day of rest for management at Vodafone, BT Group and FirstGroup

Published 13 days ago

I quite like working on a Sunday as it gives me a chance to feel fully prepped when markets start moving about come Monday morning.  However I am sure there was some spluttering over the cornflakes and coffee for anyone associated with Vodafone (VOD), BT Group (BT/A) and FirstGroup (FGP) given the various mentions all three corporate names garnered in the deadwood press.  Looking at it dispassionately though from the perspective of shareholders, I think we can characterise the news out there as the equivalent of the good, the bad and the ugly. 

BT Group's full year numbers surprisingly...boring

Published 16 days ago

If I was a CEO putting together my first presentation document outlining how I wanted to get an underperforming supertanker of a company back into shape, I think I would start with a line something akin to 'Initial impressions positive but we need to build a better (company) for the future'. So no surprises from new BT Group (BT.A) CEO Philip Jansen in his first quarterly statement fully in day-to-day charge of the UK's best known telecoms company. However what I would then expect - silent assassin style - would be slash n corporate burn after a 'nice' start. Well blow me did not happen…

Imperial Brands – what will make the shares go up?

Published 17 days ago

I have been a supporter of the shares of Imperial Brands (IMB) for a while now, including noting back in September last year that 'the shares should be in the £30s at the very least. I remain a non-user of their products...but a buyer of their shares'. Well that might be my aspiration...but reality has been somewhat shabby with the shares currently revisiting the sub 23 quid level for the second time in six months. So what is going on?

Centrica is out of favour but has recovery potential longer term

Published 18 days ago

The past couple of years haven’t been great for FTSE100 stock Centrica (CNA), including the share price having halved during that time, but it could have recovery prospects from the current share price...

The City's Underwhelmed by Lloyds Latest Report, but It Could Be Time To Buy

Published 23 days ago

Hello, Share Polishers. The City was a bit disappointed in Lloyds Bank (LLOY)’s performance in the first three months of the year. The figures don't seem bad to me, but the shares still dipped on the news. Not much, but there should be a bit more optimism about such a big bank now on the road to recovery...

ULS Technology – “market headwinds”, argues “investment in the business will help to insulate”. Will it?...

Published 24 days ago

Provider of online B2B platforms for the UK conveyancing and financial intermediary markets, ULS Technology (ULS) has updated including of “a strong gross margin performance… continues to generate strong cash flow… maintain the group's policy of paying a progressive dividend”. So why are the shares currently, on the back of the update, at 70p – 9% lower?...

Woodford – the clear-out continues as he dumps VPC on an 11.2% yield

Published 25 days ago

Earlier this week it was announced that Neil Woodford had dumped his entire holding in peer-to-peer lender P2P Global (P2P), worth around £88 million – the stake being bought by Quilter. Yesterday it was announced that he has sold his entire holding in another player in the speciality lending game, VPC Speciality Lending Investments (VSL). How are those redemptions going, Neil?...

Gem Diamonds looks too cheap down here - buy for the longer term

Published 33 days ago

Diamond miners seem to be out of favour at the moment, but many experts are predicting better things to come for the market, with demand increasing and supply falling, especially when it comes to large or rare coloured stones.

Plus500 has recovery potential from the current lows

Published 34 days ago

Sentiment towards Plus500 (PLUS) has been negative for some time now, and justifiably so in light of its most recent trading update.

Dividend Munchers – Easter 2019 update (and still beating Neil Woodford)

Published 35 days ago

I have been remiss in not updating on my little portfolio of FTSE-100 dividend munchers for a while: it is time to make amends. This was a small portfolio put together in the hope of beating bank interest, but from a point of view of being bearish on the market. It has been a bumpy ride, but at least I am still ahead of Neil Woodford!

Neil Woodford – Bank Holiday reading in the press this weekend

Published 37 days ago

As investors settle down for the Good Friday and Easter bank holiday weekend, Neil Woodford has had a fair degree of coverage to assimilate. Articles in The Times and the FT point to Woodford’s sale of £42 million worth of NewRiver REIT (NRR) to his former junior at Invesco – something which ShareProphets readers have been aware of ten days now (it is good to see the dead wood press keeping up!) Meanwhile Citywire reports that the suspensions of Woodford’s stocks in Guernsey may be resolved this coming week although we are not told which way. And Hargreaves Lansdown appears to be standing by its man, still, as it covers the recent results from WPCTsomething covered here some two weeks ago.

Neil Woodford EIF – new figures show redemptions still a monster headache as the dividend crashes

Published 38 days ago

Neil Woodford’s funds have just released their latest numbers to the end of March – somewhat earlier than in recent months. The Equity Income Fund continues its path to becoming Patient Capital, is still overdrawn, has been selling more of its income stocks to meet redemptions and the dividend has been chopped. What’s not to like?!

Kier – in comes new CEO Andrew Davies who calls a strategic review. Will Woodford be vindicated?

Published 41 days ago

Andrew Davies narrowly missed out on what surely would have been the corporate hospital pass of the decade – last year he was announced as the new CEO of Carillion, but it went bust before he got his feet under the desk. Now he comes in as the new CEO of Kier (KIE) and despite the rights offer of last December, his first move is a strategic review.

Centrica – Iain Conn and the NEDs: if you think this is acceptable it is time for your P45s

Published 41 days ago

I am a patient investor and Centrica has had its fair share of problems. Some have been self-inflicted (losing customers), some imposed on it (the government price-cap) and some hark back to the previous regime and others are just a difficult market. As a shareholder, I’m sure the board will do what is necessary to get things back on track. Yet in the face of falling profits and the dividend under serious threat I see monster pay rises. That, in my view, is totally unacceptable.

As Emerging Markets Continue to Emerge, Take a Peek at this Feisty Funds Group

Published 44 days ago

Hello, Share Tumblers. Allow me to return to an old favourite which seems to me to offer some degree of reassurance in a changing world. It’s a group which specialises in the fortunes of emerging markets and developing countries. We hear a lot about how such regions are on the up and investment in this outfit seems an easy way of getting in on it...

Central Asia Metals produces another good set of results and remains a buy

Published 45 days ago

I’ve been a fan of Central Asia Metals (CAML) for some time now, and although the share price isn’t much higher currently, I still see it ultimately growing into a bigger company.

Headwinds Might Threaten this Gas and Electricity Giant, but the Dividend Still Has Power

Published 45 days ago

Hello, Share Pushers. I suspect not many of us will be over-keen to invest in the bigger power supply companies. The headwinds are worrying. Government caps on prices, big competition from smaller and cheaper companies, fuelled by comparison websites, and the rising oil price. And we could probably think of a few more...

Walker Greenbank – full-year adjusted profit “in line with expectations”. Really?...

Published 45 days ago

Interior furnishings company Walker Greenbank (WGB) “is pleased to announce its financial results for the 12 month period ended 31 January 2019”. The shares commenced that year approaching 130p, ended it at sub 90p and are currently sub 60p – and slightly further lower on the results announcement. “Pleased to announce”?...

Tesco – all eyes on Welwyn Garden City in June!

Published 46 days ago

When I last wrote up a set of numbers from Tesco (TSCO), I concluded that '240/250p is a fairer price for Tesco today and I have seen nothing from its results or those from its sector peers to dissuade me from this'. The short view would be this remains fully on track and my core view on the shares remains positive. Today's edging up of the shares (as I write) deeper into the 230s pence zone reflects this and tells me still to be long of the stock...

K3 Capital – from in January “confidence in outlook for the full year” to…

Published 51 days ago

“Trading Update” from business and company sales specialist in the UK, K3 Capital (K3C)… and the shares currently at 135p in response – down more than 15%. Uh oh…

Doctor, Doctor I Feel Like a New Share. Have a Look at EMIS, then

Published 51 days ago

Hello Share Munchers. A very useful company is commended today, one which should benefit from the growing army of GP patients. I don't know about you, but it's almost impossible for this family to see a real doctor these days. This is not always due to a shortage of them, but a fast-growing number of older patients suffer more than one chronic illness...

Visiting the Global Group UK Investor Show and catching up with Ariana

Published 56 days ago

What a day out that was! The Wray family may be running the investor show now, but the sparkle was still there – even if I missed the acid wit of Tom Winnifrith. But it was great to catch up with the other writers at ShareProphets and in particular it was good to call in at two stands – those of Ariana Resources (AAU) and Sosandar (SOS).

Anti-Fizzy Drinks Brigade Might Raise a Headwind against Tizer and IRN Bru

Published 59 days ago

Hello, Share Travellers. Though it pains me to say it, I might seem disloyal to my favourite childhood tipple of Tizer. A.G. Barr (BAG) makes it, along with that other iconic brand IRN-Bru. This is the legendary Glasgow beverage which has kept even the mighty Coke at bay on its home turf (apparently, only three people, including two family members, know the recipe). Also in the stable, though less well known to oldies like me, are Rubicon SpringFunkin CocktailsRockstar and Snapple. But there is a growing awareness that sugary drinks are not that healthy...

Coral Products – from “confident” less than 4 months ago & “exciting time” less than 2 weeks ago… to a “materially below” warning!

Published 61 days ago

Late November-announced half-year results saw Joe Grimmond, Chairman of “specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of plastic products” Coral Products (CRU), emphasise “delighted with the performance of the business in the first half… I am pleased to report that results to date are well ahead of the same period last year and that, in spite of the prevailing uncertainties of Brexit we remain confident of the groups future prospects”. And less than two weeks ago CEO Mick Wood was emphasising “it is an exciting time at Coral… we are proud to introduce a bespoke recycling unit into our business… confident that this recycling unit will help propel our business forward”. No worries for a trading update today then…

SpaceandPeople – “look forward to 2019 with confidence”… but then for 2018…

Published 62 days ago

Promotional and retail licensing space company SpaceandPeople (SAL) has announced 2018 results and that “since the end of 2018 we have been awarded a new, multi-year contract with Hammerson in the UK, and our investment in venue development personnel is delivering a good new venues pipeline in the UK” and “as a result of the improved margins and reduced overheads across the two German divisions we are confident they will deliver a positive contribution to group cash flow in 2019”. The shares have currently responded… er, to 12p – more than 17% lower!...

And this week’s biggest disaster for Neil Woodford is…..

Published 65 days ago

Neil Woodford has had another rotten week. Netscientific, which it seems he’s not going to fund any further, saw its holding in PDS listed on Nasdaq via a merger at $10 a share and the shares promptly headed south to close last night at just $7.65 – a drop of 23.5% which won’t help Netscientific keep the lights on much.

Tom Winnfrith Bearcast: Brexit bollocks, the real threats to the economy, Crest Nicholson's dividend and Charlie & Lola

Published 66 days ago

Charlie & Lola let me down so sorry for the Joshua interruption today. In this podcast I discuss Brexit and the real threats to the UK economy and then look at Crest Nicholson (CRST), its dividend and, I think, illusory yield. If you enjoyed this, almost, profanity free bearcast, follow a bloke from the Grim North who donated enough to buy a whole house in the welfare safari and support the Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks HERE.

Thank goodness for Next

Published 66 days ago

I read yesterday that apparently 90% of people polled in one survey thought that the whole Brexit shenanigans are a national embarrassment. I think I am with the crowd on this one...which makes me happy to see a regulatory news statement from my old pals at Next (NXT), which wonderfully observes on the whole future EU relationship debacle: 'we can see no evidence that this uncertainty is affecting consumer behaviour in our sector'. Good news...but then Next, unlike so many of its other sector peers, is a quality operator as I have attested before – and can be seen in its numbers today...

Kingfisher – with the CEO going, all options open up to create more than 'One Kingfisher'

Published 67 days ago

After a bunch of polarised press articles which focused on her gender and nationality just as much as her operational performance, the Kingfisher (KGF) CEO Veronique Laury is off - after reflecting that the next stage of her 'One Kingfisher' programme is apparently best handled by somebody else. Many would appraise that whilst the ideal of her 2015-launched corporate effort was initiated with the best intentions (focus ranges, simplification), it has been a dog's dinner of strategic application. Certainly the difficult economic backdrop for any company with big DIY brands such as B&Q and Castorama (in France) has not been exactly perfect...but for every challenging big picture economic aspect, there have been some positive aspects such as the Bunnings self-implosion in the UK or the continued positive structural development of the Screwfix brand...

Anglo Asian Mining looks to have the potential to grow into a mid-tier producer - long term buy and hold

Published 70 days ago

Gold, silver and copper are all metals that I am bullish on at the moment, so Azerbaijani miner Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) fits the bill perfectly in covering all three of those.

Stilo International – 2018 results, “significant financial overheads associated with being a public listed company” worth it?

Published 73 days ago

Previously writing on content software tools and cloud services business Stilo International (STL), it was I having previously questioned capable of delivering sufficient growth?, half-year results…. Today 2018 full-year results including “as we look forward to growing future sales, supported by healthy cash reserves and a strong balance sheet, I am pleased to announce the payment of an increased final dividend of 0.06 pence per share, providing a total dividend for the year of 0.12 pence” (2017: 0.10p) – the shares have though currently responded to 2.35p – down 17.5%!...

Cineworld – go to a film but avoid the stock

Published 73 days ago

Judging by today's five percentage plus share price move, my cautious call on the big M&A splurge in the United States about fifteen months ago by Cineworld (CINE) is not looking so hot. Of course punch up a two or three year share price chart and you also immediately see the distorting (and dilutive) impact of the big money raising that accompanied the Regal deal...

£4 million of other folks cash spunked on a falling knife because Neil Woodford (again) knows better

Published 75 days ago

On Friday Redde (REDD) ‘fessed up that it had lost its largest contract. The yield on the shares by c.o.p Friday was more than 11%, screaming out that this company was now certain to slash the dividend. But as the stock collapsed from 130p to 104p (it is now 98p) one 'savvy' investor thought that, once again, he knew better...

Anglo Asian Mining – dividend guidance & Gadir resource estimate, still at least a hold

Published 75 days ago

Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) “is pleased to announce… the company will declare a minimum final dividend for the year ended 31 December 2018 of US$3 cents per share and a minimum total dividend for the year ending 31 December 2019 of US$6 cents per share” and that it “now publishes Mineral Resources and an Ore Reserve Estimate for its Gadir Underground mine”

Kier-blimey! Today’s Woodford disaster is Kier (again)

Published 76 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Just when Neil Woodford might have thought it couldn’t get any worse (at least for a day or two), up pops fully-listed Kier Group (KIE) – whose rights issue refinancing saw the humiliation of being bailed out by the underwriters last December -  which seems to have found an extra £50  million of debt since its trading statement of just seven weeks ago……and capped  that with the announcement of a £25 million provision with regard to a redevelopment project at Broadmoor Hospital. As I write, the shares are at session lows of 412p  a drop of 85p, or 17%. Neil sure can pick’em.

Redde – intra-day “Contract Update”, surely not ANOTHER disaster for Neil Woodford?!

Published 78 days ago

“Accident management and legal services” company Redde (REDD) has made an intra-day (12:18pm) “Contract Update” announcement. I’m guessing this ain’t going to be good news…

Bravely on your behalf I grapple with Aviva

Published 80 days ago

Akin to the complete geek I am, I had an answer when recently asked the question which sector was the most difficult to analytically appraise. Forget technology or even biotechnology, my pick would be insurance because unlike the other two areas - which overtly often require specific knowledge - it can sucker you into thinking you have it cracked only to bite you where it hurts in ways and means you barely understand. So onto Aviva (AV.) whose full year numbers came out earlier today – and which has been in the news over recent months for being naughty boys by trying to undertake a compulsory purchase of some of its expensive preference shares…

Synectics – results subdued… but confident of good progress from here

Published 81 days ago

Surveillance technology and networked security systems company Synectics (SNX) has announced results for its year ended 30th November 2018 and that “the pipeline of identified new business that the group expects to win and deliver in 2019 is strong, and we expect to benefit from growing momentum in certain market sectors”

Abcam – a clever, innovative, fat cat pay company whose shares are down 11% today

Published 83 days ago

I have not written on Abcam (ABC) but given the nature of its last appearance on this website ("Abcam fat cats and useless 1%-er Non Execs") many will think just desserts about today's 11% share price fall (as I write)…

My advice to Centrica and BT: have a plan if you are going to cut the dividend

Published 83 days ago

Investment can be a kind of introspective business and it struck me yesterday that it was kind of interesting that when i wrote up my latest musings on Marks & Spencer (MKS) the other day, I did not even mention the dividend cut.  It was not as if I did not know about it but in an article where I probably squeezed in too many corporate names, it did not feel that relevant versus the Ocado related money raising, continued roll-out of the new strategy and the reiteration of numbers.  I found it interesting too that you had to delve quite deep into the deadwood press articles of the next day to spot this aspect of the update too.  

WPP admits advertising is a game of two halves

Published 86 days ago

I was at an event yesterday and found myself repeating that well known maxim that 'half of advertising spending works...I am just not sure which half'. I was reminded of this by the numbers from advertising behemoth WPP (WPP) this morning…

The market has vastly over-reacted to Centamin's results - it remains a long term buy for me

Published 87 days ago

The market has been slaughtering even the larger companies over any sort of disappointing results recently, but for me that further strengthens the argument to buy shares in Centamin (CEY).

This Commodities King Could Dig Up some Royal Share Profits

Published 94 days ago

Hello, Share Tasters. The big miners are often a difficult investment, as a drop in commodity prices can cause catastrophe. Hopefully though, the price of commodities is currently so undervalued that this is unlikely to happen to the horrible extent of a few years ago...

Lloyds - you cannot eat relative performance...but still bet on the black horse

Published 95 days ago

I called Lloyds Banking Group (LLOY) shares 'boring' and 'worthy' a year ago... but even adding back the dividend I am still down about 10% over the last year from that comment. So far from the greatest call, even if most of the rest of the financial sector has fared worse. As an old boss once said to me 'you can't eat relative performance'…

Jumbo with Some of the Best Brands in Home Medicine Points the Way to a Healthy Future

Published 95 days ago

Hello, Share Revellers. The mission of Slough-based giant Reckitt Benckiser (RB.) is to bring health and happiness into peoples’ home. This ‘consumer health and hygiene outfit’ does it in 60 countries across the globe. It’s bringing cheer into shareholder portfolios, too. While some Footsie members struggle, this jumbo continues to boost both revenue and profits...

As Banks and Brokers Up their Targets, Shell A and B Shares Could Crack Open Buying Opportunities

Published 97 days ago

Hello Share Pacers. Recently I opined that BP (BP.) was possibly a better bet than its rival Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA and RDSB) at the moment. But there’s not much in it, and it might be a good idea to take out the insurance of investing in both jumbos. The thing driving both shares at the moment is, of course, the rising oil price...

RBS gives its shareholders both profit and dividend horn

Published 100 days ago

It is a good job that Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has started to pay a dividend (3.5p full year and a 7.5p special equating to 11p per share or c. a 4.5% yield) because my June love-up would have left any investors over the last eight or so months with basically no capital gain. I guess it could have been worse and today's full year 2018 numbers have shown some real year-on-year progress...

Red Rock Resources – Jupiter Mines to receive further distribution, dividend to Red Rock incoming

Published 100 days ago

Red Rock Resources (RRR) has noted an update from Jupiter Mines which includes “the board of Tshipi é Ntle Manganese Mining (Pty) Ltd has resolved to distribute a R1.1 billion H2 2019 dividend to its shareholders”...

Why Do I Think This Lot Might Beat Brexit? Elementary, My Dear Barratt Homes

Published 102 days ago

Hello Share Plungers. Should you fancy, as I do, that house prices will not be affected much more by Brexit, however the negotiations progress, then it might be worthing taking a peek at Barratt Developments (BDEV). Do we really believe that foreigners will stop scoffing our bricks and mortar just because its becomes slighter harder for Europeans to enter the country?

Plus500 – “pleased to announce” results… so why a near 30% share price crash?

Published 102 days ago

Writing on Plus500 (PLUS) in November with the shares rising above 1400p, I questioned it stating “a good position for 2019”. Today from the company “pleased to announce preliminary unaudited results for the year ended 31 December 2018”… but the shares currently approaching 30% lower, at around 1150p!...

Is the Petrofac share price collapse a good buying/trading opportunity

Published 104 days ago

Sudden large drops in share price on larger companies tend to spook investors, but they can also offer great opportunities, either to invest at a cheap price or even just to trade any bounce back towards previous levels.

SSE - as went 2018 goes 2019

Published 107 days ago

Regular readers will know very well that I regard anyone who has a significant portfolio position in UK utility Scottish & Southern Electricity (SSE) as a hardcore dividend muncher with an effective stock market investor profile age of 85 years old…

Unless you are 85 years can do so much better than BP

Published 110 days ago

BP (BP.)’s numbers have excited the market with the shares up 3% and change today. Full year profits have doubled versus 2017 thanks predominately to higher energy prices, whilst the dividend (currently equivalent to a 6% yield) was edged up by 2.5%. What is there not to like for growth or income biased investors? After all with a gearing ratio of just over 30%, a bunch of oil reserves, chat about buybacks and an experienced management team, it is not as if the company is going to go bust or anything. All of this is very true - after all these are the reasons why nearly every single corporate pension fund holds BP or its dogged UK-listed sector peer Royal Dutch Shell (RDSB). However as a private investor…

Dividend Munchers – (almost) January update

Published 112 days ago

OK, I’m a bit late with this update and the last one wasn’t at all pretty as total returns weighed in at a depressing -1.4%. So much for being immune to a dodgy market! But the dividends are still rolling in and I’m still beating Neil Woodford….every cloud, and all that!

Revenue Up, Profits Up as Diageo Drinks to Yet More Success

Published 114 days ago

Hello, Share Shifters. Most of the time I push penny shares forward for your further examination, but I do have my favourites among Footsie giants. Sensibly, you ought to hold at least half of your pot in the jumbos, even though even these babies can go sour. Today, I bring you a share I’ve long supported, if only because when times are shaky, more people it seems turn to the solace of drink...

Is Rank really so dank?

Published 115 days ago

I could talk about market heavyweights Diageo (DGE), Royal Dutch Shell (RDSB) or Unilever (ULVR) but frankly none are interesting or compelling...although no doubt dividend munchers are still getting frothy about them. Instead I turn again to the bingo, casino and more emporium Rank (RNK) – which I last wrote about in August, observing 'below 160p as a "have another look" level still feels correct. No debt, cashflow, well-known assets...smell the private equity or industry consolidation potential'…

Looking for a Reliable Money-Maker? Have a Gander at the Magnificent Severn Trent

Published 115 days ago

Hello, Share Markers. Yesterday I suggested insurer Legal & General (LGEN) as a reasonable punt for anyone looking for a comparatively safe company with a juicy dividend. For the more curious who want to spread an investment between two of Britain’s more reliable companies might I also suggest you look at Severn Trent (SVT)...

Brexit Fears Haven't Spooked this Tasty Insurance and Pensions Juggernaut

Published 116 days ago

Hello, Share Divers. Allow me to take a break from my latest list of more speculative shares and remind you about the worthiness of a successful Footsie giant. My choice today is one of the few big index members which is holding up rather well in spite of the Brexit chaos...

Maintel – “expected to be at the top end of the range”, so why are the shares still significantly lower than previously?

Published 117 days ago

A 2018 trading update from provider of communications, cloud and managed services Maintel (MAI) includes “adjusted EBITDA expected to be at the top end of the range” and “the board remains confident in delivering growth in both revenue and EBITDA for the current financial year to 31 December 2019”. The shares have responded higher to 460p – but this still compares to 650p at the commencement of November…

Ariana – buyback whoopsie at 4.29pm, but a minor issue - blame Roland "fatty" Cornish. Strong hold.

Published 124 days ago

Oh dear. AIM-listed Ariana Resources has announced that the share buyback previously announced on 16 January 2019 – and which occurred on 4 January – when the company bought back 4.5 million shares into treasury was not allowed as the company didn’t have the distributable reserves available on the balance sheet. Red faces all round, but this is not a major issue.

And today’s Neil Woodford disaster is……..the equity income fund

Published 127 days ago

Last night Woodford Investment Management released its latest update for the Woodford Equity Income Fund, to 31 December 2018. The fund had fallen to £4.98 billion as at 30 November 2018. At year end it had slipped again – to £4.67 billion. Oopsadaisie Neil, another £310 million gone!

Character Group – reassuring AGM trading update, a speculative buy?

Published 128 days ago

Previously writing on Character Group (CCT), I concluded presently still a small, speculative buy. Today an AGM trading update from this toys, games and giftware company…

Anglo Asian Mining – positive 2018 update, production “at upper range of guidance”...

Published 128 days ago

“Q4 and FY 2018 Production and Operations Review” from Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ), emphasising “full year production at upper range of guidance and net cash of $6.1 million at 31 December 2018”

Bowleven – shares slide 38% but don’t worry!

Published 129 days ago

If you have not been following AIM-listed Bowleven (BLVN) you might have missed that it proposed to cough up a special dividend of 15p per share ten days ago. This morning the shares went ex-dividend, which is why the shares are down. But the good news is that they are only down by 12p – so in effect they are up by 3p, or about 10%, on yesterday’s close.

Headlam warns again... Time to buy?

Published 130 days ago

Back in August I mused about Headlam (HEAD), which claims to be 'Europe's largest distributor of floorcoverings, providing the distribution link between suppliers and customers across the UK and Continental Europe'. Since then the shares have fallen further and today's update has deepened that trend…

Shoe Zone – full-year results, a value proposition looking suited to the challenging consumer environment

Published 132 days ago

Shoe Zone (SHOE) has announced results for its year ended 29th September 2018 and that it is “positive about the outlook for the remainder of the year”, currently “trading ahead of previous market expectations”

SHOCKER!! How much dividend did Neil Woodford take for losing his investors’ cash? Unacceptable Greed exposed

Published 137 days ago

Neil Woodford’s Woodford Investment Management results for the year to to March 31 2018 have finally been released. The good news is they were filed on time – they were received by Companies House on Christmas Eve. The bad news is that over the period his equity income fund lost around 13.5% for his unit holders whilst the FTSE All-Share was broadly flat. And the shocker? Read on! This is the unacceptable face of capitalism, monstrous greed, as failure is rewarded...

BT Group - a tortoise not a hare in 2019

Published 139 days ago

I feel a bit grubby talking about it, but I see the excitement levels may be rising amongst some long-suffering BT Group (BT.A) shareholders today following weekend headlines which included the part jingoistic (and part comic) 'Are the Germans coming for BT? FTSE giant rings in top takeover advisers to help fend off bid as key date looms for telecoms rival'…

What is Neil Woodford so keen to hide from you all This New Year's day?

Published 145 days ago

In 2017 Neil Woodford filed accounts for Woodford Investment Management, due by December 31, on December 20th. It was thus at a time when no-one was reading the financial press that it emerged that despite a shite year for his investors, for to the 12 months to March 31 2017, Neil himself had trousered £7 million in dividends as a reward for being so useless.

Highland Gold will shine if gold shows continued strength

Published 149 days ago

Gold has been showing signs of strength of late and moving forwards into 2019 I would definitely be looking to have some in your portfolio, with an equity position in a gold producer being the best option.

Neil Woodford’s Christmas Carol: Chapter two (of three)

Published 153 days ago

‘Twas the night before Christmas.  Neil Woodford had pushed the apparition claiming to be the ghost of Christmas Past out of the window’s provided by “our locks are as safe as our dividends” Kier and had now bolted them firmly shut.

Science Group – trading update & termination of formal sale process. Share price fall justified?

Published 162 days ago

“Consultancy providing applied science, product development, technology advisory and regulatory services to a client base in medical, commercial and food & beverage markets”, Science Group (SAG) has announced a “Trading Update; Termination of Formal Sale Process” – and the shares have responded currently more than 6% lower, towards 200p…

Bilby – reckons “pleased to announce” interims… I don’t reckon the recent institutional shareholders will be as pleased!

Published 165 days ago

Gas heating, electrical and building services provider Bilby (BILB) reckons it “is pleased to announce its interim results for the six months ended 30 September 2018”. So why then are the shares currently circa 20% lower on the back of them, to below 75p?...

Photo-Me – interims, really set for a second half recovery?

Published 166 days ago

Photobooths and ID and laundry and other vending equipment company, Photo-Me (PHTM) has announced results for its half-year ended 31st October 2018 – with the shares currently approaching 10% lower, at sub 100p, in response…

Revolution Bars Group has long term potential despite the current blip in performance

Published 167 days ago

Revolution Bars Group (RBG) is a company that caught my eye a while back, but at the time it was for the wrong reasons as I’d noticed that the share price seemed to be on a steady downwards trajectory. In terms of this, nothing has really changed and it has been making new lows around the 100p area, losing around a third of its value in the past year – which included a brief spike to around 175p in January. This is one where there could be an argument for waiting for the trend to turn positive, if indeed it does from here, but with the market cap back around the £50 million level I can see value in buying here...

DS Smith - boxing up an attractive 2019 package for investors

Published 171 days ago

Regular readers will know I like a bit of geek chic in my investment choices and the surprising rise in importance of the packaging sector as both part of the structural rise of the e-commerce sector and as a way for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) names to differentiate their offering in a competitive world, may have surprised a few people. It certainly has excited me over recent years and a year ago - as I noted here - DS Smith (SMDS) was riding high. The 2018 35%+ share price fall however is striking…

Water Water Everywhere and the Profits Are Pouring In for this Canny Supplier

Published 171 days ago

Hello Share Punchers. Allow me to bring you yet another company which is growing profit faster than revenue. You'll recall that I maintain this is one of the best portents you can find for a rising share. Today's winner is Pennon (PNN), the utility which owns South West Water…

Brent Crude's Chance of Recovery Could Motor Shell Towards some High Broker Targets

Published 173 days ago

Hello Share Kindlers. The price of Brent Crude has fallen rather a lot in the last six weeks. From $85 to $62 a barrel to be more precise. That’s understandable, as the black stuff was becoming a bit toppy. Part of the fall is due to a strange cycle in the oil market...

Daily Mail Results Give Little Comfort as the Newspaper World Continues to Struggle

Published 177 days ago

Hello, Share Rangers. As a former journalist who served Fleet Street, I’m unhappy with the demise of newspapers. But share bunnies need to be sensible rather than nostalgic. So on the full-year results of the Daily Mail (DMGT), I will continue to avoid its stock.

Triad Group – emphasises “good progress with a number of business development activities”, so why a 25%+ share price slump?

Published 180 days ago

The results announcement for its half-year ended 30th September 2018 from IT consultancy group Triad (TRD) includes “encouragingly, gross margin as a percentage of revenue has increased to 18.5% (2017: 16.8%)”“the group's cash position remains extremely healthy… has declared an interim dividend of 1p (2017: 0.5p)” and “the group has made good progress with a number of business development activities aimed at strengthening our profile and increasing our client base across the public and private sectors”. The shares are currently, er, more than 25% lower, towards 45p in response. Hmmm…

Norcros – interims, “remains confident” BUT…

Published 181 days ago

Bathroom and kitchen products company Norcros (NXR) has announced results for its half-year ended 30th September 2018 and that it “remains confident…to make further progress in line with its expectations for the year to 31 March 2019”

Among all the scandals, political intrigue & nobbled confidence levels, three larger cap buy ideas

Published 186 days ago

One of those earnings days with lots going on...and among all the scandals, political intrigue and nobbled confidence levels, three larger cap buy ideas…

Maintel – argues “business transformation has been encouraging”… so why a current circa 25% share price fall?!

Published 186 days ago

Maintel Holdings (MAI) has updated commencing that; “Maintel's transformation into a cloud and managed services provider has continued in the second half. This month alone the group has seen two large wins on its hosted unified communications platform… representing growth of over 40% versus the prior year. In addition, Maintel is on track to grow its managed services base year on year by around 10%”. Sounds good... You what?... the shares are currently down approaching 25%, below 460p?!...

easyJet's correlation with the Brexit fear factor

Published 186 days ago

easyJet (EZJ) shares lost a bit of altitude yesterday and it was not really clear why, with profits growth of 41% aided by a revenue expansion of 17% and helped by the company pushing up ancillary seat revenue and continuing to push out an ongoing cost saving programme. Meanwhile income investors were well served with the ordinary dividend being pushed up 43%. The share is now yielding basically 5%. However, and despite dubbing itself the ‘best performing airline in Europe in 2018’, shares in the company fell back around 5% due seemingly to the ‘B’ word...

Telecom Plus Interims – one for dividend munchers or bargepole?

Published 187 days ago

Fully-listed Telecom Plus (TEP) is a member of the FTSE250 and it announced its interims this morning. The shares are currently up 56p to 1258p, valuing the company at £982 million. With an expected full year dividend of 52p that puts the shares on a dividend yield of 4.13% which appears quite tasty when compared to a bank account. So are they for dividend munchers, or is there something lurking beneath the surface to make me run a mile? Covering the company in the past I was less than convinced, but with fresh eyes let’s take a look.

Prime People – half-year results, outlook still encouraging?

Published 188 days ago

Writing on Prime People (PRP) in the summer, I concluded I’d want further detail of stated ‘encouraging activity’ but on the watchlist and the braver might consider a small, speculative buy. Now half-year results from this ‘real estate & built environment, energy & environmental and insight & analytics sectors’ specialist recruitment group…

Kingfisher gets the Sunday press shafting treatment

Published 189 days ago

After almost freezing my nether regions off on my usual early doors Sunday bike ride, I settled in to read (online) a couple of the Sunday papers.  For quite a few years now I have taken the view that many of the results/strategy preview stories are deeply provocative and excitable, and when the results and strategy statement actually occurs...a whole bunch of fear and angst is already priced in.  

Dividend Munchers: Vodafone calms market with interims

Published 194 days ago

I was really worried I had made a grave error is buying into Vodafone (VOD) for my mini Dividend Munchers’ portfolio. Of course, on the basis of having paid over 190p and the shares subsequently collapsing to well under 150p I clearly had – but fortunately had only piled up half of what I had wanted so by good fortune I escaped the worst. The question was then whether to pile in for more – so the market was wrong – or to accept I had made a mistake. This morning Vodafone offered up its interims.

A Reliable and Yummy Dividend Offsets Moribund Share Price Action at the Big Grid

Published 194 days ago

Hello Share Squishers. There are some shares which you think you can leave to their own devices. And when you have as many firms as I have in a bulging portfolio, it’s nice to have a few shares which require low maintenance.

Glencore looks too cheap - I can see why a share buyback is ongoing

Published 195 days ago

A lot of AIM investors seem to view main market larger companies as being boring as you aren’t ever likely to multiply your capital overnight, but conversely it is unlikely that you will ever lose the lot either. By ignoring the larger companies, especially in the mining and oil sectors, you are potentially missing out on some very good gains, and with relatively low risk to your capital as these businesses tend to be so well diversified that any single event is unlikely to cause a complete share price collapse.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Am I being terribly unfair on Amur Minerals? Beastly YES Unfair NO

Published 197 days ago

Warning: This podcast contains references that vegans with a sense of humour bypass (i.e 99% of them) may find offensive. In this podcast I reflect on walking past a dark restaurant in a prime location yesterday. I consider Vodafone (VOD) and the security of its dividend. Finally I ponder whether I am being far too harsh on a company ramped in a sordid manner by Justin the Clown and the Sith Lord Zak Mir and run by a total knobhead, that is to say Amur Minerals (AMC)

What ITV and M&S said next...

Published 200 days ago

So after all that midterm election excitement (the pollsters got it broadly correct for once), time to consider today's large cap highlights. Two names stand out for me: ITV (ITV) and Marks & Spencer (MKS)…

Keep buying any weakness in Centamin as the company is now back on track

Published 202 days ago

Centamin (CEY) has had a bad run of form of late, but I believe that this is just a temporary blip in its fortunes and it presents a fantastic buying opportunity for the future.

Dividend Munchers’ List – Full November update

Published 202 days ago

We’ve made November and the world didn’t end on the stock markets after all. Phew. Having noted that three of my four picks had been pretty resilient during the market squall of October, we have now seen a bit of a recovery across the markets (not that I think it will last). So how’s the performance?

Dividend Munchers – great stuff from BT, but time to trim?

Published 204 days ago

Fully listed BT (BT.A) is the largest holding in my small collection of dividend munchers by value, although for the purposes of the portfolio it is marked as one unit, along with Centrica (CNA) and ITV (ITV). Vodafone, the fourth member, is half a unit – thank goodness! Yesterday’s interims went down very well with the market, which marked the shares up to around 267p at the peak, and closed at around 260. The shares haven’t been this high since last January and you have to go back to last October before you see an extended period of higher prices than that.

System1 Group – interims emphasise growth & Ad Ratings ‘excitement’, but is material recovery really imminent?

Published 204 days ago

Marketing services group System1 (SYS1) has announced results for its half year ended 30th September 2018 including emphasising “26% growth in diluted earnings per share to 5.3p” and “we are excited about our new Ad Ratings service”. The shares have currently responded circa 8% higher, but a still sub 200p share price compares to almost 400p early in 2018…

GYG – the Woodford reverse Midas touch strikes again: banks must be shitting themselves

Published 206 days ago

Oh dear. When Neil Woodford spunked £8 million of other folks cash into the July 2017 100p a pop AIM casino IPO of yacht refitting company GYG (GYG) he thought this would be plain sailing. Oh no. Au contraire. The reverse Midas touch has struck Britain’s most arrogant fund mis-manager withy the second (lack of) profits warning in two months. Now I suggest the banks must be shitting themselves, the shares are 42.5p, sinking like the Titanic, as friendless as the Marie Celeste, and things are only going to get worse.

Warpaint London – from “well positioned to continue to deliver increasing shareholder value in 2018” to profit warning in just 6 weeks… but share price reaction fair?

Published 208 days ago

Mid September-announced half-year results from cosmetics company Warpaint London (W7L) saw it noting an order book “allowing us visibility and confidence for the full year outturn” and that “prospects are encouraging and Warpaint is well positioned to continue to deliver increasing shareholder value in 2018”. Six weeks later, a “Trading Update”. Should be good then…

RPS Group – Q3 trading update sees shares slump. Justified?

Published 212 days ago

Half-year results on 2nd August from RPS Group (RPS) saw CEO John Douglas emphasising “we have made good progress in respect of our strategic priorities including the re-organisation of the business that will provide a solid platform for growth”. Today the company reports third quarter adjusted profit below expectations and a warning that profit will be further impacted by “necessary investment in the business”. Uh oh…

BP - a buy for income

Published 215 days ago

Shares in BP (BP.) approached 600p as summer dawned and again earlier this month. They’ve been hit in the recent sell-off though, despite - already offering a hefty dividend - the second quarter results having emphasised “momentum and the strength of our financial frame… we are increasing our dividend for the first time in almost four years. This reflects not just our commitment to growing distributions to shareholders but our confidence in the future”

I find it hard to understand why SOCO International is so cheap - buy

Published 220 days ago

Sometimes it is hard to fathom why a company with strong fundamentals continues to be unloved by the market, and for me that is very much the case with SOCO International (SIA) at the moment, and has been for some time now. Lately the share price has slipped and is now trading at around the 88p level, and whilst it has bounced around 10% from the recent low of 80p that we saw, it still seems incredibly cheap at a market cap of just over £300 million, especially when you consider the current strength in oil prices.

Creightons - a penny share buy

Published 221 days ago

Having exceeded 40p in 2017, shares in Creightons (CRL) fell to below 20p early this year following a trading update including that “the group has outsourced supply of some branded products lines. This has impacted upon the profit margins of these lines. Therefore, the board has concluded that the full year profit before tax is likely to be marginally lower than last year”. However, that was because of “demand out-pacing capacities in our factories ahead of planned expansion in manufacturing capacities”...

GlaxoSmithKline Is a Medical Giant With a Growing Market in Vaccines and a Nice Divi to Sweeten the Pill

Published 222 days ago

Hello, Share Pinchers. One of the most attractive sectors to invest in for those who like to inhabit the moral high ground is medicine. Who would not want to try to alleviate pain and suffering in Britain and the world? Yes, there can be worries that some companies are not as good as they might be in curbing the costs of treatment and drugs, but on the whole it’s a satisfying area of investment.

This Beauty is Transporting Profits to a Higher Road

Published 223 days ago

Hello, Share People. It’s always pleasant to find a company which is enjoying higher profits. It’s even better when we find that the rising profits far outclass any improvement in revenue. One such company I bring to your notice now is Xpediator (XPD).

Five large cap stocks I would buy now for capital growth despite market volatility

Published 223 days ago

Well what a last week with fear - for once in recent years - in ascendancy and lots of 'worst week since February' statistics being quoted.  As Tom Winnifrith noted in a recent bearcast the big honking issue is debt around the world, although tactically you can throw in a supporting cast of world trade angst, a bit of inflation bubbling up and a firm US dollar.  

Buy the current Vodafone weakness for long term gains and a healthy dividend yield

Published 229 days ago

Vodafone (VOD) has had a very weak year so far and the share price has been dropping steadily, but I believe that it can still turn things around longer term.

Royal Mail is Not Delivering the Same Profits as 2017 and May be Given a Miss

Published 229 days ago

Hello, Share Spinners. With the shops already beginning to stock up Christmassy things (shame!), businesses significantly affected by the Yule spirit will soon begin to bounce up. Or not fall as quickly as they might have done, according to their own unique circumstances. One such company is Royal Mail (RMG).

Dividend Munchers’ List – October update

Published 230 days ago

Well, here we are a month on from my last update and there has been a bit of excitement in my small portfolio of FTSE100 high-yielders which I hope will ride out any market storms ahead. I say excitement – but nothing has changed: ITV made noises about bidding for Endemol and then announced that it wasn’t going to after all. The shares went down, and then recovered on the two bits of news, so I guess the management got the message!

Tesco - the good and bad news is that it is over the hump

Published 234 days ago

Aside from a couple of brief comments on its new discount offering Jack's, the last time I wrote substantially on Tesco (TSCO) was six months ago - when I concluded that there was another leg in the share price to come, which duly resulted. But the wheels have come off the shares in the last couple of months. I still remain unconvinced by Jack's but in the wider scheme of things in the Tesco empire it is a rounding error. I think the real issue however is that Tesco is now no longer a recovery stock and - as we all know - it is easier to travel than arrive…

United Carpets – a not usual “AGM Trading Update” & intra-day. Uh oh…

Published 248 days ago

An 11:25am “AGM Trading Update” from “the third largest chain of specialist retail carpet and floor covering stores in the UK”, United Carpets (UCG). This an ‘update’ not provided in previous years and now done so intra-day and with there clearly a tough UK retail climate. Hmmm…

Elecosoft – in light of H1 performance looks forward with confidence, so why a share price decline?

Published 255 days ago

Technology provider to the architectural, engineering, construction and digital marketing industries, Elecosoft (ELCO) has announced results for the first half of 2018 and that “in light of the company's first half performance, we look forward to the remainder of 2018 with confidence”. The shares have currently responded, er, more than 5% lower, towards 80p?…

Emerging markets bear buy Ashmore?

Published 261 days ago

You probably read in the last day or so that the emerging markets have formally entered bear market territory, down 20% from the highs of late January. The reasons for this are inevitably multifarious but simplify down to the hassles of higher interest rates (led by the US) and a firmer dollar plus, of course, trade war fears. All of these have helped expose cracks in emerging market domestic policy - such as the unsustainable economic policies of Argentina and Turkey.

Why I'm Still Riding the Black Horse and Expect to Make Hay if We Get a Good Brexit Deal

Published 263 days ago

Hello Share Wishers. What a thundering disappointment banks have been. You would have thought that the huge recovery most Footsie shares have seen since the 2008 crash, would have catapulted banks back where they were pre-disaster. But are they Buckland Abbey!

Keep buying Central Asia Metals for long term rewards

Published 272 days ago

When you find a resources company that has plenty of growth potential and you like both the fundamentals and the management team behind it, then it often makes sense to build up a long term position in it over a period of time.

Kingspan - insulation is a great be sure

Published 275 days ago

Top of the regulatory news pile for me today is Kingspan (KGP), the insulation products company with Irish heritage, that claims, in its new presentation document today, that 'in 2017 total energy saved by our insulation systems is equivalent to over one hundred million barrels of oil or the annual output of sixty-one power stations'. Well how worthy…

D4T4 Solutions – does “encouraging returns from our business investment programme” suggest the shares a buy?

Published 275 days ago

Data capture, management and analytics-focused D4T4 Solutions (D4T4) has updated including it is “seeing encouraging returns from our business investment programme” and “the board remains confident of delivering on its expectations for the year ahead”. Sounds promising…

No Need the Whine About Majestic, You Could be Drinking in Some Share Profits Later on

Published 283 days ago

Hello, Share Diviners. As I can't remember the last time I had a glass of beer, I consider myself an undiscerning wine drinker. Though, rather pretentiously you'll think, I really prefer dry Martinis. Now, there aren't many well-known brands in the wine business, but Majestic Wine (WINE) is one of them. And its 210 stores do sell champers and spirits, too. The full-year results to early April showed that adjusted underlying profits were well up.

Admiral - nice place to work? Maybe. Nice share to own? Maybe not

Published 284 days ago

Too many years ago to remember my most influential old boss gave me the nugget of investment advice that 'there is nothing more complex than an insurance company'. Broadly I have shared such sympathies over the resulting time period and it has probably saved me more times than it has hindered me. However in the light of this week's esure (ESUR) takeover by Bain Capital, I thought I would have a quick look at Admiral (ADM), which reported first half numbers today.

Thinking Outside the Small Box and Getting Into Big Box is Perhaps the Way to Go

Published 286 days ago

Hello, Share Flingers. Most Shareprophets subscribers are, I suspect, old enough to be a bit fed up with the obsessive way our increasingly technological world is taking us. This may make us reluctant to invest in modern ways of making and selling stuff. But if we want to turn big money from our little hobby, then we must not let modern developments leave us behind.

Oil in Oil BP, the Gushing Profit-Grower, Looks Set to Slither Ahead

Published 290 days ago

Hello, Share Seekers. Having just filled my tank at huge cost, I rather think that the BP (BP.) balance sheet is having a jolly old time. The price of Brent Crude has been dithering lately, due to a surfeit of the black stuff in America. And yet the price at the pumps has soared.

Quilter - spin-off opportunity?

Published 291 days ago

I loved up Old Mutual (OMU) as an African-influenced play a couple of UK Investor Shows ago, but what ultimately pushed the shares up was that it split the business into its constituent parts including the wealth management business Quilter (QLT) – which announced its inaugural independent results today.

Perhaps Not the Time to Wimp Out of Taylor Wimpey, Chums, as the Divi Could Hit 10%

Published 291 days ago

More and more of us, I suspect, are beginning to follow the sage advice of my noble colleague Nigel Somerville in recognising the blossoming importance of juicier dividends. Though the capital assets of our babies are mostly rising in the long-running bull market, a lot of us rely on dividends for our daily bread.

Barclays Bank Looks More Promising - But It's Still Not the Best Bet in Shareland

Published 296 days ago

Hello Share Swingers. Barclays (BARC) has been a miserable share to hold. What progress there has been in recent years has been slow. And set-backs along the way have made things worse. I sold mine about two years ago and, as it's turned out, the money raised has been put to much more profitable use. The latest results do not raise my hopes much higher.

Next - damn that hot weather!

Published 298 days ago

Even a fashion luddite like me knows that clothing retail works best when you have a clear and distinct winter and summer period. The fashionistas and general public alike buy to look on-trend and functional as the temperatures respectively plummet or rise. In that vein then, the recent bout of extended hot weather was a retail bullseye - assuming, of course, that you have sufficient online capability to be active where increasingly the action is.

Is now a good time to invest in Foxtons?

Published 299 days ago

Some might see Foxtons Group (FOXT) as a good recovery play given how far the share price has fallen in recent times... but is it?...

Ibstock - not bricking it?!

Published 300 days ago

This may surprise a few people given my pessimism on the housing market and the housebuilding sector but I am not bricking it about the world of bricks. Now maybe it is because I am a sentimental old fool who lives near an area whose heritage is wrapped up in the world of bricks, but my simple observation is...

Dividend Munchers List – all (more-or-less) going to plan

Published 300 days ago

It was interesting to listen to yesterday’s Bearcast Special, with Tom Winnifrith joined by Lucian Miers and Brokerman Dan – the last of whom sounded like a jolly good cynic to me. He described AIM as “all puff” and asked which company could go to zero he said any AIM company. Of course, I think there are a few exceptions but in general the cynic in me enjoyed hearing what he had to say. Perhaps that is partly why I’ve been looking to put a dividend muncher’s list together, as well as having some stocks I can invest my cash in to generate a return even if the general market keels over.

ITV - a rather dull strategic update...but that's no bad thing

Published 304 days ago

So after over six months of musing, the day has finally arrived. A strategic update from ITV (ITV), put together by newish CEO Carolyn McCall is, in summary, not really that radical or exciting. However I am perfectly happy with this and - as discussed at the time of my last write-up on the stock HERE - I think all this does is further embed the rationale for Liberty Media to buy this UK media name.

PZ Cussons - ignore fund manager fear and buy

Published 306 days ago

It is no huge surprise that today's set of numbers from PZ Cussons (PZC) are not the finest ever seen because it told us so forty days ago as I wrote up at the time HERE. Of course the actual publication of a set of full year numbers always provides further insights and information...but it is hard to sugar coat a 15% odd fall in profits, a nudging down of overall revenues, debt pushing out a bit and the c. 4% dividend yield only held.

SSE - hot air from the FTSE 100's most boring company!

Published 311 days ago

I assume that dividend munchers are feeling a bit glum today as the FTSE 100's most boring company (as I previously dubbed it HERE), Scottish & Southern Electricity (SSE) is seeing its shares fall by 3% odd percent. So what is going on?

British Land is Going Strong, but a Few Possible Headwinds In the Future Make Me Cautious

Published 311 days ago

Hello Share Trudgers. British Land (BLND) is not a company I might invest in at the moment. It rents space to retailers for one thing. And as stores struggle with higher business rates and the fact that many more of us choose to do our shopping online, the high street store is under fire.

Amino Technologies – H1 adjusted earnings approaching 60% lower so why only a modest share price decline?

Published 312 days ago

Amino Technologies (AMO) has announced results for its half year ended 31st May 2018, emphasising “strong revenue visibility and pipeline coverage - full year expectations confirmed” - the numbers though showing adjusted earnings approaching 60% lower than in the corresponding half in the prior year on revenue 17% lower at $41.2 million. Hmmm…

Billing and Charging Experts Could Be Set to Fly on the Back of a Jolly Set of Numbers

Published 318 days ago

Hello Share Punters. I don't often commend techno/admin companies for your further examination, as they’ve cost me a lot of money over the years. But there is one such company which rather excites me at the mo. And that’s because it has released a very encouraging crop of numbers.

Photo-Me International – “another year of good operational progress”. Really?

Published 319 days ago

Photobooth, identification technology, laundry and digital printing kiosk company Photo-Me International (PHTM) has announced results for its year ended 30th April 2018, including emphasising “2018 has been another year of good operational progress, reflected in revenue growth of 7.1%, 4.4% growth in PBT, including a one-off gain on the group's shareholding in Max Sight Holdings Limited, and double-digit EPS growth”. Hmmm, let’s take a look at the detail…

Sunday shocker: I agree with the Wail on Sunday re a 'dark horse'

Published 321 days ago

I enjoyed Nigel's update article on his mini 'dividend munchers' ideas portfolio earlier today.  I would completely concur with the Vodafone (VOD) call and came to a similar conclusion myself a few weeks back (see here). 

Would you Adam & Eve it – today’s nightmare for Neil Woodford

Published 328 days ago

As it happens I am in the process of buying a number of new mattresses for the house I have rebuilt in Greece. And it seems a remarkably simple process buying what is a commodity product. When my friend Nigel Wray says his mattress company Simba is revolutionising the market I cough and change the subject. But he is not the only one who thinks that mattresses need “disrupting”.  Natch, Neil Woodford, the UK's most conceited fund manager, also thinks that, like washing machines mattresses, are ripe for a revolution.  He owns just under 30% of Eve Sleep (EVE) shares of which are now in free fall.

The market will eventually wake up to the true value of SOCO International - buy

Published 329 days ago

At times in the lower end of the natural resources sector it seems as though the worse the company is, the more money private investors are prepared to put into it.

Still got Wood...Group

Published 331 days ago

Time to catch up with a half year update from Wood Group (WG.). As regular readers will remember, it is one of my tips of the year and last time I reviewed the stock I concluded that 'John Wood shares will have a 7 in front of them by the end of the year. I remain a buyer'. In short, I retain this view after yesterday's update.

Hello, Sunshine. How About a Cool Investment in a Firm which Could Drink Up some Hot Summer Profit?

Published 331 days ago

Hello, Share Snatchers. Some folks have scoffed at me for opining that the weather affects the Footsie. But there’s a strong opinion among those that know that pop psychology plays a bigger part in how shares behave than economics or even common sense.

Tandem Group – AGM Statement, there’s trading “more challenging” and then there’s…

Published 332 days ago

Writing previously on sports, leisure and mobility equipment group Tandem (TND) in March, I noted I question whether it’s to be profit warning ahoy down the line and was thus cautious. Today an AGM update…

Prime People – full-year results lower… but outlook encouraging?

Published 338 days ago

I cautioned again on shares in specialist recruitment company Prime People (PRP) in November – half-year results, expects some second half improvements BUT…. The company has now announced results for its year ended 31st March 2018…

Air Partner will recover from its accounting problems - buy

Published 339 days ago

The market doesn’t respond well to any announcements of accounting problems, and the share price of any company releasing such news tends to get hammered. In some cases the resulting drop is justified, but there are also plenty of occasions where there appears to have been a massive over-reaction and that can present a buying opportunity, as long as the underlying fundamentals of the business haven’t changed and it is just a one-off error or omission that won’t negatively impact the company going forwards.

Best of the Best – forecasts up, but the shares to follow?

Published 340 days ago

Competitions company Best of the Best (BOTB) has announced results for its year ended 30th April 2018, emphasising they “showing both increased revenues and profits before tax, which are slightly ahead of management's expectations”. Sounds encouraging…

Vodafone - time for me to join the dividend munchers?

Published 340 days ago

Not too much in today's larger cap corporate earnings to get excited about. Suffice to say comments from the housebuilder Berkeley Group (BKG) were suitably patchy, with chat from the company that profits would be down a third next year. I stick with my recent cautious views towards the sector. My thoughts therefore turn towards other areas of the market.

Norcros – full-year results emphasise “excellent progress”, still a buy

Published 341 days ago

Bathroom and kitchen products company Norcros (NXR) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2018, emphasising “excellent progress towards our strategic objectives” and that “the board remains confident that the group should continue to make further progress for the year ending 31 March 2019”

SThree – half-year trading update, 33% total return potential?

Published 345 days ago

Writing previously on specialist staffing company SThree (STHR) in March, I questioned Q1 update has its attractions… but attractive enough?.There’s now a Half Year Trading Update

Speedy Hire is Tooled Up to Follow Ashtead's Bumper Share Success in the Profitable Hire Game

Published 345 days ago

Hello, Share Crimpers. Many of us have made a bit of a killing with shares in Ashtead (AHT), the British company which hires out tools and plant to builders here and in the USA. Of course, it’s not the only player in what seems to be a pretty profitable game.

PZ Cussons - UK mixed, Nigeria troubled but fake tan still great!

Published 346 days ago

Three months ago I wrote about the St Tropez tan and Imperial Leather soap producer PZ Cussons (PZC) that the share price back down to 2010 levels had piqued my interest. Today's trading update is a mix of good and bad and the share has fallen back down to the levels it was at in my previous piece. However, it is no disaster statement. Sure, bottom of the range chat is never taken well - hence the move today - but there is a group-wide stabilisation here which bodes better for the future...and this is why the share (remains) a buy.

Biffa - still brass in muck

Published 347 days ago

As the old saying goes, 'where there's muck there's brass'. Rubbish and recycling company Biffa (BIFF) shareholders have had an alright ride since the company came back to the market in late 2016 but today's update contains the fascinating assertion that the company's CEO Ian Wakelin has 'advised the Board that he no longer wants to hold a full time executive role and that he therefore intends to leave the Company once the Board's succession plan has been implemented'.

New ESMA regulations are likely to have a negative impact on Plus500

Published 350 days ago

CFD trading platform Plus500 (PLUS) has had a very strong start to the year and its share price has risen by around 90% off of the back of a strong trading performance, but I would definitely question whether that is set to continue going forwards due to some regulatory changes which are about to come into effect.

Buy the dip on Central Asia Metals

Published 351 days ago

Central Asia Metals (CAML) has been a favourite of mine for some time now and with this company I think it is very much a case of letting your winners run, as I can still see plenty of upside in the coming months and years.

Workspace - tapping markets whilst the window is still open!

Published 354 days ago

I nearly choked on my morning breakfast cereal when I saw that Workspace (WKP) - who (as per the company blurb) 'provide inspiring, flexible work spaces with superfast technology in dynamic locations' - was raising about £180 million after announcing 'a great set of results' with NAV per share rising 8.8% year-on-year (to 1037p a share or just a little under the current 11 quid share price), trading profit up 20% and the total dividend (aka cash back to shareholders) up 30%.

Centamin offers exposure to gold at a great price currently - buy

Published 356 days ago

Centamin (CEY) has taken a big hit to its share price over the past week or so and has seen getting on for £400 million wiped off of the value of the company.

Whatever Drives Cars, Johnson Matthey Should Navigate a Higher Share Price

Published 356 days ago

Hello Share Trippers. Johnson Matthey (JMAT) is a play worth looking at. While some FTSE giants appear to be struggling at the moment, this company is doing better than expected. Its full-year income was 7% ahead of the previous year. Though its underlying profits were more or less unchanged at £525 million, the final dividend rises by 7%.

System1 Group – admits FY results “disappointing”, but “potential to build a much larger and more stable business”?

Published 359 days ago

Market research and marketing group System1 (SYS1) has announced results from an admitted “disappointing” year ended 31st March 2018, but considers it now has “a more competitive and scalable offer, with the potential to build a much larger and more stable business over the years to come”

The High Street Decline Could Make Halfords a Hard Share to Ride

Published 360 days ago

Hello, Share Smashers. Sensible investors will be getting alarmed at the headwinds facing high street stores. This makes me rather pessimistic about the future of those familiar emporiums of Halfords (HFD). I always think ‘bikes’ when this enterprise is mentioned. And though I know it sells a lot of other stuff, as a non-customer, I still can’t easily picture exactly what Halfords is really about.

Here's A Profitable Property Developer Which Wants to Transform Depressing Urban Landscapes

Published 361 days ago

Hello, Share Stylists. Though I’m unhappy with the name because it seems clumsy and certainly uninformative, U+I Group (UAI) is worth a look. For one thing, it’s one of those rare companies which you feel is trying to contribute towards a better world.

Shoe Zone – a good first half & remains confident of the outlook - BUY

Published 362 days ago

Shoe Zone (SHOE) has announced results from “a good first half” ended 31st March 2019 and “trading momentum has continued into the second half, in line with expectations for the full year”

Developments at BT: is there a battle going on in the boardroom?

Published 363 days ago

I noted the other day that BT’s (BT.A) results hadn’t gone down very well in the market. The shares had been climbing nicely since I bought at 225p, but results day and the follow-through saw them marked down almost as low as 200p. Apart from wishing I’d waited, I’m happy to hold on for now – and collect the near-7% dividend. But I wonder if the new chairman is beginning to have an effect, in the light of a news article from Bloomberg.

Sanderson Group – interims “slightly ahead of management's expectations”, but...

Published 366 days ago

Digital retail technology and enterprise software group Sanderson (SND) has announced results for its half year ended 31st March 2018 “slightly ahead of management's expectations” and “the board has a good level of confidence that Sanderson will make significant further progress during the current financial year”

Kingfisher and the weather Gods

Published 367 days ago

Another day...another retail stock. 'Tis the (reporting) season I guess. Today's offering is Kingfisher (KGF), which longer-term readers will know I have traded once before over the last year or so, buying sub 3 quid and moving out after a 10%+ gain plus some dividends. Well, as noted most recently here, the share has been kicking around the three quid level today and that interests me. So is my call to trade the DIY and related company again for a double digit plus target gain looking wise or not after today's Q1 update?

Marks & Spencer - 'interesting things are starting to happen'. Really?

Published 368 days ago

What to make of events at Marks & Spencer (MKS) over the last 24 hours? I last wrote on the embattled retailer back in July last year, concluding back then that:

Fresh sandwiches on sale at Greencore again

Published 369 days ago

You may have missed that this week is apparently National Sandwich Week. As with life in general, I am a pretty conventional sandwich eater with the vegetarian offerings by that fine emporium Waitrose a particular favourite. Well if you are going to eat on-the-go it is better to eat well, right? Anyhow - at least on this website - my sandwich obsession has been centred around Greencore (GNC) where I had to admit a mea culpa a couple of months or so ago. However - as you can read HERE – I did keep the faith observing that:

Why I Hope to Get Back All My Fallen Investment in Tullow Oil

Published 370 days ago

Hello Share Strikers. In recent weeks, nay months, I’ve advocated buying shares in the big oilers, like Shell (RDSA) and BP (BP.). I was very lucky here. And I still think there’s some way to go, with the price of Brent Crude once again at the top of the tree.

Andrews Sykes – we having previously banked gains, what from latest results?

Published 373 days ago

Pumping, portable heating, air conditioning, drying and ventilation equipment group Andrews Sykes (ASY) was a 380p offer price recommendation on the Nifty Fifty website, with a gain later banked at 570p. The shares having closed yesterday at 537.5p, the company has now announced 2017 results…

Portmeirion Group – AGM update, set to beat market expectations?

Published 374 days ago

Previously writing on homewares group Portmeirion (PMP), I concluded I want further evidence of tangible, sustainable recovery before reconsidering my cautious stance. Today an AGM trading statement…

Thomas Cook - grabbing more sunbeds!

Published 374 days ago

After my package holiday confessional contained within my last write-up on holiday company Thomas Cook (TCG) three months ago, I am keeping up my differentiated holiday strategy by heading off to west Wales during part of the upcoming half-term holiday break at the end of the month. Suffice to say west Wales does not figure in any of Thomas Cook's advertising...

LPA Group - a buy

Published 375 days ago

In January LPA Group (LPA) announced record results and in March updated that this year also “should present us with an excellent result. However, despite already being on a modest rating, the shares are down from 178.5p in February to a current 155p offer price and so…

Why that Bubbling Oil Price Makes Both Big and Small Producers Even more Attractive

Published 375 days ago

Hello Share Scrollers. I think I recall saying way back in 2017 that the oil price could soar to reach $80 a barrel in the Spring. And we’re only a dollar away from that forecast now. Of course, I did not know that troubles in the Middle East would get so horribly worse.

Zytronic – ‘pleased to report a doubling of the dividend’, so why a share price decline?

Published 376 days ago

Touch sensors manufacturer Zytronic (ZYT) “is pleased to report a doubling of the interim dividend to 7.6p (H1 2017: 3.8p) in line with our progressive dividend policy, and the continued development of our business into new markets”. Sounds promising – and the shares have currently responded… more than 8% lower, towards 400p. Ah…

Vodafone - CEO sensibly exits stage left

Published 376 days ago

little over three months ago, I noted about telecoms behemoth Vodafone (VOD):

BT Group - the good, the less good and the fretful

Published 381 days ago

I concluded my last update on telecoms giant BT Group (BT.A) with the observation that:

Here's Why You Might Bank on the Bank that Believes in Rising Asian Growth

Published 383 days ago

Hello Share Thrashers. Probably because of the North Korean crisis, shares in that bank with an Asian feel fell rather alarmingly several weeks back. But now the two Korean countries seem to be making up and the threat of nuclear war with America recedes, the price of HSBC (HSBA) has shot back up to ‘normal’ levels again.

Sanderson – trading “slightly ahead” & “a good level of confidence”. All Good - BUY

Published 384 days ago

Digital Retail and Enterprise technology group Sanderson (SND) has announced “trading results for the six months ended 31 March 2018 are slightly ahead of management's expectations” and “a good level of confidence that Sanderson will make significant further progress during the current financial year ending 30 September 2018”

The Rise and Rise of BP Makes Buying More Shares Tempting, Don't You Think, Gang?

Published 387 days ago

Hello, Share Screamers. What do you do when you learn a company has driven up its profits by 71% since last time? You consider buying the shares, of course. You might climb down after studying the numbers, but in the case of BP (BP.) I don’t think you’ll find much to worry about.

Polymetal - grade, growth, cashflow, dividends

Published 389 days ago

First a hat tip to fellow ShareProphets scribe Gary Newman who absolutely called it three or so weeks ago when he wrote HERE, highlighting the overly negative reaction of Polymetal (POLY) shares to the news of varying sanctions on Russian corporate names and businessmen. After having an opportunity to speak with the management of the company last week, I completely agree with Gary's assertion.

Dillistone – “pleased to announce” results for 2017, so why are the shares slumping?

Published 393 days ago

Dillistone Group (DSG), “the AIM quoted supplier of recruitment software for the international recruitment industry… is pleased to announce its audited final results for the 12 months ended 31 December 2017”, including emphasising “2017 was an exciting year for the Dillistone Group with the launch of GatedTalent”. The shares have responded… er, currently 10% lower, to 86p…

Barclays - if you ignore all the bad bits, it's still cheap!

Published 395 days ago

I am being a bit disingenuous with the above title. Any investor with more than a decade's experience is well-primed to tell you various war stories about the evolving value of financial sector stocks particularly in times of strife. Banks are geared to the business and property cycle and any recent efforts to paper over this reality with yet another layer of compliance/regulation will not ultimately work.

Character Group – lower interims… but recovery underway?

Published 395 days ago

With its shares down from 540p reached in September, Character Group (CCT) has announced results for its half year ended 28th February 2018 including “the directors remain optimistic that the business will see a return to its previous growth pattern during the second half of this financial year and this will be fully reflected and significantly strengthen the trading results for the financial year ending 31 August 2019". The shares have responded currently slightly further lower to 470p…

I'm surprised at the current lack of interest in Savannah Petroleum

Published 401 days ago

Given the rise in oil price that we’ve seen over the past week or so, and the highest levels that it has been at in quite some time, I’m a little surprised to see Savannah Petroleum (SAVP) still languishing at around the 12-month low. With a market cap of nearly £230 million it isn’t as likely to see such large movements as you get on the AIM micro caps, but it is still small enough that I would expect the higher commodity price to have had some impact, given that it produces significant amounts of oil already.

Unilever - buy a Magnum, not the shares

Published 402 days ago

Back in the dim and distant past, when the issue of the prevailing weather and the stock market came up the stock that would be uppermost in the minds of institutional fund managers was that consumer behemoth Unilever (ULVR) and its significant - and volatile - ice cream division. Unilever still does ice creams (Carte D'Or, Cornetto, Magnum, Solero, Twister, Choc Ice, Super Split, Fat Frog, Feast, Brunch, Viennetta...take your pick) and no doubt it is coining it in today on the hottest day of the year so far, but that is not as influential as it used to be.

Saga: buy 'em even if you are a young 'un

Published 404 days ago

We all like shares that go up a lot but in terms of idea generation I think the biggest fallers list is by far the most interesting.  Near the end of last year I saw that the insurance and travel company Saga (SAGA) shares fell sharply after the company said that its profits would be hurt by a combination of factors including 'a lower level of written to earned benefit and a decline in reserve releases' and investing more into new 'customer acquisitions'.  The net impact was that profits were expected to be 5% lower...but the shares fell over 25%. 

Is Greene King's Grass Greener Down the Grassy Road to Riches? Perhaps Not

Published 405 days ago

Hello, Share Snackers. Before now, I’ve commended shares in Greene King (GNK). Eating out in pub chains is usually cheap and cheerful and ideal for treating families who don’t particularly relish gourmet food. But after seeing its latest set of figures I’ve rather changed my mind.

Breakout! Staying hopeful on Greene King and Dunelm

Published 409 days ago

There is a lot of news out today including the latest dodgy updates from retail stragglers Mothercare (MTC) and Carpetright (CPR), both of which are completely uninvestable at the moment as I last discussed HERE. However, it is two other names I would like to update on today.

Tesco - 'a year of progress' but another leg to come

Published 410 days ago

Well I called it. Back in January I told you that opportunity was better than the threats to the Tesco (TSCO) business model and I urged you to buy the stock, which is now trading at the 220p+ level I hoped for in my write-up.

Safestyle UK – following trading challenges, now Health & Safety ones

Published 411 days ago

Previously writing on Safestyle UK (SFE), “the leading UK-focused retailer and manufacturer of PVCu replacement windows and doors for the homeowner market”, last month it was lower profit on lower revenue, but a maintained dividend. Now an HSE Court Case Update

Over-reaction to sanctions against Russia offers a buying opportunity in Polymetal International

Published 411 days ago

Sudden large drops in share price as a result of a knee-jerk reactions to political world events can present great buying opportunities at times, and I certainly believe that to be the case with the falls we have just seen in the value of many companies with operations in Russia.

Pipeline Firm Seems to Be Cooking on Gas with Bumper Orders in the ...erm, Pipeline

Published 416 days ago

Hello Share Chasers. There aren’t many companies launching on AIM which have such a stable provenance as Fulcrum Utility Services (FCRM). Until that change eight years ago, it was part of the mighty National Grid and its business is pipes and electricity cables. Not very glamorous work, you might say. But there’s excitement building over the firm and its possible rosy future in the electric car adventure.

EXCLUSIVE: When Conviviality said it had scrapped its dividend - the proof it lied

Published 417 days ago

On 14 March following pressure on this website Conviviality (CVR) announced it was scrapping its £8.2 million interim dividend due two days later as it struggled for cash. 15 days later the company had failed to raise £125 million and headed towards administration with shareholders set to lose everything. But I have been passed bank accounts which, as you can see below,  demonstrate that some shareholders were in fact paid a dividend.

Looking at another dividend muncher: Centrica

Published 419 days ago

I commented in the aftermath of the big sell off (which was just a correction at the time) that a good many companies had interesting yields. I subsequently bought a bit of BT (BT.A) at around 225p as I suspect at the next results I’ll be bagging a yield of 7% or a little more. Now I want to look for another nice payout: what will it be?

Will the FTSE-100's most boring company be allowed to be interesting?

Published 423 days ago

You may disagree with me (and feel free to post your selections in the comments below) but I think the FTSE-100's most boring company is...Scottish & Southern Electricity (SSE). I introduced this concept back in November, where I also observed that a proposed bit of consolidation in its core power supply/distribution business might actually provide something to write about other than an ultra-tedious dedication to the dividend (and very limited - if any - capital growth).

For some cheap exposure to gold, take a look at Highland Gold Mining

Published 423 days ago

Given what is going on in the markets and world in general at the moment, it would seem silly not to have gold featuring somewhere in your portfolio.

DFS - how much cash flow is down the back of its corporate sofa?

Published 424 days ago

Over fifteen years ago I think to remember going to my local DFS (DFS) and really irking the salespeople by paying for my sofa upfront and in full. Clearly I am financial illiterate as I should have taken up the four years free finance and whatever other inducements were thrown at me at the time...but regular readers will know I am no fan of debt at any level.

Wood Group - tip of the year update

Published 432 days ago

Time to check in with my favoured UK energy and related sector play Wood Group (WG.) which, some of you may recall, I named as one of my tips of the year for 2018. The rationale was basically twofold. First, higher energy prices naturally improve the environment for most corporate names servicing the sector. Meanwhile second, the company had significant self-help sourced from the synergies it could gain from its increasingly timely looking acquisition of Amec FosterWheeler. Beefing up exposure and market share as a sector is coming off the bottom is typically a good probability way to create shareholder value. So how is it getting on?

SThree – Q1 update has its attractions… but attractive enough?

Published 436 days ago

Previously writing on specialist staffing company SThree (STHR) I concluded it may be relatively well placed, but macro concerns saw me cautious on the shares. Today a Q1 Trading Update

PZ Cussons - slap on the St Tropez tan and have a go?

Published 437 days ago

Another 'earnings Thursday'. I could write about Cineworld (CINE) again after my post deal announcement review but it really is all about the big US acquisition and I think it overpaid. Instead I turn to the consumer name PZ Cussons (PZC), which has had a slightly unpleasant share price fall today after updating the market with the observation that:

Conviviality – a timeline (& boardroom remuneration) of woe

Published 437 days ago

I’ve noted recent woes at Conviviality (CVR) HERE and HERE. Here follows a timeline (& boardroom remuneration) of woe…

Why I'll give EMIS a Miss - Until I See How the 2018 Land Lies

Published 437 days ago

Hello, Share Smackers. Operating profit for 2017 dropped by more than half at EMIS Group (EMIS). According to the figures just out, £11.2 million was used up covering service and reporting issues. That seems fairly remiss in a modern company which should always be equipped to pleasing its big customers.

Conviviality - are you sure you want to pay a dividend on Friday?

Published 437 days ago

Steve Moore has already covered the disaster story that is Conviviality (CVR) HERE. In essence it forgot that it has a tax bill (I assume PAYE) due on 29 March for £30 million and does not have the borrowing headroom to pay that. Uh Oh. As the BBC says about once a day we would not get amateurish corporate disasters like this if more companies were run by women. Like er....Diana Hunter the CEO of Conviviality. Anyhow...

Conviviality – if the shares don’t respond as hoped, announce news again!... And then it gets very much worse

Published 438 days ago

Trading update on Thursday from Conviviality (CVR) included that “following a review of current year projections, the company now expects that adjusted EBITDA for the current year will be approximately 20% below current market expectations”, but sought to reassure that “the company has not seen any material weakness in overall demand” and was followed by some director share buying. The shares though remained depressed... and there was then a 1:06pm Update to announcement. There's now a 'Further Update'...

Dignity - 'I wish we could be more precise'. Quite!

Published 438 days ago

I have never had as many comments to an article as my piece on Dignity (DTY) back in January. It was a very good debate as picked up by Tom a few days later HERE, and different readers have very different views on the stock. The reality is we are back to around where we were - just sub 10 quid a share - after the shafting the company took after its 'we need to cut the prices of our funeral plans' comments back in January after today's full year numbers.

Minoan updates (at last!) on sale of Travel division and Cavo Sidero. Buy

Published 439 days ago

No-one could ever accuse AIM-listed Minoan (MIN) of doing anything quickly, but this morning’s announcement appears to suggest that things are finally moving. It is still speculative (both in terms of whether two deals happen, and how long they’ll take) but the shares are a buy.

Woodford’s Cheltenham Festival Quiz – The Result

Published 441 days ago

Thanks for all the entries – I’m pleased to be able to say “entries” this time - to my Woodford Cheltenham Festival (HERE). I’m calling it a day early as the result is clear. Read on for the winner and the choice of Cheltenham runners on which I am placing the winner’s free bet.

This Legal Eagle has Landed Some Flying Profits and Should Keep Soaring Above.

Published 442 days ago

Hello, Share Chisellers. Mostly I suggest you look at small-cap and penny shares. But every portfolio needs a few ’safer’ stalwarts to keep an even keel. One such company for me is Legal & General (LGEN). Now, most insurance companies have seen their share prices bloat in the last year or so and that happy trend continues.

Equiniti - you know the name

Published 445 days ago

Another day, another bunch of UK corporate earnings results. I see one of the FTSE-100's most complex companies Rolls-Royce (RR.) punched out some thoughts which have caused the shares to romp. I am still long the stock but the sentiment that I noted in this piece way back in time still holds. This is a long cycle stock because of all those lagged cash flows from aeroplane engines and should return to ten quid plus over time.

Aggreko - my latest investment sad-o Buy

Published 446 days ago

Another busy week of UK corporate reporting. I could write about Ashtead (AHT) again but frankly I called it a take profits a quarter ago at twenty quid a share and in early trading today it is below this level again...and the CFO has decided to exit. The latter event all looks very orderly but the as good as it gets feeling lingers. I could also write about my old mucker DS Smith (SMDS).

Safestyle UK – hopefully prior warnings heeded as it’s “materially below” expectations again

Published 452 days ago

Around eleven months ago, it was suggested to bank profits in windows and doors retailer and manufacturer Safestyle UK (SFE) with the shares around 300p. I then noted my wariness of the valuation in relation to prospective earnings much enhanced at around 290p HERE and further cautioned at 225p HERE, 170p HERE and 164p HERE. The shares closed yesterday at 152p and today a further Trading Update

ITV - still backing my CEO crush

Published 452 days ago

Obviously great excitement at Bailey Towers today as Carolyn McCall hosted her first results presentation as CEO of ITV (ITV). I professed my attraction to capabilities back in mid-November, when I observed that the bear case for the stock was overstated. Even though the shares have fallen back 5% today, we have lifted off that low point which is pleasing to see. So what's the tone of the update?

Profits Up, Divi Up, Premiums Up. What's Not to Like About RSA?

Published 457 days ago

Hello, Share Pickers. Previously, I’ve recommended the old Royal Insurance Company which is now RSA (RSA) to your further probing. And having now reviewed last year’s results, I’m rather glad I did.

House broker Cenkos (Lagos) on the AA - Neil Woodford's disaster of the week

Published 459 days ago

As I write shares in AA Group (AA.) are down by 23% at 89p and you will never gbuess which high profile fund manager is a major holder, largely for the dividend income. Yup you got it, its Neil Woodford and yes the dividend is being slashed.

Sanderson Group – positive trading & “a good level of confidence” of continued progress

Published 460 days ago

Digital retail technology and enterprise software group Sanderson (SND) has updated on trading and that it has “a good level of confidence that the group will make continued progress in the current financial year ending 30 September 2018”

Oh, Oh, Antonio. It's No Wonder You're Staying On

Published 461 days ago

Hello, Share Soupers. The fear of increasing interest rates here and in the US caused the recent glitch in share values. But it’s not been fully realised that such hikes will help the balance sheets of British banks. So with the year’s results for Lloyds Group (LLOY) expected on Thursday, allow me to make the case for investing in this under-estimated bank.

Confirmation of a merger deal would be great news for SOCO International

Published 466 days ago

When SOCO International (SIA) announced a possible merger the market seemed to take the news well, but ever since then the share price has been on the slide and it looks like this could be a good buying opportunity.

Move into Movies by Looking at a Share Which Shouldn't Have Flickered as Much as it Has

Published 466 days ago

Hello, Share Springers. I’m guessing most of us are film fans. Though maybe more of us rely on our big screens at home rather than trogging round to the cinema. It’s this change of many a lifestyle that has hitherto put me off investing in cinema chains. But there is one that seems worthy of our attention now.

Can TalkTalk turn things around?

Published 468 days ago

TalkTalk Telecom Group (TALK) has been having a torrid time recently and has pretty much seen its share price halved since the start of November. It has posted some disappointing results, and given that the slide in share price started just prior to the release of the interims around three months ago, it would seem that such figures weren’t entirely unexpected.

Compass Shares Could Head North A Lot Faster, Once the Fundamentals are Appreciated

Published 468 days ago

Hello, Share Scrummers. When the going gets tough out there in the Big City, as now, the sensible approach is to buy shares in companies which may be hit by the general situation, but which seem as strong as an ox and could be among the first to bounce back in the almost inevitable rally.

Randgold can overcome the problems in the Congo - buy

Published 469 days ago

It isn’t often that I look at shares in a FTSE100 company and can easily see a very high chance of a 25% or more gain in share price over the coming months.

Creightons – a 4:05pm “Trading update”, Uh oh…

Published 471 days ago

Creightons (CRL) has made a 4:05pm Trading update - expected 2018 outturn announcement. I guess it ain’t going to be good then…

BP Isn't the Fastest Share Alive, But Its Steady Plod Upwards Should Resume Soon

Published 471 days ago

Hello, Share Seekers. I have a bigger holding than is safe with BP (BP.), but I don't think I’m going to sell any for some time. Which is a bit of a silly statement to make as, just like any other company, the story could change at any time. But BP has ridden out the storm of compensation. And though the fight isn’t over yet, I think share shifters like us need not worry too much. This is a huge company which can absorb most shocks.

Hip Priest! (Or why I am warming up to Smith & Nephew)

Published 472 days ago

Of course the title is a nod to the sad passing of music legend Mark E Smith a couple of weeks ago...but given the demographic of readers on this website I expect many of you are familiar with his 1981 penned epic which so famously was also used in The Silence of the Lambs. As one wag put it in a YouTube comment 'i find its (sic) the perfect song to play when you're being chased through your dungeon-like basement by an FBI special agent'. Absolutely! Anyhow...back to finance and investments.

Amino Technologies – full-year results emphasise “expects… sustainable profitable growth”, so why a share price decline?

Published 473 days ago

IP-based pay-TV services technologies company Amino (AMO) has announced results for its year ended 30th November 2017 and that “Amino has made a promising start to 2018… the board expects the company to deliver sustainable profitable growth in the coming year”. The shares have responded, er, more than 4% lower further below 200p. Hmmm…

Christie Group – expects “a significant improvement” in results, why the muted share price response?

Published 474 days ago

Leisure, retail and care sector professional business services group Christie (CTG) has updated including “second half trading has been stronger than the first-half, and the 2017 full year results are expected to represent a significant improvement on the previous year”. However, I note a current just over 100p share price compares to more than 150p in early 2016. Hmmm…

Murgitroyd – “pleased to report” half-year growth, but what was the comparative again?

Published 475 days ago

Murgitroyd Group (MUR) has announced results for the six months ended 30th November 2017 including “pleased to report half year results in line with management expectations, with an increase in pre-tax profit of 13%”. Sounds good, but what was the comparative again?...

Drink, Drink, Drink to the British Giant Whose Shares Keep Frothing Up

Published 475 days ago

Hello Share Trackers. From time to time, I’ve suggested you peek at the giant drinks firm Diageo (DGE). The reasons I usually rehearse are basic. The world seems to be on a strengthening booze trail. And if the world’s economy is due a massive correction, as everybody seems to fear, people seem to seek solace in more drinking.

Neil Woodford on Capita - you are talking bollocks you poltroon

Published 477 days ago

Neil Woodford has published his thoughts on Capita (CPI) after its share price halved. To put it bluntly Neil Woodford is yanking the chain of his long suffering investors. In paragraph three he states: "Putting the share price reaction to one side for a moment, I am pleased that we have seen from the company what we thought would be coming". As a reminder, Capita has scrapped its dividend. Yet on 19 January Nomates opined:

BT Group - what price no growth, a 6% dividend and unchanged forecasts?

Published 478 days ago

I had a bit of a rant yesterday about three FTSE-100 behemoths that were dividend-heavy but consensus buys and not offering - in my opinion - value. I don't think BT Group (BT.A) is in this grouping however despite being dividend-heavy and suffering a falling share price today because basically it is very out-of-favour.

Capita - the chart that shows the depth of Neil Woodford's folly

Published 480 days ago

Capita (CPI) is the latest high profile catastrophe for Britain's most conceited fund manager, Neil "Nomates" Woodford. Before we go to a chart of shame, a couple of choice quotes from his December montjhy excuse-sheet, sorry fact-sheet, published on 19 January

Greene King: be patient - your pint is coming!

Published 485 days ago

I laid out my updated positive view on pub operator Greene King (GNK) in early December HERE, since when the share has hardly been rampant despite a little bit of early New Year bid hope. On the latter, I think I have used up all my luck on that front with GKN year-to-date but frankly at the current valuation anything is possible.

There May Still Be Time to Take Advantage of that Soaraway Oil Price

Published 485 days ago

Hello, Share Trekkies. The oil price still forges ahead. It’s around $71 for a barrel of Brent crude. And yet the big oil companies are not really reflecting the boom. However, they’ll probably catch up soon.

Restaurant Group – strategic “good progress” & adjusted profit “in line”. BUT…

Published 486 days ago

This time last year I concluded bearishly on Frankie & Benny'sChiquitoCoast to Coast and Brunning & Price operator Restaurant Group PLC (RTN) as the shares headed towards 300p – noting there looked something of a perfect storm of issues. There’s now a post year-end Trading update

SpaceandPeople – trading update, still a decent recovery play?

Published 495 days ago

Previously writing on promotional and retail merchandising space-focused SpaceandPeople (SAL) in September with the shares at 35p, I concluded there is obvious risk – particularly with a clearly currently challenging retail backdrop and the recent past. However, the valuation and stated outlook could now tempt a small, speculative buy. I now update on the back of a trading update...

Barratt the Big Builder is Doing Well, But I'll Still Avoid the Shares

Published 499 days ago

Hello, Share Snackers. The building sector is an interesting one. And previously I've sounded optimism for building firms. After which, we've seen some big increases in share prices.

Tri-Star Resources - what is the end game for Odey?

Published 500 days ago

I can see why holders of Tri-Star Resources (TSTR) would be less than impressed with the recent open offer, especially given the huge discount to the share price prior to that. This isn’t a company which I have really followed closely in the past, but the recent large fundraising at a 92% discount to the previous share price, and subsequent approval at the general meeting this week, got my attention.

Sainsbury Joins Morrisons on my 'Less-Than-Enthusiastic' List

Published 500 days ago

Hello, Share Trudgers. Following my less-than-enthusiastic article on Morrisons (MRW) yesterday, I now turn a jaundiced eye on its rival Sainsbury (SBRY).

Look at Anglo American as Some Commodity Prices Stay Perky

Published 502 days ago

Hello, Share Crimpers. It’s not often I commend shares in a mining operation. And I have especially avoided talking about the very big miners. The reason is that one can never say with confidence if commodity prices are going to rise or fall. However, there are clear signs that general demand for metals and minerals is at last improving.

Though the Oil Price Spurts, Shell and BP Aren't Keeping Pace. A Buying Opportunity, Mayhap?

Published 507 days ago

Hello Share Twangers. After a phoney war start, this winter is turning out to be quite chilly. Most of us saw snow over the Christmas period and though things have warmed up a bit now, there’s still an icy wind blowing. And it's even colder in many parts of the world, including the USA which is seeing temperatures plunge to record lows. Europe has also been unnaturally cold. All this has the effect of using up oil reserves.

NEXT gives you all a late Christmas present

Published 508 days ago

Well done Next (NXT). Despite the Sunday Times suggesting a retail shocker last Sunday, the waxing and waning of the British weather helped the company to pucker up and generate a positive surprise in its full price sales metric as the company noted in its statement from earlier today:

Here's a Rubbish Tip that Could Still make You some Money

Published 523 days ago

Hello Share Turners. As the bins overflow with unnecessary packaging at Christmas time, our thoughts turn to how all the Yuletide junk will be recycled. One company which makes money out of rubbish at Christmas, and all year round, is Biffa (BIFF).

Begbies Traynor – positive interims as cycle looks to be turning its way

Published 527 days ago

Business recovery, financial advisory and property services group Begbies Traynor (BEG) has announced results for its half-year ended 31st October 2017 and that “the group is in its strongest position for many years”...

Ashtead - 'making' or 'made' it happen?

Published 530 days ago

I have had the horn about Ashtead (AHT) shares for a while now, as noted during my write-up a quarter ago. Another quarter, another update...and boy has it continued to clean up with profits ahead of hopes, assisted by the post hurricane-related spend that tends to benefit the construction equipment and related rental business that the company specialises in.

Polymetal looks a great buy at the current price

Published 531 days ago

Some investors avoid companies which operate in Russia and the surrounding area, but I believe that they are missing out if they take this approach with Polymetal International (POLY). The FTSE-250 precious metals miner has operations in Russia, Kazakhstan and Armenia and ever since listing has been returning cash to investors via dividends, and from the current share price of around 849p, I can see plenty of scope for capital appreciation as well.

DS Smith - packaging up a nice present for investors

Published 534 days ago

I loved up DS Smith (SMDS)'s trading update just over a month ago and the formal half year numbers see a continuation of my enthusiasm. You cannot quibble with 5% organic growth, a 7% rise in the interim dividend, an 'excellent' bedding down of the new US expansion and it has even thrown a new cheeky deal in to show the continued scope for European expansion. In the world of packaging, paper and plastics I cannot offer you corporate violence and huge fluctuating excitements but I can offer you a decent growth-at-a-reasonable-price company.

When gold bounces Centamin will shine

Published 535 days ago

Gold has been very difficult to read lately, with a lot of the swings making very little sense in the context of the events that have been driving them.

Maintel Holdings – having “expected” second half of year gross margin recovery…

Published 536 days ago

Half-year results from systems integrator and managed services provider, Maintel (MAI) included “gross margin is expected to recover in the second half of the year following recent contract wins at an improved gross margin percentage”. There’s now a Trading Update from the company commencing that its “ICON cloud services have continued to grow strongly in the second half of 2017”. Sounds encouraging, but what about that margin?

Looking for Another Soaraway Ashtead? Take a Peek at This Speedy Set-Up

Published 536 days ago

Hello Share Crumblers. When Ashtead (AHT) rose to 1700p, I thought enough was enough. I sold because I could not see Big Donald’s infrastructure plans coming to much. Ashtead, you’ll recall, is big in the construction industry in the USA. But the share is now tickling the 2000p mark. So a mistake there. Except that it’s never wrong to take a profit. And in this case it was, for me, at least a 10 bagger. But Ashtead is not the only company which hires out tools and plant to builders. Which brings me to today’s commendation.

Waste Not Want Not Company Cuts Waste and the Share Price Prospects Look Good

Published 537 days ago

Hello, Share Fanciers. Pennon Group (PNN) is one of those companies which gives investors a certain pride. That’s because what it does helps the planet.

Compass Points the Way to Greater Growth, Especially in the USA

Published 538 days ago

Hello, Share Scramblers. We’ve all found to our cost that just because a company is big enough to be in the Footsie, doesn’t mean it’s any more immune than the rest from disaster. But some shares still seem more reliable than others.

Concerns over future dividends offer a good buying opportunity in GlaxoSmithKline

Published 540 days ago

The big pharmaceutical companies have traditionally been a fairly safe bet for a steady source of income over the years, and through the peaks and troughs in the markets.

Greene King - beer, fear and not dear

Published 540 days ago

I have not made any money on my Greene King (GNK) purchase of HERE a couple of months or so ago but I have not lost a fortune either and the super summary one-liner is that by the time next autumn rolls around, I think you have made good money on this one. I am relaxed because the interim results were not a shocker despite the 8% odd fall in operating profit and the use of the word 'challenging' in a semi-liberal fashion.

Sanderson - positive full-year results and management chat; Buy

Published 542 days ago

Digital retail technology and enterprise software group Sanderson (SND) has announced results for its year ended 30th September 2017 and that “a healthy order book and good sales prospects provide the board with a good level of confidence that, at this relatively early stage of the new financial year, the group will make further progress and deliver trading results which are, at least, in line with market expectations for the year ending 30 September 2018”

Some Drags on National Grid's Share Price May Not Be Justified. It Could be a Reliable Buy

Published 544 days ago

Hello, Share Swappers. National Grid (NG.) has been a disappointing share of late. Each time it seems to break out, it crawls backwards again. So though my shares have not lost money lately, they can’t seem to make any either.

Accrol – bailout fundraising… at half of IPO price of only 17 months ago!

Published 551 days ago

With it shares having been suspended in early October “pending clarification of its financial circumstances”, today a “Proposed Placing of £18m and Lifting of Suspension” announcement from Accrol Group (ACRL). Good news then? Well…

ITV - bear case in the ascendancy, wrongly I think

Published 557 days ago

Reading ITV (ITV)'s trading update I must admit the investment vibes felt positive to me and the stock was up a couple of percent in the first half an hour of trading. An hour or so later the stock was down 6% odd and I was thinking...why?

Castings – disappointing half-year results, but turnaround opportunity?

Published 562 days ago

I previously cautioned on shares in foundry and machining group Castings (CGS) in the midst of they sliding below 450p last month. They are presently sliding further, at around 430p, on the back of results for the company’s half-year ended 30th September 2017…

Quarto Group – another profit warning, discounted fundraising ahoy?

Published 563 days ago

Previously writing on publishing group Quarto (QRT) in August, I concluded that a soft retail environment expected to continue and financial concerns saw me continue to avoid. The shares have recently risen to above 145p, but are now back towards 120p following a “Trading Update” announcement…

SSE - the FTSE-100's most boring company does something of interest

Published 564 days ago

The most boring company in the FTSE-100 by far is in my opinion SSE plc (SSE, Scottish & Southern Energy). Admittedly utility companies are not meant to be sexy but SSE with its lack of growth and grinding up dividend payment (which encompasses pretty much all of its free cash flow) is the ultimate tortoise. Don't worry I know the hare and tortoise fable and my own investment style is hardly rabid but shoot me now if I make this one a top ten portfolio position at any time before the age of 85. However...

Beaumont Cornish – who needs the Paradise Papers?

Published 564 days ago

Plastered all over the telly for the past couple of days have been revelations from the Paradise Papers, the stack of documents reviewed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists as a major follow-on to the Panama Papers.

BT Group could still prove to be a great recovery play

Published 565 days ago

Even large, FTSE-100 shares can go through periods where seemingly every piece of news brings about a decline in the share price, and the company seems to be hit by one negative revelation after another. But as long as there isn’t anything wrong with the underlying business, then often these are just temporary blips and can offer the sort of recovery opportunities, and potential returns, that you don’t see often with outfits of this size.

BP Is Gushing - But the Rising Oil Price Should Push the Shares Up Even Higher

Published 571 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. It’s not long ago that I commended BP (BP.) to you. And it’s been rising ever since. The quarterly results are out and show the tip was justified. Normally, shares dip even on good news on reporting days, but for BP the shares rose again.

As The Royal Bank Family Crowns Its One Year High, Recovery Should Reign Even Longer

Published 573 days ago

Hello Share Snackers. Once again, at the risk of irritating this website’s very good friend Wildrides, I turn to another British bank. Though it’s hated by many share shifters because of its ten year old wallow in the depths of despond, RBS (RBS) at last shows signs of a more permanent recovery.

Fresnillo offers fantastic upside from further gold and silver strength

Published 574 days ago

Recent weakness in precious metal prices is creating some great opportunities in the equities which are affected by this, and has resulted in some mining shares dropping back to a share price level where they offer good risk versus reward.

Norcros - still a buy following encouraging trading update

Published 579 days ago

Bathroom and kitchen products manufacturer and supplier under the Triton Showers, Vado, Croydex, Abode, Norcros Adhesives, Johnson Tiles, Tile Africa and TAL brands, Norcros plc (NXR) has recently updated encouragingly on trading, yet the shares have thus far responded quite modestly – and only returning them to the 180p at which they commenced this year.

Dialight – “Trading Update” = outsourced manufacturing issues profit warning

Published 580 days ago

Previously writing on Dialight (DIA) with its shares having recovered to above 1100p, I noted that suggested I’d been too cautious on it recently but that I considered the valuation excessive – and to leave precious little margin for error. The shares had since retreated to close last week at 815p – and there’s now a trading update noting “short-term production challenges”

The Punter's Return Points You in the Direction of Compass

Published 580 days ago

Hello Share Farmers. A share which I have held ever since Yorkshire Television was snapped up by Granada is Compass (CPG). This is the Footsie catering giant which Granada was absorbed into.

Prime People – 1:37pm “Trading Update”. Uh oh…

Published 585 days ago

Specialist recruitment group Prime People (PRP) was a former recommendation on the Nifty Fifty website, though we opted to play it safe and sell towards the end of last year – with macroeconomic and some trading concerns. I today note a (rarely good sign) intra-day “Trading Update” announcement from the company…

I Hate to Mention ASOS, Chums, but Its Impressive Full-Year Numbers May Not Be Sustained

Published 585 days ago

Hello, Share Monkeys. I’ve not covered ASOS (ASC) before, as I know it causes a lot of us some pain. I hardly know one investor, among my city gang, who has not sold the damn shares too early. Everybody knows the legend. ASOS is the share which is probably the most quoted when we lament to friends how much we could have made.

Centrica gets shafted by the government getting down with the electorate

Published 598 days ago

After the omnishables that was Theresa May’s big cough-rence speech, mumblings from the Brexit transition Queen about the need for a price cap on the easy targets of the electricity and gas utilities spanked the shares of Centrica (CNA) and Scottish & Southern (SSE), with the former falling to a 14 year share price low. Whilst the latter bores me, the former does grab my attention as the current management team does have a sensible plan involving selling us energy efficiency related technology and services to complement our core gas and electricity bills.

Big Recovery for a Once Hard-Hit Retail Giant Makes it a Worthwhile Punt, Now

Published 598 days ago

Hello, Share Crackers. It happens nine times out of ten. A company announces much bigger profits in its half term results - and the share price crumbles. But no need for alarm, as the price usually recovers to strike north again within a few days. An enticing buying opportunity then? Which bring me to today’s tip.

Take a Sip of This Share - and You may Find it Tastes Even Nicer Later on

Published 601 days ago

Hello, Share Smackers. Occasionally we should invest in companies which do boring stuff. Based on the Yorkshire proverb  ‘Where there’s muck, there’s brass’, I give you ‘Where there’s tedium, there’s chance of a rocketing share price.’ Which brings me to today’s thrilling suggestion for your portfolio.

Hotel Chocolat – full-year results, is the share price recovery justified?

Published 603 days ago

In July, previously writing on Hotel Chocolat (HOTC) I noted trading update omissions and retained previous caution with the shares higher at circa 335p. They would fall towards 250p, but have recovered to a current 306.5p on the back of the results announcement for a 53 week period to 2nd July 2017…

Here's a Power Play for Divi-Lovers, but the Share Price May Not Move Much

Published 604 days ago

Hello Share Crimpers. Dividend hunters among you may want to consider SSE (SSE) shares. The prospective yield of Blighty’s third biggest supplier of electricity and gas is a juicy 6.7%. It’s attained this jolly figure after increasing its pay-outs every year since the turn of this century.

Imperial Brands - time to light up...

Published 605 days ago

I have never smoked and have no plans ever to but I am enough of a libertarian to take the view that if individuals want to light up after knowing everything that medical science has discovered about tobacco over the last couple of generations then that is their business. And so I do periodically invest in the tobacco sector.

The Brains, Money and Running of Some of the Biggest Building Sites on Earth is Down to this British Giant

Published 605 days ago

Hello Share Swaggers. I’ve not covered John Laing Group (JLG) before, though maybe I should have done. Despite my recent post that oil is still worth investing in, as renewable sources are nowhere close to filling the gap, there is plenty of scope for a company like John Laing to grow its extensive renewables programme.

Why I'm happy with the Central Asia Metals acquisition

Published 606 days ago

If I’m being completely honest then I have to admit that I was somewhat annoyed when an RNS from Central Asia Metals (CAML) initially landed to say that trading in the shares had been temporarily suspended pending the acquisition of a large asset. That annoyance though was largely driven by a shorter term view, as shares in the company had been doing very well and the price was increasing steadily in the run up to the financial results, which were expected to be good and with yet another high yielding dividend to be paid. Alongside that copper was flying and had just topped the $3.10/lb level.

SpaceandPeople – half-year results, a recovery on-track?

Published 608 days ago

Shares in promotional and retail merchandising space-focused SpaceandPeople (SAL) are currently on the rise on the back of results for the first half of 2017…

Why You Should Maybe Hang Onto Your Oil Shares, After All.

Published 610 days ago

Hello, Share Collectors. Many of us, I know, are still awash in oil stocks, both the producers and riskier explorers. I’ve been advising that we cut down, as the competition from wind, sun, waves and biomass, threatens to grow. But I think I may have been too hard on ebony nectar and here are a few reasons why.

Character Group – “solid” trading update tempered by Toys ‘R’ Us news

Published 612 days ago

Updating previously on Character Group (CCT), we noted Finance Director departs, but reassurance provided – and the company has now updated on trading…

Why Moneysupermarket may Make you More Money than Other Comparison Websites

Published 615 days ago

Hello, Share Ticklers. Like me, you probably find comparison sites pretty useful. The savings you can make on car insurance, for example, are tasty. The first website that comes to mind is probably that annoying Meerkats one. This family benefits from its generous two-cinema-tickets-for-one deal all the time, though it can keep its cutesy market toys.

Alliance Pharma – despite Diclectin disappointment, still looking good, BUY

Published 617 days ago

Speciality pharmaceutical company Alliance Pharma (APH) has announced results for the first half of 2017 and that “having delivered results in this period in line with expectations, and having a sound platform in place, we look forward to the second half and beyond with confidence" I agree and this offers a way to get a good solid low risk 15% return. Let me explain.

Epwin – a half-year results further profit warning

Published 620 days ago

Epwin Group (EPWN) has announced results for the first half of 2017 emphasising as a first highlight “sound performance in challenging market conditions”. The shares have responded, er, currently approaching 4% lower to circa 70p…

Leading House Builder Could Lead You to Build a Bigger Profit

Published 620 days ago

Hello, Share Tanglers. The idea of living on a Barratt housing estate used to fill me with dread, but a lot of folk seem to like its houses nowadays, so I humbly suggest you look at the shares.

A Word in Your Shell-Like - The Shares May Go Up on World Crises

Published 622 days ago

Hello, Share Splurgers. This seems a good moment to review Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA), that huge Footsie company upon which so many pensions, insurance giants and hedge funds rely. It also happens to represent my biggest shareholding. And that, silly me, is far in excess of my usual 10% of my bag allowed to any company. Holding more than a tenth of your assets in one firm is not a safe thing to do.

Why I'm happy to be holding shares in suspended Central Asia Metals

Published 627 days ago

Although you can’t currently trade shares in Central Asia Metals (CAML), given my bullishness on the company I felt that I should take a look at the current situation following news of a suspension in trading at the start of the week.

IG Design – trading update sees shares further higher, what of value now?

Published 634 days ago

“Trading Update” announcement has seen shares in IG Design Group (IGR) higher and research updates…

Victorian Engineer Stays Up With Times as the Order Book Hits Record High

Published 634 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. Sticking to my policy of finding you companies you may not have considered before, I bring you a firm that was in at the beginning of electric lighting. T Clarke (CTO) lights up big areas. For example, it’s doing Selfridges for them. Way back in history it was the first to electrify the Tower of London. More recently it helped with the complex electrical needs of the Olympic Stadium. T Clarke now provides many other engineering services, as well as electrical work, for other well-known companies. Fire alarm systems is just one tiny example.

Wizard Company Expands in the Magical Market of Family Leisure

Published 639 days ago

Hello, Share Swirlers. There is a common kind of family which spoils its children rotten with entertainment cliches. You know, the two parents and two kids who just have to go to Disneyland, Legoland, Centreparks et al. A company which makes a load of dosh out of catering to this daft demand is Merlin (MERL). It operates Legolands here, there and everywhere, together with Thorpe Park, Chessington and Alton Towers. It also owns the ever-popular Madame Tussauds.

Dixons Carphone - anyone fancy a new phone?

Published 640 days ago

I have not written about Dixons Carphone (DC.) before but, whilst Darren counts the profits from his short sell tip on the share of early January, I have to say today's share price dump has rather piqued my interest.

Robinson plc – interims talk of ‘recovering margins’ & “further growth”, so why are the shares slumping?

Published 640 days ago

Packaging company Robinson (RBN) has announced results for the first half of 2017, including “we do expect to see sufficient new business coming through in the second half to achieve growth in revenue for the year as a whole and we expect to continue to build the pipeline for further growth in 2018”. However, the shares are currently 6.5% lower, at 121.5p…

Goodwin – full-year results, sufficient value to compensate for “continued tightening”?

Published 641 days ago

With I having questioned in March 2:15pm ‘Interim Management Statement’ a cause for alarm?, mechanical and refractory engineering company Goodwin (GDWN) has now announced results for its year ended 30th April 2017…

Lost Faith in some of Your Old Favourites? Then Take a Look at this 200-year-old Niche Company

Published 641 days ago

Hello, Share Smugglers. The main staples of your portfolio, I should imagine, are in these popular sectors; oil, banks, pharmaceuticals, utilities and insurance. I could be wrong, but history shows that people who invested in these areas years ago still hold the stock.

Billiton gets religion...with a little help from its activist hedge fund 'friend'

Published 642 days ago

It was around a year ago that I wrote an article about one of my then tips of the year BHP Billiton (BLT) observing that the world's largest mining company had just made billions of dollars of losses...but correctly the share price was going up. Billiton was a nice solid pick for 2016 but so far this year the share has been more volatile than remunerative.

Why I'm Still Riding the Black Horse

Published 642 days ago

Hello, Share Mixers. As you may have gathered, I favour investment in all four big British banks at the mo. My main reason is that each time one of them announces new figures, its balance sheet seems to have improved nicely and the share price usually shoots up.

This Concrete and Clay King is Paving the Way to A Bigger Share Price

Published 643 days ago

Hello, Share Trundlers. Once again, I take the liberty of bringing before you a share you may not have come across before. Though Marshalls (MSLH) is a Footsie 250 stock, so it does have its fans. And those fans have been making good money recently.

Central Asia Metals is probably the most under-valued commodity play on the market!

Published 645 days ago

There are times when a large background seller can present a good buying opportunity, and an institutional investor offloading shares isn’t always a sign that the company is failing to perform.

Capital Drilling – half-year results include “broadened” uplift in activity, so why are the shares lower still?

Published 647 days ago

Drilling services company Capital Drilling (CAPD) has announced results for the first half of 2017, including that an initial uplift in activity has broadened with an improving outlook in industrial metals and capital markets activities support. Why then are the shares further lower, below 40p, having been above 60p earlier this year?...

Consider Opening the Big Box by Building an Investment in Futuristic Buildings

Published 648 days ago

Hello, Share Mixers. A whizzo strategy when trying to find a new company in which to invest is to ask if what it provides is part of a growing trend. Will it deliver the goods in a world which becomes faster and more efficient in the future? Or does the company provide goods or services which are gradually becoming less fashionable and out of date?

As the Man from the Pru Knocks on Your Portfolio, You Might Want to Let Him in

Published 653 days ago

Hello, Share Twiggers. Let’s have another look at the Man from the Pru. Prudential (PRU) has just announced that six month operating profits are up by 5%. Not brilliant, but, never mind, an increasing profit usually means a climbing share price.

Glencore - imminent M&A splurge suggests you should go bye bye

Published 654 days ago

Who remembers the infamous zero pence share price target established by one 'teenage scribbler' broker on Glencore (GLEN) the thick end of a couple of years ago? Funnily enough, via a decent commodity marketing/trading business, a cute money raising and some decent tier 1 mining assets, Glencore shares did not trouble the scorers below even 50p and over the last 20 months have recovered back to levels seen four or five years back. Today's first half numbers continue that renaissance.

Generally and Legally, this Financial Magician Is on a Roll and Should Conjure Up a Higher Share Price

Published 654 days ago

Hello Share Creepers. We really do love it, don’t we, when one of our babies boosts its profits? Not its revenues, which oft mislead, but the real, honest to goodness, operating profits.

It's time to consider banking some profit on Dotdigital

Published 657 days ago

Even with shares which have exhibited steady share price growth over a period of years there comes a time when you have to consider selling up and moving on, especially in cases where the market valuation looks to be ahead of the financials.

Walker Greenbank – “pleased to announce” half-year trading update, are the shares a buy?

Published 662 days ago

Luxury interior furnishings company Walker Greenbank (WGB) “is pleased to announce its pre-close trading update for the six months ended 31 July 2017” - with this commencing with that brand sales “were up 35.6% in reportable currency compared with the same period last year”. Sounds good, so why are the shares currently sliding back slightly?...

James Halstead – “confident of once again reporting record turnover and profits”, so why are the shares lower?

Published 662 days ago

I previously wrote on commercial flooring manufacturer and distributor, James Halstead (JHD) in January on the back of a trading statement taking the shares back up to 500p – though concluding I still particularly wary of the valuation and continued to avoid. There is now a pre-close trading statement which sees the shares comfortably below 450p…

Utilitywise – early adoption accounting change announcement coincides with profit warning which wouldn’t have been!

Published 664 days ago

Previously writing on Utilitywise (UTW) it was a case of it having been wise to red flag, as (Utility)unwise energy consumption projections see the shares crash. I concluded ‘is there anything else to emerge from the changes required to ‘increase transparency’? The visibility here sees me continue to avoid’. The shares are today further lower on “Early Adoption of IFRS 15” and “Trading update” announcements…

It's Nearly Always Best to Sell After a Big Jump, So Why Can't I Do it? Ref IQE

Published 666 days ago

Hello, Share Twiggers. Probably the hardest decisions we have to make as diligent share shifters is when to sell a big winner. Because even the strongest share can reach a point where it is overbought. It may continue to defy gravity for some time, but what goes up too far must come down.

Vertu Motors – with expects trading “in line”, why’s the recent share slide continuing?

Published 669 days ago

Having already declined from approaching 50p earlier this month, shares in Vertu Motors (VTU) are currently slightly further lower, at 43p, despite an “AGM Statement” announcement including that “at this stage, the board expects the group's trading performance for the year ending 28 February 2018 to be in line with market expectations”

Like Love Island? Then love ITV...

Published 669 days ago

I wrote last week about ITV (ITV) pinching Easyjet (EZJ)'s CEO Carolyn McCall and no doubt she is rubbing her hands together thinking not just about her new pay and incentives package but after today's update...also a fourth series of Love IslandThe show only a minority of you will ever have viewed figured prominently in today's corporate presentation as ITV's management team attempted to get down with the kids - and rev up the financial analytical community - with lots of excitable statistics about viewer levels, website interactions and app/short video downloads.

Vodafone Should Defy the Competition to Dial up a Decent Share Rise

Published 671 days ago

Hello Share Totters. Every time I type Vodafone (VOD) my computer turns it into Voodo, which seems a bit unfair. Vodafone is not cursed and, in fact, is doing a bit better than the market expected.


Central Asia Metals looks a great longer term investment in copper

Published 674 days ago

On the AIM market these days it seems as though many would far rather buy into the latest pump and dump on a piece of junk, than invest in a company that is actually running its business properly and making money. The problem with putting your money into junk is that at some point true value normally shines through and the resultant share price crashes can be spectacular.

Easyjet's big challenge: not Brexit but who's the new captain?

Published 675 days ago

I really do commend to you the search capability on the ShareProphets website because it provides a great short-cut to who-said-what-when. It was last August when I last mentioned Easyjet (EZJ) and since then the stock has been volatile but positive. Ok, it certainly did take a bit longer than I thought AND there were a couple of sub 1000p/share diversions...but you know what it is like with these low-cost airlines: take-off is not always precisely on time...but you get there eventually.

City of London Reaches Out to Far Flung Places to Reap Growing Profits

Published 675 days ago

Hello Share Troggers. A share I’ve oft commended to you on this legendary website, and occasionally disparaged, has published a trading report for its year ended in June. And it tempts me to buy a few more shares.

British Land Seems Undervalued and Might Be Worth Building On

Published 676 days ago

Hello, Share Cinchers. It’s been a while since I last commended British Land (BLND) to you. I don’t regret that, though the share was falling at the time and has yet to really rebound. The company deals in what they are not making any more of and it owns it around the UK, including where it’s most costly: London.

Tap into Taptica If you Hear the Advancing Tap, Tap, Tap of Smart Advertising

Published 682 days ago

Hello Share Scudders. What does Taptica International (TAP) actually do? It states it does ‘data-focused marketing solutions’.

Ever Read Sir Gawain and the Greene King? Well, this Brewer Needs No White Knight to keep on Making Cash.

Published 685 days ago

Hello Share Turners. Recent results from Greene King  (GNK) were a dose of good news in a difficult consumer market. Operating profits were up by about 5%, while revenues on the year were up nearly 7%.





Persimmon Points the Way in the Gallop to Build Desperately Needed New Homes

Published 689 days ago

Hello Share Stackers. Though it sounds like a hero from Ancient Greece, Persimmon (PSN) is a popular British house builder. And it’s doing better than many of its competitors.

That Old Question, BP or Not BP, Could Now Be Answered with a Yes

Published 690 days ago

Hello Share Swiggers. I had a lot of money invested in BP (BP.)  shares and was happy as a pig in muck with a galloping share price and juicy dividends. But that was before the big leak in the Gulf of Mexico, followed by a crash in the oil price.

One of My Most Tipped Shares, Creightons is now a more than 30-bagger. And that's Not a Typo.

Published 696 days ago

Hello Share Smatterers. If anyone ever berates you for risking your money on penny shares, you might want to tell them the following tale.

James Latham – “pleased” with full-year results, but a buy?

Published 702 days ago

Having last year commented on slowing growth, I note results for its year ended 31st March 2017 from panel and timber distribution company James Latham (LTHM)…

Viva Aviva as it Simplifies in the Hope of Raising Dividends & Making More Cash

Published 704 days ago

Hello Share Swipers. Quite a few insurance policies of mine have been taken over by one firm which seems to flood the market these days. I refer to Aviva (AV.), a firm which knows a lot about generating cash.

SThree – trading update argues “solid base”, but what about the macro picture?

Published 709 days ago

Shares in staffing business SThree (STHR) are currently trading higher, above 300p, on the back of a half-year trading update. However, they are still lower than the more than 330p reach earlier this year, so what’s the current story here?...

Och Aye. That Scottish Bank's Shares May Rise, Now Some Obstacles are Under Control

Published 709 days ago

Hello Share Smirkers. Normally I favour Lloyds (LLOY) when commending banks to your further inspection. But progress on that bank’s share price has been hesitant on days when its rival RBS (RBS) motors ahead. Though of late, RBS has weakened too - a casualty of the political uncertainty which becomes even more uncertain as the days roll by.

Ashtead's awesome strategy and numbers... so what to do now with the shares?

Published 712 days ago

I last mused about industrial plant and tool hire company Ashtead (AHT) fourteen months ago, since when the shares have basically doubled. Happy days...but no resting on the laurels because correctly you should be asking the question of 'so what do we do right here and right now?' Fortunately, the company puckered up its full year results today so all the latest information is to hand.

Eckoh – full-year results argue “excellent” future prospects, but what’s already in the valuation?

Published 713 days ago

“Eckoh plc (ECK), the global provider of secure payment products and customer contact solutions, is pleased to announce its final results for the year ended 31 March 2017”. Hmmm, this though follows a profit warning in September

Can Bovis the Builder do it? - Yes, it Can.

Published 718 days ago

Hello Share Swiggers. Not long to go before we find out who’s going to boss us about for the next five years. But whichever party wins, they have promised to increase housing stock.

Amino Technologies – updates on trading “at record levels”, so why are the shares currently down?

Published 719 days ago

Shares in provider of digital TV and cloud products and services to network operators, Amino Technologies (AMO) have recovered strongly from an October 2015 profit warning, to recently above 200p. However, they are currently sliding back below this level on the back of a “Trading Update” announcement…

You May Still Want to Back the Black Horse with a Divi that's Riding High

Published 719 days ago

Hello Share Dredgers. Once again I bring to you Lloyds Banking Group (LLOY) as a share worth considering. This simple statement will draw flak from my good friend Wildrides, but the case for Lloyds is getting better.

Photo-Me – updates on trading after UK photo ID regulation scare

Published 723 days ago

I previously commented on Photo-Me (PHTM) in January as the shares slid from above 170p to below 155p on UK photo ID regulation media comment. The company has now made a “Trading Update” announcement for its year ended 30th April…

Spirax Sarco Steams Ahead - And I Jumped Too Early

Published 723 days ago

Hello Share Topplers. There are a lot of companies with shares that I’ve sold too early. It’s never wrong to take a profit, they say. But of course it is - if that company rises like a rocket after you sold.

Haynes Publishing – “a significant turnaround”?

Published 724 days ago

Haynes Publishing (HYNS) is a leading riser currently today on the back of a “Trading Statement” announcement which emphasises “a significant turnaround of the business”, including “reportable profit before tax and exceptional items is expected to be c.40% ahead of the prior year”...

Infrastucture is Booming - And this Specialist Investor Is Building on it

Published 725 days ago

Hello Share Snatchers. Everybody knows that Big Donald has said the US is going to spend big money on infrastructure. A British firm which invests in American infrastructure is HICL Infrastructure Company (HICL). Interested? I thought you might be.

Is GSK's Boat Finally Coming In? It Seems Healthy Enough

Published 726 days ago

Hello Share Shapers. Every so often I look at that great British pharmaceutical giant, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and I usually notch it up as a buy. Despite the fact that it has not been quite as successful a punt as I had hoped, I am still well up on my three year old purchase. The dividend, which I have at nearly 5% is also useful. And I was gratified that it was one of the perkiest  Footsie risers on Friday.

Filthy Forty Aquatic Foods – problems getting the cash out of PRC? Er…..

Published 733 days ago

Yesterday lunchtime (1pm – the new no-one-is-watching o’clock) ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty purveyor of all things fishy, Aquatics Foods Group (AFG) served up a Q1 trading statement showing broadly flat sales, but rising costs. The really good news is that the cash-pile is even higher than before, at RMB 485 million – c. £54 million, or about five times the market capitalisation. The bad news….

Time to buy Vedanta before the release of results in the UK

Published 735 days ago

Vedanta Resources (VED) was one of my best performing shares during 2016, and after a significant pullback in the share price in recent months it is well worth considering buying back in at current levels.

Zytronic – strong interims - lets bank our profits

Published 736 days ago

Zytronic (ZYT) has announced results for its half year ended 31st March 2017 and that “the second half of the year has started well and is in line with expectations and on this basis we expect to make further progress in creating value for shareholders”.

Introducing A Newly Listed Company which Is Making Piles of Cash

Published 737 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. Continuing my theme that companies which build houses should do jolly well out of the various election promises to stimulate house building, I offer for your critical perusal another lot which services the building industry.

In Touch Company Deserves Your Attention as Profits Rise

Published 739 days ago

Hello Share Shufflers. There is a Geordie company which wages war on switches and buttons. It makes touch sensors. You’ll see this kind of technology everywhere these days, beginning with your mobile phone.

Unless you are an unbending yield muncher… sell Vodafone here

Published 740 days ago

Near the top of the FTSE-100 leaderboard today is the telecoms behemoth Vodafone (VOD), which proudly said earlier today that it had enjoyed a ‘good year, gaining share’. Of course the headline profit numbers were full of the negative impact of a non-cash impairment of €5 billion relating to its Indian business. But don’t worry about this! ‘Organic adjusted EBITDA growth of 4%-8%’ is expected and, with €5 billion of free cash flow and a 2% hike in the dividend, the yield munchers will be bought off. Right here, right now though, I would sell Vodafone shares.

Andrews Sykes – 2016 results, dividend yield remains attractive despite share price rise

Published 742 days ago

Andrews Sykes (ASY), a 380p offer price November share tip, has announced results for the 2016 calendar year and that it is “cautiously optimistic for further success in 2017”

Another good update from Randgold Resources - still a buy

Published 748 days ago

I have been a fan of Randgold Resources (RRS) for a long time and the latest update from the company continues to support my bullish view here.

Sanderson Group – half-year trading update, “in line” & confident

Published 750 days ago

November addition to the Nifty Fifty Growth portfolio, Sanderson Group (SND) has updated on half-year ended 31st March 2017 trading “in line with management's expectations” and on a “good level of confidence that the group will continue to make further progress during the current financial year”

Tesco May Be Heavily Traded - But I Rather Wish I'd Not Bothered Myself

Published 752 days ago

Hello Share Grapplers. It seems that two of the most popular shares being bought and sold by we great band of punters at the mo are Lloyds Group (LLOY) and Tesco (TSCO). I looked at Lloyds yesterday, reckoning it has the making of a good buy because of slow, if unspectacular, progress revealed in its last quarterly figures. I’ll turn to another well-traded share, Tesco, today.

Has Lloyds Time Come at Last? Well, It's on the Right Track

Published 753 days ago

Hello Share Planters. Here I am again, risking a commendation to look at the shares of one of the major British banks. This time Lloyds (LLOY) seems to me a worthwhile proposition. I am heavily over-exposed to this lot, so I personally hope so.

Another decent update from Sylvania Platinum

Published 759 days ago

I’ve been a fan of Sylvania Platinum (SLP) since early last year and during that time the share price has doubled, and the latest operations update has certainly done nothing to alter my view of the company.

A Few Jolly Good Reasons to Return to BP

Published 769 days ago

Hello Share Rattlers. On checking the number of BP shares I hold, I was rather shocked. It’s one of those shares I’ve been gradually building up, whenever I find myself with a bit of share cash and no clear company currently worthy of investment.

Sanderson Group is showing steady growth

Published 775 days ago

I always seem to come away from the UK Investor Show having found at least a couple of companies which I had never looked at previously piquing my interest, and this year’s event was no exception.

A British Bulldog Called Sirius Which Should Benefit from Brexit

Published 775 days ago

Hello Share Slicers. If you've visited Germany in the last few years, as I have, you’ll be impressed by the prosperity which swirls around the place. People driving posh cars, while smartly dressed (compared to Blighty anyway where the standard is admittedly exceptionally low). There is a fully-listed British property company which has a load of business parks in Germany - including the prosperous cities of Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich. It is doing them up to attract bigger rents.

Central Asia Metals - the best value mining stock on the market?

Published 781 days ago

A few weeks back I wrote a piece here suggesting that Central Asia Metals (CAML) was one of the best value mining shares around, and following the release of its final results I believe that to be even more the case now.

Is National Grid Undervalued, As Power Prices Rise in the USA?

Published 790 days ago

Hello Share Finders. One of the more stable shares in my bag is becoming even more favourable to this old punter, given the current uncertainties of the world economy and that it has not really kept up with the rising Footsie.

It's Now a Ten-Bagger, But The Upward Action is Probably Not Over Yet

Published 794 days ago

Hello Share Sappers. Occasionally armchair tycoons like us come across a little jewel. When it happens, and I’ve commended this share to you previously, it is very tempting to blow my own trumpet. Which is what I now do with Creightons (CRL).

Van Elle – profit warning less than 5 months after AIM IPO!

Published 795 days ago

Well that didn’t take long; 26th October 2016: “Van Elle (VANL), the geotechnical contractor offering a wide range of ground engineering techniques and services to customers in a variety of UK construction end markets, is pleased to announce the admission to trading on the AIM market”22nd March 2017: trading update including “delay and deferral of contracts”

China FRAUD Aquatic Foods Q4 update: drowning in a sea of Red Flags

Published 797 days ago

ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty purveyor of all things fishy, Aquatic Foods (AFG), has updated on 2016 Q4 trading this morning. In a statement plastered with Red Flags it would appear that the company is nearing the final chapter of the China Norfolk playbook as we are warned that there has been a spot of bother getting cash out of China. Is it bye-bye to the dividend? 

Look at the Techno Wizard which Kicks 'Don't Touch' Signs into Touch

Published 803 days ago

You’ve probably guessed already that I mostly prefer future prospects to past performance when assessing if a share should attract my hard-earned. Thus a balance sheet is of interest to me - but not quite as much as a bit of old-fashioned imagination when trying to second guess if a service or product will fly in the next few years.

Portmeirion Group – looking through the 2016 results spin…

Published 808 days ago

Shares in Portmeirion, Spode, Royal Worcester, Wax Lyrical and Pimpernel homewares group Portmeirion (PMP) are currently slightly lower despite it “delighted to be reporting an eighth consecutive year of record revenue”, this up by £8 million (11.7%) to £76.7 million…

You'll struggle to find a better copper play than Central Asia Metals

Published 809 days ago

Copper has been showing some signs of weakness in the past week or so following an unstoppable rise from around $2/lb during the early part of 2016, and despite the pullback it is still trading much higher, at around $2.62/lb, as I write this piece.

Fancy a Firm that's Not Cut its Divi in 56 Years and Goes from Strength to Strength?

Published 809 days ago

Hello Share Shellers. Some of my formative years as a broadcaster were at BBC Radio Leeds. It was in the centre of that fair city in a shopping paradise called the the Merrion Centre. Happy days!

Switch Your Focus from Tiddlers to Leviathens - But Not Any Old Leviathan

Published 813 days ago

Hello Share Swappers. We are now living in even scarier times than usual in Shareland. What with Brexit, Big Donald, a possible new cold war, inflation and growing world debt. We are also being frightened witless by the continuing shocking revelations by Uncle Tom and his top team of investigators. If I were running a shaky company, especially one on AIM, I would not be sleeping - ever.

IndigoVision – 2016 results, a speculative buy?

Published 815 days ago

Previously writing on networked video security systems group IndigoVision (IND) late last year, I concluded that further trading and financial comfort was required. I now note the shares currently on the rise on the back of results for the 2016 calendar year…

Idox – “strong start” to year & “encouraging” outlook, but are the shares good value?

Published 820 days ago

Information management software and services supplier, Idox plc (IDOX) has updated on “a strong start to the new financial year” and an “encouraging” outlook…

Is the Black Horse Worth A Punt? This is Why I think it Might Be

Published 822 days ago

Hello Share Plodders. For a year or two now I've been saying that British banks are worth a re-look, if only because the number of fines and compensatory payments are bound to diminish soon. Now it looks as though the bank shares I've been suggesting most are set to rattle ahead even faster than the last few weeks. And their recent progress has already been encouraging.

Lighthouse Group – ahead of expectations 2016 results, still good value?

Published 824 days ago

Having previously concluded on shares in Lighthouse Group (LGT) at 11.75p that they could prove good value, I note that they are currently higher today on the back of a results announcement for the 2016 calendar year…

Driver Group – full-year loss & bailout fundraising. “Renewed confidence”?

Published 827 days ago

Driver Group (DRV) has announced self-admitted “disappointing” results for its year ended 30th September 2016 and a bailout fundraising, though argues that stakeholders should soon be able to “look forward to the future with renewed confidence”. Hmmm...

Holders Technology – FY increased loss, though argues “heartened” by recent signs. Hmmm…

Published 828 days ago

Having previously concluded that shares in Holders Technology (HDT) were on the bargepole list, I note the announcement of results for its year ended 30th November 2016…

Picture Giant's Share Price Frames Itself Again. Now for some More Northerly Action

Published 828 days ago

Hello Share Squirmers. There was a rather unnerving fall for shares in Photo-Me (PHTM) in the middle of last month. It was based on a scare story that the quality needed for official id photos could be provided by mobile phones and so could be something of a challenge in the future for automatic photo machines.

This Share Has Got Life, Jim - but Not as Tom Knows it

Published 831 days ago

Hello Share Puddlers. I’ve previously commended to you the outer space firm of Inmarsat (ISAT). It sends satellites up there to help with mobile phone signals in difficult places, like Everest. It also provides navigation for ships and planes.

Plastics Capital – with trading conditions “generally good”, what of my previously cautious stance?

Published 832 days ago

Niche plastics products manufacturing group, Plastics Capital (PLA) has updated that it “continues to trade in line with market expectations” and that “trading conditions are generally good”. Should I thus alter my previous cautious stance?…

The Tesco Recovery Play - and Why It Might Just Come Off

Published 832 days ago

Hello Share Grinders. As I write this, I’m aware that wise Shareprophets commentator Wildrides will be sharpening his pencil to disagree. And I am not at all sure about supermarkets myself - though I still have shares in the big three home-grown ones. Looking at Morrison (MRW), Sainsbury (SBRY) and Tesco (TSCO), I think the last named is the most likely to bring us the most money from our owning the shares.

Lighthouse Group – contract renewal ahead of results announcement, good value?

Published 834 days ago

A contract announcement from national financial advisory group Lighthouse (LGT) sees me catch-up on progress of this former tip – we having banked more than 50%, less than 6 month, gains on the shares at 14p following an offer approach a bit less than a year ago

Billington – results set to be “in line” & some ‘pleasing’ progress, so why are the shares down?

Published 835 days ago

Shares in Billington Holdings (BILN) are currently on the slide despite a trading update noting that full-year “results are anticipated to be in line with market expectations and the board is particularly pleased with the progress made at the new Shafton facility”. Hmmm…

St Ives – last month a “materially below” profit warning, now a contract non-renewal

Published 836 days ago

Writing on St Ives (SIV) last month, I concluded that I was far from as confident as the company and retained the scepticism which has served well from 125p. Now, a 12 noon “Statement re contract” announcement sees the shares further lower…

With Advertisers Viewing the Economies of Scale, ITV's Shares Should Continue to Light your Screen

Published 836 days ago

Hello Share Pluggers. I’ve held my ITV (ITV) shares since Noah went to youth club. And though I’ve seen a horrible dive or two, the shares had been climbing back strongly for at least five years now.

DX Group – another profit warning, from 100p IPO to sub 10p in less than 3 years…

Published 838 days ago

I previously cautioned on parcels, mail and logistics group DX (DX.) with the shares at 30p HERE and 16p HERE. Hopefully the warnings were heeded as a “Trading update” announcement currently sees the shares 60% lower, heading towards 7p…

Quarto – 2016 impacted by Books & Gifts Direct business, but potential value?

Published 845 days ago

Shares in illustrated book publishing group Quarto (QRT) currently trade approaching 9% lower, at 290p, despite a trading update for 2016 including that “a resilient performance in the core publishing businesses means the group expects to report profits in line with management expectations,…”. Ah. “… excluding the impact of our Books & Gifts Direct business”

Filthy Forty Jiasen – And now the reason for proposing the AIM delisting

Published 845 days ago

Yesterday we noted the announcement from ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play - and one of the Fujian Four – Jiasen (JSI) that it was proposing to delist from the Casino. Having listed at 82p per share in 2014, the current 3.125p (mid, last seen) seems a trifle disappointing. Today the company has given its reasons for the proposal. Try not to laugh….

BT accounting problems present a buying opportunity

Published 848 days ago

Whenever you get a big drop in the share price of FTSE350 companies it can represent a buying opportunity, depending of course on what caused the drop in the first place.

A Ear in Your Shell-Like. Royal Dutch Shares May Be in for a Boost.

Published 848 days ago

Hello Share Suckers. You’ve may have noticed, but probably haven’t, that I’ve been selling shares in some companies which I am heavily invested in. This is because times are uncertain and success with a few of my favourites, have left them a little top heavy in their pricing territory.

T.Clarke – full-year trading update, speculative buy?

Published 848 days ago

T.Clarke (CTO) was previously featured on this site late last year after an attempted ‘no-one watching o’clock’ announcement of “financial irregularities”. The following updates, with the shares currently heading towards 20% higher, at over 70p, on the back of a “Trading Update” announcement...

Coral Profits warning - this does not stack up: Boss Joe & hapless Nomad (to frauds) Cairn you are yanking my chain!

Published 849 days ago

Coral Products (CRU) served up its interim results on December 8 with a bullish statement on the rest of the year. Today we are told that "a poor trading performance at its Coral Products Mouldings Limited subsidiary during November and December 2016 group profitability for the year ending 30 April 2017 is likely to be materially below management's and market expectations." WTF - how on earth was the December 8 statement not massively misleading? is that down to a deliberate wish to mislead or just incredibly bad internal financial controls?

Long Live the Revolution - If You Buy the Shares

Published 849 days ago

Hello Share Twangers. Though not a revolutionary sort of person, I do rather like an intriguing name when it comes to stumping up for shares. Revolution Bars (RBG) has a romantic ring to it, don’t you think?

Flowtech Fluidpower – states dividend “in line with current market expectations”, but not profit. Wonder why?...

Published 853 days ago

Updating on its 2016 performance, fluid power products supplier Flowtech (FLO) notes that it intends to propose a 5% increased dividend “in line with current market expectations” and “expects underlying profit before tax will be in the range £7.0m to £7.2m”. How does the latter compare with expectations then?...

Braemar Shipping Services – follows August’s profit warning, with another…

Published 853 days ago

Previously writing on Braemar Shipping Services (BMS), I suggested that holding, at the then 370p, was only for the very brave or very patient and that I’d avoid. Hopefully that was heeded as another “Trading Update” announcement today is another profit warning – and sees the shares currently down towards 250p…

The Great Divi Hunt Continues with Phoenix Group

Published 856 days ago

Hello Share Snafflers. Well, it seems the old Footsie has called a halt to its record-breaking run into ground-breaking highs. Does this surprise anyone? Of course not. What keeps on going up has to come down. So it’s possibly time to pause in our headlong rush to find shares which put on capital value. Let’s instead turn once again to an ever-important part of the armchair tycoon’s income - the dividend.

Portmeirion – ‘slightly ahead of expectations’ & “record revenues” not as positive as they’d seem…

Published 857 days ago

PortmeirionSpodeRoyal Worcester and Wax Lyrical homewares group Portmeirion (PMP) “is pleased to confirm that it expects profit before taxation for the year to 31 December 2016 to be slightly ahead of market expectations”. BUT…

St Ives – following April last year’s, another “materially below” expectations profit warning…

Published 857 days ago

Shares in marketing services group St Ives (SIV) are currently circa 37% lower, at around 80p, on the back of a “Trading Statement” announcement. Profit warning ahoy then!…

Robin Hood, the Eleven Plus and the Chance of a Better Picture for ITV

Published 860 days ago

Hello Share Swipers. Though it horrifies me to think of it, I first watched independent television when I was cramming for my eleven plus. It was at my uncle’s house, as we couldn’t afford a new telly to take the second channel and it must have been sixty years ago. Robin Hood was on.

Looking for a Bumper Dividend in Tidy Ship? Look at City of London Investment Group.

Published 862 days ago

Hello Share Ticklers. I’ve just bought a bit of the City of London Investment Group (CLIG). Those of you with long memories may remember I’ve previously a piece or two commending this holding company to your further researches.

Cobham – ANOTHER profit warning, though still worse to come?

Published 865 days ago

Aerospace and defence group Cobham (COB) has released a “Post-close Trading Update”, with the shares currently around 15% lower, at 140p, in response. Uh-oh…

Reasons Why Lloyds Bank Could Keep Boosting its Lamentable Share Price

Published 867 days ago

Hello Share Baiters. That awful share to hold, Lloyds Group (LLOY) may be getting less arduous. There is some optimism in the City that the current disappointing share price may rise 20% or so to beat 75p. Presently it’s around 66p.

Your Shares Booming At Last? - Here's Why.

Published 884 days ago

Hello Share Squirters. The Footsie keeps on rising. Allowing for the usual Santa Rally, one wonders why? After all, as Uncle Tom keeps saying, the world is overloaded with debt and many big countries, like Italy, France and Spain, have shaky economies. There seems no obvious reason for shares to bloom.

How Aggreko Could Electrify the Power Game

Published 888 days ago

Ho Ho Ho, Share Packers Aggreko (AGK) is a company which I’ve featured recently. And since then, I think the story has got a little better.

Doctor, Doctor, What's the Best Way to Get a Modern Surgery?

Published 892 days ago

Hello Share Tootlers. It's quite a bit since I last suggested you might do some further research on Assura (AGR). Since then the company has found another £300 million from investors.

Tighter Regulation Threat Makes IG An Uneasy Investment

Published 895 days ago

Hello Share Twizzlers. I've not had much success with my spread betting exploits. I've had three goes with three different companies, but this kind of investing, if investing it is, has seen my original stakes disappear. And rather quickly, too.

Waterman Group – positive AGM statement, but…

Published 898 days ago

Engineering and environmental consultancy group Waterman (WTM) has updated on performance in conjunction with its AGM – and the following reviews with the shares presently 3% higher at 84p…

Fyffes – review of recommended offer from Sumitomo Corp

Published 898 days ago

Dublin-headquartered international grower, importer and distributor of produce including bananas, pineapples, melons and mushrooms, Fyffes (FFY) has agreed to a €2.23 per share offer from Japan’s Sumitomo Corp, seeing Fyffes’ shares on AIM currently 44.5% higher to 186.5p (currently just under €2.22)…

All the Banks Are on the Move - But the Honkers Shares Could Take the Prize

Published 900 days ago

Hello Share Planners. You may have noticed all the UK banks have been rising over the last few days. This has happened even though the rest of the Footsie has been pretty stodgy. The reason, I think, is that Italian banks have become even more unreliable, and by unfair association, the banks of other Eurozone countries.

James Halstead – AGM statement notes FX benefits & ‘confidence in prospects’, so why are the shares down?…

Published 905 days ago

Writing on commercial flooring company James Halstead (JHD) in August I concluded that the circa 426p per share valuation deterred me. The shares have recently risen towards 500p but despite now updating that “the fall in the value of Sterling following the referendum vote of June has contributed to increased margins on our overseas sales, increased competitiveness and positive growth” and noting confidence “in the prospects of the company going forward”, the shares are currently approaching 6% lower today, back towards 450p...

Dixon Carphone Merger Pays Off, So Could the Shares Rise by a Third?

Published 905 days ago

Hello Share Bashers. Selling computers and phones and big screen television sets has not been easy. In recent years, quite a few stores have disappeared from our high streets and out of town shopping centres.

Why Marks and Sparks Fails to Spark My Investing Fire

Published 907 days ago

Hello Share Squeezers. You have to love traditional institutions. Marks and Sparks (MKS) is certainly one of those. But apart from a purchase early on in my investing career (not far beyond the Iron Age) I have avoided the shares. Reason: I bought them at £3 plus and for most of the years ever since the share price has monkeyed about at roughly the same level.

Foxtons share price overreacts to letting fees news

Published 910 days ago

Estate agents took a big hit last week when Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement revealed a surprise, in the form of a ban on letting fees.

Gattaca – a buyer as shares have continued to fall, but worth following?

Published 912 days ago

Previously writing on engineering and technology recruitment group, Gattaca (GATC) I noted that the full-year numbers suggested compelling value, but questioned whether the shares actually were. Some buying has now been announced, with the shares having slipped further from the just below 300p of my previous update…

Talk Talk Share May Not Rise Rise

Published 914 days ago

Hello Share Twirlers. The broadband and phone company TalkTalk (TALK) is not a share I would buy at the moment. And that’s a pity because I think someone needs to break the dominance BT (BT.A) seems to have on the market. Strong competition has always kept fees for broadband from being extortionate, and we can’t afford a shrinking market.

This UK Travel Giant could Cruise to Share Success

Published 919 days ago

Hello Share Scrapers. I'm usually ambivalent about TUI (TUI) the big British/German travel tour company. Truth is I can't see much future in an operation which helps people organise events when the computer in your front room makes this easier as time rolls on. Yet there's no denying that ever since 2011 at least TUI has bumped up profits year on year.

Creston – recommended offer, “an attractive premium”. Really?

Published 920 days ago

Marketing group Creston (CRE) has announced results for its half year ended 30th September 2016, but also that it is recommending a 125p per share offer from a company of 28% shareholder DBAY Advisors…

Time to Re-Visit the Banks? Yes, I Rather Think So

Published 923 days ago

Hello Share Plungers. As usual, when raising the thorny issue of whether banks are ever going to get back on track after the trauma of 2008, I am attacked by the symptoms of nervousness. But I still think all British banks will see fairly hefty share rises over the next few years. This is partly because outrageous fines issued by interfering busybodies and compensation claims will surely start to dry up.

Filthy 40 Aquatic Foods – Q3 trading update

Published 924 days ago

Shares in ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Aquatic Foods (AFG) put on 35% on Friday, following release of a third quarter trading update. Drilling through some of the numbers they seem to be impressive, begging the question of why an apparently profitable and cash-generative company which is drowning in cash worth about three times its market capitalisation would be considering its dividend policy, having chopped the half-year payment by 71%.

Castings – half-year results show profit hit, to get hit further?

Published 926 days ago

On the back of an August AGM Statement from Castings (CGS) with the shares at circa 428p, I noted there looking an increased risk of short-term share price pain. The following updates on the back of the company’s Half-year Report, with the shares currently sub 400p…

Aggreko Could Generate a More Electrifying Share Price

Published 930 days ago

Hello Share Crunchers. I’ve made an awful lot of gelt out of a firm which is mainly known for hiring out electricity generators. But it is a few years since I decided that the share price of Aggreko (AGK) had motored beyond its prospects, and I dumped the lot.

Best of the Best – ‘ahead of expectations’ trading update, but a buy?

Published 933 days ago

Shares in provider of competitions to win luxury cars online and at retail locations, Best of the Best (BOTB) currently trade more than 8% higher, at 230p, on the back of a “Trading Update” announcement including “trading for the six months ended 31 October 2016 has been strong with profits before tax generated ahead of management expectations”

Gattaca – full-year numbers suggest compelling value, but is it?

Published 934 days ago

Shares in engineering and technology recruitment group, Gattaca (GATC) are currently 15% lower today, at sub 300p, despite a results announcement emphasising “profits in line with market expectations”. Hmmm…

You May Not Want to Sell Shell Pell Mell on These Figures

Published 935 days ago

Hello Share Diviners. Jim Slater's legendary book on shares, second in my view only to my own works, including the recent Share Attack, advocated investing in shares you really know something about. I seem to remember - though could be wrong - that the Zulu Principal got its name because his wife knew plenty of stuff about Zulus.

Plexus Results "Pretty shocking" - and there is worse to come

Published 937 days ago

In this, the 31st day of the tenth month in the year of Trump, we have today been delivered results from oil services group Plexus (POS) that are truly abysmal. One broker described them as "shocking" but that is unfair, we have been warning you for a long time that Plexus is in deep merde and things will only get worse.

Hoots Mon! RBS Shares Could Perk if the Clydesdale Steps in Where Spaniards Fear to Tread

Published 941 days ago

Hello Share Wallowers. It’s all happening at the old Royal Bank of Scotland, now known boringly as RBS (RBS). It’s all about ownership of its smaller Williams and Glyn business. Spain’s Banco Santander was round the table with W and G, but then it pulled out, reportedly over differences about the price. But now the Glasgow bank Clydesdale (CYBG) may step in.

RTC Group – having “successfully navigated… period of market anxiety leading up to the EU referendum”, a profit warning…

Published 947 days ago

Having in August stated that its engineering and technical recruitment consultancy ATA “has successfully navigated through the period of market anxiety leading up to the EU referendum”, RTC Group (RTC) has now announced its short-term performance has been impacted by delays in the commencement of infrastructure projects…

Prefer Emerging Markets to the Developed World? Ashmore Could Give You More

Published 954 days ago

Hello Share Munchers. I’m quite a fan of investment in emerging markets. My main reason is that they have room to grow as poverty-prone populations become, well, a bit less poverty-prone. I suppose I’m mainly thinking about India and China. Together with many African countries which are not doing at all badly, despite common perceptions to the contrary.

As Brent Crude Trickles Up, You Can Be Sure of Shell, Shell, Shell

Published 956 days ago

Hello Share Twiggers. The price of oil continues to nudge up. As I write, it is only a whisper away from a 10 month high. I see no reason why that trend won’t continue, especially with winter drawing on and my central heating boilers going full pelt for the first time today. Another clue to rising oil prices is that big costs are returning at the petrol pumps.

Alternative Networks – offers only vague near year-end profit warning attributed to EU referendum of more than 3 months ago! ...

Published 971 days ago

UK business IT and communications service provider, Alternative Networks (AN.) has made a “Trading Update” announcement including under a first bullet point “some project completions will be delayed beyond the year end”. Uh-oh…

CSF Group – Delisting proposal for shareholders with a gun to the head

Published 972 days ago

AIM-listed CSF Group (CSFG) announced this morning that it is to call an EGM for shareholders to consider a resolution to delist from the world’s most successful growth market. The reasons cited are the lack of institutional demand, liquidity which is effectively meaningless and the failure to secure additional capital by way of equity financing. So much for AIM as a source of growth capital.

Bonmarche – profit warning, performing poorly in all weather...

Published 977 days ago

Womens value retailer Bonmarche (BON) has announced it has followed a “generally poor summer season” with “extremely poor” trading in September – stated to be “largely as a consequence of the unseasonably hot weather which has not favoured sales of our new autumn ranges”. Hmmm…

Judges Scientific – interims show earnings down & suggest more such woe to come

Published 978 days ago

Half-year results from scientific instruments company Judges Scientific (JDG) include Chairman Alex Hambro “pleased to be able to report, for the eleventh consecutive year, record revenues and dividends”. The shares are currently more than 9% lower, at sub 1300p, in response. Hmmm…

Profits Up, Divi Up. Could Be Worth Shopping for Dunelm Shares

Published 983 days ago

Hello Share Pippers. The chain store firm of Dunelm Group (DNLM) has produced some jolly good figures. They are in line with other reports that consumer spending is actually up since the Brexit vote. So all those gloomy folk who predicted hard times ahead after our decision to divorce from Europe are wrong.

InterQuest & Avesco – share tip of the year updates

Published 985 days ago

Since previously updating on my share tips of the year last month – see HERE, both have had significant news…

Roll Out the Barratt with These Well-Built Reasons to Invest

Published 985 days ago

Hello Share Samplers. At the risk of annoying some of my gloomier detractors, I continue to argue that house builders are a good investment at the mo. A good friend of mine has just bought a large house in a very swish part of the Smoke. I admit this could be a mistake, as some London house prices are under threat because of Brexit. Fewer rich foreigners will buy here, it is argued, because the capital will no longer be seen as the centre of the financial universe.

Honkers Bonkers Bank is Worth a Look - for the Perky Divi and Bouncy Share Price

Published 989 days ago

Hello Share Puddlers. The Honkers Bonkers bank (HSBA) has been doing rather well on the old share front of late. Each day seems to bring another 1% or so. This is encouraging news for me as the family has rather a big holding which is at least 40 years old.

Turn Again City of London Investment Group as the Big Divi Beckons

Published 990 days ago

Hello Share Slammers. It's been a while since I revisited an old favourite, City of London Investment Group (CLIG). During that time I sold my holding, because I was sitting on a reasonable profit and when you are dealing with an investment company with its main interest in foreign parts, you never really know what is going to happen on a global, politico-macro basis.

Creston – does AGM statement give room for greater optimism?

Published 991 days ago

Most recently commenting on marketing communications company Creston (CRE), I concluded, with the shares then recovering towards 100p, that, although the valuation remained potentially attractive, an unpromising combination of factors saw me retain the caution that has served well since I previously wrote. The following updates with the shares currently at 101.5p on the back of an AGM statement commencing that “the group has had a positive start to the year”...

Red24 - bid now worth 26.3p - good news on this quick win share tip

Published 996 days ago

Having previously announced that it was “engaged in discussions” following a 24p per share possible offer,  Red24 (REDT) has now further updated as an initial Takeover Panel deadline came into play. the shares are now 24p mid which is not bad as we tipped it just about six weeks ago at a 19.75p offer.

Stilo International – why are the shares materially down again on a results announcement?

Published 997 days ago

Shares in Stilo International (STL) currently trade more than 9% lower today, at just over 7p, on the back of the company’s half year results announcement. This follows them also having fallen by more than 14% following the company’s announcement of 2015 results in March. Hmmm…

Are We Being Served by Debenhams As We Face a Likely Decline in High Street Shopping?

Published 997 days ago

Hello Share Shufflers. I have commended Debenhams (DEB) shares in the past, but I’m changing my mind. This is not because I dislike the store. My nearest branch, which is fairly new, is well laid out, spacious and welcoming. But the truth is that many of us are ordering on-line these days. And sadly these big chain stores may become more and more unnecessary. I had hoped that the nation’s love of shopping would keep them hugely profitable, but hopes are fading.

Molins – “Half-year Report” announcement = Profit Warning…

Published 1005 days ago

Half year results from Molins (MLIN) – the company's first stated “Key point”“Results in line with management expectations”. Good, good. Final such point: “the board is taking a more cautious view of the short-term trading outlook and has revised downwards its trading expectations for the current year”. Uh-oh...

Robinson plc – H1 results, reported “soft market conditions” concern on macro, as well as micro, level

Published 1011 days ago

Commenting on an AGM update in May from packaging company Robinson plc (RBN), I concluded, with the shares at 155p, that I’d tread cautiously with it looking that the first half year performance at least wasn’t going to be pretty. The following updates, with the shares currently down to 145p, on the results announcement…

Castings – AGM Statement, is profit about to take a further hit? …

Published 1012 days ago

Automotive and commercial vehicle-focused iron casting and machining company, Castings (CGS) has updated that “our plan to fill the profit gap created by the ending of a major machining contract remains on course with improvements still expected from 2017/18”, though now also that “we have seen a softening in demand from our main customers since the statement in the Chairman's report in June”. Hmmm...

Filthy 40 China fraud Aquatic Foods: “Technical administrative delay” sees dividend postponed.

Published 1013 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear. This does not look good. ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty China fraud Aquatic Foods Group (AFG) has announced that it hasn’t paid its full-year dividend of 0.7p per share due to a “technical administrative delay”. Is that because there isn’t any cash?

BHP Billiton: make billions in losses… and the shares correctly go up

Published 1013 days ago

You cannot complain when one of your tips of the year has put on over 35% in the last eight-and-a-bit months, but it would be fair to say a month or two into the year even I wondered what I had let myself in for with BHP Billiton (BLT).

A Few Reasons Why Smith and his Nephew Might Cure our Share Blues.

Published 1017 days ago

Hello Share Touchers. The medical world is going to keep on expanding as new cures and treatments come on the market in the wake of huge scientific advances these days. I once wrote articles for a big global company on efforts to defeat the common cold. I also wrote a popular book on the subject, called Attishoo.

Matchtech – full-year trading update, these shares are a buy

Published 1024 days ago

Having commenced the year at above 500p and been around 400p just before the Brexit vote, shares in specialist engineering and technology recruitment group, Matchtech (MTEC) are currently recovering to above 350p on the back of a “Trading Update for 12 months ended 31 July” announcement…

Portmeirion – half year results (following profit warning), does forward confidence look merited?

Published 1025 days ago

Following its recent profit warning“Portmeirion Group (PMP) is pleased to announce its performance for the six months ended 30 June 2016”. Hmmm…

Flowtech Fluidpower – acquisition & a penultimate paragraph profit warning

Published 1027 days ago

Flowtech Fluidpower (FLO) opens an announcement today with that it “is pleased to announce the further strengthening of its product offering in the hydraulics sector through the acquisition of Triple Six Limited, and provide an update ahead of the release of the company's half-year results”. The shares are currently 5% lower, at 105p, in response. Hmmm…

James Halstead – states recent ‘drastic’ Sterling reversal “bodes well”, but enough to make the shares a buy?

Published 1027 days ago

“Pre-Close Trading Statement” from James Halstead (JHD) updates that “trading through to 30 June 2016 has been solid and profit before tax for the full year will be ahead of last year, in line with market expectations and at the highest level in the company's history”. This is despite that “during the majority of the year Sterling traded at a higher level than the prior year presenting challenges to our overseas turnover, which is in excess of 60% of total turnover”. Does opportunity now knock then here?

I'm still happy to hold Sylvania longer term

Published 1027 days ago

Unfortunately with many AIM companies these days, news is hyped up so much that when it actually arrives it can rarely meet the expectations of investors.

Tern – Interims and ramptastic prospect of dividends (what with?)

Published 1034 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) released its interims to June 30 2016 this morning. Once again the company has to be commended on the speed with which it gets its numbers out. As expected there is a large paper profit, no cash and the promise of future dividends despite a lack of cash and hefty retained losses. As to the profit…..

Savills offers good long term value and growth prospects

Published 1035 days ago

Estate agents and housebuilders plummeted after Britain voted to leave the EU, as the chances of a slump in the property market were seen by some as having increased as a result of that outcome. I have no doubt that some companies in these sectors will be badly hit, especially those whose business is focussed around higher end properties in London, such as Foxtons, but for others I see the recent drops in share price as presenting a buying opportunity, especially when taking a longer term view.

Sprue Aegis – H1 operating loss lower than feared, but what about the full-year and outlook?

Published 1038 days ago

I commented on home safety products supplier Sprue Aegis (SPRP) in April as its shares were crashing on the back of a profit warning plus - see HERE. The following updates with the shares currently up today, to 181.5p, on the back of a trading update ahead of late September-expected results for the first half of 2016...

Portmeirion – you were warned & it’s now profit warning ahoy

Published 1053 days ago

On a May AGM update from AIM-listed homewares group, Portmeirion (PMP) I concluded, with the shares at 1155p, that “the risk/reward trade-off now certainly looks to have swung to the former at this juncture. This suggests the shares currently to be avoided” - see HERE. Hopefully this was heeded as it’s now profit warning ahoy and the shares are heading towards 850p…

Plastics Capital – after interim numbers failed to impress, what about the full-year?

Published 1056 days ago

Having sold on the Nifty Fifty subscription site last year at above 100p, the following updates on Plastics Capital (PLA) with the shares currently at 93p following results for its year ended 31st March 2016…

TrakM8 claims its generating pots of cash. That is not the case - still a sell

Published 1056 days ago

No doubt Paul Scott is wetting himself as TrakM8 (TRAK) boasts of how pre-tax profits of £3 million leads to cash of £4.45 million being generated in calendar 2015. There is so much cash generated that his Dorset bunnies are paying a 2p per share dividend, even though the company has now moved into net debt. The squeals of Scotty delight in Brighton are almost audible here in Bristol. Except that it is all smoke and mirrors. TrakM8's business remains a piss poor non generator of cash.

China fraud GTS Chemical to delist and so cancels dividend (obviously). 21 down.

Published 1060 days ago

And so the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty is to be reduced by yet another company to just nineteen as GTS Chemical (GTS) has decided to up sticks in the best interests of its shareholders. For some reason this, apparently, serves as a perfectly valid reason for the company to bin the full year dividend which had previously been earmarked for an increase.

Brammer – swiftly from second half “increased weighting” to profit & debt warning

Published 1061 days ago

At its 13th May AGM industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul products distributor Brammer (BRAM) announced that “whilst there will be an increased weighting of the group's financial results towards the second half, our expectations for the full year, assuming our key plans for improvement in the UK and Nordics are achieved, remain unchanged”. We are now though told of a “reduced level of profitability”, seeing that “the group will be close to its net debt/EBITDA bank covenant at the period end”

Drink to This Tasty Share Which has Defeated the Post Brexit Panic.

Published 1061 days ago

Uncle Tom disagrees with me, but I never underestimate the power of the UK public and foreigners,f or that matter, to imbibe alcohol. My evidence is that every other customer at my local supermarket check-out has a basket full of cans and bottles and often little else. 

Prime People results - check out that yield

Published 1065 days ago

Recruiter Prime People (PRP) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2016 and that“current activity is resilient across the group”. The results show a pre-tax profit of £2.15 million on net fee income more than 20% higher than in the prior year, at £12.28 million, generating earnings per share of 13.84p, up from 9.28p. The dividend per share was maintained at 8.84p.

Creston – full-year results, “in a good position”?

Published 1067 days ago

Shares in marketing communications group, Creston (CRE) are currently recovering towards 100p following its announcement of results for the year ended 31st March 2016 and CEO’s statement that “despite still having work to do, we are looking forward to continuing… progress in the coming year and I believe that we are in a good position to capitalise on the positive work already achieved”. Hmmm…

Photo-Me – shares slump on results announcement, do I agree with shareholder Malcolm Stacey?

Published 1068 days ago

Results for its year ended 30th April 2016 from Photo-Me International (PHTM) include “a 14.6% increase in reported underlying pre-tax profits to a record £40.1million”, though the shares are down more than 17%, at around 132p, in response. As a shareholder Malcolm Stacey’s response is HERE and the following is my take.

Selling Photo-me Shares on Tuesday's Drop? You May Want to Hold It - Flash, Bang, Wallop.

Published 1068 days ago

Hello Share Twinklers. As Uncle Tom would have it, Photo-me (PHTM) is my favourite company.  I’m not sure about that but it is still rather galling for me to have to report that the shares are down 15% as I write. It has, to be fair, motored upwards for a few days earlier on the expectation of a preliminary results statement which came out today. But that statement is not at all bad, and I fancy that the 15% fade will soon start to look a lot better.

InterQuest & Avesco – share tip of the year updates

Published 1072 days ago

Since I last updated, there has not been much share price cheer from my two tips of the year for 2016, but has this been in contrast to the news flow? …

Buy Glencore on any short term weakness

Published 1074 days ago

A couple of months ago I covered Glencore (GLEN) as a short, but I now think it is time to consider closing and looking to go long on the shares, especially on any dips.

Water Intelligence - A Surprisingly Intelligent Investment?

Published 1077 days ago

This morning saw annual results released for Water Intelligence Plc (WATR), which owns American Leak Detection, Inc. This primarily US-based business (clue is in the name) uses infrared and other advanced technologies to find and fix water leaks. I’m sceptical of US companies on AIM but will try to approach this with an open mind!

To Shell and Back. The Case is Royal Says My Old Dutch.

Published 1081 days ago

Hello Share Plungers. I’ve been teetering round some serious Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) research for a week or two now. That’s because I - along with a goodly few other City commentators - expect the price of Brent to skid upwards. But why buy Shell shares in preference to those  offered by all that competition? Because of size mainly. Shell is probably too big to fail and if that oil price keeps bubbling up, then good old Shell we will among the biggest beneficiaries.

Sanderson Group – 2016 interim results & management chat

Published 1082 days ago

Provider of digital technology and enterprise software for businesses operating in the retail, manufacturing, wholesale distribution and logistics sectors, Sanderson (SND) has announced results for the six months ended 31st March 2016 and “a good level of confidence that the group will continue to make further progress and deliver trading results in line with market expectations”. The following updates post a chat with management…

Aukett Swanke – half-year results, blaming Brexit uncertainty. Hmmm…

Published 1083 days ago

International practice of architects, interior designers and engineers, Aukett Swanke (AUK) has announced results for the six months ended 31st March 2016 and is “pleased to report another period of profitability”. The shares are currently down 18%, at 5.125p, in response though. Hmmm…

Amino Technologies – after profit warning last year, now a brighter trading picture?

Published 1084 days ago

Amino Technologies (AMO) has announced “a strong first half performance with record order intake and a very encouraging backlog to take into the second half of the year following sales growth in key regions”. Sounds interesting…

Highland Gold offers a good leveraged play on gold prices

Published 1084 days ago

Highland Gold (HGM) is well worth a look at the moment with the recent rally in commodity prices expected to extend at least throughout the rest of the year.

easyJet will continue to see strong growth in the future

Published 1096 days ago

Shares in a number of companies in the airlines sector are looking quite appealing at the current levels that they are trading at, and for me EasyJet (EZJ) falls into that category.

Worried about market turmoil over Brexit? Then take a look at GlaxoSmithKline.

Published 1099 days ago

With uncertainty over Brexit and possible market turmoil around this event, and assuming you’re not planning to move to cash, now would seem like a good time to add some defensive shares to your portfolio.

Why I Hang Onto One of My Biggest Losing Shares. Ref: RBS

Published 1116 days ago

Hello Share Screamers. I was going to sell my bulky haul of RBS (RBS) shares - until I saw the latest set of results. Of course, I should have sold them a few years ago when the price was around 500p. Now it’s around 220p. But I dare to think that things may improve now.

Getech Group – interim results, claims “a strong financial position”. Really?

Published 1145 days ago

Having followed a profit warning with news that its CEO is to walk the plank, geoscience services group Getech (GTC) has announced results for its half year ended 31st January 2016. They ain’t pretty…

Forget Chocolate Tea Pots. Look into Plastic Chimney Pots, Instead.

Published 1147 days ago

Hello Share  Twiddlers. The boss of this exemplary website, Uncle Tom, often refers to chocolate teapots as an expression of uselessness. I am going to commend you to a share which one the face of it does something just as daft.

Why Photo-Me is a Picture of Health

Published 1150 days ago

Hello Share Flickers. For many months now, I’ve been bringing you shares which you may not have considered before. I’m delighted that some of these companies have shown tasty improvements, despite a very downbeat City at the mo.

Why Not Play Housey Housey by Making the Right Move?

Published 1151 days ago

Hello Share Squashers. Having looked hard for a house in the not too distant past, I can attest to how useful the big online estate agents really are. You just plonk in your location and price range and there you are. Saves oodles of time. It even allows you to know what your chosen house sold for last time and when.

Cape is Worth a Bit of Good Hope, If You Think the Oil Price Will Rise.

Published 1153 days ago

Hello Share Crunchers. If we assume - and I think this might be a safe bet - that oil prices will perk up, then perhaps we should cast about for shares in the energy game which might ride the rally.

Delve into the Big Box and You May Click and Collect a Winner

Published 1162 days ago

Hello Share Pickers. You don’t need me to tell you that shopping habits are changing. Yes, the days of going shopping are still with us. The great British public regard it as its number one hobby.

Buy to Rent Bank May Be a Cosy Home for Some of Your Share Money.

Published 1164 days ago

Hello Share Tusslers. Spaggers recently asked me on this magnificent website to have a look at one of the alternative banks. Banks that are not among the big four British banks with their less than impressive recent history. So why not put under the spotlight Onesavings Bank (OSB).

Not Scared of UK Bank Shares? This One Makes a Good Account of Itself.

Published 1167 days ago

Hello Share Scrimpers. Here I go again - recommending a bank for your scrutiny. I sometimes wonder why I bother, as the big British banks have an eight-year-old habit of letting us down.

This Small Pharma is Expanding into the US and Asia- A Wise Move if We Quit Europe.

Published 1177 days ago

Hello Share Trekkies. The health game is a good place to be for winning share seekers like us in 2016. Bio-science firms are set to reap the benefit of an ageing world population with all its attendant health problems. And even younger folk will sadly require more medical care, unless they can do something about their unhealthy diets.

F40 Asian Growth Properties – proposed disposal triggers big re-rating but Red Flags are too big to ignore

Published 1178 days ago

Some good news from the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty in the form of a proposed disposal by Asian Growth Properties (AGP) was detailed on Tuesday. At its last set of numbers interims to June 2015 the company stated NAV per share at 125p and until recently the shares had been trading at a fraction of that (sub-20p). The news saw the shares race away to close at 46.5p mid, although they gave some back on Thursday. 

China fraud Aquatic Foods Trading Update: drip, drip, drip - the water torture continues in a sea of Red Flags

Published 1180 days ago

ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Aquatic Foods (AFG) released a trading statement yesterday for its full year to Dec 2015. I commented that the last trading statement had more holes than a fish-net and yesterday’s serving of fishiness lowers none of the Red Flags previously raised. 

Dividend Slashed, but I'm Banking on Barclays Share Price to Bounce Back.

Published 1180 days ago

Hello Share Trundlers. The real reason why Barclay’s (BARC) share price fell so sharply on its results is that the dividend was cut by more than a half. This whammy was compounded by the company’s forecast that this state of affairs would continue for a year or two.


The Black Horse Kicks Up a Special Divi - So the Share Price May Gallop Even Faster Ahead.

Published 1184 days ago

Last May, shares in Lloyds Group (LLOY) reacted to a better-than-expected set of results by rising to very nearly 90p. It was an improvement that put the other high street banks to shame. But turmoil in Europe and a slowing Chinese economy sent the price dribbling down soon afterwards. 

Alternative Networks – futility of attempted ‘no one watching o’clock’ “Trading update” again shown

Published 1185 days ago

A 5:06pm “Trading update”, Uh oh. A 24th February such announcement from IT and telecommunications provider, Alternative Networks (AN.) commenced that “the group's Advanced Solutions business continues to make good progress following the completion of the integration of the acquisitions made in 2014…”. Oh, ok. “… This has recently been offset by significant ongoing pressures in our mobile business”. Uh oh, here we go…

Big Profit Explosion Could Send RSA Shares Even Higher.

Published 1185 days ago

Hello Share Shufflers. Well, that was a nice surprise in these dismal times. The old Royal Insurance company, combined with the Alliance. has had a difficult few years. But the latest results from RSA (RSA)showed a sparkling improvement. And the shares rose 12%, which is exceptional for a Footsie giant. 

Why I'm Not Warming to British Gas: Ref: Centrica.

Published 1188 days ago

Hello Share Riders. As a long, but mild, winter gets set to change into Spring, I am going cold on Centrica (CNA). Time was when I was a great supporter. Much good did it do me. I made a lot of cash in my early years with them, but then the share price more or less flattened out. 

Let’s Think About giving the Go-Ahead to Go Ahead.

Published 1192 days ago

Hello Share Walkers. The low price of petrol won’t last for ever and that could mean a stronger move to public transport. I’m already a keen train and bus traveller, as I’m too lazy to concentrate for hours on end on a motorway. 

If Shares Continue Their Tarnished Path, You Might Take a Shine to this Glittering Company.

Published 1193 days ago

Hello Share Polishers. They tell me that all the gold in the world is only enough to cover a football pitch. Though nobody informed how deep the deposit should be. TW Note: It is actually "fill an Olympic sized swimming pool."

Action Hotels Trading Update - stance upgrade to buy

Published 1194 days ago

Ahead of April scheduled results for 2015, Action Hotels (AHCG) has updated that its nine operational hotels performed strongly and in line with expectations” and that “an increase in reported net asset value is expected as a result of new hotel openings, upward revaluations of existing properties and new additions to the portfolio”.

Even the Oil Price has to Bottom Out One Day - While BP Still Pays its Monster Divi.

Published 1194 days ago

Hello Share Shafters. I keep stressing, to the point of boredom I expect, that these days, it’s best to choose companies which pay richer dividends. We cannot rely on share prices rising, but even in the choppiest waters, some firms manage to award a decent divi two to four times a year.

Telecom Plus – Top Broker says “Underperform” but misses critical points

Published 1195 days ago

Yesterday I wondered why shares in fully listed Telecom Plus (TEP) had been dropping, and turned up a few nuggets in its interim statement and, of greater concern, a new £150 million loan facility on the Companies House website. Were these the cause of the drop since the turn of the year? Well perhaps not, for into my inbox has dropped an “underperform” note from top analysts RBS Capital Markets.

Strong trading update from Waterman - still a buy

Published 1206 days ago

Waterman Group (WTM) has updated on “a successful interim trading period”ahead of results scheduled for 29th February.

Make Hays While The Sun Shines - The Current Share Price May Warm Up Fast.

Published 1210 days ago

Hello Share Movers. There are more jobs in Britain than there ever have been. Quite an amazing fact, don’t you think? When you consider that we all once expected a sci-fi future full of labour-saving devices.

Could the Black Horse Come Storming Up on the Rails Again? Ref Lloyds Group.

Published 1228 days ago

Hello Share Shufflers. It’s probably time we revisited a share I know is very popular among the astute denizens of this superlative website. I refer to Lloyds Group (LLOY).

Oxford Technology VCTs - cheer amidst market gloom

Published 1234 days ago

I previously commented that following the disposal of Telegesis by three of the four Oxford Technology VCTs there looked to be some value to be had, and that it looked as though dividends were on the way. Yesterday evening came 3rd quarter numbers for all four funds and the news was generally good.

GLI Finance NAV update - buy

Published 1273 days ago

GLI Finance (GLIF) has updated on its net asset value per share performance – reporting it to be 52.30p as at 30th September 2015. This represents a slight decrease of 0.34% from 52.48p as at 30th June, though compares to a current share price of 44.5p.

Oxford Technology VCTs – value to be had?

Published 1273 days ago

I covered news that an investment made by VCTs 2, 3 and 4 had worked out very well, and that reading the runes one might come to the conclusion that there are some pretty hefty dividends on the way. If fact the numbers are rather better than I had calculated and the whopping discount to NAV now presented makes me wonder if at least one of the VCTs’ shares are a buy.

Oxford Technology VCTs 2,3 & 4 – disposal paves the way for big dividends

Published 1278 days ago

It was announced yesterday that Oxford Technology VCT 2 (OXH), 3 (OTT) and 4(OXF) have disposed of their investment in a company called Telegesis. It looks to be a cracker of a deal for all three funds and the RNSs released by the VCTs yesterday pointedly stated that the directors would be considering dividend policy when they reviewed the third quarter (end of Nov 30) results. It looks as though there are some tasty payments coming.

Royal Mail: appealing portfolio stodge

Published 1283 days ago

Six months ago after rhapsodising about the 4.5%+ dividend yield I described the Royal Mail (RMG) as:

‘…a brand that has persisted for hundreds of years and it is not going away.  As a balance to your blood, guts and violence capital gain stocks it works’  

And in that sense the outperformance versus the broader FTSE-100 index since then has been pleasing to note albeit still down a handful of percent since the call was made versus 10% for the UK’s large cap index.  Of course you can’t eat relative performance…but that’s where that dividend comes in. 

Poundland – as predicted a results shocker

Published 1284 days ago

Back in September I confessed to the ShareProphets readers that I had been making some semi-regular visits to my local 99p Store.  I also called a sell/avoid/short on Poundland (PLND) shares and it is the latter which has to interest us today following a litany of disasters in the company’s interim results statement today.

DX (Group) plc - 10:51am “Trading Update” = Profit Warning Du Jour…

Published 1290 days ago

A 10:51am announcement commencing “DX (DX.), the leading independent parcels, mail and logistics operator, announces an update on trading for the financial year to 30 June 2016” suggested just one thing, and yep there it is in the third paragraph; “the board now expects that profits will be significantly below current market forecasts”

BHP Billiton: investing after a disaster

Published 1294 days ago

There are some events which transcend normal investment analysis.  The shocking scenes of devastation over the last few days from the area around the Samarco iron-ore mine in Brazil following the unintended release of mine tailings received a lot of press coverage.  As the co-owner (along with the Brazilian business Vale) BHP Billiton (BLT) correctly in a regulatory disclosure earlier today ‘offered its full support to help the immediate rescue efforts and to assist with the investigation’ and made its ‘immediate priority…the welfare of the Samarco workforce and the local communities’. None of this of course will bring back those who have lost their lives.

Inland Homes plots further expansion

Published 1299 days ago

Brownfield land developer and housebuilder Inland Homes (INL) is hoping to sign a new joint venture development deal with Southampton City Council and is also looking at two possible acquisitions after nearly quadrupling pre-tax profits to £34 million in the year to June on turnover doubled to £114.2 million, with stated net assets up 48% to 43.9p a share. Based in Amersham and quoted on AIM, the company, which buys brownfield sites in South East England to build homes with an average sale value of between £250,000 and £300,000, has included a £14.5 million revaluation surplus in its pre-tax figure. It says it is going to adopt the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) accounting system to show an asset figure reflecting current market prices rather than significantly lower historic costs.

BP's dividend maintenance dance - one to add to the pension

Published 1307 days ago

The global mega cap energy sector reporting period kicked off today with BP (BP/) reporting 'underlying profit of US$1.8bn for the third quarter of 2015, up US$500m on the previous quarter, along with plans to rebalance its financial framework and grow value long term'.   Well that sounds like something for everyone then: profits sequentially up and more than a hint or two about the importance of remunerating it shareholders. 

It’s Worth Giving the Honkers Bonkers Another Look.

Published 1315 days ago

Hello Share Sorters. I have a holding in the Honkers Bonkers Bank (HSBA). It’s not as big as it used to be, as I realised I was far too overloaded with its shares in the event of another dollop of bad news for banks.

Filthy Forty Asian Growth Properties to sell assets for £119m, profit of £39m. Dividend? Er...

Published 1332 days ago

Asian Growth Properties (AGP), a member of the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty (updated today), has seen trading in its shares on AIM resumed after a deal was announced to sell a large portion of its property assets for a gross consideration of £119 million, and achieve a gain on disposal for the company of £39 million before expenses. The recent interims showed net assets of HK$13 billion (call that about a billion pounds) which we were told represented about 125p per share, so just the profit on disposal should come in at something in the region of 4p per share. The total disposal should realise around 13p a share. It is a great piece of news for shareholders and with the shares trading at 17p (down from 36.75p at IPO) might now look forward at long last to a dividend. Or not:

Asian Growth Properties Ltd – ANOTHER Filthy Forty suspension, at 13.5p vs NAV 125p!

Published 1333 days ago

Not content with seeing Geong (GNG) suspended because its Nomad resigned on Tuesday, or that Camkids (CAMK) suffered the same fate on Monday, we find that a third ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty suspension slipped by: Asian Growth Properties (AGP) - which was suspended in an RNS released by AIM itself, “pending an announcement”. That was at 10.55am, and there has been not a dickie bird since from the company. I note carefully that the AIM RNS did not say “at the request of the Company”. Oo-er missus.

Bulletin Board Morons & Peasants of the day – ADVFN Jiasen thread

Published 1339 days ago

I never cease to wonder at the stupidity of some of the Bulletin Board Morons. Today’s interims from AIM Casino China fraud Jiasen (JSI) are dreadful – an abandonment of dividend policy despite the company claiming to be drowning in cash, a warning of how it will explain away that imaginary cash. Shares in this company have slumped in less than two years from an IPO price of 82p to 7.25p (up 1.25p today).  Yet the morons celebrate. 

BHP Billiton continues to offer good value

Published 1340 days ago

It has been a torrid time of late for mining companies in light of low commodity prices, and even the largest ones have struggled. A number of commodities have been showing signs of bottoming out or even having a bit of a bounce though, and with some of these big companies close to their lowest levels since the 2008 crash, I can see good value in some of them. Top of that list would be BHP Billiton (BLT), which is a company that I have covered before at higher levels and still see as a good longterm buy, even more so at the current share price of around 1041p.

JQW – Interims invite belief in the tooth fairy

Published 1341 days ago

As George Osborne tweets lyrical about being the first UK minister ever to visit the key staging post at the end of China’s Silk Road, Urumqi, JQW has truly tried to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. If you believe in the tooth fairy then you should buy the shares with all your might. Indeed, you should go down to the world’s local bank (HSBC) and get a mega-loan and buy the entire company for it is trading on a market capitalisation of £11.1 million (source: ADVFN) and yet has a cash pile of £46 million. Heck: shut down the business (except the Chinese authorities have already done that, for a month) and walk away with £35 million profit?

Fancy a Big Divi and a Future El Dorado. Have a Butcher’s at City of London Investment Group.

Published 1346 days ago

Hello Share Thrashers. I know a few of you did your research after I brought the City of London Investment Group (CLIG) to your notice. And I know one or two of you dipped your toes in the water.

AIM-China Filthy40 member Aquatic Foods Interims fail to reassure

Published 1354 days ago

One of the problems that AIM-listed China stocks have at the moment is that nobody believes them. Nobody believes the claimed cash-piles or profits. This is amply demonstrated by the stock-market histoire of Aquatic Foods (AFG), a member of the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty. To remind you, it listed in just February of this year at 70p per share, to give it a market capitalisation of £79.3 million. Yet the shares fell steadily to the current 29p. Today saw Interims to the end of June 2015. Scratch the surface, and the Red Flags are all too apparent.

Top 5 FTSE100 Dividend Payers, which closed within 1% of a 52 week low

Published 1364 days ago

Following yesterday's table of the top dividend payers among resource stocks in the FTSE100, below are the top five dividend paying shares whose share prices closed within 1% of a 52-week low on Friday. Qualifying stocks have a yield of >5%.

Is the BHP Billiton 7.9% dividend too good to be true?

Published 1368 days ago

On Tuesday, Chris Bailey offered some excellent analysis of BHP Billiton’s (BLT) results. I won’t attempt to steal Chris’ thunder, but one point he made has stuck with me. In its own words BHP Billiton’s board is “resolute” to pay what is now a 7.9% dividend. This is an enormous yield for such a large stock and if the directors follow through with this pledge, the current £10.55p share price is surely a gimme. The question is will the company pay this generous sum?

Plastics Capital Results - a buy for yield

Published 1414 days ago

Plastics Capital (PLA) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2015 and that “trading in the current year is in line with management's expectations” - we note those numbers had already been shaved some months ago. However

Camkids AGM Q&A - the killer admission

Published 1444 days ago

AIM casino listed China fraud Camkids (CAMK) has helpfully published an English language transcript of a Q&A from its AGM yesterday. There are moments of sheer comedy but also a killer admission which should tell you this is heading for 0p.

GLI Finance - positive trading update

Published 1454 days ago

GLI Finance (GLIF) has updated its loyal investors on a 7.1% increase in net asset value per share in the first quarter of 2014 and that the finance platforms in which it has invested are all performing well, many are ahead of our expectations and we expect significant developments in the second half of this year”

Camkids..To lose one NED is unfortuanate, to lose 2 looks like..

Published 1475 days ago

At this point I move away from Oscar Wilde, in the case of Camkids (CAMK) to lose 2 NEDs looks like… a fraud unraveling. Last week it was a British NED who walked. Today we hear that Mircle Yap , a Chinese NED, will be leaving after the AGM on June 11.

Begbies Traynor profits warning but yield attractive and looks safe

Published 1484 days ago

Having announced in March that “increased activity levels in the typically busier winter months for insolvency leave the group well placed to deliver the board’s expectations for the year as a whole”, Begbies Traynor (BEG) has now disappointingly updated that it “now anticipates that the outturn for the full year will be below market expectations” - pointing to a further decline in the insolvency market in the UK…

Core VCTs – Shareholders prepare to attend a General Meeting with a gun their heads

Published 1505 days ago

Thursday this week sees General Meetings for Core VCT plc (CR3), Core IV VCT plc (CR4) and Core V VCT plc (CR5). Proposed is a decent sized dividend (good) and delisting, putting the companies into wind-up and the appointment of liquidators. Shareholders have been presented with no choice: they have a gun to their heads and are being forced into submission. Then there are some revelations regarding investee company Allied International Holdings Ltd which I shall come to later as they are not matters for the Sunday breakfast table.

Adept Telecom - very pleasing trading update...but

Published 1506 days ago

Another winning share tip! AdEPT Telecom (ADT) has updated that profit for its year ended 31st March 2015 is expected to be in line with market consensus expectation, with cash flow ahead – enabling a more than 58% increase in total dividends for the year.

GLI Finance - 2014 numbers more than ok - 5p dividend looks good

Published 1520 days ago

GLI Finance (GLIF) has been a good share tip for us and has just announced results for the 2014 calendar year and that “there is every sign that 2015 with be a breakthrough year for the company following the investments made during 2014”.

Try Galliford Try – Half Year Profits Up 12% and Divi Hiked 47%.

Published 1557 days ago

Hello Share Swashers. Galliford Try (GFRD) has got more going for it than an odd name. To begin with, it is a house builder – and you may be aware that I've been supportive of the British home-making industry for some time.

Fancy a Pop at Emerging Markets? – Look at City of London Investment Group.

Published 1562 days ago

Hello Share Pushers. Let's return to the City of London Investment Group (CLIG). Since I last brought this dynamic company to your attention the shares have been putting on steady value, given the odd minor glitch along the way.

Foxtons is a sell

Published 1574 days ago

Current opinions on the direction of the UK property market over the coming year certainly wouldn’t send me rushing to invest in any estate agents. That is even more the case when you look at London, and especially high-end properties, and is why I currently see Foxtons Group (FOXT) as a sell and would expect the share price to drift during 2015.

Avesco results, nothing at all to grumble about: buy

Published 1590 days ago

Provider of rental equipment and services for broadcasting, Avesco Group (AVS) has announced results for its year ended 30th September 2014 which reflect both restructuring and even year events (Winter Olympics, FIFA World Cup, Commonwealth Games, Ryder Cup) benefits. The company though added that “the first quarter of the current financial year has continued the positive momentum from last year”.

GKN a buy at 346p

Published 1594 days ago

In my appraisal of GKN (GKN) shares last July, I said that I thought they would have attractions when they got to around 340p on the basis that I thought I could see with my little eye, potential trend support when the valuation, on the basis of second half estimated expectations, would make the shares probably look good value. 

Tesco at 200p after the Christmas trading statement - where next?

Published 1598 days ago

I suggested here some time ago, that the Tesco (TSCO) dividend payout looked vulnerable, so news that the company will not be paying a final dividend is not surprising. Last year to February 28 2014, the company reported £2.8 billion of operating cash, most of which went in to capital expenditure (£2.88 billion) leaving the annual dividend cost uncovered by operating cash. So the decision to cancel the final dividend and reduce annual expenditure to an annual amount of £1 billion by next year looks logical and rational – and thus I would of thought, encouraging to markets and potential investors. 

Has Tesco Dave played a blinder?

Published 1598 days ago

As Tesco (TSCO) shareholders celebrate the return of a share price that begins with a ‘2’ what should we think of the turnaround plan rolled out by the company’s newish CEO Dave Lewis?

British American Tobacco Chairman Adds to His Stock – that is a (smoke) signal to you

Published 1599 days ago

Richard Burrows, the chairman of British American Tobacco (BATS), has increased his ownership of the company with a significant £176,017 purchase. 5,000 shares were bought at a price of 3520.34. He now has 15,000 shares in the business.

Oil Collapse Leads to Market Plunge

Published 1599 days ago

It’s not been a pretty period for the oil price. On Monday (Monday 5 January) ICE Brent Crude Oil fell by a whopping 5.95% to just over 53 dollars a barrel. On Tuesday (Tuesday 6 January) it was down a further 1.05% to 52.50 dollars a barrel. The slide continued yesterday.

HSBC at 612p an attractive long term buy?.

Published 1605 days ago

With the year 2014 complete we now turn to think what it may mean for HSBC (HSBA) and the results to be published early in the New Year. A glance at the charts suggests – from the perspective on a one year view – that the shares are perhaps are towards the bottom of a sideways trading range in which the share price has found  support at around 590p and a potential., imputed possibility of it getting back up to 640p or so in due time. 

Mark Howitt’s share tips of the year No2 – GlaxoSmithKline

Published 1606 days ago

After some careful thought I have selected GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) as one of just two of my Prime Share Selections for 2015. Being honest, I find it difficult to pick two which really should be the best of all shares, but I am fairly confident GlaxoSmithKline will perform well in 2015.

Robert Sutherland Smith’s shares tips for 2015, No 1 – BP at 416p

Published 1609 days ago

I tipped BP (BP.) last year at 484p on the basis that the shares looked good value and without the foresight of knowing that the price of crude oil would fall so far and so fast, particularly given the recovery of the US economy and the eternal problems of the Middle East. Not a good call in hindsight. 

Mark Howitt’s share tips for 2015 – No 1: HSBC

Published 1609 days ago

What first attracted me to HSBC (HSBA) as a tip of the year? The fact that I knew how cold and ruthless it could be. I have a certain amount of ‘inside information’ on this. When you look at HSBC... there is often something quite clinical about it. My sister has a bank account with HSBC... you would be hard pressed to easily find that it pays no interest at all. “This account pays no credit interest” it says in the small print. However, if she went overdrawn she’d be charged around 18% every year.

UK Santander Gets Capital Boost!

Published 1616 days ago

The UK arm of Santander has been given £300 million from its Spanish parent company. On the 2nd of December Santander (BNC) issued the convertible debt to Banco Santander in order to bolster its financial firepower before the end of the year. The reason for this? Well the Bank of England are likely to use the end of year accounts as the key data for next year’s stress tests.

Lloyds Passes Stringent Stress Test

Published 1620 days ago

Lloyds (LLOY) has passed the recent ‘stress test’ imposed by Prudential Regulation Authority, the Bank of England’s regulator. This test examined whether banks could cope with a severe economic downturn. The woes included a 35% drop in house prices, a hike in interest rates and unemployment reaching a high of 12%.

BP Loses Supreme Court Appeal. What now for the Oil Giant?

Published 1628 days ago

The US Supreme Court has piled more misery on BP (BP.) by rejecting its legal challenge to the compensation package over the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

GlaxoSmithKline Fails to Sell Its Established Products Portfolio. What does this say about the Shares?

Published 1628 days ago

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has recently announced that it has failed to sell its established products portfolio. This is basically a bunch of North American and European drugs that have recently lost their patent protection.

Royal Mail - buy after results?

Published 1640 days ago

Having come to the conclusion that Royal Mail (RMG) shares looked good value at 390p in early October, I was chuffed to see the share price then rise to above 460p. Less gratifying is to see it fall to 417p after the recent publication of the company’s first half results to 30th September. 

United Utilities Delivers Solid Results: Buy, sell or hold?

Published 1640 days ago

United Utilities (UU.) remains a core holding in my long term buy and hold share portfolio, and I am glad to see that recent results are largely positive. As you may have guessed by now, the most important factor for me is the dividend payment, and this has risen by a healthy amount:

BT – does the bid for Telefonica's 02 make sense?

Published 1642 days ago

Having sold its mobile business some years ago, BT (BT.A) is in talks with Telefonica about the possibility of buying the O2 mobile business for strategic reasons; to enable it to enter the growing mobile, smart phone data transmission market. That makes sense given that BT has a gap in its service offering in mobile communications and given that it is also a strong internet service provider which needs to expand demand for its services. 

Sanderson Group – review following full-year results & chat with company

Published 1643 days ago

Provider of software and services to the multi-channel retail and manufacturing markets in the UK and Ireland, Sanderson Group (SND) has announced results for its year ended 30th September 2014 and that its “order book does provide the board with a reasonable level of confidence, at this early stage, that the group will make further progress in the current financial year”. The following updates post a chat with management today.

The Fraud Naibu lies again – you could not make this up (but Daniel Stewart believes it)

Published 1644 days ago

The China fraud Naibu (NBU) has today served up a ghastly profits warning but it gets better – it has now changed its excuse as to why a company supposedly drowning in cash has had to scrap its dividend. But Nomad Daniel Stewart, the specialist in floating China frauds, has signed off on the ludicrous statement so that is alright then. Another £6,250 pcm retainer saved for Daniel Cesspit. Ching. Ching. Coke and hokkers all round.

Insurance Shares Are a Good Bet – But Which Ones to Choose?

Published 1654 days ago

Hello Share Trundlers. My main current reason for buying shares in insurance companies is that they are set fair to take advantage of the ever-improving financial situation, following the now long-gone credit crunch of 2007/8.

National Grid Delivers Solid Results

Published 1658 days ago

National Grid (NG.) is a stalwart of my portfolio and I am glad to see that it has delivered good results again. Most importantly, the interim dividend is 14.71p per share, going ex dividend on the 21 November and is expected to be paid on 7 January 2015. Collecting dividends is a key reason for being a National Grid shareholder, and it is a solid payer - the yield at a share price of 919.5p is 4.6%.

HSBC Results Hit By ‘Significant Items’

Published 1663 days ago

I’ve taken a while to absorb the HSBC (HSBA) Q3 results. It’s interesting to see how the market reacts a while after publication.

BT at 367.5p – hard to be bullish

Published 1665 days ago

BT ‘s (BT.A)  reported ‘statutory’ earnings showed a 28% drop in the three months to 30 September, qualified by the company’s management as a 13% rise in adjusted terms. In line with the adjusted figure for earnings, the interim dividend payout was hiked up 15%.Such volatility and contrast between reported and adjusted earnings helped to ease the shares down. 

Shares in International Consolidated Airlines Group Should Take Off on Soaring Profits

Published 1665 days ago

Hello Share Shapers. When British Airways attracted Spaniards a few years ago and became International Consolidated Airlines Group (IAG), I kind of lost track of my holding.

Lloyds’ Results Reveal New Strategy Towards Banking

Published 1669 days ago

Lloyds (LLOY) results yesterday made mainstream news. There was plenty of interesting information in there for investors. Let’s start with perhaps the most shocking aspect.

Tesco at 171p: Does the new CEO have the mission statement attributes of a William Blake?

Published 1675 days ago

The Tesco (TSCO interim results have proved to be such a large dog’s breakfast of awfulness, that it is hard to know where to begin in attempting to describe and understand the situation. 

Glaxo Results Boosts Share Price - but still a buy

Published 1675 days ago

It’s been a torrid year for GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) share price. From a year high of 1706p, it recently fell to a low of 1296.p. However there was some much needed cheer yesterday, when the shares, trading at around 1330p, were lifted to over 1400p briefly, before closing at 1385.5p. The catalyst? Publication of its results at 12 o’clock which beat expectations.

At 549p Banco Santander is Good Value Again!

Published 1677 days ago

It is good to see the FTSE 100 rise today, but not all companies are joining in on the fun. Shares in British American Tobacco (BATS) have fallen, so have shares in GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Banco Santander (BNC) shares are basically flat at 549p.

Morrisons begins Fighting Back with Match and More

Published 1686 days ago

For quite a while, I believe that Morrisons (MRW) has lagged behind the competition in the supermarket sector. It’s been years behind Asda, Sainsbury’s (SBRY) and Tesco (TSCO) in terms of online shopping.

Rio Tinto at 3005p is close to the picket wire- time to buy?

Published 1689 days ago

Over the last five years it has generally been profitable to pick up Rio Tinto (RIO) shares – or RTZ as we old farts still refer to them as - at 3000p and below because as the share price graph shows, this has been the point when the investor risk reward ratio has been more heavily weighted towards reward than risk. Moreover, on a year’s chart the share price seems to be well supported; take a peek. 

Investing is a Life Long Pursuit – ref GlaxoSmithKline and BP

Published 1691 days ago

The FTSE took quite a hit yesterday. It closed down by 1.04% at 6495.58. Yet there is good news- I believe there are a number of buying opportunities around at the moment! For the long term investor a general market sell off should be viewed as an opportunity not a cause for alarm. So here are two stocks that I am nowlooking to add to thanks to the market wobble.

Sainsbury’s Needs to go back to Basics

Published 1693 days ago

Let’s talk about Sainsbury’s (SBRY). My article about it was the first I wrote on this site, feel free to check it out HERE. You’ll notice what has happened to the share price since then is... not pretty.

Royal Mail shares at 390p: it’s the postman at the door; wake up! Smell the coffee and sizzling bacon!

Published 1695 days ago

Having seen the share price of Royal Mail (RMG) reduce by a quarter (from 526p to 390p - last seen) since my initial assessment last May, I thought it opportune to have another look to see where now are in valuation terms?   

Camkids Interims - an inexplicable dividend cut from a Chinese POS on the AIM Casino

Published 1699 days ago

Another day and another Chinese POS on the AIM casino has cut its cash dividend for reasons that one can only explain in one way. Today’s little shocker is Camkids (CAMK) a shoe producer from Fujian like Naibu (NBU) and those German listed Chinese frauds.

Sainsbury’s is not Tesco!

Published 1702 days ago

So the share prices of both Tesco (TSCO) and Sainsbury’s (SBRY) have been massacred lately. There are genuine reasons for Tesco being destroyed, such as its reason to slash the dividend by 75% and its ‘overstating’ of profits by £250 million. You could call that latter point fraud.

China Chaintek interims – this stinks of Norfolk too

Published 1707 days ago

From the team that brought you Naibu (NBU) we also have China Chaintek (CTEK) which released its interims today and it goes without saying that they do not stack up either. My target price for the shares is 1p (the value of the cash dividend on offer) but since it will probably be the last when the stock goes ex my target price will be slashed to 0p.

The Concept of High Yield. How Effective is it?

Published 1710 days ago

Since I had a strategy for investing, I have adopted the ‘High Yield’ approach to buying shares. In a nutshell, this strategy states that you should buy shares with a yield higher than average for the FTSE 100, if possible with a low PE ratio, the dividend well covered and debt as low as possible.  Does it work?

Giles Elliot of Naibu, you are an honourable man being made to look like a fool – will you quit?

Published 1714 days ago

Giles Elliot, the non-exec deputy chairman of AIM listed China fraud Naibu (NBU) strikes me as a good and thoroughly honourable man. But he has been made to look like an utter fool by CEO Houyan Lin and I ask Giles when is he planning to quit?

Morrisons – reiteration now and a surprise to follow?

Published 1717 days ago

It would be fair to say an interim results statement from Morrisons (MRW) that reiterated their profit range and debt reduction hopes for the current financial year was not a consensus view amongst the (to quote a Chancellor of the Exchequer of yesteryear) ‘teenage scribblers’ that populate the professional analytical ranks of the City’s investment firms.  Still, sentiment towards the company feels as low as it was when I first wrote on the stock a couple of months ago.  The shares are certainly still kicking around the 170s. 

Can Shell Boost Your Portfolio?

Published 1718 days ago

Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) shares are trading at 2530p on a PE of 15.53 and offering a yield of 4.43%. So should you buy, sell or hold shares in the largest company in the FTSE 100?

Naibu Q&A throws up more Qs than As.

Published 1718 days ago

At the shambolic Naibu (NBU) AGM on June 30th this year, a number of questions were asked of the non-execs and advisors which they were unable to answer but which they kindly agreed to pass on to the three executive directors who for some reason had not showed up. (Visa problems were cited. Yes really! All three of them) 

National Grid – On the Radar screen to buy

Published 1719 days ago

National Grid (NG.) shares are currently trading at 914.5p with a yield of 4.6% and a PE of 13.77. And that makes the stock look interesting.

Time to buy Lloyds Bank?

Published 1720 days ago

Lloyds Banking Group (LLOY) shares are currently trading at 74.01p with a PE that is hard to determine of and a yield of 0%. Some estimates give the current year PE as 10 at the moment. Does that make it a buy or a sell?

HSBC: Buy, sell or hold?

Published 1723 days ago

Shares in HSBC (HSBA) are currently trading at 657.8p, offering a yield of 4.59% and on a PE of 12.89. So are the shares a buy, sell or hold?

BT: Buy sell or Hold at 387p?

Published 1724 days ago

BT (BT.A) shares are currently trading at a price of 387p offering a yield of 2.81% and on a PE of 14.99. So should one buy, sell or hold?

Legal and General is worth keeping an Eye on

Published 1724 days ago

Legal and General (LGEN) shares are trading at 243.1p on a PE ratio of 16.1 and a yield of 3.82%. The company is well known as a provider of insurance and other financial services worldwide.

Things to Checkout when Visiting Supermarkets

Published 1728 days ago

So supermarkets have been in the news a lot lately, with Tesco (TSCO) slashing its dividend by 75%. All of the supermarket shares took a battering on Friday, with worries that Tesco’s rivals could also cut their dividends. Just on an instinctive feel, I don’t think Sainsbury (SBRY) will cut its but I do feel it may be effected when Tesco start to cut prices- it will probably have to follow suit to an extent.

Exploit the Big Booze Binge with Diageo.

Published 1734 days ago

Hello Share Swingers: I live next door to a block of holiday flats. I'm amazed by the number of empty bottles they put out for recycling. Only two or three families knock back enough wine to fill the cellars of a big restaurant, as far as I can see.

British American Tobacco is definitely worth looking at for those who like Dividends!

Published 1735 days ago

Shares in British American Tobacco (BATS) are currently trading at 3497.5p on a PE ratio of 14.9 and yielding 4.07%. I bought on the 4th August at 3,444.51p with all costs included, and am very pleased with the progress since then. I have a feeling it may well become one of my ‘favourite shares’.

SSE is worth putting on your Watchlist!

Published 1736 days ago

SSE (SSE) shares are currently trading at 1497p offering a yield of 5.79% and on a PE of 11.9. The dividend is covered around one and a half times, and the company has a good track record of consistently increasing its dividends. Many of SSE’s senior figures have said that dividend payment is one of their main priorities.

Is BP Worth a Place in Your Portfolio?

Published 1738 days ago

BP (BP.) shares are trading at 481p on a PE ratio just 6.6 and a dividend yield of 4.8%. The quarterly dividend has recently risen by more than 8% to 9.75 cents per share. BP is my largest holding, and the one I have held for one of the longest time. I am not selling.

Legal & General: Shares attractive at 236p

Published 1746 days ago

At 236p after the interim results to June; despite the government’s abolition of the compulsory annuity rule in exchange for tax relied on such contributions, the market still seems optimistic about dividends and earnings for Legal & General (LGEN). 

Rio Tinto at 3,422p; soon to become a cash cow

Published 1746 days ago

In my last note on Rio Tinto (RIO) in late July, I finished with an observation that the shares looked attractive on a 4% annual dividend yield and an expectation that the company’s cash flow is likely to improve now that its Australian super efficient iron ore estate at Pilbara is about to come fully on stream. This is after some pretty massive capital investment in its infrastructure. I note that there is increasing talk of the company’s cash prospects and a growing preoccupation with what the company is likely to do with such cash, as and when it starts to flow from better operating margins and cuts in the capital expenditure that produced them. One phrase used in a paper of a decidedly pink hew (I speak of its appearance not its politics or life style inclination) that caught my attention was a reference to Pilbara as the “iron ore cash machine”.  

Naibu – A Question or Two for Mr Lin, the CEO

Published 1750 days ago

As you know, I believe that AIM listed Naibu (NBU) is a total POS. I do not believe its numbers or its CEO or his mum who still owes the company £2 million she “borrowed” a few years back. I think that the shares at 43.5p are in fact worth 0.0000001p. A 4p per share dividend is due to be paid on Friday. So here is a question for Mr Lin.

Action Hotels - new contract: Buy ( look at asset backing)

Published 1754 days ago

Action Hotels (AHCG), the owner, developer and asset manager of branded economy and midscale hotels in the Middle East and Australia, has updated that “a memorandum of understanding has been signed with leading hotel operator Accor for the management of a new 160 room ‘Novotel’ hotel which will be built in the prime business district of Sharq in Kuwait City”. This is in addition to the pipeline of hotels announced at the time of IPO in December and makes the shares look cheap

Creston – 19% ahead on this share tip but far more to go for

Published 1755 days ago

Last week marketing communications group, Creston (CRE) announced that “current trading is in line with its expectations for the full year” (to 31stMarch 2015) – with, in the three months to 30th June 2014, like-for-like revenue 2% higher than in the corresponding 2013 period (overall revenue: +3%).  That helped the shares and we are now 19% ahead on this share tip but there is more to go for.

Sylvania moots dividend payout as the pace quickens

Published 1755 days ago

Platinum mining in South Africa has been a decidedly challenging business of late, with a prolonged miners’ strike rising costs and weak prices combining to sap confidence at many companies. One exception to the sombre tone is AIM-quoted Sylvania Platinum (SLP), whose Chief Executive Officer Terry McConnachie sounds in robust mood, as he suggests the company could receive an official mining right approval for its five to six million-oz. Volspruit open-cast platinum group metals (PGM) project in South Africa’s Bushveld region ‘within one to three weeks‘.

Close Brothers at 1,285p, buy the recent weakness

Published 1759 days ago

Close Brothers (CBG) the small City banking, jobber (in smaller cap. shares under the Winterflood banner) and investment manager has just produced it close season trading statement, which surprised and pleased the market. In recent months the shares have been trading down; probably on the basis that that competition was increasing with the return of the poisoned legacy banks to more lending (e.g. RBS) and the growth of new lenders giving the UK banking a greater, more diverse and competitive market. The share price, last seen, was 1302p having come down from the last twelve month peak of 1503p, Over the year the share price rose 23% against the FTSE 100 Index rise of only 3.1%. After a period in the doldrums when the shares underperformed a sluggish market (up only 2% in the last six months) the share price is now perking up again.  

GlaxoSmithKline good value at 1428p

Published 1762 days ago

The fall in the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) share price to1428p is a story in its self.  Not only is it back to where it approximately was in 2013 but it now stands on what I perceive to be a three year support level. (Have a look for yourselves.) If so, will the share price hold there and is it a reason to buy the shares as cheap at 1428p on an historic dividend yield of 5.4% and on the basis that “there will always be a Glaxo”; an approach that has generally speaking been a good point to buy the shares when the news looks bleakest?

RBS: interim results - a hold at worst

Published 1763 days ago

On Friday we had the preliminary interim results from the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS.) Whereas one might have might have expected something slow and vaporous, they were instead robust and tangible enough to push the share price to rise not so much like the slowly rising ghost from the deep grave of its former self but more like a rocket on Guy Fawke's night.  The numbers which lit the touch paper of the market’s hopes and best expectations were the reported figures for profits before tax and the operating profits during the first half. 

Indigo, Indigo, Indigo – Sung to the Football Chant 'Here We Go.'

Published 1774 days ago

Hello Share Twisters: I've been a holder of IndigoVision Group (IND) for so long I was watching a Viking raid when I first bought the shares. And over those many years, they have done rather nicely, thank you. Before the Credit Crunch they rocketed ahead in a thrilling fashion. Since then, the stocks have done ok. But the share price is due for steady progress I fancy for the rest of the year.

Tesco at 279p ‘cum’ a new finance director: a buy?

Published 1779 days ago

The news that Alan Stewart was to depart Marks & Spencer (MKS) as it Finance Director saw the next day’s M&S share price increase a little. In the case of Tesco (TSCO) the price was down 1%.  Stewart has a tough job to do at Tesco but as one might imagine, logically - and from his new Tesco pay packet - that he is up to the job.

Chemring – second bite at the cherry

Published 1796 days ago

With events in Iraq, Syria and Ukraine continuing to rumble on, you would have thought that a defence company would be an ideal investment – especially one with strong global market positions in pyrotechnics and countermeasures plus developing exposure in the growing sensors/electronics areas.  Chemring (CHG) has been a volatile investment, however, and at the time of writing is once again below 200p a share having been at 285p as recent as March.  I noted an opportunity in Chemring shares back in January and enjoyed the sharp rise, but now the shares are back to the multi-year low levels of last November.

Compass Shares Will Continue to Travel North.

Published 1816 days ago

Hello Share Shiners: There are some companies that shout success at you. The share price continues to rise in a slow steady progression and the divis tick up, too.

Build on Your Builder Shares, Now We've a Right to Buy- Ref. Kingfisher

Published 1822 days ago

Hello Share Shufflers: There's been some interesting news about the government's house buying scheme. Apparently 28,000 families have been able to buy their own homes under the Right to Buy plan.

Sainsbury shares at 340p, a fundamentally attractive buy

Published 1824 days ago

The results from Sainsbury (SBRY) for the year to 15 March were far from being a disaster; which was good news given the cloud the food retail sector has been under from those drat German price discounters, who seem to have learnt how to compete on both price and perceived quality. Sales were up by 2.8% - not bad even if the ‘like for like’ sales from the stores that had been open a year or more, were up by a mere wisp at plus 0.2%. The company retained its market share in the year to March 2014.

Max Property Finals - Good News and cash on its way back to Daddy!

Published 1828 days ago

Closed-ended real estate investment company, Max Property (MAX) has announced a 21% increase in underlying net asset value per share, to 164.5p, in its year ended 31st March 2014 and a proposed first return of cash to shareholders of 15p per share. Money back to Daddy. Good News!

A Few Good Reasons to Choose BP

Published 1835 days ago

Hello Share Turners: It's always prudent to inspect some of your biggest holdings every few weeks or so to see if the story has changed.

Dot Digital's impressive growth will continue

Published 1835 days ago

Dot Digital Group (DOTD) has enjoyed fantastic growth over the past year and that looks set to continue. The technology company provides products to the digital marketing sector and has seen its share price increase from around 15p, twelve months ago, to a recent high of 37.75p. It is now sat at 34p to buy.


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