That Old Bing Crosby Song Still Applies Today - For Sassy Shell Shareholders

Published 11 days ago

Hello, Share Troopers. Are we still 'Going Well with Shell, Shell, Shell?' The words of the famous Bing Crosby TV advert of the 1950s still seem pertinent here. The oil jumbo Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) & (RDSB) is my biggest holding, mainly for the high dividend. But I also have hopes for the share price, which, given the rise and rise of Brent Crude, seems too low to me...

Crack Open Shell and go Beep Beep for BP as the Divis are High and Profits Grow

Published 67 days ago

Hello, Share Twirlers. Having just reminded myself that the p/e I have for Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA and RDSB) is a mere 11, I think it may be time to look at this giant company again. It was at least two years ago that at least one big bank was opining the B shares worth 2800p, yet, after posting much bigger profits since then, the price still languishes at around 2400p...

Investing in This Popular House Noticeboard could be the Right Move

Published 83 days ago

Hello, Share Twirlers. Twenty years ago, if you wanted to buy a house you turned up in the town and trudged around the local estate agents, of whom there were loads. Now you pop your price range and location into a website and you have all the information you want in a few minutes. You only need to visit a house personally when you're fairly sure you want to buy it.

Gooch & Housego – warns... due to risks “as previously stated”. Really?

Published 95 days ago

An AGM trading update from Gooch & Housego (GHH) sees CEO Mark Webster emphasise “our fibre optic business is performing particularly strongly” and “we remain confident in the potential of the industrial laser sector and our other markets to provide attractive long term growth”. So why have the shares responded currently more than 10% lower, towards 1300p?...

Next - no retail apocalypse and no profits growth...but that's fine

Published 143 days ago

Happy New Year and all is good - as a larger-cap share watcher - to finally have some proper and pukka newsflow to write about again. It was getting dangerously close to me having to write about the millennial bleating about how stock markets shockingly could actually go down. The even better news is that you do not have to suffer one of my subjective retail runaround pieces akin to my mid-December musings HERE. Back then I observed that;

Dividend Munchers – December update: a bad month, but still beating Neil!

Published 146 days ago

It has been a nasty month – and with New Year’s Eve still to come it could get nastier. So how is my little portfolio of high-dividend payers faring, and am I still doing better than cash in the bank (which is what I was, as a bear of almost everything, looking to achieve)?

New Year Resolutions You Should Keep to Counter the Current Share Crash.

Published 150 days ago

Hello Share Dashers. Anything could happen to the market today, what with all the Xmas falls on the Asian markets and the Brexit chaos. So let me err on the side of caution and not commend any specific share to you until tomorrow. Instead, let’s look at a few New Year resolutions you ought to keep if you want to turn your fortunes on the stock market.

Here's a Sparky Electric Company that Should Not Cause Any Brexit Shocks

Published 153 days ago

Hello, Share Jinglers. What shares should we look at now as our break from Europe gets ever nearer? One suggestion of a big enterprise that should not be affected by the big change, whichever way it goes, is the National Grid (NG.)...

Burberry - moving further away from those chavtastic days

Published 199 days ago

At the height of the recent market volatility, I wrote a piece talking about some shares that I would buy. The first name I mentioned was Burberry (BRBY), reflecting my thought that it was an inherently strong brand with good exposure to the still growing luxury consumption theme in China. I am pleased to see that today's first half numbers reflect this…

Oxford Technology VCT 2 – an unlikely candidate for a prize?

Published 201 days ago

Those who have been invested in any of the four Oxford Technology VCTs might wonder how the second of those, Oxford Technology 2 VCT (OXH) has been nominated for an award at the forthcoming Investment Company of the Year Awards on 21 November. After all, the long-term performance had been pretty dreadful until a quiet revolution took place in 2015.

BP or Not BP? The Answer Is Looking Much More Like the Former

Published 207 days ago

Hello, Share Scramblers. One of my biggest holdings which I mainly maintain for the juicy dividend is BP (BP.). The results are now out for the third quarter of this year and, as expected, are sizzling. With the oil price still perky, despite recent falls, I would expect even better next time.

The Low-Key Advantage of Dividends Often Come Second to the Share Price. But Is that Wise, Captain Mainwaring?

Published 230 days ago

Hello Share Manglers. Lots of my shares and cash are still held in the Beaufort Securities administration process. When checking my family’s cash which is in there, I discovered that it had grown quite a bit since the firm’s enforced close down. This is down to dividends which have been paid in the interim.

Don't panic about the FTSE 100 being at a five-month low (part two)

Published 257 days ago

In part one yesterday, I talked about some of the complexities around the FTSE 100 today...but finished the piece by promising some stock picks. Before I get into these I have to highlight Nigel's piece yesterday, which absolutely nails the opportunities around names such as BT Group (BT.A), Centrica (CNA) and ITV (ITV).

Why EasyJet May Not Find It Quite As Easy in the Future

Published 310 days ago

Hello Share Pickers. I've ventured to suggest recently that airline shares may be a bit too risky at the mo. It's the headwind of the rising oil price that puts me off. You'd be amazed at the huge volumes of the ebony nectar they devour to keep a million passengers aloft at any one time.

XLMedia – argues “stable” underlying trading… so why a 30% share price decline?

Published 349 days ago

Trading update from self-styled “a leading provider of digital performance marketing”, XLMedia (XLM) includes “underlying trading in the year to date has been stable with the group actively deciding to focus on higher margin business and ceasing certain lower margin media buying activities”. Hmmm, so why a current approaching 30% share price decline, towards 120p?...

Royal Bank of Scotland - UK government sells some shares at a loss. Good news.

Published 355 days ago

In pretty unsurprising news, overnight UK Government Investments - which manages the UK government's Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) stake - announced that it had sold a 7.7% stake at around a 3% discount to Monday's closing price. This sale raises around £2.6 billion and reduces the government's holding from just over 70% to a mere 62.4%. I like RBS stock here as I wrote just over a month ago. The metrics are improving and the times are changing...and part of that change is the government progressively becoming a smaller and smaller shareholder.

Thoughts on Making Our Other Assets More Secure During the Harrowing Beaufort Affair

Published 390 days ago

Hello, Share Holders. I’m still reeling from the outrageous intentions of administrators of Beaufort to take some of the ring-fenced assets of innocent clients towards their fees and other costs. The main advice of folks commenting on this distressing situation is that we should spread our shares around different brokers. The trouble is that it’s such an ordeal switching around. It’s a sea full of legalities, clunky websites and intrusive methods of combatting money laundering. Let me tell you how far I’ve got, in the hopes you might pick up a few tips.

Hoping to Cash In on Developing Markets? Chew on the Murray Trust

Published 433 days ago

Hello, Share Breakers. In recent times, I’ve suggested you might research a possible dabble in emerging markets. This is only easy to do - and safest - if you snaffle shares in companies which buy shares, bonds or both on your behalf.

Market “crashing”: a few thoughts and 30 interesting yields for dividend munchers

Published 466 days ago

Warren Buffett always tells us that his intended investment holding period is forever, that he buys stocks he would be happy to hold if the market closed down for five years. I guess, then, if you’re  Warren Buffett then the market travails of the last few days won’t bother you. If you’re not Mr Buffett I offer a few thoughts.

Neil Woodford - now about the yield on the Income Focus Fund

Published 475 days ago

I note that for the first time the NAV of the Woodford Income Focus Fund  (C Accumulation Units) has fallen below the 100p launch and that includes 3 reinvested dividends.

Yield munchers look away now - three FTSE-100 behemoths that are not cheap

Published 479 days ago

If I mention the names Vodafone (VOD), Royal Dutch Shell (RDSB) and Unilever (ULVR) to you, what is your first reaction? Stalwarts of the FTSE-100? Dividend-heavy behemoths that will never let you down? Holdings in my company pension fund? You could also add three names that reported earlier today and collectively add up to a very decent chunk of the UK's leading index.

Optibiotix - proposes capital reorganisation to allow dividend payments; clear statement of intent: STRONG BUY

Published 543 days ago

OptiBiotix (OPTI) has announced that it will be seeking shareholder approval to undertake a share capital re-organisation to allow the company to make future dividend payments. This is an accountancy matter - you can't pay dividends if you have retained losses. It is a clear statement of intent.

Clarkson is Top Gear if You're Hoping to Benefit from Any Boom in Ocean Transport

Published 579 days ago

Hello, Share Creepers. Does the term ‘shipping’ annoy you as much as it does myself? This is the hateful American term for delivering something to us. So companies, which try to be trendy, charge us for ‘shipping’ when the merchandise comes in a Postman Pat van, and has never seen the sea. But let’s look at a company which does proper shipping.

On You Marks? Ready to Spark? Perhaps Not if you Heed a German Bank

Published 593 days ago

Hello, Share Puzzlers. What do you think might be the results of Marks & Spencer (MKS) for the second quarter of its year? If you are a long-time holder, you will not be very excited. I first bought this share at least 20 years ago. It was 300p a throw, quite a lot of money, then. Yet despite a huge devaluation of the pound and inflation the share is still only 349p today.

The Royal Bank May Regain Its Crown for Making Dosh for Shareholders

Published 657 days ago

Hello, Share Sippers. My Honkers Bonkers (HSBA) shares are rising nicely. But at much less than 800p, they are still way short of previous bests of 1200p. And that was so long ago that Shakespeare was still a lad.

Why Legal & General's Graph Looks Like a Stairway to Heaven

Published 681 days ago

Hello Share Turners. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a fan of insurance companies. They seem to be the one arm of the financial industry which is really coming along. Firms like RSA (RSA), even with its massive PE ratio, and Admiral (ADM) are paddling forward nicely in the river of capital returns and juicy dividends.

InterQuest – trading warning, but the attempted robber barons admit “solid” longer term fundamentals

Published 709 days ago

“Trading update” announcement from InterQuest (ITQ), a company subject to an attempted robber baron (Oops) management, buyout with a first closing date in less than a week. Hmmm...

St Ives – shares soar on “a much improved performance”… but that’s compared to a “materially below” profit warning

Published 711 days ago

Shares in marketing services group St Ives (SIV) are currently soaring higher on the back of a trading statement announcement, including that the first four months of its second half have delivered a much improved performance. However, that’s compared to a “materially below” profit warning in the first half…

It's a Scary Week Coming - But I'm Holding My Nerve

Published 722 days ago

Hello Share Mashers. It’s going to be a scary end to the week. What if Labour gets in? The Big City won’t like that and shares will dive heavily. But that will be a short-lived shocker, in my view. Because Jezzer in power will cause the pound to fall even lower. And that more than anything is keeping the Footsie at record highs.

Aeorema Communications – 1:01pm “Trading Update” announcement. Uh oh…

Published 733 days ago

Aeorema Communications (AEO) has followed a 12:43pm profit warning ah sorry, “Trading Update” announcement, in December with a 1:01pm “Trading Update” announcement today. I’ll give you whatever odds you want on this being good news…

BrainJuicer – 2016 results, emphasises “strong performance” & “confident”. BUT…

Published 835 days ago

Marketing and market research group BrainJuicer (BJU) has announced results emphasising “strong performance in the first half of 2016 continued over the second six months” and “we are pleased with the continued progress across the business and remain confident in its long-term potential”. However, the shares have responded lower to sub 700p…

Yet More Reasons to Look Into British House Builders

Published 871 days ago

Hello Share Monkeys. The share price of many well-known British builders has been revitalised already this year. The main driver seems to be the view of Deutsche Bank that there is significant value in this kind of investment.

Roland "Fatty" Cornish, a £270k dividend for failure and the oddest accounts on this planet

Published 949 days ago

If you thought that the accounts of some of the crap Roland "fatty" Cornish floated on AIM smelled bad, you need to look at the annual report of his own firm Beaumont Cornish Limited. I shall be urging both the FCA and the HMRC to have a butchers as it looks well iffy. But if you have lost a packet in any, or all, of the junk Fatty has floated or acted for - not least Daniel Stewart and New World Oil & Gas - you will be delighted to know that in 2015 his "takings" from dividends alone were £270,000. How's that for transferring wealth from the 99% to the 1%?

Ovoca is trading at a fraction of cash value - buy!

Published 952 days ago

Many AIM companies look vastly overvalued and are largely reliant on sentiment revolving around the future development of assets in the ground to support their market cap.

Oil for One and Oil for All. Look Again at the Big Oilers

Published 961 days ago

In my humble view, now could be a good time to return to oil shares. I certainly hope so, as I have lost a packet since the big oil crash which began a few years ago. I’ve gradually dumped my holdings in the hopeful explorers, but I still have major holdings in the big producers, like Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA), BP (BP.) and Tullow (TLW). All of them are well shy of their previous bests.

A few thoughts ahead of AG Barr’s interims (and why broker ratings should be ignored)

Published 974 days ago

I covered IRN-BRU maker AG Barr (BAG) last month, discussing why I thought the company was fundamentally sound despite some recent headwinds. Today, I’m coming off the fence and rating it as a Buy ahead of Tuesday's interim results.

Cenkos profits dry up, shares offer a counter-cyclical proposition

Published 977 days ago

Cenkos (CNKS) attracted plenty of criticism on this website over its dealings in the the Quindell saga. Whatever the rights and wrongs of that case, it’s still worth looking at the company as a standalone investment. It has been profitable every year since listing in 2005, and over that time has produced an unusually attractive stream of dividends and buybacks.

Majestic Wine – review of a far from majestic “Trading Update”

Published 977 days ago

Specialist wine seller Majestic (WINE) has announced, despite its retail operations “trading on track”, Naked Wines UK and Australia performing “on plan” and “a return to growth for Lay & Wheeler”, that “EBIT for the current financial year ending 3 April 2017 is expected to fall below current market expectations”. Uh-oh…

Fairpoint down again, but still worth considering or should I be sacked?

Published 983 days ago

Having last covered professional services group Fairpoint (FRP) in May, I gave the company a “tentative BUY” rating at 128p. With the shares now sitting at 96p after today’s interim results, investors are clearly unimpressed so far. Should I be sacked?

MP Evans still pumping out green oil despite a few problems

Published 986 days ago

Since I last covered MP Evans (MPE) in May, there has been no lack of drama on AIM. But if you just wanted to own a decent business, collect a few dividends and sleep somewhat soundly at night, you could have done a lot worse than buying into this company.

Reports of Ashmore's death were greatly exaggerated: keep buying

Published 992 days ago

Ashmore’s (ASHM) final results were announced this morning. They look pretty good to me, so I'm staying bullish!

Earnings Preview: Buy Ashmore to take part in the EM recovery

Published 995 days ago

One of the dirty little secrets in the investment world is that fund management companies – and the very occasional spread betting company – can turn out to be fabulous investments. Investors can often do a lot better by buying shares in these companies than by using their products. In that spirit, let’s have a brief look at Ashmore (ASHM), which is set to release full-year earnings on Tuesday.

Earnings Preview – Buy Hays to keep enjoying the global jobs boom

Published 1000 days ago

While real earnings growth might be poor in the UK and many other parts of the world, there is still a great deal of jobs activity taking place. Investing in recruiters is the most perfect way to exploit this, and recruiters don’t get much bigger than Hays (HAS)!

Tuck in to some tasty income at Restaurant Group

Published 1003 days ago

This morning brought interim results from Restaurant Group (RTN), the owners of 500 restaurants including Frankie & Benny’s, Chiqito and Coast to Coast. The company is not happy with its own recent performance but there are still great signs for its long-term potential.

PHSC – How to interpret this morning’s placing. Rating upgraded: BUY

Published 1010 days ago

This morning, we woke to the news that PHSC (PHSC) has raised £350k from investors at a placing price of 22p. That’s a hefty discount to the 27p it closed at last night and also to the 32.5p it closed at the night before.

As Brent Crude Rallies, It Could Be Time to Grease Your Portfolio with More Oilers

Published 1012 days ago

Hello Share Swiggers. If you have shares in producing oil firms you might want to consider hanging onto them. And if you have spare cash you might research a few likely companies with a view to a bit more investment. The reason is that the price of Brent crude oil is going up again. It is tickling $50 a barrel as I write. It was there a few months ago when the price level caused some excitement. Quite a few oil companies nudged up on the news, including Shell (RDSA) and BP (BP.).

PHSC - Health and safety minnows go on sale, caution required

Published 1023 days ago

Heading back into the micro-cap space, Friday saw the publication of preliminary results from health, safety and security consultants PHSC (PHSC). The shares have gradually weakened over the past two years providing a potential dip-buying opportunity for the brave.

Taking a Chance on 32Red

Published 1029 days ago

32Red (TTR), the online gaming business, delivered a nice set of results on Friday, although they were greeted in a lackluster fashion by the market. After a huge run up in price over the past year, investors seem cautious that the share price might now fully “up with events”.

“Is this worth my while?” – A few simple tips on how to measure performance

Published 1030 days ago

I thought I’d take a short break from company-specific analysis this Saturday to share a few thoughts on how best to understand whether your investment journey is a successful one (for my previous advice article, see Micro-caps – don’t buy unless you’re willing to hold).

Boring investing produces generations of riches – the case of PZ Cussons

Published 1033 days ago

Yesterday saw the publication of annual results from one of the low-profile but high-quality companies on the market: PZ Cussons (PZC). Underlying results were unexciting but investors were treated to their 43rd consecutive year-on-year dividend increase from this 19th century business. It just goes to show that successful investing can be very, very boring.

Murgitroyd – An Intellectual Buy

Published 1066 days ago

Today is Britain’s Independence Day and part of me would like to analyse the reason why so many of our shares our crashing. But I rather believe that those of us who pick stocks should try to find investment opportunities which don’t rely on a favourable macro environment to succeed.

Buy Avingtrans

Published 1084 days ago

You probably have never heard of Avingtrans (AVG). Headquartered in a business park in a sleepy village near Huntingdon it is an investment jewel in what little remains of Britain’s once mighty engineering industry. It doesn’t waste time beating the drum in the City. It just gets on with designing, manufacturing and supplying critical components, paying dividends, and building its business before capitalising on its successes.

MP Evans - Digging for Palm Oil Treasure In Indonesia

Published 1115 days ago

AIM is home to an incredible variety of companies. That’s great news for those of us with short attention spans – we can never get bored digging around for AIM treasure (or as Buffett might say, there are many rocks for us to look underneath).

BHS goes bust - why Sir Philip Green's brand of capitalism is not acceptable, he should be made a pariah

Published 1126 days ago

BHS started with 1 store in 1928. Today it employs 11,000 folk and operates from 164 stores. And it has just gone bust. The blame lies not with the current management but with Sir Philip Green who sold BHS to today's bosses for £1 a year ago.

If it sounds too good to be true...Healthcare Royalty Trust IPO shambles

Published 1154 days ago

Healthcare Royalty Trust was planning a stockmarket listing to raise £200-300 million promising investors that by buying royalty streams in pharmaceuticals that were already being marketed it could generate annual returns for investors of 10% of which 60% would be paid out as dividends. Really?

Carry on with Admiral and You May Avoid Stormy Waters.

Published 1234 days ago

Hello Share Twizzlers. When the chance of quick gains from shares in Footsie giants becomes less likely, the smarter investor starts to eye up companies which pay reliable dividends. 

Peel Hotels Value in this mid-market hotel operator?

Published 1491 days ago

Wednesday morning saw the announcement of annual results from Peel Hotels (PHO), and the headline numbers are impressive for a hotel operator without any presence in London and which is wedged in that uncomfortable space between the luxury and budget brands. It has all the makings of a serious recovery play – just look at the percentages! 

Time to Swap Out of Low Dividend-Payers into Some Bigger Hitters.

Published 1591 days ago

Hello Share Spinners. With shares in such an iffy state at the moment, it's time we looked at how they pay their way in another important area than just watching their values grow.

Tom Winnifrith’s tenth and final share tip of the year 2015 – Buy Fox Marble at 18.25p

Published 1602 days ago

This is the closest I am going to get to tipping a mining stock in a hurry – Fox Marble (FOX) might own mines but it is essentially a building materials stock. This should be a boring and dull business. To date it as not been.

Government to Resume Sale Of Lloyds

Published 1619 days ago

Fresh from its successful pass of the stress test more of Lloyds (LLOY) is going to be sold off by the UK government. As I’ve mentioned, the UK government currently owns around 24% of Lloyds Banking Group, but this figure could be reduced to around 20%.

Sorry, Smiths Group – It Was All a Big Conking Mistake.

Published 1670 days ago

Hello Share Shapers. They say that it's the payment of dividends, rather than striking it lucky occasionally, that leads to making real money on the Stock Exchange.

Lloyds Plans to Cut 9,000 Jobs in Aim to Reduce Costs

Published 1674 days ago

Lloyds Banking Group (LLOY) has been quite a volatile stock lately, but its shares enjoyed a slight Friday rise to 76.74p. Although these reports are not confirmed yet, mainstream news channels have been reporting that they Lloyds aims to cut 9,000 jobs, approximately a tenth of its staff.

Beware of Dragons, Moon Monsters, Vampires and Rising Debt.

Published 1676 days ago

Hello Share Strimmers. My mother always told me ‘If you haven’t got the money, you can’t have it.’ When I was in a pre-Beatles rock ‘n’ roll group, my dad marched me back to the shop to hand back a Clavioline ( an early keyboard) which I’d bought ‘on the never.’

The Practical Process of Buying a Share Part Two (of three)

Published 1715 days ago

Every investor needs to decide how much money he or she wants in cash and how much in shares. With me I have to be comfortable when I’m buying a share that I won’t need that money for years, although I will receive dividends from that share as long as they aren’t cut.

United Utilities is a stock to watch!

Published 1731 days ago

Shares in United Utilities (UU.) are currently trading at 893p on a PE ratio of 17.6 and a dividend yield of 4.03%. There are some attractive fundamental qualities about this share. It supplies a product that everyone requires, namely water. That’s about as secure a product as you can get in terms of people needing it! United Utilities has a monopoly on supplying water and waste services to all of the North West of England. It’s quite an extensive area, stretching from Cumbria to Cheshire. Its assets include 42,000 kilometres of water pipes, 76,000 of sewers, 569 wastewater treatment works, 94 water treatment works and about 56,000 hectares of water catchment land.

Stanley Gibbons – we are 40% ahead on this share tip but more to come

Published 1760 days ago

We tipped Stanley Gibbons (SGI) at a 225p offer price on the Nifty Fifty and with the shares now at 310p we are – dividends included more than 40% ahead but following yesterday’s AGM statement we still see material upside in the shares.

New City Energy – 5.5% yield 20% discount to NAV shale play: interesting?

Published 1812 days ago

For once commissioned researcher Edison has served up a half interesting report highlighting what looks like a good investment and a safe play on shale: New City Energy (NCE).

The Footsie Set to Shimmy - Like My Sister Kate.

Published 1824 days ago

Hello Share Swivellers: So even when most of the great British public vote to give Europe a kicking, shares still rise. They should have fallen on the news, given that we do so much trade with our Continental friends.

The Hidden Lessons of Company Dividends.

Published 1836 days ago

Hello Share People: I really love dividends. It's why I have half my shares in Footsie companies. They pay the best. Insurance companies, for some reason can be particularly generous. It's all helps my household expenses.

Why on earth should you join successful investors at the Nifty Fifty TODAY BEFORE 11? Here’s why.

Published 1839 days ago

You probably get loads of promotions telling you about “the one share you must buy” or “how to make 100% a day with this and that trading platform or training course.” Of course it is all total rubbish. If only life were that simple? We’d all be as rich as Buffett. The truth is that investing is hard work.


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