Ariana – more positive news as we wait for more numbers

Published 11 days ago

AIM-listed Turkish gold-play Ariana Resources (AAU) has updated the market on its Salinbas exploration target and forestry permits this morning. Coinciding with a bit of a China-USA spat spike in the price of the yellow stuff, Ariana’s shares have reacted positively and I suspect there is still more short term upside as we await the full production numbers from Q1 which are due any day.

I believe that I3 Energy has potential, so I've bought some myself

Published 32 days ago

Smaller North Sea oil and gas companies seem to be out of favour, as investors go chasing big profits in riskier, less proven parts of the world, but more often than not the outcome tends to be heavy losses on these types of outfits.

Why Coro Energy was my Dragon's Den pick

Published 51 days ago

Coro Energy (CORO) was my pick this year during the Dragon’s Den session I was involved in at the UK Investor Show, and I also hold a small position here myself from around the current share price. Like many smaller companies in the oil and gas sector, it is an investment that I class as being speculative, hence not risking huge amounts of money in it at this stage – but there is also a lot of potential upside...

Buying shares in Canadian Overseas is likely to cost you - a placing is imminent

Published 71 days ago

If there were any prizes for being the worst performing company at the lower end of the market, then Canadian Overseas Petroleum (COPL) would definitely be up there as one of the contenders.

SDX Energy should perform well in 2019 and beyond - buy

Published 80 days ago

SDX Energy (SDX) seems to be one of those AIM natural resources companies that has largely been forgotten about by private investors, but it has an awful lot going on over the coming 12 months, and beyond, and if even some of what it has scheduled goes to plan, then I would expect the shares to trade a lot higher...

Time to buy Jersey Oil and Gas ahead of the Verbier appraisal

Published 90 days ago

For junior resource companies which aren’t actually producing anything yet, larger movements in the share price are usually dictated by newsflow relating to the operational side of things, rather than by fluctuations in commodity prices. Jersey Oil and Gas (JOG) has gone through a period where not a lot has been happening drilling-wise, and as a result it has seen its share price bouncing around within a fairly tight range for this sort of stock...

Too many unknowns to make Anglo African Oil and Gas an investment currently

Published 97 days ago

Anglo African Oil and Gas (AAOG) has been hugely popular with private investors over the past few months and has seen big fluctuations in its share price as various pieces of news landed during its recent drill – including a placing to raise more money which Tom Winnifrith exclusively revealed here before it took place.

Echo Energy.. shit happens but cash is now the issue

Published 103 days ago

Too many mug punters who gamble on oil and gas explorers seem to think that with modern technology, blah, blah, blah drilling is a slam dunk certainty or at the very least, highly likely to succeed. They blather on about 70 or 80% COS statistics without a clue. If you look at AIM RNS’s the reality is that, across the board,  the vast majority of wells drilled are not commercial. And that brings us to today’s disaster from Echo Energy (ECHO).

Touchstone has production and exploration upside, although funding could prove to be an issue - speculative buy

Published 142 days ago

These days I tend to avoid oil companies at the bottom end of the AIM market as usually the risks aren’t worth the rewards, and the majority of them do nothing but fleece investors over a number of years without ever achieving anything of note.

Asiamet Resources is a long term speculative buy with large upside potential

Published 146 days ago

Asiamet Resources (ARS) is one that I have been wrong about in the past, as I wasn’t expecting the share price to drop as low as it has done, but that has been part of a more general trend amongst the AIM resource stocks that aren’t currently generating any revenue.

Europa Metals issues a farcical RNS - it doesn't know exactly where its project is geographically & can't give any figures about the economics!

Published 166 days ago

I can’t see Europa Metals (EUZ) shareholders being particularly pleased with the latest news from the company, and even less so with the 22% odd drop that it caused in the share price yesterday. This small AIM company is one that I haven’t exactly been a fan of in the past in its previous incarnation as Ferrum Crescent, and as is often the way with these companies that change name, and even management, not a lot tends to change with regards to performance...

Sound Energy will offer a good buying opportunity if TE-10 is a failure

Published 168 days ago

Sound energy (SOU) is a company that I’ve been negative on in the past, and justifiably so considering its recent fall from grace as one of the most popular shares amongst private investors.

Barryroe could still come good for Lansdowne Oil - speculative buy

Published 212 days ago

The markets are starting to show signs of weakness and although we are yet to see any major downwards correction, it is starting to look more likely that we will get one.

Tlou Energy has the ingredients in place to be successful - speculative long-term buy

Published 234 days ago

In Africa things always tend to take far longer than people expect, and even more so when it comes to anything in the natural resources sector. Interest in, and the share price of, Tlou Energy (TLOU) seems to have waned and I think that has largely been as a result of some having far too optimistic timescales with regards to the company’s coal bed methane project at Lesedi, in Botswana.

Bahamas Petroleum is screwed unless it can conclude a farm-out

Published 274 days ago

When Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) announced a confidentiality exclusivity agreement back in May I expressed scepticism as to whether that would actually result in any sort of farm-out deal ultimately being concluded.

Canadian Overseas Petroleum still looks a long way from producing any oil

Published 279 days ago

I’ve been bearish on Canadian Overseas Petroleum (COPL) for some time now, and recent developments have done nothing to make me change my stance on the company, particularly with regard to its operations in Nigeria.

No surprise to see the deadline for Nu-Oil's farm-in expire!

Published 292 days ago

The only real surprise with the RNS that was issued by Nu-Oil (NUOG) this morning was that investors were actually surprised that there had been further delays to the farm-out process and completion of the work at its well in Newfoundland!

It's hard to see Range Resources making any sort of meaningful profit any time soon

Published 300 days ago

Over the years the one area of growth where Range Resources (RRL) has really excelled has been the number of shares in issue, with 8.5 billion of them now trading following the latest placing. The oil and gas company, which has interests in Trinidad and Indonesia, announced last week that it has completed yet another placing, and this time it raised £1 million at a share price of 0.11p.

Bowleven – tip update

Published 315 days ago

I recommended AIM-listed Bowleven (BLVN) as a buy at around 31p in the 2017 ShareProphets Christmas tipfest. I suggested taking a little cash off the table at 37p and did so myself (getting 37.56p) with a strong hold stance on the rest. Yesterday the shares had a good go at breaking the 40p mark.

Speculative buy for Chariot Oil and Gas before the crowds arrive

Published 322 days ago

Oil exploration is very different to the boom we had back in 2010 in terms of the share price movements that we see for companies that are engaged in drilling.

Regal Petroleum continues to perform strongly operationally - buy

Published 326 days ago

Regal Petroleum (RPT) has seen a huge increase in its share price during the past year, and I know that always makes some investors wary, but a lot has changed during that time, both for the company itself and the area in which it operates.

The market will eventually wake up to the true value of SOCO International - buy

Published 329 days ago

At times in the lower end of the natural resources sector it seems as though the worse the company is, the more money private investors are prepared to put into it.

Echo Energy accelerates its operations in Argentina

Published 362 days ago

Often when a smaller AIM company operating in the natural resources sector announces a placing it ends up being bad news for those currently invested, but there are also cases where the money is being sought in order to accelerate operations. Of course, the company still ultimately needs to deliver and for the work that the money is being raised for to be successful, but I would certainly rather see this than a company that is sitting around doing nothing and burning through cash whilst its directors pocket a nice salary.

Bowleven – game on as drilling rig arrives at Etinde

Published 380 days ago

AIM-listed Bowleven (BLVN) has announced the arrival of the Topaz driller rig in Cameroon waters. The rig is contracted for 150 days to perform the two-well appraisal drilling campaign on the Etinde asset, with first spud due by the end of this month.

Bahamas Petroleum news doesn't justify a £30 million increase in the value of the company

Published 382 days ago

There is no denying that the news released by Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) last week was positive, but in no way does it justify the £30 million increase in market cap that has occurred since then.

I'm surprised at the current lack of interest in Savannah Petroleum

Published 401 days ago

Given the rise in oil price that we’ve seen over the past week or so, and the highest levels that it has been at in quite some time, I’m a little surprised to see Savannah Petroleum (SAVP) still languishing at around the 12-month low. With a market cap of nearly £230 million it isn’t as likely to see such large movements as you get on the AIM micro caps, but it is still small enough that I would expect the higher commodity price to have had some impact, given that it produces significant amounts of oil already.

Amerisur Resources can turn its fortunes around and has an exciting year ahead

Published 434 days ago

Amerisur Resources (AMER) has certainly failed to live up to the expectations of its investors and the share price has been in a downward spiral for several years now.

Crusader Resources IPO should see plenty of interest

Published 439 days ago

Generally, I’m wary of the reasons for companies which are already listed on other exchanges deciding that they want to be dual-listed on the AIM market. This is especially the case when it comes to ASX companies operating in the natural resources sector, as in general the track record for those hasn’t been great, with often very little of substance being achieved despite large sums being raised on AIM. There are exceptions though...

Why have i been buying more shares in SDX Energy?

Published 490 days ago

It can be difficult just buying and holding a share at times, especially when nothing is really happening with the share price and many of its peers are seeing large rises.

Some very blatant pumping preceded the Canadian Overseas equity issue

Published 600 days ago

Spotting a placing coming on the smaller shares isn’t always that hard, and is usually a combination of the company getting to a point in time where typical cash burn suggests that funds will be low, and perhaps even more importantly, taking note of those who suddenly seem very keen on that particular company!

Yet another failure for Arian Silver is hardly a surprise!

Published 604 days ago

The only real surprise when it comes to persistent AIM failure Arian Silver (AGQ) is that some people thought that things were actually going to turn out differently this time around!

Curzon Energy is about to IPO on the main market

Published 605 days ago

Any new IPO in the natural resources sector tends to grab my attention, and whilst there are plenty of them where I wouldn’t even consider investing my money, occasionally one comes along which looks to have a bit more potential. That would appear to be the case with Curzon Energy (CZN).

The future looks bleak for Ferrum Crescent - another placing isn't far from being needed!

Published 615 days ago

The lower end of the AIM market can be surprisingly predictable at times, especially when it comes to raising funds, so it often amazes me how many private investors get caught out when such news comes. That would certainly seem to have been the case with the recent fundraising activity at Ferrum Crescent (FCR) and the events leading up to that, even if many on the bulletin boards were in denial of what was coming.

Caspian Sunrise could have a bright future

Published 655 days ago

Sometimes geographical location can be enough to put off investors, but in a lot of cases that is unjustified and means that companies operating in these areas can represent good value for money.

Asiamet is well placed to benefit from future copper shortages

Published 665 days ago

Copper prices have remained volatile but continue to push higher, and if this continues it will be a very bullish signal for both producers and those looking to bring new projects online.

Glittering News Boosts Faith in the Sula Principle

Published 717 days ago

Hello Share Squawkers. As the share price is taking a breather - well, a bit of a relapse to be honest - I thought I should revisit a big hope of mine, Sula Iron & Gold (SULA).

Kodal Minerals is overdue a big drop in share price

Published 855 days ago

The mere mention of lithium seems to be enough to send the share price soaring on many small AIM companies, until reality hits home and the almost inevitable pullback starts.


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