Blue Prism - a bearish reader opines & he is too damn right!

Published 19 hours ago

I noted yesterday that Blue Prism (PRSM) was one of the most shorted shares on AIM. And having had a butchers at the numbers I can see why.

Corero Network Security – “Significant Contract Wins”. Hmmm, what about the cash crunch ahoy?

Published 19 days ago

Corero Network Security (CNS) “is pleased to announce” combined customer orders “worth in excess of $400,000 for SmartWall products and related one-year support services”. What’s the detail and import of this?...

Maintel Holdings – having “expected” second half of year gross margin recovery…

Published 47 days ago

Half-year results from systems integrator and managed services provider, Maintel (MAI) included “gross margin is expected to recover in the second half of the year following recent contract wins at an improved gross margin percentage”. There’s now a Trading Update from the company commencing that its “ICON cloud services have continued to grow strongly in the second half of 2017”. Sounds encouraging, but what about that margin?

Idox – 3:45pm “Year End Trading Update”. Uh oh…

Published 68 days ago

I previously wrote on information management software and services company Idox plc (IDOX) with the shares above 60p in August, concluding that I’d at least want to see some concrete evidence towards delivering the growth forecast and improving cash flow and balance sheet dynamics before considering this stock as an investment. There’s now been a 3:45pm “Year End Trading Update” announcement. Uh oh…

eServGlobal – following the recent pump…

Published 94 days ago

At the end of June I commented on eServGlobal (ESG) that the interims argue “strong outlook” & Homesend “sales expansion”, but that the financials remained troubling. There’s recently been a pump – 2nd October; “HomeSend progress in the banking market”, 10th October; “eServGlobal outlook and business update” announcements – seeing the shares up from sub 8p at the end of last month to above 12p, closing yesterday at still above 10p… and so now “the company is pleased to announce”

Corero – why shares down despite recent “Significant Contract Win” & “Partnership Agreement” announcements?

Published 100 days ago

Despite accompanying half-year results last month with a “Significant Contract Win” announcement, shares in Corero Network Security (CNS) still declined. This week has seen a “Partnership Agreement” announcement – with the same result…

Real Good Food – attempted no-one watching o’clock “Company Update”, surely not yet more real bad news?

Published 123 days ago

With its shares having slumped from 35p following recent real bad news and disclosure, yesterday saw an attempted no-one watching o’clock (5:01pm) “Company Update” from Real Good Food (RGD). Uh oh…

DP Poland – interims particularly emphasise EBITDA & “variable profit”. Wonder why?

Published 126 days ago

The company with the exclusive right to develop, operate and sub-franchise Domino's Pizza stores in Poland, DP Poland (DPP) has announced half-year results, including emphasising “combined corporate store EBITDA and commissary variable profit up 39%”

Tungsten Corp – AGM update, EBITDA breakeven ‘remains goal’. Who’s paying for the capex? The tooth fairy?

Published 129 days ago

Shares in Tungsten Corp (TUNG) are currently edging higher, above 60p, on the back of an AGM trading update – this though comparing to above 70p as recently as June and approaching 400p in 2014…

Breaching banking Covenants - Telit and R4E - which firm did not break AIM rules & commit financial crime

Published 143 days ago

Yesterday shares in R4E (R4E) fell sharply after a profits warning and a warning that it may breach its covenants in the third quarter. I am a shareholder in R4E and happen to think the fall is way overdone, but that is for another time. I want to look at how it handled the covenant issue and what that tells you about the financial crime at Telit (TCM) - which morally bankrupt Nomad FinnCap is okay with.

Real Good Food – more Real Bad News...

Published 146 days ago

“Company Update” announcement from Real Good Food (RGD) commences; “The company announced on 1 August 2017 that it anticipated EBITDA for the year ended 31 March 2017 would be lower than market expectations at approximately £2.0m, subject to final audit. Since the announcement of 1 August, a review has been undertaken, under the guidance of the company's new Finance Director”… Uh oh…

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: EBITDA, bullshit earnings, explained for Bushveld shareholders and other morons

Published 151 days ago

With reference to both Bushvalend Minerals (BMN) and the late lamented Southern Salads I explain what EBITDA is and why it really is bullshit earnings. Enjoy.

Bushveld - here's why your 27% stake in Vametco won't generate a cent of cash for the PLC this year and next - placing ahoy

Published 154 days ago

.Bushveld Minerals (BMN) shareholders, aka the dumbest fucks on AIM, are still largely in denial about the fact that a major placing is imminent. This is because they do not understand the difference between profit and cashflow or indeed much else about basic accounts. I will try again. Owning 27% of a company with modest EBITDA (bullshit earnings) is not the same as having a source of cashflow. In fact I bet you an ounce of Vanadium that Vametco will not generate a free cent for Bushveld this year or next.

PHSC – full-year results state recent “improving picture”, so why are the shares sliding?

Published 164 days ago

PHSC Plc (PHSC), “a leading provider of health, safety, hygiene and environmental consultancy services and security solutions”, has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2017 which feature as the first two “Financial Highlights”“Underlying EBITDA loss of £0.1m, down from a profit of £0.368m last year… Group revenue rose to £7.16m compared with £7.04m last year”. Hmmm, “a leading provider” ya say?...

Shit sandwich with jam tomorrow on top: trading statement from Avanti Coms - but here's what its hiding

Published 202 days ago

Avanti Communications (AVN) has surprised no-one with a grim old trading statement covering the year to June 30th 2016. But the CEO who boasts of how he misled investors with a faked demo to raise funding has - as usual - tried to make a shit sandwich more palatable by serving it covered in oodles of jam tomorrow. But there is something that bombastic prick David Williams is not telling you....

DFS – profit warning, but reckons growth expectations for next year are still “realistic”. Hmmm…

Published 221 days ago

“Trading Update” announcement from DFS Furniture (DFS) includes that “we believe our expectations for the next financial year are realistic”. The shares are though currently more than 20% lower at around 200p, with the announcement also updating that “the trading environment has however recently weakened beyond our expectation, with significant declines in store footfall leading to a material reduction in customer orders”. Uh oh…

DCD Media – 2016 results argue “measures… will ensure that the business can deliver value”. Will they?

Published 235 days ago

An 11:26am results announcement from tv distribution and production group DCD Media (DCD). Hmmm, why not a standard 7am release? Let’s take a look…

Tungsten Corp – CEO Hurwitz claims “remarkable headway in fiscal '17”, so why are the shares lower?

Published 242 days ago

“Pre-close FY17 Trading Update” announcement from Tungsten Corp (TUNG) sees CEO Rick Hurwitz claiming “Tungsten made remarkable headway in fiscal '17”. With the shares responding, er, more than 3% lower to 66.25p, the following reviews...

Digital Barriers – “Framework Contract and Trading Update” announcement attempts to emphasise positives, BUT…

Published 265 days ago

Digital Barriers (DGB) has announced a framework contract and a trading update emphasising sales growth and “EBITDA is expected to be in line with market expectations”, BUT…

More ‘good’ news at AO World: £0 ebitda AND a money raising…

Published 298 days ago

In an early 2015 ShareProphets article I observed that AO World (AO.), the self-styled ‘leading European online retailer of electrical products’was an overpriced hope stock. Roll forward, via a series of critical articles on this website from a number of writers, we have a much lower share price.

CloudCall – 2016 results, sufficiently funded to reach break-even?

Published 298 days ago

Having previously updated on CloudCall (CALL) HERE, I note the integrator of voice communications into customer relationship management platforms has now announced results for the 2016 calendar year. These emphasise “a year of excellent progress for the business” and a “strong start to 2017”, though have currently seen the shares slip back towards 100p…

Zinc Media looks expensive based on latest financials

Published 308 days ago

Small AIM outfit Zinc Media (ZIN) released its interim results last week and trumpeted that it is continuing to move in the right direction, but I would question whether the turnaround is happening fast enough to make the shares attractive.

Kalibrate Technologies – interim results show how ‘bullshit earnings’ were the previously announced EBITDA

Published 313 days ago

After a profit warning in January, CEO of Kalibrate Technologies (KLBT), Bob Stein, is “pleased to report our results for the six months ended 31 December 2016. Hmmm. The shares have responded lower, back below 60p…

LoopUp – 2016 results emphasise “strong performance” & “positive outlook”, so why are the shares lower?

Published 320 days ago

A 2016 results announcement from remote meetings technology group LoopUp (LOOP) includes “we're very pleased to report strong business performance and a positive outlook in our first set of annual results as a public company”. So why are the shares currently more than 3% lower, at 156.5p, in response?...

Monitise – reckons half-year results demonstrate transformation programme working. Hmmm…

Published 333 days ago

A half-year results announcement from cash guzzler (Oops sorry, “digital technology group specialising in financial services”), Monitise (MONI) emphasises “our transformation programme is nearing completion, and continued half on half EBITDA profitability demonstrates that it is working”. Hmmm, EBITDA is though of course bullshit earnings, so what’s the real story?...

NCC Group - Oops - that accursed word "strategic review," + adjusted bullshit earnings - this all stinks

Published 335 days ago

Shares in NCC Group (NCC) have slumped by 9.5% to 162.5p in late trade after a shocker of an announcement posted at 4.16 PM today. Not quite no-one is watching O'Clock but still late in the day. If you were on your way to the capital markets investor rampfest day it was holding tomorrow, don't bother. It has been cancelled. Cheers,my cyber security expert friends, did you not know you were going to have to issue a shocking profits alert until just now? How long have you been sitting on this bad news? Thanks. can I get a refund on my train ticket?

blur Group – says “progresses on its path to profitability”, but it looks cash crunch ahoy first!

Published 348 days ago

blur Group (BLUR) has announced “key metrics for Q4 2016”, in the same opening paragraph noting “FY 2016 EBITDA is expected to be ahead of expectations”. EBITDA is of course not a ‘key metric’, but bullshit earnings. What about the real key metrics – cash generation and the balance sheet position?...

Market gives a muted response to Premier Oil refinancing deal

Published 352 days ago

The market doesn’t like uncertainty, and that is why Premier Oil (PMO) has been continuing to under-perform in comparison to some of its peers in the oil and gas producing sector in terms of the share price.

Kalibrate Technologies – profit warning from leading 'bullshit earnings' exponent

Published 363 days ago

Shares in provider of bullshit earnings (Oops sorry, “provider of strategy and technology services to the global fuel and convenience retail industry”), Kalibrate Technologies (KLBT) are currently more than 18% lower, at 57.5p, on the back of a “Trading Update” announcement. Profit warning AHOY!...

LoopUp – review as shares sparked by ‘ahead of expectations’ trading update

Published 369 days ago

I looked at remote meetings technology group LoopUp (LOOP) just after the company’s August IPO – concluding, with the shares at 112.5p, that the valuation in conjunction with usual IPO and growth risks saw me avoid, but that I’d monitor with interest. The shares closed yesterday at exactly the same price as then – but are currently approaching 13% higher today, at 127p, on the back of a trading update announcement…

Countrywide – full-year trading statement, a “pleasing” performance?

Published 374 days ago

Following Foxtons earlier this week, Countrywide (CWD) has now updated for the 2016 calendar year with CEO Alison Platt claiming “it is pleasing to report modest full year revenue growth”. Hmmm…

Gaming Realms – claims “maiden profitable quarter”, but was it really?...

Published 446 days ago

“Q3 Trading Update” from developer, publisher and licensor of mobile real money and social games, Gaming Realms (GMR) commences with the headline “Strong revenue growth and maiden profitable quarter”. Sounds good, but is the reality such?...

1Spatial Interims - disappointing but now more than discounted

Published 455 days ago

Geospatial and cloud services company 1Spatial (SPA) has announced self-admitted "disappointing"results for its half-year to 31stJuly 2016, though that “management believes the group is still on track to meet full year expectations which is an overall increase on the prior year revenues and adjusted EBITDA”.

Monitise – FY results, claims “positive” client response, but then admits contracts taking longer to conclude than anticipated! …

Published 501 days ago

Monitise (MONI) has announced results for its year ended 30th June 2016 emphasising “substantial improvement” in second half operating figures and “FINKit®, our new business unit which enables banks and financial services organisations to transform their digital services, launched during the year generating initial revenues in the second half of FY 2016, and received a positive response from current and potential clients and partners”. Sounds good…

MediaZest - “pleased to provide shareholders with final results for the year ended 31 March 2016”. Hmmm…

Published 528 days ago

“MediaZest (MDZ), the creative audio-visual company, is pleased to provide shareholders with final results for the year ended 31 March 2016… Best ever financial results with turnover of £3,144,000 and EBITDA profit of £58,000”. Hmmm, let’s take a closer look…

PhotonStar – running low on the readies?

Published 546 days ago

Serial AIM dog PhotonStar (PSL) has announced the issue of 230,857 shares at a price of 2.625p to former NED Mr Philip Marshall in settlement of outstanding remuneration, worth a total of £6,060. That the company didn’t just pony up the relatively small amount in cash raises the question as to why.

Joules - Growth but not necessarily value

Published 580 days ago

Premium lifestyle brand Joules (JOUL) is one of the freshest arrivals to the AIM market. Along with Hotel Chocolat (HOTC), Joules has been recognised as one of the higher-quality names to opt for AIM in recent months, and a sign that the junior market is still capable of attracting highly investable companies.

Premier Oil - Holed Below the Waterline? (Part 2)

Published 582 days ago

Yesterday in Part 1, I outlined the gravity of the situation facing Premier Oil’s (PMO) equity investors. In that piece, I presented my view that the purchase of E.ON’s North Sea assets was an attempt to temporarily fix a covenant breach situation, but that any profits it generates are unlikely to be material against Premier’s debt pile.

Premier Oil - Holed Below the Waterline? (Part 1)

Published 583 days ago

Anyone lucky enough to buy independent exploration and production company Premier Oil (PMO) around the January lows achieved a two-bagger in quick time as the shares rallied rapidly from around 20p to achieve a high of 75p last month. It is currently capitalised at £360 million ($500 million) and is a favourite on the bulletin boards. Sadly, it’s not yet clear that Premier has its house in order. There could be some serious pain yet to come.

DCD Media – follows no-one watching o'clock "business update", with no-one watching o'clock results

Published 598 days ago

Following a true 'no-one watching o'clock’ “Business Update” from DCD Media (DCD), it has followed suit with the results announcement – with a 4:10pm release. I wonder why...

Octagonal Plc – How is one of its legacy investments performing?

Published 600 days ago

On 12 June 2015, Octagonal Plc (OCT) issued a document entitled “Proposed Acquisition and Shareholder Circular” in connection with the proposed acquisition of Global Investment Strategy Limited.

Conviviality – Plenty of Fizz but Will it Satisfy Investors?

Published 610 days ago

The expanding alcohol retailer and wholesaler Conviviality (CVR) provided the market with a double-barrelled update on Friday, announcing the completion of an acquisition and a trading update. It’s been non-stop growth and change at CVR in recent times. This leaves investors with plenty to think about as they sip on their discount booze.

Avanti Coms: another jam tomorrow, cash munching update & piddly director purchases scream SELL

Published 616 days ago

Institutional investors continue to sell. But Avanti Communications (AVN) directors hope that piffling share purchases by themselves will persuade mug punters to follow suit. Do I care that David Williams (total package last year $1,154,445 after another year of mega cashburn) has bought 5,434 shares at 91.5p taking his holding to 1,709,144. Seriously? A guy who earns c$20,000 a week for trainwrecking this company has bought £5,000 of shares? And that is meant to show he has faith in the company? If anything it shows he has none. Now to the Q3 trading update.

DP Poland – AGM update; Oink, Oink

Published 628 days ago

Previously commenting in March on the company with the exclusive right to develop, operate and sub-franchise Domino's Pizza stores in Poland, DP Poland (DPP) I concluded with scepticism on the valuation – a share price rising to more than 28p meaning a market cap of circa £37 million. The shares since retreated slightly to circa 26p, but are currently again on the rise on the back of an “AGM Statement”. Let’s take a look…

Red Flags at Night: Rurelec trading/funding update - ShareProphets RNS Translation Serice

Published 648 days ago

We have known that the Peter Earl AIM-listed train-wreck Rurelec (RUR) has been in some financial difficulty for some time. Mr Earl departed the scene last June, but the fire-fighting for the new board has been on-going ever since. Last night at no-one-is-watching o’clock (4.55pm) the company gave an update on its funding arrangements and trading in what must be a classic case-study for all MBA students on how to deliver bad news. Over to the ShareProphets RNS Translation service for the low-down on last night’s announcement…..

The ShareProphets Academy speaks: EBITDA competition winner announced

Published 652 days ago

Last week I asked readers to explain the meaning of EBITDA as I was searching for enlightenment. The standard of entries was superb as you can see HERE.

Last Chance to Enter David Lenigas yacht & what is EBITDA contests - tonight

Published 654 days ago

There are no prizes at all but the deadline to enter these two contests is no-one is watching O'Clock tonight (Friday), or as they say at the US Oil & Gas (USOP) press office, rush hour. The standard of entries so far as been incredibly high so to see those entries and post your one for EBITDA go HERE and for Jabba's yacht go HERE and e now also have a Call Me Dave tax dodging caption contest HERE

Reader Competition: what does EBITDA stand for?

Published 657 days ago

We all know that on the world's most successful growth market EBITDA is a popular way to present bad numbers as good ones. But what do those letters really stand for? Post your answers in the comments section below.

DP Poland – a “Trading update”, which is not really a trading update

Published 711 days ago

With the exclusive right to Domino's Pizza stores in Poland and currently 16 corporately managed and 8 sub-franchised stores (in Warsaw, Krakow, Wrocław, Gdansk and Szczecin), DP Poland plc (DPP) has made an announcement today entitled “Trading update”, which is not really a trading update…

Tungsten Corp – trading update reiterates much, but there’s a significant omission

Published 713 days ago

Tungsten Corp (TUNG) has updated that “trading in the third quarter was in line with market expectations, and that revenues for the full year to 30 April 2016 are expected to be broadly in line with its previous guidance”. With that guidance – for “revenue of at least £27.5m” – emphasised as recently as December, the now only “broadly” in line has helped the shares currently around 8% lower today towards 60p. And there is more…

Monitise trading update, EBITDA (bullshit earnings) now positive… or not?

Published 732 days ago

Monitise plc (MONI) has announced a half-year trading update – the second bullet point of which is “Existing businesses generating positive EBITDA going forward”. Hmmm. As per Charlie Munger, EBITDA is ‘bullshit earnings’ but at least this now seems to be “positive” here I suppose… or is it?...

blinkx plc – trading update talks of ‘profitability ahead of expectations’, but then suggests no profit at all…

Published 739 days ago

Internet media company blinkx plc (BLNX) has updated that “profitability in Q3 2016 was ahead of management expectations”. Good, good… “achieving break-even on an adjusted EBITDA basis during the period”. Oh, so not making a profit at all then! Hmmm…

ServicePower - at 4p, this stock has great short and medium term potential

Published 791 days ago

In his debut article for ShareProphets, Robert Corden explains why he is so bullish on Service Power (SVR) and believes the shares are a strong buy at 4p.

Transense Technologies – agreement for sale of division sees renewed confidence. Hmmm…

Published 824 days ago

Shares in Transense Technologies (TRT) currently trade around 40% higher today, at 1.625p, following an announcement that it has agreed to sell its 'IntelliSAW' business to US-headquartered global manufacturing company Emerson for a net “approximately £2.9 million” and it stating that it believes it now “is well positioned to become a self-sustaining, high-growth and cash-generative business”. Hmmm…

SHOCKING: eServGlobal – “trading update” = take a guess, it’s thus “EBITDA*” time…

Published 833 days ago

Last week I updated on eServGlobal (ESG) HERE, concluding that ‘with HomeSend still having much to prove and there still clearly trading and financial difficulties for the core business, particularly ahead of a further trading update expected later this month, I remain bearish’. The shares are currently down approaching 25% today, at 5.5p, as guess what? …

Globo plc – “EUR14 million Proposed Acquisition”, Hmmm…

Published 852 days ago

Globo plc (GBO) has announced the signing of a Letter of Intent to acquire “a Bring-Your-Own-Device and Mobile Security software provider based in Europe”. This has currently helped the shares up to 35p, though they remain well down from above 60p in June and there continues to look good reason why…

Iofina – time for another profits warning or bailout placing? Or both?

Published 860 days ago

On 14th July 2015 AIM Casino dog Iofina (IOF) made its last announcement – the usual bag of shite trading update. Its shares closed the day at c22p. The shares are now 14.5p having fallen steadily over the past two months but aggressively of late. So when and what is the bad news?

Lonmin Offers a High Risk Recovery Play with Large Upside

Published 870 days ago

A month or so ago I wrote a piece suggesting that people avoided Lonmin (LMI) at a share price of 62p. Although it looked cheap at that price I could see further downside based on funds selling prior to the South African platinum miner’s exit from the FTSE250 in the quarterly review.

Slater and Gordon's FY15 partial results published on Friday made for some very interesting reading.

Published 874 days ago

A Quindellologist from the grim post industrial welfare safaris of the frozen North sends me this fasoinating Slater & Gordon number crunching. Suffice to say that S&G shares remain a stonking sell.

More EBITDA shenanigans (and a lousy IPO): the case of HSS Hire

Published 880 days ago

My formative investment years were so long ago that I remember the daily thump that announced the arrival of the physical research pile from a variety of investment banks.  As a callow youth I used to devour these publications believing them to be a route to insight and riches.  The latter was true – although almost exclusively not to the readers of such ‘research’.  The reason for this walk down memory lane was that I was reminded by an article from Tom Winnifrith of a report I kept by my desk for months titled something like ‘why EV/EBITDA is the most important statistic for fund managers today’.  Suffice to say the quality of my investment insights all those years ago improved materially after I had a desk tidy-up…

EBITDA is a bull market metric for fools and knaves – ref blinkx and Globo

Published 882 days ago

I leave it to Steve Moore to have the pleasure of plunging the knife into the dog blinkx (BLNX) after its profits warning HERE. It is a dog pure and simple and the shares, at 21p, are a stonking sell with a 12p target for starters. On the matter of blinkx we long term bears are again vindicated while the self-proclaimed expert on the stock, the disgraced ramper Roger Lawson of ShareSoc is one more shown up as a fool as well as a knave. But now to EBITDA.

Iofina issues another mealy mouth profits warning – when will this slow-mo train wreck end?

Published 923 days ago

Warren Buffett says that anyone who uses EBITDA is either trying to fool you or to fool themselves and that brings us to a comedy profits warning from POS AIM casino dog Iofina (IOF) issued first thing today. What clowns.

Monitise plc – bearishness further vindicated as Visa Europe now also set to walk

Published 929 days ago

Last September Visa Inc. announced a lessening involvement with Monitise plc (MONI) – prompting us to ask if the US-based company can go it alone who will be next? (see HERE). Today Monitise has announced that Visa Europe Ltd has now also notified it that it will reduce its shareholding over time while continuing to work with the company throughout the duration of its current commercial agreement…

Fishing Republic; looking to expand

Published 942 days ago

The sportfishing industry is one that I know well, as it has been part of my day job for many years! So it was with great interest that I followed the listing of Fishing Republic (FISH) on the AIM market earlier this month.

AO World – full-year results, cutting through the Abundant Obliqueness...

Published 964 days ago

Online electricals retailer AO World (AO.) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2015 including an emboldened statement that “the group has delivered significant growth in UK sales and UK Adjusted EBITDA over the year whilst also delivering significant strategic progress; broadening its product range, with the introduction on of audio-visual equipment and expanding internationally with the successful launch of in Germany”. A focus on “strategic progress”, sales and adjusted EBITDA, rather than real profitability and cash generation then. Red flags ahoy? …

Monitise ‘Strategic Review’ confirms it’s not worth what the board thinks & founding co-CEO walks the plank

Published 1034 days ago

Monitise plc (MONI) has announced that a strategic review has concluded “that the best way of maximising long-term value for all stakeholders is to continue transforming and streamlining the business as an independent company”. With the shares having reacted a current more than 16.5% lower, to 15p, the following reviews…

Christmas Shopping – what can we learn from the High Street this year?

Published 1127 days ago

Many, many years ago Granny Deputy Sheriff used to do very well on the stock market. Legend has it that she did particularly well out of biscuits and helicopters. She tended to make investment decisions not on the usual measures of P/E or EBIT or EBITDA – let alone the fundamantal analysis of company accounts. No, this was an investment style all of her own (at the time): it was based on life experience. It rather chimes with one of the themes of Peter Lynch’s ‘One Up On Wall Street’.

Vodafone Interims – a buying signal?

Published 1166 days ago

Vodafone’s (VOD) half year’s results to 30th September 2014, just published, are a satisfactory outcome in relation to my analysis last June, which pointed to the expectation of top line revenue growth, heavy capital spending and reduced profits meantime; obscuring the longer term rewards of that investment in terms of sales revenue and then eventually, probable earnings per share. 

Toumaz – Crazy Valuation & the REAL Metrics are dire

Published 1215 days ago

Toumaz (TMZ) has all the markings of the sort of stock that should be in the Bulletin Board Moron nightmare portfolio as explained HERE earlier and, indeed, it seems to have a diehard band of BB Moron enthusiasts. Results today are dismal and the cash is running out. Yet at just under 6p the valuation is £95 million. Crackers.

Avanti Communications – Results all spin no substance & hidden revenue warning (again)

Published 1225 days ago

Avanti Communications (AVN) served up full year numbers today and it all looks great. Uber-bombast CEO David Williams, who admits to misleading investors in the past, has put a great spin on what is actually a dog’s dinner. Take the four bullet points financial highlights. Three of them are a half truth, misleading or an outright lie respectively. And there are good reasons not to believe the fourth at all!

Nighthawk looks a good buy at this price

Published 1242 days ago

Nighthawk Energy (HAWK) has had more than its fair share of ups and downs over the years, but now seems to be heading in the right direction. The AIM-listed oil producer and explorer is based in the US with licences in various parts of Colorado, and the latest update showed that during July it produced over 2,000bopd – although this was down slightly on the previous two months due to maintenance work and testing.

Maple Energy: one for the gamblers!!!

Published 1271 days ago

Shares don’t come much more volatile than Maple Energy (MPLE) over the past week or so. The company had been languishing at its lowest level since it listed in 2007, at around 9p per share and with little volume – a far cry from the peak share price of over 300p that it hit in 2009. Then along came an RNS mentioning a possible takeover offer and the market went crazy causing it to rise over 300 per cent in a day to a high in excess of 36p. Since then it has plummeted back to 12-13p and volume has tailed off significantly. Is this now worth taking a gamble on the takeover?

Blinkx; set for recovery with great upside potential

Published 1308 days ago

Blinkx (BLNX) is a company that I’ve followed for a while now and I think that it has finally found bottom. Its share price has taken a massive tumble over the past year off of the highs of 235p it hit last November to the present day level in the low 60s.

Coms – Lunch with Dave Breith

Published 1312 days ago

Fair dues to Dave Breith, the CEO of Coms (COMS). I ripped him apart a couple of weeks ago HERE and he popped into Real Man yesterday and insisted on buying me lunch. I had a salmone e penne, he had a Thai chicken pizza. The food was great and I rather warmed to the man who accepted that my comments were fair.

Coms: I do not like being lied to & this company appears unduly incompetent: SELL

Published 1319 days ago

I was sitting at Real Man Pizza at noon yesterday awaiting my guest, Dave Breith of Coms (COMS). At 12.30 I tried calling to see where he was. His PA called me to say he was off sick and apologising for his second last minute let down in 3 weeks – I do want to meet the guy. As we now know Breith was not sick. That was a lie born out of apparent monumental incompetence at his firm.

Avanti Communications – A Day to Buy as Results Go Down Badly

Published 1930 days ago

Shares in AIM listed satellite operator Avanti Communications (AVN) have slumped today by 62.75p to 286p after results for the year to June 30th 2012 were announced and were received poorly. Adding to Avanti’s misery bear raider Evil Knievil announced that he had gone short at 295p. He is wrong and this is a buying opportunity. I say this as someone who tipped the shares first at 116p in August 2004 and who has continually rated them as a buy at anything up to an all time high of almost £8. I still believe that the shares will in due course move sharply higher and my target price is £16.81. Here is why.


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