Nanoco – as warned, discounted placing ahoy!

Published 108 days ago

I noted in an update on Nanoco (NANO) last month that “Commercial Supply and License Agreement” saw the shares bouncing a bit, but the key question remained when’s an attempted fundraising? (discounted, natch). Well, the company has now been “pleased to announce” a placing result and researcher Edison has updated…

Walker Greenbank – “pleased to announce” half-year trading update, are the shares a buy?

Published 173 days ago

Luxury interior furnishings company Walker Greenbank (WGB) “is pleased to announce its pre-close trading update for the six months ended 31 July 2017” - with this commencing with that brand sales “were up 35.6% in reportable currency compared with the same period last year”. Sounds good, so why are the shares currently sliding back slightly?...

Shit sandwich with jam tomorrow on top: trading statement from Avanti Coms - but here's what its hiding

Published 202 days ago

Avanti Communications (AVN) has surprised no-one with a grim old trading statement covering the year to June 30th 2016. But the CEO who boasts of how he misled investors with a faked demo to raise funding has - as usual - tried to make a shit sandwich more palatable by serving it covered in oodles of jam tomorrow. But there is something that bombastic prick David Williams is not telling you....

Is Hardman Research hiring LSE BB Morons to pen its worthless reports - ref the dog Advanced Oncotherapy

Published 313 days ago

Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) is, as you know, utterly desperate to create buying interest in its shares so that death spiral shysters Bracknor can dump £13.7 million of equity onto the market over the next year. That is not going well and so Advanced today boasts that it has paid investment analyst prostitutes for hire, Hardman, to publish a glossy note. This report is so unbelievably unbalanced that I can only assume that Hardman outsourced the work to the Bulletin Board Morons on the LSE Asylum. Folks can see through this shite and the shares are down by a penny at just 40p bid which is very bad news for Advanced as explained HERE.

The Worst Research Note of the Year to date? Edison on worthless Avanti Communications

Published 326 days ago

Employer of convicted felon, the cop mugger champagne Charlie Gibson, investment prostitutes Edison will publish bullish research notes and interviews with any company as long as they dip into their shareholders' funds. The interview with the bombastic prick David Williams who earns a seven figure wedge for running Avanti Communications (AVN) into the ground last summer ( see HERE) was a classic of its genre. Today Edison has published a note saying Avanti shares are worth 109p. The market thinks the report is worthless bog-paper and the shares are down by almost 10% at just 14.875p.

"Timber! time" at Avanti Communications & the sheer pointlessness of Edison Research - the worst research note of 2016

Published 403 days ago

Shares in drowning in debt Avanti Communications slumped again on Wednesday to a new record low of 18p - the market cap is now just £27.6 million and death is imminent. As I pointed out at the weekend, its shares could be suspended on December 30th but its real worry is insolvency - it will be out of cash by January and it looks impossible to refinance. The cry is Timber! This once mighty AIM play is falling and will soon be lying as a rotting corpse on the forest floor. Where has all the money gone?

NetDimensions – do half year results offer positives following July warning?

Published 487 days ago

Having warned in July of “delays in deal roll-outs affecting revenue growth”, NetDimensions (NETD) has now announced results for the first half of 2016…

Andalas - Spoof y'all: whens the next bailout placing?

Published 565 days ago

Dave "Rule breaker" Whitby and his colleagues at AIM Listed Piece of Turkish Andalas Energy (ADL) are on the spoof again with a ramptastic RNS saying nothing at all of of any interest whatsoever. Folks know Whitby's game and the shares are off at just 0.165p because what is really happening is the start of the ramping that proceeds a deeply discounted placing. Next up a soft interview with Zak "Judas" Mir, a podcast with Justin the clown or a presentation at a Proactive seminar? Perhaps a buy note from Edison? We have seen the Andalas ramp before and surely no-one is stupid enough to buy it again?

VIDEO: Edison Interview with Avanti's David Williams - how big is your cock, huge or massive? And more

Published 594 days ago

Paid for researcher Edison is, of course most famous as being the employer of convicted felon Champagne Charlie Gibson but it is also there to take cash for helping ramp shares in piss poor companies. And few companies could be as piss poor as Avanti Communications (AVN) run by uber bombast David "not worth a million bucks a year" Williams.  But not only does Edison publish crap research on Avanti with a target price of 427p. It also does video interviews. Cripes, the bird quizzing Williams makes Zak Mir look like Jeremy Paxman on steroids.  As you enjoy this shite from Edison you will note the shares are now just 59.5p as Williams seeks emergency bailout funding. Oi, taffy its time for a statement!

eServGlobal – trading & research update, “on track”... or not?

Published 606 days ago

Shares in mobile financial services company eServGlobal (ESG) have recently moved higher on the back of a trading update particularly emphasising that “the company confirms it remains on track to achieve a small EBITDA* surplus for the core business”. However, researcher Edison has now updated including “we have revised our forecasts to reflect H116 performance, reducing our revenue and EBITDA forecasts”. Hmmm…

Brady plc – AGM trading update sounds reassuring, BUT…

Published 616 days ago

Having previously updated on Brady plc (BRY) to not be fooled by the 2015 ‘trading in line’ - it’s disingenuous spin, the following updates post the company's results announcement for the 2015 calendar year and, more recently, an AGM update...

Solid State – trading update post shares being trashed by MoJ contract termination

Published 633 days ago

Two months after a Ministry of Justice contract termination trashed its shares (see HERE), Solid State (SOLI) “is pleased to announce that trading results in respect of the year ended 31 March 2016 at the group's core businesses are expected to be in line with market expectations”. Hmmm...

Edison: when is your follow up to the worst research note ever ( Buy Slater & Gordon) due?

Published 646 days ago

I am not 100% up to speed on the comings and goings at paid researcher Edison so am unaware if its star analyst The Right Hon Charlie Gibson is still on a police curfew and wearing an electronic ankle bracelet after his spot of bother trying to give a member of the working classes, who happened to be a rozzer, a damn good thrashing. On the subject of convicts (well at least those descended from them) and damn good thrashings I note that shares in Aussie law firm Slater & Gordon (SGH) are now 28 Aussie cents having been A$2.67 on 23rd September 2015 when Edison published a note proclaiming "valuation - considerable upside" and flagging triggers for a re-rating. Hmmm... so that is a fall of c90% in the seven months since that buy note - is that the worst research note of the past 12 months?

Mickey Mouse ADVFN Awards - I lose again, Stanley Gibbons wins - whatever

Published 685 days ago

Last year in ADVFN's financial services awards the share blogger of the year was Dan Levi, Brokerman Dan, aka the business partner of ADVFN head honcho Clem Chambers. Natch I was gutted not to win so what about this year. Shucks. The awards were announced this morning and once again I am not even mentioned. Double shucks.

eServGlobal – new forecasts (lower, natch), working capital “tight”, where are the shareholders’ bonuses?

Published 706 days ago

Following recent news flow from eServGlobal (ESG), revised forecasts are now following, with working capital described as “tight”

WANdisco– new forecasts (lower, natch), even deeper in the merde

Published 710 days ago

Following a “2015 year-end update” from WANdisco plc (WAND) earlier this week, forecast changes are now following. They ain’t exactly promising!...

Brady plc – don’t be fooled by the 2015 ‘trading in line’, it’s disingenuous spin

Published 735 days ago

Provider of trading and risk management software to the commodity and energy markets, Brady plc (BRY) has updated “that it has secured four new contracts”, that “cost cutting initiatives that were notified in the 30 November trading update have now been completed” and on “trading in line with market expectations”, with “cash ahead”. Let’s now check that 30th November “trading update” then. Oh!?!...

Monitise plc – “Telefónica cloud platform agreement” not as positive as it may sound…

Published 822 days ago

“Monitise (MONI) and Telefónica cloud platform agreement” Great news! What? The agreement supersedes an existing contract between the companies, is only “to explore” potential projects based on the Monitise cloud platform and “the company's guidance for FY 2016 remains unchanged as a result of this announcement”. And it gets worse?...

Scoop: Mosman Oil & Gas placing at 1.75p underway

Published 913 days ago

POS AIM casino dog Mosman Oil & Gas (MOSMN), is – I can exclusively reveal – right now struggling to get away yet another keep the lights on placing at just 1.75p a share. This story gets worse. And worse.

Misleading Analyst Research of the day – Edison on Brady

Published 917 days ago

Edison is paid by companies to hire analysts such as convicted felon Champagne Charlie Gibson to produce research reports. The hooker never tells a punter that he has a small dick and Edison finds itself in the same position: just keep the client happy. And thus once again it has today served up a research report with a massively misleading title. The stock is Brady (BRY) which today served up a first half trading statement.

Monitise plc – what is the impact of Visa Europe looking set to walk?

Published 927 days ago

Having this week announced that Visa Europe Ltd has notified that it will reduce its shareholding over time while continuing to work with the company throughout the duration of their current commercial agreement, though will only “assess on an ongoing basis opportunities to work together in future” (see HERE), what is the impact on forecasts for Monitise plc (MONI)?

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 10 July - back to Athens for riot porn

Published 927 days ago

A brief podcast as I prepare to spend a morning on the beach with the Mrs. Then it is off to Athens. She thinks she is seeing a la dee da play. I am heading there for riot porn as the Greece Grexit crisis hots up again. Is Tsipras planning to betray the Hellenic Republic? Will he get away with it? Will Greece be booted out of the Euro anyway by the Krauts? Then a few words on the farce at Sefton as Jimmyliar Ellerton tries to make it go bankrupt via legal means. And then to the con Worthington.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 9 July Offending everyone edition

Published 927 days ago

Once again IT issues in Greece delay this podcast. I start by explianing why the reaction of Paul Scott and the craven deadwood press to the new national living wage proposed by George Osborne displays 100% economic illiteracy. It is simply a transfer of wealth from business to the State, the poor will gain nothing. Then onto defending David Lenigas and Andrew Bell from some of the sillier comments made by some folk and to explian why flip flop Ben Turney is again wrong on New World Oil & Gas. hats off to Paul Curtis for the silliest remark of the day as I stck the boot into Gulf Keystone and then also to the prep, pump and dump at Beowulf Mining. And finally I have another go at biotech dog ValiRx.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 8 July - UK Budget: George Osborne is a twat

Published 928 days ago

This has been delayed by certain IT issues here in the Hellenic Republic. I start the podcast on Greece then onto China and finally to chancellor George Osborne and his budget - the guy is a prize twat. At a company level I look at Azonto Petroleum, Monitise ( TSOA wins again!), Red Rock Resources and the fraud Jiasen.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 7th July - Page 3 bird photo

Published 930 days ago

As an experiment I tried to upload this direct, rather than via Pizza Hardman Darren Atwater, but could not work out how to upload my photo so had to use an alternative. In today's podcast I look at Greece, China (the real story of the day), Sefton, Fitbug, Phorm, Stratmin Global and fat cats. Real fat cats like Oakley not fat cats like Sir Martin Sorrell.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 5 July: Greece, China, Quindell & house prices

Published 932 days ago

Polls close here in Athens in just over three hours. I shall shortly head off to my local polling station to have a final butchers and then to Syntagma Square to sit underneath the Greek parliament as the results come in. I shall blog away here on ShareProphets as Greece decides whether it is Oxi or nai. Pro tem this podcast covers Greece, China, Quindell and UK House prices.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 4th July, Independence is on my mind

Published 933 days ago

Happy Independence day to our American listeners. My prayers are that tomorrow Greece votes for freedom and votes Oxi! But will it? And what does that mean for the Euro and shares. I note Goldman Sachs claims that a Nai vote will see global equities rise by 10%. Hmmm, I think it misses the bear in the China shop. A few thoughts brought to you from Athens in today's podcast.

Tom Winnifrith Smoking Guns Bearcast from Athens - July 3rd

Published 934 days ago

I start this podcast with a few developments on the ground here in Greece - tonight sees two mass demos which I shall be attending and reporting back on. Then it is on to Phorm, Provexis, Ubisense, Jiasen ( smoking gun located?) and the other China Norfolks, Netcall and Cenkos where conversation naturally turns to its role in the Quindell fraud and what the fallout will be.

Edison is paid to puff Tungsten but cannot bring itself to do so, so writes garbage - SELL

Published 980 days ago

Paid for researcher Edison is paid by companies to produce notes. The hooker never tells her client how small his cock is she just gets on with it and thus Edison is always looking on the bright side. But in its utterly misleading note on Tungsten (TUNG) out today, even the rent-boy of the research world cannot bring itself to say buy. That is a pretty big Red Flag.

blur Group – now paid-for researcher withdraws forecasts ‘until there is more clarity’

Published 1014 days ago

Since my update last week on more financial reporting woes from blur Group (BLUR), paid for research prostitute Edison has pulled its forecasts and the shares have drifted further lower to a current 53p. When even the prostitute researchers wont say anything nice you know that you are up merde creek.

SCISYS plc – is the recent share price decline following 2014 results justified?

Published 1019 days ago

Having risen from sub 70p at the start of 2014, shares in provider of technology and support to the Space, Commercial & Defence and Media & Broadcast sectors, SCISYS plc (SSY) have more recently been steady at around 90p until recent results took them back towards 80p. So is this a time to buy the shares?

Monitise plc – update as forecasts reintroduced & directors buy shares

Published 1021 days ago

I previously commented that its recently concluded strategic review suggested that Monitise plc (MONI) was not worth what the board seemed to consider it to be – see HERE. The following updates after some director share buying and the reintroduction of some forecasts…

Vislink plc – a research update & a director buying

Published 1028 days ago

Commenting on results from Vislink plc (VLK) last week we concluded that the share price recovery in recent months looked well merited and to have further to go. The following updates post a research update and director share dealing…

Optimal Payments – a purportedly “transformational” acquisition, but a transformed investment proposition?

Published 1036 days ago

Optimal Payments (OPAY) - of Equities First Holdings LLC infamy (see HERE) – has announced a proposed purportedly “transformational and value enhancing” $1.2 billion acquisition of Skrill Group - described as “one of Europe's leading digital payments businesses providing digital wallet solutions and online payment processing capabilities and is one of the largest pre-paid online voucher providers in Europe with its paysafecard brand”. Does this though transform the investment proposition here? …

WANdisco plc – 2014 results & research update suggest it’s far from party time here

Published 1040 days ago

Having been approaching 1300p a year ago, shares in WANdisco plc (WAND) currently trade below 300p following recently announced results for 2014 and a research update. What are the prospects from here?

Creston – review as research update follows disappointing trading statement

Published 1066 days ago

Following a trading update from marketing communications group Creston plc (CRE) which noted just 1% revenue growth in the three months to 31st December 2014 “as a result of some client budget cuts and project delays within the UK health business, which will also affect the group's final quarter revenue”, we opted to take profits on the Nifty Fifty site. The following reviews following a research update.

blur Group – reasons to remain bearish as Edison updates

Published 1099 days ago

Shares in provider of an online platform for the provision of services, blur Group (BLUR) have now declined to sub 50p - having been circa 730p a year ago. The following reviews post a trading update last week and now an update from Edison Investment Research.

Xaar – forecasts increased, but the picture bright enough to suggest the shares a buy?

Published 1130 days ago

Following a recent more positive trading update from digital inkjet printing technology company, Xaar plc (XAR), researcher Edison has upgraded its (previously vastly reduced) earnings forecasts for 2014 and concluded that “the rating does not look demanding given the growth potential, IP and cash generation”. The following reviews.

Champagne Charlie Gibson of Edison: screw the poor, in fact screw everyone

Published 1134 days ago

Who said that mining analysts were dull? When not writing the worst research notes in history, or getting smashed and then giving members of the working classes a damn good thrashing, it appears that Honourable Edward Charles d'Olier Gibson, son of the 4th Baron Ashbourne is having a spot of bother with the ladies.

No Problem Companies paying investment prostitutes for research and interviews BUT

Published 1171 days ago

Some folks think that I was wrong to call Louise Cooper an investment prostitute. I make no apologies. The silly cow painted herself as whiter than white, a Mother Theresa. The FACT is that she was more Princess Diana. She works for a company that takes cash from companies to interview them, then gives soft interviews without declaring the payments. That is investment prostitution and is WRONG. However...

Madagascar Oil at 10.125p – worth 29p or 52p?

Published 1172 days ago

Okay, Edison is paid by companies to produce reports so take this all with a pinch of salt (or seven) but the prostitute of the research world reckons that shares in Madagascar Oil (MOIL), now 10.125p are worth 29p or 52p. It writes:

The Northern Petroleum Rampathon, Proactive Investors and Crony Capitalism on AIM

Published 1184 days ago

The pre rescue bailout placing ramping exercise of Northern Petroleum (NOP) continues on Wednesday with a presentation somewhere in the Grim North organised by Proactive investors. A missive from Proactive sales bird Sophie Barrowman (pictured) last week tells you all you need to know about how the AIM Casino operates. Sophie gushes in semi-orgasmic tones:

StatPro Group – after recent share price slide, does Q3 trading update indicate value?

Published 1188 days ago

Provider of portfolio analysis and asset pricing services for the global asset management industry, StatPro Group (SOG) has updated on “trading in Q3 2014 in line with market expectations” and that it “looks forward to a successful outcome for the year”. With me having concluded with the shares at 84p in August that they were not likely materially undervalued, the following updates my view with them having since slipped to 72p.

GB Group – acquisition adds to forecasts, but enough to justify the share price?

Published 1196 days ago

Identity technology group GB (GBG) has announced an initial £5 million (including £0.5 million of shares), and up to £6 million, acquisition of Transactis, an aggregator of customer transactional data and provider of anti-fraud and marketing-related services to both the private and public sectors in the UK. With I having previously doubted the stock market valuation of GB, the following updates.

Greggs plc – trading performance “materially ahead”, but already in the share price?

Published 1204 days ago

Shares in Greggs plc (GRG) are currently approaching 600p on the back of an update that operational improvement initiatives, lower costs and more favourable trading conditions than were expected mean “we now anticipate full year profits to be materially ahead of our previous expectation”. Is this already reflected in the share price or not?

Monitise plc – do director buys and research update convince?

Published 1213 days ago

Since my previous comment on mobile money technology platforms and services company Monitise (MONI) - which followed an announcement from Visa that it is “considering its options with regard to its Monitise stake” and “intends to continue increasing its investment in its own in-house capabilities and, as a result, reducing its use of external resources”, researcher Edison has updated and there has been some boardroom share buying. The following updates with the shares, having recovered to above 35p, currently slipping back towards 30p.

Bingo, bongo, Bango – dismal interims – when is the bailout cash call?

Published 1216 days ago

I have noted before how Bango (BGO) merits an AIM Casino jam tomorrow promises. Floated in 1999 it has sent £27.5 million to money heaven and has never made a profit. Interims today are thus par for the course but the cash position looks tight. At 102p the market cap is £46 million and the shares are a screaming sell.

NetDimensions – confident interim results statement, but value in the shares?

Published 1218 days ago

Performance, knowledge and learning management technology company, NetDimensions (NETD) has announced results for the first half of the 2014 calendar year and that it is “confident” looking forward. With the shares still though comfortably below the 78.5p reached earlier this year, what is the current value proposition here?

How Bulletin Board Morons Deny Disaster – case study Monitise

Published 1219 days ago

Thursday’s news that Visa was dumping Monitise (MONI) was quite clearly a disaster. It must have come as a total shock to Monitise otherwise the director who dumped 1.5 million shares at 44p on Monday (good call mate, BTW) would be heading for prison. And it is a body blow as I explain HERE.

Monitise – full-year results: losses up, shares again down

Published 1223 days ago

Mobile money technology platforms and services company Monitise (MONI) has announced results for its year ended 30th June 2014 and a “confident outlook”. Is this though still discounted in a share price which has fallen from 80p earlier this year to a current 43.5p?

SpaceandPeople plc – another profits warning, what now?

Published 1228 days ago

Manager of promotional and retail merchandising space in shopping centres and other high footfall venues, SpaceandPeople plc (SAL) has announced results for the first half of 2014 “challenging period for the group, with trading in a number of areas being slower than had been anticipated". It now expects full-year “profit before tax and non-recurring costs of between £800k and £1.0million and profit before tax but after non-recurring costs, of between £500k and £700k”. Is this discounted in a share price, which has fallen from more than 150p earlier this year to a current sub 50p?

Brady plc – interim results positive, is the outlook for the shares also?

Published 1231 days ago

Provider of trading and risk management software to the global commodity and energy markets, Brady plc (BRY) has announced results for the first half of the 2014 calendar year. It said that “the enthusiastic activity being demonstrated across all parts of the group, delivering both growth and healthy margins, gives me every confidence that we are on track to perform in line with full year expectations”. What does this suggest for the current valuation?

Xaar plc – profit warning drives lower, Edison updates its view

Published 1238 days ago

Following another profit warning last week, shares in inkjet printing technology company Xaar plc (XAR) continued to fall – closing the week at 420p. I update in the following with them now having nudged slightly higher towards 423p and on the back of an update from researcher Edison.

NetDimensions – how’s management’s multi-year plan progressing?

Published 1250 days ago

NetDimensions (NETD) is a performance, knowledge and learning management technology company that was followed on the Nifty Fifty website before its decision to increase its cost base in a “substantial… multi-year plan” saw gains banked. The shares would rise further – but, having reached 78.5p earlier this year, the following updates with them currently at 66p.

Ariana at 1.08p worth 1.9p to 2.67p says Edison

Published 1261 days ago

Convicted felon Champagne Charlie Gibson round at prostitute researcher Edison reckons that Ariana Resources (AAU) shares – now 1.08p – are in fact worth at least 1.9p but possibly up to 2.67p. Okay, The Hon Charles may have a penchant for giving members of the working classes a damn good thrashing after he has driven back from the boozer totally sozzled but sometimes he is right. We tend to think that this may be one of those occasions. Hooray, champers and a spot of oik bashing all round.

Brady plc – do “the shares look attractive” following a positive first half year?

Published 1262 days ago

Shares in provider of trading and risk management software to the global commodity, energy and recycling markets, Brady plc (BRY) have recovered to a current 77p having fallen to 62.5p in the aftermath of an early year profits warning noting that the company was “disappointed with the impact of timing and currency” on its 2013 calendar year results. The following updates post the release of a trading statement for the first half of 2014.

StatPro Group – interim results, is there really “significant upside potential”?

Published 1263 days ago

A results statement for the first half of the 2014 calendar year from provider of portfolio analytics for the investment community, StatPro Group (SOG) affirms “solid progress on the execution of our strategy to transition fully to a cloud-based business” but that this, together with increased expenditure on sales people and marketing activities, has impacted earnings. The following reviews with the shares currently unchanged on the results announcement at 84p.

Next Fifteen Communications – time to buy?

Published 1266 days ago

Next Fifteen Communications (NFC) has updated that recent trading has seen a continuation of positive growth trends and that despite the strength of sterling, against the dollar in particular, holding back reported revenues and profits, it expects annual revenues to have exceeded £100 million for the first time in the company's history and “to deliver results at least in line with management expectations”. With me having concluded in January that at an approaching 90p share price there looked to be some growth and income value on offer here, the following updates with the shares currently at 114.5p.

Sound Oil – clear upside

Published 1267 days ago

Ben Turney is entitled to his view on Sound Oil (here) but he is wrong. Take it from the man from the Manc slums. I own the shares and this is why Sound (SOU) will make money for Brokerman Dan.

Sound Oil: valuation looks stretched

Published 1270 days ago

Tom and I have recently published a new e-book, “The 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas and Mining Stocks”. Over the last few months, Sound Oil (SOU) has provided a perfect case in point for several of our Golden Rules. Back in the spring, when the shares traded hands between roughly 4.6p and 6.9p, this could have been a wonderful stock to buy, based on the company’s success at Nervesa. Thorough research and good timing would have definitely paid off. Today, however, at 12p (last seen) and a market cap of £49.84million, the risk/reward balance appears to have tilted more towards the risk side of the equation, despite the progress the company has made. And if you don’t believe me about this

Monitise: Weedy non-news, Edison puffer after profits warning: Red Flag Placing Ahoy – Sell – target 20p

Published 1272 days ago

Early this month Monitise (MONI) served up a dismal profits warning. Delays in revenues were – in true Rob Terry fashion – viewed as being for good reasons but once again this company failed to hit targets.  Now we see a weedy non-announcement and an Edison puffery research note all of which are Red Flags. Whatever Monitise says it is running out of cash and a placing is inevitable.

Bushveld Minerals at 4.1p worth 49.5p says convicted felon Charlie Gibson..whatever

Published 1272 days ago

Bushveld Minerals (BMN) shares may be cheap but this cheap?  Well prostitute researcher Edison is paid to say nice things but surely convicted felon Charlie Gibson is over-egging the pudding with this note? Decide for yourself. The Honourable Mr Gibson writes:

Outsourcery – When’s the rescue bailout? Crony Capitalists at work…

Published 1276 days ago

On 27th June, AIM listed Outsourcery (OUT) announced that it was holding a “Capital Markets Day.” Hmmm, this is an £12 million capitalised AIM listed POS with pretensions is it not? The company started with a raft of positive guff but then – if you had not fallen asleep and got to the bottom of the release – found that it was admitting that it was a year behind schedule and needs to raise cash this year to keep going. Now even prostitute researcher Edison is sticking the boot in – what it says and what management says look very different to me. Why would anyone refinance this train wreck?

WANdisco – Edison cuts forecasts and flags equity raise looming

Published 1276 days ago

Prostitute researcher for hire Edison normally puts the best possible spin on life for its clients. Which is why a note out last week on WANdisco (WAND) catches the eye as it explicitly cuts forecasts and warns of an equity raise. 

Entertainment One – Excellent Value at 333p

Published 1278 days ago

Analyst Fiona Orford-Williams ( who we bet did not grow up next door to Brokerman Dan Levi in the Manchester slums sharing a communal outside lavatory) at commissioned researcher Edison reckons that shares in Entertainment One (ETO) are “excellent value” at 333p after the trading update yesterday. Excellent maybe Edison over-egg but good value is perhaps not unreasonable.

Bowleven at 39p worth 108p?

Published 1279 days ago

Paid for researcher Edison has initiated its coverage of Bowleven (i.e. accepted a cheque to write a detailed 12 page report) with a claim that the shares, now 39p, are worth 108p.

Prostitute Researcher Edison talks bollocks as Northern Petroleum plans a bailout cash call

Published 1283 days ago

Northern Petroleum (NOP) is running out of money. A cash call is inevitable and it will happen before Christmas.  Hence prostitute researcher Edison has “reinitiated coverage”. That means Northern has paid it a cheque to write bullshit so that private investors are suckered into buying the stock before institutions buy in at a whopping discount. The Edison note says it all. It is a classic.

blur Group – ‘a stronger foundation for growth’? Not yet

Published 1286 days ago

Since my previous update on blur Group (BLUR), the shares have slipped further – to a current 75p. Having at one stage early this year reached almost 800p, some see value at current levels. But is this illusory?

Monitise plc – forecasts down, share price to fall again?

Published 1287 days ago

Shares in mobile banking, payment and commerce company Monitise plc (MONI) were hit earlier this month by a trading statement – as analysed HERE. Heck, let's not beat about the bush: trading statement equalled revenue warning. Forget about profits, they are years away (at best). With lower forecasts now in place and the shares having recovered a bit to a current 46p, should you buy?... No!

K3 Business Technology cheap at 209p – worth 250p plus: Heck I agree with Edison

Published 1288 days ago

I am normally pretty rude about the prostitute of the research world, commissioned researcher Edison but today I agree with it. Yikes, I must be suffering from sunstroke after a hard morning hacking away at olive trees. Edison reckons that at 209p K3 Business Technology (KBT) is cheap on the back of a trading update and could be worth 250p plus.  Having tipped this stock at 148p on my Nifty Fifty website I welcome Edison to the fan club and I agree with its conclusion.

Optimal Payments at 446p – valuation can be justified? Really? You sure? Er…

Published 1289 days ago

The uber-prostitute of the equity research world, commissioned researcher Edison has published a piece of PR puffery, sorry I meant detailed research note claiming that the 446p valuation of its client Optimal Payments (OPAY) can be justified. Yeah…right.

XP Power Valuation Undemanding says Prostitute Researcher Edison – who are you kidding?

Published 1294 days ago

Researcher Edison is paid by companies to produce research. It is a prostitute. It does not question how good looking the client is or how much its breath smells of garlic it just gets on with the job at hand, penning research. At the end of the job the client is satisfied. The research is always bullish. And so worthless. Case in point XP Power (XPP) which at 1,494 is described as have an “undemanding” valuation. Oh tickle my cojones again madam and tell me how well-endowed I am.

Tethys Petroleum at 19p worth 100p?

Published 1295 days ago

Commissioned Researcher Edison has initiated its coverage of AIM listed Tethys Petroleum (TPL) with a bold claim that the shares, now 19p, could be worth as much as 100p.

Leni Gas & Oil at 4.1p – Trinidad Success Just the Beginning

Published 1299 days ago

Commissioned researcher Edison has published an enthusiastic note on Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) at 4.1p arguing that recent Trinidad success is just the beginning. 

Xcite Energy at 63p worth 146p – Edison

Published 1307 days ago

Commissioned researcher Edison has published a new report in the wake of the $140 million funding package secured by Xcite Energy (XEL). It reckons that the shares, now 63p, are worth 146p.

Volex – ramping Research, Odd Director buying and a ludicrous valuation

Published 1311 days ago

This just looks all wrong. Even based on the numbers in the latest paid for PR piffle (I mean in-depth research note) from Edison, shares in Volex (VLX) are at 80p ludicrously overvalued. The very odd behaviour of the directors makes this smell even worse.

IS Solutions at 57.5p worth 73p

Published 1320 days ago

Commissioned researcher Edison has published a detailed note on AIM listed IS Solutions (ISL) arguing that a 2015 yield of 3.1% and PE of 14.5 are hardly demanding for a company delivering strong growth.

Advanced Computer Software - still time to sensibly back Vin

Published 1320 days ago

I previously wrote on this website about Advanced Computer Software Group (ASW), a provider of software and IT services to the UK health, care and business sectors, in February – suggesting that it was worth continuing to back CEO Vin Murria with the shares then at a 113.5p offer price. With the shares currently at 122p, after recent results and analyst updates, it is time to rexamine this stock.

New City Energy – 5.5% yield 20% discount to NAV shale play: interesting?

Published 1324 days ago

For once commissioned researcher Edison has served up a half interesting report highlighting what looks like a good investment and a safe play on shale: New City Energy (NCE).

The Innovation Group at 34p – worth 40p

Published 1326 days ago

Commissioned researcher Edison has today published a research note on The Innovation Group (TIG) – the company once run by Quindell (QPP) boss Rob Terry in the wake of its interims. It reckons the shares, now 34p, should be at 40p. 

Vislink plc – still a buy?

Published 1327 days ago

I previously updated on Vislink plc (VLK) on this website in March – noting that the then 47.5p share price looked harsh. With the company having subsequently announced 2013 results and the shares having slipped back from 50p early last month, the following updates.

Tangiers Petroleum at 12.5p worth 39p – more paid for research

Published 1333 days ago

This time the report is vaguely credible not the shocking lie-filled ramp Tangiers Petroleum (TPET) commissioned in Australia which we reported on HERE. Today’s paid for offering comes from Edison, the employer of star analyst and convicted felon Champagne Charlie Gibson. Sadly it is not the Hon Charles who has produced this report.

QinetiQ at 196.5p – worth 230p?

Published 1334 days ago

Commissioned researcher Edison has published a post results note on Fully Listed Qinetiq (QQ.) flagging up its massive cash backing and strong cashflows. It argues that the shares, now at 196.5p, are worth 230p.

Marks & Spencer – 20% upside in share price at 445p

Published 1337 days ago

Researcher Edison has published a non-commissioned report on retail giant Marks & Spencer (MKS) arguing that a recovery story is emerging. The report suggests this will be “evolution not revolution” – i.e. not rapid but suggests that the shares are undervalued at a 445p share price.

Shanks at 100p worth 120p claims Edison

Published 1345 days ago

According to commissioned researcher Edison Full Year results from waste group Shanks (SKS) met forecasts and the shares at 100p offer an immediate 20% upside.

ASOS plc – ‘the internet premium’ challenged

Published 1347 days ago

I first commented on ASOS plc (ASC) on this website at around this time last year – concluding, with the shares then at 3755p, that despite the growth being recorded and growth potential, the valuation looked incredibly stretched to me – see HERE. In February this year the shares reached 7050p. The following updates with them now back to levels of May 2013 and following the recent publication of a consumer sector report by researchers Edison entitled ‘Challenging the internet premium’.

Entertainment One – ‘ahead of expectations’, but is the share price now up with events?

Published 1435 days ago

Now the largest film distributer in Canada, the largest independent film distributer in the UK, Spain and the Benelux and a FTSE-250 constituent, Entertainment One (ETO) has updated that “full year earnings are expected to be ahead of management expectations” and that “the directors remain confident in the outlook for the company”. However, is this already more than discounted in a share price which, at a current 324.5p, is significantly ahead of the 175p of less than a year ago (when the shares were added to the Growth portfolio of the Nifty Fifty)?

Volex plc - early signs of recovery, though already (more than) priced-in?

Published 1439 days ago

Shares in power and data cabling provider Volex plc (VLX) 'short-circuited' in November when the company announced “disappointing” interim results. It noted that these “highlight the hard work ahead for the new management team in turning around the business and setting it on a renewed growth path”.

Entertainment One – interim results & research update

Published 1523 days ago

Having previewed the interim results of international specialist in the acquisition, production and distribution of film and television content, Entertainment One (ETO) last month (see HERE), the following updates post the results announcement and with researcher Edison also having published its reaction.

Entertainment One - trading update, shares on the rise but further to go?

Published 1638 days ago

Shares in international entertainment content owner, producer and distributor, Entertainment One (ETO) have been written up on this website in April at 184p HERE and May at 191.5p HERE. The following updates, with the shares currently at 205p, following a statement last week on trading so far in the company’s year ending 31st March 2014...

AVN, RPO, SXX, QPP, XEL, GKP, CUP, ASC – The Great Conspiracy Revealed

Published 1717 days ago

They do not like it up ‘em. Shares in some of the darlings of the AIM market have taken a bit of a hit of late and some folks, the believers, believe that this is the result of a great conspiracy involving myself, Evil Knievil, Lucian Miers, Zak Mir, Red Evans and others. How about a quick look at the facts.

Buy Entertainment One at 184p

Published 1730 days ago

I tipped this stock at 175p to buy the other day on my Nifty Fifty premium web site but now at 184p in the middle it is still cheap – target price at least 250p.

Arian Silver Statement – What a load of cobblers

Published 1736 days ago

AIM and TSX listed Arian Silver(AGQ) notes that its shares have been falling like a stone and has issued a statement designed to reassure investors. It is utter cobblers and an open invitation to sell.

Edison says it is likely to up forecasts for WanDisco after Q1 Trading Statement

Published 1740 days ago

Commissioned researcher Edison has published a note on WanDisco (WAND) following an upbeat trading statement for Q1 out today.

GB Group - year-end trading update; does there remain identifiable value?

Published 1740 days ago

AIM-listed identity technology company GB Group (GBG) has complemented an “ahead of market consensus” March update with a more detailed trading statement which has helped the shares more than 5.5% higher thus far today, to a current 98p.

Breaking News: Arian Silver London placing has failed – source. Sell

Published 1741 days ago

A couple of days ago commissioned researcher Edison published a detailed buy note on AIM and TSX listed Arian Silver (AGQ) at 9p suggesting that a target price of 16p was achievable assuming that the company raised $21.4 million of debt and $8 million of equity at the then share price to meet its funding needs until it turns cash positive in early 2015.

Edison on Gold – Do not worry price will bounce

Published 1742 days ago

Edison Research reckons that the sell off in gold is “nothing out of the ordinary.” You could have fooled me. It reckons that gold will bounce back and is maintaining its long term price assumption at $1676. That would imply gold equities will bounce back sharply.

Arian Silver at 9p – could be worth 16p but needs to raise $8 million via share issue – Edison

Published 1743 days ago

Commissioned researcher Edison has published a detailed research note on AIM listed Arian Silver (AGQ) arguing that the shares, now 9p, could be worth 16p.

XP Power at 1,215p – worth 1489p? Edison Research Note

Published 1746 days ago

XP Power (XPP) commissioned this research note from Edison and so it cannot be viewed as impartial. But the analysis appears solid and it contains detailed forecasts which are of interest.

Entertainment One – a potential blockbuster?

Published 1803 days ago

Entertainment One (ETO), the London main market listed producer and distributor of film and television content, has updated that “full year earnings are anticipated to be in line with management’s expectations” on underlying revenue up 11% in the 10 month period to end January. The shares have risen from a 13.5p low hit in the depths of the markets 2009 despair to a current 188p. They did however trade above 200p in late 2011/early 2012 and, with a present market cap in excess of £500 million, the following offers my current take here…


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