Tom Winnifrith bonus Bearcast - 8 Events that could really whack UK equities in 2019

Published 172 days ago

Of course none of the eight might come to pass but I explian why I am bearish anyway and then list eight events each of which could happen and each of which could really tonk UK equities and it is just possible that all eight may come to pass. Enjoy.

Video: Rick Rule sees Resource Opportunities in Uranium, Cobalt, and Gold

Published 405 days ago

Rick Rule of the world's leading resource investor, Sprott says he has, of late, seen broadly increasing client and institutional interest which has been lead by strong private placements. This interest is being driven by 2017 commodity performance, and now the equities show good value.

The Odey Death Portfolio

Published 898 days ago

Hedge fund manager Crispin Odey has had an awful year. His uber bearish macro calls have not paid off and his big long and short stock bets have nearly all gone terribly wrong too. When funds are in this much trouble it can have devastating effects on certain stocks. So what is in the Odey death portfolio?

As the FTSE100 sails through 7,000 what to do?

Published 964 days ago

No doubt raging bull Malcolm Stacey will be crowing and snarling bear Tom Winnifrith will be growling as he changes the nappies: the FTSE100 has, again, popped up through the 7,000 mark. We can expect round 4,953 of the ding-dong between those two in the coming days. But what to make of it – are we on the cusp of a cracking selling opportunity or should we be filling our boots? And if we treat the latest gyrations as a chance to offload, what to do with the proceeds?

Why Stocks are Overvalued but we have to Keep Buying Them

Published 1009 days ago

I note with interest the today’s macro-outlook comments by Malcolm and Tom, each taking different sides of the debate. While I agree with Tom’s analysis, I reckon that Malcolm’s conclusions might turn out be right!

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Gulf Keystone toast & shagging Cheryl Cole & the entire Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad

Published 1057 days ago

It looks as if shareholders will very soon hear the final grim news at Gulf Keystone (GKP). I first said sell at 180p and have been given grief all the way down. Folks can line up to apologise to me in an orderly queue. I discuss who is to blame and what happens next. Then it is onto the reason Brexit is not the real issue, there is an elephant in the room and its European but its on the other side of the channel. That takes me to the UK deficit, Cheryl and the cheerleaders and my stance on equities.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Extra: The Biggest LIE told on AIM & a Crisis of Big PLC capitalism & Macro bear view

Published 1235 days ago

This is an extra bearcast for today. The main one on UK Companies is to follow. This one covers the biggest lie told by shite companies on AIM, told today by Golden Saint Resources (GSR) but it is far from alone, the real crisis in big PLC crony capitalism, ref Macy's and many others, and also why I remain bearish on equities.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 25 October - #Portugalcoup and a warning, well lots of them

Published 1309 days ago

In today's podcast I look at the Portugal Coup and what it means for the EU and the Euro. Then onto profits warnings and where I see equities going and finally a note on Mark Carney, UK base rates and UK house prices.

Daniel Stewart – Questions remain over accounts as subsidiary finally files FY14 numbers at Companies House

Published 1362 days ago

Finally, dated 26 August 2015 – eight months late and four months after the parent, AIM-listed Daniel Stewart Securities plc (DAN) accounts were filed – we have the full year accounts for Daniel Stewart & Company plc to 31 March 2014. Two sets of numbers previously highlighted do not stack up. Perhaps there are more, but this will do for starters - along with an un-notified change of auditor.

A perfectly timed Bank Holiday weekend to cram in stock research

Published 1370 days ago

Much has been made in the media that US equity markets have had their worst period since late summer 2011. This morning, the burgeoning crisis has abated in response to the People’s Bank of China’s 0.25% interest rate cut. China’s baseline rate is now 4.6% and global markets have rallied strongly in response. However, it would be a surprise if this were anything other than a temporary reprieve, not least because of the spike in the CBOE Volatility Index (the VIX). The VIX tracks the volatility in the constituent stocks of the S&P500 and its latest reading is clear warning of a bumpy ride to come. Even so, if played correctly, this could prove to be extremely profitable.  

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 4th July, Independence is on my mind

Published 1422 days ago

Happy Independence day to our American listeners. My prayers are that tomorrow Greece votes for freedom and votes Oxi! But will it? And what does that mean for the Euro and shares. I note Goldman Sachs claims that a Nai vote will see global equities rise by 10%. Hmmm, I think it misses the bear in the China shop. A few thoughts brought to you from Athens in today's podcast.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 14 May - Part 1 Reasons to be uber bearish & bubbles

Published 1473 days ago

The travel plans of pizza hardman Darren Atwater and my own travel & family plans for the day mean this is a double bearcast day. We start with an edition looking at the various bubbles` in the world today and why I am becoming really very bearish indeed about equities.

The good news is that the market for ripe bananas is booming , now for the bad news

Published 1477 days ago

Chris Bailey, the founder of Financial Orbit always finds the quirkiest data - this week it concerns ripe bananas. The bad news starts in China and ends up with some sage words from George Soros. Those who expect the equities surge to continue ad infinitum should spare a few minutes to listen to this podcast.

Calling a top on equities & a bottom on gold and hard commodities

Published 1511 days ago

All markets are cyclical and so the bull-run in equities and bear run in gold has to end one day. You know my views, I think it is soon. A man talking the same language is Mike Swanson who was interviewed this week by my colleagues at Palisade Capital. 10 out of 10 for Mike!

Tom Winnifrith's Bearcast 4 January - on Elections in Greece and the UK

Published 1603 days ago

George Papandreou is back in the game in Greece. This is big news and in this podcast I suggest a small bet on Greek equities on bonds might be in order as a result. Do elections matter for equity investors? I discuss both Greece and also the UK election in May.

Tom Winnifrith’s Big 10 Macro calls for 2015

Published 1613 days ago

Tomorrow I start serving up my ten tips of the year. On reflection given my bearish take on the markets I am going to go with a 50/50 long/short split. Other writers will be serving up plenty of buy ideas but I cannot bring myself to do that given my macro-take on the world. I am sorry to be so gloomy this Christmas day but for what it is worth I wish you a Merry Christmas. Now to the macrobabble:

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast - 15 December, Quindell not mentioned once!

Published 1622 days ago

It's a first. A daily podcast not mentioning Quenron (QPP) at all. But for the record its shares dived by 7.2% to close at just 38.5p. Only 38.5p to go to fair value. Instead I discuss Ludorum, Mysale, Naibu, China Chaintek, Enables IT, Ultrasis, Touchstone Gold, Beacon Hill and why I remain an equities bear. However I reveal a very small AIM company in which we have just made a material (for us) investment.

Pond Life, the macro view: where US equities seem to be heading and why

Published 1637 days ago

US equities continue to rise Heavenwards and we wonder how long that can go on, given the high valuations they have already reached? The S &P 500 Index reportedly values its constituents on an average multiple of 16 times estimated, prospective average earnings. That we learn is about 13% higher than the average ratio on the Index over the last decade. 

Equities may be up but the world remains unbalanced

Published 1652 days ago

A month ago global equity markets were in a state of complete panic.  Four weeks later markets are substantially up, sentiment has hugely recovered and investors are generally looking forward again to 2015…especially in the US.  Despite the market recovery of recent weeks the world remains clearly imbalanced.  That’s not to say there are now things to be doing and the technology, food retail and gold sectors were of particular interest to me this week. 

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast 31st October

Published 1667 days ago

Equities are up. In this podcast, I discuss why but why this is not the start of a bull market. It is temporary coke and hookers time in the City and on Wall Street but only for a while. Next up I look at: Fitbug, ULS Technology & the failings of AIM, Leni Gas & Oil and the failings of AIM, Arian Silver and other gold and silver producers, Coms and - in detail following a long chat with a former bull and insurance guru - Quindell.

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast 30th October

Published 1668 days ago

In this podcast I start with a broad macro sweep following a chat with Evil Knievil earlier. The end of QE (pro tem), interest rates and how this will all affect equities and other asset classes. I then move on to some observations some general but some specific about Quindell, Fitbug, Monitise, Globo, blinkx and Independent Oil & Gas,

We are all doomed? Or are we? Reasons for being cheerful or: - ‘Hit me with your rhythm stick!’

Published 1681 days ago

So the yield on short dated US government bonds fell below 2% on Wednesday 15th of October, upsetting the apple cart of portfolio planning by those who were persuaded that inflation was on the rise - thanks to the easing of quantitative easing known therefore as ‘tapering’ to avoid the confusion of too many ‘easings’ – and the cost of credit going up, due to a forecast shortage of supply as the Fed closed it easy money till. Normality was coming back along with higher borrowing costs. 

Low interest rates have created the biggest stockmarket bubble in history

Published 1707 days ago

You know that I am an equities bear. So too is Gerald Celente, the well-known precious metals investor. His view is that we are heading for stockmarket disaster as we pump up the biggest bubble in history. This view was clearly explained in an interview he gave to my colleagues at Palisade Capital this week.

Spread bet tip: buy the recovering FTSE100 at 6,644

Published 1755 days ago

After last week’s sell-off across the main global equity markets, this week has got off to a relatively benign start. The FTSE trades at 6,686 (last seen), but the index is within touching distance of key MIDAS support. If the selling continues and this level is breached, this could, once more, provide an excellent opportunity to go long Britain’s primary index.

Go to the beach if you want but don’t buy an index fund (part 2)

Published 1808 days ago

In part 1 of these articles I talked about the need to avoid index funds and the importance of stock picking focusing on growth or ‘proper returns to shareholders’.  Now, in part 2, I focus on the second of these two investment themes.


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