Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - these companies are just taking the piss as management troughs it

Published 16 days ago

Ahead of lunch with a scouser I encounter someone just out of prison. There you go, life here in the Grim North. I urge you all to follow the lead of Saintly Tech Queen Vin Murria HERE.Greedy AIM bosses screwing shareholders infuriate me and in that vein I cover: Mirriad (MIRI), EVR Holdings (EVRH) and Argo Blockchain (ARB). I also look at FinnCap (FCAP) where the dam is breaking, Share PLC (SHRE), Frontier Smart Technologies (FST) and Audioboom (BOOM).  

Yourgene: Acquisition, placing, FinnCap fired, my trust lost for good but the shares are bloody cheap

Published 32 days ago

I have known for a while that Yourgene (YGEN) was to upgrade its broker from FinnCrap to Stifel. It is a big upgrade. But I was told that FinnCap would be kept on as joint broker for three months during part of which Stifel is in a research blackout period. Something happened last Wednesday and FinnCap was fired with immediate effect. I shall endeavour to establish what it was but maybe it was just that FinnCrap’s last research note was so bad that it was felt that no research for 40 days was better than another note from the same shite analyst. Perhaps FinnCap did something worse. I am digging. What you, my fellow shareholders want to know about is the placing and acquisition.

Universe Group – 2018 results, “well positioned for significant growth in 2019 and beyond”?

Published 32 days ago

Previously updating on point of sale, payment and loyalty systems group Universe (UNG) just over a year ago with the shares lower towards 5p, I wrote 2017 results, outlook “solid”… other than a “significant uncertainty”! – concluding I awaited a more reassuring announcement before considering from the watchlist. Recent results have now been followed by a “Directorate Change”

Gooch & Housego – announces “in line with management's expectations”… but not with expectations less than 6 weeks before the period-end!

Published 46 days ago

“Gooch & Housego PLC (AIM: GHH), the specialist manufacturer of photonic components & systems, announces that trading in the six months to 31 March 2019 was in line with management's expectations”. But I note an 1150p share price is down from approaching 1900p in October and more than 1500p as recently as February. Hmmm…

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - another high yielding blue chip Neil Woodford is having to dump & another shite note from FinnCrap

Published 48 days ago

In today's podcast, my last Monday bearcast from the civilised south as opposed to the Grim North,  I start with a look at another blue chip high yield stock Neil Woodford is being forced to sell as a result of the flood of redemptions. Then I have a revelation of shame about Daniel Stewart (DAN) and executive largesse. Then I look at the Yourgene (YGEN) trading statement and the lamentable research note it produced from FinnCrap (FCAP) which I reproduce in full below. Really: it is time to sack FinnCap and get a proper broker on board Finally a look at Adept4 (AD4) and an appeal to you all to join the roll call of heros HERE

K3 Capital – from in January “confidence in outlook for the full year” to…

Published 51 days ago

“Trading Update” from business and company sales specialist in the UK, K3 Capital (K3C)… and the shares currently at 135p in response – down more than 15%. Uh oh…

Lighthouse Group – recommended cash offer, “an attractive premium”?

Published 53 days ago

Chairman of financial advisory group Lighthouse (LGT), Richard Last, emphasises a recommended offer from Quilter plc (QLT) “provides Lighthouse shareholders with the opportunity to realise their investment in full and in cash at an attractive premium to the levels at which the share price has traded in recent months”

Photo-Me – having had a reliance on a swift about-turn from “large order lags”, surprise, surprise…

Published 53 days ago

In December I again cautioned on instant-service vending equipment provider Photo-Me International (PHTM), noting a reliance on a swift about-turn from “large order lags” in the current macro climate as the shares headed below 100p. Now, with the company’s year ending this month, a trading update…

Intercede – large US Federal Government order… but a 60%+ share price rise?

Published 54 days ago

An announcement from Intercede Group (IGP) commencing that “Intercede, the leading specialist in digital identity, credential management and secure mobility, is pleased to announce that a large US Federal Government order totaling $4.3m was received” – and the shares have currently responded to 27p, more than 60% higher!...

PCI-PAL – interims argue “a strong balance sheet position”. Really?

Published 94 days ago

Secure payment cloud platform company PCI-PAL (PCIP) “is pleased to announce its unaudited interim results for the six months to 31 December 2018”, with Chairman Chris Fielding emphasising “the management team has made positive progress against our principal strategic and operational objectives”. The shares have responded… er, currently 8% lower to 23p…

Gooch & Housego – warns... due to risks “as previously stated”. Really?

Published 95 days ago

An AGM trading update from Gooch & Housego (GHH) sees CEO Mark Webster emphasise “our fibre optic business is performing particularly strongly” and “we remain confident in the potential of the industrial laser sector and our other markets to provide attractive long term growth”. So why have the shares responded currently more than 10% lower, towards 1300p?...

Transense Technologies – “Significant iTrack Order” & “very substantial” sales… Or ramptastic?

Published 95 days ago

Not just an iTrack order, but a “Significant iTrack Order” emphasised by Transense Technologies (TRT) earlier this week – and the shares now up from a last week close of 52.55p to almost 70p. However, I previously wrote “GE Aviation Contract Win” announcement sparks shares… but reasons for caution?

Shore Cap takeover of Stockdale shows what a joke valuation Finncap enjoys

Published 102 days ago

With every other Nomad/broker in town having issued a profits warning in the past few months it is only a matter of time before FinnCrap (FCAP) has to 'fess up to. But quite amazingly the shares still trade at their IPO price of 28p valuing FinnCrap at £47 million which today’s ShoreCap (SGR) purchase of rival Stockdale shows to be a joke.

More Good News for this Medical Pioneer Which Makes War on Three of our Most Common Cancers

Published 107 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. There are few times I’m moved to revisit shares I’ve only recently commended. But occasionally the case for a company’s rosy prospects is so interesting that there’s justification for looking at the latest news. Avacta (AVCT) is a medical pioneer which I chose as a tip for 2019 on this wonderful website over Christmas. So much has happened for this Yorkshire firm lately that it’s hard to keep up with events...

Telit – auto sale delayed how does FinnCap sign off on such nonsense with a straight face?

Published 114 days ago

As I warned would happen yesterday, the sale of Telit’s (TCM) auto division to Hong Kong based TUS has again been delayed. We are now told that it won’t meet the 31 January (new) deadline but will happen on or before 20 February after the Chinese New Year. Whatever… the statement itself throws up an enormous red flag, how on earth Nomad FinnCrap (FCAP) signed off on this crap defies belief…it is almost as if it is only in it for the retainers and does not care about doing its job properly.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Arden's message for FinnCrap and a shamed cabal of promoters at Blue Jay: where's the beef?

Published 122 days ago

In today's podcast, recorded before a trip to see Joshua's goat, I look at Frontera (FRR), Flybe (FLYB),  FinnCap (FCAP), Blue jay Mining (JAY) and Blue Star Capital (BLU)

Breaking: the Other nail in the London Oil & Gas coffin that will bring down AIM listed Independent Oil & Gas

Published 133 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear. This really is proof that Independent Oil & Gas (IOG) is - whatever its scumbag Nomad FinnCrap (FCAP) claims -complete toast. You will remember that Independent owes more than £30 million to unquoted London Oil & Gas. That money has to start being repaid within a few months and Independent will go bust unless London provides more funds. But London has borrowed money from LCF a related party firm subject to a full blown FCA raid as it is a ponzi fraud as we showed here yesterday. That cash is repayable on demand. Now read on....

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: Finncap Je t'accuse re the AAOG debacle - everything that is wrong with the AIM Casino

Published 136 days ago

In this bonus podcast, recorded at a Motorway service station, I look at the Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) debacle and THREE massive failings by the Nomad and broker FinnCrap (FCAP). I raise questions about FinnCap it cannot answer but also show why this eiposde flags up the conflict of interest issue which is the cancer destroying the whole of AIM. The home truths will make uncomfortable listening for many.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Neil Woodford disgusts me ( as a capitalist) & vindicated on Anglo African Oil & Gas

Published 137 days ago

In today's podcast I start with the shocking revelations about Neil Woodford's greed and reward for failure. Folks like Nomates are more of a threat to capitalism than Lenin. I am vindicated on Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) and await apologies from the Bulletin Board Morons. I discuss the whole affair including the shameless behaviuour of FinnCap (FCAP). Truly FinnCrap is a moral sewer. I discuss First Derivatives (FDP), offer up my nap buy for Q1 2019 and have some questions that require an urgent answer from John Gunn's Octagonal (OCT) 

Anglo African Oil & Gas – who is the villain here: Tom Winnifrith, Nomad FinnCrap or CEO David Sefton?

Published 138 days ago

Yesterday I revealed that Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) was undertaking a massively discounted placing at 10p to raise £4 million which seems to have stirred up a real hornets nest among the Bulletin Board Morons. I have been reported to the FCA numerous times ( again) and the charge is that I am the villain. But am I? I suggest not but put up two other candidates for that eipthet and that I am the hero of this tale.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Finncrap interims (you are taking the piss) and when is the IQE profits warning?

Published 142 days ago

In today's podcast I explain domestic disturbances caused by the need to move to the Grim Northern welfare safari and to be closer to my mother-in-law. Oh happy days. In the podcast itself I look at FinnCap (FCAP), IQE (IQE), UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), Amur Minerals (AMC), Cabot (CAB) and Corero (CNS) a most almighty sell however you look at it.

VINDICATION: Telit – FCA enquiry widened, implication is of wholesale securities fraud re 2017 placing

Published 159 days ago

The fraud that is Telit (TCM) continues to unravel. We already knew that ex FD and CEO Yosi fait was being investigated for selling all his shares in early July 2017 while he was aware of damaging price sensitive information ( a profits warning) – that would be insider dealing. We know that founder, former CEO and the man who is still running Telit via puppet directors, Uzi Katz, is being investigated for not admitting that he was a fraudster and fugitive from justice.  Now it gets bigger.

Shock Winner of smug Sam Smith of FinnCrap Caption Contest announced

Published 161 days ago

After its IPO I asked you all for suitable captions of the photo below. As you can see HERE there were many en tries but there can be only one winner of the sem i naked photo of the UK's top share blogger (mornings only), thirsty Paul Scott. If you feel aggrieved by the winner, fear not, we will have another contest featuring Sam when FinnCrap (FCAP) has its first profits warning. So you will not have to wait too long. Anyhow the winner is...

Today's disaster story from FinnCrap - shocking lack of profits warning at Filtronic!

Published 165 days ago

Filtronic (FTC) has updated including “demand for the recently introduced Massive MIMO (‘mMIMO’) antennas is now expected to be substantially lower than we had forecast in the second half of FY2019”. This follows an October AGM statement including “overall market endorsement of the benefits of mMIMO is apparent… Our mMIMO programme is strategically significant and successful market acceptance of this product will be material in defining our near-term development”. Uh oh then…

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Just how many AIM Rules must you break before Finncrap gives a damn and quits?

Published 165 days ago

I prepare for Joshua's first meeting with Santa in 2018 and discuss that. I look at Telit (TCM) and its latest wholesale breach of AIM Rules. Why does FinnCrap (FCAP) not care? I ask when FinnCap will have its first profits warning. I look at Purplebricks (PURP), Mysale (MYSL) and Bilby (BILB).

CyanConnode – shares soaring on a first licensing agreement merited?

Published 169 days ago

CyanConnode (CYAN) is “pleased to announce that it has signed a USD 4M Licensing Agreement with Beijing Jingybeifang Instrument Co., Ltd” - this its first licensing agreement and the shares are more than 26% higher at 12p in response. Is the response merited?...

Thursday Caption Contest - Sam Smith at the Stock Exchange to celebrate the FinnCap IPO

Published 171 days ago

The picture below is of Sam Smith the CEO of FinnCrap (FCAP) celebrating the IPO of her company on AIM at the offices of the London Stock Exchange. I ask you for suitable captions in the comments section below with the prize for the wittiest and rudest being a semi naked picture of Britain's top share blogger (mornings only), Thirsty Paul Scott. For what it is worth I set an early low bar with my suggestion...

Numis statement shows why FinnCap’s IPO today is such a stinker

Published 172 days ago

FinnCrap (FCAP) has today listed on AIM having raised £3.75 million of new monies while insiders dumped £1.25 million of shares on mug punters. Unfortuanately for smug Sam Smith and the FinnCrap team a statement on current trading from Numis (NUM) shows just why FinnCrap rushed to get its own IPO away and why it should be avoided like the plague.

SRT Marine Systems – “£31 million VMS System Contract Award”, but a buy?

Published 172 days ago

Previously writing on SRT Marine Systems (SRT), I concluded that, with its track record, I await to see evidence of tangible progress before reconsidering from avoid. Today a “Contract award” announcement – and the shares currently up circa 11% at around 34p…

FinnCrap - the numbers, why the IPO valuation is a total rum ‘n’ coke – AVOID

Published 180 days ago

If you wish to ignore my advice go ahead and pony up 28p a share (a £48 million market cap) in the IPO of smug Sam Smith’s FinnCap via Primary Bid HERE. But I would not. Here are the hard numbers which show what a joke this IPO is...

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Will Malcolm's Santa rally help Sam Smith get the ludicrous FinnCrap IPO off to a flying start

Published 182 days ago

In my penultimate bearcast from Britain before heading off for the olive harvest in Greece I discuss Malcolm's Santa rally, the IPO of FinnCap which is a bargepole for me and why merging two mid tier auditors, BDO and Moore Stephens, will do nothing at all to diminish corporate fraud.

Maintel – argues “business transformation has been encouraging”… so why a current circa 25% share price fall?!

Published 186 days ago

Maintel Holdings (MAI) has updated commencing that; “Maintel's transformation into a cloud and managed services provider has continued in the second half. This month alone the group has seen two large wins on its hosted unified communications platform… representing growth of over 40% versus the prior year. In addition, Maintel is on track to grow its managed services base year on year by around 10%”. Sounds good... You what?... the shares are currently down approaching 25%, below 460p?!...

KCom – profit warning, but is it largely new management trying to create an easier platform?

Published 187 days ago

“Trading Update and Revised Dividend Commitment” announcement from telecommunications and related services group KCom (KCOM). The prospective dividend yield was already 6.5% - so I’m guessing it ain’t being revised upwards…

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Malcolm kids himself, FinnCrap & Sam Smith must be desperate to IPO right now, why?

Published 209 days ago

I start by referring you to a video just up of my labour of love, the Greek Hovel, which you can see HERE. Then I take apart the bullish nonsense about the stockmarket Malcolm Stacey served up yesterday HERE.  Finally I look at IPOs planned for the next few weeks such as that of Sam Smith's FinnCap and broker AJ Bell. Why oh why go now? Surely they are both either mad or desperate? I discuss in detail why both should be avoided like the plague, referring also to the Funding Circle IPO debacle.

Is the Finncrap IPO a sign that AIM is doomed

Published 213 days ago

Today brings news that FinnCap, Finncrap to its friends, the biggest AIM Nomad and broker is to buy Cavendish Corporate Finance, the corporate advisory firm run by pompous Tory Lord Leigh, who claims to speak for ordinary shareholders but is actually a City fat cat like the rest of them, and that the combined business will itself list on the casino in December. Is this a sign that AIM is headed into irreversible decline?

Premaitha – Bits and bobs mostly good but...

Published 230 days ago

I am looking forward to grilling Premaitha (NIPT) at the Nigel Wray London seminar on 16 October. There are still a few places going and its free – details HERE. Meanwhile we have three pieces of news this week following that rather disappointing placing at 10p two Friday's ago caused by the a’hole behaviour of the toads at FinnCap. Yes this is Tom Winnifrith writing…

Big Sofa – dismal results and placing at just 3p. Roll call of shame

Published 236 days ago

Tom Winnifrith writes: Firstly an apology from us. Big Sofa (BST) has been a very poor tip - as big investors in the IPO we share your pain and - justifiable - anger.  We apologise for believing numerous things said by CEO Simon Liddington. I have just emailed him and called him, to his face rather than behind his back, a “corporate wanker” for reasons I shall explain below. He should resign at once allowing newly appointed CCO Kirsty Fuller to take charge. Liddington is not fit for purpose and I am sorely tempted to go to the forthcoming EGM and tell him that, once again, to his face and demand he goes.

Imaginatik – “financial performance has improved”, but sufficiently?

Published 236 days ago

Saintly Vin Murria having walked from a potential controlling equity investment and nominated adviser finnCap having resigned seeing the shares suspended, today a “Company Update” from Imaginatik (IMTK) commencing; “Since the company's announcement on 4 June 2018, the company's financial performance has improved”. Hmmm…

FinnCrap - a disgrace to the City

Published 237 days ago

Some of you will be aware of my whining about market makers and house broker games played out on the trading floor of AIM. I am sure some of you think these are merely conspiracy theories of a blogger and attempted to explain negative share price movements on a particular day. I'm not going to rehash my market maker theory again, instead, lets discuss a the role of a house broker, I guess these creatures are right at the top of the tree, along with bankers, as a breed of creatures we hate because we feel they cannot be trusted, and yet we are effectively held to ransomed because of the duty they perform.

Premaitha – results, placing and the sheer uselessness of broker Finncap - wankers

Published 237 days ago

Tom Winnifrith writes and has also discussed this in bearcast HERE: We ordinary shareholders in Premaitha (NIPT) have suffered for many years and shown enormous loyalty. News released well after the market close of a £2.5 million placing at 10p might thus seem like a kick in the teeth by a management treating us with contempt. I am afraid the story is far worse.

Imaginatik – Saintly Vin Murria walks, Nomad resigns, grab your crisps now

Published 242 days ago

AIM-listed former rob Terry darling Imaginatik (IMTK) has announced that the deal to bring in Vin Murria is all off.  The Nomad, finnCap, is – as it promised it would – resigning as from the end of today and the shares have collapsed by (so far) 76%. What’s not to like?

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - happy 6th anniversary Sheriff, we'll fight them on the beaches, in the High Court etc

Published 243 days ago

In this podcast I discuss the anniversary, today's DOS attack and how I respond. I look at the terrifying proposals to steal your cash coming from the Labour conference and I discuss Optibiotix (OPTI), FastJet (FJET), BCA Marketplace (BCA), TrakM8 (TRAK) and the fraud Eden (EDEN). I also look at brokers such as FinnCap giving away free propaganda reports, I mean research, on corporate clients.

Flowtech Fluidpower – “recent trading has remained positive”. Why the share price crash then?

Published 249 days ago

“Specialist full service supplier of technical fluid power products and services”, Flowtech Fluidpower (FLO) updated on trading in July – but the half-year results announcement today is currently accompanied by an approaching 30% share price fall, towards 120p. Hmmm…

Cambridge Cognition – voice biomarker and AI platform now available, shares a buy

Published 253 days ago

Having filed patents and announced the start of the technology programme last year, Cambridge Cognition (COG) has now announced its “first voice-based cognitive assessments are available for use in its core pharmaceutical and biotechnology clinical trial channels”

Elecosoft – in light of H1 performance looks forward with confidence, so why a share price decline?

Published 255 days ago

Technology provider to the architectural, engineering, construction and digital marketing industries, Elecosoft (ELCO) has announced results for the first half of 2018 and that “in light of the company's first half performance, we look forward to the remainder of 2018 with confidence”. The shares have currently responded, er, more than 5% lower, towards 80p?…

PCI-PAL – follows a private investor screwing, with “pleased to announce” results. Hmmm…

Published 262 days ago

“PCI-PAL PLC (AIM: PCIP), a leading world-wide provider of Payment Card Industry compliance solutions for contact centres, is pleased to announce full year results for the year ended 30 June 2018”. The shares have responded... er, currently circa 15% lower, at 26.5p...

Velocity Composites – less than 16 months since AIM IPO, warns AGAIN!

Published 263 days ago

Previously writing, in May, on Velocity Composites (VEL) it was less than a year since AIM IPO, it’s another profit warning!. Now a further “Trading Update”

D4T4 Solutions – does “encouraging returns from our business investment programme” suggest the shares a buy?

Published 275 days ago

Data capture, management and analytics-focused D4T4 Solutions (D4T4) has updated including it is “seeing encouraging returns from our business investment programme” and “the board remains confident of delivering on its expectations for the year ahead”. Sounds promising…

Proactis – deal intake & ‘pipeline of opportunity’ “strong”, so why do the shares remain depressed?

Published 276 days ago

Proactis Holdings (PHD) has updated including “deal intake for the year was strong” and “the pipeline of opportunity remains strong for the longer term”, so why are the shares little above 100p compared to around 190p at the commencement of the company’s year ended 31st July 2018?...

Tracsis – “expected to be ahead of market expectations”, but enough to suggest the shares a buy?

Published 277 days ago

Provider of software and services for the traffic data and transportation industry, Tracsis (TRCS) has updated including, for its year ended 31st July 2018, adjusted profit “expected to be ahead of market expectations”. What does that mean in financial terms?...

InnovaDerma – “Appointment of CEO and Roots to be ranged in Tesco” enough to justify share price jump?

Published 290 days ago

I first warned on shares in InnovaDerma (IDP) in January as they fell towards 230p. Less than two months later it was a profit warning, though the shares are currently bouncing more than 25% higher today, towards 140p – a market cap of circa £20 million, on the back of an “Appointment of CEO and Roots to be ranged in Tesco” announcement…

Transense Technologies – “pleased to provide” trading update including second half was “in line” with the first. Hmmm!

Published 297 days ago

Transense Technologies (TRT) “is pleased to provide a trading update for the year ended 30 June 2018”, noting some revenues over 40% ahead of the prior year and “monthly recurring operating lease rental revenue at 1 July 2018 being over 200 per cent. higher than at 1 July 2017”. So is a muted share price response – and the shares down from 69.5p at the start of the year fair?...

Lighthouse Group – half-year trading update, is ‘in line with expectations’ sufficient for the valuation?

Published 309 days ago

Last year I concluded that shares in financial advisory group, Lighthouse (LGT) could prove good value at 11.75p and that the valuation continued to look undemanding at circa 14p. I updated earlier this year at 24p, suggesting that the valuation fair enough at this juncture – though now write again with the shares currently further higher, above 37p, on the back of a trading update…

SHOCKER! AIM roll-call of results not published & suspension shame

Published 328 days ago

Noticeable in today's RNSs at 07:30 was a long-list of suspensions from AIM. These are for - despite having had six months - the companies not having published a report and accounts for 2017. Natch, good companies don't have this problem - the roll-call of results non-publication company (and their advisers) shame is...

EXCLUSIVE: Is Peter Young of Independent Oil & Gas Britain’s greatest share trader or an insider dealer? You decide with Winnileaks

Published 338 days ago

Peter Young was the co founder of Independent Oil & Gas (IOG) and until March of this year sat on its board. He is still its “head of Business Origination.” He, and his wife Fiona who works for charity Social Enterprise UK, are either the UK’s greatest living share traders or just plain insider dealers.  The stock in question is Rock Rose Energy (RRE) and I merely print a timeline of phone calls and emails and, as Peter Cook’s version of Judge Cantley in the Jeremy Thorpe trial would put it, “then invite you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, to go away and consider carefully why these two fine upstanding individuals are not guilty of anything at all but should do themselves a favour and become professional day traders.”

Best of the Best – forecasts up, but the shares to follow?

Published 340 days ago

Competitions company Best of the Best (BOTB) has announced results for its year ended 30th April 2018, emphasising they “showing both increased revenues and profits before tax, which are slightly ahead of management's expectations”. Sounds encouraging…

InnovaDerma – follows March profit warning & Executive Chairman share sales last month with… another profit warning!

Published 341 days ago

Life sciences, beauty and personal care products company InnovaDerma (IDP) has updated on trading for its year ending 30th June – commencing “revenue for the period increased strongly by 23.5% on a constant currency basis to approximately £11m (FY2017: £8.9m). However,”, Uh oh…

Amino Technologies – emphasies “confidence in full year expectations”, so why the share price decline?

Published 354 days ago

Amino Technologies (AMO) has updated on trading for its half-year ended 31st May 2018, including “as operators transform their services to IP delivery to meet consumer demand for entertainment 24/7 on any device we are seeing good traction for our three clear market opportunities - upcycling, the transition from cable to IPTV, and Android TV. Good visibility provided by our order backlog and pipeline underpins the board's confidence in full year expectations”. So why a current more than 4% share price decline?...

Premaitha - placing, trading update, all good good good

Published 375 days ago

Let's declare an interest first. FIML, a company owned via a Trust by dependents of Tom Winnifrith, took part in the placing at 4.5p but was scaled back so topped up with market purchases at 6.9p.

FinnCap - Premaitha at 7p worth 12p

Published 376 days ago

It is the house broker so not impartial. I think the target for Premaitha (NIPT) is too low and bought more shares this morning in the secondary market. But here is the Finncap take in a 20 page note:

Velocity Composites – less than a year since AIM IPO, it’s another profit warning!

Published 389 days ago

In May last year CEO of aerospace industry material kits company Velocity Composites (VEL), Jon Bridges, was “delighted to announce the successful completion of our admission to the London Stock Exchange… look forward to our future as a quoted company with confidence”. That was at an 85p per share IPO price. The shares are currently 55p after a latest “Trading Update”

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - why Ed Croft is wrong to label Nigel Wray a sucker, can't count to 40 & arrived at a bogus conclusion on correct data

Published 398 days ago

In this podcast I look back at a very valid point made by Dr Hon at UK Investor on a cancer still at the heart of the City. I look at AIQ (AIQ), San Leon (SLE) and Paragon Entertainment (PEL) - another Finncap debacle. Then I turn to Ed Croft and UK Investor who was rude to me ( who cares) as he over-ran his allotted time and pretended otherwise by slating me. He also called Nigel Wray a sucker for his investments. Ed: how rich are you? How many AIM stocks have you backed in a major way where you could have m,ade 100* your money? But I am sure you are right and Wray is a sucker. And then Ed presented data which though accurate allowed him to leap to a totally wrong conclusion. If I was scoring his thesis I explain why I'd have to give it a fail. Or as that is now on campuses today a 2:1. Unlike Ed I did not insult someone else on the main stage on their big day as that would have been rude but his nonsense needs correcting.

TrakM8: a treble whammy of bad news for it - I'm celebrating

Published 408 days ago

For those of us who have been 100% vindicated with our bearishness on TrakM8 (TRAK) today is a bit of a party because we find ourselves celebrating not one but three pieces of bad news. And we are not the only ones celebrating.
I would imagine that Lorne Daniel, an honourable man, who is the research analyst covering tech round at FinnCap will also be on cloud nine as he will never have to write another supportive corporate broker note on this dog ever again. For the first news is that TrakM8 is switching Nomad and broker from FinnCap to Arden Partners.

Solid State – “the success of the organic growth strategy is now in evidence”. Er, is it?!

Published 409 days ago

Trading Statement from manufacturer and distributor of electronics for use in harsh environments, Solid State (SOLI) commences that “the board is pleased to announce that the group profit before tax for the financial year 2017/18 will be in line with market consensus forecast at approximately £3 million. Year on year group revenue is expected to be slightly ahead of expectations at in excess of £45.5 million, close to 15% growth”. Sounds ok – and the shares have responded… er, currently around 25% lower to sub 300p?!?...

SRT Marine Systems – “results reflect the excellent progress we have made”. Do they?

Published 409 days ago

Previously writing on SRT Marine Systems (SRT), I concluded in November with the shares at 36p to continue to avoid. They had subsequently slipped to around 20p – but are now recovering towards 25p on the back of a Year End Trading Update

Universe Group – 2017 results, outlook “solid”… other than a “significant uncertainty”!

Published 410 days ago

Previously writing on point-of-sale, payment and loyalty systems group Universe (UNG), I concluded with the shares at 6.625p last month that they then still only at best for watchlists awaiting the company to more reassuringly announce. It is now “pleased to announce its audited results for the year ended 31 December 2017”, having “continued to advance as a business during 2017, with the production and roll out of our next generation electronic point of sale solution and payment terminal, Gempay 3”

Intercede – founder & CEO steps down… & how’s the balance sheet?

Published 423 days ago

I was initially bearish on “software and service company specialising in identity, credential management and secure mobility”, Intercede (IGP) in 2016 at above 60p and most recently last month at below 30p. Today it’s below 25p and a Directorate Change announcement…

Will anyone at Nomad FinnCap pay a penalty for its part in the massive Constellation AIM fraud?

Published 431 days ago

FinnCap likes to tell us that it is one of London's leading Nomad's. Okay lets overlook the Silverdell scandal where it insisted that it did nothing wrong as the company misled investors who then lost all their money but how about Constellation Healthcare? This may be off your radar as this company delisted from AIM in January 2017. But this is a massive scandal.

Alumasc – profit warning… & what it means for forecasts

Published 438 days ago

Trading Statement announcement from building products group Alumasc (ALU) was noted in Tom’s Bearcast today. What’s the detail and broker forecast response?...

Lighthouse Group – “pleased” with results & “well positioned”… but what of the valuation?

Published 458 days ago

Having last year concluded that shares in financial advisory group Lighthouse (LGT) could prove good value at 11.75p and that the valuation continued to look undemanding at circa 14p, I now update with them at 24p following what Chairman Richard Last emphasises as “an excellent set of results, driven entirely by organic growth and a particularly pleasing performance in the affinity business” and that “Lighthouse remain well positioned to deliver further growth”

Hardide – emphasises “positive” & “confident”, but when’s the jam to be delivered?

Published 459 days ago

Having risen above 2p in 2014 and then declined to commence 2017 at well below 1p, last year saw a recovery in shares in surface coating technology company Hardide (HDD). It’s now updated in conjunction with its AGM…

Intercede – argues “strategically important” contract award… though still how’s the balance sheet?

Published 466 days ago

Cybersecurity group Intercede (IGP) has announced a New Contract Award, which it emphasises “is a strategically important project that exploits many of the new technologies Intercede has developed over the last two years”...

Amino Technologies – full-year results emphasise “expects… sustainable profitable growth”, so why a share price decline?

Published 473 days ago

IP-based pay-TV services technologies company Amino (AMO) has announced results for its year ended 30th November 2017 and that “Amino has made a promising start to 2018… the board expects the company to deliver sustainable profitable growth in the coming year”. The shares have responded, er, more than 4% lower further below 200p. Hmmm…

Optibiotix - positive results on Sweetbiotix human taste studies... but we want more: we WILL get it soon BUY

Published 482 days ago

OptiBiotix Health (OPTI) has announced what it terms "successful" human taste studies in its SweetBiotix product development programmes. Okay this is all good, but this is not the big banana.

eServGlobal – having 'expected core business to achieve EBITDA breakeven in Q4 2017', a Trading Update…

Published 487 days ago

Previously writing on eServGlobal (ESG) in October it was following the recent pump…, with that announcement also including “we expect the core business to achieve EBITDA breakeven in the 4th quarter of 2017 as we continue the structural changes to the business”. There’s now a Core Business Trading Update

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Natch the deadwood press showers me with praise over today's Quindell News: pigs will fly first

Published 488 days ago

I start with today's personal triumph on Quindell (QPP). And it is a real personal triumph for me, not that the deadwood press or my critics will recognise that. I then cover Milestone (MSG) - Ho Ho Ho - Pets At Home (PETS), Joshua's fave store, N Brown (BWNG), Worldwide Blockchain (BLOC) and Velocity (VEL) another dog from the FinnCap kennel.

InnovaDerma – “confident in meeting market expectations for the current financial year”, so why an approaching 13% share price fall?

Published 494 days ago

InnovaDerma (IDP) “is pleased to provide a trading update for the six months ended 31 December 2017” - and it includes “the board remains confident in meeting market expectations for the current financial year and has much greater revenue visibility for the second half than in prior years”. So why an approaching 13% share price fall on the back of it, towards 230p?...

Robinson plc – 11:36am “Trading Statement” announcement. Uh Oh

Published 520 days ago

From plastic and paperboard packaging manufacturing company, Robinson (RBN) an intra-day, 11:36am, “Trading Statement” announcement. Uh oh…

STM Group – Gibraltar legal & regulatory issues, where now?

Published 533 days ago

I previously wrote on cross-border financial services provider STM Group (STM) in March with the shares around 35p – this following I having last year suggested that those looking for a small speculation could do a lot worse at 38.5p and subsequently updating HERE and HERE. The shares were above 50p last month until Director Declaration and Inspectors Appointment announcements…

Maintel Holdings – having “expected” second half of year gross margin recovery…

Published 536 days ago

Half-year results from systems integrator and managed services provider, Maintel (MAI) included “gross margin is expected to recover in the second half of the year following recent contract wins at an improved gross margin percentage”. There’s now a Trading Update from the company commencing that its “ICON cloud services have continued to grow strongly in the second half of 2017”. Sounds encouraging, but what about that margin?

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 10 questions for Telit,a zero or near zero in waiting

Published 546 days ago

After three profits warnings since August 7 and the forced departure of its founder and CEO, the Boston fraudster, Uzi Katz, Telit (TCM) is still not coming clean with us. Part of the blame for that must lie with its morally bankrupt Nomad FinnCap. And so I have 10 questions for it and offer up my probable answers since Telit does not do transparency.

Telit - 3 profits warnings in four months, Yosi Fait "cleared" of insider dealing now full time boss - sell

Published 549 days ago

Yosi Fait sold all his shares in Telit (TCM) AFTER it breached its banking covenants which as FD he must have known about as he must also have been aware that first half trading was way below forecast. But the company's new chairman has taken external legal guidance and said Yosi did nothing wrong and so has appointed him full time CEO. Well that's alright then. But there is yet another catastrophic profits warning ( as predicted) which begs the question of how great is debt now and will bank covenants be breached again?

Paragon Entertainment – “Trading Update” = Profit Warning, Broker updates

Published 564 days ago

“Trading Update” announcement yesterday from attractions design, production and fit-out company Paragon Entertainment (PEL) included news of project delays and increased costs – and house broker finnCap (them again) has downgraded forecasts…

Intercede – from “confidence that we will experience a strong second half” to “material” warning in 1 month… & why not until 1:58pm?

Published 566 days ago

A 5th October trading statement saw Intercede Group (IGP) Chairman & CEO Richard Parris conclude with “confidence that we will experience a strong second half to the financial year, notwithstanding likely budget difficulties in our traditionally large US government customer base”. Now another “Trading Update”?...

Elektron Technology – “Trading Statement” says ‘ahead of expectations’… but what are they?

Published 570 days ago

Having already risen from 7p as recently as May, shares in Elektron Technology (EKT) are currently smartly further higher towards 20p on the back of a “Trading Statement” including “the board now expects full year performance to be ahead of its previous expectations”. Sounds promising…

UPDATED: FCA launches probe into Telit - Sky! Telit says FCA has raised issues

Published 570 days ago

Maybe the regulators are not utterly useless after all. Sky is this morning reporting that the FCA has launched a formal probe into Telit (TCM). It is ouzo O'Clock round at the Sheriff of AIM Towers!

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Is this peak blockchain insanity - the strange case of On Line up 350%

Published 576 days ago

Shares in On Line (ONL) are - as I record - up c350%. Is this peak blockchain insanity or is Clem Chambers simply the greatest spoofer in the history of mankind? What happens next is the big question. Then I look at murky share dealings in Mkango Resources (MKA) by market abuser and serial fantasist Chris Oil. Does he not care about TR1 rules at all? Then it is onto Lombard Risk Management (LRM) where I have 2 more questions about its overdraft but a very big question about how the silky words of Phil "InterX" Crawford on July 19 tally with the utterly shite H1 results. Does Nomad Finncap of Telit (TCM) infamy care? I suspect it does not. I look again at BCA Marketplace (BCA)  - THE BIG SHORT - in light of recent macro data. It remains a stupendous short. I look at management greed and an impending placing to fund that at Arian Silver (AGQ) and then at the dire interims from System1 (SYS1) and profits alert from Attraqt (ATQT). It is the former which remains a stonking sell even after today's share price collapse. And I have a question or two for AIM dog Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO).

Telit: six reasons why the shares are still heading to 0p

Published 588 days ago

Having bottomed at 105p, shares in Internet of Things/blatant fraud Telit Communications (TCM) bounced to almost 200p but have now slid back to 157.5p. Here are six reasons why they are going to head sharply lower in the next three months and will in due course go to zero.

Renold – again “Trading Update” = Profit Warning

Published 591 days ago

Industrial chains and related power transmission products supplier Renold (RNO) has updated on trading including “the torque transmission division performed in-line with expectations. The Chain division delivered organic growth, but profitability was affected by machine break-downs at our Einbeck facility and by sustained increases in raw material costs”. Uh oh…

Universe Group – a roll-out commencement reassuring following interims? Er…

Published 591 days ago

Point of sale, payment and on-line loyalty systems group Universe (UNG) has announced it has commenced the roll-out of its new Gempay 3 payment solution to fuel forecourts – and the shares have responded more than 5% higher. So, good news following recent interim results concern?...

Exclusive: AIM Kills ZAI as a Nomad - the full story the LSE is desperate you do not hear

Published 592 days ago

At 5.45 PM yesterday Denzil Jenkins of the AIM Regulation team called Nomad ZAI. No-one answered so he left a message on its answerphone informing the Nomad that it was to lose its Nomad status at 6 PM that day and that its clients would be contracted at that time with the news. Jenkins followed this up with an email saying that ZAI could appeal but when you are going to lose all your clients what is the point? In fact the events of yesterday are just part of a story which shows AIM in a terrible light as a secretive and oppressive body covering its own failings with scapegoating and showing no regard for natural justice or any sense of fairness.

SRT Marine Systems – half year trading update, it was cash crunch ahoy

Published 593 days ago

Previously writing on maritime domain awareness systems company SRT Marine (SRT) I questioned OCEAN-SCAN satellite system decision conveniently timed re. cash position? There is now a six months ended 30th September trading update…

Telit - predictably dire bullshit earnings warning amid vague statements

Published 604 days ago

Yosi Fait the proven insider dealer who runs AIM Casino posterboy Telit (TCM) because Sam Smith's morally bankrupt Nomad FinnCap does not care if its client firms are run by criminals, has served up a bullshit heavy (bogus) profits warning.

Van Elle – argues first quarter “encouraging”, BUT…

Published 621 days ago

An update from Van Elle Holdings (VANL) ahead of its AGM today includes “trading in the first quarter of the financial year has been encouraging” and that the board “remains confident in its expectations for the current financial year as well as the long-term potential of the group”. Sounds encouraging…

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - I insult fat pig Sam Smith of FinnCap because she banks a monthly fee to act for an insider dealer

Published 625 days ago

Apparently I am not allowed to call Sam Smith of FinnCap a fat pig because she is female and women have "body image issues". Well, as an overweight male, I can say that we men can also have such issues. I won't therefore be sexist and discriminate. I insult Sam because her firm banks a big cheque every month for acting for a firm run by an insider dealer. Sam you take money to act for crooks, I insult you and being a woman won't you off the hook. Do you understand now, you morally bankrupt cow?  Elsewhere I look at: Providence Resources (PVR), Stratex (STI), Anglesey Mining (AYM), Interquest (ITQ) and Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR).   

TrakM8 talks shite - evil PR maestro Reg Hoare at it again

Published 627 days ago

I wonder if my pal Paul Scott, the UK's top share blogger, has headed up to the post industrial grim urban wastlelands of Coventry for the AGM and investor open day of TrakM8 (TRAK). As someone who grew up near there I would not wish such a fate on anyone let alone a sensitive soul like Paul. Anyhow if a day in the place that gave us "Living in a ghost town" is not bad enough he will also have to digest a trading statement crafted by evil PR genius and crony capitalist Reg Hoare which ...leave a lot to be desired in term transparency. I would expect nothing less.

Breaching banking Covenants - Telit and R4E - which firm did not break AIM rules & commit financial crime

Published 632 days ago

Yesterday shares in R4E (R4E) fell sharply after a profits warning and a warning that it may breach its covenants in the third quarter. I am a shareholder in R4E and happen to think the fall is way overdone, but that is for another time. I want to look at how it handled the covenant issue and what that tells you about the financial crime at Telit (TCM) - which morally bankrupt Nomad FinnCap is okay with.

Telit shares soar on pure hype - it is as if this was not a cash guzzling fraud, founded by a fraudster and run by an insider dealer

Published 632 days ago

Telit (TCM) shares zoomed by 30% yesterday back to 160p, almost the level before it emerged here that its founder and CEO Oozi Cats was in fact Uzi Katz, the Boston real estate fraudster and fugitive from US justice. The latest ramp is news that it might generate some sales from AT&T. Whoopie do.

New Bulletin Board Moron of the Week contest - sponsored by the AIM casino, the world's most successful growth market

Published 636 days ago

This week's Bulletin Board Moron contest is sponsored by the AIM Markets, the world's most successful growth market, now only slightly smaller than it was last year.

What exactly was the Telit Covenant Breach - this will determine how long CEO Yosi Fait should spend in jail

Published 639 days ago

Perhaps Sam Smith, CEO of Nomad FinnCap which appears happy for the CEO's of corporate clients to engage in industrial scale insider dealing, can help us with this problem? What exactly was the banking covenant Telit (TCM) breached on June 30th? The answer will help to determine how long the CEO Yosi Fait should spend in jail for his crimes. While Sam is about it...

A letter to Finncap CEO Sam Smith: are you a big supporter of insider dealing?

Published 640 days ago

Generally I would have thought that the CEO of one of London's biggest Nomads, Sam Smith of FinnCap, would have disapproved of insider dealing. It is, after all a criminal offence. But I am not so sure any more. After recent revelations at Telit (TCM) it seems Samantha does not think it is anything to worry about. I have dropped her a letter just to make sure and cc'd in the head of AIM Regulation, Mr Marcus Stuttard, as I am sure he and his colleagues the Oxymorons would like to know where Sam stands.

Robinson plc – interims talk of ‘recovering margins’ & “further growth”, so why are the shares slumping?

Published 640 days ago

Packaging company Robinson (RBN) has announced results for the first half of 2017, including “we do expect to see sufficient new business coming through in the second half to achieve growth in revenue for the year as a whole and we expect to continue to build the pipeline for further growth in 2018”. However, the shares are currently 6.5% lower, at 121.5p…

Optibiotix extends Sacco deal - another piece in the jigsaw: KEEP BUYING!

Published 641 days ago

Optibiotix (OPTI) has announced that it has extended the Europe wide supply agreement announced with Sacco in March to cover the USA and Rest of the World. The new deal grants Sacco an exclusive licence to manufacture and supply OptiBiotix's cholesterol and blood pressure reducing LPLDL® strain in the US and ROW, in return for 50% of the profit, with a guaranteed cost of manufacture and minimum sales price per kilogramme to secure against discounting.

Winner of the Telit Leather Man Macho Insider Dealer Yosi Fait caption contest announced

Published 642 days ago

We asked you for suitable captions for the picture below of the leather man who took over from the cowboy as CEO of the Telit (TCM) village people. I refer, of course, to insider dealer Yosi Fait. You offered numerous suggestions as you can see HERE but there can be only one winner and it is

Three critical days in June & 3 more in July - why acting CEO at Telit Yosi Fait must be fired NOW!

Published 643 days ago

Yesterday there were more revelations about Telit (TCM) which, as I noted, made the position of former FD now CEO Yosi Fait all the more tricky. Now I want to revisit three days in June and three in July - events then make Yosi's position utterly untenable and explain why he must be fired at once. He is guilty of either extreme and sackable levels of incompetence and of lying to shareholders and insider dealing or of just insider dealing. It is one or the other - there is no third way. So there is no way out for Telit, Yosi must be sacked at once.

New Bulletin Board Moron of the Week contest - sponsored by some scooter courier shop in Vietnam, #1 distributer for Telit

Published 643 days ago

As seen here, Telit's (TCM) distributers are a, um, diverse lot, including a distributer in Vietnam that appears to be a scooter courier firm. Which is nice, and thank you for sponsoring this week's Bulletin Board Moron search.

New revelations: Yosi Fait, Telit's new CEO & friend of the "IDF warrior" must go too

Published 644 days ago

Today's Sunday Times carries new shocking revelations about the shocking lack of corporate governance at AIM fraud du jour Telit (TCM) - surely now the former FD, now CEO Yosi Fait must follow his predecessor the Boston fraudster Oozi Cats/Uzi Katz and be resigned at once

Notes from Underground: Telit to the hand

Published 644 days ago

I had an oniine conversation with an FT reporter about the Telit affair over how the FT would rather credit some Italian newspaper than your obd't one stop source for free breaking news, expert analysis, and videos on AIM and LSE listed shares. They had to credit somebody given that the FT did not break the story themselves. How convenient for them. CityAM and other publications went with credititing nobody at all. The story broke itself!

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Oozi Cats and the FBI & why Telit could well be tits up within weeks

Published 646 days ago

The failure of the LSE to insist that hapless Nomad FinnCap forces Telit (TCM) to bring in a firm like KPMG to conduct a full forensic review will hurt it even more when this company goes tits up as I noted in a letter to Stock Exchange boss Donald Brydon earlier today HERE.  Two sources tell me that the FBI may have bad news for the Boston fraudster Oozi Cats and his Mrs as I explain in this podcast. But the meat of the podcast is explaining why Telit will go tits up and why that could be within six weeks. Enjoy.

SRT Marine Systems – order “for the world's biggest single deployment of AIS AtoN”. Wow… Or not…

Published 646 days ago

Following the postponement of a significant contract announced at the end of last month, SRT Marine Systems (SRT) has now announced an “AIS Aids to Navigation Contract”, including that “the order is for the world's biggest single deployment of AIS AtoN”. The world's biggest hey, sounds impressive!…

A letter to the chairman of the London Stock Exchange - why no independent review of the Telit fraud?

Published 646 days ago

You may remember that at the last AGM of the London Stock Exchange (LSE) its chairman,, Donald Brydon CBE, 'fessed up to being a ShareProphets reader and as we chatted afterwards he came over as a thoroughly decent man. But he has, yet again, been failed by his minions in their handling of the biggest AIM fraud of the year, so far, Telit (TCM). Lowly gofers such as the head of AIM Regulation, the fake Sheriff Mr Marcus Stuttad,  have allowed Telit to avoid any independent scrutiny of its accounts & business practices despite clear evidence of fraud. That has to change and maybe Brydon will push for that. I have sent him a letter.

Capital Drilling – half-year results include “broadened” uplift in activity, so why are the shares lower still?

Published 647 days ago

Drilling services company Capital Drilling (CAPD) has announced results for the first half of 2017, including that an initial uplift in activity has broadened with an improving outlook in industrial metals and capital markets activities support. Why then are the shares further lower, below 40p, having been above 60p earlier this year?...

The Love that Dare not Speak its email from FinnCap CEO Sam Smith

Published 648 days ago

On the morning of 15 August 2017 Sam Smith the curvaceous founder and CEO of Nomad FinnCap sent an email to all her crony capitalist pals across the City boasting about her new bestest friends. That was a mistake methinks. This is all a tad embarrassing as you can see below.

Telit - Oozi "resigned" the board the Boston fraudster appointed says no PLC fraud but FinnCap declines to agree

Published 650 days ago

Telit Communications (TCM) is spinning hard to suggest that all is well despite its founder, CEO and largest shareholder Oozi Cats being"resigned" today. It started by planting today's RNS in the ever pliant FT yesterday afternoon - the paper of record is now the mouthpiece for fraudsters wanting to spin a line. The timing of that FT plant now exposes the lies of today.  Now comes the formal statement and it does not wash at all and begs massive questions which are just not answered.

Telit Communications A Compelling Sell. Looks like Going Globo. Some Free Advice to the NOMAD.

Published 652 days ago

I promised last week to go in to the numerous inconsistencies in the numbers presented by Purplebricks (PURP) but that is going to have to wait as this week’s story has got to be Telit (TCM).

Telit - any chance of an update on the BAMES 16m Euro criminal investigation in Italy?

Published 654 days ago

You might have thought that the 1991 Boston Real Estate fraud was the only brush Telit Communications (TCM) boos Oozi Cats/ Uzi Katz had enjoyed with the law. Think again. Though there has been no RNS from Telit on the matter of the BAMES bankruptcy which saw 1400 Italians lose their jobs and a massive criminal investigation, perhaps it might give us an update now.

Memo to Telit's Nomad FinnCap - have you been following the African Potash tale? How big is your PI cover?

Published 655 days ago

By now the newly appointed Nomad to Telit Communications (TCM) that is to say FinnCap will be very much aware of the confusion about its CEO Oozi Cats whose real name is Uzi Katz and his Mrs, Ruth Veronique, and a couple of fellow Israelis with the same names and birthdays who took flight/skipped bail to avoid facing trial for real estate fraud in Boston in 1991. Natch this is all a big coincidence.

Breaking: Oozi Cats/Uzi Katz meeting with Nomad FinnCap within hours - if the Feds are looking for a fugitive

Published 656 days ago

Having been appointed as Nomad and broker to the highest profile AIM company of the week, Telit Communications (TCM) at 7.01 AM yesterday, Mr Stuart Andrews & Mr Richard Chambers of Finncap and their colleagues must be shitting briicks following today's quite stunning revelations earlier about Mr Oozi Cats/Uzi Katz, his Mrs Ruth and events in Boston 25 years ago. Or maybe it is just another couple holding Israeli passports with the same names and birthdays who were involved in multiple frauds?

Telit - as we often predicted this is the day the disaster unfolded, but can the CEO explain his £24m share sale?

Published 657 days ago

I am not sure if Neil Woodford had a big stake but Telit Communications (TCM) ticked all the other red flag boxes for AIM casino disasters waiting to happen. UK Investor Show attendees know that this has been high on the bear's hit list for a while. Today the train wreck happened and as I write, shares in what was the most shorted stock on the casino, are 39% down at 156p. But a £199 million market cap is still a rum and coke. The shares could be 20p and I still would not buy. Pro tem I count this as another big win for the Sheriff of AIM.

Transense Technologies – argues “ahead of expectations”, but on a closer look…

Published 662 days ago

Shares in Transense Technologies (TRT) are currently retaining their something of a recovery from an end of June “Glencore - Further Contract Win” announcement, following a trading update for the company's year ended 30th June 2017…

TrakM8– still burning cash & still promising jam tomorrow, this is just a bad business

Published 691 days ago

My contention, questioned by certain other well known share bloggers, is that TrakM8 (TRAK) is what Warren Buffett would define as a "bad company." That is not saying that it is a fraud. It is not, although it has told untruth's in RNS's and raised cash to buy some strange old businesses. It is bad because it just does not generate free cashflow. Paul Scott, PR crony capitalist Reg Hoare or the paid corporate shrills can bang on abourt earnings per share till the cows come home but earnings are a matter of opinion, cash is a matter of fact. Trakm8 yesterday published its, piss poor, results for the year ended 31 March 2017.

Amino Technologies – updates on trading “at record levels”, so why are the shares currently down?

Published 719 days ago

Shares in provider of digital TV and cloud products and services to network operators, Amino Technologies (AMO) have recovered strongly from an October 2015 profit warning, to recently above 200p. However, they are currently sliding back below this level on the back of a “Trading Update” announcement…

Photo-Me – updates on trading after UK photo ID regulation scare

Published 723 days ago

I previously commented on Photo-Me (PHTM) in January as the shares slid from above 170p to below 155p on UK photo ID regulation media comment. The company has now made a “Trading Update” announcement for its year ended 30th April…

Imaginatik – what’s with the radio silence?

Published 763 days ago

I previously updated on Imaginatik (IMTK) following results for its half year ended 30th September 2016. Those showed further underlying cash burn seeing cash to a low level, though noted recent improvement. However, I noted the company also stating it was now further “investing in our sales and marketing resources and technology suite”. Having released trading updates on 9th March 2016, 11th February 2015 and 14th April 2014, what about this year?...

Hayward Tyler – reports “continued good progress”, what about the February profit warning?

Published 774 days ago

Hayward Tyler (HAYT) has announced £3.7 million of new order wins, emphasising these “in addition to those already announced in March as evidence of our ability to convert our strong pipeline into order intake”. Hmmm, this follows a profit warning as recently as 20th February though…

Van Elle – profit warning less than 5 months after AIM IPO!

Published 795 days ago

Well that didn’t take long; 26th October 2016: “Van Elle (VANL), the geotechnical contractor offering a wide range of ground engineering techniques and services to customers in a variety of UK construction end markets, is pleased to announce the admission to trading on the AIM market”22nd March 2017: trading update including “delay and deferral of contracts”

7digital – completion of share placing, broker updates

Published 803 days ago

Following its 2016 results, digital music and radio services group 7digital (7DIG) has successfully placed 34,769,239 new shares at 6.5p to raise a gross approximately £2.26 million and house broker, finnCap, has updated on the company's manoeuvrings...

Flowtech Fluidpower – review as argues “successful fundraise of £10 million”

Published 807 days ago

Writing in January on fluid power products supplier Flowtech (FLO) with the shares just below 130p, I noted that there looked potentially interesting value, but also “c.£13 million” of net debt and a downward forecast trend which deterred. The company has now announced a “successful fundraise of £10 million at 120p per share”

STM Group – updates on “Budget Changes” as shares hit hard

Published 808 days ago

Having been above 50p, shares in cross-border financial services provider STM Group (STM) are currently down to around 35p on the back of the Budget including, what the company describes as, “significant charges and tax implications for some individuals considering taking out a ‘Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme’ transfer from a UK pension scheme

Crack out the ouzo, 100% vindication as TrakM8 bailout placing gets underway, investor misinformation confirmed

Published 814 days ago

This morning, after a series of profits warnings, AIM uber dog TrakM8 (TRAK) has announced that there is a bookbuild underway on a £1.66 million bailout placing at just 65p. The shares are now 67p bid so you'd be a moron to participate but conversations are being had between institutional morons and hapless broker FinnCap right now, not withstanding the fact that today's statement lays bare the Nov 28 interim statement as 100% misleading.

BATM – March 2017 announcement of “delay in revenue” (& profit warning) for 2016!?!...

Published 814 days ago

Earlier this week, BATM Advanced Communications (BVC) announced “an update on trading for the year ended 31 December 2016”. This includes notice of “certain expected revenue streams falling outside of the period”. And this hasn’t been announced until March 2017?!?...

Premaitha - More Good News: BUY

Published 817 days ago

We have a new share tip out at 2PM today but here is one which has not dazzled yet. We tipped it an an 18p offer, the shares are now 11.75p-12.5p but we hope readers took our advice and averaged down at as low as 7.5p But the stock is now on a roll and is still cheap. You can catch our new hot tip for just £5 HERE but pro tem back to Premaitha (NIPT).

TrakM8 - Another disastrous profits warning: how close is it to breaching bank covenants?

Published 824 days ago

All the shit I got when I warned y'all repeatedly what a crap company TrakM8 (TRAK) is almost seems worth it now after yet another awful profits warning. No doubt share blogger Paul Scott, crony capitalist PR Man Reg Hoare and uber-bullish analyst Lorne Daniel of Finncap have already ordered that crates of ouzo be sent to me at once as my top analysis is vindicated again. It is what this warning does not say that should terrify you. Things will get worse.

Premaitha at 10.6p worth 18p says FinnCap - new research note

Published 825 days ago

The fragrant Alice Lane, a foxy young brokerette who apparently I once reduced to tears by being so beastly, is this morning disseminating the latest FinnCap note on Premaitha (NIPT) to clients. Since it is bullish I am happy to make it up to Alice by exposing this high quality research to a wider audience, especially since we own more than a few shares. By way of balance i should say that FinnCap is house broker and therefore utterly partial and you can feel free to ignore every word of this report.

Spunk the Mon(k)ey - TrakM8 disaster acquisition exposed - told y'all

Published 864 days ago

It is my birthday today and the TrakM8(TRAK) supporters club of top blogger Paul Scott, crony capitalist PR man Reg Hoare and tech analyst Lorne Daniel of FinnCap need each to order a bottle of ouzo to send me with a note saying "you were right - you is da king". Subsidiary accounts for Route Monkey have finally emerged and are truly diabolical just as I predicted to hoots of derision from the supporters club.

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: TrakM8 - disastrous interims, profits crash, cashburn horrific - 100% vindicated

Published 909 days ago

"Lorne Daniel at FinnCap, PR man Reg Hoare, Nomad Ed Frisby, Broker Joanna Scott, Edison Research, Proactive Investors we have beaten them all, we have beaten them all!. Paul Scott can you hear me? Paul Scott ... your boys took a hell of a beating! Your boys took a hell of a beating!" Yes The Sheriff of AIM is again 100% vindicated and it is ouzo o'clock already thanks to dog TrakM8 (TRAK)! But where next for the shares? All is discussed in full in this bonus podcast.

Best of the Best – ‘ahead of expectations’ trading update, but a buy?

Published 933 days ago

Shares in provider of competitions to win luxury cars online and at retail locations, Best of the Best (BOTB) currently trade more than 8% higher, at 230p, on the back of a “Trading Update” announcement including “trading for the six months ended 31 October 2016 has been strong with profits before tax generated ahead of management expectations”

The 2016 AIM Awards - Crony Capitalists spunk £750,000 of your cash - winners announced

Published 953 days ago

BBC presenter Sophie Raworth, picked up £10,000 for hosting the 2016 AIM Awards. Heck since this whole £750,000 event is ultimately funded by investors in AIM Casino stocks I am sure you won't begrudge her trousering some of YOUR cash. Anyhow here are the winners from the lavish 2016 ceremony:

Expose: How Jason Drummond & Teathers blew £10,500 of shareholders cash on a "shooting day" at "Downton Abbey"

Published 964 days ago

Pretty soon we will hear the full awful details of the realisable assets at Teathers Financial (TEA) and I fear that we must brace ourselves that it will not be good. The word on the street is that the number could be as low as £100,000. So where did all the money go? This will horrify you.

Optibiotix: sole broker, warrants, de-merger, share price

Published 965 days ago

We have been asked a few questions about Optibiotix (OPTI), none wildly important and so let's wrap them up into one article, in Q&A format.

Lombard Risk Management raises £8 million at 8.75p - Phil Crawford pisses on private investors

Published 1073 days ago

This morning Lombard Risk Management (LRM) announced an £8 million bailout placing and open offer at 8.75p - news which reveals to all the utter contempt with which chairman Phil "interX" Crawford treats shareholders. Crawford is still refusing to explain why he left Oracle in a hurry, and his presence - at a cost of £400,000 last year - makes this stock toxic, at 8.75p.

Premaitha at 8.6p worth 20p says FinnCap in initiation note

Published 1084 days ago

Finncap is joint broker to Premaitha (NIPT) so is clearly biased. We own shed loads of the shares so are we. So feel free to ignore it all but here is FinnCap's pretty detailed initiation of coverage note.

eServGlobal – claims “significant contract”, but guidance only maintained; PLACING AHOY!

Published 1129 days ago

eServGlobal (ESG) has announced what it immediately claims as “a significant contract to supply its PayMobile software”. However, despite approximately €2.5 million of the €6 million contract value to be recognised in the company’s current year to 31st October, it only “maintains” financial guidance. Hmmm…

Corero appoints new nomad & broker - that means placing imminent: sell

Published 1131 days ago

Corero (CNS) had, in Finncap, an existing Nomad and broker who the City thinks are acceptable although I regard them as complete & utter bastards. But I am even more scathing about Quindell's pals at Cenkos and today Corero (CNS) has appointed those mothers as its new Nomad and broker, 24 hours ahead of its results.

Premaitha – does the company need to sack its PR too?

Published 1133 days ago

This is an utter shambles from AIM-listed Premaitha (NIPT). If you are going to go to the trouble and (shareholders’) expense of putting out an RNS to highlight some paid-for ramping research by Hardman, at least get the bloody RNS right! Tom Winnifrith has already had a furious rant that the company’s Broker, finnCap, should be sacked. Is the same true of the PR genii behind today’s abject efforts?

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 14 April: Dancing on the graves of Ruspetro & Gulf Keystone

Published 1137 days ago

Lucian will be here soon so I thought Id better record ahead of our trip to the Conservative Club with its tempting cheap beer. On the agenda I fail to mention that Finncap are complete and utter bastards but they are. I do, however, cover Ruspetro (RPO), Gulf Keystone (GKP), SeaEnergy (SEA), Rose Petroleum (ROSE), Sierra Rutile (SRX), Burberry (BRBY), Mothercare (MTC), a couple of Paul Scott jokes - please do not tell me he has any friends in the Mothercare management community that he thinks I may be offending - as well as a word or two on Challenger Acquisitions (CHAL) 

Premaitha - all sorts of fun and games: buy

Published 1137 days ago

The shares of Premaitha (NIPT) have been all over the shop since what was a cracking year end trading statement on Monday. The reason is the cackhanded disposal of Rupert Lywood's remaining 17.9% stake. We thought he was locked in following his last dump on 9 March and a statement signed off by broker Finncap. Weasel words. His shares were placed by Finncap at just 6.5p with directors taking some and solid institutions Helium, Henderson and Hargreave Hale taking the rest. The overhang is now gone but boy has it crushed the shares. Without Lywood's "assistance" since last summer we think the shares would be 20p today. But he is now out of the picture.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 13 April - Cheap boozing with Lucian Miers at the Conservative Club

Published 1137 days ago

Have I mentioned that Finncap are complete and utter bastards? If I forget to do so in this bearcast please refer to my FinnCap and Wandisco special earlier HERE. Lucian is popping over tomorrow but I shall try to record a sober bearcast before he arrives. On today's podcast I look at Fastjet (FJET), Strat Aero (AERO), Premier Foods (PFD), Hellenic Carriers (HCL) and Outsourcery (OUT), the demise of which will certainly be an ouzo o'clock moment.

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast - Finncap Bastards trumped by pig bastards from Wandisco - annual report out

Published 1138 days ago

If you have not listened to yesterday's bearcast on why FinnCap are complete and utter bastards get the rabbi, local vicar, Imam and your mother-in-law round and listen now. I have more on Finncap and explain why I don't want to go to its Christmas party today. But the meat of this podcast is on Wandisco (WAND) whose annual report is out and shows the board to be not only running a trainwreck but greedy pig complete and utter bastards of the highest order. So obscene is their swinery it merits almost a bearcast to itself.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 12 April - I view broker Finncap as complete & utter bastards

Published 1139 days ago

This concerns Premaitha (NIPT) where I feel misled and explain why I regard brokers Finncap as complete and utter bastards. Premaitha shares are a buy but it should sack Finncap now. I then move onto Gulf Keystone (GKP), Bacanora (BCN), Rare Earth Minerals (REM) and the pig Lenigas, Mariana Resources (MARL), Goldstone Resources (GRL) and Falkland Island Holdings (FKL) a company that has never recovered from being tipped by another complete and utter bastard, the uber-talentless Richard "Gollum" Gill. I am in a bad mood today and this podcast contains lots of bad langauge.

Ascent Resources – RNSs with no Nomad sign-off?

Published 1142 days ago

In the midst of the takeover approach by Cadogan (CAD) which fell by the wayside, AIM-listed Ascent Resources (AST) was changing Nomad from finnCap to Stockdale (the former Westhouse). But a couple of RNSs slipped through which did not bear the name of either as Nomad. One wonders why.

Premaitha - it is all happening - share weakness explained

Published 1171 days ago

Tom Winnifrith was an insider which restricted him from explaining why shares in Premaitha (NIPT) have been weak of late. Now you can see. The company's largest shareholder Rupert Lywood is a total 100% prat

Hand over £40 a month to get crap research from brokers ramping Corporate stocks - bargain!

Published 1176 days ago

Words fail me. You want a sure fire way to lose money then welcome to a new service launched by former City analyst Rob Mundy, Research Tree. It is in every way, shape or form an abomination which deserves to die at birth.

Now you can co invest with institutions in ShoreCap, FinnCap, Arden placings - why not?

Published 1179 days ago

Now this is starting to get interesting. PrimaryBid which we have backed since its launch has now got three decent AIM brokers as investors and as of now when they do placings for clients, PerimaryBid customers will be able to participate. This means getting into GOOD placings from half decent brokers acting for decent companies and this is revolutionary. I am already signed up as a client, if you are not sign up - its free - now HERE.

Stanley Gibbons - where to start?

Published 1186 days ago

We start with an apology - this has been an awful share tip. If only we were Wildes or Bulletin Board Morons and got every tip 100% right. But we are human. So apologise. Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has announced that it “now believes that for the year to 31 March 2016 the group will report an adjusted loss before tax of between £1 million and £2 million”, that it“is in the process of raising approximately £10 million of new equity” and the appointments of a new nominated adviser & broker (finnCap) and new auditor (BDO). Hmmm.

Wandisco - utterly disastrous trading statement, when's bankruptcy?

Published 1201 days ago

AIM Death list member Wandisco (WAND) has released, what can only be described as, an utterly disastrous trading statement at every level. All the money's nearly gone and there must be a very real danger that it is tits up time soon. 

The TrakM8 much of a crap deal was Route Monkey? A source comes forward

Published 1219 days ago

Paul Scott's beloved TrakM8 (TRAK) would like you to think that its latest purchase, Route Monkey, was a prize jewel it was lucky to pick up. Au contraire. Its a dog and has been for sale for at least 20 months...finally it found a buyer in TrakM8. Now one potential purchaser who "kicked the tyres" has been in touch. He says. 

TrakM8 - Crazy valuation & bonkers acquisition pre Christmas - one to short

Published 1222 days ago

On 21st December - as all normal folks were not watching - much ramped AIM casino telematics play TrakM8 (TRAK) announced the £9.1 million purchase of Route Monkey Holdings, a transaction which is nonsensical - if one bothers reading Monkey's 2014 accounts - but given that Trak's own shares are ludicrously overvalued who really cares?

Day 1 of the 2016 Trading Year, Kill No 1 for the Sheriff of AIM - Touchstone Gold

Published 1238 days ago

Readers of this website were repeatedly warned that AIM Casino listed Touchstone Gold (TGL) was a POS ahead of its July 1 2015 suspension. Today the company has been formally booted off the casino in a statement which shows what a total shambles this enterprise was. The curst of Steve Berry lasted well after his "departure"

K3 Business Technology – share tip of the year update, where now?

Published 1298 days ago

Towards the end of last year, I wrote that my first tip of the year for 2015 was K3 Business Technology (KBT) at a 225p offer price (for my most recent updates on my other two see HERE and HERE), with I concluding that I sensed that 2015 is the year when everything really falls into place at K3 – see HERE. I now update with the shares currently at around 350p…

Geong – all over bar the shouting

Published 1306 days ago

In what is clearly a sign that AIM-China Filthy Forty play Geong (GNG) is headed from its cell on Death Row to the execution chamber, it has been announced that it has been deleted from the FTSE AIM All-Share Index effective Friday 30 October.

Buy Lighthouse at a 9.5p offer

Published 1330 days ago

Investment Case: Shares in UK financial adviser Lighthouse Group plc (LGT) are only now returning to levels of 2011 with its industry having faced a period of unprecedented change in recent years from the likes of the Retail Distribution Review. However, resulting challenges look to now be giving way to opportunities – and though the share price has already risen strongly this year, to a current 9.5p offer, there looks decent growth and income upside still to come.

Horizonte Placing – WTF – was its last announcement, er.. True?

Published 1332 days ago

Did Horizonte Minerals (HZM) tell the truth to investors on 28 September? At best it misled them. Will Nomad Finncap resign in disgust? Is the Pope a spiritual leader of  ISIS?

Geong, Geong GONE! - Another China fraud goes onto AIM casino Death Row

Published 1334 days ago

Oh dear. It could not get its accounts out on tme - given that they were total fiction that would have been hard - and at 4.05 PM today, shares in Geong (GNG) were suspended as Nomad and broker Finncap quit with immediate effect. I've wanted to use the phrase Geong, geong gone! in a headline for years and now I can. If no Nomad signs up for reputational hara-kiri within a month Geong will be booted off AIM. Pro tem it goes onto the casino death row. Boy the cells there are getting crowded.

Vmoto – another China AIM car crash underway? Or should that be scooter crash?

Published 1343 days ago

Oh dear. It is another dismal day for those invested in the Filthy Forty China Aim stocks with shares in Vmoto (VMT) suspended on the casino after a most bizarre statement. Let’s look at the timeline of what has – to date – been one of the star performing China AIM plays one of only three showing gains since IPO. Make that two now.

IS Solutions - bullish trading update confirms another winning share tip, shares still cheap

Published 1359 days ago

Noting a little changed share price in 2015 despite continuing positive progress, we tipped shares in IS Solutions (ISL) on our Nifty Fifty website at a 56p offer price in May.  They had since been little changed, but a trading update has now changed that – with they currently approaching 35% higher on its back at 69p-71p. So far so good...

ShareProphets Filthy Forty: Geong for a song (and what about AIM Rule 26?)

Published 1368 days ago

Out of the AIM-China companies we have identified as the ShareProphets Filthy Forty, ten have already left the Casino. The rest are starting to form an orderly queue, with three more exits on the way. Two are the result of Nomad resignations, but Jersey-registered Geong International Limited (GNG) seems to have opted for the derisory take-over offer method. Having listed all the way back in June 2006 at 30p a share, and never having paid a dividend, Geong announced on Monday that it was in talks regarding an all-cash 5p a share offer.

Vmoto - Another Chinese Company on the AIM Casino: Should We Worry?

Published 1405 days ago

Vmoto (VMT), is a manufacturing and distribution group specialising in high quality "green" electric powered scooters which was brought to AIM on 9th November 2012, by finnCap (Company Nominated Adviser and Broker). After raising £1.6 million by selling 121,075,002 new ordinary shares at 1.3p pence.

SCISYS plc – Savage forecast reductions, but house broker remains confident (ho, ho)

Published 1444 days ago

With shares in SCISYS plc (SSY) falling (from above 80p to sub 60p, giving a current market cap of £17.3 million) on the back of an announcement that it expects “a substantial short fall in profits for 2015 compared to the guidance issued in March” (see HERE), its house broker has sought to reassure on “a singular issue, fully provided, and measures have been taken to avoid recurrence”. However, the forecast reductions are savage…

Video: UK Investor Show Tech session with Paul Kavanagh, Lorne Daniel, Jason Drummond, John Wisbey, Marcus Hanke, Stephen Streater

Published 1490 days ago

The main stage tech session at UK Investor Show 2015 was hosted by my old pal Paul Kavanagh. On the panel were Jason Drummond (Teathers Financial), Marcus Hanke (1Spatial), John Wisbey (Lombard Risk), Stephen Streater (Forbidden Technology) and Lorne Daniel, a star analyst from FinnCap. The video below captures the whole session.

K3 - solid trading update, on track - 35% more share price upside on this tip

Published 1582 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has updated on trading in the first half of its year to 30th June “in line with management expectations, supported by an increase in sales of approximately 20% against the same period last year”

Steve Moore's share tips of the year 2015 - No 1 K3 Business Technology

Published 1612 days ago

Having recently re-capped on my 2014 selections HERE, it is now time to repeat the exercise for 2015 and so here is my first tip of the year…cue drumroll

Amino - cracking Trading Statement ( a cracking share tip)

Published 1633 days ago

Technology enabling digital programming and interactivity over IP networks-focused Amino (AMO) has updated that“profit before tax for the year ended 30 November 2014 is expected to be above market expectations” on the back of a return to revenue growth in the second half.  Good news for those who followed our tip of just a few weeks ago – we are massively ahead already.

The AIM Awards dinner, Cannacord, Equities First and the stench grows by the day

Published 1652 days ago

Each year a sell-out dinner takes place attended by over 1300 AIM company directors, Nomads, brokers, accountants, lawyers, analysts, people from the financial PR and investor relations industries and the media. It is the largest AIM gathering in the City calendar, according to the AIM AWARDS website, . Lots of mutual back-slapping goes on as they ‘celebrate outstanding achievement on the world’s most successful growth market’.

Idox plc – full-year trading statement sees guidance maintained, but is it reassuring enough?

Published 1654 days ago

Idox plc (IDOX) has updated that results for its year ended 31st October 2014 “will be in line with market expectations, with revenues 6% higher on last year” and that it “has made good progress across its businesses, allowing it to maintain its forward guidance”. The following updates after I, early this year, identified the shares as a possible small recovery punt as they were recovering from around the 30p level.

Amino is already a winning tip from Steve & I but there is still c40% upside

Published 1672 days ago

Young Steve Moore and I tipped Amino at an 82p offer on our Nifty Fifty website on October 15 2014 - the shares are now 95p to 96p. You see we can write BUY share tips and when we do we are good at it! But there is still upside. We reckon fair value for the shares is 133p and here’s why.

Netcall plc – annual results enough for me to change cautious stance on the shares?

Published 1703 days ago

Customer engagement software company Netcall (NET) has announced a sixth consecutive year of earnings growth in the 12 months to 30th June 2014. However, having considered that there looked to be little on offer in the shares from a value perspective earlier this year (see HERE), is there enough in the results to suggest otherwise?

eg solutions – positive interims, but already in the share price?

Published 1710 days ago

AIM listed, Back office workforce optimisation software company, eg solutions (EGS) has announced results for the six months ended 31st July 2014 and that “trading in the two months since the half year end has continued to be positive and the company remains confident of achieving market expectations for the full year”. Is this though discounted in a share price now approaching 80p having been sub 55p as recently as last month?

K3 – Very Good Finals – still share price upside at 214p

Published 1712 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has announced results for its year ended 30th June 2014 and that “with a strong pipeline of opportunities ahead, supported by a stable and profitable underlying business, the outlook for K3 is particularly encouraging”. Good news! 

eg solutions – highly positive first half, should we buy the shares?

Published 1739 days ago

Shares in back office-optimisation software company eg solutions (EGS) currently trade approaching 30% higher today, at 70p, on the back of an announcement of “a material new contract with an existing client” and “strong momentum in trading”, which see that it now “expects to report financial performance for the full year to 31 January 2015 ahead of current market expectations”. Following the rapid share price  rise yesterday, what is the value situation here?

Kefi at 1.6p worth 5.6p?

Published 1795 days ago

Analyst Mark Heyhoe at brokers FinnCap seems to reckon that Kefi Minerals (KEFI) could be the small cap gold play to back as it aims to start producing within two years. He reckons that the shares, now 1.6p, are worth 5.6p.

Netcall plc - full-year trading update, share price now up with events?

Published 2138 days ago

AIM-listed customer engagement software provider Netcall (NET) – whose customers include more than 65% of the NHS Acute Health Trusts, major telecoms operators such as BT and Cable & Wireless and the likes of Lloyds TSB, Odeon, Orange, Prudential and Thames Water – has announced it performed well in the second half of its year ended 30th June “and the board anticipates full year results will show a significant increase in both revenue and adjusted EBITDA, with the latter being comfortably in line with market expectations”. However, is the share price now up with events? ...

Horizonte Minerals Araguaia Nickel Project update – broker comment

Published 2195 days ago

Horizonte Minerals (HZM) has served up an update on its Araguaia nickel project. The shares have not responded much and trade at 7.625p. But brokers seem enthused.

Silverdell - a company (and share price) being re-commissioned'?

Published 2235 days ago

Shares in AIM-listed remediation, decommissioning and consulting company Silverdell (SID) traded at more than 130p before a May 2008 interim results statement which saw the company report an operating loss due to contract delays and the undertaking of low margin work. This sparked a massive decline which would see the shares hit 5.7p in March 2009 and still trade at just 8.25p in May of last year.


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