With Emerging Markets Currently Emerging, Take a Look at One of My Favourite Shares.

Published 7 days ago

Hello, Share Pilers. Even though you must be making dollops of money from shares, given the perky Footsie, some of you are still scrimping a few quid a month, by avoiding a life-saving subscription to this magnificent website. That makes no sense, as it will help you avoid making slips which could put you back to square one again.

Blighty is Losing the Fight Against Most of the World. But that Doesn't Matter.

Published 9 days ago

Hello Share Chewers. If your portfolio is anything like mine, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. All those years of waiting for things to really pick up, after the crash of 2008, are at last bearing fruit. The Footsie has been breaking records for days now. And, if you’ve wisely spread your eggs around loads of baskets, you will be well up. 

Even More Reasons Why You Might Carry on Buying Shares in 2018

Published 16 days ago

Hello, Share Screamers. I just want to strike one more encouraging note for armchair tycoons like ourselves, before we all settle down to a new year of trading profitably. There are more doom and gloomsters at large than bulls like me. And no wonder with PE’s high and the Footsie breaking new records. But there are reasons for the long-running buying spree and to always worry about a crash is not to take advantage of an established trend.

Keep Professor Stacey's Dashing Dozen of New Year Resolutions - and your Share Bag Could Prosper.

Published 23 days ago

Hello, Share Swipers. New Year resolutions are more important to share shifters like us than most people. They can safeguard our lolly and help us grab more. But financial resolutions are harder to keep because they’re attacked by the destructive impulses of fear and greed.

Why the Santa Rally Is Working Yet Again.

Published 37 days ago

Hello, Share Charmers. As so often happens, the Santa Rally is picking up speed. Let’s look at how it works and why it might not be a good idea to sell shares in the last few days to Christmas Day - and perhaps for the first few trading days afterwards.


And a Nightingale Sang In Berkeley's Share

Published 40 days ago

Hello, Share Crunchers. As my mum and dad told me to be a modest chap, I rarely blow my own trumpet on this hallowed website. However, when my critics derided a previous tip, it has to be recorded when said recommendation goes on to rise like a rocket.

Compass Points the Way to Greater Growth, Especially in the USA

Published 49 days ago

Hello, Share Scramblers. We’ve all found to our cost that just because a company is big enough to be in the Footsie, doesn’t mean it’s any more immune than the rest from disaster. But some shares still seem more reliable than others.

Why You Can't Ignore the Magnificent Maths of Penny Shares.

Published 72 days ago

Hello, Share Purloiners. Some of you’ve been kind enough to thank me for penny share selections which have shot ahead this year. Like IQE (IQE) Creightons (CRL) and Communisis (CMS). This weekend, I thought I should explain why Penny shares can reward so well, if only because the maths is so enticing.

Headwinds of Debt, Inflation, Over-Valuations et al Could Be Cancelled Out by this Big Factor.

Published 79 days ago

Hello, Share Smashers. At the mo, there are some nasty threats to our shares prices. High consumer, corporate and national debt. Comparatively high PE ratios. Over-cooked company valuations, low wages, higher inflation and a bull market, past its sell-by date. But all those perils can be offset by the following massive factor…

As The Royal Bank Family Crowns Its One Year High, Recovery Should Reign Even Longer

Published 84 days ago

Hello Share Snackers. Once again, at the risk of irritating this website’s very good friend Wildrides, I turn to another British bank. Though it’s hated by many share shifters because of its ten year old wallow in the depths of despond, RBS (RBS) at last shows signs of a more permanent recovery.

The Punter's Return Points You in the Direction of Compass

Published 91 days ago

Hello Share Farmers. A share which I have held ever since Yorkshire Television was snapped up by Granada is Compass (CPG). This is the Footsie catering giant which Granada was absorbed into.

Dial into this Bruised Telecoms Giant and You may Ring Up a Ting-a-ling Profit

Published 97 days ago

Hello, Share Twangers. A share which has given me a lot of pain, though (thankfully) I don’t think I’ve recommended it to you very much, is a telecoms giant which has seen better days. In fact, under two years ago the shares touched a fiver. Nowadays, they are less than three quid. But analysts at Barclays have just repeated their fairly long-standing target of 450p, which would cancel a big chunk of my loss.

Be a Monarch of the Glen by Investing in a Share which may No longer Be a Stag at Bay

Published 101 days ago

Hello Share Swappers. This old punter is not a fan of mining shares. Apart from British Energy and the big British banks, mining has always been my biggest loser. Whereas, the related sector of oil has done me proud. Think BG and Dragon Oil, all big winners for ShareProphets members. But, nevertheless, my selection today is a big miner.

Sell in May and Go away and come back on St Ledger Day - how did that work in 2017

Published 126 days ago

It is an old stockmarket truism, just like "everything tipped by both Zak Mir and Justin the Clown will always go down". But while the latter truism bears the test of time, proving to be 100% accurate how did the former do in 2017?

A Word in Your Shell-Like - The Shares May Go Up on World Crises

Published 133 days ago

Hello, Share Splurgers. This seems a good moment to review Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA), that huge Footsie company upon which so many pensions, insurance giants and hedge funds rely. It also happens to represent my biggest shareholding. And that, silly me, is far in excess of my usual 10% of my bag allowed to any company. Holding more than a tenth of your assets in one firm is not a safe thing to do.

The Royal Bank May Regain Its Crown for Making Dosh for Shareholders

Published 168 days ago

Hello, Share Sippers. My Honkers Bonkers (HSBA) shares are rising nicely. But at much less than 800p, they are still way short of previous bests of 1200p. And that was so long ago that Shakespeare was still a lad.

Tips to Help Spot that Vital Moment when the Current Bull Market Turns into a Raging Bear.

Published 170 days ago

Hello, Share Bangers. There’s little doubt about it the good ship Shareland is entering very spooky waters. At any time now, the bull market will suddenly turn into a bear that will charge around the china shop. Mixed metaphors a speciality!

Crazy Times Call for Sensible Precautions - Keep Your Selling Finger Poised.

Published 212 days ago

Hello Share Pokers. If any more evidence was needed that we live in strange times it is this weekend’s news that the Bank of England was investigated by the Serious Fraud Office. I ask you!

The Footsie May Not Rise for much Longer - Get Ready to Sell

Published 219 days ago

Hello Share Cringers. As a BBC current affairs producer for nearly all my working life, I thought its 24-hour news service was doomed to failure. How wrong, in the light of recent events, I was.

Och Aye. That Scottish Bank's Shares May Rise, Now Some Obstacles are Under Control

Published 220 days ago

Hello Share Smirkers. Normally I favour Lloyds (LLOY) when commending banks to your further inspection. But progress on that bank’s share price has been hesitant on days when its rival RBS (RBS) motors ahead. Though of late, RBS has weakened too - a casualty of the political uncertainty which becomes even more uncertain as the days roll by.

Goody, Goody! How a Hung Parliament Should Be Brilliant for Most Share Owners

Published 224 days ago

Hello Share Pippers. That incorrigible pessimist Uncle Tom has argued on this starry website that the election result is dire for business. So we can expect our portfolios to lose value from now on? I think not. Here are my reasons why a hung parliament is actually good for business.

Don't Be Glum, Chum. When the Market Crashes You Can Still Taste the Jam

Published 254 days ago

Hello Share Pinkers. As the markets are closed, I thought I might do a weekend piece to encourage you to carry on trading once the doors open again. We are constantly reminded on this legendary website that shares are overvalued and about to crumble. I don’t doubt it, though I’m fairly convinced the bull run has some months to go yet.

Galloping Share Prices Put Top Pay Bosses in a Great Place to Save the Starving.

Published 266 days ago

Hello Share Crunchers. Uncle Tom has had a pop at my humble weekend piece, which warned against an immediate fall in share prices. I will reply in my Tuesday morning contribution. But meantime, as the markets are still boring closed, I would like to bring you a few figures about the wealth of some company bosses, fulled of course by galloping share prices

Yes, Shares Are Expensive, But Perhaps Not as Pricey as They're Gonna Be

Published 275 days ago

Everyone who attended this month’s UK Investor Show will be wondering whether to go into cash. Most analysts on the stage, as opposed to big cheeses supporting their own companies, were in a pessimistic mode. For example, that excellent commentator David Scott (Dr Doom) did a very scary presentation exclusively on the subject of forthcoming market disaster.

How the Snap Election Will Affect Your Share Prices

Published 278 days ago

Hello Share Pillagers. We all should have known something big was going to happen by the way shares were marked down heavily after the Easter break. On Easter Monday, when our stock market was closed, the US version was open. During that session, American shares rose by about 1%. That usually means British shares rise in tandem, but not this time.

Fancy an Investment in Chemicals, Brothers? Look Up Croda

Published 287 days ago

Hello Share Smashers. I can claim to be an expert in chemicals. Well, not really, though I hold a GCE in chemistry which shocked my old teacher when he saw the list of successful students. Which leads me to look at Croda (CRDA) - a chemicals company based within aping distance of my birth town, Doncaster.

Fancy Throwing Cash into Outer Space? This Share May Lift Off

Published 298 days ago

Hello Share Chasers. Every so often, I remind you of the potential of a British company which is higher than all other outfits in the Footsie. Though I am talking of high in the physical sense, rather than a matter of status.

Is National Grid Undervalued, As Power Prices Rise in the USA?

Published 301 days ago

Hello Share Finders. One of the more stable shares in my bag is becoming even more favourable to this old punter, given the current uncertainties of the world economy and that it has not really kept up with the rising Footsie.

How the Weak Oil Price Threatens the Footsie's Perky Progress

Published 308 days ago

Hello Share Twirlers. Though the Footsie has been striding ahead, it would have done far better if the oil price had behaved itself. We are not just talking oil shares, but the whole of the share economy. A weak oil price has a negative effect all round.

Could the Wall Street Crash Happen Again? And If so, Will it Come Soon?

Published 310 days ago

Hello Share Tusslers. The majority of private shareholders at the UK Investor Show at Westminster in a couple of weeks’ time will be sitting on huge gains over the year. They will be in a jollier mood than we’ve seen them in a long time.

IQE Is Still Worth a Look - and Still a Tasty Target for Take-Over.

Published 317 days ago

Hello Share Packers.  All of the shares I’ve brought to your attention have been making good ground. But then again nearly all shares have been flying on the coat-tails of a bullish Footsie.

Switch Your Focus from Tiddlers to Leviathens - But Not Any Old Leviathan

Published 324 days ago

Hello Share Swappers. We are now living in even scarier times than usual in Shareland. What with Brexit, Big Donald, a possible new cold war, inflation and growing world debt. We are also being frightened witless by the continuing shocking revelations by Uncle Tom and his top team of investigators. If I were running a shaky company, especially one on AIM, I would not be sleeping - ever.

Look at This Big Supply Firm Which Likes to Get Bigger

Published 354 days ago

Hello Share Scrapers. Already this week, I’ve brought to your notice DCC (DCC), a Footsie distribution giant. I’m so cheerful about the sector, I bring you another one which is also in the big 100 club.

Distribution: that's the Name of the Game for DCC - and the Shares May Rise

Published 355 days ago

Hello Share Tweakers. A company with expert fingers in many pies, but pies which often bring in the sheaves, is Footsie member DCC (DCC). Though I do hate firms whose titles are a bunch of initials - as it seems a wasted branding opportunity, but there we are.

The Great Divi Hunt Continues with Phoenix Group

Published 367 days ago

Hello Share Snafflers. Well, it seems the old Footsie has called a halt to its record-breaking run into ground-breaking highs. Does this surprise anyone? Of course not. What keeps on going up has to come down. So it’s possibly time to pause in our headlong rush to find shares which put on capital value. Let’s instead turn once again to an ever-important part of the armchair tycoon’s income - the dividend.

Why I think Shares Might Fly when Brexit Gets Closer

Published 368 days ago

Hello Share Skaters. When pushed by the respected blogger Bearfacts on this ground-breaking website this week, my finger was hovering over ‘sell’ buttons more than ‘buy’ switches in this rather scary month.

Can the Ebony Nectar Rocket the Footsie to Where It's Never Boldly Gone Before?

Published 383 days ago

The bulls among us are rejoicing at the beginning of the new year. But what’s causing the Footsie to beat its all-time highs? 

Start the New Year Right with the Six Top Resolutions for Bigger Profits.

Published 387 days ago

Hello Share Manglers. It’s that thrilling time of year when this old punter arrogantly chooses your New Year resolutions for you. And please make sure you heed them this time if you want (possibly) to make the most of your profits in 2017.

Do You Hold Shares with an American Connection? Watch Out for a Possible Donald Effect.

Published 390 days ago

Hello Share Tremblers.  As I hold many shares in British companies which do a lot of business in the USA, perhaps I should be getting cautious. Maybe I should beware the Trump effect in the New Year.

Your Shares Booming At Last? - Here's Why.

Published 395 days ago

Hello Share Squirters. The Footsie keeps on rising. Allowing for the usual Santa Rally, one wonders why? After all, as Uncle Tom keeps saying, the world is overloaded with debt and many big countries, like Italy, France and Spain, have shaky economies. There seems no obvious reason for shares to bloom.

All the Banks Are on the Move - But the Honkers Shares Could Take the Prize

Published 411 days ago

Hello Share Planners. You may have noticed all the UK banks have been rising over the last few days. This has happened even though the rest of the Footsie has been pretty stodgy. The reason, I think, is that Italian banks have become even more unreliable, and by unfair association, the banks of other Eurozone countries.

Why Galloping Ashtead is More than Another Brick in the Wall

Published 417 days ago

Hello Share Pickers. Perhaps my favourite Footsie share is Ashtead (AHT). It was only recently that I brought it to your attention again. But I've thought of a few more encouraging vibes that you might like to hear about.

Why Do I Keep Making these Stupid Gaffs, While Warning Others Not to?

Published 420 days ago

Hello Share Thrashers. Even an old-stager like myself can still make elementary mistakes when trying to make a living out of trading shares.

Talk Talk Share May Not Rise Rise

Published 425 days ago

Hello Share Twirlers. The broadband and phone company TalkTalk (TALK) is not a share I would buy at the moment. And that’s a pity because I think someone needs to break the dominance BT (BT.A) seems to have on the market. Strong competition has always kept fees for broadband from being extortionate, and we can’t afford a shrinking market.

Why Shares May Lead the Way in a Topsy Turvy World

Published 436 days ago

So far, the election of Big Donald has done the opposite of what many of us feared and the Dow has soared to new heights. If Trump does what he promised, or is it threatened, in his pre-vote speeches we can probably expect the Dow - and consequently the Footsie - to fall away again. Possibly heavily.

Robots Play Footsie with the Pound - and Share Shifters Like Us Reap the Benefit.

Published 471 days ago

Hello Share Grinders. The falling pound always seems like a disaster. And It is to holidaymakers and students who are studying broad, like my daughter at the moment. But there is no need to be glum if you are a shareholders. There’s no doubt in my mind that the current soaraway Footsie is because we have brilliant companies over here. Not!!

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Just how many red flags do Cloudtag morons need to see?

Published 474 days ago

This morning's article on Cloudtag (CTAG) should be yet another red flag and Lucian and I should served up one more soonish. Just how many red flags to the morons need to see? I ask this after a fellow asks me what he should do about his collapsing investment in TrakM8 (TRAK). Answer you should have listened to me when the shares were double today's price! I also look at Impact Holdings (IHUK) and then offer warnings about Blur (DOG), Rosslyn Data (RDT), Strat Aero (AERO) where, in all three cases, I'm sure it is placing ahoy and I explain why. And I look at why the Footsie is heading through 7,000 and where next.

Worried About Those German Banks? Probably There's No Need.

Published 478 days ago

Hello Share Spinners. Well, that was a dismal end to the week. All caused by problems with the German banks. It seems however fast the Footsie goes up, there is always another whammy waiting round the corner. But let’s not be too despondent. This could be another of those things the City does so well - the nine day wonder. Soon the German bank crisis will be forgotten and we should see our shares rising stoically once more. 

Thanks to Greed, Our Shares Should Continue to Blossom.

Published 520 days ago

Hello Share Masters. There is so much gloomy comment among the City ‘experts’ these days that I really think it’s reasonable to again put the other side. The Footsie continues to push towards all time highs, so it’s all too obvious that the market is not in step with the pundits. 

Travis Perkins Could Build Fast After its Big Brexit Bash

Published 524 days ago

Hello Share Tillers. There can be little doubt now that the Footsie will burst through the all-important 7,000 mark this week. But we still have the problem of what shares to pick, even in a tangible bull market like this. I almost said a 'healthy' bull market, but we all have to be cautious in these uncertain days.

Bull, Bull, Bull! This is Not A Load of Bull. The Rise of the Footsie Should Continue.

Published 527 days ago

All Right. I know I am in incurable bull. But it is an attitude which has served me well over the years. Enough to make a living out of trading shares, anyway. We are in a gradual bull market now. This surprises a lot of folk, because the Brexit vote was expected to hit business hard. And yet - and this puzzles me, too - the Footsie has not been as high as it is now for a long, long time. It’s now only a whisper off its all time high record 

Shares in Smaller Firms Still Suffering from the Brexit Vote Could Rally Soon.

Published 555 days ago

Hello Share Plasterers. Before the Brexit result, I opined that shares would topple, but then make a quick recovery. I didn’t realise then how the bounce back would be much more than a recovery. Shares reached an 11 month high. And yet the BBC continue to broadcast doom and gloom comments that the British economy is now in a perilous situation. The healthy Footsie belies that sort of talk.

Brexit Banged the Banks - But Here Are Reasons Why They Could Bounce Back

Published 559 days ago

Hello Share Scrummers. In my humble opinion, British banks are among the biggest bargains in Shareland at the mo. Though I was in two minds about foisting this opinion on you, as banks have a marvellous talent for letting us down. They’ve been doing that steadily since the big crashes of 2007 and 8. But I really do think the shares have been oversold since the result of the Brexit vote. They fell a heck of a lot. Without their failure, the Footsie which eventually rocketed on the decision to leave the EU, would have been near the elusive 7000 level by now.

Wales v. Portugal, a Flight of Frustration and a Quantum Cat

Published 564 days ago

Hello Share Mates. My flight was about two hours late getting into Cardiff Airport after my trip to Munich. Then the plane was held for about another hour because all the lights had gone out in the terminal due to a massive power cut. So I missed the big match between Wales, where I live, and Portugal where I don't. Consequently I'm penning this in the early hours of the morning. Worse still, in a few hours' time, I will be under the surgeon's knife.

No!, You Do Not Have Permission to Panic, Corporal Jones. Ref: Brexit

Published 576 days ago

Hello Share Flexers. Well, that was turn-up and no mistake. Did anyone really expect us to leave Europe? Certainly not the bookies.They are rarely wrong in political matters, but they were this time. The odds started out very favourably to Brexit punters, then shortened, but on the eve of the big vote, Paddy Power was offering 8 to 1 on for remaining and five to one against leaving. Boy did they get it wrong!

There he goes again, Malcolm blaming Brexit for everything - he is just plain wrong

Published 597 days ago

Last time it was the slowdown in house prices. Today it is the fact that UK equities are not rocketing that Malcolm Stacey is blaming on Brexit fears. His fellow Guardian reading Euro loons blame Brexit for slowing UK economic growth while Dodgy Dave blames it for an increased chance of World War Three. Maybe it is Brexit that is causing Cheryl Cole not to head out to the Greek Hovel for a night of passion with me?.Bloody Boris, you bastard: it is all your fault that I am not playing jiggy wiggy with the UK's leading chanteuse tonight.

Regus Shows the Way to the Office of the Future - Today

Published 606 days ago

Hello Share Punchers. Most of us have our larger holdings in Footsie giants. But you may want to follow my general policy of also having a bunch of lesser known companies in your bag. In my humble experience, it’s sometimes here where the fastest profit-gaining stocks are more likely to be found. Let’s have a look then at a firm which may have escaped your radar so far. It’s called Regus (RGU)  And actually, it’s not a small company at all, having a market cap of £2.72 billion. However, I’ve not featured it much before. But it is a nifty operator and perhaps I ought to have done.

Keep Grid Shares for a Reliable Divi in a Troubled Market.

Published 609 days ago

Hello Share Munchers. Ever since I began writing for this noble website, I’ve been supporting National Grid (NG.) And the case for buying the stock is even greater these days, in my humble opinion.Most of us shareholders who do it for a living are keener on reliable dividends than we might have been in the past. This is due to the alarming falls in share prices recently courtesy of uncertainty about China, Brazil and Europe.

Want the Security of Land Around You? - Take a Peek at Land Securities

Published 614 days ago

Hello Share Pushers. I don’t think I’ve looked at Land Securities (LAND) before, but it looks like a reasonable place to put one’s hard-earned. At least the epic code is easy to remember. It goes without saying that it’s a company which owns a lot of land. And as the UK population keeps on rising that’s a nifty asset to have.

The Firm that Launched 100 Ships May Cruise to Greater Glory.

Published 625 days ago

Hello Share Turners. It’s Carnival (CCL) time again. I’ve commended to you before the biggest leisure cruise company in the world. Let me update that view. Carnival is the face of British capitalism that launched 100 ships. That’s enough for 212,000 berths, or sleeping places as we non-nautical types like to say. It operates under a few famous names, including  P&O Cruises, Cunard, Swan and Princess. And it does cruises, well, all over the place.

It Could Be a Brave New World with Worldpay.

Published 634 days ago

Hello Share Swaddlers. I buy a lot of stuff on line, you buy a lot of stuff on line. We all do - and the trend is growing all over the world.There are many firms which can benefit from this upsurge and its not just the retailers and the delivery vans. There is a  fairly new company called Worldpay (WPG), which is already in the Footsie, but could have an even rosier future in the computer sales game.

Professor Stacey's Easter Lecture.

Published 668 days ago

Hello Easter Bunnies. Please take notes. While the stock markets take an undeserved breather at this daffodil time, it’s an opportunity to send you an encouraging message for the rest of 2016.But before that, chums, let’s not forget the true meaning of Easter - and it is not making more money. See you in church.

There's Hope in the Shire - and We're Not About Middle Earth.

Published 671 days ago

Hello Share Bottlers.  I stand by my belief for the six months or so that small and medium pharmaceutical concerns, and possibly the giants, too, are going to see higher profits over the next few years. It’s a question of growing demand from an ageing or obese population - and, in fact, both.

So All Our Shares Are Falling - So What?

Published 709 days ago

Hello Share Trundlers. Having just seen the new film ‘Dad’s Army’, I keep recalling the desperate question ‘Permission to panic. Captain?’ In the case of your share portfolio, I would say ’No’.

These Rather Posh Hotels May Bring a Late Christmas Present Your Way Next Month. Ref: Intercontinental Hotels.

Published 735 days ago

Hello Share Packers. Normally I stay clear of hotel firms. The main reason is that I can’t see much reason for people to be staying at British towns and cities for any good reason. I mean, you can understand people wanting to pay visits to London, Edinburgh or York, say. But where is the necessity to stay in Birkenhead, Scunthorpe or Milton Keynes? In fact, most places in the UK don’t deserve to be visited at all. (Write your complaints in the comments box.) TW Note: anywhere North of Kenilworth is on that list for starters. 

The Case of the Shiny Cigarette Case Suggests You Might Consider Johnson Matthey.

Published 738 days ago

I once met a chap who had a silver cigarette case. He’s not reading his Shareprophets carefully enough, I thought. Otherwise, his glittering cigarette case would be made of gold. 

Selfie Machines Are Turning Japanese for Bigger Profits Next Time Round. Ref Photome.

Published 744 days ago

Hello Share Buffs. Over the last few months you may have noticed that I’ve been putting your noses up against a few Footsie companies which are often ignored by the tipsters. They are all doing ok , if you strip out the slight falls nearly every company has suffered in the wake of this Chinese thingy

Carry on with Admiral and You May Avoid Stormy Waters.

Published 745 days ago

Hello Share Twizzlers. When the chance of quick gains from shares in Footsie giants becomes less likely, the smarter investor starts to eye up companies which pay reliable dividends. 

Don’t Let Those Big Market Jolts Get You Down. US Traders Are Playing Games.

Published 777 days ago

Once again the money markets behave in a totally balmy and yet predictable way.Towards the end of last week, the Dow suddenly fell like a super charged stone. British shares followed in their usual obsequious way.

It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas - and the usual Yule Share Boom.

Published 780 days ago

Hello Share Surfers. The old Footsie fell 2.5% on a day which began rather well. Why? Well, according to the media, the European Central Bank 'failed to deliver on market expectations for an increase in monthly asset purchases.’

Don’t Worry. A Greek Tragedy Will Not Be Staged. And Your Shares Will Soar.

Published 950 days ago

Hello Share Pluckers. As I’m pretty ignorant about the Greek tragedy, I leave the analysis to Tom and others who’re nearer the problem. But I think I might be able to add a very general view on what might happen now, based on a lifetime’s experience of big global threats to the world economy.

There Ain’t No Cure for the Summertime Blues.

Published 968 days ago

The Summertime Blues seems to have hit shares again. That old adage about going away in May is no longer true. But the fact remains that the old share game goes off the boil between June and August.

House Prices, Greece and UK Growth All Do Battle in the Latest Share Wars.

Published 969 days ago

Hello Share Munchers. Let’s have a look at the world economy and the British arm of it in particular. Knowing what is happening on the biggest scale helps us to make choices on the very smallest scale ie: which shares to buy or sell next.

As This Website Exposes Ever More Dirty Dealings, Here are Some Tips for Rank Beginners.

Published 982 days ago

There is a lot of heavy stuff on this smasherooni website at the moment. You may think you need a first in finance from the London School of Economics to make use of it.

No, It’s Not Eastenders – But Try Compass and Merlin.

Published 987 days ago

Hello Share Jigglers. It’s not easy to collect readers for my modest column at the mo. What with all the current excitement on this glittering website.

When Elephants Stomp North, the Mice Head South – But Not for Long.

Published 989 days ago

Hello Share Pootlers. It’s nearly always the same when the big companies put on a huge spurt, the penny shares suffer. Not all of them, of course, but there is a definite downward drag.

As Hanging Onto Thrashed Oilers Begins to Pay Off, Is It Time to Buy Even More?

Published 992 days ago

Hello Share Spikers. There are a lot of us still awash in oil shares. Remember that Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA)is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, companies on the biggest of all British share clubs, the Footsie.

Growth Figures Kick Our Shares – But Are they Reliable? Probably Not.

Published 998 days ago

The big city puts a lot of reliance put on growth figures. And it isn’t always justified. Britain’s growth, or GDP growth as it’s known, has knocked shares for six in the last few days. Though the latest figure shows that Blighty’s economy is still growing, it’s not moving up as quickly as shown last time.

Don’t Shirk the Sell Button as Penny Shares Face a Testing Time.

Published 1000 days ago

Hello Share Munchers. I’ve been getting a little bit nervous over the many penny shares I hold. Should I be waving bye, bye to some of my more risky stocks? Normally, I shrug off such spooky feelings, unless I have good reason to believe a penny dreadful is indeed dreadful.

Hello Again Taxi Drivers and Milkmen. How’ve You Been?

Published 1001 days ago

Howdy Share Seekers. When I first started writing for the newly-formed Sharecrazy website in 2000, the world and his wife were trading shares. I could not take a taxi ride without the driver expressing an opinion on his portfolio. The secretaries at work were swapping stock market ideas. The milkman had a pretty thick portfolio of stocks.

The Topping Tale of Three Health-Based Penny Shares- my battle with GREED.

Published 1003 days ago

Hello Share Dribblers. I’ve had rather a dispiriting week. We all get them from time to time, even when the Footsie holds up very well, as it does now.

Buying BG Means a Tasty Profit When the Shell Marriage Goes Through.

Published 1018 days ago

Hello Share Tweakers. The BG (BG.) takeover story started very well with a rise of 40% on the share price of a few days earlier. That was because Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA), one of the biggest companies in the Footsie, seek a juicy merger.

The True Meaning of Easter and a Cracking Eggs-tra Tip.

Published 1025 days ago

Hello Share Takers. First of all let's not forget the real meaning of Easter – and it's not to take advantage of the closed markets to review your portfolio.

Don't Worry Gang, Oil Will Be Well.

Published 1026 days ago

Hello share sharpers. I don't think I will be alone in saying that my share portfolio has been decimated by the falling oil price. This is because the Footsie is dominated by big oil shares – BP (BP.) BG (BG.) Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) et al.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 28March

Published 1031 days ago

In this podcast I start with the Footsie - er it is now at 6,855 what was that comrade Malcolm Stacey was saying about when 7,000 was breached shares had to rocket to the moon? Only asking. Then it is onto the sordid tale of Gate Ventures and its latest RNS (sorry for the poor taste Woody Allen gags) and Sorbic International.

Tom Winnifrith's Too Gloomy Again – There's Still Stacks of Time to Make Hay in the Share Sunshine.

Published 1036 days ago

Hello Share Mongers. While still on the ceiling at the marvellous news that the Footsie had finally sneaked through the all-time historic marker of 7,000, I listened to Tom's Saturday Bearcast HERE. He thinks the share world will soon meet its Waterloo.

Be Different when it comes to buying and selling shares

Published 1037 days ago

Ineffectual investors follow the herd. The crowd may be right some of the time, as they're all following the same obvious pointers to success. But if everybody is correct about a situation, and puts their mouth where everybody else's is, profits won't be worth hollering about. It's a bit like everyone being guided by current form to pick draws on a football coupon. If the chosen teams all draw, everyone wins the pools, but the cash prizes are laughable. It's only by being right when most folk are up the creek that you can ever hope to win enough for a private island, a Rolls Royce and a small jet.

The Footsie Breaks 7,000 - a Bearcast Special from Tom Winnifrith

Published 1038 days ago

Malcolm Stacey reckons today that I should apologise as the FTSE 100 breaks 7,000. I make no such apology. Some shares have gone up but a headline index can mislead and the reasons for the rally are not sustainable for reasons I explain here. Malcolm is wrong about how current PEs are justifiable and wrong not to be advising folks to bank gains. I look back to 2003 and to 1999 and look forward to 2016 and explain why Comrade Stacey is rash and unwise. A 1916 Wisden is a far better bet.

To Infinity and Beyond Now It’s an All-Time Record for Our Sun Shine Shares.

Published 1038 days ago

Hello Share Stabbers. We've all been waiting for so long that now it has happened I just can't believe it. The big Footsie index has finally broken through its very all-time record to reach above the fabled notch of 7000!

A Massive 300,000 New Jobs Spikes the Footsie. But How Stupid a Reason is that?

Published 1050 days ago

Hello Share Chums. The Footsie dived 40 or so points at the end of last week. This was a real pity.

Why Does the Media Fail to Report Good Share News?

Published 1052 days ago

Hello Share Smudgers. I get so fed up with the way the broadcasters treat share-shifters like us. I'm particularly critical of my old employers the BBC.

This Fabulous Website Hots Up, Your Honour – While the Money-Making Goes On.

Published 1053 days ago

Hello Share Students. There is some serious action currently transpiring on this legendary website. Tom is really in the thick of it – yes, even more than usual.

Play Your Cards Right – Raise the Ante with Oil and Mines.

Published 1057 days ago

Hello Share Stackers. I spent the weekend in a poker game with my old card school which has not convened since the year techno stocks crashed in 2000.

Take No Notice of the Share Pessimists – Even Experts on This Beautiful Website.

Published 1064 days ago

Hello Share Pals. Those good people who continue to say share prices are too high and destined for a nasty fall are just plain wrong. And yet they continue to attack the Footsie's stellar performance, even over the last few days on this very website.

That 15-Year-Old Footsie Record is Doomed – and When Now't Happens in Greece and Ukraine Your Shares will Zoom to Mars.

Published 1067 days ago

Hello Share Pushers. It's intensely annoying for us to see the Footsie repeatedly approach its all time high and then draw back. As I write this, the old target of around 6950 has still not been breached.

Made a Killing on the Fiery Footsie? Here’s What You Should Do Now.

Published 1078 days ago

Hello Share Plinkers. It's absolutely freezing around here. And there's an icy blast thrusting through this ancient house, which makes it even chillier.

The Joy of Notching Up New Record Highs.

Published 1081 days ago

Hello Share Codgers. Probably the best way to tell if your favourite shares are going to do even better in the future is when they burst through their 12-month highs.

The Footsie Flies Again – You Lucky People!

Published 1083 days ago

Hello Share Sweepers. As previously predicted by this old codger, the bull market is well and truly on track again. So far none of my detractors has acknowledged defeat, but when the old Footsie target of just short of 7,000 is breached, I expect some concessions on that front.

It's Great Being the Only Bull in Town

Published 1098 days ago

Hello Share Bashers. It's rather nice being the only bull around this strapping website. Because when the Footsie rockets through the old 6,900 barrier later this year, I won't have to share the credit for being right with anyone.

Why the Punter's Return Celebrates Tonight.

Published 1115 days ago

Hello Share Treaders. The year 2014 ended with the Footsie lower than it was at the start. How disappointing is that? Especially as we were always being told that the bull market was about to come crashing down.

I'm in the Money - with Great News on Ashtead Wednesday.!

Published 1138 days ago

Hello Share Tweakers. I am a happy bunny at the mo – despite a turbulent week on the stock market. This is because a blue chip I quite often thrust under your nose has beaten even my high expectations and has rattled up another 10%.

The Christmas Share Charge May Be Late – But the Sleigh is Revving Up

Published 1162 days ago

Hello Share Crunchers. Well, the Santa Rally – where shares pound ahead at Christmas time – has trundled away to a rather slow start. In fact, when tradition dictated that stocks would gallop ahead around Guy Fawkes night, the Footsie decided to be a damp squib.

The Footsie Ain't that Stodgy – and You Can Still Make a Killing.

Published 1164 days ago

Hello Share Peddlars. Trading shares is a funny old business. Sometimes, I am well up on my dealing activities. And at other times, I go around kicking the kids because the old stocks are, well, in the stocks.

All This Talk About a Share Melt-Down is Cobblers.

Published 1169 days ago

Hello Share Swirlers. There is the usual pessimistic mood infesting the great world of share trading. A dreary November doesn't help.

Corrections & Single Company Corrections

Published 1184 days ago

When the Footsie pushes against an old ceiling or breaks through to record heights, even optimists doubt this happy state will last more than another day or two. It hardly ever does. It is soon realised that equities have become oversold and the rot sets in.

Gallumping Giants Can Be Just as Shaky.

Published 1216 days ago

Just when I thought it was safe to get back into the Tesco  (TSCO) water, another big whammy hits the supermarket chain. The latest is, of course, a massive set-back.

You're All Making Me Nervous.

Published 1236 days ago

Hello Share Sharpers: The Footsie is doing so well that even I'm getting nervous. I've been saying for about six months now that UK shares are largely undervalued. A lot of very distinguished analysts, including Uncle Tom and others on this stupendous website take the opposite view.

Shares Will Beat the Old Footsie Record before Christmas – I Think.

Published 1238 days ago

Hello Share Shovellers: There is no let-up to the stream of anti-share sentiment on our beloved website. Everywhere I read doom and gloom pronouncements on the over-valuation of stocks in Blighty and indeed, the rest of the world. And yet the Footsie keeps on rising. Well, well, well what a surprise.

British Shares Overvalued? Do Me a Favour.

Published 1244 days ago

Hello Share Pickers: The bears among us outnumber the bulls. Everyone, it seems, expects shares to fall in value. One of the growling grizzlies' most pressing arguments is that American shares are over-valued. Well, so what? Don't buy them. And sell any that you have.

Exploit the Big Booze Binge with Diageo.

Published 1245 days ago

Hello Share Swingers: I live next door to a block of holiday flats. I'm amazed by the number of empty bottles they put out for recycling. Only two or three families knock back enough wine to fill the cellars of a big restaurant, as far as I can see.

Falling Unemployment is Just the Job for Putting Shares Back on Track.

Published 1256 days ago

Hello Share Trundlers: Government figures this week show once again that unemployment is down. Ok, the number of young people who have never worked still gives cause for concern, but the rest of us are finding new jobs.

Power to the People Giant Set to Energize Share Price.

Published 1266 days ago

Hello Share Pickers: Aggreko (AGK) has been a great share for me. But that was a few years ago. When the share price started to decay after a long healthy bull run, I dumped 'em. There is no loyalty in this black heart. Your best share in the whole wide world should be dropped when things start to go wrong. And they nearly always do, eventually.

Sell Some Shares for Rainy Days – But Not Yet.

Published 1269 days ago

Hello Share Pickers: As I continue to say, against growing opposition, the present decline in share values is a purely cyclical thing. It is based on a slackening off period as the big traders take their annual hols. There is also a lack of share boosting mergers and take-overs, as the Europe and the USA slumber in the summer sun. It takes a lot of hard work to embark on company couplings and such ventures are usually left till the hard-working Autumn.

As Bing Crosby Sang: ‘We're Going Well, We're Going Shell.’

Published 1270 days ago

Hello Share Snafflers: The latest trading update by Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) has well exceeded what City analysts had predicted. Such reports often do these days, as the 'experts' continue to under-estimate the effect of increasing growth on world economies.


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