Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: is Sir Philip Green the most unacceptable face of capitalism? No.

Published 73 days ago

I speak not in defence of Sir Phil for there are many things one can rightly condemn him for, not least trying to gag a free press in an era when free speech is under real attack. But is he the demon the press makes him out to be today? No. He is a dinosaur and has acted wrongly but is no demon. And some of his critics, notably Lord Hain of sleaze, are rank hypocrites.

Julie Meyer's shamed lawyer shuts down another critic thanks to spineless twitter

Published 336 days ago

It is only a matter of time before devout Christian Julie "sex toys on expenses" Meyer and her lawyer Julian Pike of Farrer & Co - slammed for illegal and unethical behaviour on her behalf by a Maltese Judge the other week - try to get this website or my twitter account taken down. For now they pick on other critics and weedy twitter is showing whose side it is on. It is not that of free speech.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - No Roger don't close down the fraudbusters please support investigative journalists not a failed establishment

Published 339 days ago

Though a diehard republican I have weakened and am going to watch the Royal Wedding. Don't be too harsh on me. In this podcast I discuss issues raised by Roger Lawson with regard to free speech, social media, threats to journalists, market abuse and the FCA in tackling crime.

A Lesson for cowardly corporations when the left wing mob tries to silence conservative media - Laura Ingraham vs David Hogg

Published 371 days ago

David Hogg was at the Florida school where the state (i.e. cowardly and incompetent police) failed to stop a mass shooting. He therefore demands a ban on guns so that Citizens must be wholly reliant on that same failing state for protection. He is also a foul mouthed and ignorant little shit who uses swear words every other sentence and has been rejected by every college to which he has applied. That is a fact. Hogg is foul mouthed and dumb.

Big Sofa - a strong buy; the alternative view to Cynical Bear from HotStockRockets

Published 445 days ago

Cynical bear offers up the bear case HERE. here is the bull case. Sensible investors want to hear both sides of the story. BB Morons only want to read folks with whom they agree. This website is committed to free speech and is not targeting Versarien (VRS) owning morons, who want to hear only one side of the argument, as customers. Back to Big Sofa...

Tom Winnifrith New Year's Day Bearcast - 6 themes for the year ahead

Published 477 days ago

In this podcast I look at the threat to free speech & how it does hit financial markets as well as the wider world. I look at the end of the ZIRP and silly money era and how to play it, Unicorn hunting. I look at the advent of a selective bear market, at the unwind of the Consumer debt-fest and how to play that, I look at gold which will, I think shine, in 2018 and how you should play that. And finally I touch on the real threat to your wealth and how to prepare for a Corbyn government.

ADVFN - are you happy making money from neo-paedophiles or those who think Lolita was a guide to dating?

Published 659 days ago

Sometimes in business you have a moral choice. Do you accept the custom of an individual or not. As a libertarian I do not thing it should be for the state to tell me who I can or cannot choose to serve. 

Free Speech explained for the 9th time to abusive crackpot Simon Hodges

Published 677 days ago

For the 9th time - the first perhaps for our many new readers - I feel the need to explain what free speech really means.  I do this for Simon Hodges, a poster here, who seems to think that we are obliged to approve & publish his comments  which are defamatory and in some cases just so unpleasant that I do wonder for his twisted little mind. Mr Hodges you can leave my wife and father out of it and may your soul burn in hell. Guess what: I am brave enough to write in my own name and I run the website so can say what i want. Mr Hodges, who being a worm tries to post anonymously, this is for you... 

Cloudtag Moron - lets beat Tom Winnifrith up: LSE provides platform for inciting violence

Published 769 days ago

Repeatedly, during the past six months, the London & South East Bulletin Board ( aka the LSE Asylum) has removed posts within minutes which offered any criticism at all of Cloudtag (CTAG). Right up to the point that shares in the fraud were suspended on AIM no dissent was allowed. But it appears that the LSE does believe in free speech when it comes to inciting violence against me. My crime, natch, calling out the fraud and so yesterday the post below appeared.

If Aidan Earley is about to get your posts on ADVFN removed - copy them and send them to us and we will publish in full.

Published 845 days ago

Convicted criminal Aiden Earley has today sent a lawyers letter to ADVFN (AFN) threatening it, unless it removes posts made by certain individuals within 48 hours. The insurance policy ADVFN has is standard for Bulletin Boards and means that it is almost certain to remove the posts even though it knows that they are not defamatory in any way shape or form. So much for free speech in the UK.

Paul Scott's fantasy - let's get this straight

Published 1062 days ago

Given how a number of followers of lyin' Paul Scott went onto twitter last night to retweet or like tweets about me which were simply untrue I feel the need to publish a private email which, I fear, shows that the blogger wwas just making things up. I do so merely to protect my own reputation. It all stems from Cyan.

Free Speech explained for the 8th time, for Bulletin Board Moron Duck & Dive

Published 1078 days ago

For the 8th time - the first perhaps for our many new readers - I feel the need to explain what free speech really means.  I do this for Duck & Dive, a poster here, who seems to think that we are obliged to approve & publish his comments here which are defamatory and make untrue allegations about this website. 

Free Speech Explained (for a 7th time) to Chris Oil, Bulletin Board nutters and homophobes

Published 1206 days ago

For the 7th time - the first perhaps for our many new readers - I feel the need to explain what free speech really means.  I do this for Chris Oil & other Bulletin Board Morons who seem determined to post comments here stating that I take bribes on a weekly basis and am a crook. And also for the chap who wants to post with great frequency the claim that I am a "sausage jockey." I do not regard that as a smear since I see nothing shameful whatsover about being gay. It just happens that I am not. But it says a lot about our critics that they seem to include a good number of jew haters, homophobes and other assorted bigots.

Stand up for free speech on @Twitter – Free Doc Holiday! #FreeTheDoc

Published 1274 days ago

Last night Doc Holiday (@dds_doc_holiday) had his Twitter account suspended for the umpteenth time. It seems that certain free speech deniers have taken exception to Doc’s social media prowess at exposing crooks and cheats for what they are. Never afraid to deliver a 140-character broadside, Doc’s popularity on Twitter stems from his determination to speak the truth. It is shameful that Twitter repeatedly bans Doc at the behest of liars and market abusers. If you care about free speech and defending what is right, then help us support Doc now!

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - in defence of Andrew Bell and of free speech

Published 1325 days ago

When the swarm attacks someone on twitter it is an ugly spectacle and the man attacked on two counts on Friday was Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources (RRR). I publish this podcast knowing it will not win friends but becuase the spectacle was unedifying. I speak in defence of free speech and in defence of Andrew Bell.

Daniel Stewart & Quindell: same ramper, same lunatic shareholders, same harassment of critics – same end game

Published 1373 days ago

Last week I had a feeling of déjà vu – it was the Quindell summer all over again. The harassment had begun and I was wondering why.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast, Greece, free speech & disagreeing with the twit Turney & Bank Holidays

Published 1450 days ago

The market is closed and in today's bearcast I look at Greece and what will happen and happen soon and the message for other European countries including the UK. Then I cover free speech for twits like Ben Turney and how the writers here are united but can disagree and then move onto Bank Holidays - we need less not more to get the UK economy growing again. In fact, scrap the lot.

Lenigas says he is to sue Andrew Bell & calls him a liar - another big Dave twitter threat

Published 1456 days ago

Over the weekend Big Dave Lenigas of UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) and numerous other companies took to twitter with a series of evening tweets threatening to sue some Bulletin Board Moron from the Grim Northern welfare safaris who had questioned Horse Hill. Has Big Dave actually launched proceedings?  We know not. But next up is Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources (RRR) who Lenigas accuses of “being a liar”

Video: The Three Bears at Uk Investor - Evil Knievil, Lucian Miers and Matt Earl

Published 1459 days ago

The last minute intervention of free speech deniers and Nomad to POS Coms and Tungsten, Charles Stanley, deprived us of the great Kevin Ashton but the bear pit at UK Investor Show still went with a bang thanks to Lucian Miers, Matt Early, Evil Knievil and myself, Tom Winnifrith. Enjoy the video.

Just why did Minesite airbrush legendary Journalist John Helmer from history

Published 1478 days ago

John Helmer is a legend among journalists. Resident in Moscow since 1989 he has been threatened numerous times for breaking stories of corruption in the financial markets and elsewhere in Russia and also in China and Asia. He is a brave man and a hero in our profession and he used to contribute to Minesite filing some stunning articles on the mining world. That was until February 2011.

Free Speech Explained to critics of Clem Chambers & other Bulletin Board Morons (6th time)

Published 1505 days ago

For the 6th time - the first perhaps for our many new readers - I feel the need to explain what free speech really means and to put the record straight for Clem Chambers of ADVFN (AFN)  I hope this explains free speech with reference to the comments board on this website very clearly notably in my piece earlier on ADVFN HERE.

ADVFN – Should the board be sacked? I write – potentially – my own P45

Published 1505 days ago

Yesterday it was announced that shareholders owning c22% of ADVFN had demanded an EGM to vote on sacking the entire board. They cocked up the paperwork according to ADVFN but that will be rectified so there is going to be a vote. Obviously I am not entirely a disinterested party.

Rob Proctor of Audioboom: There will be no deals done below 12.5p and we have no plans to initiate any in the short term

Published 1513 days ago

It is Doc Holiday here. Let me declare that I have a small shareholding in Audioboom (BOOM) and I met up with its boss Rob Proctor last week to create the interview below. I rate the shares as a buy and while I know that some on ShareProphets disagree I am glad that because it is a website dedicated to free speech and a two way exchange of opinion, it is running this article.

Show Your Support for Free Speech – Buy the T-Shirt

Published 1531 days ago

Yesterday one Bulletin Board Jihadist spent the entire afternoon ringing up the Free Speech & Liberty Pizza House and then breathing heavily or just making no noise down the line until our staff hung up. Then he called again. Is this a threat or just to block bookings I do not know but his number is now being traced. And so the war goes on between the free speech deniers and ourselves. If you support us – buy the T-shirt that says so!

Tom Winnifrith: Will you support ShareProphets Investigative campaigns against AIM Fraud?

Published 1533 days ago

Last week we learned that the Bulletin Board jihadists had lied to Etihad airlines in order to persuade it not to advertise on this website. It joins Tesco, Waitrose, Hargreaves Lansdown and John Lewis in caving in to the free speech deniers. Speakers at UK Investor Show have also been pressured into pulling out by those who do not support a free press. We will not back down but ask for your support.

Video of Tom Winnifrith Introductory Remarks - ShareProphets seminar

Published 1537 days ago

At the ShareProphets seminar on 2nd Febuary Tom Winnifrith told a few jokes and made a few remarks about free speech. appropos of nothing they are contained in this short video

The PLC Roll of Shame – Qui n’est ce pas Charlie

Published 1538 days ago

First the Bulletin Board jihadists tried to silence myself and this website with death threats. That failed. Then they tried to get ADVFN to stop working in partnership with us. That failed. Then there was an attempt to put our restaurant out of business with bogus reviews. That failed. Then they tried to bully speakers to pull out of UK Investor Show. That failed. And so now the jihadists are trying to persuade companies to stop advertising with us. And some PLCs are caving.

Hargreaves Lansdown jumps into bed with the free speech deniers & black balls ShareProphets

Published 1538 days ago

You would have thought that a firm of stockbrokers would want to see a critical press exposing fraud on AIM so that its clients do not lose money. But it appears that Hargreaves Lansdown (HL.) has given into the Bulletin Board jihadists and has joined other companies such as Tesco in refusing to advertise here. The same folk who have sent me death threats, smeared me and the restaurant because of what I write (fraud exposes) are trying to get this website closed down.

The Bulletin Board Jihadists win another victory AGAINST free speech as Etihad Airlines blacklists ShareProphets

Published 1541 days ago

Tesco, Waitrose, John Lewis and Now Etihad Airlines have all asked Google not to carry their ads on ShareProphets as a result of a campaign by Bulletin Board Jihadists who do not like what I have to say.

Real Man Pizza becomes The Free Speech & Liberty Pizza House today

Published 1541 days ago

The jihadists of the QPPSAG and other frauds and morons have waged war against me, this website and especially our cracking Clerkenwell restaurant for 2 years as we expose crime and dishonesty in the City. Today we accelerate the fight back against the free speech deniers as the restaurant gets a makeover.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 2nd February: Free Speech & Liberty day!

Published 1541 days ago

Heck it is free speech day for me every day. In today's podcast I look at Sefton, Quindell, Afren, Igas, ISG, Insectco, Ascent Resources, Mosman Oil & Gas, Mopowered & Outsourcery

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 30 january

Published 1544 days ago

I start on the matter of free speech and attempts by the Jihadists of the QPPSAG to deny that. We won a big victory over the morons yesterday. In that vein I urge those who enjoy Bearcasts and who support free speech to book their seats for UK Investor Show on April 18 in Westminster now HERE. In the podcast I cover Mosman Oil & Gas, Rambler Metals, Red Leopard, Beacon Hill Resources, Management Resources and then go in big time on Asian Citrus but more especially on Camkids - target price 0p.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 9 January - Fraud, Naibu kill, other AIM China stocks & Quindell chairman, PWC & fraud

Published 1565 days ago

Really just a few matters on the agenda in this special prompted by the suspension of shares in Naibu (NBU) today. I have been calling this out as a fraud for a year. I win. I look at the read across to China Chaintek, Camkids and Jiasen, to what it says about ZAI Corporate Finance and its other clients and what it says about any other stock I call out as a fraud. I look at Quindell, rumours about a new chairman, PWC and the fact that it too is a fraud. I also have more to say on the matter of free speech.

Bearcast 8th January - free speech deniers Quindell and other matters

Published 1566 days ago

Yesterday 12 journalists were murdered by those who deny free speech. Today on the LSE asylum others who do not believe in free speech are at work. They may not be murderers but they are no less despicable. I start with that matter and Quindell and move on to cover Kenmare, Global Energy Developments, Tern, Igas, Sainsbury and Tesco, Touchstone Gold and Northwest Investment Group.

What I’ve Learnt From Saying ‘Shares Are Real, not An Imaginary Game’

Published 1568 days ago

Well this article certainly has made quite an impact! I can let you know that before it was even published I had a writer who I like and respect contact me telling me I was wrong to say it. This was solely from reading the title of the article on Twitter.

Memo to David Lenigas & Others: We do NOT sack our writers for having an opinion

Published 1577 days ago

David Lenigas is tweeting his upset with James Parter for having suggested that Solo Oil (SOLO) is a sell and has suggested that Mr Parter is likely to be sacked. Let me make this 100% clear to my friend Mr Lenigas and to other CEOs out there who think that I sack anyone for having an opinion. I will NEVER do that.

Free Speech Explained to Kebab and other Bulletin Board Morons for the FIFTH time

Published 1633 days ago

For the fifth time - the first perhaps for our many new readers - I feel the need to explain what free speech really means - for Kebab, a poster here until I banned him again five minutes ago, this is a second reminder just for you utter fuckwit.

Join ShareProphets in our campaign to get LSE Bulletin Board Asylum to unban deluded Ramper QPP1000

Published 1636 days ago

Dreadful news for followers of the Quenron (QPP) saga – the LSE asylum has banned the most deluded ramper of all time QPP1000 from posting on its boards. We have begged the LSE to reconsider and allow this most entertaining of total nutters back in the interests both of free speech but also for sheer entertainment value.  We ask al ShareProphets readers to join us in our campaign to get QPP1000 unbanned. After all, who could forget such gems as:

Free Speech Explained to a Bulletin Board Moron (5th time) - for compulsive liar GA

Published 1681 days ago

For the fifth time - the first perhaps for our many new readers - I feel the need to explain what free speech really means. GA, a poster on ShareProphets who seems to be a compulsive liar, this is really for you. I hope this explains free speech with reference to the comments board on this website very clearly.

Financial Crime Activists (FCA) – a call to arms

Published 1707 days ago

Aware that one of our number, the Sheriff of AIM, has been kidnapped by evil forces accused of buying worthless companies for large sums of money, the Deputy Sheriff is calling up  a Posse to rescue Tom Winnifrith.

Weekly Video Postcard (#46 financial, #76 non-financial) – Free Speech & Frigana Edition

Published 1711 days ago

For once Tom Winnifrith combines his financial and non-financial weekly video postcard into one. Recorded at the Greek hovel Tom is turning into a home shows off his new toy and does not say whom he thinks of as he slashes away at the Frigana (he explains what that is too). But we are sure you can guess.

Quindell owning Moron James Beckwith moves from death threats on twitter to bogus restaurant reviews

Published 1711 days ago

Last week Quindell (QPP) owning Bulletin Board Moron James Beckwith told folks on twitter that he’d like to put a knife to my throat – see HERE. This week he has a new game, joining all those other Quindell owning morons who delight in posting bogus reviews of Real Man Pizza Company on Tripadvisor.

Quindell Bulletin Board Morons – Abusing Me Strengthens Me, It won’t save you

Published 1713 days ago

The attacks on me from shareholders in Quindell (QPP) continue. Yesterday say them produce & circulate a defamatory video alleging inter alia that I had an undeclared short position, that my restaurant was unprofitable, that I was very ugly, that all women hated me and that the Quindell Share price was zooming ahead. How very profound. Ugly is a matter of opinion, all the other points are demonstrably untrue.

Free Speech Explained to BB Moron KB ( for the 4th time)

Published 1717 days ago

For the fourth time - the first perhaps for our many new readers - I feel the need to explain what free speech really means. KB, a poster on ShareProphets who thinks that watching CNN makes him an expert on Mid East politics whily studying the subject at Oxford does not, this is really for you. I hope this explains free speech with reference to the comments board on this website very clearly.

Evil Knievil says I should not use the phrase Bulletin Board Morons - Fat Chance

Published 1723 days ago

It seems as if the infamous bear raider is going soft in his old age as he has urged me to stop using a phrase I first coined “Bulletin Board Moron.” I am afraid that I am as likely to take advice from Evil Knievil on how I write my articles as I am on his handy tips for weight loss.

For the third time - I have to explain free speech for Bulletin Board Morons

Published 1741 days ago

For the third time - perhaps for our many new readers - I feel the need to explian what free speech really means. Neil (poster on Shareprophets this is for you especially). I hope this explains free speech with reference to the comments board on this website very clearly.

What don’t Bulletin Board Morons Get about free speech – 80 year old with heart condition threatened

Published 1742 days ago

Most folks who post on Bulletin Boards are decent sensible folk but the minority (the morons) are quite deranged as a case this week involving our own Chris Oil demonstrates rather too visibly. It is truly shocking.

David Dunham: Quindell Twitter Moron of the Week & the QPPSAG Lemmings

Published 1746 days ago

As ever there is intense competition for this title but David Dunham (@DavidDunham5), a man who tweets a constant diet of twitter bilge, largely on Quindell (QPP) wins in spades, for both spouting utter crap and for failing to understand free speech as he manages the Herculean task of annoying mild mannered Paul Scott.

Bulletin Board Morons, Free Speech & Commercial Blackmail…It will not work

Published 1765 days ago

Over the weekend yet more bogus and damning internet reviews of the Real Man Pizza restaurant have appeared from folks who have never reviewed any restaurant in their lives. The same folks boast openly on Bulletin Boards about how they are destroying my livelihood. But the commercial blackmail does not end there. I share with you an email received yesterday.

For my twitter pests, free speech once again explained to a moron

Published 1766 days ago

For those plaguing me on twitter I hope this explains free speech with reference to the comments board on this website very clearly. You guys can go post links to competing products, spout bigoted abuse and make defamatory comments as you wish. But I am under no obligation to publish them for you. You have plenty of other forums to rant on about the blacks or the Jews, accuse me of being a crook, attack my restaurant, or promote other publications. But I have no obligation to publish such lies and filth.

Weekly Financial Video Postcard #38 - Quindell and a free press edition

Published 1767 days ago

In this week’s financial video postcard Tom Winnifrith deals with how Quindell (QPP) handles the press and analysts. It is quite amazing.

Free speech explained to a Bulletin Board Moron

Published 1780 days ago

We hope that this explains the concept of free speech to Bulletin Board Morons.

You MUST sack Tom Winnifrith NOW! The threats and blackmail used by those who oppose free speech

Published 1806 days ago

I have noted before how for daring to dissent from a cosy consensus that shares in certain stocks but notably Quindell, Globo and blinkx, are screaming buys I have received death threats, stalking and shit in the post and on the internet. But now those who seek to deny free speech have started an economic war and are actively seeking to ensure that I face economic ruin. Such folks will fail because most people believe in free speech but to see what they are up to read on.



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