Winner of the Bulletin Board Moron of the Week contest - sponsored by the fund managers who knew so much better than the dirty plebs on Telit

Published 4 days ago

It seems like everyone is reading obscure Itallian newspapers, because the Telit story is on everyone's lips. Even BBC Radio 4's Today show mentioned it this morning. Of course none of the mainstream media would ever admit to reading ShareProphets. Funny that.. we do track IP you know! 

New Bulletin Board Moron of the Week contest - sponsored by the fund managers who knew so much better than the dirty plebs on Telit

Published 4 days ago

Just three months ago some of Britain's top fund managers ploughed more than 50 million dollars into a placing organised by AIM dog Telit Communications despite numerous warnings from ourselves and others. But they knew better and anyhow it was other people's money. The shares have collapsed today to less than half the placing price after the most awful set of interims. But the fund managers will still earn Inter City salaries + ( more than 125) and fat bonuses so who cares? Are there any folks in the share world dumber than those fund managers? Er.... 

Tom Winnifrith: I think this is my best bearcast for months: Redcentric, the FCA, arrogant dickhead fund managers, Independent Resources & Mkango

Published 150 days ago

I hope this does not sound conceited but I think this is possibly my best bearcast for some time. I really enjoyed this from start to finish. Maybe I shall not go into retirement just yet, after all. Or maybe I still will. Anyhow, on the agenda: Redcentric (RCN), MX Capital (MXCP), the FCA, Mkango Resources (MKA), Independent Resources (IRG), arrogant dickhead fund managers and the UK Investor Show.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Insider Dealer fund manager Mark Lyttleton - the whole thing is a joke

Published 234 days ago

City slicker Mark Lyttleton of BlackRock is behind bars this Christmas. But not for long enough. How he sinned tells us how bent the whole City is and the joke sentence shows that white collar crime really does pay. This podcast is recorded in Shipston with my father listening. As a stern lefty he would imprison all fund managers not just the crooked ones,

Fastjet - Private investors refuse to take part in overpriced offer, trading likely remains grim

Published 374 days ago

Fastjet has this afternoon announced the result of its general meeting and capital raising. Not surprisingly, given the support of the institutions involved, all resolutions were passed.

Fastjet – Fund managers request to pay more because they don’t want to own too many shares

Published 392 days ago

The remarkable placing document which has finally been released says more about Fastjet’s (FJET) hapless shareholders than it does about the company itself.

Gulf Keystone Morons: what was that you were saying about institutional backing - M&G dumps its shares

Published 492 days ago

The Morons who have ignored my advice to sell Gulf Keystone (GKP) all the way down from 180p to 6.6p today have occassionally argued that I cannot be right because fund managers are long and strong and they know more than a pizza delivery boy/alcoholic etc etc etc. Today M&G has sold its 5% stake and now owns no shares at all.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 29 November - my surprising Gold & Bears key takeaways

Published 627 days ago

If you missed Gold & Bears you missed a fun day out. I will think more about it and what comes next over the next few days. What I am certinly going to ensure is that UkInvestorShow on April 30 is a blow out event. After that we will see what happens next but book your seats now HERE. The key themes for me ae that I am increasngly drawn to mining stocks ( and I name 2), the new attitude to bears and takeaways from my tech session and other key shorts. And why fund managers are far from certain to beat you and I in the markets. Thank you for all the kind emails and tweets from those who attended.

Two companies beginning with ‘R’: Royal & Sun Alliance and Rolls Royce

Published 1035 days ago

Well what a week and if you are a Rolls Royce (RR/) shareholder what an end to the week…but more on the perils of owning one of the favoured holdings of institutional professional fund managers in a minute. 

View Investing as A Mental and Emotional Challenge

Published 1035 days ago

You could describe what has happened to the market as a massacre over the past two days. It’s even making ‘conventional’ news now, and new ‘experts’ are being found to pass comment on it. The truth is... most of these experts don’t have a clue really. Interestingly today the Telegraph is doing a review of highly paid fund managers who at the beginning of the year were predicting the FTSE would be at 8,000 by the year end...

Life in a private company and a PLC – the Year end merry go round

Published 1115 days ago

The Real Man year-end is just five weeks away. We are a private company and so it makes not a blind bit of difference to us. Sure we have to fill in a few forms which we will do. But does it impact on our behaviour? Not in the slightest. How different life is at a PLC where what is termed "window dressing" takes place. What odd things it makes folks do.


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