Sunday Long Reads: Chernobyl, Thai cave rescue true story, Lithium, Elite, George Soros

Published 117 days ago

Is there anything better than sitting back and reading a well-written article on a lazy Sunday? Every week ShareProphets features some long form journalism that you'll find of interest. Grab your cuppa and enjoy these five articles.

Notes from Underground - Have you ever seen George Soros and Tom Winnifrith in the same room?

Published 117 days ago

A reader this week suggested that we look at a specific bulletin board conversation this week as background to a story. ShareProphets writers rarely look at the boards, and I'd be shocked if any have ever participated, but I took a gander. 

English Taxpayers cash chucked down the pit by the feckless Welsh and Malcolm Celebrates

Published 743 days ago

England (well mainly the South East) subsidises Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. C'est la vie. It is part of being a United Kingdom. Personally I'd send all the Celtic loons packing, give them their independence and slash taxes for we hard working residents of England. But that is not the way and just to rub our noses in it, Welsh resident, Malcolm Stacey celebrates how local councils and the Welsh Assrembly have ponied up £50 million to turn some Godforsaken post industrial shit hole in South Wales into a new "Silicon Valley." Bollocks.

Billionaire Elites Piling Into Gold - follow the smart money

Published 1003 days ago

Jacob Rothschild, Stanley Druckenmiller, George Soros, along with his associate Crispin Odey, and other billionaire elitists are moving massively into gold. In his recent semi-annual address to RIT shareholders, Rothschild announced that they are reducing their stock and currency exposure and increasing their gold holdings.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The warnings of Soros & the Wonderful Mrs

Published 1076 days ago

Struggling to think what to say, the Mrs suggests that I tell you how wonderful she is. That is surely self evident. I then move onto Carolyn Fairbairn the head of the CBI who is not wonderful. She is in fact truly ghastly as I explain. Then it is onto the grim warnings from George Soros, amazing poll data from France and how we should reposition our portfolios accordingly.

George Soros warns you - the crash is underway not over

Published 1215 days ago

There’s was no shortage of excellent commentary from market heavyweights last week thanks to the World Economic Forum in Davos, but the most revealing probably came from George Soros who gave a sweeping interview to Bloomberg TV, on Thursday, touching on everything from China to Fed policy to Vladimir Putin to Europe’s worsening refugee crisis. As for China, Soros says he “expects a hard landing,” saying that "A hard landing is practically unavoidable," and adding. "I’m not expecting it, I’m observing it.

The good news is that the market for ripe bananas is booming , now for the bad news

Published 1475 days ago

Chris Bailey, the founder of Financial Orbit always finds the quirkiest data - this week it concerns ripe bananas. The bad news starts in China and ends up with some sage words from George Soros. Those who expect the equities surge to continue ad infinitum should spare a few minutes to listen to this podcast.

Jim Rogers – why I remain bearish on gold

Published 1566 days ago

I am a gold bug and have been heartened by the recent uptick. But not everyone shares my views. Jim Rogers co-founded the legendary Quantum fund 35 years ago with George Soros and he is still an active investor and he is a two year gold bear. In this week’s podcast recorded by my colleagues at Palisade Capital he explains why and also talks about what it is like to work with Soros and on whether China is a bubble set to burst. Interesting stuff!

Quindell…the penny is starting to drop: collapseroonie ahoy, just how bad is the cash position?

Published 1573 days ago

It has been a quiet week on the Quindell (QPP) front although none of the ludicrous bull calls have come good: S&G exclusivity ended Friday and we were told that a bid would happen last week and that Quenron had lined up a big bank to advise it. Well …it did not happen and it will not happen.


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