IN THREE DAYS: Enjoy an audience with Gervais Williams (AND the cheapest stock on AIM) - book a free seat now

Published 60 days ago

For 18 years Gervais Williams of Miton has been one of the UK's top small cap fund managers delivering an  annualised return of 8.7% over that period, almost 2 points per annum better than the market. Miton (MGR) is itself listed and has been a good share to own. So what is the secret of Williams' success and what small cap shares is he buying or selling right now?

The biggest spivs in London on video..and Gervais Williams

Published 996 days ago

Old Gervais is a credible fund manager so what on earth is he doing appearing on a new video show "The spiv Olympics" produced by the LSE Asylum? Its host is Sith Lord Zak "I will do anything, tip any crap for money" Mir, guest one is some barrow boy from low life bucket shop Optiva and the third guest is an uber-spiv from the Asylum itself. So far in three days only 480 folks have watched this shite and Darren and myself are two of them. But Zak needs the money so needs the Asylum to think he has a mass audience so do your bit to assist a poor chartist.


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