Advanced Oncotherapy - back at 31.5p - is Bracknor dumping or spoofing today? Timber!!!

Published 306 days ago

It is just eight days to the GM of Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) where shareholders are being asked to approve the issue of gazillions of new shares for the Bracknor death spiral. Since the alternative is going bust within weeks if not days then the result is a gimme although I intend attending - as the owner of 1 share - to ask some searching questions. But the collapse in the share price - the stock is now 31.5p mid, 30p bid tells you there are even bigger issues and that Advanced is, quite possibly toast whatever.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast- Why liquidity is critical for small caps, notably 2 that are going bust

Published 378 days ago

When buying or selling shares ( or houses) folks all too often ignore the issue of liquidity. This matters greatly both for investors and also for companies. I look at this in detail using two examples, both companies that are, IMHO, weeks away from going bust.

Rivington goes bust: I blame Tom Winnifrith no er hang on Brexit er no hang on...

Published 401 days ago

Naturally a headline about Rivington going bust grabbed my eye. Rivington was the firm I founded but which went bust two years after I left after all its businesses were asset stripped by others. But natch go ahead and blame me. But this is a different Rivington although no doubt Aiden Earley and the Bulletin Board Morons will also try to pin the demise of Rivington Biscuits on me too.

Strat Aero - Credit card rate loan to keep the lights on at the fraud for just 12 weeks

Published 425 days ago

Shares in Strat Aero (AER) have jumped today in relief that the company is not going bust before Christmas. Instead it looks set to go bust around St Valentine's day. Today's statement from a company which has committed securities fraud is just ghastly.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The USA is going bust but France is catching up & why shoddy broker buy notes are a sell signal

Published 477 days ago

There are two parts to this bearcast. First I look at Government Debt and GDP over the past 8 years in the UK , France, the US and Greece and where all four are heading - it will startle those like Jeremy Corbyn, Chancellor Hammond and Malcolm Stacey who still believe in the money tree. Then I look at the great sell indicator that is a broker buy note and explain why.

Reader Poll: When will Avanti Communications shares go to zero

Published 538 days ago

Avanti Communications (AVN) may try to con us into thinking that it is a bid target but the reality is that its best hope is that bondholders take a haircut in any takeover. that means shareholders face a wipeout. It is more likely that no-one bids and this is a zero. So when do you think Avanti is going bust. Vote now and before a midnight deadline in a reader poll. The shares are 22.5p today and falling. So vote early, vote often, vote below: 

The Guardian Newspaper set to lose £173 million but sadly years away from going bust

Published 547 days ago

According to reports elsewhere in the deadwood press, the appalling left wing Guardian Newspaper is set to report a full year loss of £173 million. That is the good news. The bad news is that the Guardian it is years away from going bust.

LightwaveRF Interims - It is screwed, this company is surely going bust

Published 607 days ago

As I pointed out yesterday, LightwaveRF is in a financial mess and forced to rely on loans of last resort. Actually it is worse than that. Interims out today strongly suggest that it is going to go bust.

David Lenigas in Cuba Photo Caption Contest - deadline Sunday

Published 681 days ago

Last week it was Doriemus ( booted off AIM onto the ISDX lobster pot) that was the Lenigas car crash. This week it is Fastjet ( dire profits alert, going bust). Which Lenigas associated company will crash & burn next week I wonder? But while shareholders in companies linked to Jabba The Hutt suffer, the man himself is hard at work in Cuba as the photo below shows.  By midnight Sunday please submit your captions in the comments section below.

Quindell – Its bust and playing for time: PWC delayed

Published 1061 days ago

After working on reviewing the fraudulent accounting policies of Quenron (QPP) for almost three months – as long as it takes to do an audit – Quindell still cannot publish the PWC report. It promises that it will do so in “another few weeks.” The statement released today is a disaster but for those who need assistance I shall translate what it says into what it actually means.

What does the latest news mean for Afren?

Published 1092 days ago

Just when you think that Afren (AFR) can’t get any worse it seems to have the ability to release another piece of news that trashes the share price!

Quindell, why its going bust, when its going bust and is there any escape - BearCast special

Published 1186 days ago

All frauds eventually run out of other people's money and so it will be with Quenron (QPP). For it is a fraud as I explained in full detail in this video. So when will Quindell go tits up?


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