KEFI Minerals – Q1 2019 Operational Update… milestones on the horizon: BUY

Published 1 day ago

KEFI Minerals (KEFI) has updated on the first quarter of 2019 – including emphasising Prime Ministerial go-ahead for the Tulu Kapi gold project in Ethiopia and that the Regional Government has begun triggering the consecutive steps of the resettlement programme…

Ariana – quarterly production figures

Published 4 days ago

AIM-listed gold-miner in Turkey, Ariana Resources (AAU), released its latest quarterly production figures from its Kiziltepe joint venture this morning. Last year the numbers were 4,866 oz against a target for the year of 20,000 oz and the company went on to deliver 27,110 ounces. Now a year later, and with all the start-up bits and pieces worked out some time ago, Ariana has delivered 7,296 oz of gold for the first quarter of this year. Great stuff!

Bluebird Merchant Ventures – response to Gubong application, swift progress being made: BUY

Published 6 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) “is pleased to announce that it has received a positive response to the application for the 'permit to develop' the Gubong Mine”

Polymetal: all that glistens can be gold

Published 6 days ago

I see Malcolm wrote about the gold space yesterday  and it got me thinking again about London's largest cap gold miner Polymetal (POLY), an honour bestowed upon it when my old mucker Randgold decamped via a big merger deal to concentrating its northern hemisphere listings in the North American markets.  

Anglo Asian Mining – positive Q1 production & cash update, more to come…

Published 7 days ago

Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) has updated on first quarter of 2019 production and operations and that “the company continues to generate cash with our net cash balance increasing by $4.7 million despite a $3 million payment of corporate taxation in the quarter”

Is the Lure of Gold more Glittery for You as the Brexit Mess gets Messier?

Published 8 days ago

Hello, Share Screechers. With so much uncertainty in the world and dire warnings about share prices, some given on this beautiful website, it might be worth considering other forms of investment. I’ve been tempted by buying works of art, but as I know nothing about the subject I decided against it. And that's despite some huge profits art investors have seen over the last few years.

Podcast: Dominic Frisby: Bullish on Gold When It Breaks 1360

Published 19 days ago

I accuse Dom Frisby of using a very old photo on this occassion. How do you plead Frizzers? This podcast with the great libertarian and gold guru is nothing if not wide-ranging.

Visiting the Global Group UK Investor Show and catching up with Ariana

Published 21 days ago

What a day out that was! The Wray family may be running the investor show now, but the sparkle was still there – even if I missed the acid wit of Tom Winnifrith. But it was great to catch up with the other writers at ShareProphets and in particular it was good to call in at two stands – those of Ariana Resources (AAU) and Sosandar (SOS).

Ariana Resources – exploration & development update

Published 22 days ago

AIM-listed Turkish gold producer Ariana (AAU) has announced a positive update this morning regarding its satellite prospects around the Kiziltepe gold plant and at Salinbas on the other side of the country. The news has gone down well, with the market pushing the shares back towards the 2p mark in response...

Podcast: a much higher gold price is coming

Published 23 days ago

Copper has always been a favourite metal for geologist turned broker Barry Dawes, being the third largest metal in terms of consumption and continues its historical pattern of long term growth. China and Asia use an enormous amount of copper and shortages are developing. This should result in a boom in copper prices and then new exploration.

Today Gold becomes money again

Published 23 days ago

Yes it really is

Podcast: Now is a Pivotal Time for Gold Investors

Published 26 days ago

Author Danielle DiMartino Booth argues that it is iimportant that people understand the way central bank policies affect their lives. Her recent book reveals how the Fed has lost its way due to creating monetary policy based on market patterns and politics instead of economic metrics. She argues that the Fed is increasingly becoming backed into a corner ever since the money printing of 2008 with the introduction of “Zero Interest Rate Policies” and “Quantitative Easing.” Now the Fed has again become dovish over seemingly small corrections occurring in the markets.

Gold shares are set to fly

Published 28 days ago

The latest report from the world's best known resource investment group, Sprott, explains why now is the time to buy gold shares. Okay author Trey Reik is talking his, or rather Sprott's, book but the case looks a strong one anyway as you can see below.

Podcast: Junior Mining Stocks have bottomed out

Published 30 days ago

Geologist and analyst Mickey Fulp feels the gold market has bottomed and that a new bull market is developing albeit slowly. Once the rally begins, he argues, it will quickly move the mining equities. They are positive on the price of gold, due to global economic outlook being weak, geopolitical risks like Brexit and Venezuela, as well as U.S. and China trade talks. Central banks continue to buy, and a dovish Federal Reserve will likely have one interest rate hike in 2019 are all bullish factors for gold.

Podcast: gold and silver WILL head to new highs

Published 31 days ago

Fund Manager Lawrence Lepard argues that inflation is in the process of returning, and the Fed is losing credibility. More people realize that the money system itself is terrible. Unlimited credit is a temporary solution to regular markets, and the end-point of this process could be hyper-inflation. He believes investors will begin to chase gold as the broader markets are likely not headed to new highs. The technical picture for gold is looking good. Commodities are very cheap right now while stocks are almost certainly over-priced.

Kefi – another project update: BUY

Published 34 days ago

KEFI Minerals (KEFI) has yet another update for us on its Tulu Kapi gold project in Ethiopia. We know this process does seem to be taking an eternity. But progress is being made.

Anglo Asian Mining looks to have the potential to grow into a mid-tier producer - long term buy and hold

Published 35 days ago

Gold, silver and copper are all metals that I am bullish on at the moment, so Azerbaijani miner Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) fits the bill perfectly in covering all three of those.

Ariana – cracking 2019 production guidance

Published 40 days ago

Last year AIM-listed Ariana (AAU) offered up production guidance of 20,000 ounces of gold – and delivered 27,110 ounces. Talk about under-promising and over-delivering. This morning Ariana offered guidance of 25,000 oz of gold. Under the same maths, that suggests we could see as much as (almost) 34,000 ounces. Of course, we shall have to wait and see what the real figures are, but with the end of Q1 less than three weeks away we shouldn’t have to wait long.

Further short term dips in Avesoro Resources will offer a good buying opportunity

Published 42 days ago

I believe a good buying opportunity is currently presenting itself in the shares of Avesoro Resources (ASO) and although it may go lower in the short term, I can see decent risk versus reward here for at least a medium term trade.

Podcast: We are Back in a Bull Market for Gold

Published 42 days ago

Economist David Rosenberg says that assessing commodity valuations is far more difficult than evaluating the bond or equity markets. Sentiment is important, but commodities each respond to different factors. For example, precious metals respond differently from industrial commodities which rely on global growth.

Podcast: Commodities and gold Set to Move Much Higher

Published 46 days ago

Veteran find manager David Brady believes gold will bottom and rally once the Fed reverses policies. Until now all we have seen is a verbal reversal, the Fed has not yet switched gears.

How much Gold is right for you?

Published 48 days ago

There is no one correct percentage, but this rule applies…

Podcast: big moves (up) are coming for gold and silver

Published 50 days ago

Analyst David Hunter notes that Gold and silver peaked in 2011, since then we’ve been in a long consolidation period. He is very bullish on gold, and he is calling for $1550 for gold and Silver to $26 by mid-year. The dollar is likely to roll-over soon, and he expects the US dollar index to decline to around 86.

Podcast: Everybody Needs Some Exposure to Gold

Published 51 days ago

Fund manager and commentator Jesse Felder argues that precious metals have become particularly hated. Looking at what is hated is a good way to find opportunities. Gold still brings a lot of skepticism even though the fundamentals are clearly suggesting the need to own it.

The market has vastly over-reacted to Centamin's results - it remains a long term buy for me

Published 52 days ago

The market has been slaughtering even the larger companies over any sort of disappointing results recently, but for me that further strengthens the argument to buy shares in Centamin (CEY).

Petropavlovsk – delay in bridge loan repayment to it… but looks minor

Published 54 days ago

A 19th December update from Petropavlovsk (POG) included “the bridge loan will be repaid to Petropavlovsk upon full completion of the new facility which is expected to be in late February 2019”. There’s now an Update on Temporary Bridge Loan to IRC” announcement…

KEFI Minerals – placing as intention to trigger Tulu Kapi at end of current quarter reinforced: BUY

Published 56 days ago

KEFI Minerals (KEFI) has announced both meetings this month including the Ethiopian Government saw intention to trigger Tulu Kapi project development at the end of the current quarter reinforced and a placing <em>“to fund current working capital of both KEFI and the project”...

Podcast: Whereas everything is in a bubble, Gold is arguably the cheapest asset relative to history

Published 57 days ago

Analyst Luke Gromen is not sitting on the fence with this call. He argues that whereas everything is in a bubble, Gold is arguably the cheapest asset relative to history.

Ariana – Q4 numbers for Kiziltepe read very well

Published 57 days ago

I called time to sell some Ariana (AAU) last week but was convinced of further upside and thus while I wanted to sell some, I was definitely hanging on to the majority of my shares. This morning – perhaps a little later than I had expected - Ariana filled in the details of Q4 gold and silver production from its joint venture plant at Kiziltepe. There was no need for any anxiety over the news: it was very good and this is turning into a habit. Long may that continue!

Gold RSI Hits The Highest Since 2011

Published 59 days ago

Gold’s relative strength indicator is at the 73, highest since September 2011 - the month that gold hit an all-time high. 

Patagonia Gold – in short it’s fecked

Published 61 days ago

Shares in Patagonia Gold (PGD) have more than halved today to 46.5p but the market is being kind. Today’s news is disastrous and things are likely to get far worse.

All that glitters… there something wrong?

Published 62 days ago

Gold has been horribly out of favour ever since it surged to its post-financial crisis peak of $1900 per ounce. Meanwhile I have been hanging on to most of my gold as a stale bull. I guess it mirrors my (lack of) fashion sense – if I hold on long enough it will come back in. But commentators are suggesting my over-patience may be coming to an end...

Podcast: Ronald-Peter Stöeferle - The Perfect Storm for Gold & Mining Stocks - $2,300 here we come

Published 62 days ago

Analyst Ronald feels that we are in a perfect storm for gold as his inflation indicator began to rise this January. One should load up on inflation-sensitive currencies, mining equities, physical gold, and the commodity sector in general. The combination of monetary tightening and rising rates is going to lead to recessionary risks and the economic numbers show a dramatic cooling.

Podcast: The Long Term Gold Chart is Really Exciting

Published 64 days ago

As you know, Jordan Roy Byrne is the only technical analyst we take seriously ( sorry Sith Lord Zak Mir). As such we note that Jordan  points out that the signs are close for declaring a new bull market in gold. The indicators are all showing positive. Both GDX and GDXJ have surged in their long term moving averages. We still need to rally up to the resistance levels but we are so close and the evidence is mounting. Lastly, he is looking for the ratio of gold compared to the stock markets to rise which is a classic bull market sign. All this is explained in the latest podcast from Palisade Capital.

Lonmin Might Still Be a Golden Opportunity Even After a Long Steady Share Rise

Published 66 days ago

Hello Share Mates. Sometimes it pays to study the trend of a company, as well as its fundamentals. If a share has been overbought, there’s no reason why it cannot be further overbought. Indeed if there seems to be a bandwagon rolling, more investors are likely to climb on board. With that in mind, I suggest you might take a look at Lonmin (LMI), the gold and platinum miner...

Ariana: cracking news, 2p mark hit - time to take a few profits (but leave some on the table - 2.5p next stop)

Published 68 days ago

My buy tip for 2019 - AIM-listed Ariana Resources (AAU) – has made the 2p to sell target price: time to take some profits, then - and where’s the ouzo? This is on the back of cracking news of a £3.8 million return of capital to the parent. The implications are that Kiziltepe is throwing off plenty of cash – way more than had been previously disclosed.

Anglo Asian Mining – after top-end of 2018 production guidance, announces 2019’s…

Published 69 days ago

Updating on Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) last month, we noted it ‘looking forward’ “to providing further updates on forecast 2019 production and expansion and exploration results in the coming weeks”. Last week, a “2019 Production Guidance” announcement…

Podcast: Uranium Made Investors Crazy Money Last Time

Published 69 days ago

Philip O'Neill started his career in the junior mining space in the early 2000s by investing in uranium. He discusses the last bull market and how it did exceedingly well and how the market can surprise you. Today there is much more experience in the uranium markets so the coming bull market should be more mature.

Gold Getting Set For Bull Run

Published 73 days ago

If, as they say, it is darkest just before the dawn, then surely for gold at least, the sun must be cresting the horizon now ?

Worried About Your Shares? Here's a Glittering Alternative and Probably Safer Way to Invest

Published 73 days ago

Hello, Share Cats. Yesterday, I commended Centamin (CEY) to your further research. But I have to admit that buying shares in gold miners is not the safest way to invest in the glittery metal. For one thing, the production of the yellow stuff is notoriously difficult to predict. And Centamin saw a big share tumble last year when it announced that its quality of gold was not as high as hoped. But with world fears about a forthcoming recession growing, gold, silver and platinum remain useful fallback positions...

Don't Be in De Nile About the Hedge Benefits of Gold. Look at Egyptian Miner Centamin

Published 74 days ago

Hello, Share Jumpers. As the Footsie continues to gain ground with the growing prospect that there’ll be a Brexit soft landing, after all, you could be tempted to veer away from investing in gold. But I’m still minded to have at least a toehold in this hedge against recessions, both homegrown and worldwide...

Looking forward to Ariana’s Q4 numbers at Kiziltepe

Published 76 days ago

AIM-listed Ariana Resources (AAU) told us on 14 January, as it reported Q4 and full year production from its joint venture gold plant at Kiziltepe in Turkey, that it would release full results for the period by early February and I’m really looking forward to that...

Avocet Mining has net current liabilities of $30 million - it's bust, and you must be crazy if you're buying now!

Published 80 days ago

Often when I look at companies at the lower end of AIM I am left struggling to see why on earth anyone is buying it at the current share price.

KEFI Minerals – Tulu Kapi progress update, Getting There…BUY

Published 85 days ago

KEFI Minerals (KEFI) has updated on progress towards the development of its Tulu Kapi gold project, with MD Harry Anagnostaras-Adams “delighted with the significant progress we have made this month”…he is right!

Podcast: Gold is Going to Have an Incredible Run - $1900 within three years

Published 85 days ago

Pundit Frank Holmes says, “Gold has been so resilient all year especially when you look at real interest rates.” Due to negative interest rates in other countries, the dollar has held up reasonably well. When they talk about rates peaking gold will hit $1500 in the blink of an eye. The supply of gold is shrinking, and the costs are getting more expensive which is settings us up for a beautiful gold cycle. Gold is going to have an incredible shine and pass through the 1900 level in the next three years."

Ariana – Directors step in to mop up the buy-back fiasco: still a strong hold

Published 85 days ago

AIM-listed Ariana Resources (AAU) announced a series of director share purchases which, as promised, mops up most of the share buy-back shambles earlier this week. This is good: the shares are in strong hands and shows that the directors have faith. It also shows that they are doing their best to make amends out of their own pockets.

Ariana – the good news continues with developments at Kizilcukur

Published 90 days ago

AIM-listed Ariana Resources (AAU), one of my tips for 2019, has been on a bit of a roll so far this year. It has been helped by the weakness of the Turkish Lira and a bit of strength in the price of gold, but recent news of gold and silver production from its Joint Venture processing plant at Kiziltepe has helped too, as has a share buy-back. This morning Ariana offered an update on its wholly-owned Kizilcukur project.

Ariana Resources – further positive production update & a buyback, shares starting to respond

Published 92 days ago

A production update from Ariana Resources (AAU) emphasising “gold production exceeds 2018 guidance by 36%”…not bad but there is better news still

Podcast: Explosion in Gold Price on the Horizon

Published 93 days ago

Author David Skarica is not sitting on the fence.  David feels the general markets and the way quantitative easing was structured are the reason gold has underperformed. This money instead went into financial markets, real estate, and art. Gold is a fear trade, and over the last few years, we have had mass complacency.

Anglo Asian Mining – positive 2018 update, production “at upper range of guidance”...

Published 93 days ago

“Q4 and FY 2018 Production and Operations Review” from Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ), emphasising “full year production at upper range of guidance and net cash of $6.1 million at 31 December 2018”

Video: gold and silver not in a bull market yet

Published 94 days ago

The one technical analyst we take seriously, no not the Sith Lord Zak Mir but Jordan Roy-Byrne, sees resistance levels on the charts for gold and silver which indicate that we are not in a bull market yet and indeed we may see some short term weakness. Courtesy of Palisade Capital, over to the great man...

Gold hits an all time in 72 currencies

Published 95 days ago

It is natural that we measure things by a familiar yardstick - the problem is that being so-biased or lazy, we can be deceived. Take gold.

Ariana – cracking numbers right on cue

Published 97 days ago

AIM-listed Ariana Resources (AAU) released Q4 gold production numbers this morning – exactly as predicted HERE yesterday. Even better the numbers were pretty much in line and the shares have responded higher – not quite a bottle of ouzo yet, but it looks to be well on the way.

Podcast; Explosive upside for gold and silver

Published 97 days ago

Entrepreneur Lior Gantz claims that the outlook for Gold and Silver is improving dramatically. His thesis is that recent market action has resulted in a rebound. In September mining stocks hit 52-week lows, and the regular markets are now entering bear market territory. Inflation is on the rise and many states are hiking their minimum wage. Recent US Dollar strength is actually a bearish sign.

Ariana – will production report see a lift to the share price? I hope so!

Published 98 days ago

Judging by the form of my buy tip for 2019 AIM-listed Ariana Resources over the past nine months, we should see the latest production numbers from its Kiziltetepe joint venture gold plant in Turkey this week. Numbers for the first three quarters have already blown the company’s annual production forecast of 20,000 oz of gold out of the water, having reached almost that figure in nine months. Meanwhile shares in Ariana have had a good run of late, moving up from a low point of almost 1.1p in October to the current 1.575p, putting the company on a market capitalisation of £16.7 million.

KEFI Minerals – shares slightly lower on Tulu Kapi project update, BUT…

Published 106 days ago

KEFI Minerals (KEFI) states it “is pleased to provide” an update on the Tulu Kapi gold project, but then includes that “whilst the Government has provided a number of formal consents, at the date of this update there are a number of others that whilst having been verbally agreed, are still subject to processing formalities and thus the agreed deadlines have been extended to end January 2019”. Hmmm...

Tell your Mummy. There's Still Gold in them tha' Egyptian Hills.

Published 106 days ago

Hello, Share Twisters. Not that long ago I suggested you might buy gold. And in particular, shares in an Egyptian miner, Centamin (CEY). Its share price has risen by about 25% since then.  But I claim no credit for that, as there was little doubt that gold is becoming more desirable. 

GOLD - For Whom The Bell Tolls

Published 107 days ago

There is probably no more irritating an adage than the old Wall Street one which says “no one rings a bell at the bottom or top of a market” … but it does highlight the purpose or value of making a trading call - or if you prefer (as it is the season for it) … in making a forecast. 

Podcast: Gold to roof it, Deutsche Bank to fail, it's back to 2008 says Jaime Carrasco

Published 109 days ago

Fund manager Jaime Carrasco is a bundle of New Year cheer. Not! He assumes that markets are manipulated through excess money printing and suppression of some like gold and silver. Investors would likely be less interested in markets if the price of gold were much higher. Precious metals reveal the underlying market risks and the year ahead will probably bring additional risks but also opportunities.

Going, going - GOLD

Published 111 days ago

Do you have exposure to gold and if not why not? Are you mad?

Highland Gold will shine if gold shows continued strength

Published 114 days ago

Gold has been showing signs of strength of late and moving forwards into 2019 I would definitely be looking to have some in your portfolio, with an equity position in a gold producer being the best option.

Video: Gold & Gold Stocks are moving closer to a bull market

Published 115 days ago

The only technical analyst we rate, Jordan Roy Byrne explains why he is getting ever more excited about gold and gold stocks. His thesis:

Professor Malcolm Stacey's World Famous Christmas Lecture.

Published 120 days ago

Hello, Share Sleighers. Sceptics sometimes ask me how someone like me can dissect the cold facts of share trading and yet still believe in what they see as the fairy story of the first Christmas. But the questioners have too naive and narrow a vision of how the Christian faith works.

Did the Three Wise Men's Gold Come from Egypt? Centamin Certainly Knows How to Find It

Published 124 days ago

Hello, Share Punchers. With fears of Brexit continuing to cancel out the Santa Rally, our thoughts should turn more to that useful hedge against disaster - gold. Now short of buying a few gold bars, which I haven't entirely discounted, by the way, the best way to take advantage of gold is to pick up mining stock. There are a lot of small gold explorers and even producers that I will continue to avoid. But the larger ones might be worth looking into...

Ariana Resources – new drilling programme to commence imminently, shares starting to respond - KEEP BUYING

Published 126 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) has updated that a drilling programme is to commence imminently at Kizilcukur, “with the objective of defining a high-grade zone amenable to open-pit mining”

Catch a Falling Star and Put it in your Pocket: a stale bull writes on Metals Exploration

Published 129 days ago

Catch a falling knife, more like it, you might say applies to investment in Metals Exploration (MTL) where I admit that my buy tips/average down advice to date has not enriched anyone. What a never ending fuck up and yet, having got it so badly wrong I still haven’t given up hope. “:Bonkers,” you say, especially after the shares slumped 90% last week after an institutional holder, believed to be Blackrock, dumped its entire holding of 68 million shares at just 0.2p.

Ariana – Kizilcukur news & (for “nice” reasons) a stance downgrade

Published 129 days ago

It has been a long time coming, but yesterday shares in AIM-listed gold producer Ariana (AAU) finally hit 1.6p, a price I was happy to buy up to. This latest rise was on the back of news from the company’s Kizilcukur project - 22km from the Kiziltepe processing plant - that a drilling programme is about to start...

Gold – a great insurance policy for times like these

Published 132 days ago

I have been over-bullish about gold ever since it popped its top at around $1800 per oz in the aftermath of the financial crisis and quantitative easing (ie printing money) became all the rage. But rather than sell out, I have held firm. At the time I seemed to be wrong, but with what should be a momentous week for the UK about to hit us, I see the gold price is up a tad at just shy of $1250 per oz...

Ariana Resources – follows positive production results with positive exploration results. Buy

Published 142 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) has emphasised “excellent exploration results” at its wholly-owned Salinbas project, with it “confident that the testing of some of these targets with drilling will lead to the identification and definition of further resources within the project area”

Ariana – more exploration results from Salinbas, still a buy

Published 143 days ago

Turkish gold miner, AIM-listed Ariana Resources (AAU) has offered up an update on its exploration at the Salinbas gold project in Eastern Turkey this morning. My view has been unchanged, that the Kiziltepe plant was the reason to hold the shares but that Salinbas  - already with a resource inventory of c. 1 million ounces of gold-equivalent – was an interesting speculative bonus. This morning’s news adds to the interest. Eventually, I hope, it will be proved up as a commercial project and add good value.

Video - gold stocks could crash

Published 157 days ago

Or they might not. But the potential is there warns the only technical analyst/chartist on this planet we pay any attention to, Jordan Roy-Byrne in the latest podcast from Palisade Capital.

China, Bermuda and London Brought Together by Griffin Mining in What Could be a Zinc-Bottomed Golden Opportunity

Published 157 days ago

Hello, Share Tweezers. As Gilbert and Sullivan might say: here’s a howdy-do. An AIM company incorporated on the exotic island of Bermuda with a big interest in a Chinese miner. Griffin Mining (GFM) though looks worth a shufti because its fundamentals are quite tasty and its history is sound.

Trump borrows the US into oblivion

Published 160 days ago

For financial markets, one takeaway mattered above all others in the midterm election - no curveballs and that’s basically what was delivered as pundits who got it so wrong in 2016, correctly forecast the end of one-party rule this time. With Democrats calling the shots in the House, we could see no end to investigations, subpoenas and possibly impeachment talk and a hard push for POTUS (The President of the United States) to reveal up his tax returns. All this will slow down President Donald Trump’s plans. It didn’t have to be this way, the full aftermath of the 2008 crisis is still incomplete...

KEFI Minerals – “pleased to report” exploration developments, but also a new financing?

Published 161 days ago

KEFI Minerals (KEFI) is pleased to report proposed Ethiopian exploration area expansion, the formal renewal of the Hawiah exploration licence in Saudi Arabia but also “a term sheet for a £2 million (plus an optional second £2 million) secured working capital loan facility”

Video: Post mid-terms increased risk of more deficit funding will push gold & gold stocks higher

Published 162 days ago

Celebrated fund manager John Hathaway feels that gold should be getting more of a bid, but investors remain lukewarm. In the near term, he is unsure of where gold is headed. John cautions that investors are going to become increasingly aware of the dangers of deficit spending and inflation which should cause gold to get more of a bid. A small pullback could still happen, but he doubts that there will be a retest of 2015 lows. Long-term he remains very bullish.

Galantas shares to treble - this could be a conservative target

Published 163 days ago

I don't normally take broker research seriously but a) Galantas (GAL) operates in Ulster so I am biased in its favour and b) analyst Roger Bade at Whitman Howard is no fool. He reckons Galantas at 6p is worth 17.3p per share. The market cap today is £12 million but Bade explains why by 2020 the company could be generating £8 million of cashflow and by 2023 that could be £13 million and that is on uber-cautious gold price assumptions. The note (below) is very much worth a read.

Keep buying any weakness in Centamin as the company is now back on track

Published 167 days ago

Centamin (CEY) has had a bad run of form of late, but I believe that this is just a temporary blip in its fortunes and it presents a fantastic buying opportunity for the future.

Video: We Are Starting Another Leg Up In Gold

Published 173 days ago

Mining entrepreneur Ross Beaty reckosn the really good times are coming for we gold bulls. He feels that we have been in a gold bull market since 2015. Gold had a good breakout in 2016, and that seems to be in the first leg of a bull market. Anyone who has invested in gold equities should do very well in the next few years.

The stealth gold bull market

Published 177 days ago

There is a tendency to look at the gold price in US dollar terms simply because that is the currency it nominally trades in within the bullion wholesale market. The bias is reinforced by the headline writers who do likewise… yet meanwhile in other currencies gold has been in a stealth bull market these last 4 years. 

Video: We Are Feeling Tremors of the Impending Earthquake in the Bond Market - could gold hit $5,000 as a result?

Published 177 days ago

Fund manager Jaime Carrasco feels that recent market activity is a good signal of what is coming. He says, “There aren’t many safe havens left, and one of the few is precious metals.” In this latest podcast from Palisade Capital, Jaime mentions that the Comex chairman commented that gold should be above $5000. The paper market has been suppressing the price of gold through derivatives. People need to understand they are living in a complete facade and when this game is over, there will be a re-balancing.

Video: Gold and gold shares rally but there is more to come

Published 179 days ago

Gold and gold shares have had a good mini-run/recovery. But there is more to come claims Jordan Roy Byrne, the only technical analyst who is not a complete saddo/fool. All is explained in the latest video from Palisade Capital

Anglo Asian Mining - a golden buy?

Published 180 days ago

Shares in Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) had recently risen materially, to approaching 75p. They then though slipped back – but recent news looked to have justified the earlier move and more and with gold now starting to motor thanks to stockmarket and bond market jitters...

Video: Expect Gold & Gold Stocks to Go Up While stockmarket falls

Published 181 days ago

Gold guru Brien Lundin feels that we are likely to be on the verge of an upswing in metals. Brien has been warning people that if we have a liquidity crisis gold will likely get hit if investors need to raise cash. This is what happened in 2008. However, during the recent drop in the market’s gold instead moved up, likely because investors didn’t own it. It’s evident that investors are now finding reasons to buy gold instead of looking for reasons to sell it.

Alba Mineral Resources – updates from Wales and Horse Hill, excitement soon to be sparked?

Published 181 days ago

Alba Mineral Resources (ALBA) has followed a “Clogau Field Work Results” announcement with a “Horse Hill Update”

Ariana – more exploration results from Salinbas: still a buy

Published 185 days ago

AIM-listed Turkish gold miner Ariana (AAU) has this morning updated the market on exploration from Salinbas – part of the Hot Gold Corridor in Eastern Turkey. Having reaffirmed my view that this stock is a buy based on production news the other side of the country, it is pleasing to see share shares respond even if it is this morning’s news which did the trick, rather than my devilish analysis! The shares, having been 1.25p to buy, are now 1.45p to buy...

Ariana Resources – gold production hits a new high: BUY

Published 187 days ago

AIM-listed Turkish gold miner Ariana Resources (AAU) has again announced record gold production from its joint-venture Kiziltepe plant, part of the Red Rabbit project, during its third quarter this year. Production is up to 7,588 ounces of gold (plus 70,346 oz of silver) for Q3 to bring the total for the year so far to 19,625 oz – as against the guidance of 20,000 oz for the full year. Way to go! If they keep that up, the total for the year will be in excess of 27,000 oz – a classic case of underpromising and overdelivering.

In a Scary Market, Protecting Yourself and Grabbing the Opportunities Hold Equal Sway. Here's How I'm Playing It.

Published 190 days ago

Hello, Share Scrapers. Who among us isn't a bit spooked by issues affecting the global economy? But what should we do to protect ourselves - and make the most of any opportunities? Well, after doing the research and basing predictions on it, this is what I think.

As Stocks and Bonds Crash (A Rare Sign), Gold Rallies - What's Going On?

Published 192 days ago

Looking for a safe haven in the stockmarket storm? How about gold? On the day the Nasdaq tanked 5% the yellow metal started to rally and Adam Turkeman of Palisade Capital put the bull case for a much bigger rally below.

Kefi – Good news from Ethiopia

Published 192 days ago

We noted in our last update that the last piece of the Tulu Kapi jigsaw was getting Government agreement on resettling some natives so that mine construction could go ahead. The good news is that the locals want to be paid to relocate. That piece of the jigsaw is now in place.

Video: Gold often has a false move before THE big move

Published 197 days ago

David Erfle is a skeptic when it comes to the junior mining sector. He became involved in the resource market in 2003, shortly after losing a good portion of his investments in the crash. Those lessons helped him look for sectors that are undervalued.

Video: I anticipate a slow and steady increase in gold prices

Published 198 days ago

We long suffering believers in the only proper currency man does not devalue with the printing press might have hoped for more but we will settle for this if it is on offer.

Sell Orosur Mining before the hype over the Newmont deal subsides

Published 202 days ago

Orosur Mining (OMI) has been a big disappointment for me as it was one of the small AIM miners which I thought had a chance of actually going on to bigger things.

Ariana – interims show continued improvement: BUY

Published 204 days ago

AIM-listed gold miner Ariana (AAU) left it until deadline day to produce its interims results (boo, hiss) but the numbers and statement offer plenty to cheer shareholders. For starters, the joint venture gold plant at Kizitepe clocked up £1.1 million of profits for Ariana in the six months to June, which compares well to the £1.8 million for the whole of 2017, and gold production for the half-year (annual target 20,000 oz) came in at over 12,000 oz and a statement that second half production is expected to exceed initial expectations. So far, so good. Of course, profit is a matter of opinion….let’s look at the balance sheet and cashflow.

To Guard Against the Prospect of a Falling Footsie, Try this Gold and Silver Outfit

Published 205 days ago

Hello Share Swiggers. If the market hits the rocks, as so many writers on this website and other top analysts predict, then one way of avoiding some pain is to have invested in gold. The most practical way of doing that is to buy shares in gold mining firms.

Petropavlovsk – “significant progress” with a “key objective” - BUY

Published 207 days ago

The recently returned management at Petropavlovsk (POG) are “pleased to have made significant progress” with one of their “key objectives” - “to achieve a solution to remove the company's guarantee of IRC's borrowings”

Gold: are we nearly there yet, Dad?

Published 213 days ago

Virtually every parent will have heard those words from a deeply frustrated small voice in the back of the car … similarly any bullion dealer from investors bemoaning gold’s sideways price action, despite some pretty alarming noises from the news stations.

Kefi – another small step forward: BUY

Published 225 days ago

We shareholders in Kefi (KEFI) are suffering an unusual torture, that is to say we can see the prize, a final go ahead for the Tulu Kapi gold mine in Ethiopia almost within our reach but just as we extend our hands there seems to be another delay. But the big last piece of the jigsaw (confirmation of project funding) is almost upon us so in the meantime we have to be content with minor titbits.

Bluebird Merchant Ventures – more progress at Kochang; strong buy

Published 229 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) has announced a progress update from Kochang in South Korea. It is …getting there...

Fresnillo offers a great way to have some silver exposure in your portfolio

Published 236 days ago

Silver has performed very badly in recent months and has hit the lowest levels that we have seen since the start of 2016, but there are plenty of reasons why you should have some exposure to the metal in your portfolio. 

Ariana – weak gold, Turkey problems but still a buy

Published 236 days ago

AIM-listed Turkish gold producer Ariana (AAU) released the quarterly update of its Red Rabbit joint-venture at Kiziltepe a week and a half ago. We had already been told that gold production had shot the lights out, but the update filled in the detail and it was all good. Meanwhile the gold price has been sliding and Turkey is in some considerable bother which is not good. But on balance I reckon the shares are still a buy.  

'No Deal' or 'Not No Deal' and How to Try to Protect Your Portfolio.

Published 239 days ago

Hello, Share Twiners. The Brexit wrangle so bores people that even the so- called more enlightened listeners of Radio Four's Today programme are turning off in droves in favour of mindless music channels. But is the likely effect on share prices going to ease or get worse?

Sprott Gold Report: Buying Opportunity as Gold and Silver Shorts Reach Record Levels

Published 239 days ago

Sprott is the world's best known resource investor so, after a sharp sell off in precious metals, its call that a sharp bounce is on the way should be taken in context. Over to analyst Shree Kargutkar...

Podcast: Precious Metals Capitulation, Sentiment Has Changed Drastically in the Last Month

Published 243 days ago

Brett Heath sees severe capitulation across the board from the metals to the majors and down to the juniors. Most of the majors are at or near 52-week lows. This looks like scary times, and both gold and silver are incredibly volatile right now.

Ariana Resources – cash flowing from Kiziltepe, a Buy

Published 244 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) has updated on performance from the Kiziltepe mine joint venture, emphasising “strong operational cash flow and “we remain fully on track to deliver on our production guidance for the year”

Podcast: Crash day in silver and gold

Published 247 days ago

It is not a good time to be a precious metals bull. In the latest podcast from Palisade Capital David Morgan discusses the recent drop in silver and how it is another “spike low.” He argues that these massive down days are often very sudden quick drops and that these “spikes” are a good entry and exit point if you’re looking to get into the market.

Ariana – Does Turkish Lira crisis means stance is downgraded? Er, NO!

Published 249 days ago

I have been an avid supporter of AIM-listed gold miner Ariana Resources (AAU) for a long time and have been advocating buying the shares since recommending them last February, as production approached. I like the company, I like head-hocho Kerim Sener who is, in my view, an exception on AIM in that he is straight and I think the news from the company’s joint venture mine at Kiziltepe has been exemplary. In particular, in the wake of the production update last month for Q2, I had been looking forward with some considerable excitement to the full results of that period. But we have a crisis in Turkey: is it a concern?

Why I would add more Randgold Resources whilst it is relatively cheap

Published 251 days ago

When a sector is showing weakness it can be tempting to sell up and move into something else, but often if you are in for the longer term then this is actually the time to be adding to your investment.

Sprott Gold Report: Gold Slumps on Trade War Fears

Published 255 days ago

Sprott is the world's largest resource investor so a) it knows what it is talking about b) it normally talks its own book. I am not greatly surprised to see gold having a rough patch given the irrational exuberance affecting most other asset classes. I am sure that will all change. Anyhow, over to an expert, Shree Kargutkar of Sprott Asset Management who writes:

Bluebird Merchant – last time it was look at the numbers on Kochang, now positive news on Gubong

Published 261 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) has updated that it has delivered “the final deliverable needed for the formation of the 50:50 joint venture with Southern Gold” and that the work “supports its previously stated view that the establishment of a low capital cost mine at Gubong is achievable”

Gold - blood in the streets?

Published 276 days ago

For those of you who are contrarians you will have heard the quip by Baron Rothschild that the time to buy is when there is "blood in the streets" and by extension, the time to sell is at the point of maximum euphoria - "this time it is different" are the kind of words that should make you bridle.

Video: Gold due a relief rally but bigger move is on hold

Published 277 days ago

In this week's video update from Palisade Capital and the only technical analyst we give any time to at all, Jordan Roy Burne discusses where the market is and why it failed to break-out. Traders were anticipating a breakout, and many are likely disappointed. The dollar is consolidating and now above the long-term moving average. Concerning GDX and GDX.J, things are still pretty dull. Jordan warns that “Silver is also on the verge of breaking down out of a triangle.”

Ariana – cracking update from Kiziltepe: buy

Published 283 days ago

AIM-listed Turkish gold producer and explorer Ariana Resources (AAU) announced its second quarter production numbers from its JV Kiziltepe mine this morning, and the numbers blew me away. With an annual target of 20,000 oz of gold production, it achieved 7,171 oz – a 47% increase quarter on quarter.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: from (Audio) Boom to Bust by Q1 next year? And the mystery Optibiotix bull unmasked

Published 288 days ago

Bearcasts may be sporadic over the next few days as I explain. By Wednesday I shall be mountain walking in Greece for my Woodlarks training. Think of me with the snakes and in 35 degree heat and donate HERE. Today I look at Optibiotix (OPTI), Audioboom (BOOM), Andalas (ADL), Frontera (FRR), Boxhill (BOX) and KPMG and in some detail at Jim Mellon's failing gold play Condor Gold (CNR).

The first bubble was crypto, now its cannabis, next up commodities

Published 290 days ago

James West has made money from the Canadian cannabis bubble, but...

Gold and the dog days of summer

Published 290 days ago

There is a rather tasteless joke that asks where you will find a dog without any legs ? ... Precisely where you left it. I am just back from holidays and that my friends has been how the gold market looks, precisely as it was... except.

Ariana Resources – Salinbas JORC exploration target potential - BUY

Published 296 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) says that it “is pleased to announce a Joint Ore Reserves Committee Exploration Target for its Salinbas gold project… of up to 2.7Moz gold and 16.1Moz silver established in the Salinbas area, excluding current JORC Indicated and Inferred Resources of c.1Moz gold”. So what is such an ‘exploration target’ and what does it mean here?

Avesoro Resources - strong performance is set to continue: the shares are a buy

Published 297 days ago

It often pays to be wary of companies that haven’t lived up to expectations in the past, but there are exceptions to that if the company fundamentally changes, especially if conditions in the market in which it operates also improves at the same time. 

Polymetal - mining sector shocker: underpromising and overdelivering

Published 298 days ago

Tuesday's update from London-listed, but Russia-focused, gold and silver producer Polymetal (POLY) was unusual in a couple of respects.

Yet another pump is underway at Greatland Gold

Published 301 days ago

The longer you follow the lower end of the AIM market, the more you realise that big share price movements are often more a result of a concerted pump than related to actual news that has been released.

Ariana Resources – positive Kizilcukur project update, remains a buy

Published 309 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) has announced latest work at its 100% owned Kizilcukur project “continues to highlight the potential for the project to become a satellite source of ore for the Kiziltepe mine”

Ariana – Kizilcukur news, still a buy

Published 311 days ago

AIM-listed Turkish gold play Ariana (AAU) has announced news of work at Kizilcukur, its wholly owned gold prospect 22km (but 50km by road) from its JV Kiziltepe mine. It is all very encouraging, if relatively minor.

Podcast: Eric Sprott - This is when gold will begin its climb

Published 312 days ago

Okay the man behind the world's best known resource investment group is talking his own book. But he is more often right than wrong.

New ESMA regulations are likely to have a negative impact on Plus500

Published 314 days ago

CFD trading platform Plus500 (PLUS) has had a very strong start to the year and its share price has risen by around 90% off of the back of a strong trading performance, but I would definitely question whether that is set to continue going forwards due to some regulatory changes which are about to come into effect.

Ariana – results: Good work, keep it up

Published 321 days ago

AIM-listed Turkish gold miner Ariana (AAU) has posted its FY17 results. As promised, there are some details of the Kiziltepe joint venture, the results got a clean audit (as opposed to last year which raised the need for more funding) and Ariana has offered the clearest indication yet of an end to dilutive placings. Overall, it makes a pretty happy read.

Centamin offers exposure to gold at a great price currently - buy

Published 321 days ago

Centamin (CEY) has taken a big hit to its share price over the past week or so and has seen getting on for £400 million wiped off of the value of the company.

Ariana Resources – significant resource increase at Kepez prospect, Buy

Published 322 days ago

An announcement from Ariana Resources (AAU) emphasises “significant resource increase at Kepez prospect” (part of the 50% owned Red Rabbit joint venture) and includes “in addition, we believe there is scope to enhance this resource further”

Metals Exploration - Its Number 1 fan writes again

Published 329 days ago

My last update on Metals Exploration (MTL) was greeted with a yawn and, such is the credibility gap - for the company if not my commentary on it as this has been a duff share tip - the shares have yet to add any lustre to the gold coming out of the ground. Yet along with year end figures last Thursday the company has confirmed that its BIOX treatment plant, after so many hitches, is now working fully up to speed.

Go Tell Mummy. Egypt's Centamin Waits Only for the Gold Price to Reach a More Realistic Level

Published 334 days ago

A load of people respected in the Big City, including our own Uncle Tom, believe that thinking ‘Gold’ is a jolly good mindset to have. After my current experience with Beaufort Securities, I am minded to buy a bar of gold and stick it under my bed. I could also buy the real thing from an agent and he or she will keep it for me.

Ariana – Q1 Kiziltepe quarterly report; still a buy

Published 346 days ago

AIM-listed Ariana Resources (AAU) released its quarterly report this morning for its joint venture mine at Kiziltepe in western Turkey. On the face of it the numbers were again good, although we had prior warning of that back on 16 April when the company released a preliminary production report for Q1. Today’s report fleshed that out a little.

You don’t have to be Nostradamus to recognise this stupidity will end one day

Published 348 days ago

Whilst a number of big investors see warning signs ahead for markets but are holding their positions, Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris is taking action: He’s put half of his $5.7 billion net worth into gold. He said in an interview last Monday that he believes gold prices will rally further, reaching $1,800 per ounce from just above $1,300 now, while “overvalued” stock markets crash. “In the end you have China and they will not stop consuming. And people also tend to go to gold during crises and we are full of crises right now,” Sawiris said at his office in Cairo overlooking the Nile. “Look at the Middle East and the rest of the world and Mr. Trump doesn’t help.”

UK Investor Show 2018 Video Gold & Mining session - Frisby, Van Dyke, Atherley et al

Published 351 days ago

 Chaired by Brian Kinane of Riverfort this was a real clash of ideas and featured Dominic Frisby, Paul Atherley of Berkeley (BKY), Richard Poulden of Wishbone (WSBN), Peter Bird of Asiamet (ARS) and - making a very welcome return - Amanda Van Dyke, now a fund manager.

Polymetal - grade, growth, cashflow, dividends

Published 354 days ago

First a hat tip to fellow ShareProphets scribe Gary Newman who absolutely called it three or so weeks ago when he wrote HERE, highlighting the overly negative reaction of Polymetal (POLY) shares to the news of varying sanctions on Russian corporate names and businessmen. After having an opportunity to speak with the management of the company last week, I completely agree with Gary's assertion.

Hummingbird Resources commences commercial gold production - buy

Published 355 days ago

There is fairly limited choice when it comes to UK listed gold producers, so it is good to see another option in the form of Hummingbird Resources (HUM), which has just declared that commercial production has commenced at its Yanfolila mine.

UK Investor Show 2018 Video: Kerim Sener of Ariana Resources

Published 359 days ago

Kerim Sener is the founder and CEO of AIM listed gold producer and explorer Ariana Resources (AAU). He is one of the nicest and most honest guys on the market and I think Ariana shares are cheap. To see what he had to say at the UK Investor Show 2018 watch the video below. Enjoy!

Metals Exploration - No: this time it really is a buy!

Published 362 days ago

Having stumbled badly on my, hitherto disastrous, share tip for Metals Exploration (MTL) in the summer of 2016 I stuck my neck out - correctly as it turns out - at the beginning of this month by a renewed tip for the accident-prone Philippines gold producer. 

Ariana – gold production update, still a buy - do the maths!

Published 370 days ago

AIM-listed Ariana Resources (AAU) served up a gold production update for its first quarter of 2018 (to the end of March). This is not the quarterly report for the period, which we are told is due in early May, so it is a little light on details but the production news is excellent.

Video: Rick Rule sees Resource Opportunities in Uranium, Cobalt, and Gold

Published 370 days ago

Rick Rule of the world's leading resource investor, Sprott says he has, of late, seen broadly increasing client and institutional interest which has been lead by strong private placements. This interest is being driven by 2017 commodity performance, and now the equities show good value.

Why does Avesoro Resources look so cheap on paper?

Published 371 days ago

West African gold miner Avesoro Resources (ASO) hadn’t been performing as well as investors had hoped since it started production, but things finally seem to all be coming together now.

Video: Setup for a Breakout in precious metals but When?

Published 372 days ago

Over to the only technical analyst not to be dismissed out of hand, Jordan Roy Byrne who argues that gold failed at resistance Wednesday but remains in position to break out anywhere from very soon to in the summer. Its increasing relative strength has brought it very close to a breakout. Meanwhile, the stocks are trading in tighter and tighter ranges and are set to move up aggressively and sustain it if Gold can close above $1360-$1370. It is all in the latest video from Palisade Capital.

Video: I Took My Advice & Sold My Cryptos to Buy Gold

Published 375 days ago

Jeff Berwick describes himself as an Anarcho-Capitalist, libertarian, and freedom fighter against mankind’s two most significant enemies, the State and the Central Banks. Good man.  He argues that the cryptocurrency ecosystem has had a lot of innovation and late last year the dumb money began investing. The January pullback was expected and needed. Many are glad there was a pullback as things were growing too fast. The potential of cryptocurrencies has not changed, there is still massive amounts of development. There is a lot of buzz in the cryptocurrencies, and it’s not going away.

Over-reaction to sanctions against Russia offers a buying opportunity in Polymetal International

Published 376 days ago

Sudden large drops in share price as a result of a knee-jerk reactions to political world events can present great buying opportunities at times, and I certainly believe that to be the case with the falls we have just seen in the value of many companies with operations in Russia.

GOLD Says "Peak Complacency"

Published 377 days ago

No one likes a whinger ... but I did find myself bemoaning the lack of quality news about precious metals AGAIN. Filling the news bucket on the world's favorite precious metals website -  is getting tougher and tougher every day. So it got me thinking ... is it really so ???

Metals Exploration the last bull in town is bullish again

Published 382 days ago

Hope springs eternal in the human breast though it has been tested to destruction for those who ever invested in gold miner, Metals Exploration (MTL). In the late summer of 2016 I thought the worst of iis woes were over. I was wrong for which humble apologies.

Video: Gold Breakout Above $1400 Coming in Next Two Months

Published 383 days ago

Eric Muschinski is an ex broker and hedge fund player who for seven years has penned the “Gold Investment Letter” so this call in the latest podcast from Palisade Capital may be seen as talking his own book but it is argued along rational lines. 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the investment case for gold and two shares I am likely to buy next week

Published 383 days ago

Tomorrow is the birthday of the Mrs so there may not be a bearcast. If not I shall be back on Wednesday morning ahead of a flight to New York on Global Shorting Conspiracy business. In today's podcast I look at why gold like my Wisdens is an investment. Then I discuss two shares in AIM stocks which, for very different reasons, I am considering buying next week and I'd like to thank one of my colleagues for - perhaps - giving me a chance to do so very cheaply. If you like bearcasts then remember that at UK Investor on April 21 one of many highlights will be a live bearcast with myself and Paul Scott. Make sure you book a free ticket HERE using the promotional code WINNIFRITH

Gold – a few observations

Published 384 days ago

I have been a bit of a fan for gold stocks – through thick and thin – for perhaps too long. In hindsight I wish I’d sold out in 2011. However, I’ve been further chewing over the podcast from Pallisade Radio with Jordan Roy-Byrne which went up on ShareProphets since last week since my observation that gold stocks appeared to offer an opportunity.

For some cheap exposure to gold, take a look at Highland Gold Mining

Published 388 days ago

Given what is going on in the markets and world in general at the moment, it would seem silly not to have gold featuring somewhere in your portfolio.

Asiamet Resources continues to make good progress and remains a long-term hold

Published 390 days ago

When it comes to AIM mining companies, the majority of them will fail dismally and won’t even come close to producing anything or selling on their ‘assets’, but occasionally one does come through which looks like it could really make it. Contrary to popular belief, there are actually a few decent mining outfits listed on AIM – including an old favourite of mine which I have covered here a few times in the past, Central Asia Metals (CAML) – and I believe that if it carries on delivering as it has done up until now, then Asiamet Resources (ARS) could soon join that select club.

The Big Reset Is Coming with Gold Going to $5,000

Published 392 days ago

Willem Middlekoop spoke at one of our shows a couple of years ago and is an inveterate gold bug. But this week his call is a gutsy one.  Willem discusses how the Bretton Woods system created our current financial system and how that system is nearing its end. Many countries around the world like China are preparing for a new world monetary system. Precious metals futures markets have a lot of paper manipulation occurring. Both China and the United States have a vested interest in low gold prices. The Chinese like low prices because they are accumulating and the U.S. Government prefers it because it makes the dollar look acceptable.

Are Bears set to go into the ascendancy, and will gold-bugs be smiling?

Published 392 days ago

A few things seem to be happening all at the same time which, for a bear, look as though markets may be set to reward those of a more negative persuasion. This week saw the Dow sliding below 24,000 again, gold spurted higher to just under $1350, Donald Trump looks set to cause a trade war, the EU and Russia’s Vladimir Putin are at loggerheads and at home it seems bumper pay increases for the public sector, which we can’t afford, are the order of the day. All this against a backdrop of threats to raise interest rates.

2018 is Likely to Set Off Large Gold Rally

Published 393 days ago

That raraity, a credible technical analyst, Jordan Roy-Byrne accepts that gold has been quite subdued of late. He is not predicting an imminent breakout although one should be looking to take advantage of the value out there. Juniors are unlikely to get much cheaper than where they are now, so there is minimal downside risk. Her argues that the market will improve it’s just a matter of timing. There is still a bit of time before we make the run up to $1375. Now is the time to do your research and find the best companies.

Buy Bluebird Merchant Ventures at 3.8p - target 12.8p or higher

Published 403 days ago

Okay, Bluebird (BMV) is a corporate client of broker SP Angel so take this report with a pinch of salt but analyst John Meyer is no fool - although he sometimes lacks a sense of humour. And the 24 page report is very detailed. And of course we own the shares and I do think they are cheap at 3.8p although I'm not sure that i am as optimistic as Meyer. Anyhow, he is the expert and writes: 

Ariana – production guidance: good news

Published 404 days ago

AIM-listed Ariana Resources has released production guidance at its JV operation at Kiziltepe in Turkey for 2018. The big headline is that the forecast gold production has been upped to 20,000 oz, but there are a few more interesting nuggets to be found.

Crusader Resources IPO should see plenty of interest

Published 404 days ago

Generally, I’m wary of the reasons for companies which are already listed on other exchanges deciding that they want to be dual-listed on the AIM market. This is especially the case when it comes to ASX companies operating in the natural resources sector, as in general the track record for those hasn’t been great, with often very little of substance being achieved despite large sums being raised on AIM. There are exceptions though...

A Monetary Shift is Underway that will Kill the Dollar.. so buy Gold?

Published 407 days ago

Fund manager Jamie Carrasco likes looking at the finances of the world from a geopolitical perspective. He says, “The Chinese use two symbols for danger, one signifies danger and the other can indicate wealth. We are on the cusp of some massive changes and the birth of a new system.” 

Video: Inflation Is Beginning To Rear Its Ugly Head

Published 421 days ago

Ignore what Ed Karr says about ramping his own stocks. What he says about inflation, a word unfamiliar to younger readers, is of real note. In this podcast from Palisade Capital, Karr discusses how you need to time the market cycles correctly. Gold is currently catching a pretty good bid, particularly with the recent dollar decline. We have seen an increase in volatility recently, and things are looking pretty good for precious metals. We could break through the 1350 level this year, and 2018 is shaping up to be an excellent year for gold.

Is Gold About to Breakout?

Published 422 days ago

Gold has rallied back close to trendline resistance. Will it push through this time? That will depend on if Gold can breakout in real terms (against stocks, currencies) as its strength over the past year has been driven by only US$ weakness. This is the question answered by the only half decent technical analyst on this planet, Jordan Roy Byrne in his latest Palisade Capital podcast.

Ariana Resources - company chat

Published 426 days ago

Following a company chat with Ariana Resources (AAU), I thought I would report back on a few things which came up...

I’m Attracted to Sectors that other People Hate says, a bullish, gold guru Rick Rule

Published 428 days ago

Rick Rule of Sprott reminds us all how the Trump administration stated that a weaker dollar would be helpful. Younger generations will bear the decision to provide the boomer generation with 1.5 trillion dollars in tax cuts. The interim spending bill will add 300 billion dollars to this year’s budget as well as considerable commitments to funding infrastructure with no mention of where the money will originate. The US dollars weakness can be summed up in this saying, “When your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep becomes your downfall.”

Randgold can overcome the problems in the Congo - buy

Published 434 days ago

It isn’t often that I look at shares in a FTSE100 company and can easily see a very high chance of a 25% or more gain in share price over the coming months.

Conroy Gold & Natural Resources: ShareProphets Translation service on today’s “business update”

Published 446 days ago

Delisted from the junior Irish market but still trading on AIM, Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) has put out a business update. The ShareProphets RNS Translation Service, having already had a field day on Telit this morning, is on a roll (original in bold)….

KEFI Minerals – financing manoeuvrings - even more of a BUY

Published 456 days ago

KEFI Minerals (KEFI) has updated on the most recent quarter, including on Tulu Kapi project financing and that “the final Tulu Kapi project models were agreed within the consortium and uploaded into the formal financing data rooms. They show some improvements for shareholders, as compared with recent company guidance”…

Video: Gold & Gold Stocks Set for Major Breakout in 2018

Published 456 days ago

Gold is positioned for a major breakout in 2018 and the gold stocks and Silver are not far behind. That is the claim of Jordan Roy Byrne the Technical Analyst at Palisade. In the video below he demonstrates his thesis  by analyzing 6 different charts and the key resistance levels these markets could test very soon.

Is Lionsgold really worth £19 million currently?

Published 457 days ago

The rise in shares of Lionsgold (LION) has got the attention of many, and it certainly looked as though news was leaked prior to an RNS later in the day. Having seen the share price dropping steadily of late, it suddenly surged more than 40% on much higher than normal volume. Initially it looked like just another pump, as this share has been very popular with private investors ever since its share price rose by around 500% in December and is very volatile, but then an RNS dropped informing the market that it was making a new investment, and it ended the day up nearly 90% at 4.55p on the ask.

Sharps Pixley: Precious Metals Forecasts 2018

Published 460 days ago

Ross Norman, the CEO of London's oldest gold bullion dealer Sharps Pixley will be among the speakers at UK Investor Show 2018 on April 21. Have you booked yet? Here are his precious metals forecasts for the year ahead.

Despite a big drop in share price Greatland Gold still looks expensive

Published 460 days ago

Investors who believed all the hype surrounding Greatland Gold (GGP) received a nasty shock this week when the share price collapsed, but for many of us who have been around the market for a while it didn’t really come as much of a surprise.

Momentum cannot Trump value indefinitely

Published 461 days ago

To understand why 2018 will be a catastrophe, imagine a magnificent mansion built with the finest materials and craftsmanship and furnished with the most expensive furniture, carpets and decorated with finest art. Now imagine this mansion is built on quicksand. It will have a brief shining moment and then sink slowly before finally collapsing under its own weight.

GOLD – If You’re Not Long, You Will Be Wrong - bitcoin & Metcalfe's Law

Published 463 days ago

Frank Holmes is chairman of a blockchain company (Hive) yet is a major gold bull. He became interested in the space when found out that the CEO of Fidelity a company with two trillion in funds has been discussing bitcoin. He says, “Something big is happening.

Tri-Star Resources - what is the end game for Odey?

Published 465 days ago

I can see why holders of Tri-Star Resources (TSTR) would be less than impressed with the recent open offer, especially given the huge discount to the share price prior to that. This isn’t a company which I have really followed closely in the past, but the recent large fundraising at a 92% discount to the previous share price, and subsequent approval at the general meeting this week, got my attention.

Tom Winnifrith New Year's Day Bearcast - 6 themes for the year ahead

Published 474 days ago

In this podcast I look at the threat to free speech & how it does hit financial markets as well as the wider world. I look at the end of the ZIRP and silly money era and how to play it, Unicorn hunting. I look at the advent of a selective bear market, at the unwind of the Consumer debt-fest and how to play that, I look at gold which will, I think shine, in 2018 and how you should play that. And finally I touch on the real threat to your wealth and how to prepare for a Corbyn government.

Video: Gold Stocks look very cheap but there are so many reasons why they have been total dogs

Published 483 days ago

Gold Guru Adrian Day notes that only two gold stocks have outperformed gold itself in recent years. This underperformance is one of the reasons why many investors are not particularly interested in the sector. There are many inherent problems in mining, and poor management decisions exacerbate this.

Sula Iron and Gold switches its focus to cobalt

Published 488 days ago

Sula Iron and Gold (SULA) has been a massive disappointment to investors in recent years, like so many other junior miners on the AIM market. It is also following a similar path to many others before it, in that it is on the verge of changing its name, as well as focussing the business in a different direction, but still within the mining sector.

UK General Election by the Spring?

Published 496 days ago

British voters increasingly think Brexit is being mishandled. This doesn’t mean they’re turning their backs on the idea of abandoning the European Union just on Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative government.

Polymetal looks a great buy at the current price

Published 496 days ago

Some investors avoid companies which operate in Russia and the surrounding area, but I believe that they are missing out if they take this approach with Polymetal International (POLY). The FTSE-250 precious metals miner has operations in Russia, Kazakhstan and Armenia and ever since listing has been returning cash to investors via dividends, and from the current share price of around 849p, I can see plenty of scope for capital appreciation as well.

Video: Rick Rule on bitcoin, gold stocks, the uranium opportunity and on the time to speculate

Published 499 days ago

Rick Rule of Sprott is perhaps the world's best known investor in resource stocks. This video interview will be controversial covering bitcoin, uranium, gold, dollar default and much more.

When gold bounces Centamin will shine

Published 500 days ago

Gold has been very difficult to read lately, with a lot of the swings making very little sense in the context of the events that have been driving them.

Pass the Welsh Gold mine parcel of shit - next up it's Alba

Published 503 days ago

And in today's most useless shuffling of worthless assets as an excuse for a disguised placing we revisit Gold Mines of Wales, the owner of the Dolgellau gold prospect in the heart of sheep shagging country.

2018 Likely to Set Off Large Gold Rally

Published 504 days ago

Technical Analyst Jordan Roy-Byrne's latest research unearths some interesting similarities with gold stocks compared to historical three-year bear markets. He found three that compare well; they are the S&P 500 during the great depression, the housing market during the global financial crisis, and Thailand in the mid-1990’s which had a huge bust. He describes how all of the recoveries afterward seem to follow a specific pattern and he sees that behavior in gold stocks. Those patterns ended after 14-24 months with prices moving upwards by 133% to 200%.

A gold bug writes about the biggest event since 1971 - the end of dollar dominance

Published 511 days ago

I have been contacted by a well known gold bug flagging up something that he regards as the biggest event since 1971 in his world. Over to Mr Bug.

It’s Time to Rotate Crypto Gains Into Forgotten Gold Stocks

Published 512 days ago

Like the rest of us, Jeff Berwick has been surprised by just how good the crypto space has done this year. He was telling everyone to buy bitcoin back in 2011 and has continued to recommend it. Jeff compares cryptocurrencies to the beginning of the Internet. It feels like we are entering the Internet 3.0 and Wall Street seems to be finally catching on. The bitcoin market is still tiny, and if it ever gets valued anywhere near gold, it will still go up thousands of percent. The entire thing is bizarre and mind-blowing.

Bluebird Merchant Ventures: Give it a rest with the “public holidays” BS, please!

Published 518 days ago

I thought I would give Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) a couple of weeks’ grace to come clean before getting stuck into what I perceived to be a classic piece of BS in its recent RNS relating to the delay in getting its results out leading to a “temporary” suspension. Time's up.

Video: Keith Neumeyer: The Numbers Sound Crazy, but I Predict $8,000 Gold & $130 Silver

Published 518 days ago

Yes it does sound crazy but we live in a crazy old world don't we? Keith Neumeyer argues that the reason the resource markets are lagging is due to institutions not entering the metal market.  The this is that until there is a crack in the major markets, we will not see institutional money flow into the mining equities. The market is quite similar to the year 2000 when it was flat and then took off. History is repeating itself. We need some sort of correction and sane-ness to enter the market. He feels the coming bull market will be quite impressive.

It Is Time for Gold to Shine

Published 525 days ago

Greg Orrell has 30 years experience in the resource sector. In this podcast he outlines where we are in the resource space and where we are going. He looks at this market as a hedge against financial uncertainty and currency risks.

Video: Rick Rule: Gold Investor Fatigue Is Going to Lead to a Rally of Epic Proportion for Gold Stocks

Published 530 days ago

Rick Rule of Sprott argues that there is capital misallocation on locating and extracting gold from the ground. Precious metals historically have been the most volatile part of the resource market. Reasons for this include the narrative around gold and silver being more interesting than say that of copper and coal. There is an allure to it. Thus there is a flaw in the way investors think. Investors that focus on precious metals likely do themselves a disservice.

Why I Hate Gold, But Still Like Gold Equities

Published 533 days ago

Resource guru Matt Geiger does not find gold as appealing as other metals. Much of the demand for gold comes from jewelry and investment. There is a lot of jewelry purchased in India and China. Very little gold is used in industry mostly because of the cost.

Video: Eric Sprott:Make no mistake… We are in a Resource Bull Market

Published 535 days ago

The keynote speaker at the recent Palisade Capital conference was Eric Sprott, perhaps the world's best known investor in resource stocks. Eric reckons we are in a bull market. Well he would wouldn't he. Eric stresses that Gold holds it’s value, unlike fiat money. It’s hard at times to recognize that we are in fact in a bull market; however, we are as the TSXVenture Exchange has had an excellent rally over the past couple of years.

Gold Stocks – Biggest Opportunity In Thirty Years

Published 537 days ago

Adrian Day admits that picking winners in the gold sector is not easy. A lot of people do not understand the inherent complexities in this industry such as high capital costs, low odds of success in exploration, and fixed assets that can be taxed or confiscated. When you look at the gold market not only is gold cheap but gold stocks are cheap even in comparison to gold. This, the gold guru argues, is the most significant opportunity in thirty years to buy gold stocks.

Fresnillo offers fantastic upside from further gold and silver strength

Published 538 days ago

Recent weakness in precious metal prices is creating some great opportunities in the equities which are affected by this, and has resulted in some mining shares dropping back to a share price level where they offer good risk versus reward.

Broader Market is Constraining Gold

Published 540 days ago

Gold is the pre-eminent form of money. That is the basic tenet of money manager Greg Orrell. He says that we have yet to see the worlds radical monetary measures play out and when that occurs there will be a shift back to gold. Gold reveals the monetary debasement of currencies, and this has been ongoing globally. Currently, we are in a sweet spot for gold investors since the rest of the world’s money is focused on regular markets.

Gold Is A Good Hedge and Investment

Published 546 days ago

Financial guru Per Wimmer is invested in the natural resource space and has seen both the good and bad times. He has worked with many entrepreneurs in the mining space. Wimmer says, “From an investment point of view you have to do your homework. Investigate the stories and the management teams.” He became interested in the mining sector before the last supercycle when he discovered that it was a no-brainer from a supply-demand perspective.

This is the Biggest Test for Gold Yet, if the Fed plays ball in December $1400 on the cards

Published 547 days ago

If you look at the 2011-2017 gold chart, we are facing the most significant trial yet says gold guru Lior. Gantz We managed to break through support, but that is being re-tested. If we can maintain support, we should see no further resistance up to $1400. This outcome is contingent on what the Federal Reserve does in December.

As We All Dread the Big Crash, Here Are the Magnificent Seven Ways to Save Your Wealth

Published 547 days ago

Hello, Share Pilots. There is so many predictions of a earth-shattering share crash on this lively website, that we must all be feeling nervous. We all remember a few black days, only nine years ago, when it began to look as all shares would be worth hardly anything at all. Picture your mind’s desolation if that were to happen again. Here are a few precautions you might take.

Precious Metals Video Update: Gold & Gold Stocks Bounce

Published 552 days ago

So gold and gold stocks have started to rally. What next? Over to Jordan Roy Byrne for his technical analysis with the latest podcast from Palisade Capital

James Rickards: War With Korea Inevitable A Black Swan Looms, sell shares buy gold

Published 553 days ago

This is the second time this year Jim Rickards has predicted a major stockmarket crash. Maybe he will be right this time. In this podcast Jim discusses how most financial concepts are easy to understand. Dollar and gold are an inverse relationship, and gold has dropped due to recent dollar strength. Throughout 2016 and 2017 the dollar has been weakening. The Euro has risen against the dollar, and this weaker dollar has translated into higher prices for gold.

KEFI Minerals - a buy as Tulu Kapi project progress continues

Published 556 days ago

A quarterly operational update from KEFI Minerals (KEFI) sees it emphasised it’s “pulling together our project funding for the Tulu Kapi gold project in Ethiopia for the closing planned for this year”. This and construction catalysts upcoming go together with a current massive discount to potential net present value…

Australian gold rush has given Greatland Gold a boost, but will it last?

Published 560 days ago

I’ve been following the Greatland Gold (GGP) story with interest, but have to admit that I remain very sceptical at this stage, especially given the rise in share price that the company has enjoyed recently.

Debt financing would give Vast Resources a boost - speculative buy

Published 561 days ago

The hardest thing for many of the smaller miners is actually making it to the production stage, and there are many that never get that far.

Buy Ariana Resources at 1.5p and at up to 1.55p with a target to sell of 2p+

Published 564 days ago

Declaration: We have tipped Ariana Resources (AAU)  before, helping our readers to bank offer to bid gains of 72% in one year. This time we are looking for a far more rapid re-rating. Our readers at HotStockRockets enjoyed this tip at a 1.45p offer but the shares - at a 1.5p offer are still a buy. Here's why....

London's oldest bullion dealer Sharps Pixley now accepts bitcoin

Published 572 days ago

I still do not understand bitcoin as a currency and store of value. For me, gold fills that space. Maybe I am just getting too old. But at least I am not yet 239. I refer not to Malcolm Stacey who is only 184 but to gold bullion dealer Sharps Pixley which was founded in 1778. It is now allowing folks to buy gold with Bitcoin using the processor Bitpay.

Platinum prices should benefit from disputes over new mining laws

Published 577 days ago

When it comes to precious metals, all the attention has seemingly been on gold and silver recently, but I think that people are making a mistake if they ignore platinum and the possible upside there.

Peter Schiff: Beanie Babies, Bitcoins, and What’s next?

Published 581 days ago

Libertarian Peter Schiff is a great hero of mine and I am glad to see him calling Bitcoin out as a bubble.

Bitcoin is Going to Drive Gold & Silver to All Time Highs

Published 582 days ago

I still really do not understant bitcoin but it seems to grip fellow libertarians like Dominic Frisby and, in this case, resource guru Doug Casey. In this Palisade Capital podcast, Doug discusses the commodity markets and why the most important thing is what they do cyclically. Most commodities are down 50% since 2011 and the dollar has lost 20%. Commodities remain quite cheap, particularly gold, silver, and copper. He discusses Junior miners and why now is a good time to get into these markets.

Silver to $100 and Gold to $5000 by 2018 or 2019

Published 584 days ago

Precious metals guru David Morgan is excited about the future of silver, “I have a lot tied to this sector. I’ve always felt that the highest calling you can have is to live your passion. You can be self-serving and serve others at the same time.” 

Gold To Test 2011 Highs, Look for Autumn Breakout

Published 585 days ago

In the latest podcast from Palisade Capital, gold guru David Skarica discusses the volatility in the market and the reasons for a coming decline. A fight over the budget, tax cuts, or the debt ceiling could create further problems. The technical foundations of the market have been crumbling in recent months. Gold is doing well although a bigger rally has not happened since the general market has held up.

Gold and Gold Stocks Remain Under-Owned and Under-Appreciated

Published 589 days ago

Adrian Day is, like me, an Austrian when it comes to economics and that is why, in this period of monetary lunacy and fiscal recklessness, gold has such an attraction for him. He is very bullish indeed. He argues that this year we've seen gold swing up and down several times, each time we have gone higher and had higher lows. This is a bullish pattern. It’s extremely encouraging that gold has held up well above 1300. Central banks are going to be very cautious from here.

Simple Charts Showing Why Gold Stocks Are Poised To Blast Off

Published 592 days ago

Okay, broker Palisade Capital focuses on resource plays so it is talking its own book. With that caveat, a short note it put out the other day caught my eye. It wrote: When gold began to rally in late 2015, investors breathed a sigh of relief. The longest resource bear market was finally over, and capital slowly began finding its way back into the mining sector.

6 tips, the one gold share that all must own, and six reasons why the stock market may crash in 2017 - The August edition of the UK Investor Show magazine is now live

Published 592 days ago

The August edition of the UK Investor Show Magazine is live featuring six share tips, the one gold share that all must own, and six reasons why the stock market may crash in 2017 and much more.

Altyn – some interim results disappointment... but here is why you buy

Published 593 days ago

Tipped by ourselves in April, shares in precious metals miner and explorer in Kazakhstan Altyn (ALTN) initially performed reasonably, but subsequently slipped back – and currently even more so on the back of a half-year results announcement…

Silver to Outshine Gold In A Major Way

Published 595 days ago

Fund manager Matt Geiger thinks we were in a consolidation period of this precious metals bull market for the past year. He doesn’t see much downside from here. It’s been a relatively healthy period for investors to get into the market. In terms of the gold price we are more likely to reach $1400 than to see $1200 again, he argues.

Eric Sprott: Gold Is Going to $5,000 and then $10,000 per ounce

Published 599 days ago

Of course the world's best known investor in resource stocks is talking his own book. But it is a big call made in the latest podcast from Palisade Capital. In it, Eric discusses the recent gains in gold and silver. In 2016 stocks went up 160% in six months, we could be looking for something similar in the gold sector. It’s a tiny part of the overall market that could explode quickly.

Is the Fed done tightening? Maybe - that's got to be good for gold - Sprott

Published 601 days ago

Spot gold has spent the past seven months in a tight trading range between $1,200 and $1,300 per ounce. Given the stored force inherent in such a trading pattern (Figure 1, below), history suggests a breakout, whether up or down, is likely to be characterized by steep slope.  The question remains, which direction will gold follow? Sprott analyst Try Reik reckons the major breakout will be on the upside and explains why in the detailed note below.

Rick Rule: Base Metals Are Breaking Out, Stocks Are Next

Published 603 days ago

Rick Rule of Sprott is perhaps the world's best known resource imvestor. He feels that recent negative sentiment in the gold market may be a good contrarian indicator. Gold has maintained its strength this summer in the face of general economic complacency. The mining industry itself has become the financier of choice to high-quality juniors. There is a quiet confidence amongst large investors that is astonishing. This sort of investor has replaced the generalist hedge fund. Capital that is patient and knowledgeable is replacing capital that is ignorant and short term oriented.

Political Uncertainty Will Drive Precious Metals to New Heights

Published 608 days ago

Gold guru Byron King notes recent US domestic news surrounding the media and those trying to control the narrative. The media’s recent interest in Confederate statues and how this is an ongoing massive political battle and distraction being waged between the deep state and those trying to be free of big government. King argues that if Donald Trump can’t push through tax cuts and infrastructure improvements, then everything that was supporting the rising stock market will begin to crumble. Capital will flow into the under appreciated precious metals sector if there is any loss of confidence in the larger financial markets.

Bluebird Merchant good news from the land of the dog eaters: buy

Published 608 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) has announced that work is now underway to open up three entrances to the mine at Gubong in South Korea. The target entrances were found using Ground Penetrating Radar, chatting to the locals and from historical information on what was once the country's second biggest gold mine.

Goldman Sachs Portfolio Manager Says All Time Highs for Gold Coming Fast

Published 609 days ago

Ali Zamani argues that gold has been in a bull market since the end of last year. The start of bull markets often go unnoticed; it’s a grind. However, we are making higher highs and higher lows. He looks at the most successful macro investors and many have come out recently with breakout calls. The ground is fertile, the charts look good, and the base is in, gold will rise quicker than most people think. Indeed he explains why gold will hit new record highs ssoner than most folks think.

Another day and another snippet of good news from Kefi Minerals - buy at up to 6p - target 13p+ to sell

Published 615 days ago

Kefi (KEFI) has announced that it has managed to reduce the amount needed to bring the Tulu Kapi project in Ethiopia into production by another $8 million. Following news of the $135 million Oryx funding last month the shortfall Kefi faced was $32 million, it is now just $24 million.

Ariana – gold price, production news and share price

Published 616 days ago

After my mea culpa of June 20th we have had further news. It has taken a bit of time to digest, but overall it looks positive to me, if rather laced with jam-tomorrow. With the share price finally off its low point of just 1.25p, let’s look through the detail.

Kaz Minerals offers a buying opportunity on this dip

Published 616 days ago

Kaz Minerals (KAZ) is a great example of the extent that commodity prices can effect larger miners, and the recovery in copper prices has seen the share price trading at multiples of where it was just 18 months ago.

Kefi a buy at 5.5p worth 26p says broker Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Asa Bridle

Published 618 days ago

I see a note about how this research is only meant for funds with $100 million under management but as it is house broker, so clearly not impartial, Cantor's job is to promote the stock so I am sure it will not mind me giving it a wider airing. As it happens, analyst Asa Bridle is no fool so I am not ignoring what he says completely. We own the shares and think they should be trading at 13p+. But 26p? Over to the expert...

Kefi - lifting of state of emergency in Ethiopia, good news BUY

Published 621 days ago

Kefi Minerals (KEFI) has its flagship operation, the Tulu Kapi gold mine ( to be) in Ethiopia. One by one the checklist of things needed to complete to get this mine into production has been dealt with.

Gold Just Reached Major Inflection Point - Big Move Coming

Published 625 days ago

Palisade Capital's TA expert Jordan Roy Byrne is still short term bearish on gold and  on the sidelines in this market. But something big could be about to happen.

Buy Bluebird Merchant Ventures at up to 2.5p

Published 625 days ago

*Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) is a former unsuccessful share tip  of ours – though our 3.5p July sell advice has proven correct, with the shares presently at a 2.5p offer price. However, there is now a new CEO and a new focus which leaves the shares materially undervalued at the current sub £5 million market cap and we are expecting more news soon...

Asiamet is well placed to benefit from future copper shortages

Published 630 days ago

Copper prices have remained volatile but continue to push higher, and if this continues it will be a very bullish signal for both producers and those looking to bring new projects online.

Conroy Gold - boardroom coup now surely a slam dunk as Gonella ups his stake

Published 639 days ago

I've known Andrea Gonella for ages. We have never, to my knowledge, met but have oft corresponded by email. He resides, I think, in Belize and seems to spend a lot of his time fishing. Lucky chap. He is also minted and someone who has for ages believed that Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR) sits on a very interesting gold deposit in some of those counties of Ireland that are part of God's own Kingdom of Ulster but are these days in the Republic of Ireland. However...

Bitcoin or gold - which is the real safe haven or store of value?

Published 639 days ago

Naturally Sprott Asset Management, as the world's best known resource investor, favours gold but, and this may surprise you, it does see a case for bitcoin exposure. Its latest monthly report discusses the battle: Bitcoin vs Gold. Over to analyst Trey Reik who writes:

Major Autumn Rally Coming in Gold & Gold Stocks

Published 640 days ago

We are seeing pretty classic gold action. Gold stocks are normally more volatile when compared to the regular markets. The U.S. system is currently very dysfunctional, nothing seems to get done, just like it was under Obama. Overall this will affect the psychology with the dollar. The Canadian dollar and gold charts look very similar since these are tied to natural resources. The Canadian dollar improvements in recent weeks have caused Canadian mining stocks to move up in US Dollar terms. We still need some sort of catalyst, an external event, some small drop in the markets to get things started. People are going to be surprised how quickly gold heads for the all-time high.

Kefi - Project Funding for Tulu Kapi secured: game on! BUY

Published 642 days ago

To those who sold we could say "oh ye of little faith" but we cannot entirely blame you, Kefi Minerals (KEFI) has taken a good while to deliver but it has now done so in spades. The company has announced that it has signed terms for $135 million of project funding with Oryx Management Limited to finance and operate all the on-site infrastructure at the Company's Tulu Kapi Gold Project in Ethiopia. The planned financing package also includes funding finance charges during a 30-month construction and production ramp-up period. Game on!

Video: Gold, silver and precious metals - the primary trend is down

Published 645 days ago

In this video from Jordan Roy Byrne, Palisade Capital covers Gold and Silver and where they could go over the very short and medium term. It also covers gold stocks which are trending lower slowly but remain in a massive multi-year bottoming process. Overall the picture is one that will make the bears not the bulls happy bunnies.

Why the Federal Reserve is doomed to failure, and soon - and how to hedge against it

Published 646 days ago

Jekyll Island is a real place, off the coast of Georgia, it marks the birthplace formation of the Federal Reserve System. In 1910 a group of wealthy bankers and industrialists met and formulated a plan to take over the money system. In this podcast G Edward Griffin discusses why - 104 years later - the Fed is doomed and will fail.

Spectacular H2 2017 rally in gold is on the cards

Published 649 days ago

We are building a good base for a spectacular second half of this year; people are in a state of panic and sentiment is at the bottom. So says gold guru Florian Grummes.

If all else fails - buy a lithium licence! The "business plan" for AIM joke Arian Silver

Published 651 days ago

When a tiny AIM company suddenly becomes popular all over Twitter and the bulletin boards, and without any real news to justify that sudden attention, then you have to question why it is happening.

Silver is due a bounce - Hochschild will benefit

Published 654 days ago

Silver has been incredibly volatile this year with large swings, but it is now back at a level where I can see a good chance of a bounce coming, and that in turn offers upside on producers of the precious metal.

July Is Going to be Very Ugly for Gold & Gold Stocks

Published 661 days ago

This is not the normal fare from gold bulls Palisade Capital. The firm's technical analyst Jordan Roy Byrne is uber bearish warning that July will be awful for both gold and gold stocks. Watch the latest video from Jordan, for a TA saddo he is better than most. All we need now is the Sith Lord Zak Mir saying that the charts look bullish and the bear case would be complete.

In Gold We Trust 2017

Published 662 days ago

A year ago Ronald Stoeferle stated that we were at the very beginning of a bull market in gold, He was wrong. He says that was stopped by Donald Trump. Gold and commodities are dirt cheap when compared to stocks. Equities, bonds, and real estate are at or near their all time highs. He thinks the dollar is close to rolling over.

56 tonne gold sale in 60 seconds rocks bullion market: muppets at play?

Published 664 days ago

At 09:00 this morning gold was rocked by a 56 tonne (1.8 million ounce) gold sale - but it remains a mystery who ... and why.

Walk like an Egyptian & Consider Grabbing A Glittering Interest in this Big Miner - Just in Case

Published 664 days ago

Hello Share Peelers. Some of the smarter minds in the big city keep telling us that gold will explode in value sooner or later. And yet the price of the yellow stuff is not exactly exploding. Never mind, if only as a hedge against shares in all other sectors, it makes sense to maintain an interest in gold.

Precious Metals Video Update: Downside Risk Increasing

Published 671 days ago

In light of base rate increases in the US, technical analyst Jordan Roy Byrne is getting more cautious on the outlook for gold and precious metals. From a fundamental as well as a TA perspective he explains why in the latest podcast from Palisade Capital.

A Tsunami of Selling in Gold Miners Is About to End

Published 674 days ago

In this week's podcast from Palisade Capital Frank Holmes discusses how the GDXJ became just a buying index with no separation of value and little understanding of who was doing well fundamentally. The re-balancing has created a large uncertainty with five billion dollars initially moving into the space and now three billion dollars leaving it. This will affect many of the small and mid cap producers. The investment money is being reallocated to the big names like the Barricks, the Newmonts, and the Goldcorps of the world. Holmes argues that you should use this as an opportunity, as some of these stocks have been sold down indiscriminately even though they are reporting phenomenal fundamentals.

Sharps Pixley sees 252% increase in demand for physical gold – are you surprised?

Published 678 days ago

According to leading bullion dealer Sharps Pixley, the elections leading to a 'hung parliament' in the UK have seen a rush into physical gold by investors, as the country slips into a political vacuum. The uncertainty both in the UK and indeed geopolitical concerns across the globe have fed into firmer gold prices which have risen 11% so far in 2017 in international markets.

Kefi FY results - numbers irrelevant - this is the key statement: BUY

Published 682 days ago

For what it is worth Kefi Miinerals (KEFI) lost £1.233 million last year. That is academic. Following the recent placing and VAT refunds from the Ethiopian Government cash is not an issue. What matters and what will drive a re-rate of the shares - now at 5.57p - is progress on the development of the Tulu Kapi gold mine.

Glittering News Boosts Faith in the Sula Principle

Published 682 days ago

Hello Share Squawkers. As the share price is taking a breather - well, a bit of a relapse to be honest - I thought I should revisit a big hope of mine, Sula Iron & Gold (SULA).

Petropavlovsk - time for the Takeover Panel to intervene to stop Russian Roulette?

Published 685 days ago

As a regular reader of the Russian publication Kommersant I bring you an article on Petropavlovsk (POG). Forgive the poor translation but the meaning is clear. If this article is correct, it is clear that those trying to oust the board are working in concert as part of a far wider plan or corporate activity. That is one reason we have voted FIML's shares in favour of the board and against the very dodgy rebels and urge you all to do the same. Surely this is something that the Takeover panel should be investigating as a matter of urgency?

ECR Minerals - all the China Money now in! Like pulling Dragon's Teeth

Published 688 days ago

After numerous delays ECR Minerals (ECR) has announced that all the cash promised by Shenyang Xinliaoan Machinery Co Ltd in the 27 February £553,564 placing is in. As a result of the delays the Chinese had already coughed up about half of that amount in non refundable deposits. But now all the cash is in and new shares will be issued in due course. Phew! What a relief. This has been like pulling dragon's teeth. The shares have responded by moving ahead sharply - another winning share tip from the team!

FED Policy Turns Bullish For Gold

Published 690 days ago

Gold guru Mike Swanson was expecting a market pullback last year, however the Trump election caused him to go long on the market. Initially these administration changes could have driven the markets and stimulated the economy. He doesn’t think that Trump will get much done on these fronts and most of his promises are probably not going to materialize.

Data shows the US Economy is very weak indeed but rates will rise - Peter Schiff

Published 692 days ago

Peter Schiff is a libertarian a gold bug and a hero of mine. So I listen to what he says. His latest podcast - not surprisingly - has a similar world view to mine. The Fed is now indicating it needs evidence that  the Q1 weak economic data is transitory and not a trend.  This is interesting for 2 reasons.  The Fed’s narrative has always been to tout economic growth even in the face of flimsy or no supporting data.  Now the Fed is actually admitting there is weakness.  The other interesting thing is that, although the Fed continues to claim it is “data dependent”, it has been ignoring the economic data ever since the first rate hike.  The market puts chances of a June rate hike at almost 100%.  Maybe that is because it believes the Fed will raise rates regardless of proof.

Kefi Minerals - revised DFS published - look at NPV! BUY

Published 695 days ago

Kefi Minerals (KEFI) has published a new DFS ( Definitive Feasibility Study) for the Tulu Kapi project - its first since 2015 and its last before it completes its financing needs and heads towards the construction of an open pit gold mine in Ethiopia.

10 Reasons why Gold really is going to head much higher - do not miss out

Published 697 days ago

The world's best known resource group Sprott has published its monthly report and warns again that those with no gold exposure will lose out big time. Analyst Troy Reik writes:

Will Next Market Crash Be Like 2008 Or 1973? History Predicts An Amazing Run In Gold & Gold Stocks

Published 705 days ago

Gold bugs will need no convincing. Gold bears will say yadda, yadda, yadda. But for those on the fence this research note from Palisade is worth a read. Beware of the risks of having no gold exposure in your portfolio.

Gold & Silver To End the Year on an Upswing

Published 707 days ago

There were spectacular gains in gold and silver last year and that has affected people’s expectations since most of those gains have now been given up. In the near term we will likely test support at $16 silver and $1200 for gold - that is the warning from gold guru Brad Cooke. But... The Fed has set a course of quarterly rate increases that is faster than economic growth which is a formula for stagflation and recession, when this happens investors holding gold and silver investments will do well.

The United States Is Hosting A Debt Party – $2,000 Gold Is Coming

Published 713 days ago

Palisade has been a perma bull of gold. We think that its target for the yellow metal is er..optimistic. But we are bulls and anyone without material gold exposure - c15% - is, in our view, bonkers. Anyhow from Palisade a reminder of the bull case.

Another good update from Randgold Resources - still a buy

Published 713 days ago

I have been a fan of Randgold Resources (RRS) for a long time and the latest update from the company continues to support my bullish view here.

Targeting a Summer Low for gold - perma bulls warn of short term weakness

Published 715 days ago

Perma bull of gold and precious metals Palisade Capital seems to have become a bit less bullish, indeed it warns of a summer sell-off in the latest video with chartist Jordan Roy-Byrne.

Ariana remains a buy after resource update

Published 717 days ago

I recently wrote a piece HERE expressing my surprise that the share price of Ariana Resources (AAU) had failed to react positively to good news, so it probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise that a decent update on its resource actually resulted in the share price closing slightly lower.

Can You Guess The Worst & Best Performing Commodities of 2016 & 2017?

Published 719 days ago

This is interesting research from Palisade and the answers may suprise you. And should inform your investment decisions. Before reading, take a guess at the three best and worst performing commodities of 2016 and 2017! Ok now go…

Buy Altyn at a 1.99p offer

Published 720 days ago

Recent years have been ones of transition from open pit towards underground mining for Altyn (ALTN). However, production is now starting to increase again - and the anticipated marked increase from current levels looks far from discounted in the present valuation. As such, the shares are a buy

Now is the time to buy gold stocks and don't rule out a Le Pen victory

Published 721 days ago

I'm not so sure about his call on the French Election but gold commentator Louis James makes a persuasive case for exposure to the yellow metal in this week's podcast from Palisade Capital. He argues that we have turned the corner and it’s onwards and upwards from here. When gold takes out $1400 a lot of the bears will quiet down. Now is the time to get in near the ground floor, while we still in the initial stages of a major bull run that will put 2011 to shame.

Golden Saint - now 8,822,256,582 shares in issue after latest bailout placing - what is the AIM shares in issue record?

Published 721 days ago

Another day and another bailout placing from Golden Saint Resources (GSR) leaves it with 8,822,256,582 shares in issue. Floated at 10p, the shares are now 0.02p but how close is it to the record books?

Rick Rule: This Bull Market in Gold Is in its Infancy, A Lot Of Money Is About to Be Made!

Published 722 days ago

Rick Rule of the world's biggest resource investors, Sprott, is bullish He sees a very interesting market, which flirted with an upside breakout, that failed. He feels the GDXJ took quite a hit, damaging momentum traders expectations, in the near term that damage will likely increase. The opportunity this summer is in capital that is increasingly supplied by the ETF’s, towards the GDXJ components. The non GDXJ components are left lagging and that could be an arbitrage opportunity. You should see mergers and acquisitions with the components acquiring the non-components.

Petropavlovsk - Q1 2017 production results further boost shares

Published 723 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has announced first quarter of 2017 production results supporting a level of production towards the top end of the 2017 forecast of 420,000-460,000 ounces of gold…

Kefi - another box ticked - all on track for construction 2017: Buy

Published 724 days ago

Kefi Minerals (KEFI) has announced another box has been ticked as it moves towards constructing the Tulu Kapi gold mine in Ethiopia. It has finally agreed with the Government plans to resettle the folks who live around the mine away from operations. And with that done it states "The objective for the Government of Ethiopia and KEFI is for construction to commence in H2-17."

Petropavlovsk - 2016 results help shares higher: far more to go

Published 724 days ago

London main-market listed, gold miner in Russia Petropavlovsk (POG) has announced results for the 2016 calendar year, emphasising a return to profitability and a refinancing of bank debt - enabling it not to have to divest part of the value in its core organic growth development project, the POX Hub…

Surprising lack of interest in Ariana

Published 725 days ago

Given that the company is now producing gold, I’ve been somewhat surprised by the lacklustre response that the market has given Ariana Resources (AAU) since that news came.

Sprott - why gold is going to carry on heading higher

Published 725 days ago

The world's best known resource investors Sprott  says that its  investment thesis for gold is significantly long-term in scope.It explains clearly why recent gains will continue and that means you all need an exposure to the yellow metal. Over to Sprott:

TODAY: Patience, patience, patience and yet more patience - that is the key to making money from shares

Published 726 days ago

Making money from shares is simple. Well it should be. Buy cheap. Hold. Hold. Hold. Hold, and finally sell when the shares have delivered you big gains. Where so many folks go wrong is getting impatient and not being prepared to hold, hold, hold. Let us tell you about Symphony Environmental (SYM) which we tipped at a 6.75p offer just over three years ago. It did nothing for ages....

Silver Reaching a Major Inflection Point – Investors Beware!

Published 726 days ago

The COT report reveals the large paper short and long positions in silver. Currently it appears to be indicating a small downtrend in the silver market. In this week's Palisade podcast David Morgan discusses how silver markets move and how they can be pushed to the downside once investors run low on cash, as banks will short the market at opportune moments.

Video: Making money from gold and mining shares, a Main Stage discussion from UK Investor Show 2017

Published 729 days ago

In this video from the storming success that was the 2017 UK Investor Show, Peter Hambro of Petropavlovsk (POG), Tony Manini of Asiamet Resources (ARS), Ross Norman of Sharps Pixley, Paul Atherley of Berkeley Energia (BKY), Dominic Frisby and Brian Kinane of Riverfort Global Capital discuss making money from gold and mining shares. And make sure that you keep April 21 2018 free for next year's UK Investor Show.

Orosur looks under-valued as gold shows continued strength

Published 732 days ago

Orosur Mining (OMI) certainly isn’t amongst the more popular resource stocks on AIM and trading volumes are often verging on non-existent, but I believe that many are missing an opportunity here as they go chasing rainbows with companies that are years away from production, assuming they ever actually get to that stage!

Ariana – tip update: production, rising gold, shares down. What?

Published 735 days ago

I suggested that AIM-listed gold (then) explorer and now producer was a buy a couple of months back as we awaited the commencement of production. At the time the spread was 1.7-1.85p per share and they duly headed north as the final bits of paper arrived and the first pour was announced, only for the shares to fall away again. Meanwhile the gold price has been a one-way ticket north. I’m very puzzled - what is going on? With humble apologies for the performance thus far…I still reckon it is a buy and here is why.

Gold Poised - $1291 Is A Game Changer

Published 737 days ago

Gold is poised to crack the critically important $1291 level which is a trendline going to back to the all time high on September 22nd 2011 when gold hit $1922 an ounce.

Opera Investments: Third time lucky but a sad farewell

Published 738 days ago

Mixed emotions for me this week as it looks like one of the more entertaining stars of the Sub-Standard Shockers XI, Opera Investments (OPRA), may finally have done a decent looking deal with the Kibo Mining (KIBO) gold assets; however, it looks like it will be heading off for the sunnier climes of AIM as a result, leaving my squad ever so slightly weakened.

The Dow is Heading Down, Gold Set To Go Sharply Higher

Published 743 days ago

In this week's podcast from Palisade, David Skarica claims there is a potential for a market decline especially if Trump is unable to make the tax and stimulus reforms that he campaigned on. Many things have been priced into the market based on the early enthusiasm over his promises, as a result there could be an unraveling and that should have a negative effect on the market. The upcoming national debt ceiling limit could be a political hot spot for this administration as well.

If You Expect Gold to Shine, Here's a Company to Look At

Published 747 days ago

Hello Share Tasters. At the big UK Investor Show, just gone, I confided on the stage that I’d invested in Sula (SULA), a gold and iron company, because I read a piece from Uncle Tom on this tremendous website. This quoted another expert who felt that Sula was a possible ten-bagger in the making.

Wishbone – Good News from Honduras

Published 751 days ago

AIM-listed gold trading play Wishbone (WSBN) has announced the signing of a joint venture deal SION Honduras which will provide funding and expertise to existing small gold mines in Honduras so as to assist with the increase in production. The good news for Wishbone is that the deal involves all the output from those mines being supplied to Wishbone – at preferential prices – in a deal which runs for 30 years.

Ariana – landmark first gold/silver pour at Kiziltepe

Published 756 days ago

AIM-listed gold and silver in Turkey play Ariana Resources (AAU) has announced the first gold/silver pour at its new joint venture Kiziltepe plant in Turkey. It has been a long road but this marks the moment when Ariana completes the transition from explorer to producer – cracking news for head honcho Kerim Sener and his team. So what now?

How to Profit in a Sideways Market for gold

Published 756 days ago

Gold seems to be tracking sideways pro tem but that does not mean that gold shares will track sideways too. You can make big returns in such a climate claims Steve Todoruk a senior figure within Sprott, the world's leading investor in resource stocks. Steve opines:

Ali Zamani: Former Goldman Sachs Manager Says Gold And Gold Stocks Are Best Investment

Published 757 days ago

In this week's podcast from Palisade, Ali discusses how people compare the current financial situation to those of the past, however the big picture is usually different, as the underlying economic circumstances have changed. The US has real competitors unlike the 1950’s and the demographics are radically shifting. The US deficit will continue to grow in part due to baby boomer retirements, their pensions and health care.

ECR Minerals - New Aussie Gold license, things are starting to bubble

Published 758 days ago

With funds replenished by the recent placing the new management team at ECR Minerals (ECR) is - as predicted - not hanging around. The shares are well up on our share tip  at a 1.7p offer, at 1.9p-2.05p. If you can get stock at 1.9p you should do so - our target to sell remains 2.5p+ and we expect to be there soon. The newsflow is only just starting.

Precious Metals Video Update: Short-Term Upside But How Much?

Published 763 days ago

In this video Jordan Roy-Byrne of Palisade discusses the short-term upside potential in gold stocks and the key resistance levels. It would be a good sign for miners if they can test their February highs. Otherwise, the sector would remain in a trading range.

About bloody time ...good news from Petropavlovsk: buy

Published 765 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has updated on its pressure oxidation hub development, with construction activities having fully resumed following bank debt refinancing.

Rates Up - Gold Up - Why ??

Published 766 days ago

To observers of financial markets it must seem odd that they often behave exactly the opposite to what is expected. Explaining it is also a strange thing too.

Egyptian Miner Centamin's Shares Have Not Mummified and May Come Alive Now

Published 766 days ago

Hello Share Scuffers. As the world wobbles around on top of a gyrating beachball of economic uncertainty, mostly caused by a roller-coasting oil price, gold seems as good a bet as any. Currencies are nearly all under threat, it seems to me, which leaves gold in a great position. But apart from buying gold bars, which is inconvenient, we must consider investing in gold miners.

Peter Schiff Rate Hike Odds Surge As GDP Forecasts Collapse

Published 776 days ago

Libertarian gold bug Peter Schiff is one of my heros and his latest podcast reminds us all why the stockmarket may be hitting recorcd highs but it is clearly way overvalued.

Opportunities Abound in Mining shares, How To Find Them? Gold, Uranium, and Phosphates

Published 777 days ago

2017 will be a lucrative year, as we have seen the bottoming of the bear market. Uranium appears to have reached it’s bottom in early December. We are in the beginning of a new uranium bull market which should last for three to four years. The agriculture minerals are under-invested and phosphates may be a straight forward play. And gold shares will also have a run.

Ariana – more to come as we await final sign-off for production

Published 784 days ago

I marked out Turkey-base gold/silver soon-to-be producer AIM-listed Ariana (AAU) as a buy a couple of weeks back at 1.85p bid. Construction at the Kiziltepe facility was almost complete and the company had indicated that a weather window allowing the last bits to be finished had opened up. The RNS duly followed. Now we await word of technical sign-off of the tailing dam, Ministry sign-off and then a local government operations permit and it is all go.  Meanwhile we have had exploration news from Tavsan suggesting significant resource growth potential.

The inflation genie is out of the bottle and that is great news for gold - Peter Schiff

Published 791 days ago

Libertarian gold bug Peter Schiff is one of my heros and his latest podcast reminds us all why we need material gold exposure in the months that lie ahead. Inflation is back!

Political and Market Uncertainty Is Driving The Rush For Gold

Published 793 days ago

In this week's Palisadce Capital potcast Peter Spina explains the recent market action and how gold stocks have historically lead the spot price. There is considerable support near $1100, and long term resistance at $1275. This level may well translate into resistance to the upside, once through it though, expect $1475 to $1500. He is seeing growing Wall Street and Chinese speculation in the market, there seems to be a general rush for gold.

Ariana – company chat clearing up a few misunderstandings

Published 794 days ago

I said at the weekend that having several times met Kerim Sener, MD at AIM-listed Ariana Resources (AAU), I felt that he was the exception to prove Mark Twain’s rule. In recommending Ariana (1.85p on the offer at the time, so I’m happy to see the shares now on a spread of 2p -  2.15p) my view was that plant completion, production and therefore cashflow were imminent. We’ve had the completion RNS and we now await the paperwork to allow everything to roll. But who gets first dibs at the bunce?

Ariana – good news: construction complete. Now for paperwork….

Published 796 days ago

Great stuff this morning from AIM-listed Ariana (AAU). The last bits of work to get the mining plant at Kiziltepe were indeed completed during the 10-day window of improved weather as previously indicated by the company, and as I had speculated at the weekend. Red Rabbit is ready to roll - now it is down to the final paperwork trail and then it is all systems go. The transition from pie-in-the-sky explorer to gold/silver production and cash-flow is almost complete.

Ariana – a buy as we await that production RNS

Published 798 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) is on the cusp of announcing the commencement of gold and silver production from its Kiziltepe mine, part of the Red Rabbit project in Turkey. But for recent extreme weather conditions it would be there already, but the signs are that the big news of final completion and the move to production are imminent and I expect the shares to react positively when the RNS is finally released containing the word “production”.

The bull case for gold from the team at Sprott

Published 802 days ago

The world's best known investors in precious metals, Sprott Asset Management has published a detailed 22 page report explaining why gold will head higher and will do so fast after the Q4 post Trump correction. Analyst Trey Reik notes that:

Asa Resource looks attractive but isn't without risk

Published 804 days ago

Any sort of background legal dispute involving smaller AIM companies is often a red flag to investing, but in the case of Asa Resource Group (ASA) I can still see value and potential here, even taking into account the recent legal challenge to its operations in Zimbabwe.

Precious Metals Video Update: Bearish Reversal in Gold but Miners Show Relative Strength

Published 804 days ago

Gold formed a bearish reversal on its weekly chart right at a confluence of strong resistance at $1220/oz.If this reversal holds, then what happens to the gold stocks which have showed increasing relative strength? All is revealed - if you believe in Technical analysis, by Jordan Roy Byrne in the latest video update from Palisade Radio

Petropavlovsk Trading update - buy

Published 810 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has updated on 2016 production in-line with its revised guidance  (just) – and that it expects better in a 2017 year which should also see some transformative development. Good news, it is about time too.

Avocet Mining is a cracking short

Published 811 days ago

I wrote a while back about Avocet (AVM), suggesting that the share price fluctuations, which were linked to the fortunes of 1392 ounces of gold seized by workers at its Inata mine in Burkina Faso, ignored the fact that the company was essentially insolvent.

Time To Grab the Commodity Bull Market By the Horns

Published 811 days ago

Resource specialist Fund manager Frank Holmes argues that the gold and bond markets and have been driven by global uncertainty. Bond rates have begun to decline again which is bullish for the gold market. Holmes reckons forward looking industrial indicators are currently positive - they are predictive of future global economic demand. Holmes says this is a good sign, and may be the underlying reason why commodities have been rallying.

Video: Rick Rule - I Am Optimistic About Gold and I Am Cautiously Bullish on Gold Stocks

Published 817 days ago

Rick Rule, the face of the world's best known investor in precious metals, Sprott, sees weak global demand for almost everything, however there is a sentiment change for resource stocks. He thinks this change is somewhat justified- although many recent resource prices do not appear to reflect any underlying rationale. Mr. Rule is cautiously optimistic about gold stocks and the gold price. We are in one of those flight-to-safety periods where the US dollar does well, and interest rates go up.

Kodal Minerals is overdue a big drop in share price

Published 819 days ago

The mere mention of lithium seems to be enough to send the share price soaring on many small AIM companies, until reality hits home and the almost inevitable pullback starts.

Metals prices 2016 in review and what Sprott expects in 2017

Published 826 days ago

The world's best known investor in precious metals, Sprott Asset Management has just published its review of 2016 and its predictions for 2017. It writes:

Stay Down-to-Earth with Gold, While Going to the Moon with Bitcoin

Published 839 days ago

There are so many radically extreme events that are happening, or will likely happen soon in the world economy, we have to be very careful. In Jeff Berwick’s 20+ years of market investments, he sees this as the most difficult time for investors. He suggests getting a lot of your money out of the markets by holding precious metals, other hard assets, and bitcoin.

Gold, the Oversold Bounce Begins

Published 840 days ago

Gold and gold stocks have begun their much anticipated oversold, post-tax loss bounce. Jordan Roy Byrne provides rally targets and discusses the implications for 2017 in the latest podcast and video from Palisade Capital. 

ShareProphets Share Tips of the year Number 18 - buy Wishbone Gold says Tom Winnifrith

Published 842 days ago

You want your share tip of the year to have the potential to double or treble. You will not get that with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Equally it is incredibly unlikely that you might lose 75% of your cash on Glaxo. Elephants do not gallop eith forwards or backwards. My third tip of the year is a stock that could lose 75% and become a cash shell. But it is also one that could easily treble and I think he odds are on the treble not the collapse. I refer to Wishbone Gold (WSBN)

ShareProphets Share Tips of the year 2017: No 15 Buy Centamin says Malcolm Stacey

Published 843 days ago

Hello Share Hopers. Gold prices are not as high as they might be, given the shakiness of the major currencies over this year. These currencies may be come even more unstable in 2017 - the dollar, euro and pound.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Assisted by my father, 8 predictions for 2017

Published 844 days ago

Once again I am sitting here in Shipston with a live audience of one, my father. So we have his take on George Michael - mine is HERE. My views on Syria are referred to in the podcast and the article I mention is HERE. Then I go onto my 8 macro calls for 2017 covering Europe and the Euro, interest rates, corporate earnings visibility, fraud & bankruptcies, house prices, shares, gold and oil.

Precious Metals Video Update: Rally Coming Now or at Lower Price?

Published 845 days ago

The precious metals sector, specifically Gold and gold stocks have been oversold for a while. They recently broke lower and have made a small bounce the past few days. They may have to drop further before a sustained rebound takes place. Jordan Roy Byrne also analyzes the US$ and how its strength could eventually help Gold bottom in the latest video from Palisade Capital.

ShareProphets Share Tips of the Year Number 7 - Buy Randgold Resources says Gary Newman

Published 846 days ago

When it comes to picking a company which is going to perform well over the course of a year, I believe that you need to consider the macro-economic factors that are likely to affect the sector in which it operates.

Invest in silver now for future shortages in supply

Published 854 days ago

Other than a few months around the start of the year, we are now seeing silver back at its lowest levels since mid-2009, and I can see a strong bounce coming soon.

Rick Rule: Gold- “Don’t Try To Catch A Falling Safe!”

Published 854 days ago

Post Fed meeting, the freefall in gold and gold stocks continues. It’s a perverse characteristic of investing that the narrative gets better as the market gets worse. Rick Rule believes that a 35-40% decline in gold stocks makes them 35-40% more attractive. The legendary boss at Sprott explains why in a special video with Palisade Capital.

Petropavlovsk and that global warming update - buy

Published 855 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has announced results of its adverse weather-induced (are you reading Al Gore?) impact assessment at Andreevskaya East  – with both negative and positive outcomes.

Precious Metals Market Commentary - why has gold tanked since Trump?

Published 857 days ago

Contrary to the pre-election consensus, Trump's victory has been negative for gold, at least in the short term. Since his election on November the 8th, price has declined from a peak of $1,336 to where it’s currently trading at $1,170 – a drop of $166 or 12.5%. So what next? Over to the experts at Sprott:. 

Red Rock small disposal, small beer: still a buy

Published 858 days ago

Red Rock Resources (RRR) has announced that it has sold 1,350,000 shares in AIM listed Goldstone Resources (GRL) for net proceeds of £15,625. Following these disposals, Red Rock's holding in Goldstone consists of 8,113,986 shares or 7.93% of Goldstone's issued share capital.

Gold Producers Have Underperformed And Will Continue to Lag – How To Take Advantage Of The Recent Gold Correction

Published 859 days ago

In the mining sector, there is an old adage that is often invoked at the beginning of a new bull market – “producers will move before explorers and developers.” It might make intuitive sense, but the adage rings false claims Palisade Capital in its latest research. Over to the broker...

New mine coming online should give Orosur a boost

Published 860 days ago

Orosur Mining (OMI) remains one of my favourites amongst the small gold miners listed on AIM, and I now hold shares in the company myself, hopefully awaiting a turnaround in the price of gold.

Trading platinum has produced my biggest wins in 2016

Published 862 days ago

I’ve always had in an interest in the natural resources sector, but in the past I had mainly stuck to investing and trading the shares of companies within that area.

The Odey Death Portfolio

Published 863 days ago

Hedge fund manager Crispin Odey has had an awful year. His uber bearish macro calls have not paid off and his big long and short stock bets have nearly all gone terribly wrong too. When funds are in this much trouble it can have devastating effects on certain stocks. So what is in the Odey death portfolio?

Chances of success look low for Prospex

Published 867 days ago

When it comes to companies in the natural resources sector on AIM it is always interesting to go back and look at their history, and some of them have a very chequered one to say the least under various former names!

Peter Schiff: QE4 is going to be huge

Published 868 days ago

Is the Trump rally fizzling out? Yes it is. But is this going to be a soft landing? No. That is the view of libertarian gold bug superhero Peter Schiff who explains in his latest podcast that bubbles just do not go away gently. And we are living in a bubble.

Gold's 2016 Rally Was Built On Sand

Published 871 days ago

2016 has been the most peculiar year for gold that I can remember. On the surface, 2016 has been a typical year with a gain year-to-date of 11 pct in dollar terms (31 pct in GBP terms) which is a just shade lower than its annual average gain since 2001 at 12.8 pct. What makes the past year so unusual has been the powerful reversals in buying and indeed selling behaviour from otherwise reliable sectors ... and, this is key ... not all buying is equal and it therefore explains the recent price action and the outlook. I'll explain.

Petropavlovsk: Al Gore made it all up about global warming - buy

Published 872 days ago

As a climate change "denier" I have written elsewhere about how global temperatures are plunging not, as the BBC might lead you to believe, heading higher. You can see a recent article on that matter HERE. And thus Petropavlovsk (POG) serves up news from Russia which does not surprise me, but which might shock your average Guardian reader.

Avocet Mining: A Rollercoaster Ride to Zero

Published 879 days ago

Gold miner Avocet Mining (AVM) has always been a bit of a rollercoaster of an investment since its 1 for 10 share consolidation in June, the shares have doubled, halved and then doubled again as punters have reacted skittishly to news from darkest Africa.

Whacky ideas: update as promised

Published 882 days ago

I previously pondered (HERE) what to do with markets seemingly (in my view) overvalued and due a correction. Taking cash off the table is the easy part (once one is resolved to sell up, that is) but where to put it was a bit of a question. Government bonds and cash offered little to nothing and in the wake of the Sterling flash crash it seemed that even cash wasn’t all that safe!

Donald Trump to lead America off a fiscal cliff - Peter Schiff

Published 882 days ago

Libertarian gold bug Peter Schiff is a hero of mine and in his latest note he makes a very vaild point about Donald Trump - he could well bankrupt America. Over to Schiff:

Today 2 PM ...TWO share tips from the "Maverick Tipster" - this is not about Donald Trump!

Published 883 days ago

I do not know about you but I am starting to feel a bit Trumped out. And I actually wanted him to beat crooked Hillary. But the papers and TV screens are just so full of the man, what he is doing and what it means for us all. Is the Donald good for shares or bad? What about gold? Or bonds? Or house prices? Or the chances of England winning the World Cup? The truth is that no-one really knows any of the answers... except that England won't win the World Cup.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Gold. Always believe in your soul. You've got the power to know. You're indestructible

Published 883 days ago

In this podcast I discuss why Mkango (MKA) failed to impress me in such a major way last night and then I look at gold stocks in general and Condor (CNR) specifically before explaining how to assess when a cash burner will have to place.

Conroy Gold, BMR & Mkango Resources Present at Mining Maven: What happened next?

Published 884 days ago

I have no idea why Malcolm Palle of Mining Maven organises the events he does. He charges companies far less for his seminars than other folks so, after hiring a pleasant venue and providing booze and food for all as well as paying his own train fare down from the grim North he won't be making much. But all credit to him for putting on fun evenings. I commend him for his Saintly community spirit and reckon that more folks should pop along as I did last night.

Gold to hit $1.050 then bounce strongly

Published 885 days ago

Gold investors are a little worried in the last week. On election night, gold shot up $60, while the DOW went down 800 to 900 points. In the morning, gold was down and the DOW was way up! Some people are thinking we are back in a bear market, we need to sell everything- gold is done. Jordan Roy-Byrne argues that this is exactly the wrong kind of thinking. He says:

Life in Trump-land: Why gold is set to bounce from here

Published 885 days ago

Gold fell sharply after the victory of Donald Trump. But that was an over-reaction says the world's best known precious metals investor, Sprott. It explains the short and long term case for the yellow metal better than I can. Over to Sprott:

Sula - renews exploration license: our tip 30% up in 2 weeks but more to come

Published 889 days ago

Sula Iron & Gold  (SULA), has announced the renewal of the mineral Exploration Licence held by Sula's 100% owned Sierra Leone subsidiary, Blue Horizon Limited, covering all of the Company's historic, existing and planned exploration activities and sites, which are all in Sierra Leone. 

Take advantage of the crash in precious metals prices

Published 889 days ago

It was a real rollercoaster ride for precious metals and shares last week, following the results of the US elections and a surprise win for Donald Trump, but this could present some great buying opportunities.

Where next for the markets and for gold after Donald Trump wins

Published 891 days ago

I expected gold to surge on a Trump win. It did not. So what has gone wrong? Over to the world's best known investor in precious metals, Sprott.

Do gold & silver care that Donald Trump won?

Published 892 days ago

Short answer: No. Well that is the response of Dave Kranzler who manages gold and precious metals fund in Denver. Short term maybe the answer was in fact yes. But taking a broader perspective I reckon Kranzier is correct. He writes over on the Sprott website:

Frank Trotter: US Dollar will fall Against Other Currencies & Gold

Published 894 days ago

Frank Trotter is the Vice President of Everbank - a forex specialist who warns that the Greenback is set to slide. The decline of the US dollar may be slightly delayed by the likely .25% FED rate hike in December of this year, which may temporarily bump up the US Dollar. The fact that the Euro hasn’t gone down from the beginning of the year suggests that people are largely done using US dollars as a safe haven, and will probably start investing in other currencies.

The US Election, is a side show as whatever happens - The Next Crisis Is Already Baked into the Cake

Published 895 days ago

Governments have a tiger by the tail, and as debt continues to soar around the world that tiger will grow more and more frenzied, whatever the US election outcome. Eventually it will turn around and eat those who presumed they had it under control.  a debt-driven crisis of epic proportions becomes more likely with every passing day And when the bust comes, panicked capital will behave the way it did in 2009, pouring into assets like gold that can’t be created in infinite quantities by out-of-control governments and eager to please central bankers.

James Rickards: The Fed is Tapped Out & End Result is Ice-Nine for Gold

Published 895 days ago

The Federal Reserve and IMF have both wrongly forecasted growth and inflation forecasts the for the last 8 years. The economists who run those organizations are not scientists, but dogmatists and ideologues who let preconceived notions and political preferences hinder their objective analysis. In his new book ‘The Road to Ruin: The Global Elites’ Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis’, New York Times bestselling author James Rickards shows some specific examples of how the scientific methods could work.

KEFI Minerals has been hit by short-termism but remains a buy

Published 896 days ago

Short-termism seems to be even more prevalent amongst AIM investors these days than I can ever remember previously, and this is having an impact on the share price of any company that has any sort of delay to its business.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Will gold zoom if/when Trump wins

Published 897 days ago

I reflect briefly on the Brexit farce then move onto gold. Will it rise whatever happens on Tuesday? And what does it need to rocket? A win for Donald Trump or the instability of a narrow win for Hillary Clinton but a Republican Congress?

This Pullback In Gold Is Over – Or Is It?

Published 898 days ago

I am a gold bull and hope that after Donald Trump wins on Tuesday we will see another big leg up. Hence we retain big positions in gold plays such as Petropavlovsk (POG), Wishbone (WSBN) and smaller holdings in Kefi (KEFI). So what does the chart say? Over to Palisade Capital.

Petropavlovsk: Debt refinancing (good) news - Buy

Published 901 days ago

Updating last month on Petropavlovsk (POG), we noted debt risk but reassurance that “key terms have been agreed in principle for the rebalancing of the group’s debt maturities with its production profile”. The company has now further updated – including that it“expects to be in a position to confirm details of the refinancing shortly”.

Sprott explains why the gold bull case is intact

Published 904 days ago

Okay the world's best known investor in resource stocks and precious metals is talking its own book. But it does so persuasively. Over to Sprott.

Sprott: Corrections, Patterns, and Positioning, what next for gold?

Published 905 days ago

We gold bugs thought we were heading back to the good old days. But it appears paradise has not yet been regained. So what next? Over to the world's best known precious metals investor, Sprott...

Podcast with Rick Rule: Chaos in the EU - Trauma on the Peripheries

Published 905 days ago

Legendary resource investor Rick Rule has recorded a podcast covering gold (cautious), potash (mega bullish) but also the looming chaos in the EU and what that means. It is thought provoking stuff from Rule.

Goldplat – Q1 2017 operational update, still a gold recovery buy?

Published 906 days ago

Goldplat (GDP) has announced an “Operational Update” for the three months ended 30th September, with CEO Gerard Kisbey-Green “very pleased with the progress made on all areas of strategic focus as we continue to improve our operational efficiencies, increase processing capacity and ultimately build our profitability”

Ex Workers at Avocet Mining seize 1,400 oz of gold - Avocet gives capitalism a bad name

Published 909 days ago

It is the sort of incident that would have Sir Benjamin Dover fulminating about how you can't trust the natives out in Bongo Bongo land. Workers, who Avocet Mining (AVM) fired in December 2014, have seized 1,400 oz of gold which had been produced at the Inata mine. The incident says a lot about the way Western miners rape and pillage across Africa. I'm with the workers even as Avocet shares crash on worries that it may have a funding issue and that it clearly has breached Stock Exchange rules.

Precious Metals Video Update: A Low in Gold & Gold Stocks…?

Published 910 days ago

A look at Gold and gold stocks and their trajectory going forward after completing what appears to be a short-term low. The latest podcast from Jordan Roy-Byrne at Palisade Capital. 

Kefi, at 0.36p, still worth 1.5p despite operational update says broker Ambrian

Published 913 days ago

Shares in Kefi Minerals (KEFI) may have fallen after the latest operational update to just 0.36p but house broker Ambrian reckons that a 6 month delay to first output and an increased upfront capex spend makes no difference to NPV. Really? Is it sure. Ambrian reckons the shares are still worth 1.5p. For what it is worth we are not selling ours and here is the note:

Ovoca is trading at a fraction of cash value - buy!

Published 916 days ago

Many AIM companies look vastly overvalued and are largely reliant on sentiment revolving around the future development of assets in the ground to support their market cap.

Gold back below Brexit levels but for how long?

Published 918 days ago

It has not been a great few weeks for gold bugs. But the bad times will not last long. Certainly that is the view of the world's best known precious metals investor Sprott. Over to the experts:

Good Times are Here Again for Metals Exploration. Yes Really!

Published 919 days ago

The political clouds are lifting over Philippines gold miner Metals Exploration (MTL). The Manila Times reported last week that the Runruno mine has been granted permission “to start full commercial operation before the end of this year after it has complied with the necessary corrective measures”. And the tough new Department of Environment Secretary, Regina Paz Lopez, is quoted as saying that the Bureau of Mines, when granting the company its certificate had proved “a way to identify responsible miners.” With her imprimatur investors can afford to smile.

Kefi unfazed by events in Ethiopia - BUY

Published 919 days ago

The value in Kefi (KEFI) lies largely in its Tulu Kapi gold prospect in Ethiopia. Sadly there seems to be a spot of bother on the ground with the President of that Country declaring a six month state of emergency as it appears that some of the natives are revolting.

Donald Trump Or Hillary Clinton? Which is better for gold

Published 919 days ago

I think gold is going up whoever wins on November 8. The US is now $19.7 trillion in debt having been $10 trillion in debt when President hopey change took power in 2008. The debt rose by $170 billion in the past eight days! Whoever wins it will kee on spiralling and so I am happy to remain a gold bull. But who would be better for gold: Donald Trump or Crooked Hillary Clinton. Over to Palisade Capital with the chart that tells you:

Becoming A Metalionaire – Go On the Offensive with Gold and Gold Stocks!

Published 920 days ago

Many people wonder how it’s possible that so much money is being created without runaway inflation. Mining entrepreneur Lior Gantz believes it’s because the other side of the equation is deflation. The system is causing deflation in the private sector and inflation in the government sector. This creates a huge battle between inflation and deflation.

Video: This Will Be The Catalyst For Higher Gold Prices & Rare Earths a joke - Rick Rule

Published 921 days ago

This is a short video from Mines & Money with Rick Rule of the world's best known precious metals investor, Sprott, explaining to a dumb blonde what will be the kicker that sees gold prices head higher over the next 12 month. Rick also comments on the "disgusting sideshow" that is the US Election and what that means for the markets. And what he says about Rare Earths is damning and hilarious. Something for everyone.

Does Emollient Malcolm settle my nerves? No, but here are a few whacky ideas.

Published 925 days ago

Malcolm Stacey kindly took the trouble to comment on my piece of Tuesday when I confessed to a bout of extreme nervousness in the wake of the FTSE100 again breaching the 7,000 mark. Answering my concerns the next day, Malcolm was still in upbeat mood. But perhaps not quite as upbeat as we might think: I sense that the ShareProphets uber-bull may be preparing the ground for a spot of nervousness himself, with his suggestion that the markets will continue to rise this side of Christmas. What comes after that?

Kefi interims - the numbers are academic, the progress is clear: Buy

Published 925 days ago

KEFI Minerals (KEFI), the gold exploration and development company has published its unaudited interim results for the half-year ended 30 June 2016. The numbers are pretty irrelevant but for what it is worth...

Sprott: The Bull case for gold is intact

Published 925 days ago

You cannot have failed to notice short term weakness in the gold price and hence gold equities. The world's biggest precious metals money manager Sprott thinks it is a blip and argues that the bull case is intact. It would. Sprott writes:

Gold could be ready to bounce soon, silver less so

Published 927 days ago

Recently, we have seen gold make a downward turn. Jordan Roy-Byrne of Palisade Capital predicted this turn, and put a hedge on his gold positions. He thinks we should be looking for a bounce soon. If October doesn’t turn to be a bad month it will be a good sign that we will start to move up again. If the market takes more time to digest these losses, it could be anywhere from a month to a few months before we start to move back up again.

Time to sell Glencore (and other big miners) before the markets take a tumble

Published 928 days ago

I have been very pleased with the way that Glencore (GLEN) has performed since I covered it here a few months back, but I now feel that it is time to cash in, at least for the time being.

As the FTSE100 sails through 7,000 what to do?

Published 929 days ago

No doubt raging bull Malcolm Stacey will be crowing and snarling bear Tom Winnifrith will be growling as he changes the nappies: the FTSE100 has, again, popped up through the 7,000 mark. We can expect round 4,953 of the ding-dong between those two in the coming days. But what to make of it – are we on the cusp of a cracking selling opportunity or should we be filling our boots? And if we treat the latest gyrations as a chance to offload, what to do with the proceeds?

The case for gold & gold shares - look to base rates

Published 930 days ago

The latest missive from Sprott is, not surprisingly, bullish on gold. The key is interest rates. Over to the world's best known investor in precious metals.

Petropavlovsk Interims - buy

Published 932 days ago

Half-year results from Petropavlovsk (POG) emphasise a return to profitability, though also reiterate that for the full year “expectations to be at the lower end of our original guidance of c.460,000-500,000oz” and net debt of $598 million.

The fundamental attraction of gold - look at US Government debt

Published 932 days ago

You wonder why all sensible folks want some exposure to physical gold? It is simple. I bring you the explanation provided by John Embry a senior figure at the world's biggest precious metals investor Sprott. To quote Voltaire: “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value. Zero.”

Kibo & Opera deal: good news for one and the other is a running joke

Published 940 days ago

Today comes news that Kibo Mining (KIBO) has sold its non core gold assets to Standard Listed joke company Opera Investments (OPRA). This is good news for Kibo for Opera, its standing just could not get any lower.

It's time to buy Randgold Resources for a continued gold bull run

Published 944 days ago

Gold has been showing signs of weakness but I am yet to be convinced that this is justified and I think the market has over-reacted, which means that there are some good opportunities around for gold bulls.

Kefi - Operational Update and share price slide - what gives?

Published 944 days ago

The news has been good but the shares have slid. Conclusion? Average down at 0.46p to buy. First to the news from 5 September, an operational update. We will get another next month.

Gold, silver, & platinum a 3-5 year bull market lies ahead

Published 946 days ago

Thom Calandra has learned with age that trying to predict where the world economy will go is often very difficult. The purchasing power of gold and real estate against paper currencies is a possible indicator. There is a compression of paper currency everywhere, and it’s difficult to see where the US dollar is going when it’s only trading against other paper. His ultimate insurance is to have plenty of metal stashed away. Against that background...

I'm struggling to see any value in Kodal Minerals currently

Published 948 days ago

Lithium is one of those commodities where its mere mention seems to be enough to send the share price of smaller companies soaring, often to crazy levels compared to the actual news.

Wishbone - why I am certainly not selling now : the maths are compelling

Published 952 days ago

We are almost 200% ahead on our investment in Wishbone Gold (WSBN) with the shares at 0.815p and I must admit that in recent weeks, I have, several times, thought about banking a few gains. But then came Thursday's statement from the company and I did the maths again - am I mad? This stock could still be extraordinarily cheap. Hear me out before you send for the men in flapping white coats.

This Chart Predicts At Least Up to $164 Silver! – What Happens If The Current Silver Bull Market Performs Like Previous Ones

Published 953 days ago

Since the beginning of the current bull market, silver is already up 40%. While not enough to get crazy in the Hamptons yet, silver has incredible torque to outperform gold and based on this chart, we predict silver will hit $70 an ounce this cycle. But it could be more. That is the claim made by Palisade Capital. Over to the broker. which writes...

Metals Exploration – A golden dawn really due to break

Published 954 days ago

An aborted attempt to take the company private, typhoons, a nightmare fear of political intervention and nervous creditors threatening to pull the plug, there has been little left to the imagination for shareholders, or what’s left of them, to endure at Metals Exploration (MTL).

Orosur Mining is one of the better gold plays on AIM

Published 956 days ago

When it comes to smaller AIM listed gold producers, then Orosur Mining (OMI) looks to be one of the better ones around...

The Gold Bull Run Is On!

Published 958 days ago

Most people are unaware of the dramatic rise we have seen in precious metals and mining stocks so far this year. Many wait for a price increase to start before they jump in. This could be a super cycle in gold, and now is likely the best time to invest - so says Colin Kettell of Palisade Capital.

Gold Equity Market Cycles what history tells us about where we are now

Published 959 days ago

Over the past 45 years there have been 7 bull cycles and 7 bear cycles in gold equities with varying duration and percentage gains what does history tell us about how long the current bull market will last. Steve Todoruk of Sprott says there are clues in the charts. Over to Steve... 

Comparing This Gold Bull Market to Those of the Past Is Invalid

Published 961 days ago

We are 7-8 years into a monetary experiment that has never been done before. In previous bull markets we weren’t looking at the potential end of the financial system as we know it. When central banks monetize, they destroy the currency. This is happening all over the world. That is the thesis of gold guru Bill Holter.

This Chart Predicts $4,000 to $8,500 Gold! – What Happens If The Current Gold Bull Market Performs Like Previous Ones

Published 962 days ago

Ok this is perhaps just a bit of fun but with our gold exposure I can't say that Id mind greatly if Palisade Capital's prediction comes true. Over to the broker:

Charge Into the First Half of This Gold Bull Market

Published 966 days ago

It’s definitely not too late to get into the precious metals bull market - that is the claim made in this week's Palisade Capital podcast, by Matt Geiger. Even though the gains at the beginning of this cycle have been extreme, we still have a long way to go. These next 16-18 months should be exciting! Matt argues says that typically the real money will be made in the first half of the cycle. He recommends being aggressive in investments up to mid 2018- after that it’s likely to be less lucrative.

There will be a war on Gold

Published 966 days ago

Author Jim Rickards recently did an interview with Sprott in which he opined that there will be a war, by the Central Banksters and big Western Governments on gold. It is fascinating stuff. Over to Sprott:

Avocet is bust

Published 967 days ago

The indiscriminate buying in the market recently has been something to behold and suggests we could soon be due a reality check. The mad monetary policy of central banks everywhere has for some time been forcing institutions into hunting down yield wherever they can find it and this has caused the equity markets and the junk bond markets to soar.

What's all the fuss with Arian Silver - it still looks terrible and is going nowhere fast!

Published 969 days ago

For some reason Arian Silver (AGQ) seems to be a favourite with PIs, but it seems to be just another AIM resource company that has achieved very little during its life and looks to be on its last legs!

Too Much Money, Not Enough Gold - gold should be at $3,770 oz!

Published 969 days ago

This short research note from Palisade Capital is interesting. It is just another way of explaining why gold is mis-priced and should be far higher, one reason we retain such a strong weighting in gold stocks in our portfolio. Palisade writes: 

The Blue Moon of Josephine May Bring You Luck - with Petra Diamonds.

Published 969 days ago

Hello Share Shufflers. There’s been a lot of commendation for gold miners on this splendiferous website. And quite rightly, as many of them have put on impressive share value in the continuing uncertainty about currencies, Brexit, QE and so on. But if the value of gold rises, so should the price of silver, platinum and precious stones. So let’s not forget diamond miners like Petra Diamonds (PDL).

Billionaire Elites Piling Into Gold - follow the smart money

Published 970 days ago

Jacob Rothschild, Stanley Druckenmiller, George Soros, along with his associate Crispin Odey, and other billionaire elitists are moving massively into gold. In his recent semi-annual address to RIT shareholders, Rothschild announced that they are reducing their stock and currency exposure and increasing their gold holdings.

Orosur Mining – Excellent work done on the ground, but when will shareholders be rewarded?

Published 971 days ago

Orosur Mining (OMI) is one of the higher-quality gold plays on the market. It operates the only gold-producing mine in Uruguay, where it has controlled costs and produced some excellent results in recent years. But this morning brings news that an NED has almost halved his stake, which reminds me of the bear case here.

In Gold We Trust

Published 972 days ago

With the USA recording a higher than expected number of new entrants into the workforce last month, the markets are hopeful that there will be a rate hike in September and that US dollar’s weakness might be over and the optimists are now forecasting a 3.8% third quarter rise in real GNP but recent services data out of the USA has pointed to a weaker number. The second quarter GNP figure which had widely been expected to come in at +2.8% turned out to be only +1.2%. With capital spending following profits downwards and the world economy continuing to be weak, only consumer spending and bank consumer credit lending has kept the US economy rolling along. 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Shall I fire Graham Neary and is it too late to buy gold shares?

Published 973 days ago

The only fool worse than an old fool (Malcolm - see HERE ) is a young fool, that is to say Graham Neary, see HERE. Maybe I should fire Graham. What do you think?  Having discussed why young Graham is being foolish I move onto gold. Is it too late to buy gold shares? Why is Paul Jourdan not adding Caledonia Mining and how should you buy exposure if you have none?

Video: Peter Schiff - The Fed is about to put the final nail in the coffin of the US economy, dollar to collapse

Published 975 days ago

As you know, Peter Schiff is a hero of mine, a libertarian and gold bug he predicted when and why things would go wrong in 2008. Schiff says the next meltdown will be worse and it will be soon and explains why in this compelling new video.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Visiting a listener in Warwick Hospital, it's all part of the service

Published 976 days ago

Actually it is not a service I provide to every listener but I explain why Maurice Byrne gets a premium deal. I mention the great con that are today's A-Levels with hard and shocking data analysed HERE. I have chatted to both Lucian Miers and Paul Jourdan of Amati about the markets, about  Lucian's tiny short portfolio and about Paul's three big Gold picks. I look at Physiomics (PYC), African Potash (AFPO) and Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) - target 0p for the later two.

Sprott: Does the Current Gold Price Justify the Big Gains in Gold Stocks?

Published 977 days ago

Boy am I kicking myself for not buying a few more gold shares a few months ago. But is it too late. That is the question asked by the world's best known mining investor, Sprott.

H&T’s Interim Results show timely expansion, profits up 42% - Buy!

Published 978 days ago

I’ve argued previously that H&T (HAT) was a great way to buy into a classic financial business with sound management and the added bonus of a positive gold price correlation. This morning, the company announced interim results which will see me continuing to hold on to my position.

Is it time to think about banking a healthy profit on Centamin?

Published 978 days ago

Centamin (CEY) has proved a great example that it is possible to buy shares based on them being fundamentally too cheap, and then hold until the company recovers and you can reap the rewards.

Get ready for an Autumn surge in Gold Stocks

Published 980 days ago

We are seeing a few weeks of rest in the junior mining space, and many are predicting a massive rally this fall. Markets move up when there are more buyers than sellers, and down when the opposite occurs. Both the metals, and mining equities markets are extremely well bid. If there is a break in the market it’s likely to be on the upside, not the downside. That is the key message from Rick Rule of Sprott in this week's podcast from Palisade Capital

666, Bitcoin crash, if you are first it's not panic

Published 986 days ago

Bloomberg reported late last year that China had founded a working group to explore the use and possible partial adaption of the supranational Special Drawing Rights currency, in a clear sign that it wants a new global currency and that it wants the dollar removed and replaced in its role as facilitating global commerce and it now looks that we are very close to the first SDR issuance in the private sector since the 1980s.  The International Monetary Fund itself published a paper discussing the use of private sector SDRs in July and noises out of China’s central bank imply that an international development organisation will soon issue SDR bonds in China, according to Chinese media group Caixin.

Blenheim - more ramptastic horseshit news: when is the placing?

Published 986 days ago

Wow! Blenheim Natural Resources (BNR) just got an option to buy 7.5% of a great company for just £1. And the company has an amazing gold and copper asset in Bongo Bongo land. It sounds almost too good to be true...precisely. Caveat emptor this looks like a pre placing ramptastic load of horseshit. So lets investigate and "fiske" the news.
Blenheim says that it:

Gold might go Ballistic says Peter Schiff

Published 987 days ago

There are several reasons the world economy is unsustainable within the current systems according to my hero, the libertarian Gold bug Peter Schiff. We have featured Peter several times here in recent weeks - see HERE. He believes the biggest factor is countries like the US which have huge deficits. They have low production rates requiring mass imports of goods in exchange for pieces of paper that are losing their value. This forms imbalances which destabilize the global economy. There are also enormous amounts of bonds and unfunded liabilities which creates vulnerability to a backup in interest rates. If rates go up, they can’t afford to pay.

Midday cage fight: Randgold versus the Bank of England

Published 990 days ago

Too many years ago to remember I recall one of my University lecturers observing that ‘life is a trade-off problem’. He was highlighting some tedious point about microeconomics, but I have a bit of a personal quandary at midday: should I review the latest interest rate and inflation information dump from the Bank of England (‘Super Thursday’) or listen to the Randgold Resources (RRS) quarterly conference call?

Negative Rates to Take Gold to Heights Never Before Seen in History of Mankind

Published 993 days ago

As a historian, Don Coxe is cautious in saying there is something new under the sun. He didn’t think he would live long enough to see the creation of an entirely new asset class, which is negative and seemingly endless in scope. Negative yields were first created by the self-financing Swiss to get the euro-zone moving again. Don likens them to the multiplying of bad germs, and finds it likely that there will be painful corrections in the economy, the stock market, or both.

KEFI making progress towards funding which will cause a re-rate

Published 995 days ago

Gold has definitely been one of the best sectors to be in so far in 2016, and whilst I’ve mainly been sticking to those companies in production, there are several smaller AIM listed outfits that are close enough to that stage to have gotten my interest.

Eurasia is on the verge of production - buy

Published 995 days ago

Eurasia Mining (EUA) has been a favourite of mine for a couple of years now and it looks as though the long wait is finally about to come to fruition as production gets underway and that will send the share price zooming ahead.

Gold to head to $10,000 an oz?

Published 996 days ago

As societal and political structures continue to breakdown worldwide, survival instincts are heightening. This inspires self-organizing communities and a decreasing confidence in central banking and other key infrastructures. Precious metals as a medium of exchange has thousands of years of tried-and-true history, so people run to these safe havens. Precious metals guru David Morgan thinks gold and silver have already hit bottom, and because of the unique situation in the world today, he wouldn’t rule out gold lifting to $10,000 oz! Oh I do hope so!

KEFI Minerals – “pleased to announce” placing, is it right to be so?

Published 998 days ago

KEFI Minerals (KEFI) “is pleased to announce that it has conditionally raised approximately £3.8 million (approximately US$5 million), before expenses, through the issue of 761,921,740 new ordinary shares… at a price of 0.5p per share”. Is it right to be so?

Hang Your Hat on Small Cap Private Placements In Gold Stocks

Published 1002 days ago

It often takes one year of gains for the typical investor to get interested in something in the stock market, which is where we are approaching with gold right now claims gold guru Mike Swanson. Investing in the first year of this bull market is a great strategy. The bull market for precious metals and mining stocks will likely last 3-5 years so Mike reckons you should be 20% invested in gold stocks and thinks this might be the biggest bull market we will see in our lifetime.

Eric Sprott: As the Fed Loses Control Gold Prices Will Soar

Published 1002 days ago

2016 has been exciting so far for gold investors. In the opinion of the world's best known precious metals investor Eric Sprott, what is happening to gold and gold shares is stunning. The average gold stock is up 160% in less than 6 months, and Eric thinks gold will easily go to $2,000.

Petropavlovsk: Trading statement and company chat

Published 1004 days ago

Most gold shares have soared over the past few months. Petropavlovsk (POG) shares, which we own, have not. At C7p we are ahead of our tip but not by much. It is disappointing and we apologise. But we have not lost faith. There are reasons for the lacklustre showing which came through in a first half trading statement and in a long chat with CEO Pavel Maslovskiy and chairman Peter Hambro.

An unfortunate hiccup at Metals Exploration

Published 1009 days ago

You can never discount the possibility of a slip twixt cup and lip when dealing with bankers, particularly in these troubled times. Hence the extraordinary announcement from Metals Exploration (MTL) about an emergency requirement for cash just 48 hours after reporting progress at the mine head in bringing gold on stream.

All In On Precious Metals – Most Obvious Trade On the Planet! Shares to fall by 80%

Published 1010 days ago

Fund manager Etai Friedman says he has never seen a bigger green light in his life. It is literally the most obvious trade on the planet. The trade is so good that Etai just rebalanced his portfolio from a very small gold and silver allocation to 75%! And he’s not done yet. He expects to go 100% towards precious metals within the next couple of months. In this week's podcast with Amanda van Dyke's colleagues at Palisade Capital he explains why.

After a long hard grind, long-forgotten Metals Exploration looks at last to come good

Published 1012 days ago

Five years ago, the Candy brothers tried to take Metals Exploration (MTL), a promising gold play in the Philippines, private at 13p. Now, at long last, after a super typhoon wrecked its chances of coming on stream last September and the shares hit a 4p nadir in March (when shareholders were obliged to stump up a further $5 million at 3p to keep the project financiers happy), the company looks on the cusp of making serious returns.

Gold Is Good; Uranium Is Great - Rick Rule

Published 1014 days ago

Rick Rule started his career in the 1970’s bull market, which had a spectacular shift towards resources after a 50 year lull. He is preparing for what he believes may be the greatest shift in natural resource markets that he will witness for the rest of his career. He says that the next 5 years will be more generous for the junior resource space than most give credit for. The junior precious metals market is already up about 100% in a short period of time

H&T Pawnbrokers – Still as good as gold

Published 1015 days ago

Yesterday, I explained why I think gold-bugs should pay closer attention to the pawnbroking sector, and mentioned that H&T Pawnbrokers (HAT) is currently more than 20% of my stock portfolio. Today, I’ll take a look at the trading update which H&T released on Thursday, and see if the investment case still stands up.

H&T Pawnbrokers – A better way to express your love for yellow metal

Published 1016 days ago

Full disclosure: I am a gold-bug. I love gold. And I think the economic doom-mongers like Peter Schiff make fantastic arguments for a radically higher gold price. We are in uncharted monetary territory which threatens the fundamental integrity of our paper currencies. But I also know that investing on the basis of an impending apocalypse means betting on something that has never happened before. History tells us that stock markets and most of their constituents tend to survive wars, disasters, economic collapse, etc.

Fresnillo has got ahead of itself - time to bank profits

Published 1019 days ago

When you invest and trade based on value as you see it at the time, that can quickly change, and even with companies that you have a lot of faith in there can come a time when they can start to look expensive.

Fireworks Erupting in the Junior Gold stocks

Published 1020 days ago

In gold bull cycles, the junior mining companies represent the highest possible returns, especially for investors positioned early in a cycle. Commentator David Skarica believes that the next 6 to 12 months is a great time to position yourself. Historically, moves in the junior miner move between 3-5 years, and we are only 6 months into the current move! If you enter these cheap stocks right now, and invest in 20 or 30 companies, 5 or 6 of them will probably blast off, providing exceptional returns.

Currency Debasement as the Real Driver Behind Gold & Brexit good news

Published 1028 days ago

We have had the deepest and longest decline in the history of commodity equity markets. Just recently we have confirmed a breakout in the space and there is much more room to run. The pattern is similar to 2002 where the mining stocks doubled and everybody thought they had missed the boat, when in reality there were years of powerful gains ahead.

Tom Winnifrith Independence day Bearcast 3 - housebuilders vs gold miners

Published 1030 days ago

In the third bearcast of today's trilogy celebrating Independence Day I look at stocks or rather at two sectors - gold miners and house builders. One is soaring the other tanking. Is this all Brexit related? Or any of it? Could both trends accelerate? I focus on the house builders and explain exactly how bubbles collapse and this is a bubble. But do not blame Brexit for the collapse. All bubbles have to implode in the end. 

No Major Pullbacks In Sight for Gold Stocks Until 2017

Published 1035 days ago

Oh Goodie Goodie I hope Amanda van Dyke's colleague Jordan Roy Byrne is correct as we own a stack of gold shares. He argues that: Gold performed well last week but there is resistance at the $1300 mark. There are many factors in play causing volatility in the gold price but this has not effected the stocks which have performed well without any significant corrections.

Gold miners like Ariana should benefit from market turmoil

Published 1043 days ago

With plenty of turmoil in economies around the world, precious metals look set to show continued strength, particularly when it comes to gold.

Highland Gold offers a good leveraged play on gold prices

Published 1049 days ago

Highland Gold (HGM) is well worth a look at the moment with the recent rally in commodity prices expected to extend at least throughout the rest of the year.

In Gold We Trust 2016 – Gold Headed for $2,300

Published 1050 days ago

Is the current pull back a correction in a new bull market or is this a fake rally? Will price inflation keep rising? Will we see stagflation going forward? What effect will Federal Reserve interventions have on the markets? Are we moving to a cashless society? What is gold’s role in the permanent portfolio?

Good news indeed from IRC for Petropavlovsk - buy

Published 1051 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has welcomed latest news from its Hong Kong-listed associate company, IRC, as “a significant step forward in bringing K&S into full commercial production during Q3 2016”.

6 Reasons to be Bullish & long of gold from Sprott

Published 1058 days ago

Sprott is the world's best known investor in gold and precious metals and it today serves up "six of the best" - half a dozen reasons to be long gold. It talks its own book of course but can you disagree?

This Gold Bull Market Could Be the Longest and Strongest in History

Published 1064 days ago

I am not sure that I believe it but I jolly well hope it is the case as we have a stack of gold shares in our portfolio. Anyhow that is the view of fund manager Al Housego, a cheery fellow who also claims that  the general markets are overbought and in a prime spot for a major crash.

Bluebird Merchant Ventures - update on Batangas: shares very cheap: BUY

Published 1064 days ago

We now have evidence that some of those who invested in Bluebird (BMV) at the IPO are ignoring lock-ins. That is seeing the shares slip when they should be racing on more good news. We expect this matter to be resolved very shortly indeed and the re-rate to then start and to be dramatic. That makes the shares a buy now.

Rick Rule warns gold equities might see a pull back

Published 1064 days ago

Rick Rule of Sprott is still a long term gold bull but he has warned that after a good run some of the gold equities could see some consolidation or pull back unless gold itself moves ahead again. On the upside he notes in this week's podcast with Amanda van Dyke's colleagues at Palisade Capital he discuses what happens if there is a major exploration success somewhere

Why Investing in Centamin's Gold Shouldn't Cost Your Last Cent

Published 1065 days ago

Hello Share Chunterers. Gold is flavour of the month, if not the next few years. So let’s take another peek at Centamin (CEY) the Egyptian gold producer. Now this poor country has got it in the neck again this week with an aeroplane destined for that country tragically falling out of the sky*. 

KEFI Minerals moves closer to gold production

Published 1069 days ago

Things are looking up for small gold miners, especially those that are closing in on becoming producers, such as KEFI Minerals (KEFI).

Video: Amanda Van Dyke, Peter Hambro et al - the Mining Session at UK Investor

Published 1069 days ago

The afternoon at UK investor Show kicked off with the mining session chaired by Amanda van Dyke. Gold was the main focus and on stage with Amanda were Dominic Frisby, John McGloin of Amara (AMA), Peter Hambro of Petropavlovsk (POG), Tony Manini of Asiamet (ARS) and Ross Norman, the very sharp boss of bullion dealer Sharps Pixley

Video: The Balloon Debate from UK Investor Show - now this was fun

Published 1070 days ago

This was meant to be just a fun debate to start the day with a few laughs. Girly swat Chris Bailey took it really seriously but other competitors myself, Malcolm Stacey, Colin Bird, Dominic Frisby were more relaxed. Speaking for gold Andrew Bell was so relaxed he forgot to turn up but Jan Nelson stood in at the last minute. I explain what a balloon debate is in the video. Enjoy.

Time to buy miners or just gold miners?

Published 1070 days ago

A couple of weeks ago, the FTSE AIM All Share Basic Resources crossed again to the upside on the 200 day moving average. It did this a year ago as well but lost it back, and then some, with the ‘Sell in May and Go Away’ sentiment which was seriously amplified by the Chinese equity market sell off in the summer of last year.  The FactSet chart below shows the story.

Buy BlueBird Merchant Ventures - shares could easily double from here

Published 1073 days ago

BlueBird Merchant Ventures (BMV) is a stock that has not flourished since gaining a Standard Listing on the LSE on April 20th. Listed at 5.75p the shares now trade at 3.5p - 4p but that makes them look very cheap. They could double from here, easily.

Video: Norman Ling of Kefi Minerals at UK Investor Show

Published 1075 days ago

Norman Ling is a NED at Kefi Minerals (KEFI) another gold play presenting at UK Investor Show. Enjoy,

Randgold Brings Riches Out of Africa. Worth a Tickle, if You Agree the Gold Rush Is Growing.

Published 1075 days ago

Hello Share Squeezers. Many writers on this stunning website continue to support gold. This is not surprising as nearly all my fellow writers are very bearish on stocks at the mo, even more growly than normal.You could spread bet the price of gold. Or you can buy one of the miners.

Update from Armadale - we disagree with Mr Market: BUY

Published 1077 days ago

Armadale Capital (ACP) has updated on work to develop and add further value to its Mpokoto gold project, alongside funding discussions.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 8 May -Don't fall into the trap Malcolm (Stacey) admit that facts have changed

Published 1077 days ago

In today's podcast I chide my colleague Malcolm over an article he runs tomorrow on Inmarsat (ISAT). He makes the mistake, as we all do, of failing to accept that facts have changed. I explain why Inmarsat is certainly NOT a buy but then also reflect on why J Hon Esq makes the same error on China and on why I am so bearish on equities and, in accepting that, why the case for gold grows stronger.

Gold bull market to run for four more years

Published 1078 days ago

Tocqueville Gold Fund manager, John Hathaway is convinced the gold bottom is behind us simply because of the lack of people involved in the sector outside the core long term investors. Silver is an excellent indicator of investor sentiment and its slow rise relative to gold shows the mainstream is still far from being on board. There is still a long way to run with the bull market, at least another 4 years.

Petropavlovsk: very busy bees indeed..

Published 1082 days ago

There’s been news aplenty from Petropavlovsk (POG) in recent days and the bull case remains very much intact.

Arian Silver's related party deal - the comedy continues

Published 1082 days ago

What is it with chaps called Williams from Wales and trainwrecking companies? We move from David at Avanti earlier HERE to Jim at Arian Silver (AGQ) who has already trainwrecked this company once. Now, after a bailout which saw it surrender any assets worth owning, Jim is at it again and today he has updated his punters on a deal in Mexico which is related party although Jim neglects to remind punters of this fact.

Fresnillo is my pick of the gold producers - for its silver!

Published 1083 days ago

Gold seems to be the place where everyone wants to be at the moment, although I do wonder why so many are suddenly buying now rather than when the price was close to $1,000!

With the Oil Price Possibly Ready to Spurt, You Might Want to Grease Your Portfolio Again.

Published 1083 days ago

Hello Share Chancers. It wasn’t so long ago that my colleague Amanda Van Dyke was getting it in the neck on this beloved website for commending us all to buy gold. Now those detractors have had to admit they were wrong. We heard at the UK  Investor Show more than one expert say that gold was the thing to buy, still. But though I’m holding onto my gold miners, I am now switching my main hopes to a rally in the next business which is likely to hit back. after a very bad time.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 2nd May - why I like gold & why we own what we own

Published 1084 days ago

is this is a bullcast? We have 15% of our portfolio in gold becuase we are bearish about shares. Does that make sense? I discuss why you should own some physical gold and then why we own the shares we do, notably Petropavlovsk (POG), Ariana (AAU) and Wishbone (WSBN) but also much smaller amounts of Eurasia (EUA), Bluebird (BMV) and Armadale Capital (ACP)

Ariana Resources……..We Know it’s a Gold Mine But Did you Know It’s a Silver Mine?

Published 1087 days ago

HotStockRockets predicts a bright future for Ariana’Resources (AAU) share price, despite recently telling readers to take profits, the hot share tippers expect Ariana to reach 2p or thereabouts leading up to and around the time of Ariana’s first pour of production in the second half of this year. That is too cautious, perhaps why I know TW has not sold his personal holding!

My top three gold shares to buy - Amanda Van Goddess

Published 1088 days ago

In anticipation of the UK Investor Show this Saturday, where I am speaking on both the main stage and in a breakout session, Tom has asked me what is my all-time favourite UK gold stock is, and I have to admit I was a bit pressed for choice so I have decided to cheat a little and give you my top 3. 

You want one gold stock to buy but what? Ten experts say it should be...

Published 1091 days ago

Gold seems to be in an uptrend so maybe it is time to get a bit of exposure to the gold sector once more? But how? We adsked ten writers connected to this site and/or speaking at UK Investor show on Saturday if they had to bet the ranch on one stock what would it be?

Biggest Risk For Gold Investors Is To Not Be Invested

Published 1092 days ago

He may be a technical analysis freak but that does not mean he is not correct. After all this is not Zak "Judas" Mir we are talking about here. Jordan Roy Byrne argues that at the start of a bull market the miners perform way ahead of the metals and this is what we are seeing now. This has been the worst bear market in 90 years, so the following bull market should prove to be even bigger.

Average Person has ZERO Exposure to Precious Metals; That Will Change

Published 1092 days ago

Preceding the financial crisis in 2008, debt was unchecked and increasing by $100 billion a month. The current capital markets are following a very similar trajectory. The USA and Canada have huge debt issues because of out of control government spending. The average person has no idea of the scale of the challenges the global system is facing. That is these thesis of fund manager Jonathan Wellum. He continues...

Petropavlovsk - very good news from IRC - BUY (target 19p)

Published 1095 days ago

Petropavlovsk(POG) has highlighted an announcement from Hong Kong-listed associate company IRC that waivers in respect of IRC's project finance facility with ICBC have been conditionally granted – including for obligations for Petropavlovsk to comply with certain financial covenants.

Gold & Gold Stocks Bullish Consolidation

Published 1100 days ago

Will the rally in gold shares and the gold price continue? Yes. Well that is the view of technical analyst Jordan Roy Byrne of Amanda's pals at Palisade Capital. His most recent video explains why and is below. Natch all TA is bollocks but on this occasion I think he is right.

Going for Gold, Sprott is bullish

Published 1100 days ago

Sprott is the world's best known mining investment firm and its had a good first quarter but it reckons that the really good times lie ahead. With c10% of our portfolio now in gold shares I rather agree. But over to Sprott which writes:

BlueBird Merchant Ventures - first mining IPO for 8 months - we have a small flutter

Published 1103 days ago

I really hate backing IPOs. Many companies just struggle to adjust to life as a public company, it is like those cricketers who are great at proper cricket but just can't make the adjustment to the pyjama game. Whatever. We have had a small exposure (well not that small actually) today in Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) - Bluebird Mining as was -  which is the first mining stock to make it to the London market in eight months.

South of the Border, Down Mexico Way Is a Share I Like - Given the Gold Rush.

Published 1103 days ago

Hello Share Shakers. I don’t need tell you that at last gold is in happy vogue again. This comes despite all the negative comments on this beautiful website over the last 12 months when lots of critics attacked the premise that gold prices would go up. Well, blow me down, as confidence in currencies and world economies diminishes, the price of the yellow stuff has risen nicely.

Metal Tiger has reached a crazy market cap - sell!

Published 1109 days ago

If there was an award for issuing the most RNSs in the space of a few months, then Metal Tiger (MTR) would be well up there as one of the main contenders!

Panning for gold in the USSR (with Polymetal)

Published 1112 days ago

I don’t need to write another love-up article on Randgold Resources (RRS) because with the shares up 50% odd year-to-date you should be looking elsewhere for a bit of relative value. Extending this line of thinking today’s announcement from Polymetal (POLY) is another common sense corporate update from the Russia-focused gold play.  Yes I have used the words ‘Russia-focused’ and ‘common sense’ in the same sentence. 

Ariana - bullish update on Red Rabbit, shares starting to move - hang on

Published 1122 days ago

The patient are now being rewarded. Shares in Ariana Resources (AAU) are now 1.1p-1.25p so well up on our tip price but there is no rush to sell, this is only just starting to get going. There was news Thursday.

KAZ Minerals has risen too much too quickly - bank profits!

Published 1123 days ago

KAZ Minerals (KAZ) has made a fantastic comeback in recent months, but has now reached a level where I think that the risk versus reward has swung in the other direction, and I’d be more inclined to be selling the shares rather than looking to buy.

Q&A with Charles Barclay of Bluebird Merchant Ventures

Published 1126 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures is set to list on the Standard List of the main market this week. We have a few shares in this company, let us be upfront about that. The CEO of Bluebird is Charles Barclay and I asked him a few questions ahead of the IPO

More good news from Ariana

Published 1128 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) has followed a recent announcement of a doubling of the resource estimate for its Kizilcukur project with news that a “recent drilling programme at Kepez West has confirmed the presence of a significant mineralised system”.

The End of the Debt Supercycle – Colossal Market Crash Ahead!

Published 1135 days ago

Etai Friedman has been digging deep into the causes behind the widening of the spread in the credit markets. The 2008 crisis was caused by too much mortgage debt and debt in general and the federal Reserve has propagated even more debt this time. The world is not able to service any more debt.

Armadale - annoying placing, but...

Published 1137 days ago

Armadale Capital (ACP) has announced an exploration programme targeting an increased life-of-mine and improved project economics for the Mpokoto gold project and has raised a further £0.21 million of new equity “to progress the commencement of this exploration programme ahead of anticipated initial gold production”. Hmmmm.

Kefi valued at just 10% of its NPV - Broker Brandon Hill

Published 1139 days ago

KEFI Minerals (KEFI) has announced that the Tulu Kapi Gold Project in Ethiopia could be expanded from the initial 115k oz pa to around 150k oz pa by developing the underground potential of the project. Broker Brandon Hill ( house to Kefi and therefore so partial as to be ignored completely) says that the market cap of c$15 million ( at 0.4p) compares to a revised NPV of Kevi's share of Tulu Kapi of $150 million. 

A Shine on Platinum Should Put a Sparkle into Lonmin's Share Price

Published 1139 days ago

Hello Share Plungers. Miners have had a really bad time of it. But the thing about bad times is that there are cycles at work and bad times can become good times. The tragedy is that recoveries only rarely equal and, even more unusually, exceed pre-crash levels.

The End of Alchemy - Gold's got your back

Published 1140 days ago

The Brexit vote is a distraction and we are in danger of the distraction of reorganising the pebbles on the beach whilst a great tsunami bears down behind us. Rather than focusing on whether or not we should remain in Europe, the decision should be more about how we participate and ultimately shape the economic grouping that will come after the Euro single currency breaks up and the European community has to become more accountable and economically functional.

Amara Mining - merger with Perseus, hold at worst....

Published 1146 days ago

Amara Mining* (AMA) has announced a recommended offer from Australia-headquartered Perseus Mining, with Amara Chairman and CEO John McGloin emphasising “Perseus has the strong balance sheet to move Yaoure into production and an experienced operating team. This deal therefore addresses two of the major risks facing a junior developer”

February edition of UK Investor Magazine -Making Money in a Bear Market

Published 1146 days ago

The February edition of UK Investor Show magazine is now live featuring company interviews with Kefi Minerals and Coinsilium, three sells (from myself, Tom Winnifrith), gold (caveat emptor), how to make money in a bear market and more. You can download your free copy below.

Gold is a negatively correlated asset - that is good news for it

Published 1147 days ago

People are looking to diversify their portfolios and this has renewed interest in gold and gold equities. So we gold bugs are now being vindicated and among my fellow believers is Mike Durose who is this week interviewed by my colleagues at Palisade Radio

Amara - really bullish claims on Yaoure: buy

Published 1149 days ago

Amara Mining*(AMA) has announced results of an optimised pre-feasibility study, re-emphasising that “we expect Yaoure to be among one of the lowest cost, largest new gold mines in Africa”.

Ariana Resources at 0.95p worth 2.79p?

Published 1151 days ago

The research note making this suggestion comes from the house broker so treat it with a bucket of salt. Having said that, mining analyst Sheldon Modeland is no idiot and I also happen to think that shares in gold junior Ariana Resources (AAU) are cheap and thus in that vein (pun geddit?)

Rick Rule: Gold Stocks Have a Long, Long Run Ahead!

Published 1155 days ago

Currently gold and gold equities only comprise between .25% and .33% of total US investment and savings while in the 1980’s it was 8%. A reversion to the mean should easily see that figure increase to 1.2 – 1.5%, which would represent a major inflow for the gold market. That is one of the key points made by Rick Rule of the world's largest mining fund manager Sprott in this week's podcast with my colleagues at Palisade Capital. And one reason why the gold rally has a long way to go.

If Shares Continue Their Tarnished Path, You Might Take a Shine to this Glittering Company.

Published 1158 days ago

Hello Share Polishers. They tell me that all the gold in the world is only enough to cover a football pitch. Though nobody informed how deep the deposit should be. TW Note: It is actually "fill an Olympic sized swimming pool."

This next crash will be far worse and more dramatic than any that has come before.

Published 1161 days ago

Back in the 1970’s as recession gripped the world for a decade, stocks stagnated and commodities crashed, investor Jim Rogers made a fortune and his understanding of markets, capital flows and timing is legendary. As crisis struck in late 2008, he did it again, often recommending gold and silver to those looking for wealth preservation strategies and warned that the crash would lead to massive job losses, dependence on government bailouts, and unprecedented central bank printing on a global scale. Now, Rogers says that investors around the world are realizing that the party is over and Stocks are over bloated and central banks will have little choice but to take action again. 

Florian Siegfried: Swiss Fund Manager Says End of the Gold Bear Market

Published 1162 days ago

As the equity markets deteriorate and the price of gold increases more and more mining companies are becoming financially viable and their share price is increasing substantially. Mining shares are outperforming bullion, which is a classic sign of a bull market. That is what Florian Siegfried, the celebrated fund manager, argues in the latest podcast with my colleagues at Palisade Capital. As a gold bug I must agree.

Armadale - DFS arrives but what is needed is the funding

Published 1163 days ago

At long last Armadale (ACP) has published the DFS on Mpokoto. The market seems unimpressed and the shares trade at 2.75-3.25p. A number of things stand out.

The Tides Have Now Turned, Gold Stocks Entering a Bull Market

Published 1163 days ago

As a gold bug here for many months can I now say "I told you so". Things are starting to move in the junior mining sector, it’s the beginning stage of a bull market. That is what Jeb Handwerger tells my colleagues at Palisade Capital this week and he is right. The market fundamentals are greatly improved and a major breakout is looking imminent and some big investment plays are starting to happen. As the Nasdaq turns down investors are looking to protect their assets. The US dollar is also starting to correct, this could cause a major move out of the dollar into the gold silver safe haven, as Jeb explains clearly.

Centamin, the Egyptian Gold Miner Seems A Pharaoh Enough Investment to Me.

Published 1164 days ago

Hello Share Smoochers. I got so fed up with Centamin (CEY) the big Egyptian gold miner losing share value on a daily basis that I stopped checking its share price nearly a year ago. My shares just festered away with my most little-used broker. I half-heartedly hoped for a Shrodinger Cat-type recovery if I did not look regularly at the price. 

Time to bank some gold profits for now

Published 1166 days ago

With turmoil on markets across the world, gold has seen a resurgence in popularity since the start of the year. It was as recently as late autumn of 2015 when many seemed to be predicting that gold would drop below the $1,000 area, and could possibly even go as low as the $800-850 range.

Xtract – better late than never

Published 1168 days ago

I was holding off from writing this piece until I had heard the podcast that Tom was planning with Jan Nelson but as that is taking as long to record as Xtract’s (XTR) assessment of Concordia, I thought I should go ahead and comment on last Wednesday’s, slightly underwhelming, RNS and presentation. 

Broker Brandon Hill: Kefi Minerals funding news very positive

Published 1170 days ago

We note that former colleague flip flop Ben Turney is (again) urging his followers on twitter to fill their boots with small gold plays including Kefi Minerals (KEFI). We would advise you against betting the ranch on such enterprises but Kefi did have news on its funding for Tulu Kapi last week which was a move in the right direction. Its house broker Brandon Hill, predictably, enthuses...

Armadale Capital - DFS imminent: Buy

Published 1170 days ago

We are aware that shares in Armadale Capital (ACP) have not exactly flown since our initial share tip.

Eurasia set to begin production this year - buy

Published 1172 days ago

Junior miners have had a hard time in recent years, and although many are best avoided, it doesn’t mean you should ignore them all.

Ariana drilling results - getting there: buy

Published 1173 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) has announced drilling results supporting the potential for further mineralisation in the Arzu vein system of the Kiziltepe part of its Red Rabbit gold project joint venture and helping inform advanced scheduling before “open-pit mining currently planned to commence ahead of the summer”.

(Good) Yaoure News from Amara - buy

Published 1175 days ago

Following a mineral resource update for its Yaoure gold project in Côte d'Ivoire in November and capital and cost estimates generated in a pre-feasibility study announced in May,  Amara Mining* (AMA) has announced an increase in the portion of higher confidence (‘Measured’ and ‘Indicated’) resources which fall within a designed project pit (‘mineral reserve’ and here based on an optimised pit shell corresponding to a gold price of $880 per ounce).

$5,000 Gold Still A Reality, In the Meantime Invest Wisely!

Published 1177 days ago

Rob McEwen founded Goldcorp so this industry vet is clearly no fool but even as a gold bug I am not sure about his call on gold. But given his CV you cannot ignore him completely. Rob is the gues on this week's podcast with my colleagues at Palisade Capital

Rick Rule: Uranium, Gold and Silver, China and Oil

Published 1181 days ago

Rick Rule of Sprott is perhaps the world's best known resource stock investor and thus not a man to be ignored. In this podcast with my colleagues at Palisade Capital his warning on energy stocks is clear, the opportunity - selectively - is in mining plays. I agree.

SolGold continues to burn through cash - sell

Published 1181 days ago

There seem to be so many mining companies on AIM that burn through cash without looking any closer to actually producing anything! Some of them catch my eye as they’ve been around for a few years and often were previous ‘darlings of AIM’ amongst private investors, and SolGold (SOLG) definitely falls into that category.

Gold output fall for Polymetal but the shares are a long term buy

Published 1184 days ago

Russian gold, silver and copper producer Polymetal International (POLY) says it expects gold equivalent production to fall from an a flat 1.4 million oz. of gold equivalent in 2015 to 1.23 million this year, with likely all-in costs of $700 (£500) to $750 an ounce, against today's depressed market price of $1,095.64c an ounce. The fully-listed company, which is domiciled in Jersey and also quoted in Moscow and New York, has reported a 9% fall in gold output last year to 861,000 oz., along with a 12% increase in silver production to 32 million oz. and a 49% drop in copper extracted to 827 tonnes.

Gold to Shine with the Market’s Decline!

Published 1184 days ago

Naturally I still believe in gold and the metal is now showing a bit of strength - there is more to come. But - as I have noted before - you need to invest selectively. That is the thesis of Gwen Peston of Resource Maven ( another woman in mining!) who explains her views to my colleagues at Palisade Capital in this week's podcast. I am not sure about her take on China though... 

Hochschild signals production boost - a silver play to back now?

Published 1186 days ago

Out-of-favour South American silver and gold producer Hochschild Mining (HOC) says it expects to increase production this year 28% to 32 million oz. of silver equivalent, with all-in costs pared to $12 (£8.50p) or $13 an ounce, still not far off a current market price of $14.15c an ounce.

Ariana Resources drill news, good news

Published 1186 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) has announced drilling results “which demonstrate the potential of the Kizilcukur project to contain a resource that may become a higher-grade satellite operation to the Kiziltepe mine, which is in construction”

Production upturn for Shanta Gold: time to buy?

Published 1187 days ago

East Africa-focused Shanta Gold (SHG) lifted output at its flagship New Luika gold mine in south-west Tanzania 20% to 29,139 oz. between the third and second quarters of last year and indicates full-year production for 2015 was 81,873 oz. That is down from 84,028 oz. in 2014 but ahead of more recent guidance suggesting between 72,000 oz. and  77,000 oz. for last year. Is this a recovery buy?

Get free gold at the Tom Winnifrith mine - open now

Published 1188 days ago

You think this is an April fool. It is not. The Tom Winnifrith gold mine opened for business this week and it is free to enter and all miners can get real gold sent to them for free. I kid you not.

Anglo Asian to meet targets, says boss: speculative buy

Published 1189 days ago

Long-term AIM loser Anglo Asian Minng (AAZ) has 'delivered on its turnaround strategy this year to return to profitability,' declares chief executive officer and 29% shareholder Reza Vaziri.

Permit cheer for Great Western but still speculative at best

Published 1192 days ago

US-focused AIM dog Great Western Mining (GWMO) has finally secured a reclamation permit enabling it to start drilling at Target 4 of its Black Mountain copper and gold projects in south-west Nevada's Excelsior mountain range. After an 18-month application process, the company, whose shares have halved since autumn in falling copper and gold markets to 0.33p, 97% down from their 11p float price in 2011, has secured the permit from the Nevada Bureau of Mining Regulation and says it can now drill on two of its prime objectives in the area, M2 and M4. 

The Case of the Shiny Cigarette Case Suggests You Might Consider Johnson Matthey.

Published 1192 days ago

I once met a chap who had a silver cigarette case. He’s not reading his Shareprophets carefully enough, I thought. Otherwise, his glittering cigarette case would be made of gold. 

Video: Peter Schiff - next move in US base rates DOWN - buy gold

Published 1192 days ago

As you know Peter Schiff is my hero, a libertarian sound money man. In his latest video he explains why the next move in US base rates is going to be down and why rates could go negative. On the basis of that he advises buying gold.

Xtract Resources – the promises just do not add up – an apology (I should have said more)

Published 1195 days ago

As a new boy to this site I feel I should apologise. A couple of people commented on the fact that my article on Sunday on Xtract Resources (XTR) was only focussed on one relatively small part of the future value of this business, namely Chepica, and that it would have been more balanced if I had mentioned other parts of the business. 

Xtract Resources - the promises just do not add up

Published 1197 days ago

The first step in reviewing a business for potential investment starts with a review of the Board looking at track record, commitment and trust. There are countless examples of insufficient commitment by CEOs but I won’t focus on that here and instead will look at the issue of trust. If a business continues to under-promise and over-deliver, the share price will rerate significantly upwards over time but, unfortunately, the opposite is true, and that is much more prevalent on AIM. And this brings me to Xtract Resources (XTR), another stock promoted shamelessly by Zak Mir.

Gold & Precious Metals rally still on track

Published 1197 days ago

The rally has started and according to my Technical Analysis colleague at Palisade Capital, Jordan Roy-Byrne it is still very much on track. Good news.

Zak Mir's Bull Call Of The Day No.1: Condor Gold: Above 20p Targets 50 Day Moving Average

Published 1200 days ago

If the current financial markets environment is not conducive to Gold being a safe haven, then nothing is.  One decent example of this is Condor Gold in the aftermath of a bear trap rebound from below 20p and the worst levels of the past year.

SP Angel Morning Mining note: Asiamet, Aureus, Bacanora, Caledonia, Central Asia Minerals, Finnaust & Serabi

Published 1201 days ago

John Meyer of SP Angel this morning comments on Asiamet Resources (ARS), Aureus Mining (AUE), Bacanora Minerals (BCN), Caledonia Mining (CMCL), Central Asia Minerals (CAML), FinnAust (FAM) and Serabi Gold (SRB) as well as offering a detailed macro view on the news that is shaping global mining and the AIM mining pond

Caledonia sticking to growth plan - a gold stock to buy

Published 1201 days ago

Zimbabwe gold producer Caledonia Mining (CMCL) says it expects to hoist output this year from its Blanket mine in the south-west of the central African state from an expected 42,000 oz. in 2015 to 50,000 oz. Currently based in Toronto but seeking shareholders' approval to move its domicile to Jersey, the AIM-quoted company sees all-in cash costs at Blanket falling over the coming 12 months to around $900 (672) an ounce, against a current gold price of $1,075.60c, at an expected grade of 3.2 to 3.3 grammes of gold per tonne of ore. 

Rick Rule: Gold close to bottom, Lithium boom to go bust

Published 1211 days ago

This podcast with the world's best known mining stocks fund manager Rick Rule of Sprott is explosive. Naturally I agree with him on gold and precious metals being close to the bottom but it is what he tells my colleagues at Palisade Capital about lithium which is the shocker. Rick reckons that there is massive over-supply, that lithium stocks are a fad and that this bubble will burst soon...are you listening David Lenigas?

Robert Tyerman's share tip of the year Number 1 - Buy Kefi Minerals at 0.32p

Published 1213 days ago

For an out-and-out counter-cyclical punt, one company that commends itself is bombed-out Kefi Minerals (KEFI), which has been assembling investors' support for developing its Tulu Kapi gold project, holding an estimated 1.7 million oz. in western Ethiopia. At 0.32p, the shares have plunged from 2006's AIM float price of 3p and a 12-month high of 1.32p, reflecting the fact that gold itself at $1,069 an ounce is not far from 50-% off its historic peaks, while the company, steered by seasoned Australian mining player, Harry Anagnastoras-Adams, former boss of fellow AIM  counter EMED Mining, now renamed Atalaya, will need around $120 million (£80 million) to bring Tulu KapiI, not perhaps in the safest part of the world, into production by its targeted start date in the first quarter of 2017. 

Video: Amanda van Dyke's Gold Panel at Gold & Bears

Published 1214 days ago

On the gold panel at Gold & Bears chaired by my friend the Van Goddess, Amanda van Dyke are Peter Hambro of Petropavlovsk (POG), John McGloin of Amara (AMA), Dominic Frisby and Angelos Demaskos. Enjoy.

Armadale Capital fund raise: disappointing but Buy ( we have)

Published 1218 days ago

Armadale Capital (ACP) has announced a 3p per share placing to raise gross proceeds of £0.42 million to support the next steps in the development of the company’s Mpokoto gold project, “including completion of the definitive feasibility study, continued ground works at the site, as well as providing general working capital”

2008 All Over Again: Global Unrest, a Weakening Dollar and the Rise of Bitcoin

Published 1219 days ago

Do you get that sense of deja vu sometimes? Could this be 2008 all over again? That is what the dollar vigilante, Jeff Berwick argues,  He says that here is enormous potential upside in gold and silver mining stocks and Bitcoin, amidst massive global instability. He warns my colleagues at Palisade Capital in this week's podcast, that the US dollar is beginning to show cracks and a Fed rate hike risks real calamity. The current situation closely really does resemble the scenario just prior to the 2008 crash I cannot disagree.

Video: Armadale Capital presents at Gold & Bears November 2015

Published 1221 days ago

As I noted with Kefi earlier, we want a bit more gold shares exposure in our portfolio and Armadale (ACP) is certainly cheap. So note the disclaimer again. Here is the reason why it is cheap explained in a presentation from Gold & Bears. Enjoy...

Video: Eurasia Mining presents at Gold & Bears - November 28 2015

Published 1227 days ago

Fancy some PGMs? Meet Christian Schaffalitzky the head guy at Eurasia Mining (EUA) presenting at Gold & Bears. Enjoy.

Large cap mining speaks #2: Glencore shows the way

Published 1228 days ago

I concluded Tuesday’s write-up on faded mining giant Anglo American (AAL) with the observation that it was currently uninvestable because the plan outlined lacked in detail and with debt a twice the market cap was half baked.  

Rick Rule: Absolutely Manic Bull Market In Gold Coming Soon

Published 1231 days ago

I am a gold bug so I certainly dont disagree with industry legend Rick Rule of Sprott. The depth of a bull market speaks to the size of the recovery and Rick believes that this bear market could be one for the history books. But when will the bear end?

Orogen trumpets ‘new gold zones’

Published 1237 days ago

Entrepreneurially-flavoured AIM dog Orogen Gold (ORE) is making excited noises about ‘preliminary interpretations’ of its latest drilling programme at the Mutsk gold project in Southern Armenia, which it claims suggest new gold zones and extensions to the existing zone already identified there. Chaired by colourful wheeler-dealer and shellmeister Adam Reynolds, the company, which began its AIM life as aspirant though ultimately unsuccessful gym equipment supplier MeDa Vinci but recently recruited indefatigable small mining company player Colin Bird as chief executive, indicates the drilling has revealed shallow gold-bearing intervals with enhanced grades.

What I Thought of the Way the Audience Behaved at the Gold, Bears and Traders Show.

Published 1238 days ago

Hello Share Swashers. There were some real heavyweight stars talking about shorting, mining, gold investing and the general state of the economy at the fabulous Gold Bears and Traders Show at Westminster at the weekend. The turns were all brilliant in their revelations.

Wake Up! Odey backs KEFI’s Ethiopia venture

Published 1243 days ago

Unloved KEFI Minerals (KEFI) has won support for developing its $120 million (££80 million) Tulu Kapi gold project in western Ethiopia from major shareholder Odey Asset Management, the £9 billion investment group founded by the redoubtable Crispin Odey. In a new financing deal, Odey will nearly double its KEFI stake to 26% by contributing to a £2.6 million fund raising at a lowly 0.3p, also backed by directors and Australian contractor Ausdrill, which will emerge with nearly 5%.

Conroy Gold - Results and Capital Reorganisation. Ouch!

Published 1244 days ago

AIM-listed gold explorer Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) produced its results to May 2015 this morning, and separately announced a capital reorganisation. It makes grim reading.

Why Now Is The Time To Buy Gold Mining Stocks

Published 1245 days ago

I am a gold bug through and through and so you would expect me to agree with my colleague Colin Kettell of Palisade Capital on why you should be buying gold stocks right now. But he offers a compelling line of reasoning as I am sure that all of you - bar Wildrides will agree.

Noricum hails copper find as game changer

Published 1247 days ago

AIM dog Noricum Gold (NMG) is trumpeting the discovery of new ‘high-grade copper targets’ at its Bolnisi copper and gold project in the Caucasian republic of Georgia. Investors as yet remain unimpressed, with the shares down from a 12-month high of 0.37p to a new low of 0.12p, having lost 97% of their 2010 4p float price, but managing director Greg Kuenzel characteristically describes it as ‘a fantastic opportunity’.

Ferrex goes for Aussie gold

Published 1250 days ago

Unloved West African manganese play Ferrex (FRX) is to pay up to £930,000 in shares to buy into gold production in Western Australia. The company intends to follow that with another ‘higher value’ deal before the end of the year. The UK-based company, whose shares have fallen from a 2011 AIM float price of 3p to 0.45p now, is to buy Chaffers Mining, a private gold mining concern which has a five-year agreement to mine the yellow metal at Paddington in the West Australian goldfields for Norton Goldfields, part of Zijin Mining, China’s largest gold producer.

Q&A with John McGloin of Amara Mining

Published 1251 days ago

As one of only two gold stocks I follow I thought it opportune to catch up with Amara Mining (AMA) and its CEO John McGloin. I do rate these shares as a buy. And so we chatted.

Payment relief for Goldplat, but can it recover?

Published 1251 days ago

Loss-making Goldplat (GDP), the AIM-quoted outfit which specialises in recovering gold from other companies’ mine waste in South Africa, Ghana and elsewhere, is celebrating a pre-payment deal with New Jersey-based metal trader Auramet. This has enabled the company, whose losses rose threefold to £796,000 in the year to June on turnover down by a third to £16.6 million, to receive $1.4 million (£920,000) for a backlog of material sold to Aurubis AG of Hamburg, the world’s largest recycler of copper, which also handles gold and other materials.

Gold Is Cheap. Gold Stocks Are Cheaper!

Published 1253 days ago

Heck I am a gold bug what can I say. But the argument for getting exposure to gold and on how to do it is really compelling. 

Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Condor Gold, Minco, Northcote Energy

Published 1254 days ago

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at [email protected] - Today I look at shares in Condor Gold (CNR), Minco (MIO) and Northcote Energy (NCT)

Rambler ponders growth funding - recovery buy?

Published 1267 days ago

Unloved Canadian copper, gold and silver producer Rambler Metals & Mining (RMM) is considering potential funding alternatives in its plan for major expansion at its flagship Ming mine in the Baie Verte peninsula on the country’s north-eastern seaboard after chalking up a hefty C$16.6 million (£7.7 million) loss in the year to July.

The Three Shares to buy from the 2015 Gold & Bears show - Find out TODAY

Published 1268 days ago

After a successful Gold, Bears, and Traders show, this ebook advises the three best shares from PLCs attending in which to invest. You can find out TODAY

Alecto doubles potential gold resource estimate - speculative buy

Published 1270 days ago

Africa-focused AIM dog Alecto Minerals (ALO) says new estimates of resources at its Kerboule gold project in Burkina Faso could add 230,758 oz. to the company’s existing inferred resource estimate of 247,000 oz. at Kossanto in East Mali for a combined low-grade resource of 477,748 oz. The new estimates, by independent consultant Wardell Armstrong, but not yet fully compliant with the formal Joint Ore Reserve Committee (JORC) industry code, suggest Kerboule’s gold occurs at 1.16 grammes of gold per tonne of ore, compared with Kossanto’s 1.14 grammes a tonne. However Alecto notes that Kerboule’s mineralisation starts at the surface, with 70% inside the relatively accessible oxide and transitional layers.    

Condor Gold – its avin a ramperoonie bubble - 90 days to bankruptcy

Published 1279 days ago

Another day and another utterly transparent ramperoonie waste of space announcement from Condor Gold (CNR) ignores the fact that the company will be insolvent shortly after Christmas, ceteris paribus.

Noricum goes for growth

Published 1280 days ago

Unloved Noricum Gold  (NMG) is planning to establish a hefty increase in resources at its Bolnisi copper and gold project in the Caucasian republic of Georgia. Chief executive officer Greg Kuenzel, who has steered the hitherto Austria-focused AIM enterprise into this new region, declares the company, whose shares have dropped from 2010’s float price of 4p to a new low of 0.14p, is on track to prove a formal resource there of 200,000 tonnes of copper and 1.5 million oz. of gold, with scope to go for much larger targets, compared with unofficial, Soviet-era estimates of 980,000 tonnes of copper and 6.6 million oz. of gold.

Buy Petropavlovsk at 6.47p - target price to sell within 3 years 19p

Published 1281 days ago

Investment Case: As noted last month with Berkeley Energy, it is not a surprise to see eye-watering share price declines over previous years for stocks with sector: “Mining”. Shares in *Petropavlovsk plc, formerly Peter Hambro Mining, (POG) have particularly suffered – they down from more than 400p at the commencement of 2011 and more than 100p at the commencement of 2013 to a current 6.47p offer price – amidst a combination of sector-wide and company-specific challenges, the latter including a vast debt pile. However, a recent refinancing and refocusing – with production now being optimised from a cash generation point of view – now offer the promise of a decent recovery from current levels and the shares are a buy…the target price to sell is 19p within three years.

Gold stocks set for a hockey stick recovery – about bloody time

Published 1281 days ago

You may not have noticed but some of the quality gold stocks have started to recover sharply from their lows after a prolonged bear market. This phenomena is described by senior Sprott staffer Steve Todoruk as bifurcation. What next, a hockey stick style recovery for the juniors? Interviewed by my colleagues at Palisade Capital this week, he explains why this is now very plausible.

Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Chaarat Gold, Glanbia, Trinity Mirror

Published 1281 days ago

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at [email protected] - Today I look at shares in Chaarat Gold (CGH), Glanbia (GLB), Trinity Mirror (TNI),  setting share price targets for all three stocks

Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit discusses global trade slowdown and gold's improvement

Published 1282 days ago

This edition of Financial Orbit Speaks reviews the latest macroeconomic news including some troubling data in the United States, a clear slowdown in global trade volumes and the improvement in the gold price. Drawing on these insights five investment themes pertinent to this backdrop - along with relevant individual stock examples - are discussed.

UPDATED - Sula: stock flippers make hay, shareholders get slaughtered

Published 1285 days ago

This morning, Sula Iron & Gold (SULA) delivered one of the limpest imaginable excuses for a deeply discounted placement. Apparently the company has signed an NDA with a Tier 1 international gold producer, which is going to send one of its staff monkeys to observe drilling at Sula’s Ferensola gold project in November. This is why Sula has slaughtered its shareholders this morning, to raise £500,000 before expenses at 0.3p (an all time low for the share price, 40% below yesterday’s close). It is most definitely not to keep the PLC lights on and cover its c.£1.65million in annual admin costs.

Goldplat on the prowl

Published 1292 days ago

Gerard Kisbey-Green, chief executive officer of Africa-focused gold recovery and mining specialist Goldplat (GDP), says the company is looking for ‘mining and other assets’ in what he declares to be ‘an ideal market for mergers and acquisitions’ in the wake of a more than threefold increase in annual losses to £796,000 on turnover down 33% to £16.6 million. Having taken over the top job in February, Kisbey-Green, a South African mining engineer and financier, insists the AIM-quoted company, still chaired by entrepreneurial sector veteran Brian Moritz, is on the way back to profitability, having beefed up its operations, spanning South Africa, Ghana and Kenya, and hopes eventually to derive half its revenues from mining, currently very much a minority contributor.

Zak Mir's Bull Call Of The Day No.2: Highland Gold Mining: 70p Target At 2014 Price Channel Top

Published 1292 days ago

It may be worth looking at the daily chart of Highland Gold Mining. Here it can be seen how there has already been a significant recovery for the share price from as long ago as November last year.

We are going to tip a gold share TODAY for the first time in 2 years, don’t miss out

Published 1294 days ago

Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore write: Owning gold shares for the past three years has been investment hara-kiri. Portfolios have been slaughtered and with Glencore shares collapsing there really is blood on the mining streets right now. That’s our cue. On our Nifty Fifty website we are tipping a gold share TODAY and we see the shares trebling within two years.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 4 October - Jim Slater, Zak Mir, Daniel Stewart and closed shops

Published 1294 days ago

In this webcast I cover Daniel Stewart (DAN), red flags, a closed shop that should be ended to improve AIM at a stroke and another in the legal system, Zak Mir and Jim Slater tipping Optimal Payments (OPAY) and why I disagree and also how I suffered as the lefty mates of my Mrs talked utter rot at lunchtme. I am truly traumtised. I am also handing out 20 free investor class tickets to The Gold, Bears & Traders show on November 28 and 1 person booking an investor class seta tonight using the promotional code BCGB will be upgraded to a Golden Ticket giving access to the after show party with the speakers, etc. So book now at  using the code BCGB

Buy Lighthouse at a 9.5p offer

Published 1295 days ago

Investment Case: Shares in UK financial adviser Lighthouse Group plc (LGT) are only now returning to levels of 2011 with its industry having faced a period of unprecedented change in recent years from the likes of the Retail Distribution Review. However, resulting challenges look to now be giving way to opportunities – and though the share price has already risen strongly this year, to a current 9.5p offer, there looks decent growth and income upside still to come.

Buy Armadale Capital at a 4p offer - shares to double by Christmas

Published 1295 days ago

Armadale Capital (ACP) has a dog of a stockmarket history, it is a AIM listed mining junior and its shares have slumped by 25% since it published a trading update a week or so ago. So that makes it..... a stonking buy ahead of a cracking three months of newsflow and because the numbers are so compelling.

Alecto Minerals in expansion quest

Published 1298 days ago

Africa-focused AIM dog Alecto Minerals (ALO) is understood to have a new acquisition on the continent ‘in the pipeline’ following its agreements to pool resources in Mali with Canadian outfit Desert Gold Ventures and to sell its Ethiopian interests to local concern Wame Mineral Development. Alecto, which is receiving a nominal £1 each from Wame for Nubian Gold Exploration and Rift Valley Resources plus potential eventual royalties of up to $1 million (£667,500) each should they establish formal gold resources, hopes the takeover it has in mind will provide a route to near-term production, which might come as a relief to investors, who have seen the shares fall 93% since the company was floated on AIM at 2p nine years ago to 0.13p today.

Goldstone Resources; gloomy Non-Executive Chairman Christopher Hall knocks stuffing out of sentiment

Published 1299 days ago

Anyone would think Goldstone Resources (GRL) Non-Executive Chairman Christopher Hall didn’t want anyone to buy his company’s stock. After his glum statement in today’s interims, it’s no wonder the company’s share price has tanked 20% to settle at 1.99p. Shareholders in Goldstone would do well now to ask the company two questions. First, how does the gloomy Hall manage to get out of bed every morning? Second, what the bloody hell is he doing as the company’s Non-Executive Chairman if all he can promise shareholders is that “little more progress can be expected”?

Shanta Gold unveils Tanzania mine plan

Published 1299 days ago

In upbeat mood, Toby Bradbury, chief executive officer of East Africa-focused Shanta Gold (SHG), has launched the Guernsey-based company’s underground feasibility study, base case mine plan and an updated reserve estimate for its operations in south-west Tanzania.  These suggest the company’s flagship New Luika gold mine could produce an average 84,000 oz. a year for five years from the mine’s underground resources at an all-in cost of $640 (£421) an ounce for an initial five years, against a present gold price of $1,131.23c an ounce.

Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Amphion Innovations, Eland Oil & Gas, Oxus Gold

Published 1302 days ago

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at [email protected] - Today I look at shares in Amphion Innovations (AMP), Eland Oil & Gas (ELA) and Oxus Gold (OXS) setting share price targets for all three.

Once Things Get Crazy, They Will Probably Get Crazier Still: gold to soar, shares to crash

Published 1302 days ago

Perhaps it will not be that dramatic but the general thesis is correct. This week it is David Skarica singing my tune as he is interviewed by my colleagues at Palisade Capital.

Anglo Asian poised for profits return

Published 1303 days ago

After cutting interim losses 30% to $4.1 million (£2.7 million), AIM dog Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) expects to return to profits thanks to a new $4.5 million flotation plant now being commissioned to hoist recoveries and copper output from the company’s flagship open-pit Gedabek gold and copper mine in the Caucasian republic of Azerbaijan. At 6.13p, shares in the company, which increased gold production from Gedabek 33% to 35,938 oz. in the six months to June with copper concentrate production 6% ahead to 689 dry metric tonnes, have fallen 92% since its 77p AIM float 10 years ago, but directors now insist Anglo Asian has begun a new chapter.

Zak Mir's Bull Call Of The Day No. 1: Galantas Gold: Above 4p Retests 9p

Published 1312 days ago

Galantas Gold is a stock which I have not looked at from a charting perspective for quite some time, but it would appear that in the interim the shares have managed to map out a decent base, and seem poised to deliver a decent run to the upside. 

Five Charts Showing Why Gold Stocks Have Never Been Cheaper!

Published 1316 days ago

You know I am a gold bull. As such these five charts from colleagues at Palisade Capital make for comforting reading. It is always hard calling the bottom but surely we must be close.

Hummingbird prepares to go into production

Published 1327 days ago

Out-of-favour West African gold play Hummingbird Resources (HUM) has negotiated an extension of its bridging loan facility with Sydney-based investment group Taurus Funds Management from $10 million (£6.5 million) to $15 million and intends to have its 1.8 million-oz. Yanfolila project in Mali in production next year. The AIM-quoted company, whose shares have fallen from a 2010 float price of 167p to a mere 23.75p now in a dire market for gold, has completed initial earthworks over 80,000 cubic metres there and is poised to make the site ready for mining to begin, which will involve the first drawdown from the chief $75 million facility provided by Taurus under an agreement struck last year.

Why Rob Terry should & will go to prison, 7 share tips & 6 shares to bet the ranch on

Published 1329 days ago

The August Edition of UK Investor Show Magazine is now live and the cover story explains why the fraudster Rob Terry of Quindell (QPP) infamy should, and will, go to prison. There are seven share tips from Tom Winnifrith, Zak Mir and Steve Moore and the ShareProphets writers answer the question "if you had to what stock would you bet the ranch on". Amanda van Dyke explains why she is still a gold bull and there's more..

Asiamet; a high risk play on copper recovery

Published 1332 days ago

Indonesia can sometimes present awkward problems for foreign mining companies, but Tony Manini, chief executive officer of Asiamet Resources (ARS), extols the ’excellent opportunities’ now beckoning the AIM-quoted company following encouraging drilling results at its key Beruang Kanan project in Central Kalimantan. Also traded on the Toronto Venture Exchange, Asiamet, which recently changed its name from Kalimantan Gold, says it is targeting an increased resource estimate by the end of the year for Beruang Karang, whose main zone now boasts an inferred resource of 4.7 million tonnes at 0.6% for 621.7 million lbs. of copper.

Polymetal offers a leveraged play on Gold and Silver

Published 1333 days ago

If you’re bullish on gold and silver over the coming months and years, then Polymetal International (POLY) is well worth a look. The FTSE250 listed gold and silver producer, operating in Russia and Kazakhstan, has seen its share price slump by around 27% since the start of the year when it hit a high of 634p.

Ariana prepares for production

Published 1336 days ago

Shares in AIM-quoted Turkish gold and copper play Ariana Resources (AAU) have come off the boil since the company won permission from the authorities to proceed with its 232,000-oz. Kizilktepe project in the west of the country. Ariana is choosing the final mining contractor for the project and is negotiating on plant components with local suppliers, having secured a $33 million (£21 million) construction facility from Turkish banking group Turkiye Finans Katalim Bankasi, but its long out-of-favour shares, having rallied from a barely visible 0.75p to 1.35p last month, have fallen back to a price of 0.9p.

China just joined the currency war - that kills a rate rise

Published 1337 days ago

Did China just join the currency war? What will the world look like in 6 months? Well-known gold commentator Bill Holter questions what will even be left…

The Torah also tells you that a stockmarket crash is on the way

Published 1337 days ago

I am of the view that the market correction will continue and that a key reason is debt. This will also be good for gold. Logic and reason is on my side but so too, apparently is the Torah. My colleagues at Palisade Capital this week interviewed Jeb Handwerger who is a scholar of the Torah and a student of Yeshiva. Is there really a connection between the biblical prophecy of the Shemitah as we near the end of a potentially ominous seven year cycle?

Fiat Economics: A new craziness is abroad in the World

Published 1339 days ago

Prelude: I fall in love with Angela - I have just been listening to Mrs Merkel droning on about how the EU has reached agreement with Greece. This is an agreement to…er…begin negotiations on a final settlement and lend them yet more money. With tennis still in the mind it really is the moment to say “You CANNOT be serious!” But she is. They all are. These are the same people who told you in 2010 that Greek debt could not be restructured. I have lost count of how many times it has been restructured since.

Armadale awaits feasibility study

Published 1340 days ago

Africa-focused gold and coal retreatment investment outfit Armadale Capital (ACP) is poised for the imminent completion of a definitive feasibility study on its flagship Mpokoto gold project in the mineral-rich Congolese province of Katanga. The AIM-quoted company, whose shares had fallen by so much it recently carried out a one-for-150 consolidation, raised £700,000 the other day at 3.5p to help take Mpokoto, where it owns 80%, into production in the first half of next year.

Another win for Doc Holiday & ShareProphets– Gold Mines of Wales & Stellar Resources lose Gwynfynydd (as predicted)

Published 1342 days ago

Earlier this year I exclusively reported the licence granted by The Crown Estates to the Gold Mines Of Wales portfolio (GMOW) had expired. Not only had this licence expired but also a competing group who owned the land at the Gwyn was in the running for the Gwynfynydd mining rights. This was always going to be bad news for Stellar Resources (STG), as proven by yesterday’s RNS, which confirmed that GMOW has indeed lost the rights to Gwynfynydd.

Seeds of Tomorrow’s Fortunes Are Being Sown Right Now in the Gold Sector

Published 1344 days ago

Everyone hates gold? Yes. So is that a sell signal or a buy signal? I think it is the latter and this is also the view of Brian Lundin who was, this week, interviewed by my colleagues at Palisade Capital. Brian expresses it better than I can.

Amara Mining Interims - still a buy

Published 1344 days ago

Amara Mining* (AMA) has announced results for the first half of 2015 as it continues to advance its Yaoure gold project in Côte d'Ivoire.

Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Central Asia Metals, Gold, Mariana Resources

Published 1344 days ago

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at [email protected] - Today I look at shares in Central Asia Metals (CAML) and  Mariana Resources (MARL) setting share price targets for both. I also look at the gold price.

Armadale Capital – usual suspects ramping hard

Published 1345 days ago

What a huge shock to see Armadale Capital (ACP) conduct a placing yesterday. Of the biggest surprises on AIM this year, Armadale’s fund raising has to be in the top three. There is no way anyone saw this coming. It wasn’t clearly sign-posted across social media at all. The recent 50% rally in Armadale’s share price over a week was definitely driven by fundamentals. The increased liquidity in the stock simply reflected enthusiastic investor demand for a prospective gold miner in the lower reaches of the market…

Petropavlovsk: SP Angel slashes forecasts but still sees 40% upside in the shares

Published 1346 days ago

Broker SP Angel has slashed its forecasts for gold miner Petropavlovsk (POG) citing lower gold prices and output predictions. But with the shares at 5.5p it still sees 40% upside wth a 7.7p target price (down from 11p). The broker note is detailed.

Have a Look at this Egyptian Gold Miner - Is that Pharaoh Enough!

Published 1347 days ago

Hello Share Bottlers. I’ve held shares in Centamin (CEY), the Egyptian gold miner for some years now. Given the dramatic events that have shaken that interesting country, the share price has followed rather a boring path.

Portugal drill cheer for W Resources

Published 1349 days ago

Tungsten, copper and gold play W Resources (WRES) claims to have discovered a high-grade open-pit prospect and a ‘significant’ north-west extension to its Regua project in northern Portugal. The unloved AIM company, whose shares have fallen from a 12-month high of 0.83p to a share price of 0.27p now in a dismal tungsten market, cites drilling results for north-easterly holes including 3.07metres with 0.56% WO3 tungsten trioxide and 2.2 metres with 0.36% WO3, as well as encouraging indications from the centre of the project’s orebody showing 4.3 metres with 0.836% WO3 and 6.74 metres with 0-75% WP3.

Stock Market is Already Beginning to Crash!

Published 1351 days ago

Is the stock market about to crash? Is gold the place to be? You know that my answers to those questions are YES and YES.  But perhaps the crash is already underway.

Ariana - more progress at Red Rabbit

Published 1351 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) has updated investors on progress towards production at the Red Rabbit gold project in western Turkey, with the project “now clear to proceed in to construction”.

Randgold: the world’s best gold company (and reiterating my tip of the year)

Published 1351 days ago

“Toast”.  I nearly spat out my breakfast when I heard the CEO of Randgold Resources (RRS) use that word to describe the majority of his competitors in the gold mining space at prevailing commodity prices. 

Galileo Resources pins its faith on Nevada prospects

Published 1352 days ago

Having newly raised £375,000 at a depressed 1.2p to pay licence fees on its gold and copper projects in the south of the US state of Nevada, AIM dog Galileo Resources (GLR) still feels unloved by the investment community. Yet the company, whose shares have fallen from more than 30p four years ago to a 12-month low of 1.25p in dire gold and copper markets , could be sitting on ‘a new Carlin Trend’, declares Colin Bird, executive chairman and 35% shareholder.

Scotgold Resources - if the financiers bite the shares could rally further

Published 1353 days ago

Scottish gold and silver play Scotgold Resources (SGZ) has welcomed a bankable feasibility report suggesting its flagship Cononish project in the Loch Lomond National Park could have a net present value of £23 million, with a potential internal rate of return of 45%.  The company, whose chairman since March and 40% shareholder is Nat le Roux, onetime boss of financial derivatives and spread betting giant IG Group, believes the report, by Bara Consulting, ‘provides a very solid base for our ongoing discussions with potential project finance providers,’ according to chief executive Richard Gray, a former operations chief at Avocet Mining.

Xtract Resources - golden news makes this a speculative buy

Published 1354 days ago

Depressed gold at $1,092.45c (£700) an ounce and copper at below $2.40c a lb have yet to attract hordes of bargain hunters or contrarians, but AIM-quoted Xtract Resources (XTR) is keeping up the momentum in its quest to develop gold and copper opportunities across the globe. Chaired by entrepreneurial veteran Colin Bird, of Jubilee Platinum (JLP) and Tiger Resources, and steered by chief executive officer Jan Nelson, ex-boss of Pan African Resources, the company is characteristically trumpeting the discovery of a second high-grade reef system, ‘Reef System B’, at its Chepica gold and copper mine in Chile.

Rick Rule: Janet Yellen Rate Hike Failure to Trigger Massive Gold Rally

Published 1364 days ago

In 2015, Gold & Gold related equities equate to just 1/3rd of 1 percent of investable assets in the United States. Contrast that against a top of 8% in 1980 and a mean of 1.5% over the last 30 years and Rick Rule can say without a doubt that gold is undervalued! As a gold bug I agree. Rick, perhaps the world's best known gold fund manager, puts the case better than I can. In this week's podcast with my colleagues at Palisade Radio Rick answer the following questions:

Ariana, another positive update from Turkey

Published 1364 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) has updated investors that further exploration work at the Red Rabbit project in western Turkey is continuing to identify new zones of resource potential.

Buy Petropavlovsk

Published 1365 days ago

I am generally speaking a gold bug, I believe gold will go higher, the long term fundamentals support that, but whether gold goes higher this year or 5 years from now, I don’t know. The reality is the market forecasts for gold are between 1000/oz., and 5000/oz., anytime within the next 5 years. To quote Mr. Keynes, “the market can remain irrational for longer than you can remain solvent”. Based on that I prefer producers with solid margins, and solid management that are undervalued based on fundamentals. I believe Petropavlovsk (POG) to be in that category.

Petropavlovsk: what hope for this stricken miner?

Published 1367 days ago

Bombed-out former gold mining star Petropavlovsk (POG) is cutting costs at its mines in Far East Russia’s Amur region and paying off debts as it maintains its drive to cut costs, boost efficiency and curb expenditure. The fully-listed company, whose shares collapsed from more than £13 five years ago to 2.17p within the past 12 months before bouncing to 6.57p now, says half-year figures will show it is on track to cut its average cash costs, before financing, from $700 (£450) an ounce to $600, against a current depressed $1,093.48c market price.

Rambler: a recovery buy if it raises necessary funds

Published 1368 days ago

As Canadian copper and gold miner Rambler Metals & Mining (RMM) returns to profits at its Ming mine holding an estimated potential of 1.1 billion lbs. of copper and 365,000 oz. of gold on the Atlantic seaboard, chief executive officer Norman Williams says he is ‘pretty confident’ talks now under way about financing a significant increase in production and grades there will be successful. The company, which is listed on AIM and the Toronto Venture Exchange, wants to secure up to C$25 million (£12.5 million) in the wake of a pre-feasibility engineering study and economic assessment of how to blend ore from Ming’s key lower footwall zone hoist the daily quantity of ore from the mine, on the Baie Verte peninsula straddling Newfoundland and Labrador from 650 tonnes to 1,250 tonnes by 2018.

7 gold shares tipped by Amanda, Ben, Gary, Zak and others order your free copy now

Published 1369 days ago

ShareProphets Press' fourth book of 2015 is by the writers of ShareProphets. Why now is the right time to buy gold and the seven stocks you should buy. With tips from Amanda Van Dyke, Gary Newman, Ben Turney, Zak Mir and other ShareProphets writers order your free copy TODAY

Stockmarket crash in September? Gold and silver prices manipulated?

Published 1371 days ago

Is the stockmarket over-valued? Yes of course it is. Will it correct? Yes. In September? I don't know. But that is the thesis of David Morgan who was interviewed this week by my colleagues at Palisade Radio. David also has some interesting thoughts on gold & silver price manipulation. Incidentally some of those valuation themes are very well articulated in Tom's valedictory bearcast today HERE

New direction for Noricum Gold

Published 1373 days ago

Long-term AIM loser Noricum Gold (NMG) has decided to seek its fortunes far away from the Alpine Austrian projects which have preoccupied it, as yet fruitlessly, since joining AIM in 2010. The British Virgin Islands-based company, whose shares have lost 95% since floating at 4p to 0.18p now, is transforming itself by buying 50% and operational control of the Bolnisi copper and gold project in the former Soviet republic of Georgia (home of Joseph Stalin), which Soviet-era estimates suggested might hold a potential 980,000 tonnes of copper, 6.6 million oz. of gold and 22 million oz. of silver.

Buy AIM dog Anglo Asian Mining!

Published 1374 days ago

AIM dog Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) says it is on track to meet its target of lifting gold production from its Gedabek gold, copper and silver mine in the central Asian republic of Azerbaijan from 60,285 oz. in 2014 to between 70,000 and 75,000 oz. this year after achieving record output of 35,938 oz. in the first six months. The company, steered by chief executive officer and 29.9% shareholder Reza Vaziri, a former foreign office chief under the Shah of Iran, increased copper output at Gedabek 12.3 % in the first half year to 418 tonnes and plans to grow the copper side significantly with the installation of a new flotation plant, which it expects to be up and running by the end of September at a direct cost of $2.5 million (£1.6 million), plus $1 million or more of ancillary expenses.

Hummingbird Resources; success builds on success at Yanfolila, buy for the long term

Published 1376 days ago

Out of favour West African gold play Hummingbird Resources (HUM) is trumpeting positive developments at both its key 1.8 million-oz. Yanfolila project in Mali and its longer-term 4.2 million-oz. Dugbe prospect in Liberia. The AIM-quoted company, whose shares have crumbled 80% from their 167p AIM float price in 2010 to 32.5p now, has hoisted likely recoverable grades at the Komani East deposit within Yanfolila 68% to 5.24 grammes of gold per tonne of ore by means of grade control orientation drilling ahead of scheduled first production in the middle of next year.

Video of the Mining guru Amanda van Dyke with Sith Lord Zak Mir

Published 1377 days ago

Among the speakers at Zak Mir's event at Free Speech & Liberty Pizza last night (13 July 2015) was the mining guru Amanda Van Skye discussing mining shares. Her conversation with the Sith Lord was recorded on video and can be seen below. To ensure you get priority free booking for Zak's future events register HERE

Ariana Resources: Red Rabbit, another big hop forward

Published 1379 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) has announced “particularly significant progress on the critical path to construction” of the Red Rabbit joint venture mine at Kiziltepe, including more than 95% of the surface rights for the project now secured and as “other project development work is continuing at pace”.

Romanian expansion for Vast Resources increases speculative appeal

Published 1380 days ago

As foreshadowed here last month, geographically diverse Vast Resources (VAST) is adding further to its Romanian interests with an agreement to buy control of the Manaila polymetallic mine in the north of the country. The company, whose Pickstone Peerless gold mine in Zimbabwe is set to restart production next month, is paying a nominal E1 (72p) for 50.1% of Manaila, which holds an estimated 1.8 million tonnes with 1.17% copper, 1.86% zinc and 0.95% zinc according to Russian measurement standards, as well as some low-grade gold and silver, and assuming the debts of its present owner, Simaron Mining.

UK Investor Magazine July 2015, tips from Tom, Zak & Richard Poulden and more - download a free copy now

Published 1380 days ago

July's edition of UK Investor Magazine features an in-depth look at the mystery that is David Lenigas, Zak Mir tips three shares to buy, Tom tips three to sell, Richard Poulden says buy gold and Ben Turney examines why AIM's casino is failing.

Gold; a counter-intuitive leveraged buying opportunity

Published 1381 days ago

The price action in gold this week has been most counter-intuitive. As Chinese markets go into meltdown and Greece does its best to get kicked out of the eurozone, the last thing many would have expected would have been for the precious metal to fall in value. The uncertainty in the market is palpable. Equities have been extremely volatile, the VIX has shot up to 19.97 and pressure is clearly growing on global bond prices. But gold has remained immune to the growing panic; that is so far, at least.

Canadian tycoon backs Galantas Gold Corp - worth a flutter

Published 1384 days ago

As foreshadowed here last month, imposingly-named Galantas Gold Corporation (GAL) is assembling finance for its Cavancaw underground gold project near Omagh in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, and has raised an equity component through a C$2.4 million (£1.2 million) placing of ‘units’ at the equivalent of 6p, 80% of them taken up by celebrated Canadian mining tycoon Ross Beaty. The AIM-quoted company, steered by entrepreneurial chief executive officer and 25% shareholder Roland Phelps, has issued shares equivalent to a 14.9% stake to Beaty, chairman of Pan American Silver and Altera Power Corporation and prime mover in several other resource ventures, to help fund underground mining at Cavancaw.

Randgold Resources; speculative buy on the Grexit and a rally in gold

Published 1384 days ago

As the long-awaited Grexit looms ever larger, the price of gold could well be priming itself for a strong summer rally. Currently at $1,167/oz., the precious metal is trading at the bottom of its annual range and sentiment towards it is decidedly bearish. These are prime conditions for a contrarian reversal and if the Greek crisis intensifies over the coming weeks, gold should benefit greatly from any flight to safety. Such a move higher in gold will be positive for the battered gold miners and chief among these Randgold Resources (RRS) looks an appealing buy.

The Grexit is surely on, buy gold

Published 1385 days ago

Gold’s reaction, or lack of it, to Greece’s resounding “No” vote on Sunday could prove to be a wonderful buying opportunity both for the metal and its battered miners. Equity markets initially fell heavily in response to the news out of Athens, but over the course of today have pared losses. There seems to be a growing consensus that some form of compromise will be reached before 20 July, when Greece owes its next payment to the European Central Bank. However, it might be too late for that.

David Lenigas Saint or Serial Sinner, Quindell worth 0p? and is now Gold’s moment?

Published 1386 days ago

The July edition of UK Investor Magazine went live last night. It is free to access and the cover story is “David Lenigas, saint or serial sinner” – a joint effort by myself and the Sith Lord Zak Mir. There are a couple of company profiles, three stocks to buy and three to sell. One of those is Quindell which really could be worth 0p again! And there is more…

Stratex Int. calls the shots at Goldstone

Published 1391 days ago

West Africa-focused AIM dog Goldstone Resources (GRL) is waiting for imminent infill auger probing results from Homase in Ghana before it drills to expand the gold prospect’s near-surface oxide resources from 100,000 oz. to towards a hoped-for 250,000 oz. in line with the strategy adopted by 33.4% shareholder and fellow AIM counter Stratex International (STI). Goldstone, whose shares at 2.62p (following a one-for-10 consolidation last autumn) have plunged 99% since their 2004 float, is hoping to add significantly to Homase’s present resource of 602,000 oz. at a low grade of 1.77 grammes of gold per tonne of ore, as it seeks joint venture partners to participate in -- and fund -- its other projects in Senegal and Gabon. 

Orosur prepares for Chile project - speculative buy

Published 1394 days ago

South America-focused gold producer Orosur Mining (OMI) has received the first $850,000 (£566,000) funding tranche from Chilean investment bank Asset Chile in a three-stage $3.5 million earn-in package to explore and develop the Anillo gold prospect in northern Chile. Based in the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo and quoted on AIM and in Toronto, Orosur whose shares have fallen from a 17.25p 12-month high to 9.13p now, sees Anillo as a potential ‘company maker’, though ‘high-risk’, says chief executive officer Ignacio Salazar, partly because of its proximity and likely similarity to Canadian group Yamana Gold’s El Penon mine in the same area, which holds an estimated 2.7 million oz. of gold and 48 million oz. of silver.

Hummingbird burnishes African gold prospects

Published 1395 days ago

Dan Betts, chief executive officer of West African gold play Hummingbird Resources (HUM) shrugs off both the lacklustre recent performance of the precious yellow metal and his company’s own distinctly less than stellar showing on AIM. He focuses instead on an enhanced production outlook for its 1.8 million-oz. Yanfolila project in Mali, as well as longer-term possibilities for its 4.2 million oz. lower-grade project at Dugbe in Liberia.  

Vast poised for new Romanian venture

Published 1400 days ago

Lately popular Vast Resources (VAST) is poised to take a 50.1% stake in the polymetallic Manaila mine in northern Romania as it prepares to re-start its flagship Pickstone Peerless gold mine in Zimbabwe this summer. Highlighted here at 0.66p in February, shares in Vast, which floated on AIM as African Consolidated Resources at 12p nine years ago, have nearly trebled since its £1.6 million fund raising at 0.5p in December to 1.45p now, having hit 1.78p,

KEFI approaches project backers - shares could well bounce

Published 1401 days ago

Having raised £2.9 million at a lowly 0.8p for its 1.6 million-oz. Tulu Kapi gold project in Ethiopia, hitherto-unloved KEFI Minerals (KEFI) is talking to a ‘short list’ of potential lenders about providing most of the reduced $120 million (£76 million) which Australian executive chairman Harry Anagnostaras-Adams reckons will be needed to take it into production in early 2017, if all goes well. 

Goldplat plays with fire; sneaky profits warning could suggest fundraising on way

Published 1404 days ago

This morning Goldplat (GDP) issued a profits warning, though not that you can immediately tell this from reading the RNS. I’ve got to put my hands up here and admit I initially fell for the PR spin, when I was doing the regular cycle through the RNS roll call. Goldplat’s update strikes a very positive tone and there are no figures included in it. The company also avoids direct acknowledgement of what this announcement truly is. However, on careful inspection, it is clear that this is a warning of trouble to come.

Conroy cites new Irish gold target

Published 1404 days ago

Long-term AIM dog Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) says it has discovered an ‘extensive’ gold anomaly’ of 700 by 300 metres in soil sampling at Rockcorry in Co. Monaghan some 14 km. from the company’s existing Clontibret gold and antimony project. The Dublin-based company, whose shares have evaporated from 2005’s AIM float price of 25p to 0.8p now, says four samples showed more than 20 parts of gold per billion of soil and five samples showed more than 10 parts per billion.

Gold and silver to fall sharply in next few weeks & shares to crash?

Published 1407 days ago

I am a gold bull on fundamentals but apparently the charts say that precious metals are about to take a nosedive. Well that is what my colleague at Palisade Capital, Jordan Roy Byrne said in our weekly podcast this week. Oh dear, could it get worse? Er..yes. As a bonus Jordan also thinks that shares are set to crash.

Xtract lines up new takeover - shares high risk buy

Published 1411 days ago

Expansive and newly popular Xtract Resources (XTR) is poised to make another acquisition, this time of an as yet unnamed South African gold producer capable of delivering 60,000 oz. to 100,000 oz. a year, according to chief executive officer Jan Nelson. Shares in Xtract, highlighted here in April at 0.25p, have bounced from a barely-visible 12-month low of 0.07p to 0.41p, as the company has increased potential resources in and around its three-year Chepica copper and gold project in Chile, and Nelson, ex-boss of Pan African Resources, declares the proposed acquisition, which would involve issuing shares, could ‘seriously transform’ the IM-quoted company’, now valued at £26.25 million.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 9th June: Biotech vs Mining Juniors

Published 1412 days ago

In this podcast I ponder the similarities between the two sectors, a few thoughts on following experts like Jim Mellon (biotech) or Malcolm Burne (gold) and wonder what the renaissance of both sectors says about the wider market.

Ariana beware of analysts - I expect my shares to almost treble!

Published 1412 days ago

It’s been a busy few days for Ariana Resources (AAU), the Anglo-Turkish gold mine developer. A certain mining analyst who has the hump with Ariana, recently upgraded his assessment of the company from “Sell” to “Hold” following the news last week that Ariana had received its forestry permit approval, paving the way for the company to make the transition from exploration to producer. Within 12 months all being well, Ariana will become Turkey’s next gold producer.

Armadale agrees Congo funding - shares could re-rate from here

Published 1412 days ago

Shares in longstanding AIM loser Armadale Capital (ACP) have bounced following its heads of agreement with Belgian-owned Congolese group Africa Mining Contracting Services. This ‘introduces’ $20 million (£13 million) of debt to take Armadale’s Mpokoto gold and copper project in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s mineral-rich Katanga province into production next year. Floated nine years ago at 10p as mine drainage specialist Watermark Global, the company has lately seen its shares treble from a bombed-out 0.2p to 0.6p, twice the price of its £270,000 fund raising in March, on the hope that Mpokoto can start producing gold from the first half of 2016 at an annual rate of 25,000 oz. at an ‘all-in’ cost of $720 an ounce, against a present lacklustre gold price of $1,174.80c.

Why junior resource stocks could still plunge further

Published 1413 days ago

As you know I am a gold bull but I accept that there are still downside risks in buying shares in junior resource companies even on a selective basis. This week my colleagues at Palisade capital interviewed Marin Katusa who has just parted ways with Casey Research who puts the bear case eloquently. I am not sure I agree 100% but in the interests of balance

Ariana Forestry Permit Received - all systems go

Published 1416 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) has announced that it has received confirmation that the Prime Ministry in Turkey has formally approved its application for the Red Rabbit gold project and that the Department of Forestry & Water Affairs has approved permits subject to the payment of statutory fees.

Aureus plans for expansion drive - shares could well have more to go for

Published 1417 days ago

David Reading, chief executive officer of West Africa focused gold play Aureus Mining (AUE), is celebrating the first gold pour from its flagship New Liberty project in Liberia not only with the receipt of narrowly in-the-money share options but by charting a production ramp up which he hopes will take production from an initial 50,000 to 60,000 oz. this year to a targeted 112,000 oz. in 2016. According to Reading, likely capital spending is ‘on track for $172 million (£115.2 million)’, while ‘recent estimates suggested cash costs could be just under $800 an ounce,’ against a present gold price of $1,192.75c an ounce.

Ariana poised to build mine - shares could rally further

Published 1418 days ago

Shares in long-term AIM dog Ariana Resources (AAU) have bounced strongly now that the company has finally received formal approval from the Turkish government to proceed with its flagship Red Rabbit gold and silver project, holding a currently estimated 475,000 oz. of gold equivalent in the west of the country. Though still 90% below their 2005 float price of 12p, Ariana shares at 1.19p are more than 50% up from a 0.75p 12-month low, following the formal approval by the Prime Minister’s office in Ankara of a crucial forestry permit for the project.

Why we may be coming out of the bear market in gold

Published 1421 days ago

Okay I am a perma gold bull but the past few years have been pretty dire. But might the end of the gold bear market be in sight? My colleague at Palisade Capital, Jordan Roy-Byrne this week looks at four previous bear markets and sees signs from that that this one is drawing to a close

Tom Winnifrith: I'm on sabbatical - "flip Flop" Ben Turney is in charge

Published 1421 days ago

As of midnight "flip flop" Ben "pitchfork" Turney will be editing this website as I am on leave for the next six to nine months. Let me explain.

Rambler heading back to the black

Published 1426 days ago

Canadian copper and gold miner Rambler Metals & Mining (RMM) has indicated its financial third quarter to April will show a return to overall profitability thanks to the implementation of January’s new mine plan for its Ming copper and gold mine on the Baie Verte peninsula straddling Newfoundland and Labrador on the Atlantic seabord. 

Armadale maintains production deadline

Published 1429 days ago

Unloved AIM minnow Armadale Capital (ACP) says it is in ‘advanced discussions with potential partners’ to bring its 80%-owned low-grade Mpokoto gold project in the Democratic Republic of Congo into production ‘in the first half of 2016’. The company, whose shares have tumbled 70% from their 12-month high to a mere 0.03p, says it cut its losses by nearly a third last year to £1.1 million and awaits a definitive feasibility study, now ‘near completion’, into Mpokoto, where a scoping study last autumn suggested an increased resource estimate of 678,000 oz., with 1.45 grammes of gold per tonne of ore, along with opportunities to target exploration for another potential 120,000 to 150,000 oz.

Amara Mining - Yaoure PFS News

Published 1436 days ago

Amara Mining* (AMA) has announced the results of a pre-feasibility study for its Yaoure gold project in Côte d'Ivoire. The shares are currently 5% lower, at 15p, on the announcement as a net present value, at a 10% discount rate and $1,250 gold, of $228 million compares to $566 million in a 2014 preliminary economic assessment.

Growth on track at Serabi Gold

Published 1436 days ago

Brazilian miner Serabi Gold (SRB) says it remains confident of nearly doubling overall production this year from the country’s northern Tapajos region to 35,000 oz. of gold, after turning 2014’s first-quarter loss of $1.25 million into pre-tax profits of $191,400 (£121,200) in the three months to March.

Licence extension boon for Aureus - share price rally to accelerate?

Published 1440 days ago

David Reading, chief executive officer of West Africa-focused gold play Aureus Mining (AUE), describes as ‘very significant’ the award by the Liberian authorities of a 21-km. extension to the company’s Bea Mountain mining licence to include the promising Leopard Rock target. With its flagship New Liberty gold project set to start producing by the end of May or the beginning of June, the mining licence extension, which brings in Leopard Rock along a 13-km. gold-bearing corridor, comes hard on the heels of a pronouncement from the World Health Organisation that Liberia is now free from the deadly ebola virus.

Are Rick Rule & Sprott calling the bottom on precious metals with an $898m takeover bid?

Published 1442 days ago

Towards the end of April, Sprott Asset Management LP announced plans for a $898-million hostile takeover bid for Central GoldTrust and Silver Bullion Trust. The offer would involve trading units of the target trusts for units in Sprott’s trusts, all on a one-for-one, net-asset value basis. My colleagues at Palisade Capital interviewed Rick Rule of Sprott last week asking why go on the takeover trail now when all things mining are bombed out. Also why should one get exposure to physical gold and silver rather than mining shares.

Savannah poised for Oman copper data

Published 1443 days ago

David Archer, chief executive officer and 10% shareholder of unloved Savannah Resources (SAV), is keenly awaiting detailed results of airborne electromagnetic surveying of part of the company’s potentially high-grade copper and gold prospects in the Gulf sultanate of Oman. AIM-quoted Savannah, whose shares have fallen during the past 12 months from a high of 6.13p to 1.95p, says it expects results from this VTEM (Virtual Time Domain Electromagnetic) survey later this month and will use the data to identify copper anomalies and drill targets in Block 4 of its prospects in the region’s historically copper-rich Semail Ophiolite (oceanic) belt, as part of its drive to become ‘a mid-sized producer in late 2017’.

Beauties and beasts, picking small cap winners - Barry Gibb of Beaufort at UK Investor Show

Published 1443 days ago

Beaufort Securities was a sponsor of UK Investor Show and has already signed up as a sponsor of UK Investor Show 2016 and the November 2015 Gold, Bears & Traders conference of which more later. Its small cap analyst Barry Gibb did a presentation on how to pick small cap winners at the 2015 show - a video of which is below.

Goldbridges boosts expansion drive

Published 1447 days ago

Kazakhstan-focused Goldbridges Global Resources (GBGR) plans to treble annual gold production to 100,000 oz. in three years from its presently-producing Sekisovskoye mine in the east of the central Asian republic while it works to develop significant deposits in the neighbouring Karuskoye Ore Fields. The fully-listed company, which was first floated on AIM as Hambledon Mining in 2004 at 5p, raised £3.4 million the other day at only 2.8p, but hopes to impress the stockmarket -- and clinch the $132 million (£88 million) financing needed to pursue its strategy -- by demonstrating how a move to underground mining can lift grades and slash costs.

Charaat Gold has very real potential

Published 1447 days ago

Like so many mining companies on AIM, Charaat Gold (CGH) has failed to live up to expectations so far, but that could soon change. The company owns the Tulkabash mine, in the Kyrgyz Republic, and is currently awaiting news on the full Definitive Feasibility Study, due any time now, and from what it has so far released, it looks very interesting.

Sunrise Resources declares ‘breakthrough’

Published 1450 days ago

Patrick Cheetham, indefatigable executive chairman of unloved Sunrise Resources (SRES), declares himself ‘delighted’ with test work results from the company’s County Line diatomite project in the US state of Nevada, while Sunrise continues to pursue a diverse range of other ventures from Australia to Ireland. Investors may be less delighted with Sunrise shares’ 87% plunge from a 2005 AIM float price of 2p to a mere 0.25p now, down from a 12-month high of 0.55p, though the company was able to raise £210,000 at 0.2p the other day for further exploration in the USA and Down Under.

Buy Ariana Resources at 0.95p – target 1.3p to sell PDQ

Published 1451 days ago

Like all small gold explorers Ariana Resources (AAU) has been a complete dog of an investment but at 0.95p to buy we think it will bounce and is a very attractive trade. And there are three reasons why.

Alecto doubles potential gold resource estimate - speculative appeal evident

Published 1452 days ago

Africa-focused AIM dog Alecto Minerals (ALO) says new estimates of resources at its Kerboule gold project in Burkina Faso could add 230,758 oz. to the company’s existing inferred resource estimate of 247,000 oz. at Kossanto in East Mali for a combined low-grade resource of 477,748 oz. The new estimates, by independent consultant Wardell Armstrong but not yet fully compliant with the formal Joint Ore Reserve Committee (JORC) industry code, suggest Kerboule’s gold occurs at 1.16 grammes of gold per tonne of ore, compared with Kossanto’s 1.14 grammes a tonne, though it notes that Kerboule’s mineralisation starts at the surface, with 70% inside the relatively accessible oxide and transitional layers.    

Amara Mining well funded & looking to do deals

Published 1455 days ago

John McGloin, entrepreneurial chairman and chief executive officer of West Africa-focused Amara Mining (AMA), says he is ‘looking to use the value we have created to build a larger company’ and reports ‘corporate guys are busy in our data room’ in the wake of proposals for a a $10million (£6.6million) ‘strategic’ investment at a premium price of 16p by International Finance Corporation (IFC), an affiliate of the World Bank.

Rick Rule of Sprott: why you should load up on gold, silver and mining juniors NOW

Published 1456 days ago

Rick Rule is the chairman of Sprott US, part of the world’s largest and best known mining investment vehicle so he knows his onions. He is also a mammoth bull of gold, silver and of mining juniors and he explains why in this podcast recorded with my colleagues at Palisade capital the other day. It is gripping and compelling listening.

Another copper move by Xtract

Published 1457 days ago

Xtract Resources (XTR), the recently volatile AIM performer chaired by entrepreneurial veteran Colin Bird (also head of out-of-favour Jubilee Platinum) and boasting disparate copper and gold interests in South Africa and Chile, has moved to add to its African projects. The company has signed heads of agreement with a local copper explorer to investigate 182,000 tonnes of surface oxide material with a copper grade of 0.54% at the Concordia project in South Africa’s Northern Cape.

Rio Tinto will do well when iron prices recover - meantime bank the yield

Published 1458 days ago

When it comes to commodities, much of the focus has been on the drops in the prices of oil and gold, but iron ore has performed even worse. The price of iron has more than halved in the past year, dropping to around $50 per ton and trading close to a ten year low – although it has just put in its biggest gain since October 2012, having risen by 5.9% yesterday to a price of around $54. 

Hummingbird poised to build gold mine - a trigger for share price action?

Published 1460 days ago

West African gold seeker Hummingbird Resources (HUM) says first steps towards construction of a mine at its 1.8 million-oz. Yanfolila project in Mali are ‘imminent’ in the wake of an upbeat project optimisation survey, while chief executive officer Dan Betts argues in the longer term another project, Dugbe in Liberia, promises to be the ‘company maker’. The Yanfolila survey gives the Mali project, which was acquired last year from the Gold Fields group, a net present value of $72.4 million (£49 million) and suggests a 35.1% internal rate of return over 6.5 years at an average gold price of $1,250 an ounce, somewhat above its present price of £1,192.02c.

Cost drive at Anglo Asian

Published 1464 days ago

Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) is working to cut costs at its flagship Gedabek mine in the Caucasian republic of Azerbaijan after boosting gold production there 52% in the first quarter of this year to 17,193 oz., though silver output nearly halved to 1,950 oz. and copper production slipped 10% to 184 tonnes. Operated from the Azerbaijan capital of Baku and quoted on AIM, the company, whose heavily-reduced pre-tax profit of £840,000 for 2013 became a £6.9 million loss in the first half of last year, is expected to show a deficit for whole of 2014, but has targeted a significant production increase in gold this year from 2014’s 60,285 oz. to between 70,000 oz. and 75,000 oz.

FTSE 100: 2015 rally is done

Published 1466 days ago

The FTSE 100 made a new all-time high this week while the S&P 500 failed to make a new high. There is a divergence between the UK and the US index, if the S&P makes a new high as I believe there is a good chance the FTSE will rally too.

Aureus poised for production … and a rerating?

Published 1466 days ago

West Africa-focused Aureus Mining (AUE) says it is on track to start producing gold from its one million-plus-oz. New Liberty project in Liberia by the end of next month. The company, steered by well-regarded chief executive officer and former European Goldfields boss David Reading, declares it expects first gold from New Liberty, which will be previously strife-torn Liberia’s first gold mine, by the end of May and anticipates delivering 119,000 oz. of gold a year for six out of New Liberty’s eight years of expected production.

Serabi focuses on expansion drive

Published 1474 days ago

Mike Hodgson, chief executive officer of AIM-quoted Serabi Gold (SRB), says the company is on the look-out to snap up new companies and projects as it seeks to lift production from the Tapajos region of northern Brazil from a maiden 18,500 oz. 1ast year to around 35,000 oz. this time, with nearly 45,000 oz. on the cards for 2016. Serabi, which lost a much-reduced $175,000 (£118,000) in 2014 on $12.7 million turnover and has been using up tailings and stockpiled material from its producing Palito mine, hopes to add more than 5,000 oz. this year from its newer high-grade operation at  Sao Chico, 23 km. away, and hoist annual output from this second source to more than 20,000 oz.

UK Investor Show: New Speaker – Peter Hambro of Petropavlovsk head to head with TW

Published 1474 days ago

I have given Peter Hambro and Petropavlovsk (POG) some almighty stick over the years and been proved right. Now Peter reckons it is time to hit back so he and I will debate on the main stage at UK Investor show in a quick fire 10 minute Vinnik vs Santos head to head.

Amara 2014 results comment

Published 1474 days ago

Amara Mining* (AMA) has announced results for the 2014 calendar year, emphasising that “we are now well positioned to deliver the next major African gold mine”...

Calling a top on equities & a bottom on gold and hard commodities

Published 1476 days ago

All markets are cyclical and so the bull-run in equities and bear run in gold has to end one day. You know my views, I think it is soon. A man talking the same language is Mike Swanson who was interviewed this week by my colleagues at Palisade Capital. 10 out of 10 for Mike!

Ariana in project sale discussions

Published 1479 days ago

Turkish gold explorer and AIM dog Ariana Resources (AAU) is  talking to several ‘Turkish conglomerates’ about selling all or part of its jointly-owned Salinbas project in the country’s north-eastern Artvin Province, as the AIM-quoted company awaits delayed final permits for its $31 million (£21 million) Kiziltepe project holding an estimated 230,000 oz. in western Turkey. Managing director Kerim Sener says Ariana, with 49% of Salinbas, and its 51% project partner, Toronto-quoted Eldorado Gold, have been hawking Salinbas around for six months and held ‘preliminary discussions’ last week with a local company.

This Could be the Absolute Bottom in the Gold Sector

Published 1484 days ago

You know my views on gold and you may well say that I have been long and wrong for a while but when I am proved correct the upswing will be dramatic. My colleagues at Palisade Capital this week interviewed Jeb Handwerger who bravely is now calling the absolute bottom on the yellow metal. Jeb also explains why shares are going to slump and why he is uber-bullish on uranium.

Drilling cheer for Conroy

Published 1485 days ago

Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) ‘could have more than 10 million oz. of gold,’ declares Professor Richard Conroy, founder, chairman and 22% shareholder of the unhurrying Irish gold explorer whose unloved shares have lost 97% of their value since floating on AIM at 25p 15 years ago. Also head of Finland-focused Karelian Diamonds and one of the original discoverers of Ireland’s major Galmoy zinc deposit in Kilkenny, Conroy is celebrating encouraging infill drilling results at the Dublin-based company’s Clontibret gold and antimony target in Co.Monaghan.

Noricum goes for Austrian project

Published 1487 days ago

Austria-focused AIM dog Noricum Gold (NMG) is seeking for a partner for its flagship Rotgulden gold and copper project, after clinching a deal to buy another prospect in the country, the Walchen polymetallic VMS (volcanogenic massive sulphide) project, for £360,000. The company, whose shares have dropped 95% to 0.21p since floating at 4p five years ago, has raised £478,000 at 0.2p to cover the purchase and meet other expenses, and will spend the coming months mapping, sampling and drilling Walchen.

The SP Angel Morning Mining Research - Extracting gold from Pooh and more important matters

Published 1489 days ago

We quite like SP Angel when it comes to research as lead analyst John Meyer is an honest chappie, who produces detailed work and can be critical when needs be. Today's detailed note covers the big story of the day including plans to extract gold from pooh and at a company level: Noricum, Savannah and a detailed macro view on the news that is shaping global mining and the AIM mining pond. We have now agreed to carry the SP Angel note every working day going forward.

Centamin Egypt offers value for Gold Bulls

Published 1490 days ago

Gold producers are well worth a look for anyone who is bullish on the metal itself, and offer some degree of leveraged play. One which would definitely be on my list to have a look at is Centamin Egypt (CEY) which is currently trading around 54p, and with a market cap of £620 million. 

Savannah strikes gold

Published 1492 days ago

David Archer, boss of unloved Savannah Resources (SAV), says it could split off its heavy mineral sands operations in Mozambique after finding ‘encouraging’ gold and copper mineralisation in the Gulf sultanate of Oman. The AIM-quoted company, whose shares have tumbled from a 12-month high of 8.25p to 1.85p now, says reconnaissance mapping and rock chip sampling have identified gold and copper in Block 4 of Oman’s Semail ophiolitic (oceanic crust) belt, including one sample with 3.7 grammes of gold per tonne of ore and copper at a high grade of 5.7%.

Kirkland Lake to swell reserves

Published 1493 days ago

Canadian miner Kirkland Lake Gold (KGI) expects to follow record February gold production of 16,485 oz. from the historic Kirkland Lake camp in Ontario at a high grade of 17.8 grammes of gold per tonne of ore with an updated formal resource statement for the whole company in early April. Kirkland, which has achieved a significant turnaround under chief executive officer George Ogilvie, reckons this will show drilling has, in his words, ‘replaced what we have mined’, with a climb in head grade and a possible lift in proven and probable reserves from the present 1.4 million oz. at 17.1 grammes a tonne, with a measured and indicated resource of 2.1 million oz. at 16.8 grammes a a tonne as well as a 1.1 million-oz. inferred resource at 18.5 grammes a tonne.

Galantas poised for mining go-ahead

Published 1494 days ago

Roland Phelps, entrepreneurial chief executive officer of Galantas Gold (GAL), has more pressing issues before him than contemplating Chancellor Osborne’s Budget. He is waiting to learn whether the Northern Ireland administration will grant the company planning permission to build and operate an underground mine near Omagh in Co. Tyrone with the claimed potential to produce more than 30,000 oz. a year -- and maybe 50,000 oz. if all goes well.

Alecto bites the bullet

Published 1502 days ago

Mark Jones, chief executive officer of AIM dog Alecto Minerals (ALO), says the company is talking to present and prospective investors about funding a pre-feasibility study on its flagship 247,000-oz. Kossanto East gold project in the West African state of Mali now it has agreed to join forces with Canadian explorer Desert Gold Ventures to develop both companies’ projects in the area. With its shares down 90% in a lacklustre gold market to a barely visible 0.19p since floating on AIM in 2006, Jones warns ’it is unlikely Alecto could survive in the exploration space and so we have got to transform ourselves -- and that means going down the development path’ rather than expensively adding more ounces to potential resources.

Making Money from Black Swan Events as a short and why equity markets look toppy

Published 1505 days ago

 I am a gold bull. Soo too is David Skarica and, like him, I am pretty nervous about equity market valuations right now. As I fly back to London from PDAC I am not any more bullish about shares in general than when I left. Skarica is the guest of my colleagues at Palisade Capital on this week’s podcast and explains his thoughts in detail also explaining how small short positions can make you a potential Black Swan killing.

Afren Defaults, Directors Now Working For Creditors

Published 1509 days ago

Afren (AFR) has defaulted as expected, and huge dilution is on its way for shareholders. I'm sorry for all genuine, non-abusive shareholders who are going to lose money in the company . I've been there, and anyone who has been in the market for a long time and claims differently is a liar. The Board of Directors are now duty bound to seek maximum recovery values for its creditors. Bonds currently trade at about 45c. 

Hummingbird ready for expansion drive

Published 1510 days ago

Dan Betts, entrepreneurial chief executive of West African gold play Hummingbird Resources (HUM), says he is ‘feeling positive and aggressive’ after an encouraging ‘optimisation study’ of the company’s 1.8 million-oz. Yanfolila project in Mali and declares’ there is an unbelievable opportunity in this market to build a gold company’ at a time when ‘everyone is sitting on their hands.’

Is Apple really going to buy a third of world gold production? Anatomy of an evolving myth

Published 1510 days ago

On 26 February, providers of the highly regarded Infomine service, published a by-lined article entitled “Apple buying a third of world’s gold to meet demand for iWatch”.

Gold and silver: the best trades on earth

Published 1511 days ago

As an Austrian economist I can only look at the US debt and deficit with despair. It just has to end in tears and that is a key reason why I remain bullish on both gold and silver. And so I am happy to endorse the views of Gregory Mannarino, the guest of my colleagues at Palisade Capital on this week’s podcast. Gregory explains the Ponzi scheme that is the US debt in detail and how to benefit when it all ends in tears. As it surely will.

Patagonia seeks to fund growth

Published 1513 days ago

Bill Humphries, entrepreneurial managing director of unloved Patagonia Gold (PGD), says he is talking to three banks about potential funding in the region of $20 million (£13 million) to help double gold production from its projects in southern Argentina’s Deseado Massif region to 60,000 oz. a year by 2017. According to Humphries, the Australian ex-boss of mining concern Brancote, the AIM quoted company expects a pre-feasibility study imminently on what he argues will become its flagship heap leach project at Cap Oeste and believes the study will confirm an increase on present resource estimates of 1.4 million oz., with 400,000 oz. in the near-surface oxide zone.

Earnings plunge at Pan African, shares to follow?

Published 1514 days ago

South African gold and platinum producer Pan African Resources (PAF) says it will now work to improve volume and grades in key operations after a 68% fall in attributable first-half earnings to £5.5 million. The company, quoted on AIM and in Johannesburg, saw turnover in the six months to December slide 19.5% to £68.1 million, while all-in costs on the gold side rose from $965 (£622) to $1,165 an ounce, the average gold selling price fell from $1,311 to $1,231 an ounce and the South African Rand weakened.

Fresnillo Close to the Bottom

Published 1516 days ago

Silver and gold prices have taken a tumble over the past couple of years but now seem to be settling. That has to be good news for Mexican miner Fresnillo (FRES) which has seen its share price more than halve over that period and now trades at around 810p with a market cap of £6 billion. 

Gold Bottomed on 15 November 2014 - 5 reasons it will surge from here

Published 1519 days ago

I am very pleased to see that my colleagues at Palisade Capital finally have a woman on the podcast this week – I am chairwoman of Women in Mining! Even better, Gwen Peston, the publisher of is a gold bull claiming that November 15 2014 market the bottom of this market. She explains five reasons why gold will surge from here as we establish, in 2015, the base of a new bull market in gold.

Grade cheer at Mariana

Published 1522 days ago

Mariana Resources (MARL) expects a ‘positive 2015’ after ‘exceptional’ drilling results at its Hot Maden gold and copper joint venture in eastern Turkey, while it prepares for fresh drilling late next month at its flagship Soledad copper, gold and silver project in central Peru. So says chief executive officer Glen Parsons in the wake of results from two step-out drill holes at Hot Maden showing one intercept of 82 metres with 20.4 grammes of gold per tonne of ore and 1.94% copper, including one bonanza finding of 13 metres with gold at 88 grammes a tonne and 2.5% copper.

Gold is now a high yielding asset

Published 1526 days ago

Gold yields 0% and is thus not an income play. Right? No wrong. This is something that investors have not yet twigged but we live in a new era. A crazy one where negative yields on many asset classes in Europe make gold an income play.

Vast pursuing big production drive

Published 1529 days ago

Roy Pitchford, seasoned chief executive officer of bombed-out Vast Resources (VAST), says the company should later this year be producing gold from the Pickstone Peerless mine in Zimbabwe and a range of metals from gold to copper and zinc from Baita Bihor in Rumania, an incongruous and opportunistic mixture explained by the company’s tortuous history. Vast, which changed its name from African Consolidated Resources in December when it raised nearly £1.6 million at 0.5p to gain potential control of Baita Bihor in Transylvania’s Apuseni mountains, tapped the market again for another £900,000 the other day at 0.6p and, though Pitchford argues it is ‘funded to take Baita Bihor into production’, he adds ‘but we would like to raise a bit more in two months.’

Exclusive Interview; Cameron Parry, CEO of Metal Tiger

Published 1529 days ago

Four months ago I suggested that mining investment specialist Metal Tiger (MTR) was a “mouse that might roar”. Despite two decent rallies since I covered the stock, on both occasions the share price gave back the gains. Today it trades at 0.7p, slightly above my original call. For anyone who has followed Metal Tiger closely this must have been a frustrating train of events, not least because of the significant progress the company has made in realising its ambitious goals. Yes, the mining sector remains mired in the severe downturn of recent years, but Metal Tiger has already proved its incisive edge in rooting out and profiting from some of the best buying opportunities in this tough environment. I caught up with CEO Cameron Parry to hear why he believes the current market is “alive with opportunity” and what he intends to do about it.

Randgold Resources – confirming that it is the gold standard

Published 1529 days ago

A very pleasing set of numbers from Randgold Resources (RRS) earlier this week confirmed that it is clearly the best larger cap gold company in the world. The Q4/FY update reinforced its consistent achievement of the gold sector’s holy trinity of rising production/grade, all in cost control way under spot gold prices and a solid balance sheet (in its case now with net cash on it). 

Accident prone Avocet picking up the pieces

Published 1529 days ago

With gold production being resumed at Inata in Burkino Faso after an illegal strike costing nearly $12 million (£8 million), accident-prone West African play Avocet Mining (AVM) is also evaluating its other prospects, at Souma, 20km from Inata, and the Tri-K project in north-eastern Guinea. Partly because of the strike, the fully-listed company, whose shares have plunged from more than £2 five years ago to a mere 5.6p now, saw gold production from Inata slip from 118,443 oz. to only 86,037 oz. last year, well below a forecast 95,000 oz., at an average cash cost, before financing, of $1,187 an ounce, uncomfortably close to a current gold price of around $1,241.

Jim Rogers – why I remain bearish on gold

Published 1533 days ago

I am a gold bug and have been heartened by the recent uptick. But not everyone shares my views. Jim Rogers co-founded the legendary Quantum fund 35 years ago with George Soros and he is still an active investor and he is a two year gold bear. In this week’s podcast recorded by my colleagues at Palisade Capital he explains why and also talks about what it is like to work with Soros and on whether China is a bubble set to burst. Interesting stuff!

Book Now for the UK’s top Investor show – 50 speakers, 110 companies – one day, April 18

Published 1533 days ago

The UK Investor Show is the UK’s top investor show and takes place on April 18th in Westminster. To grab your ticket you can book now HERE. The keynote talks include:

Scottish gold hopeful In pre-AIM funding

Published 1538 days ago

As foreshadowed here in November, Scotia Exploration & Mining is finalising details for a £2 million pre-float fund-raising attempt at 25p, ahead of a projected much larger AIM flotation at 125p or more to probe and tap gold deposits potentially stretching from the Southern Uplands of Scotland to the border area of Ireland. The Glasgow-based company, which aspires to rival and, if possible, overshadow present AIM Scottish gold play Scotgold (SGZ), is concentrating on prospects along the Orlock Bridge geological fault, which links the Leadhill gold deposits in southern Scotland with Co. Armagh, where another AIM counter Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) has been spending years investigating and establishing gold projects.

Bear Markets Breed Innovation in Gold Sector

Published 1540 days ago

I am a gold bull but I recognise that we remain in a bear market. But won't be forever. But bear markets can throw up innovation and opportunity. That is the claim made by Ed Kelly of Inca One in an interview out today with my colleagues at Palisade Capital.

Stellar Resources - is all that glisters gold?

Published 1542 days ago

Stellar Resources (STG) has been yet another company connected to serial entrepreneur David Lenigas which has been a disaster for its long-term shareholders. Sure, insiders and the odd lucky trading punter have made cash on this stock, but for the overwhelming majority of Stellar’s small army of shareholders this has been a shockingly poor investment. 

Scotgold ups resource and cuts likely costs

Published 1543 days ago

A 201% increase in AIM-quoted Scotgold (SGZ)’s formal measured and indicated gold resource at Cononish in north-east Scotland’s Grampian Highlands, combined with a new mining plan for the project, has not impressed the stockmarket much, but chief executive Richard Gray suggests its prospects could now be transformed. He argues the new, confidently categorised 248,000-oz. resource, with an average grade up 9% to a robust 14.3 grammes of gold per tonne of ore, should make it easier to finance the project, three years after a previous tempt to launch it came to nothing.

What happens if the US dollar bull run reverses and will it?

Published 1544 days ago

The US dollar has been on a good run of late but is a reversal on the cards? and what then happens to gold and the rest of us? Those are the questions answered on a TA trading basis by my colleague Jordan Roy-Byrne in this week's podcast from Palisade capital (my employer)

Are we back in a bull market for gold?

Published 1547 days ago

Are we back in a bull market for gold. For the TA perspective we turn to Jordan Roy Byrne over at Palisade Capital.

The panic will hit in 2015, go long gold as the fake US recovery is exposed

Published 1547 days ago

I believe in Sound money. President Obama does not. He believes in QE and the Money Tree which is why I agree with Gerald Celente that the US economic recovery is a fraud and that one should be long gold and that we will see blood on the streets in oil.

Serabi goes for growth

Published 1549 days ago

A near-doubling of high-grade gold production to 35,000 oz., combined with expense pruning to cut costs from more than $1,000 (£660) to between $900and $950 an ounce, is on the agenda for 2015 at AIM-quoted Serabi Gold (SNG), which is developing the Palito and Sao Chico gold projects in the remote Tapajos region of Para State in northern Brazil. Chief executive Mike Hodgson says Serabi, which is more than half-owned by Chile’s powerful Fratelli family, produced a disappointing 18,500 oz. last year from its Palito mine because of processing problems, but intends to lift that to 28,000 oz. in 2015, as well as obtaining first production of ‘6,000 to 7,000 oz.’ from Sao Chico, which is targeted to deliver its first commercial output from the middle of the year.

Amara placing and legal update

Published 1550 days ago

Amara Mining (AMA) has announced a conditional-on-shareholder-approval 16p per share placing to raise gross proceeds of £14.6 million ($22 million) – ostensibly to enable further exploration of its Yaoure gold project in Côte d'Ivoire and to fund it to the point of making a construction decision for the project, including the delivery of a bankable feasibility study late this year. However, the company also faces some potential  - albeit we think low risk - legal nasties… 

Costs drive at Shanta Gold

Published 1551 days ago

Shanta Gold (SHG) will this year apply ’a big focus on improving efficiency’ and bringing down costs at its flagship New Luika gold mine in Tanzania, while contemplating potential corporate deals and developing its prospects in the Lupa goldfields, the mining-friendly East African country’s second largest known gold deposit, along with Singida in central Tanzania. That is the word from Mike Houston

Gold & silver technical buys?

Published 1551 days ago

I am a fundamentals based gold bug. But is there now a technical trading case for buying the precious metals as well?

Aureus welcomes oil price slide

Published 1553 days ago

West African gold play Aureus Mining (AUE) reckons the latest fall in oil prices could shave some $30 (£20) off estimated all-in cash costs at its flagship New Liberty gold project in Liberia, where the AIM-quoted company expects the first gold pour in May, with fill capacity to be reached in July. That would take costs to $820 an ounce for New Liberty, if oil’s present weakness persists, against a current gold price of $1,276.95c an ounce and would provide a helpful boost to returns from the project, which Aureus expects to produce at a rate of 119,000 oz. a year by open pit mining for the first six years of an anticipated mine life of eight years.

The Euro mess is not played out yet – great news for gold

Published 1553 days ago

As a hardline Austrian economist, who makes Tom Winnifrith seem like a Big State Keynsian, it will not surprise you to hear that I think that the Euro mess is far from played out and that the effects on oil, copper and other commodities will be profound. Of course the big winner will be gold.

London’s leading gold forecaster: gold to average $1321 in 2015

Published 1555 days ago

Over the past 15 years Ross Norman of Sharps Pixley has been the forecaster with the best record in the LBMA for predicting gold price moves so you should take his gold price forecasts seriously. Ross writes, "We are going out on a limb this year." Indeed.

Armadale seeks Congo gold resource boost

Published 1556 days ago

AIM dog Armadale Capital (ACP) says it will spend 2015 upgrading and preparing its low-grade Mpokoto gold project in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to start production next year. The company, which has transformed itself from a South African coal briquetting and acid mine drainage specialist called Watermark Global into a would-be gold mine developer and lost 99% of its original stockmarket value along the way, indicates it has finalised a drilling programme for Mpokoto, in Congo’s mineral-rich province of Katanga, with a view to upgrading its present formal resource estimate of 678,00oz. with 1.45 grammes of gold per tonne of ore.

Is gold finally set to rally?

Published 1561 days ago

I am a gold bug so a long term believer. But is the trading outlook improving for gold? This week's podcast from my colleague Jordan Roy-Byrne at Palisade Capital implies that it might be. Good news!

Sprott gold veteran John Embry – this is the worst I’ve seen it for 40 years

Published 1562 days ago

John Embry, is the Chief Portfolio Strategist at the world’s largest resource investor Sprott. This market for gold and gold stocks is the worst he’s seen for 40 years, he noted in a recent interview. But what happened 39 years ago. The interview is a fascinating insight from a man with unmatched experience.

Resource boost at Amara Mining

Published 1562 days ago

West Africa-focused gold play Amara Mining (AMA) has hoisted the formal indicated mineral resource at its Yaoure project in Cote d’Ivoire 63% to 4.4 million oz. at a low grade of 1.29 grammes of gold per tonne of ore. Citing another 2.4 million oz. there with gold at 1.19 grammes a tonne in the more tentative inferred resource category, the AIM-quoted company, which began life as Cluff Gold, says this confirms Yaoure as the largest gold development project in the region and indicates it expects a pre-feasibility study to be completed in March.

New Kalimantan boss sets out production targets

Published 1563 days ago

Tony Manini, the Australian mining entrepreneur who has become chief executive of Indonesia-focused Kalimantan Gold (KLG), says he intends to take the volatile AIM-quoted company’s 622 million-lb. Beruang Kanan copper project into production at an annual rate of 20,000 tonnes within two and a half years before taking another copper venture, Kalimantan’s newly-acquired Beutong project in Sumatra, to the stage where it can deliver 80,000 tonnes of copper a year.

Amara Mining - truly cracking news from Yaoure

Published 1564 days ago

Amara Mining* (AMA) has announced an increase in total mineral resources at its Yaoure gold project in Côte d'Ivoire from 6.3 million ounces to 6.8 million and a 63% increase (to 4.4 million ounces) in the higher confidence ‘Indicated’ resource.

Alecto ‘on track’in Burkina Faso

Published 1564 days ago

Africa-focused Alecto Minerals (ALO) says it is ‘on track’ to establish a maiden resource estimate this year for the Kerboule gold prospect in West Africa’s Djibo gold belt in northern Burkina Faso, while the AIM-quoted company actively canvasses prospective partners for its Kossanto project in Mali, potentially hosting more than 500,000 oz. of gold. Alecto, which also has joint ventures with fully-listed Centamin (CEY) at two gold prospects in Ethiopia, acquired Kerboule in November in a £350,000 all-share deal and now says analysis of previous drilling data over the 3,995-sq.-km. project has identified three discrete deposits with ‘numerous vein sets’.

Andrew Monk of VSA Resources serves up 3 Mining stocks to buy in 2015 and a macro sector view

Published 1566 days ago

So second day back at school and today I will give you my thoughts on the Mining sector which really has had a torrid time for about 3 years now and you have to start thinking it cant keep falling forever..............but that also doesn't mean it is ready to be invested in.

Why Gold Stocks will rebound sharply in 2015

Published 1568 days ago

I am glad to see that Chris Bailey is calling gold and gold stocks as a buy in his 2015 macro themes out today. As a gold bug that is music to my ears. I am still a believer! As is Jeb Handwerger. the editor of who was interviewed this week by my colleagues at Palisade Capital. Jeb explains clearly why this bombed out sector will rebound in 2015 but also why you have to be selective and how to be selective.

Robert Tyerman’s share tips for 2015 No 2 – Buy Randgold Resources

Published 1572 days ago

Gold has been the despair of its fans ever since hitting $1,900 an ounce three years ago. Instead of soaring above $2,000 and on into the stratosphere, amid international political and economic turbulence, the perverse yellow metal has slithered back to below $1,180 an ounce, as the US economy and dollar have proved unexpectedly strong and oil has lately taken a spectacular tumble.

Ben Turney’s Trading Themes for 2015 #1 – A supercharged play on gold miners

Published 1574 days ago

It is with a deep sense of déjà vu that I suggest my first Trading Theme for 2015. I am back to the gold miners. As one of my picks for 2014, this sector performed reasonably well in the first half of the year, only to finish in miserable disappointment by the end. There were excellent trading opportunities along the way, but gold’s bear market ultimately prevailed. As of writing, gold mining shares are towards the bottom of their annual lows and the long-awaited recovery proves as elusive as ever. Although I am understandably a little shy in calling the bottom of the market in the price of gold, the recent weakness looks like a decent buying opportunity and I’ve found a supercharged play for the bold of heart.

How to survive ANOTHER washout in the gold market

Published 1589 days ago

As you know I am a gold bull, long term. But the gold market and market for gold stocks is pretty sick right now. In that light my colleagues at Palisade Capital this week interviewed Peter Spina of on how to survive ANOTHER washout in the gold market by investing in the right stocks.

Stellar Resources: The Overpromoted myth and the hard reality

Published 1589 days ago

While keeping a watchful eye over all that is shit on the exchange, known as the AIM Casino my mind turns to Stellar Resources (STG). The company talks the talk via RNS and other marketing promotes but the cold hard facts for shareholders about the gold play at Dolgellau are:

Amanda van Dyke: The Mining Goddess explains Mining stocks - new video

Published 1591 days ago

The mining goddess, oops I mean guru, was on flying form at the last ShareProphets seminar as she explained how to value mining stocks and whether one should be investing in gold or other metals juniors right now. Amanda will be among the roster of speakers at our Spring seminars which start on Febuary 2, to get priority booking and alerts of them register HERE - the video is below

Ariana Resources - An AIM company that is not taking the piss

Published 1599 days ago

There are very few AIM listed near term gold producers that have assets located in a stable proven gold producing jurisdiction, that have funding in place to build a mine and where the asset the company is sitting on is as lower a risk exploration play as an investor could possibly get and where the board is both highly qualified and not taking the piss out of its shareholders. Let’s talk Ariana Resources (AAU).

Video of Plastics Capital Presentation at ShareProphets seminar 24th November

Published 1601 days ago

Plastics Capital (PLA) was among the three companies presenting at the last ShareProphets seminar. The video of Executive Chairman Faisal Rahmatallah can be found below.

Rob Terry is a fraud says Evil Knievil – Video of ShareProphets seminar 24th November

Published 1601 days ago

Infamous bear raider Evil Knievil was the guest speaker at the ShareProphets seminar on 24 November and did not hold back with his views on the market, a stock that he views as a slam dunk short and Quindell whose boss Rob Terry was described as a fraud. The video of Evil can be viewed below.

2015 to Usher in US Dollar Hyperinflation

Published 1602 days ago

As you know my economics are crystal pure Austrian and so this week’s interview by my colleagues at Palisade Capital was a real delight. John Wiliams is the founder and publisher of, which is an independent investigator and publisher of real government statistics in relation to the economy.  He explains how the Government of the US is fiddling the numbers, why this will lead to hyperinflation in 2015 and – naturally – why this is very good for Gold.

Serabi poised for full production

Published 1606 days ago

Mike Hodgson, chief executive officer of Serabi Gold (SRB), says he expects the AIM-quoted company to hoist gold production in northern Brazil’s Tapajos region from a disappointing maiden annual rate of 20,000 oz. to more than 35,000 oz. in the coming year, as its high-grade Sao Chico project starts to swell the quantity of gold now being extracted from its existing operation at Palito. Quoted on AIM and in Toronto and backed by Chile’s billionaire Solari business dynasty, Serabi has obtained a temporary trial mining licence for Sao Chico and must conduct what Hodgson describes as the equivalent of a pre-feasibility study to secure a permanent licence, which he anticipates ‘will be done and dusted by mid-2015.’

Why gold will go up but what is the “safe” way to own it?

Published 1609 days ago

You know I am a gold bull and also convinced that ever more indebted Governments will try to confiscate private wealth. So how do you old gold safely? This week my colleagues at Palisade Capital interviewed Nick Giambruno, senior editor of Doug Casey’s who explains the gold bull case again but then details the safe places to store the ultimate store of wealth.

Gold & Gold Equities rally - how much further could the rebound go?

Published 1611 days ago

Gold and gold equities have enjoyed a three week rally. But will it fizzle outor does this rally have legs? That is the question that technical analyst Jordan Roy-Byrne answers in this podcast produced by my colleagues at Palisade Capital. 

2015 – The year of peak gold

Published 1612 days ago

It may not be loved right now but I remain a big bull of gold. My colleagues at Palisade Capital this week interviewed industry veteran Brent Cook who reckons that 2015 will be the year of peak gold and explains why.

Alecto adds new project

Published 1612 days ago

Africa-focused explorer Alecto Minerals (ALO) has bought another gold project in Burkina Faso, to add to its interests in Mali, Mauritania and Ethiopia. The London-based company, which recently appointed as chairman City veteran Mark Wellesley-Wood, who once sought to revive Cornish tin mining, is acquiring the Kerboule gold project in the West African country’s Djibo gold belt, near fellow AIM counter Avocet Mining’s Inata gold mine, in a deal which chief executive officer Mark Jones suggests ‘is capable of delivering significant returns.’

Licence challenge for ECR Minerals

Published 1615 days ago

ECR Minerals (ECR), an out-of-favour AIM-listed company with decidedly entrepreneurial Australian origins, is celebrating some encouraging sampling results from its Sierra de Las Minas gold project in Argentina, as it awaits developments at its flagship gold joint venture at Itogon in the northern Philippines Island of Luzon. The London-based company, which has lost more than 93% of its stockmarket value in four years and says its strategy is to delineate ‘high-grade, low-tonnage deposits’, says the Argentine sampling has yielded results including 1.6 metres with no less than 28.4 grammes of gold per tonne of ore, 0.2 metres with a bonanza 62.5 grammes a tonne and 6.1 metres with 3.77 grammes a tonne.

Equities may be up but the world remains unbalanced

Published 1617 days ago

A month ago global equity markets were in a state of complete panic.  Four weeks later markets are substantially up, sentiment has hugely recovered and investors are generally looking forward again to 2015…especially in the US.  Despite the market recovery of recent weeks the world remains clearly imbalanced.  That’s not to say there are now things to be doing and the technology, food retail and gold sectors were of particular interest to me this week. 

Reasons to be bullish on gold – the Brian Lundin interview

Published 1618 days ago

It might not be fashionable right now but I remain a gold bull for reasons I have explained here many times. As such I agree with many of the sentiments expressed by Brian Lundin, the host of the famed New Orleans Investment Conference, the world’s oldest and most respected gold investment event. That happened the other day and in this interview with my colleagues at Palisade Capital Brian covers many of the themes from the event.

Transformation goes through at Goldstone

Published 1619 days ago

Goldstone Resources (GRL), the unloved West African gold explorer whose shares have fallen 98% in 10 years, is entering a new era, which long-suffering investors must hope will radically improve its prospects. Shareholders have approved a package of measures, including a £1.4 million investment by fellow AIM counter Stratex International (STI) and the replacement of Goldstone’s chairman Jonathan Best by Christopher Hall of Stratex, putting Stratex into the driving seat.

Stellar Resources - ''With each turn of the wheel becomes a revolution'' - video shocker

Published 1620 days ago

One of the saddest parts of being a financial commentator when you unearth facts which don't quite compliment the belief mechanism of either shareholders or traders. Often the level of misunderstanding is so great that it becomes hard to know where it starts and ends. I'm not going to overload investors today with all the facts but perhaps enough for people to question the presentation of operations, investments and ability of Stellar Resources (STG), an AIM listed creation of David Lenigas.

Pace quickens for Stratex

Published 1621 days ago

Stratex International (STI) expects to end 2014 on a strong note. The London-based AIM company, with gold, copper and molybdenum interests in Turkey and East and West Africa, is taking control of fellow AIM counter, the West African gold play Goldstone Resources (GRL), as it waits for a feasibility study before the end of the year on its porphyry copper, gold and molybdenum joint venture at Muratdere in Turkey’s Bilecik province.

Capitulation or Nasty Sell-off in Gold?

Published 1626 days ago

Have we just experienced ‘capitulation’ in gold stocks, or just a particularly nasty sell-off? That is the question asked today by Sprott Asset Management, the world’s leading investor in precious metals headed up by Rick Rule.

Great Western toasts maiden US resource

Published 1628 days ago

Copper may be testing new lows and shares in unloved Irish copper and gold explorer Great Western Mining (GWMO) may have lost 92% of their value since being floated in 2011 at 11p. But the Dublin-based company thinks it has something to cheer about with the first independently-confirmed formal Joint Ore Reserve Committee (JORC)-standard resource estimate for its M8-Smith copper project on the Marietta District of ‘Mineral County’ in south-west Nevada.

What Alan Greenspan’s Latest Talk Means for Gold - Sprott

Published 1632 days ago

Sprott Asset management is the world’s leading resource investment group and its comments on what former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan said last week at a New Orleans conference on gold are worth noting. Over to Sprott:

Goldplat – shares down again as operations update disappoints

Published 1632 days ago

Shares in gold recovery from by-products of the mining process-focused AIM Listed Goldplat plc (GDP) currently trade 6.5% lower, at 3.625p, on the back of an update including that “deliveries of concentrates were not made to Goldplat's third party refinery as a result of temporary industrial strike action and subsequent delays at the refinery”. The following updates on this latest disappointment from the company.

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast 31st October

Published 1632 days ago

Equities are up. In this podcast, I discuss why but why this is not the start of a bull market. It is temporary coke and hookers time in the City and on Wall Street but only for a while. Next up I look at: Fitbug, ULS Technology & the failings of AIM, Leni Gas & Oil and the failings of AIM, Arian Silver and other gold and silver producers, Coms and - in detail following a long chat with a former bull and insurance guru - Quindell.

Tough Times Ahead… Gold to Bottom Around $1,000! And then to hit $3000 in 2017

Published 1635 days ago

Well here is a gutsy call on gold- in fact two gutsy calls. My colleagues at Palisade Capital this week interviewed chartist and gold commentator Jordan Roy Byrne. Short term he is a bear and explains why. In the longer term he is a mega bull.

Scoping study cheer for Armadale Capital

Published 1636 days ago

Armadale Capital (ACP) may be long out of favour with investors these days, but key director Justin Lewis is savouring a new scooping study which gives the AIM-quoted company’s Mpokoto gold project in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s mineral-rich Katanga province a net present value of $55.3 million(£34.5 million), ten times Armadale’s present stockmarket tag of £3.3 million.

Aureus on track amid ebola epidemic

Published 1641 days ago

West African gold hopeful Aureus Mining (AUE) expects to have its flagship 900,000-oz. New Liberty project in Liberia producing gold in or shortly after March next year and is confident of announcing a new resource next month for Ndablama, 40 km away, its second project in the country’s Bea Mountain licence area. Liberia is at the centre of the deadly ebola epidemic, gold at $1,248.80c an ounce remains at present stubbornly out of investment fashion and Aureus’s shares have virtually halved from their 41.25p 12-month peak to 21.25p now, but David Reading, the company’s chief executive officer, strikes a determinedly upbeat note.

Pace quickens at Mariana

Published 1643 days ago

Mariana Resources (MARL) will start sampling and mapping in a few weeks at its new Nassau Gold joint venture in Surinam in the north-east of South America and begin scout drilling at its Los Cisnes gold and silver project in southern Argentina, in the wake of ‘bonanza’ rock chip sampling results at Rurimarac, its gold and silver project in central Peru’s Cordillera Negra province.

The truth about the Federal Reserve & how it destroys sound money

Published 1644 days ago

And now for something a bit different. As you might have guessed I am an Austrian economist – that is to say that I regard the printing of paper money and pointless and wicked. It creates wealth for the few without boosting the economy. It is fair to say that I am not the greatest fan of the Federal Reserve. And as such I heartily recommend this podcast from my colleagues at Palisade Capital with Mr. G. Edward Griffin. Mr. Griffin is the author of the widely popular book, The Creature From Jekyll Island, published in 1994. The topic of the book is The Federal Reserve, and it tells the story of how The Fed was created, for what purpose it was created, and by whom it was created. For all those who believe in sound money…enjoy.

Market Volatility and Growth Uncertainty Brought Back Interest into Gold

Published 1645 days ago

The U.S. Comex gold futures outperformed all the major asset classes this week, jumping 1.60% to end at $1,241.20 on Thursday. Gold prices have surged while the S&P 500 Index has dropped 2.26%, the Euro Stoxx 50 Index has plunged 3.87%, and the crude oil futures have dived 3.64% week-to-Thursday.

There is no such thing as a triple bottom for precious metals including gold

Published 1646 days ago

Our pals at Palisade Capital, employer of the mining guru Amanda Van Dyke, serve up a weekly podcast on gold with Jordan Roy-Byrne. He argues that gold should higher still after this week. This has clear implications for share prices across the mining sector. Okay he is a chartist but still it is an interesting call.

Amara Mining, drill results and thoughts on the share price of the ONLY gold stock we are tipping

Published 1647 days ago

Amara Mining (AMA) has announced further results from the 2014 drilling programme at its Yaoure gold project in Côte d'Ivoire which “continues to confirm high grade mineralisation throughout the deposit”.  This is the ONLY gold stock we are now tipping on our premium Nifty Fifty website.

‘Potentially huge’ target tempts Papua Mining

Published 1649 days ago

Ambitious explorer Papua Mining (PML) could soon find itself playing for big stakes at Tripela, its copper and gold porphyry prospect in Papua New Guinea (PNG) in the south-west Pacific, north of Australia. The AIM-quoted company, which is embarked upon a £1 million-plus 4,000-metre drilling programme at Tripela on the island of New Britain in PNG’s Bismarck Archipelago, says it has already encountered copper mineralisation of up to 29% in surface outcrops there and chief executive officer Hugh McCullough argues ‘the size of the target is potentially huge.’

Gold: a bottom or a temporary bottom but it’s the juniors that will lead the bull market that follows

Published 1652 days ago

Gold commentator Jordan Roy Byrne is a chartist and serves up a weekly short charting show on Palisade Radio – in this week’s show he wonders has gold hit the bottom or could there be worse. But his charts tell him that mining juniors might be about to rally sharply. Hmmmmm.

Zinc cliffhanger for Alexander Mining

Published 1653 days ago

Before Christmas, Alexander Mining (AXM), AIM-quoted South America-focused copper and gold play-turned ore treatment innovator, could well know whether it has pulled off a deal with a £1 billion mining group to commercialise proprietary technology which, it claims, could transform the economics of mining zinc, cobalt, copper and other minerals. Last month, Alexander, co-founded and chaired by abrasive former mining financier Matt Sutcliffe and backed by commodity hedge fund Ebullio among other groups, granted an option to this unnamed ‘mid-tier’ mining concern to make use of its Ammleach technology in the treatment of oxide, near-surface zinc ore.

Buy Sunrise Resources at 0.40p

Published 1655 days ago

Having looked at the train wreck of London Mining (LOND) this morning we as investors really do have to look not only at financing projects the overall capex and the geopolitical risk but the commodity cycle. London has have been hit by more than one shortfall, today marks the bugling of the last post with the inevitable fall of the company as it's known today. This leads me onto a company I believe has had a similar footprint on the chart but which is a very different animal, Sunrise Resources (SRES). 

There's Likely to be a Super-Bubble in These Crappy Little Mining Stocks

Published 1658 days ago

You know that I am a bull of gold. I am also, like your esteemed site editor, a libertarian. Which is why I really enjoyed this week’s interview by my colleagues at Palisade Capital this week which is with Doug Casey, the founder of Casey Research who is – like the best of us – profoundly influenced by Ayn Rand. Dough also makes a call on mining toddlers which is a very interesting

Turkish Mining: Recent Transaction & Permit News Exciting Investors - ref Ariana

Published 1659 days ago

The Turkish mining sector has been growing steadily over the past ten years experiencing average year on year growth of 11%. The election of President Erdoğan on the 10th August this year provides certainty over the political direction of the country that has witnessed decent GDP growth of 5.2% each year on average between 2002 and 2011 and 4% growth in 2013. 

Gold Stocks: Time to Buy or Will They Get Worse?

Published 1660 days ago

Gold has fallen from over $1,300 in mid-August to around $1,210 per ounce as of October 2, dragging many gold-related stocks down with them. Is this an opportunity to buy or will things get worse? Steve Todoruk of the famed resource investor Sprott argues that it is the former.

Amara Mining – New Estimate at Yaoure: clear value in the shares

Published 1660 days ago

Amara Mining (AMA) has announced an updated Mineral Resource estimate for its flagship Yaoure gold project in Côte d'Ivoire – emphasising that “with over 4 million ounces contained in a single economic pit and compelling economics benefiting from low cost hydro-electric power, Yaoure stands out as the pre-eminent gold development asset in West Africa”.

Gold demand believed to grow and stabilise the economy

Published 1660 days ago

Martin Murenbeeld highlights in the recent Gold Monitor the lack of attention steered towards the continuing up-take of physical gold in China. Despite the general conclusion of physical demand in China being down year-on-year, from record level 1,275t last year to an expected 900-1,000t according to WGC, the distribution of physical gold through the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) shows a growing appetite for gold in the long term.

Kalimantan – and the Placing they didn’t tell you about: More shite from a POS on the AIM casino

Published 1661 days ago

Kalimantan Gold (KLG) has been a perennial jam tomorrow POS stock on the AIM Casino. Directors fees all round. Advisors fees all round. Placing after placing after frigging placing as it hypes up one target, raises cash, moves the goalposts and them raises cash again. All the time it is private investors who get screwed. Let me tell you about the placing it failed to do earlier this week.

How bearish can we be on mining stocks – the world’s No 1 analyst Roger Bade warns things will get worse

Published 1662 days ago

The world’s No 1 mining analyst Roger Bade of Whitman Howard has produced his quarterly review and while there are a few new buy ideas, such as Amara (AMA), on the whole his tone is as bearish as ever. Anyone who says how some mining juniors should be “viewed with contempt” is a top man. Although Mr Bade’s less than complimentary words about the quite excellent Women in Mining organisation run by mining guru Amanda Van Dyke (pictured left since she is a tad more photogenic than Mr Bade) have “been noted”.  Naughty. The review makes for sobering reading for anyone still investing in this sector. Mr Bade writes: 

Bearish Gold Sentiment Sets in with Better U.S. Labour Market and Gold ETP Outflow

Published 1662 days ago

The U.S. Comex gold futures fell 5.91% during September and 8.43% in Q3. The monthly loss was the worst since June 2013. Year-to-date, the gold futures have risen just about 0.70%. On the contrary, the Dollar Index jumped 3.85% in September and 7.72% in Q3, the largest quarterly rise since Q3 in 2008. The S&P 500 Index has dropped almost two percent since reaching an intra-day peak of 2,019 on 19 September.

Follow the super rich out of the money bubble and into physical assets and gold...

Published 1665 days ago

You know that I am a bull of gold. Put simply I am an Austrian economist so I view the unprecedented printing of money that as QE as having only one outcome and that has to be bullish for gold. James Turk, the founder of Goldmoney explains what a money bubble is why we are in one already in an interview recorded with my colleagues at Palisade Capital this week. 

Jordan Roy-Byrne calling a big upside rally in physical gold & silver and mining stocks

Published 1665 days ago

Our pals at Palisade Capital, employer of the mining guru Amanda Van Dyke, serve up a weekly podcast on gold with Jordan Roy-Byrne. This week he made a big call – he is calling abig turn upwards in physical gold and silver. This has clear implications for share prices across the mining sector. Okay he is a chartist but still it is an interesting call.

Anglo Asian in the red

Published 1667 days ago

Khosrow Zamani, chairman of unloved gold producer Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) declares his board’s belief that ‘the second half year will be more robust than the first’. The AIM-quoted company’s long-suffering shareholders can only echo this hope after interim figures showing a previous pre-tax profit of $4.2 million turned into a $7.5 million (£4.65 million) loss on turnover 18 per cent ahead at $32.7 million.

Golden glow for Great Western

Published 1667 days ago

AIM dog Great Western Mining (GWMO) could be adding serious gold potential to its existing copper ambitions in the Marietta district of the south-west Nevada desert’s Excelsior Mountains following results of its latest field work in the area. The Dublin-based company, formerly chaired by veteran Irish entrepreneur Emmett O’Connell and still backed by some of his private investors’ fan club, says geological mapping and other work on four claim groups in the ‘Golconda Thrust’ claim zone suggests one of them, the JS group, could have the possibility of being a gold deposit of the type found in Nevada’s prolific Carlin trend, while another, the Tun group, could have the potential to prove an underground resource as well as a ‘much larger open-pit prospect’.

Gold Looks Cheaper While Stocks Crack under Fed Rates Expectations and Valuations

Published 1667 days ago

The U.S. Comex gold futures rebounded 0.21% to $1,221.20 on Thursday after falling roughly the same on Wednesday. The gold futures have risen 0.47% this week and 1.57% for the year while the S&P 500 Index and the Euro Stoxx 50 Index have surged 7.96% and 6.22% respectively this year.

Mariana persists with expansion

Published 1668 days ago

Glen Parsons, chief executive officer of AIM-quoted Mariana Resources (MARL), suggests the South America-focused gold, copper and silver explorer is entering a potentially transformative phase following a series of deals and discoveries.

Buy gold at an end of day close above $1,214.35/oz.

Published 1668 days ago

Nearly two weeks ago I suggested a buying opportunity could be brewing in the gold market. I now believe we’ve reached that point. Using my preferred technical indicator, the MIDAS Method, the price of gold has breached a critical level of support. On Tuesday the price rallied strongly off this, only to retreat again. Today, the market looks like it is once more finding its footing and a rally from here could gain some serious momentum.

Amara Mining – A real rarity a Quality gold stock on AIM

Published 1669 days ago

Amara Mining (AMA) has announced further encouraging drilling results from its Yaoure project in Côte d'Ivoire. Most AIM casino listed gold miners are a total waste of space, Amara is a rare quality play.

Five key thoughts from day 3 of the Casey Research summit

Published 1670 days ago

Following on from the first couple of days of the summit (which you can find links to here) what were my key thoughts from the third - and final – day of the Casey Research Summit in the USA   As I only attended the first two-thirds of a shortened day here are my five key thoughts:

Low interest rates have created the biggest stockmarket bubble in history

Published 1672 days ago

You know that I am an equities bear. So too is Gerald Celente, the well-known precious metals investor. His view is that we are heading for stockmarket disaster as we pump up the biggest bubble in history. This view was clearly explained in an interview he gave to my colleagues at Palisade Capital this week.

More Appealing Gold Prices for the Middle Eastern and Asian Buyers

Published 1673 days ago

The U.S. Comex gold futures have dropped 0.79% in the past two days to $1,225.90 while the Dollar Index has climbed 0.30% and ended at 84.323 on Thursday. The year-to-date gold futures gain has been reduced to 1.96% from as high as 15% in March. The S&P 500 Index and the Euro Stoxx 50 Index climbed 0.64% and 1.54% in the last two days while the CRB Commodities Index dropped 1.22%. 

Gold Juniors leading the gold price - a sign that recovery underway? The TA perspective

Published 1674 days ago

Our pals at Palisade Capital, employer of the mining guru Amanda Van Dyke, serve up a weekly podcast with Jordan Roy-Byrne. Since he is a chartist we ignore him normally but his podcast this week looking at gold juniors vs physical gold, both now and back in 2010 and 2011 is fascinating stuff for we gold bugs. As such we are happy to give it a wider airing.

Eric Sprott: Get Your Money ‘Out of Banks and into Something Tangible’ - the economy is STILL broken

Published 1676 days ago

Eric Sprott the founder of Sprott Asset Management is perhaps the best known resource investor on earth. He says that he now has 80% of his portfolio in precious metals because the economy is just in a very bad place. It is just that people do not realise it yet so shares, cash in the bank is duff money. Sprott says you should but gold NOW because “when people finally decide they want to buy gold, there probably won’t be any gold.”  So asked what he is buying and why Sprott said in a recent interview:

The Fed, the Middle Kingdom, and the Scots are Near-term Drivers of Gold

Published 1676 days ago

The markets in the first half of September have certainly been interesting. After bouncing back 0.41% in August, the U.S. Comex gold futures have tumbled 3.95% to $1,235.70 month-to-date while the Dollar Index has surged 1.6% this month to 84.074 as of 16 September. 

The case for buying marginal gold producers greedily

Published 1679 days ago

You know that I am bearish on equities. I explained why the other week HERE. But I am bullish on gold although accepting that you have to be ultra-selective in which gold stocks you buy. The other day my colleagues from Palisade Capital interviewed Ravi Sood, the CEO of Galane Gold who explains why as a gold buy you need to play the game cleverly by buying marginal producers - its a high risk, high reward strategy.

Gold tanks, look out for a buying opportunity

Published 1680 days ago

On Tuesday I described how gold speculators were charging for the exit. Since then the market for the precious metal has deteriorated further. Precipitous price drops have combined with increasingly bearish technical indicators. The chart below looks like it is on the verge of total breakdown and 2014’s rally hangs in the balance. However, for the bold trader, this could all be creating amenable conditions for an excellent contrarian long trade.

Gold; Speculators charge for the exit

Published 1684 days ago

The last two releases of the Commitment of Traders (CoT) data for gold have revealed that speculators have dumped futures in the precious metal en masse. The Managed Money segment of data was net long gold by 62,918 contracts, last Tuesday. This is down from a net long position of 103,205 contracts a fortnight before. Judging by the price performance of gold since, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the next CoT report reveals a further decline. Is this it for gold’s rally over 2014?

Orogen trumpets latest gold find

Published 1685 days ago

An ebullient-sounding Ed Slowey, Chief Executive Officer of unloved AIM company Orogen Gold (ORE), says he will be bombarding investors in the coming weeks with further drilling results from the Mutsk project in southern Armenia, after announcing intercepts of up to 60 metres with 1.21 grams of gold per tonne of ore, including 20 metres with 3.11 grams a tonne. Orogen obtained these results, hailed by Slowey as ‘very significant’,  by step-out drilling at Mutsk, which is 30 km away from the Amulsar gold project, where Toronto-listed Lydian International claims a four million-oz. gold deposit with one gram a tonne, of which 2.3 million oz. with 0.75 grams a tonne ‘proven and probable’.

Gold is the place to be, I agree with Frank Holmes!

Published 1685 days ago

You know that I am bearish on equities. I explained why last week HERE. But I am bullish on gold although accepting that you have to be ultra-selective in which gold stocks you buy. This week my colleagues from Palisade Capital interviewed Frank Holmes, the CEO of US Global Investors who explains, perhaps more clearly than I can, the bull case for gold.

Patagonia Gold’s Marc Sale honourably resigns, so reappoint him?!

Published 1689 days ago

On Tuesday afternoon, twenty minutes before the market closed, Patagonia Gold (PGD) announced that its technical director, Marc Sale, had failed to disclose seventeen personal share transactions. These included fourteen market purchases of Patagonia stock and three sales. In the normal course of events, this might have been the sort of sensationalist fodder we thrive on. There is certainly an impression that calling for the scalps of rule breaking AIM directors is all we do. However, there was something not quite right about this story, not least because of the relatively small amounts involved.

Why ‘New Approach’ to Gold Miners ETF Could Benefit Investors

Published 1689 days ago

The new Sprott Gold Miners ETF (NYSE: SGDM) was launched in July. SGDM focuses on major mining and streaming companies and offers investors an innovative new way to gain exposure to gold equities. The Sprott ETF provides all the aspects of traditional ETFs that investors like – a low management fee (0.57%), passive management, exposure to a diversified basket of stocks, and full disclosure of holdings on a daily basis – with an alternative indexing methodology for selecting the holdings of the portfolio.

Gambling on higher gold prices with Goldplat

Published 1692 days ago

Goldplat (GDP) has been in decline since mid-2012, but now seems to have settled at its lowest point in more than five years and could be worth a look. The AIM-listed company is actually profitable and debt-free through its gold recovery businesses in South Africa and Ghana (although not overall). However the share price now sits at around 4p, leaving Goldplat with a market cap of under £7 million, a far cry from the highs of over 16p in 2012.

Equities to slump by 30-40% soon says Marc Faber

Published 1693 days ago

You know that I am bearish on equities. I explained why last week HERE. But my bearishness is nothing on that of celebrated market commentator Marc Faber who sees shares falling by up to 40% and soon. This week my colleagues from Palisade Capital interviewed Marc and he explained why he was so pessimistic.

Amara Mining – we are 50% up on this gold share tip but certainly not selling: Interims comment

Published 1694 days ago

We are c50% ahead on this share tip after interims last week. But there is more to come.

SpreadBet Pick; Buy gold if it closes above $1,292.60/oz

Published 1696 days ago

The resilience of the gold price continues to confound the bears. Coming into 2014 and most market commentators were extremely pessimistic about the prospects for the precious metal. Some even claimed it could shed another $150/oz, to fall as low as $1,050/oz. Users of the MIDAS system were more confident than this. After the market bottomed last December, the gold price has made steady progress over the course of the year. Currently trading at $1,292/oz the price sits immediately below DEC2013 support (shown in the chart below) and this could present yet another buying opportunity.

Now Noricum shifts focus

Published 1698 days ago

Noricum Gold (NMG), the AIM-quoted Austrian gold hopeful, had accompanied news of a £315,000 loss for the six months to June with confirmation that it has decided to ‘prioritise’ its ‘near-term operational and financial resources’ on drilling at its Schonberg project in the country’s south-central region. This represents a significant change in direction for the company, which had previously indicated it hoped to produce a formal JORC (Joint Ore Review Committee)-standard resource estimate during the first half of this year for its flagship Rotgulden precious metals project some 100 km. away.

Will There Be a ‘New Gold Rush?’ -- Ian Gordon, Longwave Analytics

Published 1698 days ago

Henry Bonner is an analyst with Sprott Global. He recently interviewed Ian Gordon of Longwave Analytics. We have published this interview below;

Ian Gordon created Longwave Analytics, which studies the Longwave principle, by which economies obey long-term cyclical trends of expansion and contraction. Eric Sprott is an avid reader -- he suggested I interview Ian Gordon for his take on the role of Kondratiev’s ‘long wave cycle’ in explaining the economic environment we are seeing today. 

NEW Mining and Oil shares book by Tom Winnifrith – get your FREE Copy

Published 1700 days ago

The 49’ers series continues with my newest book – the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from oil, gas and mining stocks.  It is published TODAY and you can buy it on Amazon for £6.25. Or we have 500 free copies to give away and you can download yours now by filling in the form below..

Noricum to step up drilling programme

Published 1701 days ago

Establishing ‘an exciting new gold province’ in the Austrian provinces of Salzburg and Carinthia is the declared goal of AIM-quoted Noricum Gold (NMG). The company has won approval from the authorities for a 3,000-metre drilling campaign at Schonberg, one of its key projects in the south and west of the country. Based in the British Virgin Islands and currently out of favour with investors, the company has also applied for permission to drill an additional 2,000 metres at Schonberg, where recent rock chip sampling showed gold mineralisation of up to 3.82 parts per million, with 0.8 per cent copper.

What if China, Russia Succeed in Going off the Dollar? -- Alasdair Macleod

Published 1703 days ago

Sprott Global has just interviewed Alasdair Macleod. Alasdair writes the blog FinanceAndEconomics.Org. His research aims to explain the relationship between the dollar and gold, and to warn investors about the biggest threats to their wealth from macro-economic events. Besides what the Fed is doing by printing money, there is another big threat to the dollar, said Alasdair. Countries in Asia are banding together in order to rid themselves of using the dollar in international trade.

Orosur seeks growth after slashing costs

Published 1704 days ago

South American gold play Orosur Mining (OMI) is on the look-out for yet more assets after turning a $14.8 million (£8.7 million) loss into net profits of $5.1 million in the year to May. It subsequently acquired Toronto-listed Colombia-focused Waymar Resources, with gross assets of $14.75 million, in a share deal giving Waymar shareholders nearly 20 per cent of the enlarged company. Orosur is based in the Chilean capital of Santiago and quoted on AIM and Toronto. The company achieved this turnaround largely thanks to a plunge in asset impairments from $14 million to $557,000 and a fall in exploration expenses and write-offs from $4.3 million to $245,000.

Gold and silver prices may not really shine until 2015-6 warns Ross Norman

Published 1704 days ago

Arguably London's most accurate gold forecaster for the past 15 years, Sharps Pixley CEO Ross Norman is warning of single digit gains only for the yellow metal this year, though he has not lost his sights on 'very much higher prices' in 2015-16.

The reasons to be bullish about bombed out Uranium and Uranium stocks

Published 1706 days ago

Uranium stocks are bombed out. Survival is seen as the name of the game but I remain a big bull of yellowcake as do my colleagues at Palisade Capital. Hence we bring you Dr. Keith Barron, an exploration geologist with over 30 years’ experience in the mining sector. In 2001 he privately co-founded Ecuadorean gold explorer Aurelian Resources Inc., which made the colossal Fruta del Norte gold discovery in 2006. He is also the founder of U3O8 Corp, a uranium exploration company. Enjoy.

A bear market in equities is coming soon and will be bullish for gold and silver

Published 1707 days ago

I am pretty negative on equity markets but bullish on gold. On gold equities I am a bull of the quality plays only. As I chat to Tom Winnifrith you become ever more aware of how awful some of the dross at the bottom end of AIM and the TSX is. It is simply not investment grade whatever the gold price. Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT is a Chartered Market Technician and member of the Market Technicians Association. He is the publisher and editor of and he has an interesting take on what will trigger the new bull market in gold and a bear market elsewhere…he looks back at history. My colleagues at Palisade Capital thus recorded a detailed interview with him in which he explains all.

Uber-Bearish on equities, bullish on gold and selectively gold stocks - David Skarica

Published 1709 days ago

On balance I am cautious/bearish on equity markets but bullish on gold. On gold equities I am a bull of the quality plays but concede there is a lot of dross out there. David Skarica takes a more extreme but well thought out view on both equities and gold. David has been around the markets for a long time, and has seen many cycles come and go during his career. David's newest book, Collapse, explains why the current stock market rally is not supported by fundamentals, and will subsequently fail. What David is bullish on, is precious metals and the junior miners, which he believes are deeply undervalued at this point, and will see great gains in the coming years. My colleagues at Palisade Capital thus recorded a detailed interview with him in which he explains all.

Amara Mining – we are well ahead on share tip but there’s more to come – Yaoure news

Published 1710 days ago

Steve and I have avoided tipping gold stocks on our Nifty Fifty website but we made an exception for Amara Mining (AMA) suggesting readers pile in at a 15.75p offer. The shares are now 23p and there was cracking news a couple of days ago. This stock is starting to hum.

Why gold will move sharply higher and which mining stocks will gain the most - the Adrian Day interview

Published 1710 days ago

Adrian Day, from Adrian Day Asset Management, is a major bull of gold and puts the case well Hence my colleagues at Palisade Capital interviewed him on his controversial but coherent thoughts the other day. His views on mining stocks are equally forthright and entertaining.

The New London Silver Fix - confused?

Published 1711 days ago

The silver market has cause for concern... This Friday sees Thomson Reuters / CME roll-out of their new fixing engine and market participants are understandably clueless about how it works less than three days before it goes live. With the traditional fixing members having stepping away, it remains a mystery who will be taking the fix orders - with a deafening silence from market participants.Oddly, if you can identify who your orders are to go through, then you have to get the calculator out because Reuters advise that prices are no longer in US dollars per ounce but US dollars per "lakh" or 100,000 ounces ... why ?

Spread bet pick; how to buy a break out in the gold sector

Published 1712 days ago

Yesterday we published Mike Swanson’s view that gold stocks are “like a fuelled rocket” waiting for ignition. What Mike’s analysis didn’t provide were any specific pointers to look out for in tradeable opportunities, beyond a general buy recommendation for the sector. Recovery in the gold mining sector was one of my “Trading Themes for 2014”. So far it has been a good call. I didn’t anticipate fireworks, but the across the board signs of improvement have been encouraging and the gains in stock prices decent enough. We have now entered what could prove to be a crucial period in the gold miners’ attempts to rediscover market favour. There is a very simple way to play this possible move; spread bet the Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF, otherwise known as the GDX.

Kefi drilling at Tula Kapi – “excellent results” says Fox Davies.

Published 1716 days ago

AIM listed gold mine developer Kefi (KEFI) has released the latest drilling results from its Tula Kapi project. There were a number of RC holes drilled as part of a selective infill programme that were targeted to intercept known lode structures and test the structure of the resource model. Broker Fox Davies says the results were “excellent” the best being 9m @ 4.24g/t, 13m @ 3.21g/t, 8m @ 3.94g/t and 15m @ 2.33g/t. It goes on to explain why.

Ariana prepares for production

Published 1717 days ago

Long-term AIM pariah, Ariana Resources (AAU) can now work at last towards starting production in the middle of next year at its Kiziltepe gold and silver project in the Turkish region of western Anatolia. The London-based company, whose shares had fallen from a 2005 float price of 12p to 0.75p at one point in the past 12 months, has seen its price rally to 1.0-8p, for a stockmarket value of £6.9 million following the first drawdown of $236,000 under its recent $33 million (£19.4 million) credit agreement with international Turkish banking group, Turkiye Finans Katilim Bankjasi.

Why West Africa is Primed for Gold Discoveries: Andy Jackson

Published 1719 days ago

“A significant portion of the global exploration budget is directed at West Africa today, so Sprott is putting a lot of its focus on this area.” Andy Jackson, Chief Geologist at Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd., helps our team hunt down opportunities in natural resources. Initially from Zimbabwe, he has extensive experience with exploration around the world, including Africa.

Rambler seeks to boost resource

Published 1719 days ago

Canadian copper and gold producer Rambler Metals and Mining (RMM) is expected shortly to please followers with production figures for the year to July close to the top of its guidance range of 200,000 to 220,000 dry metric tonnes of copper from its Ming mine in the north-eastern province of Newfoundland and Labrador. That would represent a 16.4 per cent increase on the previous year, with grades in the region of a decidedly respectable 3.85 per cent. This performance would lend encouragement to the company, listed on AIM and the Toronto Venture Exchange, as it works to expand the formal resource and reserve at Ming and extend its anticipated mine life to 10 years.

ShareProphets Tip of the Week: Buy Ariana Resources at a 1.25p offer

Published 1721 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) was our ShareProphets share tip of the week at a 0.85p offer on 29th June. We predicted a 30% gain within weeks. The shares are now 1.1p bid which is a gain of 29%. Not bad eh? But we see upside of at least 25% more in the near term and so at a 1.25p offer we once again make it our share tip of the week. It is not too late to get on board.

Rick Rule: Three Reasons to buy mining and oil juniors now

Published 1722 days ago

Gold has declined slightly, from around $1,320 to $1,300, in the last few weeks. Rick Rule of the world’s leading resource investment group Sprott recently suggested that this was normal for a recovery in resource stocks. You expect gradual rises and subsequent consolidations. He has now explained the three big drivers for a recovery in the ‘junior’ resource stocks. 

Taking a position in gold ahead of tonight’s FOMC announcement

Published 1725 days ago

At 7pm tonight (BST), the Federal Open Markets Committee (FOMC) will announce its latest decisions on US interest rates. The market appears to expect a hawkish statement from the FOMC, judging by the weakness in equities and the strength of the dollar. Gold too has been falling. However, according to the commentary from Jon Hilsenrath, it appears that the policy debate over future rates is too close for anyone to be certain what Janet Yellen and company will do. As such, a contrarian, tightly managed long in the precious metal could prove to be a gamble worth taking, especially given the proximity of the price to a key level of technical MIDAS support.

Goldstone hails Stratex backing

Published 1731 days ago

As boss of an AIM mine exploration company which has lost 97 per cent of its stock market value since floating 10 years ago, Jurie Wessels, chief executive of South Africa-based Goldstone Resources (GRL) is determinedly upbeat about its proposed new deal with fellow AIM company Stratex International (STI). Stratex, which has gold interests not far from Goldstone’s projects in West Africa, has agreed to pay £1.25 million for 33.4 per cent of Goldstone at a discounted 6p (after a tenfold share consolidation) -- provided the City Takeover Panel agrees to waive what would otherwise be its obligation to bid for the entire company.

Shanta Gold on expansion trail

Published 1733 days ago

Mike Houston, boss of Guernsey-based Shanta Gold (SHG), is preparing for a busy autumn as the AIM-quoted company works to lift annual gold production at its Tanzanian gold project from a forecast 80,000 oz. this year to 100,000 oz. in two years time. Shanta, which produced 63,000 oz. in 2013 and lost a much-reduced £2.6 million on £40 million turnover, is expecting two feasibility studies in September or October on its currently producing New Luika mine in south-west Tanzania’s Lupa goldfield and its Singida project in the centre of this East African country. But how might the market react to this potentially positive newsflow?

Orosur still on the prowl

Published 1734 days ago

Fresh from clinching the all-paper takeover of fellow South American gold play, Toronto Venture Exchange-listed Waymar Resources, AIM-quoted Orosur Mining (OMI) is still looking to expand further by acquiring ‘short-term production assets’. So says Ignacio Salazar, chief executive officer of Orosur, which produced an above-forecast 60,271/oz of gold in the year to May from its San Gregorio mine in Uruguay. The company hopes that Waymar’s exploration targets, notably Anza in Colombia, will provide promising additions to its own exploration and development projects at Anillo and Pantanillo in Chile.

Ariana & Proccea The Team Set to Build Turkey’s Next Gold Mine

Published 1734 days ago

I have been spending some time in Turkey recently, visiting a place called Gaziantep, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Just 6o miles from Aleppo in Syria, Gaziantep is Turkey’s industrial powerhouse, its sixth most populous city and if you want to really experience what it is like doing business in Turkey, you just have to visit Gaziantep, least of which you experience some of the best baklava in the world. 

25 UK Investor Show Tickets – 40% Discount Offer

Published 1734 days ago

We have 25 tickets for the UK’s top one day investor show on offer at a 40% discount  for ShareProphets readers – that is either gold (normally £60) or investor class (normally £12) tickets. The show is of course UK Investor Show 2015 on April 18 in Westminster. And you need to book TODAY.

Goldstone Resources; Stratex to the rescue, a strong speculative buy

Published 1734 days ago

Stratex’s (STI) investment into Goldstone Resources (GRL) looks like a smart bit of business. After Randgold terminated its exploration Joint Venture in eastern Senegal with Goldstone, at the start of April, the future looked pretty bleak for Goldstone’s shareholders. Their company was running on fumes and there seemed little prospect of an imminent commercial deal for the Homase/Akrokerri project in Ghana. There were serious questions whether or not Goldstone would survive. Although the price of today’s deal is pretty disastrous for any long term holders of this stock, they should, at least, retain half of the potential value in the business (assuming the deal completes and Stratex exercises its warrants over the next eighteen months). Even though the immediate market response to this proposed deal has been muted, if it does go through then a rerate could be on the cards for Goldstone’s share price.

Rick Rule: This Gold Sell-off is a Normal Event in this Market – Its Right to be Long

Published 1736 days ago

On July 13, gold was still around $1,340 per ounce. Since last Monday, gold has suffered a big drop, falling as low as $1,293 in a few days. Many blame the decline on hawkish comments from the Fed’s Janet Yellen, who recently suggested the Fed could raise interest rates. “Higher interest rates would encourage investors to switch to assets that, unlike gold, pay interest,” said news service Reuters. But Rick Rule, of the world’s biggest gold investor Sprott thinks it is right to be long.

Minera IRL – key permit granted, but only a speculative buy

Published 1737 days ago

Shares in Minera IRL (MIRL) have recovered somewhat to a current 11.5p since I previously updated on this website with them at 8.25p last month – see HERE. The following updates with the shares recently reacting to permit and project financing announcements from the company on its flagship Ollachea project in Peru.

Anglo Asian Mining – Q2 2014 update shows improvement, but a buy?

Published 1737 days ago

Shares in Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) currently trade 13.5% higher today at 15.75p on the back of an announcement of increased gold and copper production, reduced net debt and confidence, “with our cost saving initiatives such as reductions in cyanide costs and increased processing capacity at Gedabek that our H2 2014 performance will be much stronger”. With the shares having been above 25p earlier this year, is there further recovery potential here?

Central Rand hopes to be back on track

Published 1738 days ago

Water, though vital for life, can present formidable problems in mining, as Central Rand Gold (CNRD) has recently found to its cost. However, chief executive Johan du Toit sounds confident the company is surmounting the threat posed by surging underground water levels to mining a gold resource of potentially more than 30 million oz. in South Africa’s Central Rand goldfields.

Greatland Gold - what is the point?

Published 1739 days ago

I can’t help but think of the words “lifestyle” and “business” when I think of Greatland Gold (GGP). There is a summer ritual, which this company goes through and you could almost set your clock to. It begins with CEO Callum Baxter jumping on a plane in Australia and flying all the way around the world to London. On arrival, poor old Mr Baxter has a jolly packed schedule. He has to reel off a few presentations and sign off on his company’s latest deeply (and I can’t emphasise that word enough) discounted placement, before hopping back on that plane to make the long journey home. We then hear very little from Mr Baxter, until the following summer, when this ritual is repeated and he returns to dear old Blighty to give away his company’s stock once more. It’s such a tough job running a gold “exploration” company.

Chinese win majority at Bullabulling Gold

Published 1740 days ago

Minority shareholders in Australian gold play Bullabulling Gold (BGL) have until 28 July to accept the £14.5 million cash takeover bid from Chinese-owned Norton Gold Fields, which has now emerged with 55.92 per cent of the AIM and Down Under-quoted company’s shares. Managing director Brett Lambert is leaving the Bullabulling board, which will now have as two new non-executives Dr. Dianmin Chen, Norton’s managing director, and Dr. Noel White, a non-executive director of Norton.

Ross Norman : London gold fix still does the job

Published 1741 days ago

The Chinese expression "Real gold is not afraid of the melting pot" suggests that if you have genuine quality, then you will not fear adversity. Well, in that sense, the London gold fix, an institution with a history going back nearly 120 years, is facing its own test as regulators question whether or not the process is "fit for purpose".  The gold fix is in essence a benchmark price that is derived twice a day from actual trades all concentrated into a short space of time to determine an objective price for gold.

Mwana to survey payout prospects

Published 1744 days ago

Kalaa Mpinga, the Congolese founder and chief executive officer of AIM-quoted Mwana Africa (MWA), says the company will consider starting to pay dividends this time next year, following a turnaround in the year to March from annual losses of $32 million (£19 million) to $44 million profits. This figure was swollen by a $27 million past impairment loss write-back and turnover 30.5 per cent ahead to $142.5 million. Mwana, which is involved in nickel, gold, diamonds and copper and is primarily focused on Zimbabwe though also with interests in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and South Africa, has scored from a full year’s resumption of production and sales from Zimbabwe’s Trojan nickel mine. This happened to coincide with major producer Indonesia’s price-boosting export ban on the metal.

Ross Norman: GOLD FIX - Lazy Journalists Just Don't Get It ...

Published 1745 days ago

Surely never before have so many lines been written by journalists on a subject that they palpably know so little about and have made little attempt to understand... as the London gold fix.

Resource Market Is in "Good Shape" -- Rick Rule

Published 1747 days ago

Rick Rule, Chairman of Sprott US Holdings Ltd. said in early March that the market looked overheated and was due for a pullback. Gold and silver had just delivered double-digit gains in a few months. Sure enough, from mid-March until early June, the precious metals gave up much of their gains. Since early June, resource stocks have surged higher once again. So the question was: Where is gold headed for the remainder of the year? Will this rally pull back?

Production in sight for Aureus Mining

Published 1747 days ago

Swimming against the tide could pay off for West Africa-focused Aureus Mining (AUE), as it prepares to take its one million oz.-plus New Liberty gold project in Liberia’s Bea Mountain area into production early next year. It will also test likely prospects elsewhere in the country, such as nearby Ndablama, which chief executive officer David Reading hints could be in the same league. The AIM-quoted company claims New Liberty will be virtually the only new mine to open in West Africa at that time and should be able to produce 100,000 oz. of gold in its first year, rising to an annual 120,000oz. for at least six years, with foreshadowed all-in cash costs of $850/oz, against a current price of $1,315.80/oz.

Decision time for Kalimantan Gold

Published 1753 days ago

Indonesia, one of the largest economies in south-east Asia, is rich in minerals and the most populous Muslim country in the world. It has not proved a happy hunting ground for foreign investors of late, as the travails of Bumi (now Asia Resource Minerals) and Churchill Mining can attest. Kalimantan Gold (KRG), floated eight years ago on AIM to tap copper, gold and silver prospects in Kalimantan (Indonesia’s half of the island of Borneo), might appear to be another example, but it is hoping to repair the damage caused by recent setbacks.

Gold – rally running out of steam?

Published 1753 days ago

Just over a month ago I wrote about gold’s break to the downside. Since then, the precious metal found its footing at about $1,250/oz and then rallied quite strongly, in response to the Federal Reserve signalling that monetary policy could remain loose for longer than many expected. Gold now trades at $1,325/oz, last seen and I’ve just taken a look at the latest Commitment of Traders (CoT) report for gold to try and gain some insight into the strength of the move higher. I’m afraid things don’t look too positive and much will depend on whether more speculators can be tempted back into the market.

Ariana welcomes Turkish tax help

Published 1755 days ago

Dr. Kerim Sener, the mild-spoken geologist who runs Turkish gold hopeful Ariana Resources (AAU), is a patient man -- and the performance of his company’s shares since its AIM float in 2005 has tried the patience of many of its investors. He is now celebrating the award by the Ankara government of a range of fiscal incentives, estimated by Ariana to be worth more than $2 million (£1.2 million), as the company heads towards the long-awaited start of production in 2015 at a targeted annual rate of 21,000 oz. a year at Kiziltepe, a key part of its Red Rabbit gold and silver project in western Turkey.

ShareProphets Tip of the Week: Buy Ariana Resources at a 0.85p offer

Published 1756 days ago

Like most gold juniors Ariana Resources (AAU) has suffered a terrible few years in share price terms. The share price is down from 6.5p less than three years ago but a lot is changing. Now is the time to buy in. Why

Transformation drives on at Amara Mining

Published 1758 days ago

Not many mining shares at present have doubled from their 12-month lows, but one that has is West African gold play Amara Mining (AMA). Last year it boosted its estimated gold resource at Yaoure in Cote d’Ivoire from 200,000 oz. to more than six million oz. and expects soon to shift more of the 5.5 million oz. which is now in the mining industry’s tentative ‘inferred’ category into the firmer ‘measured and indicated’ classification. AIM-quoted Amara, which raised £22 million in May at 17p, is engaged in a £10 million 80,000-metre drill campaign, one of the largest ever in Africa. This is to fill in gaps left by previous efforts, upgrade the resource at Yaoure, which currently averages a modest 1.4grams of gold per tonne of ore, and, suggests executive chairman John McGloin, possibly add another 500,000 to one million oz. to the project’s resource.

If Gold Rises a Little, Gold Stocks Could Go Up a Lot – Steve Todoruk

Published 1759 days ago

Steve Todoruk, an Investment Executive at Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. since 2003, said recently positive signs were beginning to take shape for the bigger mining firms. Many of these big companies are now healthy enough to start acquiring assets, scooping up the low-hanging fruit in the sector – attractive assets or companies that are still cheap.

Kefi at 1.6p worth 5.6p?

Published 1760 days ago

Analyst Mark Heyhoe at brokers FinnCap seems to reckon that Kefi Minerals (KEFI) could be the small cap gold play to back as it aims to start producing within two years. He reckons that the shares, now 1.6p, are worth 5.6p.

Charles Oliver: ‘Tapering’ Is Good for Gold

Published 1760 days ago

Charles Oliver manages the Sprott Gold & Precious Minerals Fund, which invests principally in gold and silver mining and exploration companies. The last time Sprott spoke with Mr. Oliver, he said the fundamentals for gold still looked attractive, based on gold’s historical performance relative to the Dow Jones. Sprott spoke with him recently in Toronto. Click to read the interview.

Have Gold Miners Turned the Corner? – Steve Todoruk of Sprott Global Resource Investments

Published 1764 days ago

Steve Todoruk joined Rick Rule in 2003 at Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd., after running several small exploration companies himself. Steve believes the latest signs for the resource sector are pointing upwards, as the latest acquisition activity in the sector shows that big miners are feeling healthier and more confident. He warns that metals prices could remain low, but it looks like big mining firms are beginning to exit the slump intact:

Mark Skousen: New Official Stat is ‘Supply-Side’ Victory - courtesy of Sprott

Published 1772 days ago

Mark Skousen authored The Structure of Production, a best-seller about economics. A Presidential Fellow at Chapman University, he is also a long-time friend of Rick Rule, who has recommended his book to many of his clients and friends. In Structure, Skousen makes the case that modern economists downplay the importance of the business sector in the economy, and overstate the importance of consumer spending. In particular, he believes that the GDP should not be used as a sole measure of economic activity.

South African Strike Positive for Gold despite Weak Physical Demand

Published 1774 days ago

The U.S. Comex gold futures have risen 0.61% this week to end at $1,260.10 on Tuesday on the back of the breakdown of the talk to end the South African miners strike and the precious metals group rally. The S&P 500 Index has been flat and the Euro Stoxx 50 Index has risen 0.59% during the same period. The Euro/Dollar has dropped 0.70% this week to 1.3547 on Tuesday while the Dollar Index has risen 0.51%. The U.S. ten-year government bond yield surged 6bp to 2.644% in the past two days.

Hunter Resources – IPO: what does it tell us?

Published 1776 days ago

Investors in gold stocks have taken a monumental beating for almost three years. As such the IPO of Hunter Resources (planned for July 1) on AIM merits a brief comment.

Minera IRL - Ollachea update, a speculative buy?

Published 1781 days ago

Minera IRL (MIRL) has announced optimisation study results for its flagship project. The following updates with the company noting that “the impact of the better defined geological model at Ollachea has exceeded our expectations”.

Connecting the Dots in the Gold Market By Eric Sprott

Published 1782 days ago

In this month’s Markets at a Glance, we present a collection of thoughts on why we think precious metals are a compelling investment now.

Amara Mining - Cracking Drill Grades: Speculative Buy

Published 1783 days ago

Amara Mining (AMA) has affirmed that results from the first 19 holes of a current drilling programme at Yaoure in Côte d'Ivoire “confirm the continuity and high grade nature of the CMA zone, increasing Amara's confidence in the deposit”. These results are, without doubt, very good. This is one of the few AIM listed gold stocks you would want to own. I do.

Gold breaks to the downside

Published 1787 days ago

Gold’s sudden collapse this week is going to have caught out a lot of bulls. Unfortunately I am on the wrong side of this trade, but thanks to my MIDAS analysis last week, I escaped with a minimal loss. The latest small plunge in gold is a real confidence sapper. Just when it looked like the yellow metal was gaining some traction, the bears swung back into action and now there are questions over the durability of this year’s rally. Thankfully, though, it’s not all bad news.

Seasonal Pattern and Stocks Rebound Impact Gold

Published 1788 days ago

The U.S. Comex gold futures have declined 2.03% on Tuesday after the U.S. Memorial Day weekend while the S&P 500 Index has risen 0.60% and the Euro Stoxx 50 Index has climbed 1.32% for the week.

FinnAust hoping to emulate amazing success of Western Areas

Published 1794 days ago

The meteoric rise of Australian nickel play Western Areas, and its 136 per cent share price rise over the past year, must have raised the hopes of shareholders in FinnAust Mining (FAM). The company was spawned from Western Areas and floated on AIM last December. As it waits for latest drilling and assay results from the Hammaslahti copper project in the south-east Finland, speculation could well follow of a repeats of the Western Areas success story. 

Amara Mining: Follow the Board & Buy

Published 1795 days ago

Amara Mining (AMA) has announced that its producing Kalsaka/Sega operation returned to EBITDA profit in the first quarter of the 2014 calendar year but that “the head grade mined in Q1 2014 was below expectations and accordingly Amara expects production in 2014 to be at the low end of the previous guidance of 60,000-70,000 ounces”

Geopolitical Changes Keeping Investors' Interest in Gold

Published 1795 days ago

At $1,294.60 on Tuesday, the U.S. Comex gold futures were almost unchanged this week after rallying 0.45% last week. The gold futures have climbed 7.68% year-to-date and have dropped 0.10% this month. The S&P 500 Index has returned -0.41%, the Euro Stoxx 50 Index has risen 0.33% while the CRB Commodities Index has declined 0.84% month-to-date.

EMED Mining; a punt for copper bulls

Published 1796 days ago

Some may question the prospects for copper. Concerns about a Chinese economic slowdown and potential oversupply in 2014 abound. However, these negatives compete with the lowest stock levels in London Metal Exchange warehouses since 2008 and cheerful City forecasts. Isaac Querub and Alberto Lavandeira, respectively newly installed chief executive officer and chief operating officer EMED Mining (EMED), entertain no doubts as they prepare to bring Spain’s historic Rio Tinto copper mine in Andalusia back into production towards the end of next year.

Corrected Version: Gold fundamentals strengthen, price remains robust, buy below $1,291/oz

Published 1796 days ago

This morning I published the following article and incorrectly referred to the latest data in the Commitment of Traders (CoT) report as being up to May 6th. In fact the latest data goes to May 13th. I've edited the piece below, but broadly my argument still stands. I've made appropriate corrections and thank a devoted, almost obsessive, reader in the North for alerting us;

Gold; great value below $1,291/oz, poised to move higher?

Published 1797 days ago

It’s been a few weeks since I last covered gold. There hasn’t really been much to say. The precious metal has traded in a tight $30 range, since the end of March. Such periods of inaction have been relatively rare over the last decade, but I wonder now if there are increasing signs that pressure is building for a break to the upside.

Serabi Gold moves into production

Published 1801 days ago

A Chilean retailing dynasty is helping AIM-quoted Serabi Gold (SRB) take two gold projects in northern Brazil into production. The target is to mine 24,000oz of gold this year and between 40,000oz and 45,000oz next. The anticipated costs are projected to fall from around the current expected $1,100/oz to nearer $850/oz. With gold trading at about $1,303/oz and looking fairly stable, this could provide investors with an intriguing opportunity to buy into this sector.

Eric Sprott: Gold Shortage Coming, Data Shows

Published 1801 days ago

Eric Sprott, Founder and Chairman of Sprott Asset Management, said recently that he expects a “significant re-rating of the gold price” due to high physical demand from China and India, coupled with a gold supply shortfall. The effect, which he calls the “Chinese Gold Vortex,” is rapidly taking physical gold from West to East. When the West runs out of gold, the price should go much higher, he believes. I recently spoke with him on the phone about his near-term views.

Randgold Resources to bid for Amara at a 100% premium? No 1 Mining analyst Roger Bade

Published 1803 days ago

The World’s number one mining analyst Roger bade of Whitman Howard has today suggested that Randgold Resources (RRS) could bid for Amara Mining (AMA) and quite happily pay double the current (16.5p) share price.

Why on earth should you join successful investors at the Nifty Fifty TODAY BEFORE 11? Here’s why.

Published 1804 days ago

You probably get loads of promotions telling you about “the one share you must buy” or “how to make 100% a day with this and that trading platform or training course.” Of course it is all total rubbish. If only life were that simple? We’d all be as rich as Buffett. The truth is that investing is hard work.

UK Investor Show 2014 video of Kerim Sener of Ariana Resources

Published 1828 days ago

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation by Kerim Sener of gold company Ariana Resources (AAU)

UK Investor Show 2014 video - Gold gurus Frisby, Van Dyke, Poulden et al session

Published 1829 days ago

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation featuring Dominic Frisby, Amanda van Dyke, Richard Polden, Matt Sutcliffe, Andrew Bell and John McGloin

Gold Price Volatility Continues as Investors Prepare for the Fed`s QE Tapering

Published 2145 days ago

The U.S. Comex gold future prices rebounded 0.33 percent this week to $1,397.20 on Tuesday and reached almost $1,408 during Wednesday Asian morning. The S&P 500 index is flat this week after falling 1.14 percent last week.

Gold on the brink

Published 2162 days ago

Gold is on the brink. But the question is on the brink of what? This is shaping up to be one of the most exciting (nervous?!) periods for metal investors in recent years. A number of key charts are at extremely significant levels and patterns are forming all over the place. The confirmation or breakdown of these is likely to set the tone for the rest of this year’s trade.

Fox Davies: Reiterate Buy on Highland Gold but target price cut

Published 2188 days ago

Top resource broker Fox Davies has published a research report on AIM listed gold miner Highland Gold (HGM)  in the wake of the company’s publication of calendar 2012 results.

Buy Fastnet Oil & Gas: Above 20p Targets 30p Plus Again

Published 2188 days ago

It has not been a good month for fans of anything which comes out of the ground. We started off with a crash for Gold / precious metals, although arguably it was mining stocks that only led the way down, but also feel even more painfully before their respective underlying markets.

Galantas Gold is Toast Investment Grade

Published 2188 days ago

AIM and TSX listed Galantas Gold (GAL) is, I am afraid to say, investment toast. At 1.375p it is capitalised at £3.54 million but calendar 2012 results out today make it clear as clear can be that a target price of 0.01p is generous.

Dominic Frisby on gold at the UK Investor Show 2013

Published 2189 days ago

Dominic Frisby owns gold. He is a gold guru and he is also a professional comedian. You need something to laugh about if you have been long of gold in the past two weeks.

Sell Amara Mining at 30.875p

Published 2189 days ago

I first covered Amara (AMA) in February this year, denouncing the behaviour of the management. Back then it was trading at 42p. Today’s share price of 30.875p represents a nice return on the short side so when it again hit today’s list of 52 week lows my first question was: is there room for more?

Zak Mir: Centamin, Medusa, Vatukoula and the outlook for gold stocks

Published 2192 days ago

Zak Mir, the UK's stupidest chartist, outlines the outlook for leading gold stocks such as Centamin (CEY), Medusa (MML) and Vatukoula (VGM) on video. Is the party finally over?

Bullabulling Share Offer Flops – Good this company is a joke & is toast by August

Published 2193 days ago

Bullabulling (BGL) is the sort of disgrace of a mining junior that AIM could well do without. It is all too typical of the sort of Aussie junior that dual lists both in the land of high culture and over here. It has today ‘fessed up that its open offer to shareholders has, despite some horrifically aggressive share promotion, flopped and this company should be toast before the end of the cricket season.

While Paper Gold Crashes - Physical Demand Sees Unprecedented Demand

Published 2194 days ago

The monumental short selling on COMEX on Friday and Monday had the desired effect - it took out key technical levels and precipitated a cascade of further selling as traders who were long the June contract capitulated.

Buy African Barrick Gold: Dead Cat Bounce Due

Published 2194 days ago

The problem with Tanzania focused Gold miner African Barrick Gold (ABG) is that even before The Great Gold Crash of 2013 the company appeared to have some kind of jinx on it as far as the fundamentals. This not only took the form of a fuel theft incident in 2010, but various blights for the bulls even in the good old days when the commodities supercyle idea did appear to have legs.

Ovoca Gold – back the asset stripper Brett Miller vs Management

Published 2194 days ago

It emerged late yesterday that Damaille Investments, the vehicle of asset stripper Brett Miller has taken a 5% stake in failing gold explorer Ovoca (OVG) and it is not because he is impressed by its Russian exploration assets. No-one could be.

When the rest of the world sells gold should you?

Published 2194 days ago

The number of news articles on gold has more than doubled in the past two days as the U.S. Comex gold futures plunged 4.06 percent last Friday and fell even more spectacularly on Monday by 9.34 percent. The Monday's percentage fall was the largest since 1983. The gold futures traded at a record high of 751,058 contracts at the CME.

Sharp Downside Risk: Dow Sub 14,600, S&P 1,552, FTSE 100 6,220

Published 2194 days ago

I do not want to go into technicalities too much, but this week the equity markets are threatening to deliver the same treatment for stocks as we have seen for Gold.

Buy Plexus: Positive Consolidation Now Targets 300p

Published 2195 days ago

One of the toughest things to do even in the most bullish of stocks and markets is to work out when to re-enter a position after the price action has cooled off and a new leg higher is in the offing.

Buy Vatukoula Gold Mines: Last Chance 8p Support

Published 2195 days ago

The cruellest thing that you can say about Vatukoula (VGM) is that at least the downside here is limited to around 9.25p. The kindest thing that is on offer from a technical perspective is that there is the chance, and it is an outside chance, that after what has been a painful and relentless breakdown for the stock in the recent past, it will finally find a floor at 8p.

Edison on Gold – Do not worry price will bounce

Published 2195 days ago

Edison Research reckons that the sell off in gold is “nothing out of the ordinary.” You could have fooled me. It reckons that gold will bounce back and is maintaining its long term price assumption at $1676. That would imply gold equities will bounce back sharply.

Shanta Gold - operational progress v. gold market sentiment

Published 2196 days ago

Shares in AIM listed, Tanzania gold producer Shanta Gold (SHG) traded at more than 40p in February 2012 but have since been hit by a combination of a weakening gold price, poor sentiment towards its sector and what October-appointed CEO Mike Houston described as progress “hampered by funding constraints throughout much of 2012 and subsequent plant design weaknesses, which together resulted in startup delays and a production shortfall”.

Condor Gold – More Positive Newsflow says Ocean Equities

Published 2197 days ago

Broker Ocean Equities has today published a note on AIM listed Condor Gold (CNR) as the company released the results of its infill drilling programmes at the La India project targeting potentially open pittable gold mineralisation at the La India Vein Set and America Vein Set areas. Ocean states:

Gold crushed by $20 bullion sell order on Comex

Published 2197 days ago

The gold futures markets opened in New York on Friday 12th April to a monumental 3.4 million ounces (100 tonnes) of gold selling of the June futures contract (see below) in what proved to be only an opening shot. The selling took gold to the technically very important level of $1540 which was not only the low of 2012, it was also seen by many as the level which confirmed the ongoing bull run which dates back to 2000. In many traders minds it stood as a formidable support level... the line in the sand.

Sell Medusa Mining: Gap Down Through 50 Day Moving Average Targets 264p Again

Published 2200 days ago

As most followers of the mining sector right across the market caps will be aware, Q1 2013 has generally been a period to forget as most plays here have tracked the torrid path mapped out by the precious metals, especially Gold, rather than the generally bullish (probably fiddled) Chinese economic data

Fox Davies says Buy Highland Gold at 91p after conference call – target price 173p

Published 2200 days ago

Highland Gold (HGM) held a conference call on Tuesday the 9th of April to discuss its purchase of the Kekura gold deposit. On the back of that, broker Fox Davies has this morning published a punchy buy note on the stock.

Chaarat Gold – Great Grades, Share Price All Wrong

Published 2384 days ago

I have not covered myself in glory with AIM listed gold soon to be producer Chaarat Gold ( CGH). I first tipped the shares at 45p in May 2010 and indeed gave them another bullish write up at 24.375p just a couple of weeks ago.


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