Tom Winnifrith is an irrelevant dinosaur says cheapskate "guru" on Twitter

Published 12 days ago

I may well be a dinosaur and am prepared to accept my irrelevancy but @Air_Chief is a cheapskate poltroon as you can see below.

Notes from Underground - Still Bulletin Board Moron free for 2019

Published 79 days ago

It's been well over a year since ShareProphets went members-only, and there is no looking back for us. We're thriving and we don't have to prostrate ourselves to Google ads or anyone else.

After the MySquar triumph: Still not signed up to quality investigative fraud busting journalism at 2p a pop. Why not?

Published 134 days ago

Just over a year ago ShareProphets went from an advertising model (i.e. letting evil Google bleed us dry) to a subscription based one. That means we can write what we want and thanks to well over a thousand of you, our revenues have gone up and we did, actually, make a tiny, debut, profit last month. Hooray! But perhaps you are reading this article sitting outside all walls and have not signed up for full access at just £5.99 a month HERE. Just think what you are missing…

Not So Sure About this Marketing and Communications Giant as the Times They Are A-Changing

Published 141 days ago

Hello, Share Flashers. One of the biggest business turnarounds in recent years is how advertising is changing. Though many of us are irritated by the seemingly unstoppable surge of adverts on the telly, the truth is that more adverts are being swapped over to big techies, like Google and Facebook. So it’s not entirely surprising that WPP (WPP), the giant marketing, P.R. and advertising agency, has reported lower revenue for the third quarter of 2018.

Why You Need Shareprophets More than Ever, If You Hope to Make Big Money in Shareland.

Published 318 days ago

Hello Share Trippers. At the grand opening of that great Global Group Uk Investor Show just passed, Nigel Wray, perhaps Britain’s sagest investor, our own Warren Buffet, observed that the private investor gets a poor deal all round. How very true. The gathering of 3,000 of you at Westminster really did give PIs a voice, it is a start.

Bankrupt Tesla – from anxiously watching to foot down panic. The optimists have had their day

Published 350 days ago

Shareholders saw fit to reward Musk the largest CEO pay package in the history of the world. This is precisely the type of behaviour that is only seen during periods of extreme irrationality when financial markets are at their peak… and poised for a serious correction.

Purplebricks - what does Google tell us? It is not something that makes me any less bearish

Published 418 days ago

I'm not entirely sold on the validity of Google Trends data, not least because the top result when you enter the search term "Purplebricks" is generally not the Purplebricks (PURP) website.  In fact, the Purplebricks website is generally quite a long way down the list.  That's just because other companies are paying up for the search term, perhaps attempting to leverage the company's highly successful (and controversial) TV advertising campaign. However, I pulled together a few of the trends, by geography, over time in the hope it might show something, and I think these graphs should raise a few concerns for the bulls.

It’s Time to Rotate Crypto Gains Into Forgotten Gold Stocks

Published 479 days ago

Like the rest of us, Jeff Berwick has been surprised by just how good the crypto space has done this year. He was telling everyone to buy bitcoin back in 2011 and has continued to recommend it. Jeff compares cryptocurrencies to the beginning of the Internet. It feels like we are entering the Internet 3.0 and Wall Street seems to be finally catching on. The bitcoin market is still tiny, and if it ever gets valued anywhere near gold, it will still go up thousands of percent. The entire thing is bizarre and mind-blowing.

Frontier Smart Technologies: Excellent results – more potential here

Published 537 days ago

Following my rare buy tip on Frontier Smart Technologies (FST) back in May (HERE), I am happy to update my views following the expected strong interims this morning. The share price is moving nicely upwards and there is more to come over time in my view.

UPDATED: Don't be locked out from ShareProphets at Midnight TONIGHT! Sign up NOW!

Published 552 days ago

Evil Google and wicked Facebook have sucked all the advertising spend out of online media. We poor content providers do the creative work, the internet giants take the cash. And so we have no choice we must ask you to subscribe to ShareProphets or we must shut down. There are 297 reasons a month why you should pay as little as £5.99 a month for our content.

Tom Winnifrith: The most important bearcast ever - news of a big change here on Thursday

Published 555 days ago

I have been thinking long and hard about this all summer but there is no alternative as the great Lady Thatcher used to say. Evil Google provides no content but sucks all of the ad revenue from online media. Our advertising revenue has collapsed so ShareProphets must either accept the custom of utter dirtbags like Darren Winters, continue to be subsidised by the UK Investor Show or fold. Or it must charge for access. I believe that asking you to pay £6 a month for 300 articles and for utterly unique content is something you will agree to and so on Thursday it is pay to play. I explain why evil Google is forcing our hand and what will happen and what the choices are in, perhaps the most important bearcast in our history..

Is IQE Another ASOS? It May Not Be, But Can We Risk Letting Our Shares Go?

Published 577 days ago

Hello, Share Scramblers. Let’s just have a few more thoughts about one of the fastest rising shares of the year: IQE (IQE). First of all an admission. I was stupid not to have sold all my shares when the price rose above 140p. My most golden rule is to sell after a big leap and I bought many of these shares at 16p.

Telit: Look at all these hilarious Internet Uzi Katz's in Boston - now why don't any of them exist?

Published 587 days ago

Now this really is bizarre. We have taken screen shots of internet sites set up in 2015 by a vast number of fellows called Uzi Katz who claimed to live in Boston. The Jewish population of Massachusetts is 274,000 and I will charitably assume that all live in Boston. So lets crunch the math before we look at the (hilarious) websites and draw an inevitable conclusion..

MySQUAR - are its claimed user numbers exaggerated?

Published 607 days ago

On 16 January 2017 MySQUAR (MYSQ) claimed in an RNS that the number of registered users of its apps had exceeded 7.5 million. But was that actually true?

EXPLOSIVE: Conman Darren Winters and his evil wife Tatjana slammed by Judge in another Courtroom thrashing - full transcript

Published 624 days ago

No doubt charlatan and snake oil salesman Darren Winters and his evil cancer-patient conning wife Tatjana Valujeva will again use Europe's daft privacy laws to ensure there is no google link to this article which contains a full transcript of a court case showing what complete and utter bastards and conmen they are. So we beg you ALL to use the tweet & Linkedin buttons below the headline, to put a link on every Bulletin board or every finance article you find soi that folks can be warned about this man who has been conning decent folk for almost 20 years.

Tesla Motors – Is it a FANTA stock or is Elon Musk just David Lenigas on steroids?

Published 639 days ago

I was going to have my usual weekend dig at one of the many over-promoted pieces of crap on the lower reaches of AIM but thought instead I should lift up my head and look further afield and take a pop at most over-promoted stock in the global markets with a proper superhero at the helm, namely Tesla Motors (NSDQ: TSLA) and the irrepressible Elon Musk.

Galloping Share Prices Put Top Pay Bosses in a Great Place to Save the Starving.

Published 687 days ago

Hello Share Crunchers. Uncle Tom has had a pop at my humble weekend piece, which warned against an immediate fall in share prices. I will reply in my Tuesday morning contribution. But meantime, as the markets are still boring closed, I would like to bring you a few figures about the wealth of some company bosses, fulled of course by galloping share prices

Shameless Tatjana, the wife of Snake oil salesman Darren Winters lies to a Judge about Tom Winnifrith

Published 775 days ago

Yesterday Darren Winters and his company was in court trying to extract money from a mug punter. We funded the defence of Mr O and you can read about the massive victory for us, damning words for the judge and humiliation of Winters here. But let us first deal with Tatjana, the wife of Winters who was representing his firm in Court and lied to the Judge.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Why Worthington morons should report me to the official liquidator

Published 779 days ago

There are two parts to this podcast. I start by explaining how a liquidation works with reference to the fraud Worthington (WRN). I know some of its shareholders are obsessing about this and reckon they should report me to the liquidator. Go ahead, we are already talking. Then I move onto a quite brilliant column by Luke Johnson about the myth that is the sharing new economy and specifically how it effects uber but also the media world with evil google and the bulletin boards in my sights

What do Ex Nomad to the African Potash FRAUD, Stewart Dickson, charlatan Darren Winters and an associate of fraudster Rob Terry have in common?

Published 827 days ago

When Google receives a notice asking it to remove a link to a website, if it doesn't feel like litigating it, it0 removes the link and sends a copy of the notice to Often, it is used by copyright holders to prevent people from downloading pirate copies of books, films, or music, as in this case where the publisher of Tom Winnifrith Sr's must read book, Fallen Women of the 19th Century, asked for links to be removed.

Google makes a double-plus good comment on Darren Winters

Published 969 days ago

If any entity could become Big Brother in reality, Google is an excellent candidate. Which makes their ad choice on ShareProphets true goodthink.

When will Institutions demand the head of Philip Crawford & team at Lombard? And the articles someone does not want you seeing?

Published 1031 days ago

I warned you all that Philip Crawford would bring disaster on Lombard Risk Management (LRM) because I knew him all too well from his days at the InterX trainwreck. But perhaps you have not read about that. Well that's odd is it not?

All hail the genius of Google as common sense is searched out - ref USOP

Published 1092 days ago

I just had to laugh, for my smartphone seems to have offered me a spot of interpretation even better than the ShareProphets RNS Translation service. It is running Android, and is thus a beneficiary of the genius of Google. It all relates to the comedy gold at US Oil & Gas (USOP) which has continued today as you can see HERE

Fancy going to a swanky EGM in Athens Greece, roll up roll up

Published 1102 days ago

It would have been an added bonus if Goldenport (GPRT)  - heading to zero as Nigel explains here - was to had its headquarters in the same Athens neighbourhood as InternetQ (INTQ) and Globo (GBO) because, as it happens, I am in the mighty Hellenic Republic on the date of its EGM on March 31st. However I have just checked out its HQ on Google maps as you can see below...

Michael O Leary tells Loathsome & Evil Google to stop ripping off its fecking customers

Published 1112 days ago

You know that Michael O'Leary of RyanAir (RYA) is a bit of a hero of mine because he is a) Irish, b) a man who swears a lot and c) a man who tells the EU where to fecking stick it. I still loathe using his loathsome airline as it treats its customers like shit but O'Leary is a superstar. And now his company is sticking it to evil Google, possibly the world's most loathsome company. Go for it O'Leary.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 6 Feb, Passing on CMC, the FANGs and Howard Jones

Published 1137 days ago

The Mrs went to see Howard Jones last night and I explain his significance in life then what the sell off in the FANGs ( Facebook, Amazon, Netflix & Google) as well as junior tech darlings like LinkedIn means. The it is onto all the reasons why I dodges the CMC Markets (CMCX) float and finally I look at the director dealings in Fusionex (FXI) and why they scream out SELL!

Zak Mir's Bull Call Of The Day No.1: Centralnic Group: Above 200 Day Line Leads To 2015 Highs

Published 1162 days ago

Although it can be seen that shares of Centralnic came off the boil in the wake of their positive summer news with Alphabet and the not so inspired name change from Google, it could very well be that the period of pullback is finally over for this would be new economy winner.

The 10 Golden Rules for Making Money from Shares.

Published 1325 days ago

This article by Malcolm Stacey appeared in the July issue of UK Investor Show Magazine. The August edition was published yesterday and can be accessed HERE. Now to the 10 Golden Rules

Daniel Stewart : Valuation Insane.

Published 1386 days ago

Google Zainab Binte Mohamed Omar and not a lot comes up other than his ownership of 29% of troubled stockbroker Daniel Stewart (DAN) via a Singapore registered vehicle named Epsilon Investments.

Plus500 - Not Advertising on ShareProphets (our call)

Published 1390 days ago

It was drawn to our attention that we were carrying adverts on this website for Plus500 (PLUS) the AIM casino listed slow motion car crash. The ads game via Google so we earned buttons from them however...

The Bulletin Board Jihadists win another victory AGAINST free speech as Etihad Airlines blacklists ShareProphets

Published 1506 days ago

Tesco, Waitrose, John Lewis and Now Etihad Airlines have all asked Google not to carry their ads on ShareProphets as a result of a campaign by Bulletin Board Jihadists who do not like what I have to say.

Recent IPO smackdown: Zoopla vs AO World

Published 1575 days ago

Who remembers back to the IPO frenzy of earlier this year?  A time when almost anything seemed possible and, if it was in a reasonable state of readiness, was floated by those oh-so-helpful investment banks. I was reminded of two names earlier today due to the publication of their results.  Zoopla (ZPLA) is the group behind a number of property websites whilst AO World (AO.) apparently is ‘on a mission to become a leading European online retailer of electrical products’ (as per its corporate website).  Both were floated earlier this year and both are nicely below their initial list price.

Alibaba – the Biggest IPO in History

Published 1688 days ago

Alibaba, the Chinese internet giant, is set to go public. Supporters say that it is like Amazon, eBay, PayPal and Google all rolled into one and could be the most profitable company in the world. Does that sound too good to be true?

Plus500, The Google Con and the internet explained to Evil Knievil

Published 1728 days ago

A couple of years ago I was on stage with Evil Knievil and I ended up pointing out to him numerous times that he doesn’t get “internet companies.”  I recall he was happy to admit it.

Buy Arcontech at 0.2p

Published 1730 days ago

My value investing newsletter is proving rather popular which is very gratifying. It might be because we made about 25% in the first year or so while building a portfolio of 18 shares even after paying tons of brokerage/spread and stamp duty costs. And it might be because I put my money where my mouth is and so here is a stock I have been buying of late and am trying to buy more of: Arcontech (ARC). Here’s why.


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