Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Hungover, travelling & Big Sofa - what a day

Published 167 days ago

I had far too much to drink last night. But it really was not my fault. Thus as I travel across Greece today and back to Bristol I feel a bit worse for wear. In this podcast I comment on Hollywood Bowl (BOWL) in light of yesterday's corrupt journalism bearcast. I look at Andalas (ADL) forced to make a belated statement by this website's expose on Saturday HERE. I cover Big Sofa (BST) and LB Shell (LBP) another AIM Casino dog whose sole purpose was to support the lifestyles of crony capitalists.

Optibiotix - not blockbuster news, but good…patience my friends

Published 172 days ago

Optibiotix (OPTI) boss Steve O’Hara has dusted down his Adam Reynolds keyboard for another RNS which the market seems, unwisely to ignore. But we, the faithful shareholders, will be rewarded for our patience with something far more stirring and we shouldn’t be waiting very long at all...

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: on Oxi day why conman, cheat and lying fraudster Darren Winters loves the EU

Published 211 days ago

It is Oxi day here in Greece and I explain the historic context of that which brings me to why the EU has enabled conman Darren Winters to keep cheating the vulnerable and parting them from their money. I then look at Crawshaw (CRAW), Blue Jay Mining (JAY), Great Western Mining (GWMO) which is the ultimate penny dreadful, SalvaRx (SALV) and VR Education (VRE). And I should warn my old pal, the offshore based asset stripper, Jim Mellon that I have more bad news for him over the weekend.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Fuck Yu - ex FD but shareholders in Totally screwed too

Published 213 days ago

Today's bearcast is recorded outside the Greek hovel as Joshua does not seem to understand why hard working folks here in Greece have an afternoon sleep. In the podcast I look at Yu Group (YU) in detail, Challenger Acquistions (CHAL) and MX Oil (MXO) en passant and, in real detail, Totally (TLY) where either CEO Wendy Lawrence or scumbag, low life, morally bankrupt PR Yellow Jersey, or both, must think investors are truly stupid to swallow the horse in today's trading statement.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: For whom the bell tolls, MySquar & IQE

Published 214 days ago

Today's podcast is from my portable studio in Greece, today parked in the rain at Kalamata marina. Today I look at MX Oil (MX), MySquar (FRAUD), IQE (IQE) and Urals Energy (UEN).

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: is BCA still the big short? Yes and here is why

Published 217 days ago

I start with reflections on a rather plump young lady not wearing a bra parking her truck in front of my makeshift studio here in Greece. Moving swiftly on, I have a go at Malcolm Stacey over this piece and at James Bowden over this piece. I stand with Chris "three brains" Bailey on the recruitment stocks. Then it is onto BCA Marketplace (BCA). is it still "The Big Short?" I discuss in light of news both from Pendragon (PDG) and from the USA yesterday. 

FairFX Seems a Fair Bet Due to Revenue Growth Without Cutting Its Margins

Published 237 days ago

Hello Share Swiggers. At the 2018 Global Group UK Investor Show, we had a brilliant presentation from a big cheese at FairFX Group (FFX) ie: James Hickman, the firm’s chief commercial officer. Tom was over the moon about it and I think he’s a customer. Tom even picked it out as a goer on the show’s Dragon's Den section. So it’s pleasant to report that the company continues to shine.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - We Bears are usually right - ref IQE

Published 260 days ago

Recorded at the bottom of the valley underneath the abandoned convent, to avoid the noise of hard at work labourers at the Greek Hovel, this is my last full day in Greece. In today's bearcast I look at IQE with reference to the growing short; at Tekcapital (TEK) and getting a new broker; RM2 (RM2 and at Gear4Music (G4M) which is surely massively overvalued?

Globo – Grant Thornton is not off the hook despite the FRC dropping investigation

Published 299 days ago

Globo (GBO) was a fraud which claimed to have cash but did not and is now bust.  Its downfall was precipitated by ShareProphets publishing a Gabriel Grego dossier after the FT and snot-gobbler Dan McCrum merely tipped off the CEO allowing him to dump all his shares and failed to publish. Now the Financial Reporting Council says that it is letting auditor Grant Thornton off the hook and dropping its enquiry.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Led badly astray by Evil Banksta and remoaniac Brexit loathing loon Jonathan Price

Published 319 days ago

Both men attended last night's UK Investor presentation and then plied me with drinks after the event and then at a pub. I rarely drink anything these days and I reacted very badly. God knows how I made the plane but, in the end, I did and woke up in Kalamata. A bit on last night and on Greece and then I look at Telit (TCM), Online Blockchain (OBC) where Clem Chambers' spoofing seems to be having less and less effect and finally the fraud MySquar (MYSQ). It is day two of the trial it wont tell you about.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: from (Audio) Boom to Bust by Q1 next year? And the mystery Optibiotix bull unmasked

Published 323 days ago

Bearcasts may be sporadic over the next few days as I explain. By Wednesday I shall be mountain walking in Greece for my Woodlarks training. Think of me with the snakes and in 35 degree heat and donate HERE. Today I look at Optibiotix (OPTI), Audioboom (BOOM), Andalas (ADL), Frontera (FRR), Boxhill (BOX) and KPMG and in some detail at Jim Mellon's failing gold play Condor Gold (CNR).

The most successful investor in modern history is selling and he is already 40% in cash.

Published 342 days ago

The pain of the 2008 crash will seem like a mere flesh wound compared to the devastation the next deflationary wave will wreak...

RogueBloggers4Woodlarks - Tom and Dan sponsored walk: 28th July Horse Hill to Woodlarks (surely you can afford a tenner?)

Published 351 days ago

As I head off to Greece later this week it will be to start training at altitude in the Taygetos Mountains. Only kidding. But i have been taking to the gym and starting some modest walks. I really do not want to be shown up too badly on 28 July when Brokerman Dan Levi and I walk from Horse Hill to Woodlarks.

It is Holy Spirit Monday and so a few words from Julie Meyer

Published 363 days ago

Here in Greece it is a national holiday as we celebrate Holy Spirit Monday, the day 50 days after Easter when the Spirit came to the Apostles and urged them to spread the word of the Lord. Naturally that makes me think of devout Christian Julie "lingerie on expenses" Meyer who, herself, does her bit to spread God's word. I bet he is delighted about that.

Folli Follie - surely it is double ouzo time now!

Published 366 days ago

Having collapsed by another 25% yesterday to just 4.8 Euro shares in Folli Follie were suspended on the Athens stock exchange first thing today prompting a bearcast ouzo. Initially the company told the Greek media that it was because of all we nasty bears spreading false rumours and creating a disorderly market. Then at 11.30 GMT the awful truth came out.

UK Investor Show 2018 Video - Harry Adams of Kefi Minerals

Published 381 days ago

Harry has never been to Kalamata even though during the war of Independence that started in 1821 his family were fighters (for Greece natch) who lived near there. As I live near there now I have suggested he pay a visit. But not until he has created some real value for we shareholders in Kefi Minerals (KEFI). Here is Harry with his plan...

EXCLUSIVE: A 1 billion super scam exposed - we publish the dossier & slideshow on Folli Follie

Published 387 days ago

At this very moment the man who exposed Greek based AIM superstar Globo (GBO) as a total fraud, Gabriele Grego, has just concluded a speech in New York. Ed Croft need not worry, for once the mega scam Gabriele has debagged, is not a stock he has tipped, as he did with Globo. We have the full dossier Gabriele has prepared and it is explosive.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Easyjet you DO owe me a duty of care, you are lying bastards and your team at Gatwick should be shot at dawn

Published 447 days ago

I start with one reason I am thinking of quitting running businesses: folks who say that they will do something and then don't do it, letting you down. I have had two this weekend and it is just poor behaviour, very tiring and something that bores me. Then it is onto discussing a crap headline article in the Sunday Telegraph on Interserve (IURV) and another on Carillion (CLLN) before my main subject - my 22 hour trip home from Greece. EazyJet you are bastards and this is why I loathe, despite and pity you for being lying scumbags.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: you don't sweet talk a journalist by patronising him

Published 464 days ago

I had a call from Amur Minerals (AMC) yesterday to correct my bearish view. I did not appreciate the tone, I'd rather not be lectured.  I explain why I am still short term bearish although also put the company's view. I also explain to the woman dubbed the Harvey Weinstein of European tech, Julie Meyer MBE, why she has yanked the wrong tiger's tail. Elsewhere I comment on Saffron (SRON), Haike Chemical (HAIK) and Graphene Nanochem (GRPH). And now it is off to Greece. God willing tomorrow's podcast will be from Kalamata.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Looking forward to 2018 It is not if but when the stockmarket suffers a major correction

Published 511 days ago

I start, as ever, in Greece and with a book written in 1951. Humour me as I travel to Monemvasia. This is is about how we humans can interpret two sets of data and arrive at a conclusion that is understandable but proves utterly wrong. And that brings me to the state of the stockmarket. I explain six reasons why, for me, a correction is a when not an if but also why it may not be the end of the world.

Minoan – no early Christmas gifts, but a good trading statement with lots to look forward to

Published 528 days ago

AIM-listed Minoan MIN) has issued a Trading & Financing Statement at 1.41pm. Happily, it does not look like a howler - good news there! Sadly there is no deal involving Cavo Sidero  - we will have to wait a bit longer for that. But we do get an update on its loan to Hillside and on trading at its travel agency, and we are told the preliminary results are expected to be in line with market expectation.

Tom Winnifrith - two share tip video from Greece - Tuesday AM (Today) on ShareProphets (paying subscribers only)

Published 537 days ago

Here is another reason to pay the equivalent of less than 2p per article and join ShareProphets. Today, not only will I be dobbing in another AIM listed company to the regulators but I will be publishing a video from here in Greece with two share tips. But it is for paying subscribers only. Surely that is worth £5.99 a month, less than 2p per article? Join now HERE for the share tips this morning and much more...

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - feeling sympathy with alleged City criminals and more on UKOG

Published 538 days ago

It looks as if the double share tip video will be out on Tuesday - www speeds in Greece are just too slow to upload it. In today's bearcast I start with the leaking of failed bids, ref Elegant Hotels(EHG). Who benefits and why do it? Then I look at the fund managers accused of colluding to drive down IPO prices. I really do have some sympathy with them and explain why. Then it is onto UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) and Alba (ALBA). Finally I take apart today's ludicrous claims about growing poverty in Britain. They are pure bollocks.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - a bad day on two counts

Published 550 days ago

Well it is a bad day on two counts. Fisrt it is the disaster that has hit our village in Greece and its olive harvest, as I explain in a photo article HERE. Then it is events at Premaitha (NIPT), a share we own. I explain why I am not selling. I look at Stanley Gibbons (SGI) and then at FastForward (FFWD) where things really don't stack up and where there are far more questions than answers.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: More reflections on UKOG & Falanx as I pine for Greece and the fit young mums

Published 556 days ago

Sadly illness is still rife in this house so for this Thursday it is no coffee for me with the fit young mums. At least I shall be in Greece in five days time and that must be restorative to my health. In this podcast I start by looking back on UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) and its death spiral. I explain exactly how it works. Then a few further thoughts on Falanx (FLX) and why I am not selling our shares at this price. Then I look at Alexander Mining (AXM), another mega spoof from Clem Chambers, this time at ADVFN (AFN),  at "Nomates" disaster RM2 (RM2)Fishing Republic (FISH) - a good zero bet -  and at Regal Petroleum (RPT) which seems to be in a spot of bother in Ukraine.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: shocking reward for failure, the Lombard salary comparability review

Published 578 days ago

Following on from today's truly shocking results from Lombard Risk (LRM) covered HERE I have more questions for the company not least on how secure is its overdraft on which it is, I suspect, already reliant and on the quite disgraceful salary compatibility review. Talk about rewards for failure. Then I look at Defenx (DFX), another horror story, before issuing a wake up call to our own in house Bulletin Board Moron Wildes and looking at Angus Energy (ANGS) and finally Dialight (DIA). Meanwhile it is now less than a month to the olive harvest and Greece. I cannot wait.

MySquar: twitter "news": Tom Winnifrith under Police Investigation & to be sued for defamation

Published 585 days ago

Heck it is on twitter so it must be true as you can see below

Being wrong is a choice, staying wrong is not

Published 629 days ago

Monetary policy influences all financial markets as well as the cycles in the economy and no US president wants to have to run for re-election when the stock market and economy are turning down.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: all Things Fraud and Fright-er-ful

Published 704 days ago

I am pretty much finished here in Greece as I explain in the podcast. And as such I start the journey home tomorrow to spend time in sun-drenched England with the Mrs, Joshua and - of course - Oakley, my utterly pampered three legged cat who is, I gather, now being given iced water to cope with the heat. In this podcast I look at Barclays (BARC), the SFO and the nature of fraud. I look at Thor Mining (THR) where events disgust me and at Ariana Resources (AAU) where I am dissapointed and less accepting than Nigel Somerville is.

FastJet - PR fecking geniuses Citigate can't polish a turd - dismal results and a warning of worse: target price 0p

Published 726 days ago

Hello fascist, journalist smearing, PR fecking geniuses at Citigate Dewe Rogerson, your favourite follower of the dog that is FastJet (FJET) is writing today from my home village in Greece. You have done a good job at polishing the turd that are the calendar 2016 results from Fastjet (FJET) but if folks read beyond your spin to the bottom of the statement they will realise this is a basket case and the shares - at 16p are a stonking sell - the target price is 0p.

Minoan – acquisition, placing, debt update

Published 734 days ago

AIM-listed travel agent and wannabe Greek holiday resort developer Minoan (MIN) announced a small bolt-on acquisition this morning….and a placing. Oh, and an update on its debt facility due to expire at the end of June. It is disappointing to see a placing (at 9p), but in the general scheme of things it is a relatively small amount so the pill is sugared to some extent.

If Corbyn wins the election I'd be better off moving my business to Greece - the simple maths

Published 738 days ago

Jeremy Corbyn has promised to raise Corporation Tax from 19% to 26%, while the tax on dividends in the UK is now 25%. As far as I know that is not going to be increased by Labour, but who knows? The bottom line is that, as a part-time Greek resident but UK taxpayer, it actually makes sense for me to become a Greek resident and Greek taxpayer if Labour wins. Yes, this economic basket case run by socialist lunatics is a better place for me to do my business than a Corbyn-run Britain. Here are the maths....

Minoan – Company Chat at UK Investor Show

Published 780 days ago

One of the advantages of taking a trip to an event such as the sell-out soaraway success that was this year’s UK Investor Show is the opportunity to meet and speak directly to the very people running the companies in which you might invest or already be invested. I took my opportunity to chat with AIM-listed Minoan (MIN) – a share I’ve held for so long I can’t remember when I first bought it.

Tom Winnifrith is going to flee to Greece and close ShareProphets rather than fight Aidan Earley said the moron: think again - here is our Court filing

Published 807 days ago

How do you keep an idiot in suspense? Over to Copperwindow, a moron on the ADVFN Worthington (WRN) thread who posts about 30 times a day how he is going to be rich and how Aidan Earley is going to crush me in Court. Yesterday, among his posts he stated: 

Beware the 15th March, as Trump makes America wait again & the Euro prepares to fall apart

Published 811 days ago

The US President is expected to speak to the Greek prime minister in the coming days. The substance of the call, according to well-placed sources, will be Greece’s ongoing negotiations with creditors and the role the International Monetary Fund may or may not play in the country’s current rescue programme.  Donald Trump has publicly tweeted that he thinks the Greeks are “wasting their time” staying in the Eurozone. 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: from Jewish Vlachs to Avanti Coms - a business that can never ever work so is toast

Published 812 days ago

I answer an email from a reader who reckons the Vlachs, (world's greatest living expert, or so he says, Dr TJ Winnifrith), are really Jews and that opens up a wider issue of Jewish settlements in Greece. Then the main issue of the podcast, why Avanti Communications (AVN) will go to Zero? Quite simply its business model is flawed. There are other red flags to consider but I strike at the crux of the matter.

Greece is likely to leave the Euro before the year is out, helped on its way by Trump

Published 825 days ago

In the past, the Americans have vigorously supported a compromise over Greece because, along with the rest of the political establishment, it views preserving the euro and the European Union as a strategic imperative of over-riding importance. But Trump doesn’t like the EU. Trump has made it very clear that he is very hostile to the EU. He backed Brexit, appointed an ambassador who believes the euro is destined to fall apart, and started a rhetorical trade war with Germany. In response, EU leaders, from Germany’s Angela Merkel to France’s François Hollande, have been fiercely critical of Trump. Relations between Washington and Brussels have probably never been worse. 

FRAUD Cloudtag's Amit Ben Haim's got no balls - IT's OFFICIAL!

Published 835 days ago

There will be no bearcast today as I am fully engaged on Vlach hunting in the Pindus mountains. One tearful reunion is complete but the big one will happen soon. The internet is not fast enough to transmit back to the UK from the little village of Anelion but I shall try to post a podcast tomorrow before I travel the length of Greece down to the Mani. Pro tem I guess you were wondering if Cloudtag (CTAG) CEO Amit Ben Haim has got any balls.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - after 22 hours I arrive in the snowy Pindus Mountains of Greece

Published 836 days ago

I am here in a warm hotel room in Metsovo in Northern Greece. I am pretty shattered after 22 hours of travel from Bristol to here. Tomorrow is the last leg, a walk to to the vlach village of Anelion. Pro tem a short offering as it will take ages to transmit anything back to England. I look at companies that change their name, ref Guscio (GUSC) and Wishbone Gold (WSBN) which really is a buy despite today's statement.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The Red flags that flutter proudly at Techfinancials

Published 838 days ago

In today's podcast I look forward to tomorrow and a meeting with lawyers to discuss legal action on behalf of shareholders in Cloudtag (CTAG) and the fraud African Potash (AFPO). I look forward even more to a night-time flight to Greece. I look in some details at Rosslyn Data (RDT) and in even more detail at Israeli tech dog Techfinancials (TECH). At a personal level I have been much distracted today by writing up my thoughts after a meeting yesterday to discuss physical abuse at Warwick School 38 years ago - more on that HERE

A revealing dinner last week with Yanis Varoufakis –the former Greek minister of finance

Published 839 days ago

John my colleague had dinner in the week with the old Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis. We will issue a more detailed note on the conversation in the week.  At AG we are now even surer that before that the Euro WILL implode, only the timing is debatable –but the next six months though is looking very problematic as Trump enters the fray.

Tom Winnifrith fleeing to hide in no

Published 848 days ago

I booked my ticket to Athens last night. No doubt the Bulletin Board Morons will assume that I am running scared of the patron saint of fraudsters, the convicted felon, twice bankrupted man barred from being a company director, St Aidan of Banstead. No, I fear not Mr Earley but I head to Greece soon for very different reasons and may be offline for a few days.

ShareProphets share tips of the year Number 21 - Buy Minoan says Tom Winnifrith

Published 875 days ago

Minoan (MIN) has been something of an AIM uber-dog for many years. It is a stock that I have tipped with success once and with lack of success more than once. Its failure to deliver on gaining planning consent on its Cave Sidero site in Crete over more than a decade is perhaps why its shares languish at 6.25-6.5p. But 2017 will be THE year.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the storm clouds cover the mountains where the Greek Hovel lies

Published 907 days ago

Though I may have pneumonia thanks to Paul Scott, I am now safely in Kalamata looking up at the mountains where I live when in Greece and the storm clouds are ominous. So back to the stockmarket I look at Finnaust (FAM), Audioboom (BOOM), Avanti Communications (TOAST), Condor Gold (CNR), Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO), Webis (WEB) and Anglesey Mining (AYM) which is spouting bullshit today as it places.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Is Mosman Oil & Gas the worst run shitty little AIM oil company?

Published 908 days ago

I must rush. Woodlarks beckons and then it is Greece. But first I look at: Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) in light of last night's bombshell HERE, TrakM8 (TRAK ) - chatting to Paul Scott - Pantheon Resources (PANR), Bushveld Minerals (BMN), FastForward (FFWD), Jim Mellon's reported comments and Mosman oil & Gas (MSMN).

BREAKING: InternetQ- was I right about the dodgy Bubbles after all? Companies House shocker emerges

Published 992 days ago

In the December 2015 from my winter base in Greece I ran a series of articles, starting from Athens with Love, which, I believed, quite clearly showed that the Greek, AIM listed company InternetQ (INTQ) was a fraud. Specifically I demonstrated that its music streaming business Akazoo was a sham. The company denied this and in the end its boss Panagiotis Dimitropoulos and fund manager Tosca paid c£20 million to buy out minority shareholders and take InternetQ private. A cute deal or burying the truth in private? This is going to shock you.

CDialogues - it was a complete dog!, to be liquidated little more than 2 years after joining AIM…

Published 995 days ago

“Following successful completion of the general meeting earlier today… the last day of dealings in the company's ordinary shares is 14 September 2016 and at 7.00 a.m. on 15 September 2016, the company's ordinary shares will be cancelled from trading on AIM”. Hmmm - “successful” CDialogues (CDOG) says…

Minoan: Whoever said the Greeks were efficient?

Published 1055 days ago

Minoan (MIN) had announced that the final hearing which would - we all expect - dismiss the final appeal against the Presidential Decree for the Cave Sidero site was to be on 4 July. But this is Greece. We are now told:

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: 40 degree heat with the snakes including Phil Crawford of Lombard Risk

Published 1073 days ago

I start with the murder of Jo Cox MP and the disgusting way EU suporters are using it to lie and smear as you can read HERE. In Greece today it is 40 degrees plus and I am a sweating wreck after a session of olive pruning, braving the snakes which brings me to Phil "InterX" Crawford of Lombard Risk Management (LRM) and the question he has to answer NOW. Elsewhere I look at Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) following up on this piece, C-Dialogues (CDOG), XCite Energy (XEL) - all shout Timber!!!!!! - Scancell (SCLP) and the uber dog Mkango Resources (MKA).

Friday Caption Contest: Morbidly Obese 3 legged cat on Farage

Published 1080 days ago

I, Tom Winnifrith, may be in Greece and have voted anyway so what about those yet to vote such as my morbidly obese three legged cat Oakley? Oakley scored last night's Boris vs the three witches contest as a win for Brexit but what about Farage's showing earlier in the week. The best caption for the picture below wins a signed photo from Oakley. The deadline is midnight tonight (Friday). Post away in the comments section.  

Oh dear, Oh dear... it is savage wage cuts at the Evil Empire, the death star is failing

Published 1083 days ago

Our Bothan spies have again risked life and liberty to bring hot news from the Evil Empire to rebel outposts in Clerkenwell and Greece. It appears that all is not well at the Death Star. Having promised that it had "sold" 10,000 tickets to its Master Investor conference - though the venue had a capacity of fewer than 3,000 - our spies brought you photos of plenty of empty seats. Following on from that horrendeous PR and trading disaster, we now hear that freelance stormtroopers have been told they are to get pay cuts of up to 60%. Ouch. We guess that will mean only 12 pieces of silver for some folk.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - sticking it to Mayair, Jupiter Energy and in fact all Australians bar Kylie

Published 1087 days ago

In today's podcast I start with a few words on Greece as I head up to the Greek Hovel and the snakes. Then I move through TrakM8 (TRAK), Avanti Communications (AVN) and onto Boxhill (BOX). Lord Razzall: we will give you the day off to compose a resignation (in disgrace) letter, there are two more bombshells for you but they can wait until the weekend. I look at Bushveld (BMN), Jupiter Energy (JPRL) - and what its crisis says about oil companies in general - and finally I spend a good time taking apart Mayair Group (MAYA)

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Sam Antar accounting lessons, for me, Rob Terry & Lombard

Published 1093 days ago

Recording in Kalamata, I have one last day in sunny Greece before I head back to the UK for five days of family time. Boo hiss.  I start with another reminder of how thick some AIM folk are - London Capital (LCG). Then I look at the different way that private and public businesses account for profits running through how Sam Antar cooked the books at Crazy Eddie's. That makes me reflect on accruals causing me to examing the balance sheet of Lombard Risk (LRM) as Phil "InterX" Crawford drives it onto the rocks and also how Robert Simon Terry accounted for industrial deafness, something that will send him to gaol.

Tom Winnifrith Photo Bearcast - some porn from the Hovel in Greece today for Paul Roberts, Justin the Clown & other Welsh listeners

Published 1099 days ago

Finally, the grass cutters have arrived at the Greek Hovel and I have a couple of pictures to delight Paul Roberts of Stockomendation, Justin the Clown and other Welsh listeners. Then I move onto why I am bearish about shares, it's about earnings but also debt. 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - why wont African Potash answer my fecking questions?

Published 1101 days ago

In a very British way I start by complaining about the weather. Right now it is sheeting it down here in Greece. Then onto Plethora/Regent Pacific before tackling what the phrase "little or no value" actually means ref Circle Oil (COP). Then onto African Potash (AFPO) and I answer the questions it will not. Target price 0p. 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Petroceltic's O'Cathain blames others - bring out the piano wire for him

Published 1106 days ago

I start with a few comments on Brexit The Movie, noting how the EU has screwed the little guy across the continent but especially here in Greece. Then it is onto the pathetic bleatings of Mr O'Cathain of Petroceltic (PCI) and also a demented analyst from Cenkos. Both deserve piano wire. But what lessons do we learn from the wipeout of Petroceltic and their dismal attempt to gain forgiveness? 

Coca-Cola Hellenic – A Greek Start to the Year

Published 1107 days ago

Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Corporation (CCH) is one of the least-watched FTSE-100 components going (despite the valiant efforts of Chris Bailey on this website). But if it is anything like its parent, it is the sort of stock which long-term retirement portfolios are made of. Yesterday’s trading update gives us no reason to doubt that this is one to keep on the watchlist.

Minoan, a setback but only a temporary one: buy

Published 1108 days ago

Minoan (MIN) disappointingly announced after hours Tuesday that two appeals have been lodged following the issue of the Presidential Decree granting land use approval for its project in Crete.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 9 May - Iofina, No, no, no, Mr Market all wrong

Published 1112 days ago

I end with a summary of the wildlife diversity encountered today at the Greek hovel as I start pruning the olive trees. I start with Iofina (IOF) where the numbers are ghastly, this is a ramp built on sand. I also cover China Africa (CAF), Opera (OPRA), Bango (BGO) and Optibiotix (OPTI). But my mind is really on the manual labour that lies ahead here in the mountains of Greece

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 7 May - back in Greece & despairing of humanity

Published 1114 days ago

I have landed in Kalamata and start with a look at where Greece is now. My friend John the bike man seems to have gone bust. He is not alone. There is a three-day general strike underway but the EU reckons that Greece has solved all its problems? The EU is the problem, or rather the Euro is. Then I look at why I sometimes despair of humanity and notably some of the people in the world of small caps and AIM. I am taking it easy for the summer as a result. Finally some praise for Marcus Stuttard the bogus Sheriff of AIM but then also some criticism and suggestions re African Potash (AFPO) and Ascent Resources (AST)

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - distracted by a fascist in the wind and a vet's visit

Published 1115 days ago

The distractions are explained in the podcast and the fascist in the wind link is HERE. In the main podcast I look at Ascent (AST), Ncondezi Energy (NCCL), Forbidden Tech (FBT), Interserve (IRV), John Lewis of Hungerford (JLH) and Avanti Communications (AVN). Tomorrow I head to Greece

CDialogues – CDOG a complete dog? Another unhappy Greece-originating AIM story

Published 1153 days ago

Provider of mobile marketing to mobile network operators, CDialogues (CDOG) has announced that “following the announcement made by the company on the 25th January 2016, the company now expects that EBITDA for the year ended 31 December 2015 will be less than €1.6 million” and that its “existing contracts have generated revenues in the first quarter of 2016 less than the board anticipated”. And it possibly gets still worse…

Fancy going to a swanky EGM in Athens Greece, roll up roll up

Published 1170 days ago

It would have been an added bonus if Goldenport (GPRT)  - heading to zero as Nigel explains here - was to had its headquarters in the same Athens neighbourhood as InternetQ (INTQ) and Globo (GBO) because, as it happens, I am in the mighty Hellenic Republic on the date of its EGM on March 31st. However I have just checked out its HQ on Google maps as you can see below...

From One Hellenophile (Byron) via another (me) - Fascist Bullies at Citigate Dewe Rogerson & Fastjet: It's Game On.

Published 1171 days ago

Yesterday, the fascist bully boys at PR firm Citigate Dewe Rogerson gave three different reasons for not answering a simple question about their client Fastjet (FJET). The real reason is that the answer shows that Fastjet is heading towards insolvency and needs a placing PDQ. More on that later, I have a full answer to come. Citigate tried to distract attention by claiming that I had libelled an employee by not describing her as a genius and, worse, had engaged in a racial slur by hinting she may be Greek. I think that says a lot about how senior staffers at Citigate view the bubbles for my views on and links to Greece are well known...

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: Fastjet Part2 & Citigate Dewe Rogerson PRs are all ffing geniuses

Published 1172 days ago

Earlier today I penned a piece on Fastjet (FJET), a company which is a crock of shit. Its PR firm, Citigate Dewe Rogerson, threatened me not about saying that Fastjet is a crock of shit but about what I said about one of its staff. I was threatened with a libel writ from Slaughter & May for inter alia suggesting that an employee was of Greek origin. This Citigate reckons is a slur as clearly it was aimed as an insult. But I live in Greece and love the place said I. But your readers do not know that said Citigate. Whatever... I reckon you do don't you?  This podcast sets the record straight on all matters including me making it clear that all employees of Citigate are geniuses, the real reason my question on Fastjet is not being answered ( 3rd time lucky in terms of asking) and why I now contemplate retirement. What a silly and oppressive place the City and Britain has become.

Minoan - Our Report confirmed - hang on or buy: news from Greece on its way

Published 1177 days ago

On 24 February we reported here that Minoan (MIN) was on the verge of getting final sign off on its Cave Sidero project in Greece urging you to buy the shares at 6.5p. We hope you did as...

Minoan - Gets Approval in Greece - source: BUY!

Published 1187 days ago

It has only been waiting for this for about 24 years but the word on the street is that Minoan (MIN) now has all bar one signature needed for go ahead for its company breaking Cave Sidero development in Crete. And that last signature is a formality.

Eden Research dodges FRAUD questions and announces ramptastic Greece bollocks to ramp shares

Published 1201 days ago

Eden Research (EDEN) needs to answer the clear questions about panama pump securities fraud and shady related party share pump & dumps if it is to stop its shares collapsing. Instead it has tried to keep its deluded followers happy with news from Greece. Sadly for it I know Greece rather well...

Lucian Miers share tips of the year Number 1: Sell InternetQ at 61.25p, target price 0p

Published 1243 days ago

In the end it all comes down to cash. Good companies generate it. Bad companies run out and in the end go bust. The shares go to 0p. And that brings me to Greece based InternetQ (INTQ) which - as a sell - is my first share tip of the year.

Despina Vandi, Peggy Zina & Coldplay show that InternetQ are liars - weedy rebuttal exposed part 5

Published 1262 days ago

If a company tells a demonstrable lie in an RNS that tells you everything you need to know. I turn now to the Greek operations of InternetQ's (INTQ) Akazoo unit. I spent an hour last night with a friend of mine in Kalamata, George the architect. He is Greek and what we discovered demonstrates that InternetQ has lied to investors.

Insetco - goes bust, you were warned...

Published 1262 days ago

I believed in Insetco (INC) briefly but then warned folks to sell quite explicitly as new information came up. I labelled it a bargepole stock HERE - you cannot say that you were not warned. I can only hope that the BB Morons who say they buy everything I say sell did just that. The moral here...

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 10 December - having problems doing business in Greece, can InternetQ help me

Published 1262 days ago

I seem to be struggling to do business with my olives here in Kambos, Greece. I appear to have sold the oil - all bar 16 litres which I am taking back to the UK. But so far I have paid the press 16 Euro for the transaction which now sees it owning 200 litres of MY oil. Surely this is not right? Perhaps InternetQ (INTQ) runs the olive press? In this podcast I also cover LGO Energy (LGO) just to keep Wildes happy - Jabba the Hutt fave Rare Earth Minerals (REM) and European Metals (EMH), Concha (CHA), Tern (TERN), Imaginatik (IMTK), Peer TV (PTV) and the looming debacle at Chris Oil fave Mkango Resources. 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 7 December - Very Bruised by Greece today

Published 1266 days ago

I refer not to InternetQ (INTQ) of which a lot more later but to an accident I suffered when picking olives this morning. I am in real pain.  I know how it feels to be a shareholder in LGO Energy (LGO) which I discuss. In today's podcast I also cover Northern Petroleum (NOP), Hardide (HDD) - in grisly detail - Hunter Resources (HUN) and take Nigel's excellent weekend piece on China New Energy (CNEL) further - this just stinks. Talking of China and Norfolk, I also note the news today from JQW (JQW). Finally I question the RNS from Forbidden Technology (FBT)

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 4 December: In Greece I fear only Vrechi

Published 1269 days ago

No Albanians, no work on the olive harvest yet. And now Vrechi, that is what I fear. I have yet to discuss my entanglements with Globo (GBO) and InternetQ (INTQ) with my neighbours but I am sure they will understand. I start the podcast on InternetQ and the weedy rally today. Then it is onto LGO Energy (LGO), another David Lenigas triumph. But what does Jabba The Hutt care? He sold his shares. En passant I mention UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), Motive TV (MTV) and Papua Minerals (PML) before taking a detailed look at Escher (ESCH). 

InternetQ - Pathetic response to ShareProphets - target price cut to half a drachma

Published 1270 days ago

Today's From Athens with Love report from ShareProphets sent shares in Greece based AIM listed InternetQ (INTQ) tumbling by more than 50% at one point. Finally we get a weedy but all to predictable response and on the back of it I have cut my target price (for the whole company) from 1 drachma to half a drachma.

From Athens with love: InternetQ - my target price is 1 drachma

Published 1270 days ago

The Nomad and broker team that brought us the Globo (GBO) fraud from Greece was RBC Capital Markets and Canaccord. This dynamic duo act for another Greek Company InternetQ (INTQ). And here I am - with a hat tip from a good reader - reporting on the spot in the Hellenic Republic with some very hard questions for InternetQ.  The GlobalShortingConspiracy also has agents on the ground in Moscow and Poland as well as myself in Greece. This is, as they say, developing...

Send a lefty sociology lecturer to Greece to help the migrants

Published 1284 days ago

No it is not my Mrs but a comrade of hers who wishes to go to volunteer to help the migrants landing up in Greece from Syria and other places made hell holes as a result of misguided Western meddling. I know being nice to migrants is not popular in all quarters. I don’t expect Nigel Farage to donate. But we are in this household and if you have some compassion I ask you to consider a small donation. 

InternetQ - it reckons “positive trading update”, I reckon not particularly & key information not provided…

Published 1285 days ago

With its shares falling sharply in the Globo plc fallout having closed the prior week at 218.25p, Greece-originated technology company InternetQ (INTQ) sought to reassure on its credentials – though I highlighted balance sheet and cash flow concerns (see HERE and HERE). The company has now announced a self-declared “positive trading update” to 30th September…

Shorting Euro vs Dollar – update: time to take profits?

Published 1285 days ago

I first suggested a three-times leveraged ETF with the ticker code SEU3 as a trading idea back in July (see HERE). It was not suitable for everyone due to the complexity and wild volatility of the product, but it has been profitable. The following updates as I consider banking gains and where to get ideas for what to do now.

InternetQ – suffering in the Globo fallout, with good reason or not? …

Published 1305 days ago

Shares in Greece-originated technology company InternetQ (INTQ) have fallen sharply having closed last week at 218.25p. This has prompted a statement from the company including that “the board would like to advise the market that it is not aware of any undisclosed reason for this decline”. Hmmm…

FRAUD Globo: Costis Reported to Rozzers in Greece, Cyprus and UK and FCA on the case (at last)

Published 1306 days ago

Thanks entirely to the courageous investigative journalism of the snot gobbler Dan “microscopic cojones” McCrum at the FT, ex Globo (GBO) boss Costis Papadimitrakopoulos is now formally in the soup – the company has reported him for fraud to “the appropriate law enforcement agencies in the UK, Greece and Cyprus.”

Minoan - good news from Greece

Published 1309 days ago

With no operational news flow since we last updated in July,  shares in Minoan Group (MIN) slid back recently towards 6p. However, they are now again moving ahead, with the company understanding that the process of the draft presidential decree for its Cave Sidero resort project in Crete being endorsed by the relevant Ministers prior to being issued by the President “is now under way”

David Lenigas on twitter – proof of insanity as he won't answer questions

Published 1321 days ago

As you know I spend a few months a year in Greece at a hovel half way up a mountain. I work more efficiently there and it is good for my health. For family reasons I have actually only spent 5 or 6 weeks there this year but will return in December for the olive harvest. Right now I am in Bristol as per normal but bonkers David Lenigas seems to think there is more to it. In – even by his standards – an insane tweet he now offers up

Work Related Trips I’d like to do: Kosovo, Spain – any other ideas?

Published 1338 days ago

It I all very well sitting in my garage in Bristol or in the Greek Hovel writing about companies but it would be fascinating to actually go visit a few of them on the ground with a video camera in hand to report from the coalface. Right now that is not an option for personal reasons you know too well but next year I’ll need to clear my head and already two road trips are sort of planned.

Mama Mia, Those Zippy Italians Can Show Other Struggling Euro Countries a Thing or Two.

Published 1348 days ago

Buon Giorno Share People. I spent last week testing the Italian power of recovery to revitalise the Eurozone and so invigorate the UK economy, particularly, as always, the value of our shares.

Italy, a Lonely Cat, a Sealed Box and My Wonderful Bag of Shares.

Published 1349 days ago

Hello Share Fellows.  You may have noticed that I’ve not been posting my usual observations for a week now. That is not because I’m in dark despair. But I’ve been in Italy investigating the financial situation there.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 13 September: Greek Election, interest rates, and Hotel Corp - bad language warning

Published 1351 days ago

In today's podcast I look at the Greek Election next week. The voting is irrelevant, Angela Merkel will remain in charge whoever wins. Greece is still fucked and I explain why. Then it is onto interest rates in the US and UK - the FOMC meets on Thursday. Then asset bubbles and crowdfunding - an en passant mention for Vitesse Media. Finally to Hotel Corp (HCP) and the disgraceful smear compaihn by crony capitalist motherfucker Derek Short and Shore Cap against Marcus Yeoman. I have some bad news for Short & Shore Capital. Warning: this section contains some bad language.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 8 September - Hotel Corp Scumbags, UK housing crash and more

Published 1356 days ago

A wide ranging podcast today from my rather cold garage in Bristol. Why oh why cant I be in Greece? In today's issue I sart with the disgraceful antics of the directors of AIM casino shocker The Hotel Corp (HCP) and Shore Capital. Pledge your support to Marcus Yeoman [email protected] now! Then I turn to Oxford Instruments (OXIG), SQS Software (SQS) which gets a major doing over, Fitbug (FITB), Tern (TERN) and M Winkworth (WINK) where my thoughts are more about UK house prices than about the company itself.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 7 September - Flip Flop the "drug dealer", the bank robber and Audioboom

Published 1357 days ago

What a total waste of a day, dealing with Dan Levi (the bank robber, reformed) vs Ben Turney (the legal drug dealer, reformed). Dan's expose is HERE. Ben's response is HERE. What a total waste of my day, I am so tempted to just give up altogether. But isntead I outline why the prohibition never works and how I am responding to the allegations: by wasting money on bringing in a barrister to investigate them in full for a report we will publish here. Then I turm to Audioboom (BOOM) and NorthWest Investment Group (NWIG). If the world was different I'd be booking a one way ticket to Greece and throwing my laptop in the sea. Surely both Dan and Ben can go after real villains and just leave me in peace.

Great News from the States, Gang. - So Why Is It Crushing Our Shares?

Published 1357 days ago

Hello Share Pushers. As the old shares lose more and more value, the reasons given for the slide back become ever more bizarre.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: You Tern if you want to...but

Published 1358 days ago

A play on the great Margaret Thatcher speech from 1980. If you have forgotten it the video is below. In this podcast I look at Greece and its Election. It does not matter. Whover wins the most votes Angela Merkel will still be running the Hellenic Republic after the polls close. Then onto an interesting threat to stockbrokers such as Hargreaves Lansdowne. Finally onto Tern. I do not dislike Angus Forrest but discuss issues of corporate transparency and valuation.

We Should Always Keep 20% in Cold Cash - Except Perhaps Now.

Published 1359 days ago

Hello Share Trundlers. The great Warren Buffet said that it doesn’t matter if shares fall. As long as we don’t need money straight away.

Red Flags at Night: Goldenport Holdings Inc Interims and offer talks terminated

Published 1366 days ago

A bank holiday weekend: what better time is there than 6.29pm on Friday night to slip out bad news?! And so we come to fully listed Goldenport Holdings Inc (GPRT) which did exactly that, in the form of its interims. But it was not just that this came at no-one-is-watching o’clock, there were a few other matters which anyone holding this stock might want to pay attention to – if they are not blinded by subterfuge.

Life on Marbs starring Jon Stretton Knowles, the Quindell fraudster, episode 6 - can you help me?

Published 1368 days ago

I knew there had to be some drawback to being in Greece. At last I have found it. You cannot access ITV Player so I cannot discover what delights are in store in Episode Six of the truly dreadful new reality TV series Life on Marbs. How is the new business venture of Quindell (QPP) fraudster Jon Stretton Knowles – aka Tango – going? Are the more charity lingerie shoots and designer vaginas? However...

Live from Greece: PM Tsipras quits & calls General Election, the madness gets worse

Published 1374 days ago

I landed in Greece on Tuesday. Within 48 hours the loathsome Blair like lying snake of a PM Alex Tsipras had quit, barring a miracle we will have a second General Election in 2015 on September 20th.

Fiat Economics: A new craziness is abroad in the World

Published 1374 days ago

Prelude: I fall in love with Angela - I have just been listening to Mrs Merkel droning on about how the EU has reached agreement with Greece. This is an agreement to…er…begin negotiations on a final settlement and lend them yet more money. With tennis still in the mind it really is the moment to say “You CANNOT be serious!” But she is. They all are. These are the same people who told you in 2010 that Greek debt could not be restructured. I have lost count of how many times it has been restructured since.

Challenges to continue for Europe despite Greek bailout

Published 1380 days ago

In the latest edition of Financial Orbit Speaks, Chris Bailey looks at continuing challenges in Europe despite the likelihood of a third Greek bailout, interpretations around the Chinese yuan movement, issues in the US and why individual corporate equity analysis remains the key.

Coca-Cola Hellenic’s shares go…pop!

Published 1381 days ago

Greece may only be a handful of percent of Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling’s (CCH) sales and profits but the malaise from the Eurozone’s most indebted member has overhung the share with its Greek heritage and shareholder base. 

Shares, Interest Rates and the Hellish Sea of Doom.

Published 1388 days ago

Hello Share Pickers. As far as my routine share trading goes at the mo, I am feeling all at sea. The Wide Sargasso Sea, actually.

Minoan Interims - Numbers not the key

Published 1393 days ago

Minoan Group (MIN) has announced results for the six months ended 30th April 2015 and that it is looking forward to building on progress made.

That Sassy Selfie Set-Up Still Presents a Perky Picture.

Published 1396 days ago

Hello Share  Swappers. There is a stagnant feel to the markets this happy July. Nothing seems to be moving very much, held back by the traders' summer hols, China and, to a lessening extent, Greece. But there are always some bunnies which are still running north. And if a share is sailing ahead, even in these stormy days, then it must have a lot going for it. One such perky stock is Photome (PHTM) the company which runs those little boxes that take selfies in railway and bus stations etc.

Eldorado Gold; excessively punished by Grexit fears is an appealing buy

Published 1397 days ago

Since publishing “7 Gold Stocks to Buy Now” the price of gold has fallen further, under pressure from a heavy bear raid. With gold now trading at critical long-term technical support, the precious metal is now at a crucial point. If the price breaks below technical support, it could fall much further. However, if it finds its footing at current levels then a strong rally is on the cards. Such binary eventualities can be extremely profitable for investors on the right side of the move. Gold Bugs have taken yet another beating in the recent move lower, but if you remain bullish about the prospects for gold, now might be the time to consider some specific stock ideas. Below I share my contribution to our e-book - Eldorado Gold’s (TSX:ELD & NYSE:EGO).

Don’t Let a Boring Footsie Make You Leap into Murky Waters.

Published 1399 days ago

Hello Share Swogglers. When the markets are racked by uncertainty, the big shares fall. This is nothing to do with their performance. It is everything to do with a nervousness, which pervades all. We all know that the markets hate uncertainty.

Beware the Galloping Pound - It’s Now a Serious Threat to our Shares.

Published 1403 days ago

Hello Share Scribblers. I’m getting really worried now about the effects of the booming pound sterling on our share values. The rate is now around 1.43 euros to the pound. Yet it doesn’t seem too long ago that a pound was only worth one euro.

Now Do You Fancy a Punt on the Chinese Market?

Published 1406 days ago

Hello Share Snappers. You may remember that, in the film China Syndrome, with Jack Lemmon, a nuclear power plant in America starts to disappear into the earth. There is a fear that it will get a long way down, hence the title.

Helena Delopolous – Get a dictionary you moronic bitch

Published 1408 days ago

It seems that not everyone agrees with me pointing out that Daily Mail journalist Liz Jones produced a shoddy and misleading article on Greece. That sort of scaremongering that Ms Jones served up had damaged the tourist trade in Greece so hurting poor folks even more. Several English folks in that trade in Greece cited the Daly Mail as the worst offender. I urge you to ignore the witch Jones and the Daily Mail and go to Greece (see HERE). But now back to the moron Helena who posts on ShareProphets: “Disgraceful blogging. You’re not a journalist. You’re a foul mouthed troll. Guttersnipe” 

FCA Boss Martin Wheatley gets the bullet from George Osborne for being “too tough” – You’re ‘avin a bubble?

Published 1408 days ago

Martin Wheatley, the head of the FCA is to leave his job in September after the twat George Osborne refused to extend his contract. Wheatley is being shown the door and the spin is that he is being given the bullet because he was too tough on the banksters and on the financial services industry. George, pal, you are ‘avin a bubble.

One week to National Irony day in Greece – Restoration of Democracy Celebrated

Published 1408 days ago

What delicious irony…next Friday the 24th is a holiday in Greece. It will be the 41st celebration of the day that the Colonels (the Junta) handed over power to the politicians.  It is “restoration of Democracy Day”. Honestly. You could not make it up.

Short the Dax at 11,443 if it falls back on Grexit fears

Published 1409 days ago

Since the Dax, peaked at 12,390 on 10 April, Germany’s major index of 30 blue chip stocks has been dragged lower by the troubles in Greece. Having started the first quarter of the year in such spectacular form, thanks to the generosity of the European Central Bank’s  (ECB) Quantitative Easing (QE) programme, the Dax has since become a victim of the spiralling Greek Tragedy. July has been an extremely volatile month for German stocks and the Dax’s near-term prospects appear very much pinned to the outcome in Greece. On Wednesday 15 July the Dax closed at 11,539, right above a crucial level of MIDAS resistance. A retest of this level in the coming weeks could open up a highly attractive shorting opportunity, as it would suggest a worsening in macro conditions.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - On an amazing high and its not coke - honest!

Published 1410 days ago

I am on such a high. But there is no coke involved. Or hookers. Heck I'm not a crony capitalist just a capitalist and I've had a cracking day so far as I explain. Then to Greece and China and why China matters and why the Chinese Canute's won't win. And then onto LGO Energy.

Greece and the Bigger European Hole Means We should Choose Shares in A Wider Market.

Published 1410 days ago

Hello Share Plungers. We’re told by the International Monetary Fund that Greece will never be able to pay back its big debt and that creditors should be willing to take a haircut. Sense at last, but with the Germans in a bloody frame of mind towards the Greeks, that short back and sides will not be forthcoming.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 14 July - seething with white rage, extreme bad language warning

Published 1412 days ago

So Paul "Trotsky" Scott, "Red" Darren Atwater, George "the twat" Osborne and your out of touch cabinet pals who have never risked their capital to run an SME, PR supremo Reg "crony capitalist" Hoare et al you want me to pay my staff £9 an hour. Let me tell you about Christina and why I am in such a foul mood today. Warning this podcast contains a stream of bad langauge.  I also cover Greece, Blur, Johnston Press, Mosman Oil & Gas (0p here we come) and Armadale Capital.

Shorting Euro vs $ - Update

Published 1412 days ago

Last week I offered a highly leveraged trading idea of ETFS Foreign Exchange Ltd 3 x Short Euro Long $, which is traded on the LSE under ticker code SEU3 (see HERE). The rationale was simple enough: Grexit, credibility of the Eurocrats and the popping of the China bubble which may trigger a flight to safety. As it happens – and seemingly against the odds – it looks as though Greece will now continue in servitude for another while, albeit compounded by tighter demands and national humiliation. Meanwhile the Chinese authorities have gone into Canute mode.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 13 July

Published 1413 days ago

In this podcast I start by plugging today's weekly postcard on to go to Greece NOW and a few off the beaten track ideas on where to go.  I then move onto the fate of the Euro and a discussion of what company's do NOT say that is such a red flag - reference Mosman and Audioboom.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast July 13: Greece - #Thisisacoup

Published 1413 days ago

#Thisisacoup is trending on twitter. Greece is now ruled by the EU. Democracy means nothing. The package agreed by Alex Ephilates Tsipras will destroy hope and add to misery in Greece. There is no debt relief. The problems of Greece, for the country, its people, my friends and neighbours, are not solved but the Euro is saved (for now). For Greece, my father and I are agreed (for once), we shed a tear. The Euro may have rallied but Greece is not fixed. Just fucked. Comment and analysis on what happens next.

Two Golden Rules for Hard Times - and a Bonus Tip for Luck.

Published 1413 days ago

Hello Share Sweepers. As we’re all still feeling pretty nervous about our shares, I would not advocate doing much trading at the moment. The Chinese stock market and the Greek tragedy are both taking their toll on our confidence. So it seems to me we now have a good opportunity to drive home two glittering lessons which are especially useful in difficult times like these.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 12 July, Blinkx, Avanti, Easyjet, Greece and a feeling of alienation

Published 1413 days ago

I am back in the UK and in this podcast start to comment in detail on a couple of companies notably Avanti Communications and blinkx as well as a few wider issues.

Greece agrees to an even worse deal - a total shafting but it may not be enough

Published 1414 days ago

To recap: 61% of Greeks voted Oxi (no) to a nasty bailout package last Sunday. Treacherous PM Alex "Ephialtes" Tsipras then ignored their wishes and proposed an even worse deal which 79% of Greeks oppose, according to a poll out today. And in Brussels just now it seems that Greece has agreed to an even worse package than the second Ephialtes deal which it will start implementing next week in order to get a bailout. But even this most brutal of rogerings and abject humiliations for Greece may not save it.

Notes from Underground - Giz us a raise

Published 1414 days ago

In the past seven days, 48,645 unique readers read 87,657 pages on ShareProphets. The circulation of the Investors Chronicle is c30,000. Shares is less than half of that. To our critics who think we do not count, we say think again. And this is what you are reading with Greece & Quindell at the fore

Lube up Greece: Ephialtes Tsipras ensures this weekend the Germans & the Troika utterly shaft you

Published 1415 days ago

61% of the people in the country that invented democracy last Sunday voted to reject an austerity deal. Five days later, the new Ephialtes, PM Alex Tsipras strong-armed the Parliament to allow him to propose an even worse deal. But it is this weekend when Greece really needs to lube up as the Germans and the Troika prepare for the final humiliating shafting. 

Photo article: Greece – Greek fat cat tracked down

Published 1415 days ago

So where did all the money go in Greece? To the fat cat politicians and industrial barons of course. I now bring you a photo of a Greek fat cat I encountered. 

Tom Winnifrith BearCast & Photo 11 July – Greece: Socrates now, sadness and can kicking

Published 1415 days ago

Last night there was no riot. Greece is capitulating but Europe is pretending that all is well. There will be another can kick on Sunday dressed up as a solution and thus no Grexit. Alex Tsipras has – as the Communists and I predicted – sold out his people but if Europe thinks it has resolved the Greek issues it is kidding itself as I explain.  

Photo article: Greece - pre-riot porn as the Commies gather in Syntagma Square to say Oxi

Published 1415 days ago

In the Greek Parliament the MPs are - as at 7.45 - still debating the proposal of Alex Tsipras to betray his people by suggesting a deal with the banksters that is worse than the one 61% voted Oxi to last week. As I noted earlier, the communist KKE party warned that Tsipras would sell out if he got an Oxi vote, I agreed with its analysis and it looks as if we will be vindicated. And so beneath Syntagma Square the commies are starting to gather.

Alex Tsipras Prime Minister of Greece – you are a traitor to your country, Grexit postponed?

Published 1416 days ago

Last Sunday 61% of Greeks voted Oxi! In a referendum on the bailout proposals being offered to the Greeks by the banksters. They said no to a scorched earth policy of austerity without debt relief that will see more people leave, the population age, basic services crumble further and many facing no escape from abject poverty.  Today, just five days later, PM Alex Tsipras, hero of the Oxi campaign, has proposed that Greece accept terms that are – if anything – worse. And there is still no debt relief on the table.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 10 July - back to Athens for riot porn

Published 1416 days ago

A brief podcast as I prepare to spend a morning on the beach with the Mrs. Then it is off to Athens. She thinks she is seeing a la dee da play. I am heading there for riot porn as the Greece Grexit crisis hots up again. Is Tsipras planning to betray the Hellenic Republic? Will he get away with it? Will Greece be booted out of the Euro anyway by the Krauts? Then a few words on the farce at Sefton as Jimmyliar Ellerton tries to make it go bankrupt via legal means. And then to the con Worthington.

Gold; a counter-intuitive leveraged buying opportunity

Published 1416 days ago

The price action in gold this week has been most counter-intuitive. As Chinese markets go into meltdown and Greece does its best to get kicked out of the eurozone, the last thing many would have expected would have been for the precious metal to fall in value. The uncertainty in the market is palpable. Equities have been extremely volatile, the VIX has shot up to 19.97 and pressure is clearly growing on global bond prices. But gold has remained immune to the growing panic; that is so far, at least.

A House, a Dragon, China, Greece and the Sage of Omaha.

Published 1416 days ago

Hello Share Swingers. One of the earliest saying of Warren Buffet, the world’s second richest man who did it all with shares, was this. It doesn’t matter if the stock markets are falling - as long as you don’t want the money in a hurry.

Greek Crisis (and not forgetting the Giant Panda in the room) – A trading idea to short the Euro

Published 1417 days ago

I was greatly amused by a link to a Monty Python sketch linked by the Torygraph at the weekend as part of its Greek crisis coverage. It seems such a perfect allegory – you can watch it HERE – in pointing to the inability of anyone just to play the ball. Instead we have the Eurocrats pontificating on how debt relief is not technically possible, immoral and how it would destroy the credibility of their beloved Euro. Credibility? It seems to me that whatever the outcome (and Grexit is now surely all but certain) even the most ardent Euro fan will see that its credibility is holed.

Chinese stockmarket still crashing – so now they want to arrest pandas

Published 1417 days ago

China is opening down another 2% today. Almost half the stocks out East are still halted or suspended so what is today’s (failing) panic reaction from the Authorities? Yes – arrest the bears, putt the pandas in cuffs because as we all know, the only reason shares fall is because of evil bears. Rob Terry really should list his latest fraud Quob Park in China.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 8 July - UK Budget: George Osborne is a twat

Published 1417 days ago

This has been delayed by certain IT issues here in the Hellenic Republic. I start the podcast on Greece then onto China and finally to chancellor George Osborne and his budget - the guy is a prize twat. At a company level I look at Azonto Petroleum, Monitise ( TSOA wins again!), Red Rock Resources and the fraud Jiasen.

Let’s All Sit on Our Trading Hands till the Greek Climax (Expected at the Weekend.)

Published 1417 days ago

Hello Share Rattlers. There doesn’t seem much we can do with our shares at the mo. Not until the Greek tragedy is resolved.

Greece: Video - Farage praises Tsipras, Greek PM Tsipras looks confused

Published 1418 days ago

I cannot imagine that the neo-commie Alex Tsipras thought that his biggest fan in the EU was UKIP leader Nigel Farage and poor Tsipras looked a little uncomfortable as Nigel lavished him with praise in the European parliament today. Tsipras does not wish to leave the Euro but Greece needs him to "lead it out with pride" as Farage rightly said. 

Greece: Tom Winnifrith: I am not a marxist, and my Euro Loon critic has no heart

Published 1418 days ago

I note the attack on me by my colleague Euro loon HERE. Like the heroic ex finance minister of the Hellenic Republic Yanis Varoufakis I regard such an attack from a supporter of the EU and Euro as a “badge of honour.”  The zealots who believe in the Euro concoct facts to support their religion. They show no humanity in the face of undeserved misery. The Euro and EU is a dream for crony failed politicians, big business, useless parasitic bureaucrats and banksters. It is a combination of crony capitalism and socialism which screws ordinary taxpayers and benefits the elite. My analysis and solutions are pure capitalism – my critic (a bankster) is a crony capitalist. I care about the poor. My critic is heartless.

Greece: Tom Winnifrith sounds like a Marxist - The Greeks deserve all the misery they suffer

Published 1418 days ago

Tom Winnifrith sounds like a Marxist. Greece deserves all the misery it gets. This is a tragedy of its own making. That is the view of one contributor to this site. Tom's reply is HERE. Now over to the Euro loon...

Globo tries to reassure, but concerns and red flags continue to abound

Published 1419 days ago

In response to a rapidly falling share price, sorry “to the Situation in Greece”, Globo plc (GBO) has released an update…

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 7th July - Page 3 bird photo

Published 1419 days ago

As an experiment I tried to upload this direct, rather than via Pizza Hardman Darren Atwater, but could not work out how to upload my photo so had to use an alternative. In today's podcast I look at Greece, China (the real story of the day), Sefton, Fitbug, Phorm, Stratmin Global and fat cats. Real fat cats like Oakley not fat cats like Sir Martin Sorrell.

Randgold Resources; speculative buy on the Grexit and a rally in gold

Published 1419 days ago

As the long-awaited Grexit looms ever larger, the price of gold could well be priming itself for a strong summer rally. Currently at $1,167/oz., the precious metal is trading at the bottom of its annual range and sentiment towards it is decidedly bearish. These are prime conditions for a contrarian reversal and if the Greek crisis intensifies over the coming weeks, gold should benefit greatly from any flight to safety. Such a move higher in gold will be positive for the battered gold miners and chief among these Randgold Resources (RRS) looks an appealing buy.

Paying an Electric bill for a witch: Greece does not work anymore & never worked

Published 1419 days ago

It came as rather a shock earlier this year: I owed the electricity company 975 Euro for the Greek hovel she owns in the Mani region. In May the Mrs and I headed into Kalamata with our friend George the architect and established that in fact we owed 20 Euro. The former owner of the hovel, a witch called Athena, had not paid for three years and owed 955 Euro.

Buy Banks in the Shadow of the Greek Tragedy.

Published 1419 days ago

Hello Share Twitchers. There’s not much of an appetite to buy shares at the mo. The Greek vote was a step into the unknown, and that’s for sure.

The Grexit is surely on, buy gold

Published 1420 days ago

Gold’s reaction, or lack of it, to Greece’s resounding “No” vote on Sunday could prove to be a wonderful buying opportunity both for the metal and its battered miners. Equity markets initially fell heavily in response to the news out of Athens, but over the course of today have pared losses. There seems to be a growing consensus that some form of compromise will be reached before 20 July, when Greece owes its next payment to the European Central Bank. However, it might be too late for that.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 6 July: bombast battle

Published 1420 days ago

In today's podcast i start with Greece and also my father, a Nai supporter, blaming the poor Greeks for his expensive pint in Ireland. I shall explain the economics of the euro to the old deluded lefty next week. Then onto Avanti Communications, CIC Gold, China, Velocys, Litebulb and Europea Oil & Gas.

Greece: Varoufakis quits saying “I wear the creditors' loathing with pride” – the start of the Syriza sell-out?

Published 1420 days ago

Greece voted overwhelmingly Oxi yet this morning finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has quit claiming that the banksters had made it clear that they did not wish to negotiate with him personally. Is this the start of the Syriza sell-out?

Photos & video from Greece: Victory Rally Syntagma Square – when Oxi went from blue to red

Published 1420 days ago

On Friday before the Greek referendum Syntagma square was awash with blue and white Greek flags and white Oxi flags. This was not about party politics, Alex Tsipras and Syriza wanted you to vote Oxi as it was your patriotic call. I happen to agree with that. Pro tem all Greeks could put party aside and vote Oxi to vote for Greece.  Last night something odd happened after the polls closed: Oxi turned from blue to red.

Photo article: Greece votes Oxi but some things don’t change – today’s ATM porn as banks re-open (sort of)

Published 1420 days ago

As I wander up to the most excellent Anthrapology café one last time for a leave Athens on a boat tonight to continue my odyssey, I stroll past three of four banks and they are open. Well sort of.

Photos: Greece: Liz Jones of the Daily Mail you lying bitch – catch this & then fuck off back to London

Published 1420 days ago

Over the weekend I warned you that the sensationalist reporting of Greece by the Daily Mail and notably the lying bitch Liz Jones was just all lies. She did not understand what was going on and was making things up in a sensationalist manner to help sell copies of that rag. One of la Jones lies was that they were running out of food here. As it happens, outside my front door is a street market….

A Book, a Referendum, the Pounding Pound and Britain’s Galloping Growth.

Published 1420 days ago

Hello Shares Bashers. You are the first in your street to hear this, but I have a new book coming out in a few weeks’ time. Tah-rah!

Photo article: they think its all over: it is now - Oxi! wins in Greece

Published 1420 days ago

Just why did Betfair move so sharply to Oxi! a few hours ago? Er there was a Gallup poll taken on Saturday and released to non insider dealers after the actual poll closed here in Greece. I caught the last voters turning up to have their say at my local polling station and then talked to the precinct captain for Nai. 

Notes from Underground - Vote Ouzo

Published 1421 days ago

In the past seven days, 49,934 unique readers read 89,803 pages on ShareProphets. The circulation of the Investors Chronicle is c30,000. Shares is less than half of that. To our critics who think we do not count, we say think again.

Breaking - sharp movements on Betfair: Oxi set to win in Greece!

Published 1421 days ago

The betting markets have a better record of calling elections than opinion polls in recent times and so take note - there have been heavy betting on Betfair in the past three hours - and that betting is on Oxi! winning here in the Greek Referendum. Hooray - that calls for an ouzo.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 5 July: Greece, China, Quindell & house prices

Published 1421 days ago

Polls close here in Athens in just over three hours. I shall shortly head off to my local polling station to have a final butchers and then to Syntagma Square to sit underneath the Greek parliament as the results come in. I shall blog away here on ShareProphets as Greece decides whether it is Oxi or nai. Pro tem this podcast covers Greece, China, Quindell and UK House prices.

Syriza – Turnout in Athens High – good for Oxi – meanwhile Greece down to last 500 million – big bank is teetering – Alpha Bank?

Published 1421 days ago

Oh what drama – the polls here in Greece are close but the governing Syriza party is reporting a high turnout in Athens which is very good news for the Oxi side. I noted earlier that I was expecting 70% turnout here in the Capital (higher than the 67% General Election) but Syriza reckons it could be higher still.

Cut out Guide to Greek Political parties for Tonight

Published 1421 days ago

The result is going to be close. So when the Greek referendum results come out you will see a lot of talking heads from Greece. Here is your handy and honest guide to the Greek political parties:

Bad news Chris Booker, I think we are with the Commies: a spoiled Oxi Vote which may let Nai win in Greece

Published 1421 days ago

I had a long chat last night with my Eurosceptic Uncle and godfather Christopher Booker and who like me is hoping that Greece votes Oxi.  But he knows that we have some strange bedfellows in the Oxi camp.

A cautionary note – The Daily Mail is lying about Greece

Published 1421 days ago

I am horrified to see today’s Mail on Sunday spout complete lies about Greece. It saddens me that this paper pays folks like Liz Jones to write sensationalist crap.

Photo Article: Greek Referendum: Turnout will be 70%, turnout at ATMs 90%

Published 1421 days ago

And so we are off with the great Greek Referendum and it looks like it will go to the wire. I have been to my local polling station and arriving just as the Church next door finished its service there was a mini surge. But it is not at the schools across Greece where the real lines are forming.

David Lenigas Saint or Serial Sinner, Quindell worth 0p? and is now Gold’s moment?

Published 1421 days ago

The July edition of UK Investor Magazine went live last night. It is free to access and the cover story is “David Lenigas, saint or serial sinner” – a joint effort by myself and the Sith Lord Zak Mir. There are a couple of company profiles, three stocks to buy and three to sell. One of those is Quindell which really could be worth 0p again! And there is more…

Does Democracy Die where it was born this Sunday – paying homage at the Acropolis

Published 1421 days ago

Like all Hellenophiles my love of Greece is partly a love of the country today and partly a romanticised view of life in Ancient Greece. And so as the Greek referendum looms tomorrow one thinks naturally about how this place is the birthplace of democracy, of rule by the people.

Photo article: More poverty porn from Greece: Here's 2 Euro? er can you make it three?

Published 1421 days ago

And so I wandered into Omonia Square in Athens, not a place to stroll around for too long. Athens was an all almost white City thirty years ago. I think my white face was in the minority today. There is an air of menace about the district and I was glad to walk briskly back towards Syntagma Square. But as I looked around I was accosted.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 4th July, Independence is on my mind

Published 1422 days ago

Happy Independence day to our American listeners. My prayers are that tomorrow Greece votes for freedom and votes Oxi! But will it? And what does that mean for the Euro and shares. I note Goldman Sachs claims that a Nai vote will see global equities rise by 10%. Hmmm, I think it misses the bear in the China shop. A few thoughts brought to you from Athens in today's podcast.

Photo article: Mummy what shall we do today in Athens? Go to the ATM darling, of course

Published 1422 days ago

It is Saturday morning and if anything the ATM queues are longer than they were yesterday. Between the apartment where I am staying and the café where I am writing from there are four ATMs. I reckon that the line outside each is now 25 long as folks look to take another 60 Euro out of their account before it is too late.

Photo article: Three Years On: the babe of a waitress & more poverty porn from Greece

Published 1422 days ago

The last time I stayed in this part of Athens was more or less exactly three years ago. I was at an all-time low point in my life but, as I wandered the streets here in a fairly aimless fashion, it struck me that an awful lot of folk had it a lot worse. At last I had a chance to fight back. So what’s changed for the folks here?

The Oxi poster that says nothing but says it all for Greece

Published 1422 days ago

Think Stoke Newington in London. Edgy, lefty but with a stack of affluent middle class Guardian readers among the poor. That’s the sort of neighbourhood of Athens in which I am staying. Everywhere there are Oxi posters – this area is voting No heavily in the referendum on Sunday. Even the businesses display posters – they are not afraid of losing customers because this area is heavily Oxi. One poster (see below) says nothing but says it all.

Pictures and video and a Duck from Syntagma Square Oxi! rally in Greece Friday night

Published 1422 days ago

I guess there were two capitalists in Syntagma Square last night as well as more than 50,000 lefties at the Oxi! Rally. The two entrepreneurs would have been myself and the chap selling Greek and Oxi flags as well as mini klaxons – he was doing a roaring trade.

Returning to the Oxi rally in Syntagma Square Athens last night – joy and pride

Published 1422 days ago

Refreshed by a couple of ouzos and with my report loaded I wandered back to the rally in Syntagma square. The party continued well past midnight with a succession of pop stars performing. Each sang and also offered a few thoughts on the political situation. Pop stars are not generally the brightest sparks in the universe but as long as the said Oxi to which the crowd replied Oxi (please each repeat three times) nothing mattered.

The Massive Oxi rally in Athens – thoughts, photos to follow Saturday

Published 1422 days ago

Who said capitalism is dead in Greece? The stalls selling Greek and Oxi flags were doing a roaring trade.  In fact everyone who could was draping themselves in the blue and white of Greece. Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. And in a referendum both sides have to claim the patriotic high ground. 

Fighting the Big Dragon. Should We Accept that £7.50 Offer?

Published 1422 days ago

Hello Shares Wobblers. I’ve just been phoned by the Emirates National Oil Company. They’re the big outfit which is attempting to take over Dragon Oil (DGO).

Tom Winnifrith Smoking Guns Bearcast from Athens - July 3rd

Published 1423 days ago

I start this podcast with a few developments on the ground here in Greece - tonight sees two mass demos which I shall be attending and reporting back on. Then it is on to Phorm, Provexis, Ubisense, Jiasen ( smoking gun located?) and the other China Norfolks, Netcall and Cenkos where conversation naturally turns to its role in the Quindell fraud and what the fallout will be.

I arrive in Athens – first poverty porn pictures from Greece

Published 1423 days ago

Some folk say that it is better to travel than to arrive. I guess they have never travelled on a 5.45 AM Easyjet flight from Gatwick.  But my first sight in Greece was a pure delight. I was wandering from the plane into the terminal behind this stunning Greek goddess wearing a light but long skirt. Suddenly a gust of wind caught her skirt blowing it right up above her waist. Little was left to the imagination. Okay that is not true - I imagined away. Sadly I have no photo of this daughter of Athena. But now in the centre of Athens I bring you the first poverty porn.

Let’s Feel Sorry for the Greeks - But Hang Onto Our Shares, Anyway.

Published 1424 days ago

Hello Share Plumpers. What ever happens in the Greek crisis, it won’t affect our share values. Yes, there’ll be a bit of panic for a month or so. But there’ll be no difference in the long run. So why get upset at the way the European money-movers are treating our friends in the beautiful islands?

Is Alex Tsipras of Greece the Ephialtes of 2015 - at the last gasp a traitor who caves?

Published 1425 days ago

Stocks are soaring across Europe on reports that Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras has blinked, has caved and surrendered to the banksters. Is his name indeed set to join those on Traitors Wall that starts with Ephialtes and includes most thieves, sorry Greek politicians, of the past forty years? The FT reports this morning that Tsipras has written to the banksters agreeing, essentially, to all their demands in return for more money which can then be used to repay existing debts as they fall due. This, if true, is madness and treachery.

Tom Winnifrith – off to Greece on Friday, live riot porn blogging from Athens from Saturday

Published 1425 days ago

The Mrs has given me the green light and in fact is almost certain to join me as I head off to Greece ahead of Sunday’s referendum for a touch of riot porn and poverty porn blogging from Syntagma Square in Athens.

The Greek Tragedy Moves Me to Say Goodbye.

Published 1425 days ago

Hello Share Shovers. I’ve always thought that I would vote to stay in Europe when we have our referendum. I fondly believed that, as other European countries are our biggest market, it would be daft to cut loose.

Tom Winnifrith Regular Bearcast 30 June - Geong Geong Gone!

Published 1426 days ago

In today's regular podcast I decide that I am not yet bored of niggling the felon Charlie Gibson so remind you again of his naughty antics (HERE) - his colleague really should not have been such a beastly apologist for crime last night (HERE). Then onto business. China is more of an issue than Greece. Then there are the China frauds and I predict bad things for Gate, Geong and Jiasen and call on Gate to fess up to is real Nomad position. Then onto William Sinclair, Torotrak and Motive TV. And I also discuss why I am not quite so mega bearish as you might think.

The Ostrich Principal - how to avoid panicking in a crash

Published 1426 days ago

Hello Share Milkers. In the classic 'sixties Batman movie - the one before they started to get dark and boring - the caped crusader was seen charging around a harbour trying to find a safe place to throw a smoking big black ball.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - 29th June

Published 1427 days ago

Oh happy days, oh happy days. Firstly my daughter turns 14 today. Born at just 1lb 4 oz she was a miracle baby and has turnd into a cracking young lady. Secondly the Slater & Gordon/Quindell mess gets messier by the day. Lube up Rob Terry, B Wing awaits. And then I move onto Greece and China to equity market valuations and then on to Progility, HSS Hire and Lamprell.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 27 June - Greece, China and bubbles

Published 1428 days ago

In today's podcast I look at events in Greece and China and the nature of asset bubbles. I will deal with ISIS in my weekly postcard on later.

Reader Poll – Monday a good day to bury bad news – how many profits warnings?

Published 1428 days ago

It is all kicking off. Greece & Grexit, The Chinese stockmarket bubble bursting, ISIS on the rampage. The eyes of the world will not be on London listed companies. It is to quote that Labour spin doctor on the day of 9/11 “a good day to bury bad news”. What better day to sneak out a profits warning or a deeply discounted placing to your mates, the City spivs?

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - Independence day for Greece July 5, Tsipras calls referendum

Published 1429 days ago

High drama tonight as Greek PM Alex Tspiras has called a referendum for July 5: should Greece accept the misery of the latest proposals from the banksters or go bust? Events will move rapidly during the next eight days - we may well see the banks shut down as soon as Monday. Already there are long lines outside ATMs in Athens. Is Tsipras right to call a vote? Yes. What should my neighbours in Greece vote? No! They should vote for default and I hope that Tsipras will lead a campaign for such a vote. July 5th could be freedom day, independence day, a glorious day for the Hellenic Republic. It is time for Greece  to tell the EU and the banksters where to stick it.

Merkel tells Greek PM Tspiras to shut up, Trichet accuses Greece of blackmail, EU plots Greek coup – Time for Greece to tell the banksters to Fuck Off

Published 1430 days ago

The German Fuhrer Frau Merkel last night told Greek PM Alex Tsipras to “shut up.” Monsieur Trichet of the ECB accuses mighty Hellas of “blackmail”. And worst of all, leaders of the three main Greek opposition parties have been invited to Brussels for talks – a coup is being planned in the birthpace of democracy.

Tom Winnifrith GreeceCast will traitor Tsipras show spine & tell the banksters to screw themselves this time?

Published 1431 days ago

The IMF banksters have made new demands of Greece which are just not acceptable. Will PM Tsipras finally show some spine and tell the banksters where to get off, default and offer hope and a future for a post bankrupt Greece. Or will he once again be a traitor to his nation and his people and cave? This is now getting very interesting. Once again I suggest Tsipras reads the great Lord Byron (HERE) and thinks about what could be for a Greece freed from the debt and the banksters.

Is Greece Blinking - PM Alex Tsipras another name on the traitor's wall

Published 1434 days ago

Once again we are told that it is 1 minute to midnight for Greece. Where have we heard that before? So who blinks? It seems to be Greek PM Alex Tsipras who is set to cave into the banksters and impose even more misery on the poor folk of Greece.

The Sensible Way to Deal in Leaping Penny Shares.

Published 1434 days ago

Hello Share Scratchers. As the Footsie is blighted at the mo by the Greek tragedy, it’s right that we should turn our attention to penny shares. These blighters, as we all know, can turn into multi-baggers whereas Footsie gains can’t. They can however sink without trace a lot more easily, because their valuations are so near the floor anyway.

Greek Default to Trigger 48-Hour Global Meltdown!

Published 1435 days ago

Greece Weekend is upon us and nothing has been fixed! That is according to Bill Holter, a returning guest on the podcast produced by my colleagues at  Palisade Capital. Bill Holter is very vocal on how corrupt governments and central banks are mismanaging (or outright destroying) the western economy, before our very eyes.  You have been warned.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 21 June - Greece

Published 1435 days ago

In this podcast I look at Greece as the great day of Grexit may actually be upon us as soon as tomorrow. What will happen and what shoukd happen and how will it effect the rest of us?

SP Angel Morning Mining Note - a macroeconomic edition‏ - metals barely react to Greek Crisis and Chinese slowdown

Published 1437 days ago

John Meyer of SP Angel this morning comments on the lack of reaction in international metal markets to the growing Greek crisis and increasing evidence of a slowdown in China, as well as offering a detailed macro view on the news that is shaping global mining and the AIM mining pond. 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Special - Comrade Malcolm Stacey WRONG on Greece & Shares

Published 1439 days ago

Earlier today Comrade Malcolm Stacey, our token money tree believer on this website, argued HERE that Greece would not go bust and that would cuase shares to zoom higher. I am sorry to say that he is wrong on one if not both counts and explain why in this podcast.

Don’t Worry. A Greek Tragedy Will Not Be Staged. And Your Shares Will Soar.

Published 1439 days ago

Hello Share Pluckers. As I’m pretty ignorant about the Greek tragedy, I leave the analysis to Tom and others who’re nearer the problem. But I think I might be able to add a very general view on what might happen now, based on a lifetime’s experience of big global threats to the world economy.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 13 June: Greece and Interest rates

Published 1443 days ago

Greece is getting interesting again and in this podcast I explore who will be the big losers from Grexit and it won't be Greece. The fallout threatens many aspects of the Western financial markets but the bigger threat is interest rates which are going to rise sooner than you think. Warning: this podcast contains extreme bearishness

UK Investor Magazine June 2015, tips from Tom, Zak & Steve and more - download a free copy now

Published 1446 days ago

Following the cracking success of the UK Investor Show 2015, ShareProphets is delighted to present the inaugural issue of our new e-magazine: UK Investor Magazine with share tips long and short from Tom, Steve and Zak, Tom with a Greece feature and why UK house prices must fall - and more . Get your exclusive free copy here.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 6 June - One Direction puts me in a bad mood

Published 1450 days ago

The boyband caused traffic chaos on the M4 making this leg - as all legs - of my trip back to the UK much delayed. In that bad mood I cover Mosman Oil & Gas, Sefton and a champagne swilling criminal and compare this overvalued dog to Polemos, UK Oil & Gas and Horse Hill, Sovereign Mines of Africa, Iofina, Greece and the launch of our new mag. Download your copy for free now HERE

FTSE 100 in the midst of a third wave down

Published 1450 days ago

In my last article I said: “The pattern on the FTSE 100 is an ending diagonal [1,2,3,4,5] in the fifth wave of a long term advance.  The support line drawn from the bottom of wave 2 and 4 has been broken, the pattern is complete”.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast -4th June: farewell Greece

Published 1452 days ago

My last bearcast from the Greek Hovel starts with the UK Oil & Gas and Horse Hill mob suspensions. Then onto Rosslyn Data and a warning for Charles Clark, but it is not about his career in porn. Then I look at the profits warning from Scicys and what it means for others and then a discussion about running open ended funds and the problems Dave Newton has at Heliium, this covers Coms, Verdes, Optibiotix and Gable.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 31 May

Published 1456 days ago

In this podcast I start with a look at Quindell - how much money does it really have to spend? Then onto Greece as per the article earlier HERE - this country faces a debt bomb but also a demographic timebomb as I explain. Finally this is the last day of doing a bearcast every day. I shall try to do 3-5 a week but am officially on sabattical as of midnight as I explain HERE

Witnessing the great bank run first hand as I deposit money in Greece

Published 1456 days ago

Jim Mellon says that the Greeks should build a statue in my honour as on Friday I opened a bank account in Greece and made a deposit. Okay it was only 10 Euro, I need to put in another 3,990 Euro to get my residency papers so I can buy a car, a bike and a gun, but it was a start. But the scenes at the National Bank in Kalamata were of chaos, you could smell the panic and they were being replicated at banks across Greece.

House Prices, Greece and UK Growth All Do Battle in the Latest Share Wars.

Published 1458 days ago

Hello Share Munchers. Let’s have a look at the world economy and the British arm of it in particular. Knowing what is happening on the biggest scale helps us to make choices on the very smallest scale ie: which shares to buy or sell next.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 27 May

Published 1460 days ago

I start the podcasts with some observations about a flurry of road repairing here in Greece and explain what is going on. I then move onto geo political risk which is not discounted in equity valuations and to the general abandoment of risk assessment in small caps with reference to Daniel Stewart, ValirX and Tern

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 26 May - a short edition

Published 1461 days ago

Ok rabble, it is the last day in Greece with the Mrs. She flies home to her true love (Oakley, the morbidly obese three legged cat) later and so this is just a short message on a day when the stockmarket is showing signs of true madness. Should we all give up being value investors and buy any old rubbish and go with the flow? No. It will end in tears. Inter alia I refer to Coms, Daniel Stewart, Scotgold, Kea Petroleum and the China bubble.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - 13 May

Published 1474 days ago

Back from lunch with my old Dad who is now in Greece this podcast looks at inter alia New World Oil & Gas, Daniel Stewart and in detail Mosman Oil & Gas and Northern Petroleum

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - 12 May

Published 1475 days ago

Now on my 3rd PC in 10 days forgive the two minutes silence at the end of this bearcast...I was trying to say, more on that to follow but this little horror of a machine froze on me. Anyhow this podcast covers Reach4 Entertainment, Sefton, Hunter Resources, Camkids and the other China Norfolks, New World Oil & Gas and the growing sense of doom here in Greece.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - 9th May

Published 1478 days ago

A few reflections on Greece - where it is now almost 30 degrees - and on who austerity really hits out here. Then onto 3 companies that issued key news at no-one is watching at all O'clock yesterday: Ubisense, EMED and Daniel Stewart

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - May 6th

Published 1481 days ago

A relatively brief Bearcast today for reasons that I explain in full. But I do cover why Coms needs to fess up on a number of matters NOW and what happens tomorrow in the General Election. I should be up and running by 8.30 AM GMT from The Mani in Greece and will be writing and bearcasting from there for the next month.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast, Greece, free speech & disagreeing with the twit Turney & Bank Holidays

Published 1483 days ago

The market is closed and in today's bearcast I look at Greece and what will happen and happen soon and the message for other European countries including the UK. Then I cover free speech for twits like Ben Turney and how the writers here are united but can disagree and then move onto Bank Holidays - we need less not more to get the UK economy growing again. In fact, scrap the lot.

FTSE 100 in the final push above 7050

Published 1507 days ago

Sentiment was boosted by news that Greece made a loan repayment to the International Monetary fund and continued M&A speculation. Greece’s future is still uncertain but what could be driving the market in the short term is M&A activity.

Wouldn’t Grexit be bad for me personally? Yes. But why I support it 100% anyway

Published 1512 days ago

After yesterday's podcast, it was put to me by a Euro loving loon (but good man) on twitter that Greece defaulting on its debts and leaving the Euro would be bad news for me, as my wife owns a small property in Greece – the Greek Hovel. He is correct: anyone with Greek assets would take an immediate hit after Grexit. But here is why I support the move anyway.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - Grexit would be great for Greece!

Published 1512 days ago

This is no longer thinking the unthinkable. Greece could default on a debt repayment in eight days. Grexit - mighty Hellas leaving the Euro - is now being planned for. In this podcast I argue that Greece should embrace Grexit.

Minoan - results irrelevant look at what it is hinting at!

Published 1516 days ago

Minoan Group (MIN) has announced results for its year ended 31st October 2014 and that“the coming months promise to be very exciting”. Indeed they will be. Greece!

As the Rising Pound Hits Most Balance Sheets, Here's the Kind of Company to Sell.

Published 1545 days ago

Hello Share Shovellers. As a fairly frequent traveller in Europe, I am cheered by the new value of the pound against the euro.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Greece must go bankrupt and leave the Euro to be reborn

Published 1554 days ago

Once again I am not swearing - I take note of David Talbot's kind words. But like most Greek residents I am angry with our new Government and PM Mr Tsipras. I discuss what it is really like here dealing with the banks and why the kick the can solution agreed on Friday will not work politically and economically for Greece and what really needs to happen. The medicine will be truly painful but I explain why it is needed

Greece: Kicking the can down the Cul De Sac

Published 1554 days ago

So - apparently - there is some element of a deal for Greece although the more I read about it the more I think that it is nothing really more than kicking the can down the road for four months at most. The trouble is that it does not get to the heart of the problem: debts that still need to be serviced or refinanced.  Given the only viable solution is a restructuring (which will have other repercussions) I really struggle to see how ultimately this is nothing more than a sticking plaster. And that is not all that is wrong with the world.

FTSE 100 is overbought

Published 1556 days ago

The FTSE 100 broke out of a trading range (triangle) a few days ago but the UK index was  unable to continue higher. This indicates weakness. The attention is on Greece and it's bailout program. 

That 15-Year-Old Footsie Record is Doomed – and When Now't Happens in Greece and Ukraine Your Shares will Zoom to Mars.

Published 1556 days ago

Hello Share Pushers. It's intensely annoying for us to see the Footsie repeatedly approach its all time high and then draw back. As I write this, the old target of around 6950 has still not been breached.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 18 February - have fled Police in UK now in Greece edition

Published 1558 days ago

I cannot resist making a joke I made earlier about getting past passport control. That and a favour asked of all Bearcast listeners starts today's podcast, delayed because the internet connection from Kalamata is painfully slow. When we get there I shall discuss Naibu, Camkids, China Chaintek, Northern Petroleum (a genuine request to its lamentable board made in the spirit of friendship becuase I am such a nice guy), Alecto, Afren, Frontier Mining, Motive TV and Nighthawk.

Wednesday Caption Contest - Dedicated to Rob Terry of Quindell & Doug Ware of Worthington

Published 1558 days ago

How is Doug Ware of Worthington getting on consoluting with Houyan Lin of Naibu, Rob Terry of Quindell and JimmyLiar Ellerton of Sefton who ran other companies I attacked to see how they can deal with The Sheriff? Perhaps they should all meet up in Fujian to see how they can wield the "sword of truth" together? Despite Doug's best efforts to get The Old Bill onto me I have made it to Greece.  I knew that the false passport that Mossad provided as we jointly organised the global shorting conspiracy would come in handy one day.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Fleeing the country edition

Published 1558 days ago

Just to get in ahead of the Bulletin Board Morons, I am set to flee the country to avoid the Old Bill now that Worthington has called them in. No, only kidding - my trip to Greece was planned a while ago as you can see on In this podcast I look at Northern Petroleum, Hargreaves Services, equity valuations and then in some detail Kenmare. There is also a taster on the FRAUD Worthington - just a little warning for what I plan for tomorrow for Doug Ware.

The Footsie Flies Again – You Lucky People!

Published 1572 days ago

Hello Share Sweepers. As previously predicted by this old codger, the bull market is well and truly on track again. So far none of my detractors has acknowledged defeat, but when the old Footsie target of just short of 7,000 is breached, I expect some concessions on that front.

Greece, China, Japan, the US – where’s the value?

Published 1575 days ago

The first Highlights since mid-January due to travel finds the global financial markets at a similar point to which we left it: troubled and hence volatile. Still opportunistic too of course but you need to be brave, skilled or lucky (or maybe all three…).

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - Disagreeing strongly with Chris Oil & Malcolm Stacey

Published 1579 days ago

This website is about debate. You can respect or even like your colleagues and I am a massive admirer of Malcolm Stacey for the record. But you have to tell your friends when they are wrong. The way that Chris Oil looks at Flybe (HERE) is wrong and comrade Malcolm's comments on Greece and the Euro today (HERE) are wrong at every single level. I explain why in this podcast.

Our Shares Will Speed Up Like Zorba's Dance – Despite that Greek Election.

Published 1579 days ago

Hello Share Nudgers. So I was right for a change. The Greek election, though going the way of the anti-austerity left wingers, did not cause a drag on share prices. Or only a very slight one, anyway.

Greece Election Results BearCast with Tom Winnifrith

Published 1581 days ago

In this podcast I look at the results and what it means for shares, the Euro and the political classes across Europe as well as Greece, including my brother in law set to reture on a full pension in three years aged 52.

That Greek Election Will Boost Your Shares, Not Shave Them.

Published 1584 days ago

Hello Share Shiners. There's a lot of worry among UK share shifters about the way the Greek elections on Sunday will go.

Shun Europe and Hit the American Connection.

Published 1595 days ago

Hello Share Poppers. I am steering clear of all shares with heavy business links to the rest of Europe.

Black Swan New Year Letter 2015

Published 1599 days ago

So as 2015 dawns we can gaze upon the familiar wreckage that is the new norm for the Euro. The blood coming through the Greek bandages, which we were assured were merely little bits of residual bleeding, are now exposed to be the full-on broken limbs some of us said were always there. How much has been spent on Greece? Does any body know? €45 bill to start in 2010, two months later €130bil, €130bil in 2011, the default of 2012 for €206bil and another €130bil needed at the end of 2012…is this the same money: does anybody care?

EEEK: a London-listed Greek stock you should seek out (if you are not a meek investor)

Published 1602 days ago

How many share tickers can you remember?  Of the hundreds that are floating around my head one of my favourites used to be ‘EEEK’ which stood for the eastern / central European focused soft drinks beverage producer/distributor Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling on the Greek stock market.  I have to say ‘used to be’ because in a rare display of austerity the ticker today is a truncated ‘EEE’ which is much less memorable. 

Tom Winnifrith's Bearcast 4 January - on Elections in Greece and the UK

Published 1603 days ago

George Papandreou is back in the game in Greece. This is big news and in this podcast I suggest a small bet on Greek equities on bonds might be in order as a result. Do elections matter for equity investors? I discuss both Greece and also the UK election in May.

HotStockRockets share tips of the year 2015 No 1 – Buy Minoan at 10.25p

Published 1607 days ago

Minoan (MIN) shares have taken a Christmas beating thanks to Greece where the buffoons in charge have contrived to ensure that the country faces another General election in late January. The market has over-reacted and that makes the shares at 10.25p (a market cap of £17 million) the first HotStockRockets share tip of the year 2015. 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Special - Greece, the implications

Published 1608 days ago

Just a short BearCast Special on the situation in Greece with another election now looming in late January. What does it mean, who will win, will it mean the beginning of the end of the Euro and gow does it affect us? From a man who lives in Greece for a good part of the year and is an ardent Hellenophile if a profound Eurosceptic a few thoughts.

Tom Winnifrith's weekly financial video postcard #64 - fraud issue

Published 1623 days ago

In his weekly financial video postcard Tom looks at how PLC fraud is so much more detectable in the internet era. He also looks at how companies which have engaged in fraud behave in their final months. The video cuts off a bit suddenly but the message was almost finished anyway.

Shares Will Soon Be Riding Up Santa Claus Lane.

Published 1625 days ago

Hello Share Tweakers. So shares aren't doing too well at the mo. All those of us who expected a Santa rally to squeeze in before December 25th have so far been disappointed. We got an early Yuletide splurge, but it wasn't much of a fillip was it?

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast - 9 December

Published 1629 days ago

The last Bearcast from Greece. In this issue I cover Iomart, Coms, Tesco, ASOS, Concha, Fitbug and of course Quindell

Don't Knock Immigrants – They're boosting Your Shares

Published 1630 days ago

Hello Share Winners. There is a lot of worry about immigrants coming to Britain. It's helping UKIP to do well in by-elections and in the polls.

Is the third longest bull market in history sustainable?

Published 1637 days ago

No wonder investors are so bullish, we are now officially into the third longst bull market in history. But will it last? In this week's edition of Financial Orbit I flag up a number of worrying indicators. And just for Tom W one of the flashing warning signs is coming for the country where he now seems to live most of the time, Greece.

So the market is nearly back to all-time highs, everything is okay?

Published 1640 days ago

Hmmmm. Lots of low grade Aim stocks are flying, the FTSE 100 is nearly at all-time highs, there is a lot of rubbish being spouted about a Santa Rally coming early and I am stuck in Greece preparing to start the olive harvest tomorrow when I should be punting rubbish on AIM making a killing. Right? Wrong.

Tom Winnifrith Bear Cast 21st November - hard to be bearish, but.. Coms Special

Published 1647 days ago

It ia hard to be mean to anyone today given how splendid Greece is looking, how warm it is and how relaxed I feel. But if you is time to take a detailed look at Coms. I also cover bear squeezes, Quindell, Beacon Hill and African Minerals

Tom Winnifrith's final BearCast of 18 November

Published 1650 days ago

Right that is it. I am off to the airport and to Greece. I am knackered. I pity the poor sod next to me on the flight as I shall snore all the way to Athens. I leave you with a final Bearcast of the day covering Quindell, Concha, Amiad Water and profits warnings/equity valuations.

Weekly Financial Video Postcard #59 - Quindell shareholders I forgive you all, here is some friendly advice

Published 1652 days ago

The past six months have seen a small minority of Quindell (QPP) shareholders hurl at Tom Winnifrith an unprecendented volley of abuse, death threats and attempts to destroy his business.  Tom says that he forgives even those who sent death threats and has a genuine sympathy for all of those holding shares in this fraud as they face wipeout.  In this video Tom explains why he feels sympathy for every Quindell shareholder (Rob Terry excluded) and offers genuine advice for them all on what to do on Monday morning.

Minoan - Efharisto Hellas

Published 1654 days ago

Having had a full legal translation, Minoan Group (MIN) has announced that “the committee of the General Secretaries of the relevant Greek Government ministries has approved the draft of the Presidential Decree in respect of Minoan's project in Crete. This approval is the pre-cursor for the final approval of the Presidential Decree”

Minoan – Game on in Greece

Published 1661 days ago

We tipped this one on HotStockRockets at an 11.75p offer about a month ago. Minoan (MIN) shares are now 13.75p -14.25p after an announcement this morning which indicates that the world’s laziest nation (Greece) is finally pulling its finger out on planning permission for Cave Sidero.  Hooray, ouzos and a 35 hour week with guaranteed full State pension at 52 all round.

Globo plc - interims cash flow analysis, improvement still necessary?

Published 1699 days ago

In an update on the 2013 annual results from Greece-originated mobile and telecom software and services business Globo plc (GBO) I noted that “the majority of the reported profit was tied up in working capital and investment. The issue here is that the table highlights that this is a consistent occurrence”. Has this changed in the today-announced results for the first half of 2014? Err…

Weekly Financial Video Postcard #52, PE, PEG, PE of 3 = sell edition

Published 1702 days ago

This is Tom Winnifrith’s last video postcard from Greece for seven weeks. He is back in London at the weekend preparing for a presentation on how companies on AIM overstate profits with real examples. That is on Monday but is booked out but if you want to be able to advance book for Tom’s next presentation (it’s free & comes with pizza and wine) register HERE

Financial Video Postcard #51 – China, liars and the failure of AIM

Published 1707 days ago

It is clear that a number of fraudulent Chinese companies have been listed in the AIM Casino. And also that a number of non-Chinese companies tell outright lies and also commit fraud.

Financial Video Postcard #50 – Its too good to be true edition

Published 1714 days ago

In this week’s financial video postcard, Tom Winnifrith’s penultimate from Greece, he covers shares that look so cheap, it is too good to be true.

Weekly Video Postcard from Tom Winnifrith #47 – Three Big Treats Edition

Published 1734 days ago

There were three pieces of good news for Tom this week. The arrival in Greece of his Mrs, continuing weight loss and Quindell (QPP) threatening legal action. Tom discusses the third at length in his weekly video postcard.

Weekly Financial Video Postcard #45 – reasons to be very cautious

Published 1748 days ago

Sitting on his newly constructed eco-loo in The Greek Hovel, Tom Winnifrith reflects on how much he is enjoying living on Greece but – sadly for Quindell (QPP) shareholders he is going to have to come back to the UK at some stage.

Gold Stocks are Like a Fuelled up Rocket, Very Soon Someone Will Press the Ignition Switch – Mike Swanson

Published 1749 days ago

Mike Swanson is the founder and chief editor of WallStreetWindow and author of the book Strategic Stock Trading. Mike ran a hedge fund from 2003 to 2006 that generated a return of over 78% for its investors. Hence my colleagues at Palisade Capital interviewed him on his controversial thoughts on gold stocks. He is a bull.

Quindell four times as likely to go bust as Greece, but Piers Linney an even worse bet say ShareProphets readers

Published 1754 days ago

At the weekend we set up a poll asking which of ten candidates were the most likely to go bust. The results are not terribly surprising save for the touching faith folks have in Greece.

Reader Poll: Which of the Following is most likely to go bust

Published 1757 days ago

The sharp sell off last week in equity markets could be the precursor of worse to come. Argentina went bust. The biggest bank in Portugal seems to be heading the same way. So in this cheery vein this week’s reader poll asks who is next to go bust. We offer you a range of ptions. Vote now, poll closes Sunday night:

10 Reasons to be bearish about shares & why Malcolm Stacey is wrong

Published 1758 days ago

Malcolm Stacey is a great man and one of the nicest guys in shares. But his bullishness about equity markets is wrong. And here is your 10 point checklist as to why it is right to be bearish.

Minoan: Buy or Sell? It depends on your investment timeframe

Published 1758 days ago

Yesterday Minoan (MIN) announced its results for the six months ended 30th April 2014 – significantly noting that the growth in the trading performance of its travel & leisure business continues and that with its Greek “project in Fast Track and all the necessary reaffirmations of support in place both from the Local Municipality and the Greek Government, we are progressing talks over the summer with a number of third parties who have expressed an interest in participating in the project once the Presidential Decree has been granted”.  But I was a tad disappointed. Here’s why.

Financial Video Postcard #42 – is AIM in a bear market edition

Published 1771 days ago

Recorded in his Greek hovel half way up a mountain, Tom Winnifrith brings you his latest weekly video postcard and having dealt with rats and snakes all week in Greece his mind naturally turns to AIM.

ShareProphets (Prophets of Doom), REM, Bulletin Board Morons – a FINAL word

Published 1774 days ago

On twitter, on various bulletin boards and on the comments section here on ShareProphets  and elsewhere we have come under sustained attack for 24 hours – let me set the record straight. And then I can get back to dealing with the snakes, rats and bats that infest my home for the summer in Greece.

Weekly Financial Video Postcard #41 – From The Greek Hovel: Why you should change your mind on shares Edition

Published 1777 days ago

Tom Winnifrith sends his Greetings from the Greek Hovel where he is spending the summer. As you can see it is a casual dress code at The Hovel. Full details of Tom’s summer with the snakes and the rats (not of AIM but of Greece) can be found on his personal website .

Weekly Financial Video Postcard #40 – Quindell, blinkx, Greek Hovel & Bear Transparency Edition

Published 1784 days ago

This may be Tom Winnifrith’s last video postcard for a while as he explains at the start of this edition. The Mrs has bought a hovel in Greece and he is off on Friday to start its renovation. It really is a hovel and right now has no internet and is a 15 minute drive from the nearest habitation. But Tom will work hard on getting connected ASAP.

World Cup Second Round - shocks on the cards

Published 1791 days ago

Well, so much for Uruguay’s fighting spirit! If press rumours are to be believed, I can’t begin to fathom what logic is driving Manchester United’s apparent £56million pursuit of Edinson Cavani. Watching him amble around the pitch in yesterday’s pitiful defeat to the increasingly impressive Colombia was painful. Truly this man’s second touch is a tackle. Even though my pick for yesterday failed, I’m actually very happy we no longer have to watch the fouling Uruguayan national team anymore at this World Cup. Their bleating over how unfair everyone has been to the bitey Luis Suarez is shameful; good riddance to the lot of them. As for today, there could be a couple of major upsets (at least according to the odds) on the cards, thanks in no small part to climatic conditions.

World Cup Challenge finishes +8.91 points and some second round gambles

Published 1792 days ago

My World Cup Challenge is over, with a total return of +8.91 points. Short of my 20 point goal (which was always a stretch), an 89.1% return within a fortnight isn’t too shabby. Perhaps I should have included more multiples, but this little experiment has paid great dividends. I’ve learned a lot during this World Cup, which I will take into the autumn, when the various continental international qualification campaigns start. I plan to write about these, nearer the time. Remember that the scoring system I use is only consistently effective in league formats. Even so there are a couple of fixtures in the second round, which are worth covering today and offer extremely attractive risk rewards. I’m half tempted to include these as World Cup Challenge picks, but the reality is that anything can happen in knockout games, so these are much more of a gamble.

World Cup Challenge - betting round 9 (UPDATED with the England game)

Published 1796 days ago

A reasonable day yesterday for my World Cup Challenge was tempered by the failure of my multiples. Chile versus Holland was always a gamble, but I was disappointed by the Mexican result. The projected quality ratings for Croatia and Mexico were extremely close. However, on reflection, I suppose the risk with this fixture was always that if Mexico went ahead in the game, the Croatians would just give up. They needed to win to qualify, so it wasn’t a huge surprise they capitulated when the Mexicans took the lead in the 72nd minute. Today, I have one pick for my World Cup Challenge and what looks like a fantastic value multiple.

Quindell and my/our alleged Vendetta – Just putting the record straight with some facts

Published 1797 days ago

Some Bulletin Board Morons seem to think that this website obsesses and has a vendetta against Quindell (QPP). Well just to reassure the Rob Terry worshipping freaks out there, here are some stats.

Capitalism works…even in Greece

Published 1842 days ago

As you know I have been in Greece for three weeks or more. And I come away in no doubt that the economy is picking up. Athens was almost buzzing whereas last year at the same time it was distinctly un-buzzing. Out in the boonies there has been less change.

InternetQ: Share price moves on back of results - I say 'higher'

Published 2235 days ago

AIM-listed InternetQ (INTQ) plc is a Greece-originating mobile marketing and digital entertainment provider – the latter via its platform, ‘Akazoo’, which offers access to music, games and the like. The company has fast developed its business internationally and away from its homeland – with just announced results for the 2012 calendar year noting, that at 4%, Greece represented a further declining proportion of total revenues.


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