Pelatro: Cracking contract win for my tip of the year

Published 7 days ago

Pelatro (PTRO) was my most recent conviction BUY, when it came to market at 62.5p last December. Still early days but a hugely material contract win announced this morning provides further encouragement in advance of maiden results due out on 1 May.

Why does Avesoro Resources look so cheap on paper?

Published 9 days ago

West African gold miner Avesoro Resources (ASO) hadn’t been performing as well as investors had hoped since it started production, but things finally seem to all be coming together now.

Over-reaction to sanctions against Russia offers a buying opportunity in Polymetal International

Published 15 days ago

Sudden large drops in share price as a result of a knee-jerk reactions to political world events can present great buying opportunities at times, and I certainly believe that to be the case with the falls we have just seen in the value of many companies with operations in Russia.

The Big Show, the Big Website, Don't You Need Both to Navigate this Year's Scary Share Market?

Published 17 days ago

Hello Share Smoothers. There's only a couple of weeks to go to probably the greatest share show on earth at Westminster. And if you haven't got your ticket yet, I humbly urge you get down to it, as there are only a few left. It's as if those folk who thought they'd save £1.50p a week by not subscribing to this tremendous website, think they can make up for their lack of vital info by charging down to London for one day's superb instruction at the UK Investor Show.

Amerisur Resources can turn its fortunes around and has an exciting year ahead

Published 37 days ago

Amerisur Resources (AMER) has certainly failed to live up to the expectations of its investors and the share price has been in a downward spiral for several years now.

Despite the name change to Maistro, blur looks set to continue to perform badly!

Published 50 days ago

Despite changing its name from blur Group (BLUR) to Maistro (MAIS) at the start of the year, it is hard to see much of a change when it comes to the fortunes of the company. Basically, it offers businesses a platform for the procurement of business services, including marketing and human resources, and on its website it boasts that it has been in the business for over a decade. With that in mind, it doesn’t exactly look great that the company is still racking up heavy losses each year, and looks like it is going to continue doing so for the foreseeable future.

Management Resource Solutions continues to turnaround the business

Published 55 days ago

Occasionally a company which looks dead and buried does actually manage to turn things around, and I’m starting to wonder if that will be the case with Management Resource Solutions (MRS).

Even at the current lows it is hard to see value in the People's Operator

Published 58 days ago

The People’s Operator (TPOP) is one of those AIM companies where it is hard to see how it will survive in the longer term, and unless things somehow alter dramatically, the recent changes will only delay the inevitable.

It is easy to see why Ocado is heavily shorted

Published 58 days ago

It isn’t hard to see why shopping delivery firm Ocado (OCDO) is one of the most shorted shares on the market, given its current valuation.

Can TalkTalk turn things around?

Published 72 days ago

TalkTalk Telecom Group (TALK) has been having a torrid time recently and has pretty much seen its share price halved since the start of November. It has posted some disappointing results, and given that the slide in share price started just prior to the release of the interims around three months ago, it would seem that such figures weren’t entirely unexpected.

A Few More Big Reasons Why We Shouldn't Fear the Present Crash.

Published 74 days ago

Hello, Share Changers. I know a lot of you worry about this Wall Street mini-crash. But your fears are probably unfounded. We’ve had a bull market lasting eight years. A correction was necessary. But it’s not been as bad as some writers on this magnificent website have been predicting. Neither will the big sell-off last.

Can Hydrodec live up to its potential?

Published 89 days ago

Often it is wise to exercise caution when there has been a big rise in share price on the smaller AIM outfits, but that isn’t always the case and sometimes the fortunes of the company genuinely have improved significantly.

Blighty is Losing the Fight Against Most of the World. But that Doesn't Matter.

Published 102 days ago

Hello Share Chewers. If your portfolio is anything like mine, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. All those years of waiting for things to really pick up, after the crash of 2008, are at last bearing fruit. The Footsie has been breaking records for days now. And, if you’ve wisely spread your eggs around loads of baskets, you will be well up. 

CyanConnode seems incapable of converting orders into revenue and profit

Published 107 days ago

Often when it comes to AIM companies investors get far too fixated on revenue and orderbooks, and forget that in reality it all comes down to the bottom line and the actual net profit that the company is either already making, or is likely to make.

Looking for a Key Player in a Fast-Growing 2018 Market? Try the Cyber Men.

Published 119 days ago

Hello, Share Tramplers. Companies, both big and small, will turn their thoughts in 2018 to protecting their customers' details. There was a lot of hacking by crooks this year and it costs firms dearly if private details are pinched. Therefore, companies which produce cyber safeguards against on-line identity theft are likely to make even better profits now.

Minoan – no early Christmas gifts, but a good trading statement with lots to look forward to

Published 131 days ago

AIM-listed Minoan MIN) has issued a Trading & Financing Statement at 1.41pm. Happily, it does not look like a howler - good news there! Sadly there is no deal involving Cavo Sidero  - we will have to wait a bit longer for that. But we do get an update on its loan to Hillside and on trading at its travel agency, and we are told the preliminary results are expected to be in line with market expectation.

Polymetal looks a great buy at the current price

Published 135 days ago

Some investors avoid companies which operate in Russia and the surrounding area, but I believe that they are missing out if they take this approach with Polymetal International (POLY). The FTSE-250 precious metals miner has operations in Russia, Kazakhstan and Armenia and ever since listing has been returning cash to investors via dividends, and from the current share price of around 849p, I can see plenty of scope for capital appreciation as well.

Concerns over future dividends offer a good buying opportunity in GlaxoSmithKline

Published 143 days ago

The big pharmaceutical companies have traditionally been a fairly safe bet for a steady source of income over the years, and through the peaks and troughs in the markets.

BT Group could still prove to be a great recovery play

Published 169 days ago

Even large, FTSE-100 shares can go through periods where seemingly every piece of news brings about a decline in the share price, and the company seems to be hit by one negative revelation after another. But as long as there isn’t anything wrong with the underlying business, then often these are just temporary blips and can offer the sort of recovery opportunities, and potential returns, that you don’t see often with outfits of this size.

CityFibre is yet to prove that it can be profitable

Published 191 days ago

CityFibre (CITY) is one of those companies where I really struggle to see how the market cap is justified, even allowing for future potential and growth prospects. I covered the company bearishly around a year ago when two of the directors offloaded some of their shares when the price was 63p – albeit that they didn’t hold many of them anyway.

Growth rates are failing to support the Gfinity market valuation

Published 239 days ago

Unfortunately a lot of early stage media and technology companies can look to have huge potential but then fail to really live up to expectations, and I think that has definitely been the case with Gfinity (GFIN).

Central Asia Metals is probably the most under-valued commodity play on the market!

Published 249 days ago

There are times when a large background seller can present a good buying opportunity, and an institutional investor offloading shares isn’t always a sign that the company is failing to perform.

It's time to consider banking some profit on Dotdigital

Published 261 days ago

Even with shares which have exhibited steady share price growth over a period of years there comes a time when you have to consider selling up and moving on, especially in cases where the market valuation looks to be ahead of the financials.

Entu equity holders face wipe out - yet some PIs continue to buy!

Published 262 days ago

Over the years I’ve watched the dying stages of a number of companies with interest, and in many cases you see a similar pattern in terms of share price movement.

Walker Greenbank – “pleased to announce” half-year trading update, are the shares a buy?

Published 265 days ago

Luxury interior furnishings company Walker Greenbank (WGB) “is pleased to announce its pre-close trading update for the six months ended 31 July 2017” - with this commencing with that brand sales “were up 35.6% in reportable currency compared with the same period last year”. Sounds good, so why are the shares currently sliding back slightly?...

Fishing retailer Angling Direct lists on AIM - but does it offer value?

Published 282 days ago

Following the successful floatation of Fishing Republic (FISH) a couple of years back, it was only a matter of time before one of the other large fishing tackle retailers followed the same route, and we’ve just seen Angling Direct (ANG) list on the AIM market.

One of My Most Tipped Shares, Creightons is now a more than 30-bagger. And that's Not a Typo.

Published 300 days ago

Hello Share Smatterers. If anyone ever berates you for risking your money on penny shares, you might want to tell them the following tale.

The People's Operator burns through cash at an astonishing rate

Published 329 days ago

The People’s Operator (TPOP) was once a favourite with private investors but its share price has taken a tumble since the latter part of 2016. However, I believe that it is still well over-priced at its current level.

Fishing Republic: Impressive growth but still looks expensive

Published 365 days ago

Fishing Republic (FISH) is a company that I have been keeping a close eye on ever since it first listed on AIM back in June 2015 and, although I find it hard to see value at the current market cap, it is showing signs that it could grow into it.

Sanderson Group is showing steady growth

Published 379 days ago

I always seem to come away from the UK Investor Show having found at least a couple of companies which I had never looked at previously piquing my interest, and this year’s event was no exception.

Well done Fevertree I was wrong - but i struggle even more to see value at this price

Published 436 days ago

Fevertree Drinks (FEVR) is a company that I have admittedly been wrong about in the past – I like the product and way the business has grown, but thought the valuation was crazy!

Lighthouse Group – contract renewal ahead of results announcement, good value?

Published 438 days ago

A contract announcement from national financial advisory group Lighthouse (LGT) sees me catch-up on progress of this former tip – we having banked more than 50%, less than 6 month, gains on the shares at 14p following an offer approach a bit less than a year ago

This Big British Pharma is Set to Grow as our Health Slumps

Published 442 days ago

Hello Share Punchers. I’ve just heard on the BBC more woes facing British hospitals. It does seem that most of them now have no slack and routine operations keep being put off, with nowhere to send many patients once beyond the surgeon’s knife.

BT accounting problems present a buying opportunity

Published 451 days ago

Whenever you get a big drop in the share price of FTSE350 companies it can represent a buying opportunity, depending of course on what caused the drop in the first place.

I remain bearish on Purplebricks going into 2017

Published 541 days ago

So far I have been wrong about Purplebricks (PURP), but despite that I still view it as over-valued at the moment.

It's Not the Chattanooga Choo Choo, but It Is a Choo and It's on Track

Published 559 days ago

Hello Share Mashers. To my cost most of the time, I am drawn to buy shares in companies which have eye-catching names. For example, I remember with regret my ill-fated investment in a cartoon maker called Sleepy Kids. Which makes me a little wary of commending to you an outfit called Jimmy Choo (CHOO.L) However it has a few points in its favour to make it worth a look on grounds other than monicker bias.

InterQuest & Avesco – share tip of the year updates

Published 589 days ago

Since previously updating on my share tips of the year last month – see HERE, both have had significant news…

Audioboom growth rate is too slow and cash burn too high

Published 603 days ago

Often it can be hard to value companies in the media sector, and at times quite a lot of future revenue potential is being factored into the current share price and the rate of growth plays a big part in that.

RedstoneConnect – restructuring completed, now to deliver on “exciting” growth potential?

Published 614 days ago

RedstoneConnect (REDS, formerly Coms) has announced an early lease exit, emphasising “not only does it remove the cash drain associated with this lease, it also allows us to focus entirely on our profitable RedstoneConnect business, unencumbered by legacy issues". The following updates, with the shares currently more than 8% higher, at 1.675p, in response...

Aldermore Seems Oversold and Could Give You More

Published 618 days ago

Hello Share Chimps. If you are a saver, the latest drop in interest rates is a bummer. How can you achieve anything like decent returns for your cash? Spend it on shares, of course. While you get nothing from your ordinary savings, you can still get up to 6% and even more by holding the right stock.

Uncle Tom Thinks I'm Wrong. But He's Not Right.

Published 639 days ago

Hello Share Twiners. If I am an optimistic bull as far as shares are concerned, then at least I am sometimes right. The current elevation of the Footsie, as it approaches 7,000 again, bears me out. Those who predicted a suicidal Footsie after Brexit were wrong. Many shares are simply blistering ahead, and show no reals signs of fizzling out. Yet Uncle Tom has just said in his bearcast that I am plain wrong to be so bullish.

DP Poland – trading update emphasises “confidence”, but what about valuation?

Published 644 days ago

Last commenting on the company with the exclusive right to Domino's Pizza stores in Poland, DP Poland (DPP), I was sceptical of the valuation (and management greed). However, a “Trading Statement” announcement today sees the shares further higher. Hmmm…

The Gym Group - Limbering Up and Rolling Out

Published 659 days ago

The Gym Group (GYM), the low-cost gym operator currently rolling out across the UK, has issued a strong trading update this morning which shows forward momentum continuing and providing further fuel for the growth thesis here.

I'm totally baffled by the current Koovs valuation!

Published 683 days ago

Online fashion retailer Koovs PLC (KOOV) is one of those companies where the market valuation continues to baffle me, and I can’t see any reason currently why the share price should be anywhere near as high as it is.

Distil still offers longterm potential and is a buy

Published 685 days ago

Distil (DIS) was one of my tips for 2016 on ShareProphets, and the share price has performed very well so far this year, up 20% or so. The shares are now 1.15p mid. They will go far higher.

Volvere – A Great Investment Company at a Discount

Published 697 days ago

The turnaround and growth investment company Volvere (VLE) has issued its preliminary results for the year ending December 2015, showing a huge jump in NAV per share following a successful divestment. NAV per share is up 32% to 569p, so that even after today’s share price rise it is trading at a 14% discount to NAV.

easyJet will continue to see strong growth in the future

Published 700 days ago

Shares in a number of companies in the airlines sector are looking quite appealing at the current levels that they are trading at, and for me EasyJet (EZJ) falls into that category.

Synety Group – contract win, “a resounding endorsement for our technology”?

Published 708 days ago

Integrator of telephony systems into existing software, Synety Group (SNTY) has announced what its CEO, Simon Cleaver, considers “a resounding endorsement for our technology”. The shares have though currently responded just 1.4% higher to 72.5p. Hmmm…

Buy Dunelm

Published 743 days ago

Hello Share Mongers. My house is furnished with vintage stuff. This is because my past was more enjoyable than my future. And I like to be reminded of when I was a young blade. So I feel a bit unwell whenever my wife approaches Ikea with her credit card in hand. Actually, it’s my credit card, which makes it worse.

Buy Standard Chartered for longer term recovery

Published 765 days ago

Banks have had a torrid time over the past few years, and few have been hit quite so hard as Standard Chartered (STAN), but this could present a longer term buying opportunity.

Just Eat looks too expensive - avoid!

Published 783 days ago

With some businesses you need to include a fair bit of value for high growth rates, but in the case of Just Eat (JE.) I think it is currently over-valued.

Telecom Plus – Top Broker says “Underperform” but misses critical points

Published 798 days ago

Yesterday I wondered why shares in fully listed Telecom Plus (TEP) had been dropping, and turned up a few nuggets in its interim statement and, of greater concern, a new £150 million loan facility on the Companies House website. Were these the cause of the drop since the turn of the year? Well perhaps not, for into my inbox has dropped an “underperform” note from top analysts RBS Capital Markets.

2016 growth policies and how a mega El Nino might impact economies

Published 885 days ago

The latest Financial Orbit Speaks reviews 2016 growth rates & policies, sentiment insights, the reason we need to be thankful to China and what we should think about a mega El Nino. 

Fishing Republic; targeting future growth - one to buy and hold

Published 965 days ago

Fishing Republic (FISH) is a company that I’ve been following with interest, and yesterday it announced its maiden half yearly results since listing on AIM on June 4 this year.

That Sassy Selfie Set-Up Still Presents a Perky Picture.

Published 1000 days ago

Hello Share  Swappers. There is a stagnant feel to the markets this happy July. Nothing seems to be moving very much, held back by the traders' summer hols, China and, to a lessening extent, Greece. But there are always some bunnies which are still running north. And if a share is sailing ahead, even in these stormy days, then it must have a lot going for it. One such perky stock is Photome (PHTM) the company which runs those little boxes that take selfies in railway and bus stations etc.

Goals Soccer Centres – interim results, company on the right foot?

Published 1329 days ago

Shares in Goals Soccer Centres (GOAL) currently trade 4% higher today, at 221p, on the back of its results for the first half of the 2014 calendar year and with the company “confident in meeting its financial expectations for the current financial year and delivering long term value to its shareholders”. I update in the following having, at 192.5p, identified potential value in the shares early this year.

Encouraging bump in the Baltic Dry

Published 1331 days ago

Over the last three weeks, the Baltic Dry Index has spiked nicely higher. Currently reading at 1,147, this is still short of the 1,600 level associated with reasonable global growth, but is a market improvement on the 750 level recorded in late July. Could this improvement be a sign of better things to come for mining stocks?

Telecity: changing the CEO is not a disaster

Published 1337 days ago

The post bank holiday cobwebs were well and truly blown away by this morning’s Telecity (TCY) regulatory statement innocuously titled ‘Board Change’.  No third level non-executive director shuffling his range of fee paying obligations…no, this was a big one: the resignation of the CEO. 

Baltic Dry Index waves a red warning flag

Published 1358 days ago

Over the last few days, I’ve written a series of pieces identifying potential points to go long the Dow, FTSE100 and German DAX. Further selling yesterday afternoon and evening has pulled the three indices closer to my targets. However, it is another index which is flashing a warning sign that all is not well with the story of global growth; the Baltic Dry Index.

Close Brothers at 1,285p, buy the recent weakness

Published 1362 days ago

Close Brothers (CBG) the small City banking, jobber (in smaller cap. shares under the Winterflood banner) and investment manager has just produced it close season trading statement, which surprised and pleased the market. In recent months the shares have been trading down; probably on the basis that that competition was increasing with the return of the poisoned legacy banks to more lending (e.g. RBS) and the growth of new lenders giving the UK banking a greater, more diverse and competitive market. The share price, last seen, was 1302p having come down from the last twelve month peak of 1503p, Over the year the share price rose 23% against the FTSE 100 Index rise of only 3.1%. After a period in the doldrums when the shares underperformed a sluggish market (up only 2% in the last six months) the share price is now perking up again.  

The Two Reasons Why Shares Are Stagnating Will Vanish Soon.

Published 1363 days ago

Hello Share Smiths. There are a lot of dark predictions going around. Everybody seems to expect share prices to tumble. Our Uncle Tom Winnifrith is among the gloomy brigade. He thinks shares are overvalued. But I think all these dire expectations are being overdone.

Doc Holiday: Rapid Cloud – a speculative buy

Published 1366 days ago

Rapid Cloud (RCI) came to market back in 2013 and IPO'd at 54p. The business was formed back in 1999 so was hardly a start up and therefore a punt operation. Specialising in web development services, I explain below why I view this company as a speculative buy.

Growth, an Overcrowded Island and the Huge Boost to Our Shares.

Published 1366 days ago

Hello Share Tweakers: According to the latest figures, growth in Britain is up by another 0.8%. It doesn't sound much, does it? But growth is so tiny usually, that the latest improvement is not minor at all. The happy fact is that Blighty's GDP is rising faster than anyone expected. It is now higher than before that infamous Credit Crunch in 2007-8. That is going some.

Westminster Group has huge growth potential

Published 1369 days ago

Westminster Group (WSG) is one of those companies that is yet to live up to its potential, but the right piece of news could change all of that. The company provides security services to various governments and private organisations across the world and is currently represented in 48 countries.

Inmarsat Is No Waste of Space.

Published 1369 days ago

Hello Share Mashers: Inmarsat (ISAT) is a great British space-age techno company – but not as we know it, Jim. You may recall lots in the news about Inmarsat earlier this year. They were the ones who were looking for bits of wrecked plane in that big missing aircraft tragedy.

Pond life: Robert Sutherland Smith’s macro viewpoint.

Published 1378 days ago

What we want is a lower pound dollar and Euro exchange to stimulate growth and investment. Goods and services purchased by overseas people who are not borrowing from UK Banks to finance it. But then the UK economy is a bit of a mystery at the moment. Entirely appropriate for the land that gave birth to the Arthurian legend of the Wizard Merlin

Growth - and Share Prices - Will Escalate All Over Europe.

Published 1396 days ago

Hello Share Gang: The official UK growth figures are currently good. They took the government and most people in the Big City by surprise. They didn't surprise me. Growth is a snowball. Once it gets going it grows bigger faster than expected every time.

Shares Slide – But Not for Long as Growth Won't be Denied.

Published 1399 days ago

Hello Shares Peekers: I'm beginning to wonder if that old cliché about 'Going away in May and coming back on Leger day' is true, after all. For the last few months, we've been given a few false dawns in the long awaited bid to blast the old record of 6,900 or thereabouts. Now it seems shares are really retreating.

The latest issue of Financial Orbit Highlights is out - download June 2014 issue here

Published 1401 days ago

Time really does just fly past.  It has been about a couple of months since my last Highlights publication – apologies for that – but the ever expanding range of activities under the Financial Orbit banner has kept me very busy.  The good news is that new articles have been appearing on every day despite the busy schedule…and the even better news is that I am looking to augment this with a restyled highlights piece each Saturday of four or five pages in length (of which this is the first one).


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