Paragon Entertainment – “pleased to announce” share subscription… but is it sufficient?

Published 67 days ago

Writing on Paragon Entertainment (PEL) last month I noted it “looking closely at ways of bringing longer term capital into the business” – though concluded at what price?… Now sub 1p, still an avoid / sell. Today a “Subscription” announcement…

7digital – “pleased to confirm” restructuring completion… but much it shouldn’t be pleased to confirm!

Published 136 days ago

In September, previously writing on 7digital Group (7DIG) I questioned a “global leader” with Universal Music contract wins? – with it seeing me question AIM-listed companies which claim ‘global’/‘world’ leader an automatic bargepole / sell?. An intra-day (Uh oh) “Update” today commences that the group “is pleased to confirm”… but the shares are currently more than 50% lower, below 1p!…

Utilitywise – Woodford-backed dog down again on accounting update

Published 402 days ago

Shares in Utilitywise (UTW) are currently approaching 10% further lower, towards 30p, on the back of an update on the financial impact to it of accounting standard IFRS 15 (Revenue from Contracts with Customers), interpretations of which are mandatory for future accounting periods from the start of 2018…

Utilitywise - auditor requests estimation methodology review by a third-party, results delayed again!

Published 551 days ago

Having previously noted transparency and visibility concerns about Utilitywise (UTW), I today note the shares currently more than 10% lower at around 50p on the back of a “Final results timing update” announcement…

Utilitywise – early adoption accounting change announcement coincides with profit warning which wouldn’t have been!

Published 658 days ago

Previously writing on Utilitywise (UTW) it was a case of it having been wise to red flag, as (Utility)unwise energy consumption projections see the shares crash. I concluded ‘is there anything else to emerge from the changes required to ‘increase transparency’? The visibility here sees me continue to avoid’. The shares are today further lower on “Early Adoption of IFRS 15” and “Trading update” announcements…


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