You say Facebook...and I say Fadebook

Published 243 days ago

Let's start off with a confession...I am actually not on Facebook (FB in the US) and have actually no real interest in ever getting a profile. Perhaps that makes me an unsociable Billy No Mates...or maybe it makes me a trendy young thing, aware that the creation of Mark Zuckerberg is looking a bit shabby around the edges after a last year full of privacy challenges, embarrassing Congressional testimony, two fingers to House of Commons committees and share sales by a certain M Zuckerberg. More on all this in a second. The reason why today I am ignoring the bevy of large cap UK listed stocks that have reported is because the most fascinating move in global markets over the last 24 hours was the after hours 20% plunge of Facebook shares post its quarter two numbers disclosure.

From Catwalk to Factory and On Sale Fast. That Could Be a Good Way to Sew In Share Value

Published 246 days ago

Hello Share Fans. This family attends our usual pub quiz this week. This is purely because of the music round. This consists of the host playing a squeeze box and a kazoo badly. We're required to 'guess that tune.' Which is only loosely connected to today's subject for your further consideration.


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