Cineworld – go to a film but avoid the stock

Published 67 days ago

Judging by today's five percentage plus share price move, my cautious call on the big M&A splurge in the United States about fifteen months ago by Cineworld (CINE) is not looking so hot. Of course punch up a two or three year share price chart and you also immediately see the distorting (and dilutive) impact of the big money raising that accompanied the Regal deal...

FirstGroup - writedown losses, debt, CEO resignation. What is there not to like?!

Published 353 days ago

Something a little different today from all those worthy growth at a reasonable price type companies I normally ramble on about. Whisper it quietly, but I think that FirstGroup (FGP) is cheap here. I know that a transport company is never the most popular name - and I await the opprobrium from the TransPennine Express train and related users in the comments section - but hear me out, after all, got to be greedy when others are fearful and all that.

Dignity - nothing guaranteed (except a 25% price cut and a falling share price)

Published 486 days ago

As the old saying goes there is nothing guaranteed except death and taxes. Funnily enough I rarely have seen the announcement of a 25% cut in a product price helping a share price either...and that brings us to the large UK funeral operator Dignity (DTY).


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